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The Fox is Now in Charge of the Hen House.

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, putting people in charge of protecting something they despise, is not such a good idea if you want that thing to survive. A sane person wouldn’t put Hamas in charge of Israel’s defense, a rational parent wouldn’t put John Wayne Gacy in charge of his or her child’s birthday party and no one in their right mind would make Don Corleone the Attorney General. According to a news story I just read all of the appeals courts in the US are now run by a majority of Democrat appointees. This wouldn’t be bad if the democrat party had not been hijacked by outright socialists, progressives, but it has, and that means people who despise everything our Constitution stands for, are in charge of protecting it.

Control of our Constitution is the reason democrats filibustered Bush appointees. A move that at the time was unheard of. Once the progressives got their man in however they put an end to filibustering appointees. When republicans considered eliminating the filibuster it was called “the Nuclear option” by the unbiased media. When democrats pushed the nuclear button the unbiased new class media cheered them on. Now progressive democrats have filled all the vacancies Bush couldn’t along with those that have opened since Obama came to power.

Progressive philosophy is essentially the same as Marxist, the only real difference is the progressives eschew the violent revolution part of Marxist theory in favor of “progressing” us to full socialism. To achieve their end, a total state where people are the property of the state, the only thing that is off the table is outright revolution. They shun revolution, not because they are peaceful, but because they don’t believe revolution is the best way of getting there. That is why whenever a progressive is asked what is the difference between Marxism and Progressivism, the progressive laughs derisively and refuses to answer.

The difference between national socialism and progressivism/Marxism is the national versus their international nature. The Marxist/progressive believes in world communism, where everyone on the planet lives in their Utopian vision, whereas the national socialist seeks to enslave their own nation to the yoke of communism. The end of both are the same but one wants socialism for their country only and the other seeks it for the entire world. That explains why they hate each other so. They must draw from the same limited pool of people and so are in direct conflict for those potential enlistees.

In order to progress the world to communism the progressive only stops at violent revolution, not at violence. History shows that progressive will lie, cheat, destroy innocent people, undermine societal wealth, and harmony. They will do anything no matter how heinous, that progresses us to their goal. Since they are at heart atheists, and as such have no worry about eternal consequences, there is no limit to their actions. One thing stands in the way of the progressive vision of a united world under communism… the United States. More specifically, the US Constitution. That document is a stumbling block to them.

The US Constitution has provided the United States with the most long lasting republic since Rome, it has resulted in the most prosperous society the world has ever known, most of the industrial revolution’s advances are the direct result of US patent law… that is only possible under the US form of government, people still live in liberty even after over two hundred years of one government, and all of these goods are directly opposed to the progressive agenda.

Progressives learned over a century ago that they need not change the words of our Constitution to undermine it’s effectiveness, all they need do is change the meaning of the words, and it is the court system that interprets the words. Freedom of religion is now separation of church and state, shall not be infringed means limited rights, interstate commerce now means government can regulate anything you do in your own home and on your own land, but their diabolical attacks don’t end there. Progressives now seek to change the freedom of speech to freedom of government approved speech.

Both the Republican and democrat parties are controlled by progressives. The democrat party is totally in the hands of progressives and the republican party’s top echelon are uniformly progressive. That is why Tea party candidates come under the heaviest fire from republicans. The republican elite don’t believe in limited government, their rhetoric is only a means of tricking people into thinking there are two choices, when there is only one… progressive.

The judicial system is the final protector of our Constitution. Most of the heavy lifting is in the Appellate courts. They hear the majority of cases and rule on their constitutionality. Since there are no negative consequences if they actively seek to undermine our Constitution, once a progressive gets that lifetime appointment, he or she can engage in all sorts of mischief. Now that most of the judges on the appeals court are progressive democrats mixed with many progressive republican appointees, the change will come faster and faster. Yup, now that progressives are in charge of protecting Our Constitution, a constitution they despise with every fiber of their being, limited government will soon be history. World communism is the next goal.


John Pepin

The Republican Party is Dead… Long Live the Tea Party

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me… the republican party is in a death spiral of it’s own making. No political party can stab it’s base in the back, over and over, and survive as a viable party for long. That the republican party has gotten away with it for so long, and not succumbed to extinction, is testament to the hope of the American people for limited government. This trend has been happening for a long time but has accelerated of late. This bodes ill for American democratic representation and Constitutional rule unless the trend can be stopped. The means are at hand however.


