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On The Protests in Hong Kong

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the protests in the streets of Hong Kong are a testament to the natural human desire to be free, the coming crackdown is the natural desire of the elite to rule with arbitrary power. Hundreds of thousands of people have been marching in Hong Kong for a month to protest the vetting of candidates for election by the Chinese politburo. The people simply want a choice; the elite want power. Given the Chinese government’s history, I worry this latest episode will end in a government crackdown, like Tienanmen square. I pray it won’t, but communists are communists, and their thirst for absolute power is unquenchable.


The history of communism is one of slaughter, bloody revolution, violent suppression of the people, atrocities, and crimes against humanity. There is not one chapter of history where communism resulted in anything but human suffering on an unimaginable scale. Today communism has gone underground in most countries. Those who adhere to that evil doctrine now call themselves socialists, (because most of us have forgotten who the National Socialists were), they call themselves Progressives, (because no one remembers the evils Woodrow Wilson visited on the American people) or some other flowery name that implies human heartedness.


Communism is anything but human hearted though. The goal of communism is total power. Marxists always come into power at the point of a gun, led by the new class and soldiered by the peasants, once in power they slaughter as many as they can. Fidel Castro was one of the least bloodthirsty dictators of the Marxist ilk, because when he marched into Havana he “only” slaughtered fifty thousand people, 50,000 human beings! Enough to fill a stadium! That is what passes for not bloodthirsty in Marxist circles. The atrocities of Mao with tens of millions starved in forced famines, beat to death in his cultural revolutions, or simply executed, should be taught in schools across the planet, but are not.


The new class media always gloss over the atrocities of Marxists because the new class has been indoctrinated in the universities and colleges. Academia hides the crimes against humanity of communists while shouting to the heavens anything a capitalist has done that is bad. The false narrative, that American constitutionalists are Nazis, shows the extent that this indoctrination has gone. Only a profoundly ignorant, or evil, person would make that mistake. The Nazis were the national socialists and got many of their heinous ideas from American Progressives, so much so, that before the second world War, Rockefeller Center had a mural praising Hitler and Mussolini’s national socialism! It was painted over once the war broke out, but the fact such American progressive luminaries so liked Hitler, they would commission a mural in that evil man’s honor, show who is the real Nazis. The Nazis gave credit to Wilson for his eugenics policies the Nazis emulated in their Final Solution.


The Soviet Union was famous for putting dissidents into insane asylums. The atrocities of Stalin and Lenin are legendary. North Korea punishes dissent for three generations in internment camps where starvation is rampant and children are encouraged to turn in their parents for food. In Cambodia when the communists captured Phenom Penn, they slaughtered thousands on the spot and marched every man, woman and child into the killing fields, where they methodically murdered millions. Bullets became too expensive, (since the Marxists had destroyed the economy) and so they gave boys clubs, to club people to death, and little girls bread bags, to put over the heads of people until they suffocated!


The Marxists that run China have pragmatically given up on the communist economy. They rightly saw the abject failure that always follows communist ideology put into practice. In that they had decades of historic evidence from their own nation as an example. They haven’t given up on the planned economy, or absolute power, but even allowing a modicum of capitalism has led to an unprecedented rise in the standard of living in China. If China were to see a full utilization of the market system, with strong standards regulating a laissez faire implementation, the industrious people of China would quickly make it the most wealthy nation on Earth. By trying to hold onto power the communists will destroy China like the Keynesians have destroyed Japan.


Today in Hong Kong the people are protesting the usurpation of their rights by the Chinese communist government. The agreement between Briton and China guaranteed the sovereignty of Hong Kong but only a fool would believe Communists would keep their word. Marxists, socialists and progressives hold themselves to no standard whatsoever, while demanding absolute compliance with whatever the Marxist arbitrarily demands. It will not be long before the Chinese communists roll into the crowds with tanks. Academia will remain silent as they did Tienanmen square, the new class media will downplay the atrocities like they always have, and our progressive leaders will look on with jealousy at the free hand the Chinese communists have. We should all keep the people of Hong Kong and China in our hearts and prayers, and by doing so, we pray for our own liberation from the progressive Marxists that run the rest of the world. God bless Hong Kong and China!





John Pepin

The Psychopathic Nature of Socialism

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me that socialism is a psychopathic form of government. The reason is, the premise of socialism is the psychopathic belief, that human beings are a means to the socialists ends. This subjugates the wants and needs of those the socialist exploits to the wants of the socialist. History shows how violent socialists are, but this violence is merely a symptom of the problem, the psychopathic nature of socialism is the root. As most of us know a psychopath has no conscience or sense of morality. The socialist needs to deceive others to get power, and so uses spurious calls for morality, to create the situation where there is no actual morality, but is in fact a state of absolute immorality. If we want to protect ourselves and our children from the vagaries of a psychopathic government we must understand and teach this to our children and society as a whole.


