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The Foolishness of the Fabian Model

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives want to demolish the existing structure, so they are attacking the foundation, our Constitution, but in doing so they risk the structure falling in on them. When we are focused on a goal, the destruction of capitalism and the nation state as a model and establishing a socialist one world government, for example, we can be blind. In other words, when looking at the micro, it is easy to miss the macro. I think progressive globalists are doing just that, so focused on their big picture they are missing the bigger picture.

I had an old friend, God rest his soul, who was salt of the Earth but sometimes missed the forest for the trees… Tim was quite a unit. Decades ago some people were tearing down a house across the street from where I lived. Tim stopped over and sat down at the kitchen table. He leaned heavily on it. Ma asked him if he liked a cup of tea. He said yes. As Ma made him that cup of tea Tim looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, “Those idiots across the street. I could have that house down in ten minutes.”

Ma handed him the cup of tea, and asked, “How would you do that Tim?” He blew over the hot tea and said, “I would simply take a chainsaw, go under the house and cut the support columns. They are just spruce ten by tens!” I burst out laughing, convulsed and slapped my knee. Tim looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “It would take weeks to get your crushed and mutilated body out Tim!” Tim nonchalantly replied, “Nah, I would get out before it collapsed.” So strong was his conviction he would get out, the thought of getting caught in the collapse never occurred to him, as it doesn’t new class Fabian progressives.

If the western structure does break down and billions of people are killed in some catastrophe, rebuilding will not be a few years or decades, it could take generations and depending on what philosophy took hold during the collapse, perhaps never. Rest assured, part of the plan would be to blame capitalism, which would condemn generations to poverty, famine and oppression. That is what the new class globalist progressives don’t comprehend, just like Tim missed it, they will be caught in the collapse and be crushed along with everything else. It would be a huge joke… if so many human lives didn’t hang in the balance.


John Pepin

A New Era of Progressivism…

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, their patience has paid dividends, progressives are at the cusp of everything they have ever wanted. It took over a century of conniving and placing their zealots in critical positions. Progressives stealthily took over education, government, the culture, universities and the legal profession. Our children are so indoctrinated in socialism they are essentially little Marxist robots. The plans are dropping into place, like the Cloward and Piven plan about to come to fruition, the economy is staggering under the weight of the welfare state and with the bond bubble, the stock bubble and the destruction of fiat money at hand, total economic collapse is imminent. They have the right people in the right places now, the UN is staffed with globalists who see rights as whatever the government, soon to be world government, allow us to have. All they need is the right crisis to trigger the revolution and we will have world Marxist government.

You have to credit the progressives. They were patient. Slowly gathering their forces, oozing into every place of power. Progressives have all but brought about their plan to evolve the world to a global communist government. While the rest of us went to work, vacationed in Disney and raised children, the progressives silently took control of our kid’s minds. Our children are inculcated with socialist propaganda, cultural Marxism and an ethos of government dependence. They have been so weakened by their education they need safe spaces to protect them from reality and truth. It took decades of careful preparation and cunning, and finally they have achieved what Khrushchev told us they would, while we fought communism our children will be voting for it.

Our media, government, legal system, culture and industries are under the absolute control of progressives. Progressives man the highest echelons of academia to the cub reporter and everyone in between. Progressives have perverted our education system into a indoctrination system and jobs program for progressives. Their monopoly on education guarantees everyone emerges from the system, weak in morality, unable to think out of the box and with a passion for communism. The new class are both the victims of their indoctrination and their own villains. The new class however are in the position to guide humanity away from liberty, independence and the market system and towards slavery, dependence and communism.

The Cloward and Piven plan is about to click as well. The Cloward and Piven plan was written by two progressive university professors, about how to force the transition from a market system, to communism in the US. It essentially calls for adding so many people to the welfare rolls it becomes unsustainable and collapses, collapsing the entire economy and government with it. Today Obama, who taught the Cloward and Piven plan, has so filled up the welfare rolls no amount of revenue can keep the lead balloon flying anymore. The collapse of the social welfare system is supposed to precipitate the controlled demolition of the world economy they hope it will or perhaps not.

