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The Foolishness of the Fabian Model

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives want to demolish the existing structure, so they are attacking the foundation, our Constitution, but in doing so they risk the structure falling in on them. When we are focused on a goal, the destruction of capitalism and the nation state as a model and establishing a socialist one world government, for example, we can be blind. In other words, when looking at the micro, it is easy to miss the macro. I think progressive globalists are doing just that, so focused on their big picture they are missing the bigger picture.

I had an old friend, God rest his soul, who was salt of the Earth but sometimes missed the forest for the trees… Tim was quite a unit. Decades ago some people were tearing down a house across the street from where I lived. Tim stopped over and sat down at the kitchen table. He leaned heavily on it. Ma asked him if he liked a cup of tea. He said yes. As Ma made him that cup of tea Tim looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, “Those idiots across the street. I could have that house down in ten minutes.”

Ma handed him the cup of tea, and asked, “How would you do that Tim?” He blew over the hot tea and said, “I would simply take a chainsaw, go under the house and cut the support columns. They are just spruce ten by tens!” I burst out laughing, convulsed and slapped my knee. Tim looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “It would take weeks to get your crushed and mutilated body out Tim!” Tim nonchalantly replied, “Nah, I would get out before it collapsed.” So strong was his conviction he would get out, the thought of getting caught in the collapse never occurred to him, as it doesn’t new class Fabian progressives.

If the western structure does break down and billions of people are killed in some catastrophe, rebuilding will not be a few years or decades, it could take generations and depending on what philosophy took hold during the collapse, perhaps never. Rest assured, part of the plan would be to blame capitalism, which would condemn generations to poverty, famine and oppression. That is what the new class globalist progressives don’t comprehend, just like Tim missed it, they will be caught in the collapse and be crushed along with everything else. It would be a huge joke… if so many human lives didn’t hang in the balance.


John Pepin

The Administrative State

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the administrative state has seized almost absolute power. What is the administrative state you ask? It is, in essence, the bureaucracy. A bunch of highly paid bureaucrats setting in a dark cubicle regulating every aspect of our lives, in anonymity, without skin in the game and without consequence. The administrative state has long been the goal of progressives since at least Woodrow Wilson. His favorite book was Philip Dru Administrator. Basically a 1984 dystopian novel where the autocrat is portrayed as the hero. What makes the administrative state so dangerous is not it’s absolute power, which in and of itself is a dire threat to liberty, not the saturation of it’s regulations, but the administrative state is the embodiment of what CS Lewis warned us of, autocrats tyrannizing us for “our own good.” The end result of the administrative state is a super government, where the people are mere pawns of the bureaucracy, and subject to the whims and ideas of unaccountable, unknowable and unhinged bureaucrats.

CS Lewis, the author of The Chronicles of Narnia, one of my favorite book series when I was a kid, once said, “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” Most bureaucrats sincerely believe he or she is doing us a favor by limiting our options and by extension… our futures. They have absolute confidence in their ideas, and since there is no feedback mechanism, they can remain in ignorance of the damage they do forever. By the urging of their conscience they will make Hell on Earth, and every bad decision will lead to the requirement for more bad decisions.

The further anyone is from the results of their actions those actions must naturally become ever more absurd. Think about it, if everything you said was lauded, no matter how insane, anything you did was praised, no matter how dangerous and nothing you thought was ever questioned, you or I, could go off the rails of reality very quickly. The reason we act sanely is because there is feedback. Jump off a cliff because you think you can fly and reality gives you rapid feedback, poke a large men in the nose and he will show you the foolishness of that action, and feed your child purple nightshade because it is pretty, and the result cannot be denied. Yet, if someone you don’t know and will never see gets smashed on the rocks at the foot of the cliff, a stranger gets the return pop in the face or someone else child dies of alkaloid poisoning, one can convince oneself that any of these things is a good. Moreover, by the same mechanism, a good hidden, can easily be called an evil.