In the last Presidential election only a paltry 40% of the electorate cast a ballot. This historically low turnout means that Obama won the election with only 20-25% of the American people voting for him. A pathetic quarter of the people voted the president into office. If you think about it, 20% of the people also believe in aliens, ghosts and vampires! (I would argue they are the same people who voted for Obama). Low voter turnout has been a mainstay in American elections for decades. The thing that is pitiful however is that politicians blame the voters and not themselves.


No one blames themselves for their own problems. It is a function of human nature. We all prefer to point the finger of blame at someone else. That this goes on in political circles is not hard to understand. Politicians however have paid consultants that get huge sums of money to explain to politicians why they loose elections. These highly paid eggheads should have the ability to see beyond their own noses and mine the data as to why so few people turn out. In this they fall into a thought trap, or in other words, group think.


This group think permeates the highest echelons of the republican party. They believe the only way to win elections is to go after a smaller and smaller faction of the electorate. Romney won the highly touted “undecided” but lost the election. This is clearly because he was a fatally flawed candidate. Obama’s biggest weakness, Obama care, was taken off the table by Romney’s presidential bid. Obama care is only a symptom and not the disease however. Romney never went after the republican base. He instead ignored and even vilified them. As a result, they didn’t vote for him.


This is typical of republican politics. They despise their base as upstarts, who want more liberty and less government, when the “enlightened” republican elite want more government and less liberty. The only difference between the republicans and democrats is… who controls the tyrant’s power. Neither wants to limit the power, scope and role of government, both want to increase it. Republicans believe their base is so stupid they will fall into line even when the republican elite spit in our faces.


This is proven by the Bush presidency. The republican party controlled a plurality of seats in both houses of congress and the presidency. Did we see a diminishing of the scope of government? No. Did we see balanced budgets? No. Did we even see a walking back of entitlements? No! What we did see, was a new entitlement, prescription drug coverage. We got higher deficit spending and thousands more pages of regulation. The republican base is not blind, they are not stupid, they know a liar when they see one, and refuse to participate in the destruction of the United States, by giving these liars and frauds legitimacy by their vote.


This is why the Tea Party faction has grown so powerful, despite the vilification of us. The Tea Party, teabaggers as the elite call us, are a truly grass roots movement. Those who understand that the republicans, as well as the democrats, want unrestricted illegal immigration, ever increasing government, taxes and regulation, regardless of the consequences to the American people, want to change course, but we all know, to a man, that neither the republican old guard, nor the democrat party, will give us what we demand and OUR Constitution requires.


That is why the republican party is in a death spiral and the democrat party is joining them. They both stand against the will of the people, the dictates of our Constitution, and both lie to our faces. They go after an increasingly small lunatic fringe of the public for votes. We are standing up however, wiping republican and democrat spit from our faces, and making ourselves heard. Obama care is only the latest in a series of slaps of our faces and knives in our backs, we refuse to sit any longer. Once Tea Party people get more seats at the table, we will see more turnout of an electorate, that today, increasingly feels disenfranchised. Until then, the republican elite should be on warning, the jig is up.





John Pepin

The Rise of the Proletariat

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the two parties in the US don’t represent the people, they represent two factions of the elite. The democrat party represents the so called “New Class” while the republican party represents the bourgeois. In this struggle they both have as their primary adversary, and pawns to the game, the American people. In this they are united, that is why the Tea Party, a grass roots organization that actually does represent the needs and wants of the vast majority of the American Electorate, must be destroyed. The two old parties exploit the people to their own ends… not ours. This is a paradigm that must be overturned else we will become serfs in all but name.


The “New Class” as it has been termed are the intelligentsia. Those with advanced degrees. If we examine who has led every socialist revolution in the past, they have never been led by the proletariat, (as Marxists doctrine claims they would be), they have always been started, funded and the ideologically fueled by the academics, and professional revolutionaries, who exploited the peasantry to do the dirty work. In all cases the working people have been the victims of socialist revolutions. This new class becomes more Marxist the higher you go in academia, wealth and political power. If we examine the top echelons of Harvard, Yale and the other Ivy league schools, we will find a plurality of revolutionary Marxists and anarchists. Neither of which have the best interest of the workers at heart. The unbiased media are also members of this new class.


What I mean by the bourgeois, is the owners of the means of production, as Marx did. The definition of the owners of the means of production however are not what you might think. If you have an IRA or 401K, you are the bourgeois, if you own stocks or bonds or if you have a well stocked tool kit, you are the owner of the means of production. Entrepreneurs are a faction of the bourgeois as are family run business men. The CEO and the board of directors of a company are not the bourgeois however, those people, (who control the means of production as opposed to own it), are members of the new class.


