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The Willfully Blind

Sunday, August 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the ability of people to deny what is right in front of their eyes, is nothing short of extraordinary. It goes back to my glittering lies versus ugly truths article. People would rather believe a glittering lie than recognize an ugly truth, but in this case, it is far more diabolical. Hate is blinding. Those who’s hearts are empty must fill them with something, and hate is tangible, it fills a person and gives purpose. It allows a person to pick and choose what to believe, don’t like the ugly truth of the Holocaust, deny it, don’t want to follow Jesus, deny he existed, want to abort babies at will, deny they are human beings, seek to oppress those that disagree with you, deny their humanity, etc… To deny that which is in front of your own face, is a form of blindness, and only the blind are able to deny what is in front of them.

I recently watched a video about the Second World War, and upon reading the comments, I was flabbergasted at the number of people convinced the Holocaust never happened! Those that claim not to believe in the Holocaust, despite the ample historical evidence, testimony of witnesses and even the stories of the survivors, are people that would allow such a thing to happen again. The only way someone could deny such a crime against humanity is if their hearts are filled with hate. Hate that blinds them to reality, hate of people they have never met and hate of humanity itself. I don’t bandy the word hate around like progressives, as a catchall for anything they disagree with, but as a means to point out the quality that makes such evil possible. To willfully blind oneself can only lead to severe consequences.

Another video about disproving the resurrection of Jesus had similar comments. Most of the comments denied Jesus even existed at all. I find it saddening that so many would blind themselves to truth. Some claimed the morality Jesus taught only came about during the Enlightenment! Talk about ignorance! Such people cannot be reasoned with. How can you have a conversation with someone who gaslights you? It is impossible. Their hearts are so filled with hate for Christianity, over perceived slights, done in many cases centuries ago, by people born in Christendom but were barbarians. A person can claim to be anything they want… but if my cat had kittens in the oven, I wouldn’t call them biscuits.

Abortionists have to deny that their victims are human beings… because otherwise they are murderers. It must make it easier to slaughter innocents by the millions if you deny their humanity. Even the Totenkopf Schutzstaffel, had to be transferred back to Germany, because of the toll it took on them to murder so many innocent Jews and Slavs. Yet Abortionists slaughter babies with glee. They don’t seem to have any human hearted sympathy whatsoever for their victims. They have the uncanny ability to deny that which is right in front of them. The Nazis murdered around six million Jews, abortionists in the US alone have murdered over sixty million human beings, an order of magnitude worse.

The singular lesson of the Twentieth Century was that socialism doesn’t work. From Stalin’s purges and mass murder that killed between thirty and sixty million people, through Mao’s Cultural Revolution that claimed the lives of nearly one hundred million, to Pol Pot who killed so many so fast he ran out of bullets, so he had little girls using plastic bags to suffocate people all day long, and little boys clubbing people to death, socialism has proven itself to be a humanitarian disaster. Only the willfully blind are able to overlook such atrocities. Today zealots for socialism control our schools, government, legal firms and media. They have blinded themselves because it makes it easier to believe a glittering lie than admit an ugly truth.

We can only advance morally, philosophically and scientifically if we stride into the future with our eyes open. Today our culture and society is running blind with scissors. Many have put out their own eyes to feel better about who they serve and what they do. In their minds they fancy themselves Zatoichi, blind to what is in front of them but have a superhuman ability to fight, which means they are fooling themselves as well. Those who see, are denigrated today by the blind, because it is much easier to remain blind and ignorant than to admit the ugly truths they create. Reality cannot be long denied however, and those that deny it, sooner or later will pay the price. There is an old saying, “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king…” but in the land of the willfully blind, the sighted are hated for their vision.


John Pepin

Democracy’s Achilles Heel

Thursday, March 3rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, people would rather believe fiction than the truth, especially in politics. Human beings have an innate ability to convince themselves of absurdities. Of course to believe a fiction over the truth is the path to tyranny, poverty and violence, but people believe what they want to believe, even in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This is why democracy is so self destructive. Democracy within a republic is tempered but the elite always eventually become an aristocracy. As time goes on the people’s self delusion coupled with the elite’s misdirection combine to destroy any human government. We see this happening today with the election of Barak Obama and now the rise of Donald Trump.

Politicians become entrenched and hold power their whole lives just like the aristocracy of old. Like an aristocracy a ruling class rises up to hold power and pass it to their children. The Bush dynasty is one example but around the world political power is passed from father to son and daughter like an inheritance. Democracy is supposed to prevent such dynastic political power but instead democracy fosters it. One characteristic of any aristocracy is that they will evolve to oligarchy. They stop ruling for the benefit of the nation and start ruling for their own narrow self interests. The national interests are undermined by both a political class that has become aristocratic and then oligarchical.

An election is basically a beauty contest and in any beauty contest substance takes a back seat to appearance. In any beauty contest how the girl looks in a bikini is more important than her research into cancer. A political beauty contest is no different. A philosopher once said, put a beautiful man at a podium, let him speak with eloquence and a commanding voice and no matter the drivel he spouts, he will be called a genius, put another man, give him a drooping eye, high pitched voice and let spittle run from his mouth, and no matter the genius of his words he will be ridiculed a fool…

Empty catch phrases become a replacement for hard policy. Politicians understand the fact that people would rather believe a glittering lie rather than an ugly truth. Ugly truths require thought and energy while glittering lies delight the mind and require no commitment whatsoever. A simple mindless catchphrase like, “hope and change” can mean anything to anyone. To one it means restoration of constitutional principles and to another it means Marxism. The phrase’s definition depends on the listener, not the content, and so is mind candy without substance, which fits perfectly with our ability to convince ourselves of absurdities.

In the physical world self delusion quickly brings consequences. Jump from a cliff in an attempt to fly and it quickly leads to a horrible death, the consequences are immediate, but in politics, the consequences can be held off for a long time. It takes years of bad regulations to destroy an economy, years of gradually increasing intrusions to create tyranny and years of morality corroded by perversity to create social chaos. All of which are the results of self delusion of the electorate.

To believe what you want rather than what is, is a sure path to economic destruction, governmental tyranny and societal upheaval. You might want utopia but in Greek utopia means nowhere. Real solutions don’t come from catchphrases they take real work and sacrifice. We may want some hansom, articulate politician with a deep voice to solve all our problems, but that is the surest way to making those problems much much worse. Moreover, by falling to the same self delusion, over and over, we install over us a new aristocracy, with all the negative baggage that comes with an aristocracy. We have deluded ourselves for a very long time now and the consequences are becoming manifested, isn’t it time to stop believing in modern absurdities and start believing in genuine truth?


John Pepin