The UN is the epitome of the administrative state and is the model that progressive seek to use for their utopian vision of a one world government, where we all hold hands and sing kumbaya. In their hubris driven self delusion, they honestly believe we are mere lab rats, to be run through mazes, implanted with every sort of device and tested to discern the limits of our constitution. The goal of one world government by administrative state is total government that will make 1984 look like anarchy. Imagine a world where there is no escape from the tyranny? People even in North Korea today have some hope, they or their children could get out, and eat a full meal now and then, breathe without the stifling weight of a government agent’s watchful eye, and teach their children the religion they choose rather than have the state religion of atheism foisted on them, like a uniform everyone must wear. The goal is no escape from their benevolent despotism.

The administrative state is a sure path to despotism the like of which the human race has never seen. Bureaucrats, urged on by their conscience, and without feedback, cannot but help creating Hell on Earth. Not that that is their goal or that they would ever seek such horror, it will be a natural result. Today many people talk about the deep state, which is another word for the administrative state. Trump has chaffed against the administrative state and they seek to remove him from office. Should they succeed, their usurpation of political power will be complete. Beware what you cheer for, for it may be your own slavery that you applaud. Then again, our subservient ignorance is the means the administrative state uses to ooze into our lives, governments and cultures.

Today the administrative state exists outside oversight, they have taken over the role of legislator and the legislative branch has been reduced to grandstanding and holding mock trials. The Executive power is undermined by the administrative state, to the point of reducing our Constitution to a mere table cloth, hiding the hideously marred reality of what our government has become. Like a kudzu vine, the administrative state has overgrown the garden and has ventured out into the wild, where it will eventually choke to death, every human liberty, emotion, religion, and even goodness itself… In the name of goodness.


John Pepin

The Anger of the Would be Tyrant

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if you really want to understand why progressives are so apoplectic over Trump’s being in the White House, all you need to do is read Alvin Gouldner’s Rise of intellectuals and the new class, pages 11 through 15, understanding that this was the election the new class progressives have so longed for, where they would finally seize total political power. That a member of the loathed bourgeoisie won the day is the ultimate blow. The new class, and since the new class is trained to be progressives, progressives have seized the means of production well and truly. It matters not that the state or the people own the means of production, the new class run it, to whatever end they see fit. They have been slowly exerting more and more control for well over a century, until today they are a hegemony on banking, business and bureaucracy.

No matter if the owner of the means of production is the State or shareholders, it is the new class that run the show. Don’t think for a second the new class are a bunch of saints. They are mere human beings who lust after money, power, fame, sex and longevity. Studies show that the percentage of psychopaths in the upper echelons of business is much higher than society as a whole. Being mere human beings, the new class makes decisions based on their own wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of the people or entity that own the property, the new class controls. Not that the new class is any different than you or I, we are all human beings subject to sin, but the new class is controlled by progressives… who have a very sinister plan for the human race… One world government.

Since the new class has accomplished so much, wresting the means of production from the bourgeoisie, progressives have got a big ego, thinking themselves better than the regular lot of Man. After all, aren’t they the smartest, as proven by their advanced college degrees, aren’t they the most merciful, being trained to be good little Marxists, and aren’t they the most qualified to run everyone’s life, because of these things? That we spat in their faces, denying them what they believed was rightly theirs, has enraged progressives. The voter has stolen their birthright. That huge ego has been bruised, as big ones are very fragile, and so progressives, being the children they are, will hold their breath until our economy collapses. Especially if they can use that collapse to accelerate their plans for world domination.

This was to be the next step in the rise of the new class, and thus progressivism. Progressives know the window is closing for their new world order… a one world government. The democratizing of information that the internet has allowed has started movement that is gaining momentum, away from collectivism, concentration of political power and towards decentralization of political power and free enterprise, by allowing access to information outside the censorship of the elite. As that sea change continues to take place, and polls show that the younger demographic is becoming more conservative, (probably as a backlash to their older siblings and parents coarsening of our culture, as the Victorians did to the Romantic era), that window in which progressives can achieve their vision of a one world government is closing fast, and any setback might spell disaster.