These terms are a bit heavy so I’ll need to unpack them…


A psychopath thinks differently then you or I. They don’t see other human beings as people but as ghosts that fill out their reality. People are mere tools available for the psychopath to use as they will. To illustrate the point I’ll pass along a riddle:


A woman goes to her mother’s funeral. At the funeral she meets the man of her dreams. After the funeral he leaves and she realizes she forgot to get his phone number or address. She looks for him in vain but cannot find him. Two weeks later she kills her sister… Why did she kill her sister? The answer is, to meet the man again at her sister’s funeral. I understand that nine out of ten jailed psychopaths get the answer immediately, while normal people cannot fathom the answer. This illustrates the fundamental attributes of a psychopath, ie, they are disconnected from the consequences of their actions and they see others as not human beings but as tools. This is the fundamental nature of a socialist as well.


Some of the attributes of a psychopath are very helpful with politics, especially in a democratic form of government. Attributes like, charisma, hypocrisy, ruthlessness, a total lack of shame, the ability to lie without remorse, and kill without a thought. These are all things that help a politician get and keep political power. Those that have a conscience, a sense of shame, tell the truth and value human life, are always at a profound disadvantage when dealing with a psychopath.


When speaking of means and ends I am referring to Kant’s philosophy as illustrated in his work, Critique of Practical Reason. In it Kant makes the argument, fully compatible with the enlightenment ideal of human beings as having individual intrinsic worth, that we are ends in and of ourselves. When we are used as a means for another’s ends, our wants and needs are subjugated to those of another, which denies our individual worth. The categorical imperative, that for a thing to be moral it must be a category that can be applied universally among humanity. This comports with the natural law, that in a state of nature we all have certain fundamental rights, rights that come from God/nature and not from government or Man.


You might ask, what is it about socialism that is psychotic? Let’s look at one of the policies of socialism, one that was introduced by Adolph Hitler, nationalized health care. Most people understand intrinsically that nothing is free. Just because you get something and didn’t have to pay for it doesn’t make it free, someone had to produce, pay or work for that good. When someone is forced by the coercive power of the State to provide for another, the provider is no longer an end in him or herself, they become a means to the ends of another, the socialist and the recipient of nationalized healthcare, and therefore is dehumanized. In other words the provider ceases to be a human being, valuable in their own right, but a mere tool to the bidding of others, like a hammer or saw. This is fundamentally a psychopathic way of thinking, that others are a means to the socialists wants, and that the consequences to the provider, and indeed the recipient too, are irrelevant. If you think of it, all the policies of socialists fall into this category, ie psychopathic.


If we think of socialism in this way it becomes instantly clear why communist and socialist governments are so overtly violent. Those hapless individuals who are in the way of the socialists wants and desires, are not human beings with intrinsic worth, but road blocks to the socialist, no more important than a tree that has fallen across the road. Therefore, since others are not human beings, it is perfectly acceptable to kill them, in whatever way suits the ends of the socialist. Starvation has been one of the primary means socialists have used to cement their political power. Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Pol Pot starved untold millions of men, women and children to death, for just this purpose. The atrocities committed by socialists have been some of the worst crimes against humanity ever visited upon mankind. This would only be possible if the leaders are psychopaths.


If we examine the political leaders of today we see many psychopathic traits. They violate the law and overstep Constitutional limits, while holding everyone else to their every whim and desire to the fullest extent, even to the point of execution. Lying and hypocrisy is the bread and butter of politics today, and it is all illustrated in living color, by our political leaders the world over. Look at the outrageous statements of Obama, “Capitalism has never worked,” for example. Is it any wonder then why the planet is in the shape it is in? We cannot blame the psychopath for being a psychopath, it is their nature, we must blame ourselves for not recognizing their mental illness and giving them power. Unless and until we acknowledge these traits in our leaders, we will continue down the path to perdition, to our mutual ruination.





John Pepin

Arbitrary Power

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me that since the dawn of time, city states, nations and empires have warned of the dangers of arbitrary power. Throughout history rulers that attained arbitrary power have brought their people to ruination. The lessons of history are stark and unanimous in their critique of the dangers of giving anyone arbitrary power. From Solon to Stalin the worst atrocities of man upon man have been committed by those with arbitrary power. Yet despite all the warnings, philosophy, and empirical data, we choose to ignore them and bestow Obama with arbitrary power. There can be no good end of this newest experiment in the annuls of Man.


