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Profit for Suffering

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, now that selling baby parts for profit is acceptable, while those who expose the practice are tried as felons, our civilization has sold it’s very soul for a few silver coins. Before selling part of a human being, that human being must be killed, moreover, in order to sell the parts of a baby that has been aborted as a means of execution, the baby must have been killed more painfully than normally, by dismemberment. His or her arms and legs cut off as they fight the abortionist’s scissors, keeping the torso intact and thus the baby alive, suffering, for as long as possible, to maximize the profits. To do such an act, or to condone such and act requires, as primary qualities, a total lack of compassion, human heartedness and empathy, in short humanity, in the classic sense of the word. Then to prosecute those who expose the practice as felons, along with rapists, murderers and drug kingpins, shows the absolute loathing it has of goodness, and is to conflate exposing an evil with actual profound evils. A civilization that would act in such a way is a civilization that has no soul, no spark of goodness and is both in and going to a very very dark place.

Planned Parenthood was just exposed unequivocally and undeniably, for torturing to death the babies it is aborting, to maximize the profit for the body parts in the marketplace. Apparently, the slower and more agonizing the death of the baby, the more lucrative the profit for Planned Parenthood. Since the government itself has crawled into bed with Planned Parenthood, the revelation has showed not only the diabolical nature of Planned Parenthood, but the fiendishness of our government as well. That those in government have no problem with torturing babies to death, to raise capital for progressive projects, is incontrovertible proof those same people have no humanity in them. Both those at Planned Parenthood, and their backers in government, have no soul because they sold it to Beelzebub for a temporal good.

The people who have now been shown what is happening and do nothing to stop it are equally as guilty showing our entire culture has lost it’s empathy, compassion and humanity. How can people see such evil, know they are helping pay for it by their tax dollars, and say nothing? That speaks volumes about the inhumanity of the people, but those who defend the practice actually take up the mantle for such evil and carry it. How empty inside does someone need to be to defend torturing babies to death for their body parts? Make no mistake, that is what the actual contention is. One side believes torturing babies to death for fun and profit is good, the other side says that it is evil and fundamentally wrong. Those who do nothing have chosen to side with those who believe slow torture for and innocent baby is perfectly acceptable.

It can be argued that all morality is a selfish act. I am against slavery because if any human being can be enslaved, and I am a human being, therefore I can be enslaved… then to be against slavery is a self interested act, I am against stealing because if anyone is stolen from, then I can be stolen from, Murder, if anyone can be murdered… The logic is clear. In the case of abortion however, everyone who is against it, and everyone who is for it, has already been born. The ven diagram of people subject doesn’t in any way intersect the ven diagram of people deciding the subject. That changes the calculation completely when it comes to the morality of abortion. To be against abortion is a selfless act, I am against abortion because someone is hurt, even though it is impossible for me to take their place, unlike slavery or murder. Selflessness is a higher quality, one not found in people or civilizations that lack empathy, compassion and human heartedness.

What we have is a society, culture, and civilization that is so dark, so empty inside, it has completely lost the higher qualities. Our leaders have led us to this place where we can read about Planned Parenthood dismembering babies for fun and profit, have a moment of outrage, then take another sip of our morning coffee, complaining the coffee is too weak today, and not give another thought to the crime against humanity that we have just been made complicit to. We as a culture have sold our soul out of pure selfishness. We give obvious evil a pass and condemn the good for any minor flaw. We serve our new master with the gusto of a zealot. To have created a civilization so empty inside, cold hearted and inhuman surely must be a great accomplishment for Lucifer. That we have allowed it is just as great a blotch on us. Like I said before, we are in a very dark place, and headed to a much darker one.


John Pepin

The Measure of Despotism

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is no more certain proof government has become utterly corrupt, than when investigative journalists are indicted, for investigating crime. Government that is corrupt is a form of despotism. Authoritarianism is characterized by arbitrary rule. That has been the case since the first human governments formed. Arbitrary rule is where laws are randomly applied and indiscriminately created. Those with political favor are above the law while those who lack political favor are below it’s protections. This is the case around the world where authoritarian governments rule. In fact, arbitrary rule is one way of measuring a government for the level of it’s despotism. Nations with law that is applied equally, without prejudice and created for the benefit of all, protect liberty, while those countries that have different standards depending on the person the law is applied to, protect some while abusing others and create law for the benefit of some protected class, are despotic. By this measure, more than some empty claim of democracy, a nation can be truly judged to be despotic or free.