Unfortunately it is not quite that simple. Both parties have at the top members of the new class. They run both parties. That is why they fight over trivialities, like the magnitude of a tax hike, when what we the people want are lower taxes. They agree that they should control everything… but each wants the power for themselves. They consider themselves superior to us because of their academic achievements. They hold us in disdain, believing us incapable of running our own lives, and so we are in need of their enlightened guidance. Both parties have this as their fundamental ethos.


The Tea party however was formed by the people. We sought a seat at the table of power. But the elite hold us in even greater contempt for it. They see the Tea party as upstarts who should bow to the great wisdom of the elite, in moving our society to a socialist one, where the State is the arbiter of everything and the goods of society are distributed by political favor. Since they have the political favor, this paradigm that they espouse, is a nakedly self serving one. The Tea Party is just as guilty of this as are the elite. We seek to meet our self interests by having a seat at the table too.


The primary difference is that we don’t seek to wrest the power of the State for our own aggrandizement or personal enrichment, we seek to limit the power of the State, so we won’t have to labor under the yoke of tyranny. As Thrasymachus said in The Republic, Most people only want to live their lives in peace, but great men want power… We seek a society where we can get ahead if we earn it, and where political favor is less of a factor in where we end up in society, than our personal merits. In short we seek a meritocracy. This entire thought process is an anathema to the elite in both parties.


This is why both the Republican old guard and the entirety of the Democrat party are so vicious in their attacks on politicians who back the Tea Party. There is no limit to the vitriol they will dump on the Tea Party, and by extension, us. The Constitution is a road block and so must be changed, by hook or by crook, but changed it must be. Remember, you don’t have to change the words in a Constitution to change it’s meaning… only the meaning of the words.


To the person with his or her eyes open, the new class is in fact a very old class… the aristocracy, seeking to reestablish their old privileges. So, the Tea party is in fact the true proletariat uprising, struggling against the chains the old powers are trying to bind us with… as Marx envisioned. We don’t want violent revolution, or blood in the streets, we just want peace, prosperity and liberty. To the wannabe dictator however there is nothing as distasteful as a pawn that has an opinion. Pawns are to be sacrificed for the greater good… the good of the elite, or in other words, the new aristocracy.





John Pepin

Our Constitutional Crisis

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the debt ceiling and government shutdown is not about spending, and it is not about winning or loosing a mere political battle, it is a Constitutional crisis. The needless rhetoric that has been thrown around during this debate has been a way to change the subject to mere name calling and fear mongering. The malpractice of the media that calls itself unbiased has been even more pathetic than usual and is a large part of why the real issue has been overlooked. Our republic is jeopardized by this type of emotional manipulation of us, by the political elite, the media and intellectuals.


The Constitutional principle in question is separation of powers and the power of Congress to control spending. This is the only fundamental power left to the neutered legislative branch of our government. In this debate, as it now appears, the Executive branch has seized almost all of the powers the Constitution bestowed on the Legislative branch. The power of the purse, as it is called, has now fallen to the Executive as has the power to legislate via the Bureaucracy. Once this episode is over the Legislative branch will have no power whatsoever. Even the power of oversight has been taken from the impotent Legislature by Executive privilege, stonewalling and outright lying under oath.


The rhetoric that has been used by Obama, the media and the democrats has been over the top. They have called the Tea Party wing of the republican party, bomb throwers, terrorists, and hostage takers among other detestable things. The toadies in the media have backed the progressive elite up even to the point of agreeing with them. Elenore Clift is one such example Sunday on the McLaughlin Group. To draw a moral equivalence between people who engage in such evil acts as killing innocents, with people who are making a principled stand for Constitutional rule, shows one of two things. Either those who draw the equivalence are horribly broken inside or they are liars. Both disqualify them from holding any power over anyone.


I hadn’t written The Frog and the Scorpion a month before the AP phone scandal broke. We later found out FOX news reporters phones were being tapped as well. The press feigned outrage but in fact quivered in their boots. Terrified of the power they had bestowed upon the new imperial President. Today news reporters have few sources and those they do meet them in dark alleys and fear they are being followed. Story after story has come out describing the fear the press holds of this president. In this latest struggle between the imperial president and the legislature, the media has uniformly followed the the talking points of their oppressor. Perhaps they have Stockholm Syndrome? Regardless, if it was out of fear, cognitive dissonance or blind obedience, they have done themselves and our country a great disservice.