Solon, the lawgiver of Athens, warned of the profound dangers of arbitrary power. He was elected to solve the debt crisis in ancient Athens. He did so in a fair way, and went on to make a proscription against arbitrary power, the ostracism. Never a hypocrite, Solon gave himself up to his very own system and submitted himself to the ostracism, for becoming himself a danger to liberty. He was banished from Athens for several years. In those years he saved Croesus of Lydia from being burned at the stake by giving that tyrant sage advice.


After the horrors of Tarquinious Superbus, the last Etruscan king of Rome, the people began the Consular system, whereby the rule of Rome would be separated into two men, similar to the Spartan system of two kings. This way no one man could attain arbitrary rule. The system held out for hundreds of years, but was overthrown when Julius Caesar gained popular support, installing himself as emperor… with arbitrary power. Once his nephew was crowned and instituted the Praetorian guard the heart of the Roman nation rotted from within. Within two hundred years, a nation state that had lasted almost a thousand years and had conquered the known world, was destroyed completely. Only the Eastern part, the Byzantines, survived for a few more years, only to be utterly wiped out and the people enslaved, by the Muslim invasion.


The many republics of Europe that started as a result of the Renaissance, rose in democratic representation, but fell into tyranny by the executive who wrested arbitrary power for himself. The history of Europe is rife with examples of those who gained this most pernicious form of power and visited slavery, oppression and destruction on their people. Yes, history is unambiguous about the danger of arbitrary power, especially in the hands of an egoist.


Democratically elected leaders are no exception. Remember, Hitler was elected in a free and fair election. Tyranny doesn’t necessarily come at the point of a gun it can come from the ballot box as well. That a person is elected by a popular majority, like Caesar, can become a despot, is proven conclusively by history. No matter how a person gets arbitrary power, be it by revolution, machination or the suffrage, arbitrary power always brings with it oppression. It is a factor of human nature.


Despite all the warnings from history, philosophy and recent events, a large part of the American people are comfortable giving our elected President… arbitrary power. He has usurped the power of the Legislative branch by arbitrarily enforcing the law, he has silenced the free press through intimidation, he has armed drug lords in a neighboring country, he has taken over a third of the economy by simply deeming a law passed, he ignores court orders with impunity, he abandoned an ambassador and several Americans to torture and death at the hands of our avowed enemies, while at the same time arming those very enemies, then lied about it, he uses the power of the government against his political opponents, he uses the paranoia of national security to record our personal phone conversations, (us and our allies), the list goes on and on, moreover, anyone who stands in his way, like Ted Cruz, is vilified by the political establishment as well as the media that calls itself unbiased. Yes, Obama wields arbitrary power in all but name. History shows us where this will end… unless we stand and demand Our Constitution be followed. If we do not, we deserve what we get… too bad our innocent children don’t.





John Pepin

Who to Believe

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, lest anyone believe too much what the media or government claims, all one needs to do is open an encyclopedia from the 1930’s, and read what it says about the Soviet Union under Stalin. People have far too much faith in what we are told by the unbiased media and government. We accept the stories as gospel, and are told to disbelieve gospel, thinking and acting wrongly as a result. We should read all that is available on a subject… especially that which we don’t agree with, else our perception becomes narrower and we ourselves become more and more ignorant, regardless of how enlightened we consider ourselves. The times in which we live are too perilous to be willfully ignorant.


Any encyclopedia you open, from the 1930’s, will have a glowing account of the wonders of communism under Stalin. I have a copy from 1940. It goes on and on about the rights of the people living under communism. It claims poverty is eliminated in the USSR. While history shows us, at the same time, the people of the Ukraine were being systematically starved to death. Untold human suffering was brought about by Stalin. In addition to the millions who had food stolen from them, food they had grown, there were purges that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths by firing squad, hanging, and torture. History shows how very very wrong those encyclopedias were.


Despite the fact that many knew about the atrocities of the communists at the time, these fictions were written in encyclopedias and distributed to the American people as reality. Any librarian will tell you that an encyclopedia is the best of reference material. That they are subject to political ideology is not tragic, it is a statement on the veracity of those, who are the gatekeepers of information. Not a pretty statement either. That such atrocities were glossed over, by the media elite and even the writers of encyclopedias, is damming of those who promoted such fables as truth.