In the past Turkey has been the most free of all Muslim nations. Under the Constitution of Ataturk Turkey’s citizens were allowed freedom of speech, religion and assembly. In the course of the centuries the people of Turkey have turned away from limited government and embraced despotic rule. They have elected an authoritarian. This is proven beyond any doubt by the treatment of journalists in Turkey. Some of which are being tried as you read this for exposing Erdogan’s corruption and face life in prison. Turkey, by this measure has become a tyranny, despite ostensibly being a “democracy.”

The US has taken an alarming jog into arbitrary rule in the last few decades. Many examples abound of this change in the nature of the US government, but few are as obvious or as compelling in making the case as the IRS targeting conservative groups and the recent indictment of the Center for Medical Progress, for exposing Planned Parenthood’s crimes. Both examples show, beyond a doubt, that law in the US is arbitrarily applied, is prejudicial, depending on the political standing of the individual or organization to which it is applied, and is created for the benefit of politically favored groups. Those people who advance the cause of arbitrary rule, and therefore despotism in the US, love to claim the US is a democracy, as if that justifies the descent into authoritarianism.

In a democracy, if the majority want your property they vote it away from you and take it by force, in a constitutional republic, the majority cannot take your property. Obviously the first is a form of authoritarianism. Regardless of the size of the authoritarian group, be it one man or a majority of the people, there is tyrannical power at work. Moreover, that the majority can simply vote to take the property of random people, arbitrarily, is the definition of arbitrary rule. In a democracy the majority rules arbitrarily. In a republic however, the actions of government is limited by the Constitution. This should be clear as glass to anyone with an open mind and enough brain power to operate their innards. The US was set up as a constitutional republic with limited power so tat arbitrary rule could not be applied yet here we have it, arbitrary rule, promoted by those who claim the US is a democracy.

Rome after Caesar was a despotic government but was called in name a republic. It had in theory, limited government that was supposed to protect the rights, property and lives of it’s citizens, but in fact the Caesar, backed by the praetorian guard, had the arbitrary ability to take what he wanted, apply laws randomly depending on the person’s political favor, and create law benefiting his political allies. You can call a snake an owl, but that doesn’t give the snake feathers, nor does it confer on the snake the ability to fly, it is still a snake. Calling a nation that practices arbitrary rule a democracy, republic or free, doesn’t make it so. The practice of arbitrary rule is the measure of authoritarianism regardless of what the elite want the people to think. The US has come very far indeed, very far away from it’s founding as a Constitutionally limited republic, to a chimera, one that calls itself free but is in fact has arbitrary rule. Unless we recognize it, and demand a return to Constitutionally limited government, we are complicit in the enslaving of our own children to a despotic government. I ask you, are we really that stupid and vile?


John Pepin

The Evil of Progressivism

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a cursory glance at the news today shows the results of progressivism, in bright lights. The news is filled with absurdity. From the now nearly complete genocide of Christians in the Middle East, to the collapse of economies around the world, the news is the greatest indictment of progressivism there could be. American pragmatism teaches that you look at the fruit of an idea or policy to see if it is good or not, and progressivism has shown it produces poison fruit and thus is evil. In every way progressive governments choose evil over good. There is not one example where they choose good over evil today, why is that, because progressivism itself is evil. It is not compatible with humanity, human heartedness, liberty, or enlightenment. Progressivism is a return to the dark ages where the government was ruled by absolute monarchs. Progressivism even has the audacity to seek to control the thoughts of people! It seeks absolute power and uses that power to turn society, the culture and people to evil.

