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On The Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, someone was fooling with chemical weapons in Syria, and children were killed horribly as a result. Those responsible should be hounded to the ends of the planet. What we shouldn’t do however, is act out of emotion, rather we should investigate and see who was actually responsible, lest we reward the evil doer. The last chemical attacks on civilians were initially blamed on Assad but, as it turned out, was actually ISIS/ Al Qaida. Moreover it is patently not in Assad’s interest to stir up a hornet’s nest like that, but it is in the rebel’s interest to drag the war out. That coupled with the fact that Assad was deemed to have given up all of his chemical weapons by the UN, Russia and the US… and it isn’t immediately credible the attacker was Assad.

All the witnesses were rebels who clearly have incentive to pin any blame on Assad. I believe the most likely scenario is the weapons were stored there and were released during a conventional air strike. The rebels would not want to tell the world they were storing chemical weapons, presumably, to use against civilians someday. The other most likely scenario is the rebels themselves used the Sarin on children to garner sympathy and pull the US into the war on their side. Either possibility is far more likely than Assad trying to loose the war.

I believe people are self interested. Those who are not self interested are by definition insane. For Assad to have launched that attack was clearly not a self interested act. Therefore to believe Assad launched the attack, one must also believe Assad is insane. That is of course possible, I don’t know the man personally, nor do I care to, however people who rise to positions of such power are usually psychopathic, they are rarely psychotic. While a psychopath will happily kill children if it forwards his or her agenda, they will never kill when it will come back and bite them. Psychopaths have no remorse but are filled with selfish desires.

The last chemical attacks were actually Al Qaida and ISIS. The evidence is overwhelming. They tried to pull Obama into the war and it almost worked. There is a wise old saying… past actions are predictors of future actions. Since in the past Assad has not used chemical weapons, but the rebels have as false flags to draw the US into their war, it follows that the rebels are likely to have do it this time as well. Let’s face it, the rebels are responsible for the genocide of Christians and Yazidis, which proves they are evil to the core, evil people will not hesitate to slaughter children, and since they already have, it follows they are capable of such heinous actions.

The UN, Russia and even the US under Obama said that Assad gave up his chemical weapons. The UN certified that Assad had given them all up, so where did he get the Sarin? Did Assad hide it? There is plenty of precedent for the US and Europe to immediately attack and kill any autocrat on the planet who gives up his weapons of mass destruction, (WMD). That has become a standing policy. So now that Assad has given up his, the West will go to any length to kill him. It would seem that the West is adamant that dictators get and hold WMD for whatever reason. Rest assured though, there is a reason the elite want tyrants to have WMD, and that reason is not in our best interests, but theirs.

There are those in the US and Europe who want war. Eisenhower called them the military industrial complex. They are the shadow government… the deep state if you will. The deep state owns our legacy media and use it as their propaganda arm. The evidence for that is also overwhelming but I don’t have the space to get into it in this article. There are plenty of other articles on the web that illustrate this fact. Those in the deep state want war, because it fills their pockets with gold, and their hands with power. They care nothing if your son or daughter is killed horribly, theirs are safe and protected. I am not a senator’s son, are you, are your children? If not then all they are to the deep state is cannon fodder.

One last thing in my mind proves Trump was wrong in attacking Syria, Hillary Clinton said she would do it an hour before Trump did. Moreover, the elite are lining up behind Trump for this attack. When the elite are in lockstep behind anything, I run the other way, because I know they are not looking out for my self interest but theirs and theirs alone… at cost to mine. I agree with Ron Paul on this one. That the deep state supports this move proves it the wrong one. Moreover, backing Trump because he is “our man,” is as blindly stupid as those who hate him because he is not, “their man.”

The evidence and basic logic show that it is highly unlikely that Assad attacked that compound with Sarin. Unless he is insane he wouldn’t have done it, he couldn’t have done it if the UN is correct that he gave up his WMD, and the rebels, who have proven themselves to be monsters that make Alien look like a cuddly puppy by comparison, have done it in the past and have captured WMD stockpiled. What we have done, by attacking Syria, is helped those who killed children with Sarin gas. We have taken sides, unwittingly I pray, with the most evil people on the planet. People responsible for genocide, mass slaughter of civilians and the systematic rape of little girls, we now call them allies. Those are the people we have crawled into bed with. They played Trump for a fool and he played along.