Money printing, Keynesianism and monetizing the debt has been a means to further weaken the structure so as to hasten the collapse. With every central bank on Earth printing money, enforcing a zero interest rate policy, taxing savings, helicopter money and talking about forced buy ins for savers progressive controlled central banks the world over are working to a script. Even a child knows you cant create something from nothing, but central bankers seem to have forgot that basic life lesson, or they know full well what they are doing. So often that is what it boils down to, isn’t it, either our leaders are stupid beyond measure else they are villains of the highest order.

Yes the patience of the progressive movement is impressive. Progressives have connived for decades, to destroy our system, constitution and way of life, they have justified their actions by the false argument of the end justifying the means, used the levers of power for the gain of their political faction, and plan on creating a system where there is no escape from tyranny anywhere on the planet. All three people running for President of the US are progressives so they have won that seat before the election. In my book, that is what makes a person, a villain.


John Pepin

The Death of the US Constitution

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, with the death of Antonin Scalia our Constitution, which has been on life support for so many years, is about to die as well. There are two main factions battling for the soul of the US, one is adamant that the Constitution and limited government must be conserved, the other, that our Constitution is an impediment in their desire to progress the US into a fully rationalized economy, unlimited government and a controlled populace. Both factions believe their way is best for everyone. The faction that believes in unlimited government, rationalized economy and controlled people has been moving the ball down the field for the whole of the twentieth Century. With the death of Scalia the faction that seeks to preserve limited government, a free market and liberty for the people has lost it’s last hold on the last instrument of protecting our Constitution and what it stands for. Once Obama has appointed another anti constitutionalist to the bench, you can count on a rapid slew of legislating from that bench, more ruling like Roe v Wade and a total loss of your Constitutional rights. They will be replaced, for awhile, by rights that are distributed by government.

Obama has already made a lasting impression on the Supreme Court. His picks have proven themselves to be uber partisans in gutting our Constitution and our Constitutional principles. Even when naked conflicts of interest, such as Sotomayor’s when ruling on the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s appointments have refused to rescind themselves. They have ruled until now, against the majority, that the Second Amendment does not confer a personal right to keep and bear arms, despite the obvious meaning of that amendment in the Bill Of Rights. Obama’s pick to replace Scalia will be another progressive who loathes our nation, it’s people, the free market and our Constitution. The erosion of our rights since the end of the Nineteenth Century can now go into overdrive.

The end of the Nineteenth Century saw the Presidency of Teddy Roosevelt. He was the first progressive, and in the political environment he was in, had to tread carefully. Even though, he instituted the National Park system, which allowed the Federal government to usurp the lands of private citizens for “wilderness areas.” The national park system, that has been so abused by the bureaucracy lately, has become a means for the government to abuse it’s citizens, like the Bundys and Hammonds. Teddy Roosevelt was the first President to make a real move to get the US away from it’s Constitutional bounds.

Woodrow Wilson made a complete break from constitutionally limited government. His rule was so obnoxious that when he was finished the country voted in Harding and Coolidge in a landslide. They returned the US to Constitutionally limited government, laissez faire economics and liberty for the people. Their Presidencies ushered in the period of the fastest economic growth of the Twentieth Century, the near total destruction of the Klu Klux Klan, lowering crime rates, and widespread prosperity. When Coolidge stepped down he was replaced by the progressive Hoover. Hoover went back to moving the US away from our Constitution, free markets and liberty with such policies as the Smoot Hawly act that collapsed international trade ushering in the Great Depression.

Franklin Roosevelt ran as a conservative but became a progressive tyrant in all but name. He took the reigns of the economy with policies controlling how much and what a farmer could plant on his own land, what retailers could charge for underwear and concentration camps for Americans of Japanese descent. Violating the unstated law that since Washington had been in place, FDR ran for a third term and became President for life. On his death the nation lurched back to constitutional rule, but each time our nation was pulled away from our Constitution, the step back was weaker and many of the ideas and policies of the progressives stayed. The Supreme court during the FDR administration ruled in Wickard v Filburn the government could control what, how much and when a farmer could plant dramatically increasing the power, scope and rch of the government.