The separation of powers was supposed to be a bulwark against an executive becoming imperial. Our republic was founded on the knowledge, historically tyranny has risen from the executive branch, in a republic. Montesquieu made the argument that the Judiciary should be separated from the Executive Branch to further weaken it and prevent this outcome. Our founding fathers agreed and placed the Judicial Branch into our Constitution. The provision for a free press was an idea incorporated into our Constitution as another means to prevent tyranny. As this sad episode has shown us, this president has effectively neutered the Legislative Branch, he has whipped the unbiased media into line, he disregards Judicial rulings, he enforces the law arbitrarily and he is caught lying to the American people without consequence. In the Federalist Papers Madison, Jay and Hamilton warn this would be the end of our republic and limited government. I fear that unless drastic measures are not taken, like impeachment or installing a NUMA, to reign in this president, WE will be the generation that lost liberty… to our eternal shame.





John Pepin

Government Shutdown

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, Obama is saying to the American people, “resistance is futile.” In the science fiction series Star Trek Next Generation, the Borg were an evil alien race that lived in a collective. The Borg assimilated other people into the collective against their wills. Just as Obama care does. In many speeches Obama made before his election campaign and subsequent election he avowed he was in favor of nationalized health care. The speeches are freely available on line for anyone to see. The strong arm tactics of this administration will brooch no resistance to the collectivization of our health care. Judging by the Obama administration’s all too willing use of the mechanism of government, to punish political opponents, the seizing of American’s health care by government will give this administration hitherto unprecedented power over the lives, health and fortunes of every American.


We are told by the collectivists that America needs more diversity. This has become a mantra. Diversity is raised to a sacrament by the progressives, the incarnation of the collectivists in America. Now this is strange because real diversity in thought is not allowed by the progressives, in both the democrat and republican parties. Instead, anyone who believes differently than the collectivists are called, terrorists, anarchists and hostage takers. It would seem that anyone who truly believes in diversity would welcome a debate and encourage diverse ways of looking at a problem. So we have a dilemma, do we believe the words of the progressives, or their actions?


Obama will broach no discussion of the law that has savaged the American economy, and in doing so has lowered the economic outlook for people the World over. As I have written before in many blogs, the law that is called Obama care, (The Affordable Care Act), is an economic catastrophe. Those that understand this have taken a stand against this collectivization of the health care system in America. As the new leviathan of a law is implemented it is becoming plain to see that it not only doesn’t work but produces tremendous economic friction. Obama care will be the death knell of small business. This works to the collectivist’s favor. Schumpeter said that government must fetter business so that all businesses become giant, and thus will be easier for government to take over when the time is right.


Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts simply to stop Obama care. His election in that uber left state was a testament of how much the American people didn’t want a collective thrust upon us. This is a clear statement of the wants of the American people at the time, never mind the polls showing the utter disdain we hold for Obama care today. The progressives would broach no stopping their assimilation of the American health care system under political control so they simply “deemed” the law passed, to undermine the results of an election. I would love to deem my taxes paid, but I suspect that tactic is closed to you and I.


Obama has said he believes in collective salvation. This pernicious theory is predicated on the notion that the rest of us must be forced to believe as the collective, else no one will be saved. This stands in direct contradiction to the teachings of the prophets of every religion. But is in line with the teachings of Marx and Engels. Collectivists demand we assimilate else we are to be destroyed… personally, (like they did Sara Palin), politically, (like they did Michele Bachman) and economically, (like they are doing to America).


History is the best means of divining the future. That which has been done in the past clearly can happen, but that which has never occurred may not be possible. The Nazis brought nationalized health care to Europe, reducing the fortunes of all the people in Europe to political favor. Dissension under a collectivist regime is never allowed, despite their calls for diversity, (until the collectivist gains power). The collectivist will undermine the will of the people if it suits his or her ends and even salvation is collectivized by the progressives. Because to the true believer in the collective, the Borg is the ultimate goal, where our species consciousness supersedes our individuality and we are relieved of our humanity in favor of the collective. So when Obama claims Obama care is settled law, and refuses to negotiate with his political opponents, he shows his true intentions by parroting the Borg, “Resistance is futile.” To that I would answer, “Resistance is divine.”





John Pepin

Moderate Extremists

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, what is called moderate today is actually extreme, and what is called extreme is actually moderate, that most people don’t intrinsically understand this is cause for concern. That progressives claim their stances on every issue no matter how out of the mainstream, moderate and the libertarian argument as extreme, is their modus operandi and has been since their inception. It is the monopoly on the flow of information that progressives have that makes their perversion of the terms moderate and extreme so dangerous, especially since so few in our society recognize it. The results for our republic is that it will inevitably rot into a despotism. To be sure, it is our duty and responsibility, to protect the republic and point our united fingers at threats to it’s very existence, in this case overt, to enlighten our fellow citizens to the threat.