If you want to understand what progressives see in their minds when they envision the results of their labor, watch Star Trek The Next Generation, which is nothing but a wet dream of progressives. If you want to know the actual results, if progressives were to achieve a one world government, watch 1984 George Orwell, or read the book, (the movie is actually better). So you see, progressives have been striving for generations to achieve their vision of utopia, where they are so insulated by bureaucracy, a tower so high it is unassailable, a world government where everyone is a subject… and the election of Trump, indeed BREXIT and the whole bullpen of upstarts running in this year’s elections, could upend their so carefully laid plans. Like the villains used to say in Scooby Doo, “Those lousy leakers! If it wasn’t for their meddling, we would have gotten away with it!” Or something like that…


John Pepin

On the Brexit Vote…

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, tomorrows “brexit” vote will tell us if the people in Britain favor liberty… or tyranny. It is as simple as that. On the one hand leaving the European Union would create chaos and uncertainty but allow the British people to have a say in their futures. On the other hand a stay vote would keep the apple cart from upsetting and the British people will be governed by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats who care nothing for the welfare of Britain or it’s people… the technocracy of Europe will be saved. Nevertheless tomorrows vote should be interesting, if for no other reason then, to see the machinations our “leaders” are willing to go to keep their power, privilege and prerogative. So far it appears the elite have manipulated the odds on leaving, used naked fear mongering, lied, open threats and even possibly a false flag attack. To the elite the ends justify the means, especially when the ends are their goal of total control of the hoi polloi.

Liberty is always chaotic, that is the nature of freedom, while slavery is always stable, that is the nature of slavery. A slave knows what he or she will be doing every day, sun up to sunset, no matter if that is tending to plants on a farm, toiling away in a sweatshop or servicing filthy men’s desires, there is the probability of a severe beating now and then… but a slave knows their place, their life, and future, while the life of their master is stable as well. Free men however cannot possibly know their future. A freeman might wake up in the morning after a strange dream and come up with an idea to get rich, a rich man who is free might make a bad decision and loose everything, someone might get fed up with their job and quit, all of which leads to chaos and disruption that a slave society doesn’t have. To argue that slavery is better because it is stable is like arguing death is better because it is changeless.

Simply looking at who favors staying within the European Union tells us a great deal about what such a vote would mean. Those who openly avow a one world government uniformly want the British to vote for their servitude. People like George Soros are threatening Britain with economic Armageddon if they vote to leave. Soros connived to destroy the pound sterling and admitted he made a billion dollars on that “deal.” Such a person, it must be acknowledged, doesn’t care for the British people having visited on them the suffering a destroyed currency brings. A list of those supporting staying is like a who’s who list of globalists and favorers of arbitrary rule.

David Cameron has been caught lying about future Turkish inclusion in the European Union. He said that question was decades away but it just came out that Turkey’s admission will be debated immediately after Thursdays vote. This is perhaps the single biggest reason the Brits are seeking exit. If Turkey is included in the EU, Muslim immigration, immigration that now threatens the very nature of Britain and indeed Europe itself, will go from a flood to a tsunami, washing away all vestiges of European culture, like freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the permissive sex characterized by Amsterdam, British pubs, and everything that makes Europe, well, Europe. Yet this most important issue was lied about to the British people to calm fears that, as it turns out, are very real.

A British Parliamentarian was murdered the other day by someone who supposedly is in favor of a leave vote. That hideous crime was welcomed by the stay supporters and triggered a world wide stock market rally. The globalists have tried to use that killing as a means to put off the vote indefinitely. Such actions are tantamount to dancing on the grave of Jo Cox. Now some conspiracy theorists believe her killing was a false flag attack to undermine the referendum, I have my doubts, crazy people are everywhere and by definition, do crazy things. If the killer actually wants Britain to leave, as he is said to want by the media that calls itself unbiased, he wouldn’t have created sympathy for the stay crowd… unless he was a nut job.