Truth is not subject to perspective. Truth must be objective else it is opinion. Today we are inundated with opinion that masquerades as truth. The tragic part is that real truth is more often than not, derided as opinion or conspiracy. We can see in the example of the encyclopedia that even the most reliable sources of information are subject to political calculation. Opinions that are portrayed as truth, are a fallacy that we must realize as such, or we will be subject to acting on lies… to our own and our children’s detriment.


When we have only lies, opinion and falsification to base our decisions on, we are not really making informed decisions… we are being manipulated. People who manipulate, never do it for the benefit of those who are manipulated, but for their own egoistic self aggrandizement, to garner wealth or to seize power. Not one of those reasons are human hearted. The thoughtful individual has to be very careful of what we believe, and what we disbelieve, but to be a rational maximizer we must not discount information, we are told by the elite media, is conspiracy. They have been caught so many times fabricating lies and portraying them as truth they cannot be believed at all. Look at CBS, creating from whole cloth lies about George Bush’s military record, reporting it days before an election and claiming them as reality, when nothing could be further from the truth.


The wise man and woman believes everything and nothing. It is critical to understand the nature of men and mankind to know truth. When a news story claims that people are behaving in a way that is not consistent with history, human nature or logic, the rational human being has to weigh that information carefully, else he or she is subject to manipulation. We must understand that truth is not perspective dependent it is objective, perspective is subject to personal bias, bigotry and self interest. Our media is never unbiased and those who claim that mantel are lying to our faces… and they know it. To believe a liar is to be willfully ignorant and therefore makes us subject to acting against our self interest. That there is even one example of reference material that promotes a false narrative, shows us that even the most reliable sources must be evaluated and checked against historic norms, the teller’s biases and our own rational self interest. To understand is to be catholic in our reading and critical in our acceptance. To do otherwise makes us a tool of the elite, and human beings are NOT tools, we are ends in and of ourselves.





John Pepin

Basic Human Worth

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, every human being has intrinsic worth, no matter his or her mental status, race, age, religion or any other arbitrary definition. We are more than a sophisticated explosive delivery device, more than a machine that deludes itself with a notion of self awareness, and we are far more than animals to be herded by someone who thinks he is farmer to the rest. To attribute to others, less than person hood, is to deny one’s own person hood. Therefore, anyone who considers other human beings to be less than spiritual beings with intrinsic worth, is subhuman. Unless we learn this and hold it tight we risk becoming cows for someone to milk and slaughter.

Justice is a concept that can be hard to define. As a result most people have a distorted idea of what justice is. Many people’s concept of justice is subjective not objective. A subjective notion of justice is dependent on the perspective of the observer, objective justice is unchanging, no matter the observer’s perspective. Those who espouse different levels of justice, dependent on the person, are using subjective justice and thereby are being unjust themselves. Those that apply the same attributes, worth and rights to all, are just. It follows then, that to be unjust is to forfeit justice, while to be just is to deserve justice, this is the basis of criminal law. Those that forfeit justice deserve none while those that espouse and attribute justice to all deserve justice themselves. Any other consideration is sophistry.

Many times in the past have human beings been designated as less than human. Everyone knows of the Nazi atrocities. These crimes against humanity were only made possible by the philosophy that human beings are no more than animals. That it is in our best interest to cull the herd occasionally and the enlightened must be hard hearted enough to do it. Every crime against humanity has it’s roots in this twisted philosophy. The mass starvation of millions of people by Mao’s Red Guard, were justified in this way, the Nazi slaughter of Gypsies, Jews and Slavs were justified by this philosophy, China’s one child policy is contingent on this spurious notion, and the eugenics movement is based in this perverted misunderstanding of the nature of humanity.

Eugenics has as storied history in the United States as it does England and Germany. Many people in these countries were sterilized against their will by the edict of bureaucrats and judges. Human beings were denied their basic humanity by government officials, who believed that they have the God like ability, to decide who should breed and who should not. The evil of the eugenics movement led directly to the evil of abortion and population control. The same people who funded and shilled for the eugenics movement, Rockefeller, Margret Sanger, HG Wells, Dr. Mengele, President Wilson, Charles Darwin, President Hoover, and other well known notables, would breed us into Eloi and Morlocks.

A person who denies humanity to another for whatever reason also denies his or her own humanity. If the congenital nature of man is evil then all man are evil, if human beings are nothing more than machines that evolved to have the delusion of self awareness, then everyone, even those that propose this perverted philosophy, are as well. I cannot claim everyone else is less than human and claim I am human. That is an impossibility. So, we can safely say that those who deny humanity to others are in their own way subhuman, even if the philosophy they promote is incorrect, they are subject to it. They have self identified as subhuman by their own philosophy.