Language is the transmitter of information. Language has it’s flaws however. Kung Sung Lung wrote his famous treatise on, a white horse is not really a horse, to prove the weakness of language as a transmitter of truth. This has been known for millennia among the learned of society but the people have remained ignorant of it. We rely on language every day and in every possible way. Therefore the truth that language has fundamental flaws is lost on most of us. This ignorance is used against us by the elite.


Those who control the language therefore control the transmission of all information. Since language has inherent flaws it can be manipulated to change meanings, and the main reason for transmitting information is to convey meaning, this power can be exploited to control everything. The elite don’t have to change the wording of our Constitution, they simply change the meaning of the words. In the case of moderate verses extreme, the elite don’t change the meaning of the words, but the context of them.


Take the debate between conservatives/libertarians and progressives regarding “Death Panels.” Sara Palin was excoriated in the unbiased press for her characterization, of what are now widely recognized as… death panels. She was called extreme for her opinion. There was no corner of the unbiased media that didn’t pillory her for it. Yet today, only a few years later, everyone knows that those panels will decide who lives and who dies… and progressives even admit it. But Sara Palin was labeled an extremist for her stance, while those that disemboweled her for it, were, and still are, called moderate. History clearly shows that she was the moderate and her detractors were the extremists… and the theater goes on.


Now President Obama claims republicans are out of touch and extreme in their positions. His rhetoric is as vicious as it is prevarication. One example is that Obama maintains he has the power to arbitrarily enforce the laws as he sees fit. While some in the republican party, (the non progressives), disagree. They claim Obama must follow the Constitution, enforcing every law Congress passes, to the best of his ability. The position that the President has the arbitrary power to enforce law as he sees fit, is called, but more importantly considered, moderate, while the Constitutional argument is called extreme.


We are not quibbling about the meaning of a few words here, we are discussing the future of liberty in our country, and the World. If we allow the language to be controlled by a single faction in our society, we already have tyranny, in fact if not in name. Absurdity, like the switching of moderate and extreme, needs to be pointed out, else those who are lazy thinkers will accept the false label and act accordingly. Once that happens, we have no one to blame but ourselves, we are condemned by our silence.





John Pepin

Our Flawed Primary System

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the primary election system for President in the United States, is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The bastardized system we now have, to decide who will represent either of the two major political parties in the US, insures the will of the people is not met. Such a system, one that undermines the people’s wants and needs in favor of the Elite’s preferences, is one that is in great need of renovation. To continue with such a flawed method, is to perpetuate the horrible election options we have had for the last few decades, along with ever lower voter turnout.

Today the Presidential candidates have different elections in various States at assorted times. The system is such that if a candidate that the Elite don’t like, wins the first State, the Elite have sufficient time to undermine his or her candidacy to get their man in. This insures the Elite’s candidate gets both the Democrat and Republican candidacy. The Elite cannot loose, and the people cannot win.

We are given the illusion of fair elections by this fatally flawed system when in fact we have very little say. Take the last election. Mitt Romney, who by all accounts is a decent and good person, was the least liked by the Republican electorate. Yet he won the primary. Other candidates, like Michele Bachman was far better liked and even won the initial straw poll. That initial win put her in the crosshairs of the media and political elite however. They pulled out all the stops to vilify her at every turn, undermining her candidacy to the point of making her a laughing stock.

In 2008 Hillary Clinton was the most qualified on the Democratic side, yet she was crushed under the wheel of the unbiased media and the political Elite, in favor of Barok Obama. As it turns out the candidacy of Obama was terribly flawed. Had he gotten even a smidgen of scrutiny by the unbiased media, he couldn’t have won a single State. The media gave his drug use a pass, they ignored his associations with domestic terrorists, they gave his lack of experience no mention, Obama’s anti American pastor Jeremiah Wright was glossed over, they never reported on his questionable birthplace, they overlooked his overtly communist leanings and they pilloried anyone who brought these flaws up. Compare Obama’s treatment at the hands of the unbiased media to the treatment Herman Cain got.

When you have a system that insures the Elite’s selection of both candidates in both parties, you have a system that is set up to protect the interests of the Elite, at cost to the interests of the people. Such a system is tilted in favor of candidates that have the political leaning of the Elite… in academia, media, culture, politics and wealth. The interests of the people to have limited government is undermined, so the power of government can be exploited, to protect the interests of the Elite. The result is that we have elected representatives that are unilateral in their political view, progressive. The unbiased media decry that there are any politicians who have a different political view and take every opportunity to paint the non-progressives as extremists and anti American.