This latest spate of police killings is another example of how progressivism is evil. The progressives who run the government today, have ginned up hatred of the police by their rhetoric, their policies and their own hate. They have led society to a place where murdering a police officer is an act of civil disobedience. They have changed the conversation, from why are so many blacks killed by other blacks, to attacking the very people who are trying to prevent the slaughter! Those cities controlled by progressives have violent crime rates that dwarf war zones! Despite having the toughest gun laws, that are unconstitutional in and of themselves, the murder rate in Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC and anywhere progressives run government, a human being with dark skin is exponentially more likely to be shot to death than die of anything else! Yet the progressives point at the police who are charged with stopping the slaughter of the inner city. Clearly progressives want blacks slaughtered.

Progressives support planned parenthood’s slaughter of innocent babies. They tax us and give that money to an organization that routinely overcharges for simple procedures, so they can pay their CEO and upper management six figures! Now that video has come out showing a planned parenthood doctor cutting through the face of a live baby boy to extract his brain, with no anesthesia, the evil of planned parenthood cannot be denied, yet progressives in both parties still support it! Since progressives cannot claim ignorance anymore, yet still support it, they must also support infanticide and torturing a baby to death. By any measure, that is pure evil, and those that support evil are themselves evil. Since that is what is going on, and they know it,by definition… progressives are evil.

It is undeniable that Christianity has ceased to exist in it’s birthplace. Christians have been rounded up, slaughtered by burning to death, children have been crucified, Christians have been beheaded on video and Christian girls as young as 5 years old have been sold into sex slavery and raped multiple times a day. These crimes against humanity are going on as you read this article! No human being with an atom of empathy could call it anything but evil. Not only evil but open and braggadocio evil! Yet the progressives in both Europe and the US… REFUSE TO ALLOW PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS ASYLUM!!! Progressives demand the Christians who face such horrific crimes, because they are Christians, simply accept their fate! Their actions prove progressives support and condone the genocide of Christians! There can be no other conclusion… genocide is evil, and those that support genocide are evil, therefore it follwos… progressives are evil.

Under the watch of progressives the economy of the world is melting down. They have printed trillions of dollars, Yen, Euros, Renminbi, etc… to hide the results of their policies, despite the overwhelming evidence that doing so always leads to economic catastrophe. There is not one example in economic history where money printing has ended well. This time however, it is not one nation that has printed it’s currency to oblivion, but all countries! Never before in human history have so many countries printed so much money to prop up their economies. The printing has inflated bubbles around the world, it has also warped the flow of capital to unproductive enterprises, due to the pernicious incentives of low cost loans. As we watch the stock markets, bond markets and businesses collapse in slow motion before our eyes, and with them our hard earned savings evaporate… we have the progressives to blame. They run the banking system, our governments and the media that reports on them.

In every way progressives have chosen evil over good, they denied God three times at the democratic convention, then booed him. Therefore they must support Lucifer. The National Socialists got their ideas from American progressives, especially the ideas of racial purity and breeding supermen. Progressives choose death over life every chance they get, the death of babies, the death of Christians, the death of Jews, the death of liberty and the death of capitalism… are all their policies, and the results are plain for anyone to see. Our civilization is in disarray, our society is coming apart at the seams and our economy is melting down and with it our standard of living. Progressives have visited catastrophe on us, it produces poison fruit, but how many are awake enough to recognize it? How many of us will believe the progressive media that it is the fault of people with no power? How many more times will progressives visit evil on us… before we learn? Or are we simply too stupid to learn?


John Pepin

Planned Parenthood Controversy

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if a fetus is not a human being, then you and I are not human beings. The concept that a fetus is not a human being, as purported by the anti lifers, is based on an age argument. That is, those who are not yet born are not human beings, because they are too young to be called such. Many would disagree and say the anti life argument is, they cannot live on their own outside the womb, but that argument is proven false by the approval of anti lifers for late term abortion, where the child is eminently capable of living outside the womb. Moreover, even if we accept the spurious argument a baby not yet born is not a human being, because they cannot live outside the womb, that is still at it’s core an age argument. The age argument if further bolstered by the fact that now there are anti life groups that claim a baby could be post birth aborted up to a year old. Therefore, they are arguing that age is the deciding factor of whether a human being, can be considered a human being, depending on age. The realization of this as their core argument should send a chill down the spine of every human being on the planet.