Of course there is always the possibility that the European Union bureaucracy will not let Britain leave anyway. Look what they did to Greece. The European Union’s Bureaucrats ordered, by fiat, the rightfully elected leaders of Greece to vacate their offices, who were replaced by apparatchiks from the EU. Greece is now a technocracy. Such actions are not the works of accountable leaders but of autocrats who rule arbitrarily. That such firebrands obeyed the orders of unelected unaccountable despots can only lead us to believe there were threats behind the scenes. Greece is now basically a protectorate of the EU. Philip Dru would be pleased.

Such obvious conniving should be a clarion call to all the British people and indeed all the people of Europe. Germany, France, Sweden and Belgium are rapidly loosing their identities as well. Protests fill the streets regularly in those rapidly disintegrating former nations. Europe is promptly loosing it’s unique culture and societies. Of course that is the plan for the globalists who seek one world government. They call it “multiculturalism,” when it is in fact the destruction of all cultures, to be replaced with a culture of slavery and subservience. In this one instance I agree with Nietzsche, and it makes my skin crawl to do so, Europeans have as a matter of history had the mindset of slaves, now that mindset is showing itself to be a suicide pact as well. May the vote be free of tampering, honestly reflect the will of the British people… and be the spark that sets the fire of freedom blazing in Europe again.


John Pepin

Our Machiavellian Elite

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the elite today are more Machiavellian than in any time in the past. Machiavelli would have been proud of the elite, or put another way, the new class, to have taken Machiavellian principles to such an extreme in pursuit of their agenda. The reason Machiavelli’s works have stood the test of time is that they speak to our congenital human nature. His ideas span the gambit of human government and the amassing of power into the hands of those willing to use any means necessary to forward their agenda, which is always more power, money and prestige in the hands of the elite. The elite have always been sociopaths or psychopaths who are all too willing to lie, cheat, steal, murder and make war to get their way, indeed a lack of basic human compassion has been the hallmark of the aristocracy since time immortal. Since this is obviously the case as evidenced by all of human history, it is only rational to examine the actions of the elite in this light, furthermore is is Pollianish to believe the elite have our best interests at heart. It is and has always been the Pollianish, who are the useful idiots the elite exploit and manipulate by Machiavellian means, to create tyranny.

Machiavelli is most famous for his treatise The Prince. He wrote The Prince in an attempt to win favor from the new Medici prince who had recently overthrown Machiavelli’s sponsor the Borgia. In it, Machiavelli tried to prove that he could be useful to the Medici, by showing his political acumen. Unfortunately for Machiavelli the Medici didn’t look favorably toward those who has served the Borgias. That book, The Prince, however became a world wide sensation that has real points to teach us, even and especially today.

While Machiavelli sought favor from the Medici family his ultimate goal was to unite Italy and to that end he thought a strong man would be best suited for the task. At his core Machiavelli was a patriot. He believed that the Medici prince of Florence along with the Medici Pope could unite their forces and power bringing Italy under one prince. Machiavelli cared not if that prince were a Medici or a Borgia, because in time Italy could become a republic, Machiavelli’s favorite form of government has he espoused in his other famous book, Discourses on Livy. Today the global elite seek to unite the planet under one governemnt.

In The Prince, Machiavelli explains how a prince, (or politician) should be as untruthful as he or she needs while constantly claiming to be the most truthful person in the world. He used the example of a prince who lied constantly, even when the truth would serve him better but incessantly and vociferously claimed to be the most honest man on the planet. While everyone knew the prince was lying they still held him to be an honest man, believing his rhetoric rater than their own eyes and ears. Politicians today follow that rule religiously. We all know of politicians who have been caught lying over and over, but are still regarded by many as honest and trustworthy, and are even running for President.

Machiavelli’s term, “The end justifies the means,” has been taken to heart by the global elite today. The global elite believe in a one world government, they have been writing about it for decades. Ever since Marx wrote his manifesto the elite have been enthralled with the idea of a one world government, where everyone would be “equal,” except for the elite, who are always a little more equal than everyone else. To that end the elite lie, cheat, steal both our property and our elections, create fear and motivate us to act against our own interests with false flags, wage endless wars, destroy our money, intentionally overwhelm our economic system and create societal chaos, all as a means to the end they seek.