Some will pin their hopes on the next election. Many believe that with the election of a constitutionalist, of which there are very few running, the nation can be returned to constitutionally limited government. Alas that is not the case. The Supreme Court has as it’s only responsibility to protect our Constitution and maintain limited government. With the control of the Supreme Court by progressives they will immediately take it upon themselves to gut our Constitution and it’s limits on government. The Court is stacked with young progressives who will serve life terms. The most the next President could do, is replace the few constitutionalists on the bench with others, but that will not effect the status quo. Moreover, since all lawyers are members of the new class, the likelihood of getting a constitutionalist from that group grows smaller with each passing day.

The new class today are the strongest advocates for the progressive faction, that sees our nation as an impediment to a world government, where the human race can be controlled by people who are much smarter than us, for our own good. Trained by the intellectuals who are uniformly of the Frankfurt school the new class intelligentsia run our schools, media, businesses, culture and government. An antipathy for limited government has been thoroughly inculcated into their very psyche. They will cheer the appointment of a progressive to the Supreme court, tipping the balance away from constitutionally limited government, free markets and liberty, and towards unlimited government, rationalized economy and controlled populace. With the control of the last bastion that limits government, the progressive faction can put the last nail in the coffin of our Constitution, once and for all. Wickard v Filburn is only a small taste of the poison that will come from the Supreme Court now. The death of Antonin Scalia is the death of liberty, free markets and limited government, your children will live in an Orwellian tyranny from which there will be no escape… regardless of who we elect next. Prepare for the coming tyranny as best you can.


John Pepin

Socialism Makes Us All Enemies

Monday, February 10th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, as we progress more and more to socialism by means of the welfare state, we are sinking into a state of total war, everyman versus everyone else, where all vie against all. This is the opposite of the claimed goal of socialism but is the inevitable result of that pernicious notion. Even in a state of nature where, as Hobbs said, “life is brutish and short,” there is a strong incentive to rally together against the forces that threaten us, but in a state of total government that incentive is reversed, and is changed to a disincentive. While to the committed socialist this concept, that socialism pulls us apart, is an anathema, it is empirically provable. As we move from liberty to a total state this truism becomes more and more apparent. So, unless we want to live in a perpetual state of war, every man enemy to everyone else, we must change the direction we are traveling.


The welfare state is merely a means to progress us to a socialist state, where the distribution of the goods of society are made by political favor, instead of merit. As we progress to a total state and political favor becomes the primary means of deciding who gets what, the incentive ceases to be to work hard to get ahead, but to game the system. This is because the products of our labor will be taken, and redistributed to the politically favored, so a rational maximizer will logically eschew work and instead seek political favor, resulting in an ever shrinking economy. This should be obvious to anyone with their eyes open. The incentive under the total state is to gain political favor, as it is the only means to get ahead, and make no mistake, the more draconian the communist state the less equal people become, and the more we are torn apart.


Even a cursory look at historic examples of socialism show that equality is nonexistent under a socialist government. Those who don’t have political favor are lucky if they even get subsistence while those with political favor live like kings. Every example of a communist/socialist state show this to be true. Those in the party are not held to any standard at all. Socialism always results in a cleptocracy where those in the party steal from everyone else. Communist China is a perfect example. They have forsworn the communist means of production for the capitalist, which has resulted in huge wealth for party members by outright stealing, taking bribes, and other corrupt practices. They are almost never held to the law or morality, because the nature of socialism and socialist policies make those with political favor above the law. This shows the societal divisions that socialism begets.


It is clear that as we progress through the welfare state to socialism, our leaders are held to the Constitution and law, less and less. Their political favor gets them a get out of jail free card as well as riches far in access of what they have earned. That is why politicians become so wealthy while in office. They don’t produce, they steal the production of their constituents and give a pittance back, claiming they are liberal and charitable, when the exact opposite is true. If a thief stuck a gun in your face and took all your money, then gave you back a twenty and said, “get yourself a nice meal.” Would you call that crook liberal or charitable? If the thief was above the law, which would you rather be.. the crook or the victim?