The logical extension of the age argument is, the definition of a person as human is age dependent, and a fetus is not human due to his or her age, and can be killed because they are not humans, ie, not old enough to be considered human. Moreover it follows that the older one gets the more human they must become. This is no different in kind then the outmoded claim that blacks are not fully human, due to the color of their skin being darker than others, so anyone who has lighter skin than another can by definition enslave that darker person. Therefore logically, any older person can kill any younger person, because the younger person is not as human. Both spurious arguments are based on a fictitious definition of what it means to be a human being.

So we have to ask ourselves, “what is humanness?” If we look at what are the defining characteristics of humanness, we can observe the extrinsic characteristics of humans, we are bipedal, we are largely hairless except for our heads and vestigial body hair, we have large brains, two arms ending in hands, two legs ending in feet, we have two sexes both of which are human beings, we sickle our young, we are mammals, we are sentient, we are omnivores, etc… But basically we know a human being when we see a human being. Nowhere in that list, or any other that you could come up with, is age a factor. That is like saying a white horse is not a horse.

Another factor that torpedoes the anti life definition of humanness is that they also seek to kill old people. They have dozens of nice sounding names, for the killing of old people like, death with dignity. So the anti lifers do not believe that age begets humanness, since people at both ends of the age range are subject to being killed. The anti lifers also have in the past, and advocate even today in some circles, for the killing of people who are mentally retarded, profoundly handicapped and insane. Therefore, we are left with one conclusion, that the anti lifers hold other human beings as less than deserving of their lives. Those that the anti lifers are offended by, for whatever reason, are subject to being killed, not because they are not human beings, but because human beings in their minds are not credited with any right to life.

The controversy surrounding the killing of a lion is indicative of the anti human mindset that pervades our culture today. For all the hullabaloo around the killing of Cecil the lion, ginned up by the media that calls itself unbiased, the fact remains, Cecil was an animal not a human being. Those that anthropomorphous a lion, claiming it has the same right to life as a fellow human being, are perverting the definition of human beings to suit their desires, in both directions. This is magnified by the fact, the media that calls itself unbiased, ignore the extermination of Christians from the Holy Land.

Now with the revelations, revelations that become more horrifying every new video that comes out, that Planned Parenthood is essentially torturing babies to death, so their body parts can be more profitable, the fact cannot be denied… they are anti human life. Not their own of course, they hold on to their own life with a white knuckled grip. They might call for the large scale systematic extermination of others, but they cherish their own lives like a miser cherishes gold. To be good is to follow the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, to be a bad person, is to do unto others as you would not have done unto you. What can be said about someone who cherishes their own life, while at the same time are perfectly comfortable killing another? They are simply bad people.

In reality, a human being is a human being, no matter how old they are or deficient in any way, and so spurious arguments as whether someone is a human being, are mere hyperbole to defend the indefensible. Outrage over the killing of an animal, while at the same time ignoring a very real genocide of human beings of all ages, is to replace compassion for your fellow man with compassion for an animal. Replacing the empathy you should have for human beings for empathy for a mere animal is the means to justify a total lack of human heartedness. Those who force taxpayers to fund the systematic killing of human beings, are themselves anti life, lack compassion, empathy and human heartedness… and yet cherish their own lives, are by definition bad people… and neither deserve our votes nor their positions as leaders.


John Pepin

Progressivism, Marxism and Socialism… the Philosophy of Hate.

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressivism is at heart a very hate filled philosophy. All socialist philosophies need an enemy and race all too often provides that enemy. Since socialism perpetually lowers the standard of living in any nation that takes it on, the elite need to divert attention from their failures, usually by pointing at some enemy and claiming it is the fault of those people, or the exigencies that must be endured to fight this or that bogyman. Misdirection is the key. Keep people angry at some scapegoat so they don’t realize who the real adversary is, the socialists themselves. To that end, we constantly hear in the new class progressive media, that workers should hate the rich, white people are all evil and racists, that our economy is failing because of “trickle down,” world peace could be at hand except for those Zionist Jews, etc… there is always some evildoer who is responsible for our problems, it is never the fault of our leaders. This has worked for generations to lower our expectations and standard of living and move us to socialism.