The answer to this dilemma, is to have a primary election in June or July, where every State votes at the same time. This would curtail the Elite’s ability to push the primary election to their man. Such a system which would essentially mirror the November election, giving power to the people, and removing that power from the Elite. To continue with a system, one that empowers a small faction of the population to have outsized influence on the outcome of elections, is to anoint that faction an oligarchy. Modern history shows this to be the case. Once government is essentially an oligarchy, the machinations of government can be used to do such things as… leave soldiers to die if it is politically expedient, lie under oath without real consequence, use the taxing power of government to suppress their political opponents, mislabel their political opponents as enemies, tap the phones of the press to suppress distribution of information, send guns to drug lords while vilifying the Second Amendment for it, and act above their own laws while ignoring the Constitution. Such a system cannot be said to lead to tyranny, because it is in fact tyranny, disguised as democracy. No matter the quality of the sheep’s pelt the wolf in it is insatiable.


John Pepin

The Frog and the Scorpion

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… those in the unbiased media should take heed of the old story about the frog and the scorpion. To forget this old adage will result in the painful death of the unbiased press and the drowning of their passenger… If you don’t remember the story I’ll retell it here.

There once was a scorpion who wanted to cross a pond. He couldn’t swim so he asked a passing frog for a ride across. The frog responded, “I cannot take you, you are a scorpion and will sting me.” The scorpion replied, “I cannot swim so if I do, I will drown, so you see, you can safely carry me across and I will be in your debt.” The frog considered this for a bit and thought, “It would be nice to have such a powerful friend.” So the frog accepted the job. The scorpion jumped on the frog’s back and they headed off across the pond. A wave came. This alarmed the scorpion so it stung the frog. In pain and despair the frog turned to the scorpion and said, “Now we are both doomed! Why did you sting me?” The scorpion said, “I am a scorpion it is my nature.”

To parse this story, the unbiased media is the frog, the scorpion is any political leader who seeks arbitrary power, the pond is public opinion and the other side is absolute power. The unbiased media carry the political leader across the water of public opinion so the political leader can have absolute power. The media figure that if they help this leader they will enjoy the favor of a person with arbitrary power. All they have to do is carry that politician over the barrier of public opinion for that political favor. Inevitably the tide of public opinion will create waves that alarm the potential tyrant. The politician will then sting the media with the power he or she has amassed, drowning him or herself in the depths of public opinion, and poisoning the media forever.

We see this daily by those that claim the mantle of unbiased arbiters of information. CBS fabricated documents out of thin air, then reported them as fact, only days before a close election. This is an example of the unbiased media carrying a scorpion across the tide of public opinion. In the case of CBS, it was a blogger who pointed out that the font that CBS used in their fictional account, was not even invented when the document was supposedly created. The journey was stopped before it began.

This same paradox was played out when Newt Gingrich balanced the US budget for the first time in generations. His efforts were roundly criticized by the unbiased media and attacked by Bill Clinton. CNN called Gingrich’s “Contract With America,” the Contract ON America! When the republicans had done the heavy lifting, limiting spending and actually balanced the budget, Bill Clinton got the credit and Newt Gingrich was charged with a crime. (Teaching a conservative biased class in college). The unbiased press to this day only mention Clinton when talking about the balanced budget and omit any reference to Gingrich.

Today the unbiased media continue this folly by misrepresenting the sequester debate. In doing so they carry Obama over the waters of public opinion. Universally among the unbiased press, they claim the cuts will be draconian, and will result in chaos. They tell the story Obama wants told, dutifully blaming republicans for any negative outcomes, while crediting Obama with any positive results. The unbiased media never call Obama out even when his rhetoric is obviously fallacious. Like when Obama claimed that police, firefighters and teachers will be laid off due to the “drastic cuts,” when these public employees are locally paid and not funded by the federal government. The unbiased press go along like lap dogs, as Obama claims he had nothing to do with the sequester, even though it was Obama’s idea. The unbiased media even follow the party line that the sequester is a cut, when in fact, the government will spend 15 billion dollars MORE this year than last! They eschew facts and the truth to carry the politician who openly seeks arbitrary power across the pond of public opinion.