John Pepin

Evil Always Defeats Itself

Monday, September 1st, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the rise of ISIS will result in the deaths of perhaps millions of human beings, but in the end, it will be their own evil that defeats them. Great evil always defeats itself because it confuses human suffering with victory. The suffering of other human beings is always more important to those who serve Lucifer than anything else. Oh, they might lie to themselves and even believe their own lies, but in the end it is not power, righteousness or to serve God that evil people like ISIS do what they do, it is a love of inflicting human suffering that is their primary motivator, and that motivation has it roots in hate. Hatred is so powerful an emotion it can drive people to do the most despicable things without a hint of remorse. In the next few years when our governments do nothing of any real consequence to stop ISIS from their goal of a global Caliphate, where only Muslims are allowed to live, we must keep in mind that even without intervention of government, armies or even God, ISIS will be defeated, due entirely to their evil nature. Evil always has within it the seeds of it’s own destruction.


There is no better example in history than the Second World War. Hitler and the Nazis were evil. Evil fueled by hate was their primary motivator. Hate of the Jews, Gypsies and all non Aryans was the Nazis bread and butter. The Nazis reveled in slaughter. The war was ostensibly a means to power but in reality is was a way to round up more people to feed into the meat grinder. All other purposes came second to the slaughter.


In September 1941 the Nazi war machine was on the verge of victory. They had taken almost all of European Russia and were banging at the doors of Leningrad, Moscow and the Caucuses. When winter fell on the German troops they had plenty of winter gear but it was in Germany. OKW had thought the war would be over before winter and so the winter clothes and gear sat in Berlin. This is where priorities came to the front. The Nazis had enough trains to get the winter gear to their troops in plenty of time, but instead, those trains were used to bring Jews and Gypsies to the death camps. Meanwhile the flower of German youth froze to death in the frozen wastes of Russia.


Later in the war, in 1943 Germany was worried about Hungary flipping and signing a separate peace with Russia, as Romania had a month earlier, so Nazi Germany sponsored a coup. The coup brought loyal Nazis to power in Hungary. The Hungarian government had, until that point, been sheltering the Jews from deportation to the death camps, but the moment loyal Nazis took power they started rounding up Jews for extermination. Meanwhile Army Group Center was facing imminent collapse. They badly needed ammunition and supplies, but the German rail system was diverted from the war effort again to ship Jews who had escaped the campaign of extermination, to the death camps. The result was that Army Group Center collapsed creating a hole the Russian army could simply drive to Berlin through.


The evil empire, the Soviet Union, was also defeated by their own evil. Instead of building up their industry to improve the lot of people, the Soviet Union built a war machine, in the absence of war. Stalin the despot, would sign the execution papers for thousands of people a day, then watch his favorite swashbuckler. Millions were executed, sent to forced reeducation camps, tortured, shipped to Siberia as slave labor, whole races faced ethnic cleansing and suffering was universal among the people, while splendid luxury was the bailiwick of the Communist elite. The whole thing came crashing down because of the economic, social and cultural stresses such a system must build up.


ISIS is no different. The seeds of their destruction lay in their evil. How many have they murdered that otherwise would have helped them like the Nazis did in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia? Eventually they will divert essential war supplies to some evil end or turn on their allies just as the Nazis did. Even if they win and subject the entire world to tyranny their empire will not last a decade. The stresses such a system create will put an end to that perverted structure. Sadly, not until millions or maybe even billions of our fellow human beings have died horribly, will ISIS’ own evil defeat them. That is the cost to good people who allow evil to grow, and that is exactly what we have done. By voting in governments that not only allowed it to grow, but nurtured it for their own evil ends… we have become our own executioners.





