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New World Order

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… there is a push today to bring the entire world under one government. We see this in the expansionist policies of Russia, the push for a Caliphate and Chinese doctrine of dominance. Many of the world’s intelligentsia argue, the world would be better off if we were all under one government, and indeed that is the covert goal of the United Nations. It is to be the model for a world government, by the New Class, for the New Class. These are not the only examples but are the most overt. One world government is the dream of every tyrant that has ever lived, and with modern technology, it is becoming increasingly possible. The sophist arguments for it usually run along the lines of, war will be ended, it will usher in a new age of prosperity, or it would be more efficient. These are all spurious because they are not even remotely possible, but in fact, the exact opposite is the only conceivable outcome. If you like the life you have… you won’t be able to keep it.


China is at odds with every neighbor it has, from Japan to India. China demands the Senkaku islands from Japan, the Spratly islands from the Philippines, the entire South China Sea, Taiwan, the northern portion of Vietnam, two northern states of India, along with many others. Tibet, Mongolia and several other annexed countries are already under Chinese Communist dominance. With a skewed ratio of men to women, because of the one child policy, China has a restive and angry male population that is of age to fight in wars of aggression.


The great powers around the world have been emboldened by the weakening of the United States. Russia took two states from Georgia a few years ago, with no negative consequences, and now has taken the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in all but word. Once this usurpation has played out Russia will have another piece of land under it’s control. Europe has been rendered impotent by Russia’s energy dominance, fueled by their unwillingness to exploit their own resources, and so may fall into the Russian sphere, but more likely will become part of the Caliphate. Only time will tell the next property Russia eyes with avarice.


Obama’s best friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, have in their very charter, to restore the Caliphate. In order to achieve that end they must conquer over fifty nations around the world. In their crusade to restore the Caliphate, there is no bridge they are not willing to cross, including terrorism, genocide and revolution. The US, under Obama, is more than happy to help, no matter the cost in human suffering.


The UN was supposedly initiated to stop wars, genocide and intrusions on human rights, but they side with tyrants, oppressors and dictators in every instance. The only nation that regularly comes under UN sanction is Israel. The worst human rights violators run the UN’s council on human rights! This is nothing new however. The New Class, (the world’s intelligentsia), have dreamed of a socialistic world order, run by them, for over a century. The UN is the structure and human suffering is the means.


Technology has progressed to the point that a world government could have every human being on Earth under surveillance. The level of oppression that data mining, mass data storage, miniature cameras, satellite surveillance etc… could give a world government, would guarantee tyranny for the people of the world in perpetuity and without recourse.


When the would be autocrats of the world espouse and end to war, universal prosperity and unlimited freedom, they are lying in the worst way possible. History shows unequivocally that government never gets smaller, more free or is ever able to provide prosperity, it only gets bigger, more intrusive and thereby people suffer famine and oppression, in every case. The nature of government and the human beings that run it is why this is always so.


Now that the US has been lowered by Barack Obama to powerlessness on the world stage the brakes are off. Every conniving tyrant slathers at the chance to grab as much of the pie as possible. Those who would restore and protect freedom, have no stomach for it, while those who would be tyrants, like vampires have an unlimited thirst for blood.


Once the world has been chopped up, the biggest world war ever imagined will start. There is no other possibility. With the proliferation of nuclear weapons, induced by the actions of Obama and past US Presidents, as well as Russia, China and Europe, the next world war will be nuclear. Perhaps the human race will be destroyed in a radioactive holocaust, perhaps we will be simply subjugated, but no matter how it ends… it will end badly. Barring divine intervention, unless some smart people who have political power, standing for free markets and liberty, can pit the various factions, China, Russia the UN and the Caliphate, against each other, the war for the world will go on as scheduled.





John Pepin

Tyrants are now Our Friends

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the Obama administration’s decision to redeploy the European missile defense shield is another example of a growing and dangerous trend.

Namely, the US caving in to tyrannical governments, to appease them and establish better trade relations. In this latest flap, the US has sold out Poland and Czechoslovakia’s interests, to those of Russia. Poland wasn’t that into having missile defense installations… until the Russian Georgian war over South Ossetia. That conflict was a neon light that Russia is becoming aggressive. Poland and the other former vassal states are rightly frightened. The Obama administration has made the triangulation that the interests of Poland and the rest of the Eastern European states don’t matter as much as those of Russia.

The same thing is being done on the other side of the world. The interests of Taiwan are being sold out by the USA to those of China. With almost a billion potential consumers, the Obama, as well as the Bush administrations, have decided to condemn Democratic Taiwan for cheap Chinese hammers and sickles. Junk from China outweighs the interests of a democratic ally once again.

Around the world the US is turning on allies to help tyrants. This is a very disturbing trend. Allies are hard to get when you have a reputation of turning on them. Enemies are easy to get under this scenario. In the past the USA has been a friend of governments that protect the liberty of their citizens. Today the US is changing it’s tactics. The US government is selling it’s soul to those that want the US gone.

The message is clear, democratic republics beware, the government of the US is no longer your friend. Ally yourself with some tyranny and you may be allowed back into the fold. Keep on the newly frowned upon course of action, however, (protecting the liberty of your citizens) and the US will be greatly displeased.

The future will tell if this proscription works in the best interests of mankind. Hard to see where this could go wrong… Helping tyrants and harming democratic republics.