On the surface it would seem that the frog has been ferrying the politician who seeks arbitrary power without worry or fear. This is an illusion however, because the scorpion hasn’t reached the middle of the pond, where waves are the most alarming. As the unbiased media bring Obama ever closer to the shore of absolute power the waves of public opinion will inevitably grow higher. The ego of Obama will grow and eventually he will turn on the very people who made it possible. Just as Stalin, Hitler and every other politician who sought arbitrary power has done. Those in the unbiased media will be arrested and purged for whatever slight the dear leader finds offensive.

The reason this is so is the nature of arbitrary power. Those that seek it are scorpions in the truest sense of the word. The closer they get to the other shore, the more impatient they get, and the more fearful of coming short of their goal they become. It is at that time they are most dangerous. Some wave will alarm Obama and the unbiased media will feel the poison of censorship fill their veins. The would be tyrant should take heed as well. His very nature will undermine his goal. Once his nature does come out, and he stings the foolish unbiased press, he will drown in the tide of public opinion, washing up on the shores of history as flotsam, along with other failed socialist dictators, like Pol Pot. People are loathe to remember history… and another frog will fall victim to another scorpion. It is the nature of frogs.


John Pepin

What Does “Economy” Really Mean?

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the term “economy” is too nebulous to really define anything effectively. It has so many parts that understanding it in any meaningful way eludes even the most astute thinker. If we break the term “economy,” into it’s macro constituent parts however, it makes the whole thing more manageable. The “economy” can be broken down into three macro segments. The Market economy, the Political Favor economy and the Underground economy. These macro terms can be further broken down into the micro with, the green economy, the oil market, and so on. The macro terms are easy and important to understand, to really comprehend what is being debated, when politicians make claims about the “economy.” Our very economies depend on it!

Most countries have all three “economies,” the market, political favor and the underground. The most wealthy have the market economy as the primary. Communist and some hard core socialist “economies” specifically outlaw the market portion of the total economy. They seek to have the political favor economy be the only one available, but an underground economy is brought into being anytime the Elite ban anything, that has an allure to the people. So even in the most hard core communist country, say North Korea with their three generation labor camps, (a crime against humanity if you ask me), There must exist at least two, the political favor and the underground economies.

The political favor economy is never called by name, so it may sound a bit tinny, but if you think about the concept… it is most apt. The political favor economy encompasses all government spending, and all capital expenditure, that is forced by regulation. The political favor economy produces nothing; it can only take what someone else has produced. If the producer is fortunate to have some measure of favor, he or she will be paid, (perhaps handsomely), lacking political favor, they might not be. The political favor economy is primarily directed at protecting the power, wealth and status of the political Elite.

The underground economy is well known and has been written about endlessly, sometimes glamorously, occasionally pilloried, but the underground economy is as organic as any, and as invasive as kudzu vine. It is born of regulation and negative examples. The more hypocritical the Elite as a group are, the more the underground economy will flourish. At the expense of generations of human beings, the underground economies of every nation, are nurtured by their Elite. As a result, as money is moved from the market economy to the political favor economy, some is drawn from the market into the underground economy as well, sometimes doubling the negative effect on the market.

The market economy has only been known since the seventeen hundreds, when Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations, outlining the basic ideas of what a market economy is. The market economy is a dynamic, complex system, that efficiently gathers data about the wants and needs of the human race, with passive, adaptive built in mechanisms. The market then meets those needs, at the least cost to the environment, the people and in resources. The market economy is the source of all the luxury we surround ourselves with today. The vast improvements in efficiency, that have allowed so many people to remain idle, is in itself astounding, if it is given a moment’s thought.

All three of the macro economies I have mentioned meet someone’s self interest. The underground economy, meets the self interests of the drug lords, the crime bosses and the gangs, while the political favor economy, meets the self interests of those who have political favor, and lastly, the market economy, meets the needs of every segment of society, from the richest down to the very poorest, when it is actually employed. The biggest lie a politician can tell the poor, when there is almost no functioning market economy in that country, (the “economy” is dominated by the political favor economy) is, “It is capitalism that impoverished you.”

Politicians use the term “economy” as a way to blur what is really being talked about. When they call for “fairness,” they always seek to move more capital, the fuel for all the economies, from the market to the political favor economy. Since the underground economy is by it’s very definition, underground, it cannot be taxed as a source of revenue or regulated by, the political elite, and so has a inverse reaction to the effects of taxing and regulation. When regulation goes up, so does the underground economy’s fortunes, as the market economy’s fortunes are winnowed down. The political favor economy is called many things by the political elite. Both democrats and republicans prefer the political favor economy, to any other, so they seek to move as much of the workings of mankind into it as possible. So… when a politician speaks about the “economy,” keep the context in mind… which economy he or she is really talking about? If it is the political favor economy… he or she is trying to move capital from the market economy, (your pocket, regardless of their rhetoric), to the political favor economy.