John Pepin


Modern Genocide

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is a systematic genocide going on in the World, without the notice of most of the World’s population. This is truly concerning because a prerequisite for genocide is the ignorance, whether willful or unwitting, of the majority of the human population. The elite of most persuasions have piled on board with this genocide banking on the media to keep their complicity hidden. Then again, isn’t it a precondition for evil to grow that it remain in the darkness? This genocide is not limited to one nation persecuting a minority, it spans the globe with several different groups joining in on the oppression. The genocide I am talking about is the slaughter and oppression of Christians in every corner of the planet.


The story of Christianity is filled with bloodshed. The Romans gleefully slaughtered Christians in the arena, the forum and the streets. Christians were crucified by the thousands. Once Constantine made Christianity a “sanctioned” religion the immediate persecution ceased and Christianity peacefully spread throughout the known world.


The rise of Islam brought in a new wave of persecution. The Islamic armies spread Islam at the point of a sword, throughout the Middle East, (which was entirely Christian at the time and where the Nicene creed was written), East into Persia and the Caucasus, West into North Africa, (The home of Saint Augustine), and into Europe. The Islamic armies melted down church bells and cast them into cannons to be used against the Christians. The Islamic crusaders dug up the bones of saints and fed them to dogs. That is why we know of saint Nicholas today. He was the patron saint of Constantinople, (modern Istanbul), and when that great Christian city was about to fall, to protect his venerated bones, they were dug up and moved to Europe, along with his story.


The reformation was another time of slaughter of Christians, that time at the hands of Christians. The protestant armies clashed with the Catholic armies over minute disagreements on doctrine. Nevertheless the slaughter was horrific and state sponsored. The Christians were merely the pawns of the political elite, Christian blood the lubricant for the tyrannical machinery that rose from those wars. Christians were revolted by the bloodshed however, the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment, rose from these lessons.


The Islamic invasions of Europe were only curtailed by the escape of Vlad the Impaler. He was sent to the Turkish empire as tribute. The Muslims required hundreds of children a year as tribute else the Islamic army would mobilize against the Christian nations. Vlad’s brother was hansom and so was sent to a pedophilia to be raped. Vlad was intransigent and ugly and so was sent to a torture chamber. He eventually escaped back to Romania and ascended to his seat at the throne. Vlad immediately stopped sending children and the Islamic army mobilized to invade Romania. Vlad led his army against the Muslim invaders and defeated them. Using the lessons Vlad learned in the torture chamber, he ordered the Muslim survivors impaled along the boarder, as a warning not to invade again. The Muslims did, they were defeated and impaled, alongside their brothers. This led to an end of the eastern expansion into Europe.


Today history is repeating itself and Christians are under siege the world over. In Egypt Christian churches are burned, girls are abducted, raped and sold. Morsi ordered Christians run over by armored vehicles while peacefully protesting, and Christians huddle in fear for their lives. The Syrian rebels the US is supporting are burning churches, forcing Christians to convert else be beheaded, and the rebels are warning Christians will be exterminated once they win power. Christianity has ceased to exist in Afghanistan. In Nigeria Boko Haram is burning churches with Christians inside! There is no place in the Muslim world were Christians are safe and protected. Even in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to wear a cross or pray in public.


China and the atheist communists countries are no different. In China Christians are sent to forced labor camps, The Nazis called them concentration camps and sent Jews, Gypsies and Slavs to die in there. Christians are persecuted in North Korea, for merely practicing their faith, and even in the United States Christians are under attack! During the government shutdown Christian priests were ordered not to give communion or hold mass. Army chaplains are now ordered not to reference Christian themes or Jesus Christ! In the US, the government has embraced atheistic hostility to the Christian faith, and is now establishing atheism as the State religion.