Slavery, abortion, population control, eugenics, and even redistribution are all forms of injustice called justice, and require as a prerequisite, the denial of someone else’s basic human worth. Denial of the value of every human being is the slippery slope that leads to these evils and more. We are human beings and all of us have individual worth outside our value to any collective or group. To maintain that personal humanity, we must accept the individual value of every other human being, rejecting the spurious notion of collective this or that, for the evil it is and the injustice it creates. If we are rational maximisers we will accept the basic worth of humanity in general and the individual in particular. To do otherwise, is to deny our very own humanity, subjecting us to our own injustice. In other words… We have accepted that we are merely cows, and the implications.


John Pepin

Should We Spread Democracy or Capitalism Around the World?

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that the sophist call for the US to spread “democracy” around the World, shows how foolish and stupefied we have all become. Democracy is no more synonymous with freedom and prosperity than aristocracy, monarchy or even republicanism. They are forms of government, that usually, have a lack of freedom for the individual as their chief attribute. Democracy has an equally horrible track record in this regard as any dictator or oligarch. Aristotle said, “democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority” and his sentiments were echoed by the US founding fathers. That is why Ben Franklin, when asked what kind of government the founders had given us, replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” A more correct thing, for America and other freedom loving people around the World to spread, would be capitalism.

Democracy was one of Aristotle’s wrong forms of government. He listed the correct forms of government as, polity, aristocracy and monarchy… and the wrong forms as, democracy, oligarchy and tyranny. The thing the right forms have in common is that they rule for the betterment of all. The wrong forms in that they rule for the benefit of the rulers. Democracy is no different. The size of the oppressor group is superfluous.

If we seek a more peaceful and prosperous World, what we should be spreading, is free market capitalism! It is free market capitalism that has led to the fastest and most widespread prosperity the World has ever seen. The history of Man is one of poverty for the masses and prosperity for the few. Capitalism turns that on it’s head and distributes prosperity, and freedom, to everyone.

Free markets and capitalism requires, as a prerequisite, freedom of the individual. To attempt to have free markets without freedom for the individual is like trying to breathe water. It cannot be done. This is because, for a free market to work, we must be free to live our lives and engage in business. We must be free to win and free to fail. Often it is in failure that we learn to succeed. We must be allowed to take risks and to make our own decisions about our lives, habits and time. We must have room from regulation, to create new paradigms of business, meet new and expanding human needs and wants…and our lives must be our own. Else the free market simply collapses and becomes distributive justice by political favor, the historical norm.

Capitalist systems, and all other economic systems, are by their nature complex systems. Complex systems are systems of individual actors who are independent, diverse, interconnected, able to adapt, interdependent and respond to their local environments. Democracy, being the tyranny of the majority over the minority, undermines some of the basic attributes of a complex system. Tyranny, in all it’s forms, limits the ability of actors to, adapt, eliminates diversity and independence, while increasing interdependency to ridiculous heights. If the complex system of economics is allowed to function, with all it’s warts as well as it’s halos, the lot of Man is improved. If it is undermined, by a man or group seeking it’s own good, above the good of all, the lot of Mankind is lowered.

No system is perfect, but the horrors visited on Mankind, by economic and political systems, that use distributive justice by political favor as their model, have been universally evil. History is littered with the detritus of failed States, mutilated bodies and destroyed families, that used this model. Many had democracy as their cornerstone. But, they sought to distribute the goods of society by political favor, from those with no political power to those with political power… believing it to be more fair. The killing fields of Cambodia, Stalin’s purges, Mao’s famines, mass slaughter of dissidents in communist countries, mass graves, Nazism and other ideologies systematic extermination of people, like Jews, Gypsies, Armenians and others, are outcomes of this pernicious notion, that majority rule is the be all and end all of human existence.

As I have shown, to say that democracy is the highest good, is sophistry. This is self evident once a person takes a long hard look at the underlying logic. It is not to say that every form of government should not have a democratic component, because for a government to be legitimate, it must have the consent of the governed. But it is to say, that democracy in and of itself, is not the final answer, it is more often than not, a means to trick people into empowering an oppressor group, the size of that group being irrelevant to the fact they are despots. If we truly want to improve the lot of Man, and put an end to the inhumanities that have plagued mankind throughout the ages, we must seek to spread capitalism around the World. Capitalism, a system that has led to the unheard of standard of living we enjoy today. A lifestyle that is put at risk, when we fall prey to foolish and sophistic claims, that democracy is the font of all that is good. That is why I say, “We must spread free markets and freedom around the World… if we want peace and prosperity.” If you want poverty and atrocity, however, then democracy is as good a way to go as any.


John Pepin