In the past, those who progressives pointed at as being evil were blacks, Jews, American Indians and Gypsies. They were the hated people. Woodrow Wilson, the uber progressive President that ushered in the US interventionist foreign policy debacle of the 20th century, watched Birth of a Nation, the Klu Klux Clan movie… in the White house! Margret Sanger so hated blacks she started Planned Parenthood so that Black women would commit voluntary genocide. Progressives always need a scapegoat and whatever race is out of favor today provides that scapegoat. When the scapegoat changes, those who were in that category are so relieved they are no longer hated, immediately jump on the bandwagon to hate others. Yesterday progressives hated blacks, today they hate whites, the only strand that is continuous is the hate.

The new class progressive leaders in academia decide who today’s villain is. They nurture the hate of the kids they are in charge of teaching with propaganda and innuendo. Those who fall into that hated group are even taught to hate themselves with empty absurdities like, “white privilege” and “Zionists.” the theme of hatred flows from socialism like water from a spring. Those at the very top of academia are so full of loathing for their fellow man it is hard to comprehend. Socialism itself is a philosophy that people are too stupid to run their own lives. Those who believe that people are such imbeciles they cannot make even the most basic decisions, cannot have real compassion for their fellow human beings, such a philosophy is rooted in loathing and hate.

The Nazis inculcated their hate in the colleges too, the traditional place the new class spreads it’s invective. Some hansom college professor would walk into a theater filled with pretty girls and hansom boys, upper class youth, and begin by espousing his utter humanity and concern for some group he was about to argue should be exterminated. (Just like today in our universities and colleges). He would show pictures of profoundly handicapped individuals, and ask those upper class youth, “Would you want to live this way?” The childish college kids, who’s only experience in life was drinking, carousing and sex, would be horrified and in unison say, “NO!” And the argument had been made and won the day without so much as a single human hearted voice disagreeing. The result was the Nazis murdered everyone in every mental facility in Germany… in the name of humanity. Then the real slaughter began.

Hate crimes are a perfect example of how this is done. The socialists seek to control even our thoughts, and so they make thought illegal for the politically unfavored group, while anything goes for the politically favored groups. Today if a black person avows his hatred for whites and commits violence against one, no hate crime has been committed, but if even through innuendo a white can be accused of committing a crime with the wrong ideas in his head, he gets charged with a hate crime. If a synagogue is vandalized by a Muslim, there has been no hate crime, but if a Christian does it all Christians are haters who must get extra punishment. The inconsistencies of the progressive world view are the bread and butter of socialism and hatred blinds the adherents to those inconsistencies.

Since socialism seeks to control every aspect of human existence, with as much coercive power as is possible, and most people yearn to be free, a means must be found to pry our freedoms from us. Hate is that means. The new class seeks to establish atheism as the state religion, against the dictates of our Constitution, and so Christianity is called backward and evil. They want to destroy the nuclear family, and so we have the gay mafia destroying anyone who disagrees with them, as a hater. The new class are attacking police officers today… as haters who violate the rights of blacks. When Al Sharpton chanted, “What do we want? Dead Cops! When do we want it? NOW,” the insinuation was obvious, but he wasn’t charged with inciting violence, hate speech or a hate crime. The hate he was espousing was to create unrest and violence. Upheaval that would give the new class elite an excuse to clamp down, moving us further from our Constitution to their Utopian world socialist government, by creating Dystopia.

Hate is a powerful weapon especially in the hands of Machiavellian actors intent on a socialist utopia. So if you are told to hate someone for their skin color, religion or any other arbitrary attribute, you can rest assured you are being manipulated. If you are in the politically favored group today, don’t fall into the trap, because tomorrow you might fall into the politically unfavored group. Don’t believe in the scapegoat, tomorrow you might be that scapegoat, and it will be too late because you have empowered the elite to make you a scapegoat. Once power is given to the elite, it can only be taken back by force, and the state has a monopoly on violence. So don’t give them that power to begin with… think for yourself.


John Pepin