The blood of Christians runs down the streets of the world and no one seems to notice or care. We are told of the atrocities Christians did, hundreds and thousands of years ago, (in direct violation of the teachings of Christ), without a murmur about the crimes perpetrated against Christians, then and now. Anti Christian propaganda fills the airwaves promulgated by the self proclaimed “enlightened.” This can only happen with the tacit complicity of the World’s elite. Occasionally there is a blurb about a church bombing here or there but the totality of the intentional, systematic and diabolical genocide against the Christian faith is ignored, apologized for and even justified! As human hearted people we must stand up and point at evil. Evil can only grow in darkness, if we shine a light on it, it will wither like a vampire in the sun. It is up to us as considerate human beings to do whatever we can to stop genocide, be it against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Shinto or Muslims… If we truly deserve the moniker, human being that is.





John Pepin

Syrian Chemical Weapons

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Syrian use of chemical weapons while Obama vacillates issue, highlights a few major underlying problems here in America. Some of those troubles are, our military is gutted under Obama, our economy is still on FED life support four years into the recovery, the deplorable state of the media and the ineptitude of the US government among others. We shouldn’t look at these as reasons to fret however we must look at them as opportunities for positive change. That they are more obvious to the non engaged or party stalwart, brings in the possibility they will see the light, allowing us all to band together, rectifying these problems for good. To go back to sleep would be the surest path to a collapse of our civilization.


The unbiased media have bungled their jobs so bad the American people have to go to foreign sources for any real information. The pernicious group think of the unbiased press is malpractice of the highest order. The unbiased media have ignored the question if it really was Bashar or the rebels, who had more to gain from an American intervention, and the destruction of eighty Coptic Churches in the last few weeks in Egypt alone, the death threats and murders of Copts in Egypt and in Syria (by our allies), and Nigeria where burning Christian places of worship, full of worshipers, is common. Our media and government are complicit in genocide by their silence.


The US and the World’s economies are barely limping along. Despite magnificent amounts of money printing, via Quantitative Easing, TARP, the European Union violating their charter and offering to ease the money supply, Japanese record amount of money printing, etc… the World’s economy sits in Intensive care, with little hope of a full recovery. The media try to minimize the dramatic decline of the economy by calling it the “New normal.” As if this would ever be accepted as normal under any other administration. The profound degeneration of the US economy directly effects the US’ ability to field an army and support that army.


The US military has seen drastic budget cuts. Not just in growth but in actual inflation adjusted numbers. This, along with our commitment to dozens of small gorilla actions around the World, has stretched the US fighting forces very thin. This belies the fact, the US military has a very high ratio of battle hardened non commissioned officers to enlisted men, which is a traditional means of measuring an army’s combat effectiveness. Along with the deep pool of combat trained reservists, the US could be untouchable, it is just weak now. As the old saying goes, “If you want peace, prepare for war.” The US government, in hollowing out the US’ military, has invited war.


The US government under the Obama administration is either incompetent or traitors. This Syrian issue points strongly to incompetence. Remember that the Middle East and North Africa, while never a hotbed for serenity, was largely at peace. The US had won the war in Iraq and Muammar was quiet. The standard of living in Egypt, while not in the top ten percent of the World, was rising in relation to the World. But, when Obama called the fellow who set himself on fire in Tunisia, “Rosa Parks.” He signaled to the World, that the US would not only avoid stopping revolutions, but would actively encourage them, the race was off and the Middle East and North Africa was set on fire.


Several years later, the Coptic Christians in North Africa and the Middle East are being slaughtered, (by our allies}, Iran is getting ever closer to a deliverable nuclear EMP warhead, hundreds of thousands of people are dead, the standard of living in the Middle East and North Africa has plummeted, the fire of war is threatening our allies, Turkey, while Israel sits placidly in the middle of it all. That this President is supporting those who are committing genocide is appalling, but when viewed from higher up, it seems quite in line with this President’s actions. Start a fire, then back away and let someone else deal with it, as Obama adds fuel.