Harry Truman said, “Anyone who gets rich in politics is a God damned crook.” Take the example of Senator Bernie Sanders. The man has never worked a day in his life. He was on welfare until he became the mayor of Burlington. Since then his brand of socialism has made him a millionaire many times over. Everything he has got was by political favor. When he was elected to the House, the Banking scandal broke. Sanders claimed the corrupt names should be withheld from the people, but as it turned out… Bernie had bounced checks the moment he got into office! You or I would be prosecuted for check fraud. Meanwhile he has made it harder and harder to make a living by honesty and hard work. This example shows, political favor allows those who have it to skirt the law, and is at least as good a means to wealth as being an entrepreneur, especially for the lazy.


The example of North Korea shows us how far we will be torn apart by socialism. In that hell hole parents are at war even with their own children. There are reports of parents eating their own children because hunger is so rampant. The gulags in North Korea are known as the most terrible places on the planet, where children will turn in their parents, for a slice of stale bread. During Stalin’s famine in the Ukraine, the teachers told the students to report their parents if they were hording food. An innocent little boy raised his hand and said his parents had a few potatoes in the floor boards. The police went to the home and indeed found several potatoes in the floor. The parents were arrested and executed as examples. The boy was called a hero and a statue was erected in his honor in Kiev. The boy starved to death the following year.


As I have said many times in these articles, when observation comes into conflict with theory, theory must give weigh. History in unambiguous about the fact that socialism creates a state of total war between people. We are pitted against each other in a race for political favor, else we run the risk of starving to death, or worse. The brutish and short life in a state of nature makes us band together, to get our needs met, while capitalism rewards collaboration, hard work and equality, creating conditions conducive to brotherly love, and the inhumane nature of a socialist government rends us apart in a never ending race to get our needs met in an ever shrinking economy, under a system where the party is oligarchy, and everyone else is a slave. I count this as one of the most evil things about the diabolical system called socialism.





John Pepin

September 11, 2001

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that we should remember September 11, 2001 for the day it was. The events of that day defied the minds ability to conceptualize the reality of it all. Not that it was out of the blue but the suddenness of the terrorist attack on Western civilization was shocking.

Many people have tried to stop mankind’s progress. Today some of them even call themselves “Progressives” as a sophist way to misdirect their true aims. No matter what they call themselves they are anti progressive. To be progressive a civilization must be the archetype of three ideas. They must be progressing in science, philosophy, morality and economically. To think that throwing out thousands of years of religious thought is “progress” is to think that forgetting classic Grecian algebra is “progress” because it’s old fashioned, (did you know that Pythagoras lived more than two thousand years ago). Progress requires foundational material to build on… dynamiting the foundation is not progress. The people who lived thousands of years ago were just as smart, wise and hard working as we are. Truth is, they were probably smarter, wiser and harder working. They didn’t have the advantage of two thousand years of Scientific, Philosophical, Moral or Economic progress we have… They provide our foundation.

The radical Muslim terrorist is the modern barbarians at the gates. Like Attila the Hun they don’t seek to build they seek to subjugate. Like the Mongols that didn’t build anything, they lived on horses, drank horse milk, and swept through Asia to Egypt where the Crusaders tacitly helped the Egyptian army stop the Mongols. The Radical Muslim terrorist has no intention to build a civilization… he intends to destroy one. He has no concept that the person tricking him and his children into killing themselves while committing a mortal sin, will turn on him as soon as it fits his needs. He is a mere dupe. His children are cannon fodder to the tyrant. On some level he must know this…Yet he soldiers on.

September 11, 2001 is a tragedy for the people who cheered as it is a tragedy for the people who cried. The people who cheered have suffered greatly. They cheered for their oppressors. Dionysus was the tyrant of Syracuse. Hated by all he held power until Dion overthrew him. But Dion was outdone by the people’s fickleness. They, having only just regained their liberty, were jealous of Dion and let Dion’s enemies revile him politically. Then fell for the libelous spin and were rewarded by the return Dionysus’s tyranny. I fear the people in the Islamic world might follow in Syracuse’s footsteps.

The people who cried have forgotten. Forget the Alamo is the modern war cry. Hard to imagine how that could go bad. People the world over came together for the tragedy that would be the portent of many more to come. But the Elite decided that it was in their personal best interest for society to forget. To that end the unbiased media have been as helpful as the town criers of Syracuse.