John Pepin

Immigration Policy Sane and Insane

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the US needs to get a sane immigration policy in place, before our society breaks down completely. Immigration, or more to the point, illegal immigration, has been a wedge issue the progressives have used to pry naturally inclined republican Latino voters, from the republican party and to the democrat party. This wedge issue has worked so well, according to unbiased news accounts, that the republican party have become political lepers in the immigrant community. The beauty of immigration as a wedge issue is, that the more incompetently the government is at, securing the boarder, controlling the associated crime that must come with illegal immigration, and even to their duty to deport those found to be here illegally, the more the progressives can undermine any real effort, while painting republicans as haters of immigrants. The Elite’s intractability in this, has made this issue as important as any we face today, with repercussions for tomorrow.

Latinos are generally Christian people who value family and community. We all know the stance of the Roman Catholic Church on Abortion. Latinos for the most part, according to polls, follow the Church’s teachings on these matters, and yet vote, against their conscience for the party of abortion on demand, under any circumstance and at any stage of gestation, now even arguing for afterbirth abortion up to a year old! How can a Catholic man or woman vote for the party that not only condones the murder of millions of babies in this manner, a crime against humanity, but forces the rest of us through the tax system, to pay for it! Yet, the Latino community votes for them anyway, when the republican party is a far better fit with it’s focus on family values.

We are told by the unbiased media that the republican party is hated by the immigrant community because of their stance on immigration. In the push to effect the minds of the electorate, the unbiased media conflate illegal immigration and legal immigration, as if they were the same. By blurring the line between right and wrong behavior they have successfully grasped the initiative. Initiative is a tough thing to hold onto however. By unblurring the line, the truth can be explained to the legal immigrant community and more to the point, it would allow logical discussion on the subject instead of emotional rhetoric thrown around like footballs.

Sane immigration policy would take into account the vast number of people that want to come here. It would throw aside racial and ethnically based policies, in favor of testing applicants to see if they seek to come to America, to be Americans. That, in a sane World, would be the way it is done. Instead the system the Elite have set up is full of pernicious incentives. Worthy people who would make great additions to the melting pot are stuck in limbo for decades, while those that broke US law to come here, are offered a path to citizenship! What message does that send? People who are here legally are denied continuances very often for stupid bureaucratic reasons. If they stay then they become illegal and are forced by the system to, steal identities, drive without a license, work under the table, along with a host of other socially disruptive things.

Immigration policy should give great allowances for people who are here legally, and ask to stay longer, especially if they want to become citizens. Smart policy would allow almost as many people who ask to come to be allowed to come. The only caveat being that they seek to be Americans. If they want to go to America and be Americans, they are exactly the people Americans want to come here. If they want to go to America to overthrow the Constitution, then no, they should not be allowed entry under any circumstances.

The sticking point is the eleven or so million illegals that live in the US. The citizenry of the United States is smart enough to be uncomfortable with that many people living here… illegally. The people understand that illegal aliens must break our laws making them second class citizens, or be given special treatment, and be above our laws. If that is the case, then the illegals have been made the masters, by the political Elite. Because a master is someone who is above the rule of law. The American people understand that any society that has masters, must have slaves, and Americans hate slavery, especially their own. So if illegal immigration is not addressed, either illegals become the masters, or they become second class citizens, little better than slaves.

The deeply Christian Latino community votes for the anti family, anti Christian party, despite their deep Christian faith, due to the successful propaganda of the progressives, in blurring the line between legal immigration and illegal immigration, while the unbiased media fuel the fires of anger at the republicans. Immigration policy that had a whit of sanity would allow far more people in, almost everyone who applies, the only test should be whether or not the would be immigrant wants to be an American, and anyone wanting to overthrow the Constitution, no matter if they eschew violence or not, should be kept out.

Illegal immigration must be stopped. The only way to stop it would be to build a West Bank style fence between the US and Mexico. Government must stop all illegal immigration, and then open the door widely, to legal immigration. If the political Elite wanted to, they could quickly achieve this, so apparently they don’t. Illegal immigration is too handy a wedge issue, a source of cheap labor for gardeners and nannies for the Elite and disrupts the steady functioning of society, driving more need of regulation and legislation, thus the legislator. Yea, we really do need a good and smart immigration policy, but I’m afraid with Obama and the rest of this bunch… we won’t get it. Too bad for us, the more intentionally incompetent the Elite are, the more indispensable they become.


John Pepin