If the US is to be disengage then disengage. This half in half out simply encourages our would be enemies. Our economy cannot really recover until the misty darkness of Obama care is fully revealed, so the damage to the economy can be seen, and entrepreneurs can fully assess the law so they can work within it. We must use the flawed primary process to get smart, patriotic, entrepreneurs to run for president, not the old boy network’s pick this time too. We can let each other know when we come across a good news outlet so the good ones can prosper. We need to write our news people and ask them, in a unified voice, to open up the information spigot and shower us with the truth. We are adult enough to see the plight of the Coptic Christians, we are mature enough to debate the damage a deliverable Iranian EMP would present, and we have the wherewithal to stand the decisions, were they made. But this President is not willing to make them. He seeks to avoid any blame for anything, while using his bull in a china shop policies, to clumsily grab credit for something… anything.





John Pepin





World Verging on Crisis

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the World is melting down, but instead of trying to cool it off our leaders are adding uranium. There is not a corner of the World that is not in some kind of turmoil today. Governments are toppling way too often lately with more teetering. Traditionally stable areas are becoming sources of derision and violence. We see the rise of fascism again… this time with two ugly heads. Economies are failing, a suicidal theocratic regime is on the verge of nuclear capability, and even the US government is embroiled with scandals, a new one breaking daily. The list is as scary as it is long. All these things are being escalated by our political leader’s, incompetence or malevolence, either of which is a malignancy in the tissue of government. Unless we do something to head off this train wreck the cost will be in the millions.

Anger is the result of needs not being met. When a person’s needs are not met anger is the usual result. It can manifest itself as depression when it is turned inward, it can manifest itself as physical pain or even disease, and it is often manifested in anti social behaviors as well. Well aimed propaganda can pick up on societal anger, marshaling these antisocial behaviors into a political tool, one that is advantageous only to the political elite who wield it. Sometimes the manipulators are local, sometimes foreign, but anger is always and everywhere too easy a control button to push, for everyone to keep their greasy finger from it.

Weapons added to the mix brings in the possibility of overthrow of the standing institutions. Any foreign power that is not friendly to the native government, even if they had no hand in the anger to begin with, can simply ship in weapons raising the likely hood of all out rebellion. If sufficient anger along with sufficient weapons exist in a country revolution is assured. More violence always results after revolution, as the rebels disunite becoming armed factions, who then vie for power. Those that seek peace don’t ship arms to a conflict. To do so, is to do the opposite of what they say, making the person a hypocrite or liar.

Violence becomes custom under these circumstances. Old governments are washed away and new regimes often usher in new wars from old animosities. Local chaos destabilizes neighboring countries, regional chaos then easily becomes a war. War is a self feeding phenomenon. Like fire provides the heat needed to maintain combustion, war generates hate sufficient to keep it well fed, until the thirst for blood is quenched, or everything is smashed. There are so many simmering grievances in this World that could touch off a regional conflict they couldn’t be counted. From the Kurds, who admittedly got a really bad deal, to the Ryukyu islands, there are plenty of old grudges to start a regional war anytime anyplace.

This is why I am so amazed, our political leaders are fanning the flames of anger, adding the kindling of weaponry and they stand there astonished at the bonfire they have produced! In the Middle East the World’s elite are unanimous that war needs to break out there. If not in speech, in action, they prove it daily. Nothing meaningful is being done about Iran’s nuclear program, while riots in the Muslim sections of every country in Europe are encouraged by placating the rioters, increasingly with a state within a state. How long before that goes terribly wrong? Turkey is in full fledged rebellion and the Islamofascist leader there threatens a brutal crackdown. Will the World’s elite accept his violence where they didn’t Qaddafi’s or even the “ally” of the US, Mubarak’s?

Syria is increasingly becoming the focus of a potential World conflict, with their armed rebellion, chemical weapon stockpile, which lets be real, is most likely Saddam Hussein’s, coupled with the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated goal of a Caliphate, Israel on the southern boarder, Russia offering troops, (setting up a Gog Magog scenario), The Obama administration covering up the weapons shipments from Libya to Syria through Turkey, and Chinese interest in the region’s oil, too much political currency is being anted up for anyone to fold early in the game.

Basically, we have an angry World, that the elite in politics and the media are making madder, these unwashed raging masses are now being armed by the World powers, next Americans will be told we must intervene else things will get really bad, we do, and it does… what do you have? Some call it World War, others might say Arma-something…


John Pepin

Tyranny and so called Freedom Fighters

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to believe that because a group of people are fighting to overthrow a tyrant, they must want to establish a liberal democratic republic, is ignorant. History shows, more often than not, the group trying to overthrow a dictator… simply want to be the dictator. To immediately come to the conclusion, that anyone who fights against a tyrant is a freedom fighter, is at best, merely projection on the part of the speaker. To constantly reach the wrong conclusion, about the motivations of those that rise up to take power, shows ignorance of human nature, or some form of duplicity. The last thing we need in our media, leaders and intelligentsia is more fraudulence. The World is too full of it now.

This is not a new phenomenon. After WWII many Americans, especially those in the halls of academia, were ecstatic that Chiang Kai Shek was overthrown by Mao. They proclaimed that a new day in China was dawning. Indeed it was. Mao ushered in a period of repression, famine, and terror that has few, if any, precedents in human history. His purges murdered millions as did his fabricated political famines. Now the heirs to Mao foist a one child policy on the Chinese people. A policy that has led to the forced abortions of 400 million babies. All while Chiang Kai Shek escaped to Taiwan and established a liberal democracy. The Taiwan republic is a virtual copy of the American Constitutional republican system. The Taiwanese people live under limited government.

When the uprisings in the Arab World started, Obama likened the guy who set himself on fire in Tunisia, to Rosa Parks. Obama supported the nascent rebellions wholeheartedly. (Except the one in Iran). The people went into the streets and protested their oppressors. When that didn’t work in Libya, Obama and the leaders of the European Union, backed up the armed rebellion with air power. Three tyrants were overthrown and democratic elections were implemented. As we all know now, there wasn’t liberal republics established… instead Islamofascists came to power. The Christian communities in those countries are now in great peril as is the Egyptian Israeli peace accord. History repeats again.

When Lenin usurped power he was hailed a man of the people by Western intellectuals. The encyclopedias were filled with glowing stories about the freedom and high standard of living in the USSR. The rights and privileges afforded the people under the Soviet Constitution were expounded on incessantly. The unbiased media proclaimed that the Soviet model was the wave of the future, and that the US should give up our outmoded Constitution, a charter of negative liberties, and replace it with a more forward thinking document… like the Soviet one. Of course, now that the history is open for anyone to see, it is clear that the glowing editorials and encyclopedia entries, were foolishness at best and complicit at worst. Tens of millions murdered in the name of politics, Industrialized famine, and absolute repression were the norms in the former USSR.

To conclude, as a knee jerk reaction, that everyone who fights a tyrant is a freedom fighter, is to show absolute ignorance of history and the human condition. Such ignorance is not becoming of a leader. It demonstrates a lack of wisdom of a leader who is so easily swayed by pretty baubles. People who have such leaders are at sea, with a fool at the rudder… subject to any shoal that comes along.

Unfortunately we are burdened with such leaders in the West. They call everyone who rises up against a dictator, a freedom fighter, and when their predictions are proven wrong, they ignore the facts and make the same mistake again. Look at their reaction to the uprisings in Syria.

The defenders of our Constitution, opine how the “new democracies” should ignore the American Constitutional model, and instead, take the path of China or South Africa. They love the fact that in China only one person makes all the decisions. How efficient they exclaim! Look at the glistening airports and high speed rail! Behold the rapid economic growth of the State controlled economy. Look at the efficiency of the socialist model… Forget the history of it… or the reality. The ignorance, or fraudulence, of our leaders is boundless! The unbiased media remain silent about history, and reality… hoping we will forget the past and present folly of our leaders. Yet we forget at our peril.

To call our leaders fools is to be generous to them. For, if they are not fools, they are duplicitous and cannot be trusted. If they, in fact, seek more violence, want, and repression in the World, then they are evil. To be evil disqualifies anyone from being a leader of men. It is self evident in that such a leader will only visit calamity on his or her people… and the World. God knows, we have had enough of that.


John Pepin