In The Prince Machiavelli espoused the virtues of arbitrary rule. Believing the ends justify the means as Machiavelli did, a temporary tyranny was a small price to pay to unite Italy, because afterward he believed Italy would come under a republican form of government. “A stable tyranny is better for the people than an unstable democracy,” was another phrase coined by Machiavelli. He said that under a stable tyranny, it is the elite who suffer being a threat to the tyrant, while the people have a stable society, albeit, a tyrannical one, in which to conduct business, however in an unstable democracy, business is near impossible, since your shop could be vandalized at any time by marauding hordes of angry plebeians. Today however that equation is flipped upside down. With the advent of modern surveillance, data storage and implantable rfid chips, the subjects of a tyrant are even the most lowly.

Anyone who denies the elite are Machiavellian is absurdly Pollianish. The elite have written extensively about their plans and the way they will bring them about. A rational person will look at the actions of the elite, as well as their writings, to decide the elite’s intentions. A fool will only listen to their words. The writers our leaders follow religiously today are Cloward and Piven, Saul Alinsky, Marx, Nietzsche, Herbert Marcuse and George Counts, along with many others, who are uniform in their Machiavellian conniving. Pointing this out gets the speaker branded a “conspiracy theorist,” which is another example of Machiavellian principles at work. To believe a lie in the face of someone’s actions shows a laziness of mind, lack of will and idiotic complacency, but so many do today we have all become lambs to the slaughter.


John Pepin

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms… Worldwide.

Thursday, February 12th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, much of the violence we see around the world would be stopped, if the US Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms was universally adopted. That may seem like a crazy statement… to those who have never been around guns, and have the irrational fear the new class and socialists have placed in them, but to those who grew up with a gun leaned up in their closet, it is utterly rational. Irrational fear based in ignorance is never a good place to argue from. Even a cursory glance at violence around the world, shows that the victims of violence are always disarmed, while the villains are always armed. Especially where guns are illegal. The real reason the elite want to keep guns from the hands of law abiding citizens, is that the elite don’t see us as citizens, but as subjects. We are to be controlled by whatever means necessary and the threat of violence, along with the state’s monopoly on violence, is the “ideal” way. This discussion has deep repercussions for the future of Mankind, will our children live in a world with increasing violence and tyranny, or will we change it to a place where evil men don’t have a monopoly on violence, and so in their utter cowardice, evil men withhold from visiting violence on others.

Lets take a quick look at violence around the world, shall we? The Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris are fresh on the world’s mind so we’ll start there. Had the editors at Charlie Hebdo been armed the attacker would have got one or two shots off before the return fire stopped him. The cold blooded murder of the police officer would have been avoided and the massacre at the Jewish deli couldn’t have happened. In Africa, if the Christians were armed, Boko Haram couldn’t slaughter thousands with impunity and their daughters would be free instead of sex slaves. In the Yugoslavian conflict had the Bosnians been armed they could have staved off the incursions and the bloodshed of that war would have been exponentially less. During the Second World War the Japanese Imperial Army took and invasion of the US off the table… because the US citizenry were armed.

When Australia banned guns the violent crime rate skyrocketed. That is because the evil element in any nation will have access to guns, as they do drugs and other illicit items. Moreover, those who are intent on doing harm have no compunction about breaking the law. The same thing happened in Britain. Whenever guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns, their victims don’t, and the outlaws know it. To sharpen the point further, even in the absence of guns evil people will do evil acts, because they know their victims are defenseless. The youths who ran over the British soldier and cut off his head, then stood there with blood dripping from their hands, finger up and lecturing to the crowd how great their religion is, couldn’t have done that if the citizens… sorry, subjects, had been armed.

The argument that violence would increase if the citizenry were allowed to have weapons is spurious and those who make it know it. In the US, the places where gun crime is the greatest, are those places where guns are the most outlawed. Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation and violence is out of control there. Take out the places where guns are the most illegal in the US and the US crime rate drops to one of the lowest in the world. Vermont has no gun laws whatsoever and is 49th in the nation for violent crime. What crime there is is almost entirely crimes of passion. Moreover, when guns were even more prevalent in the US, the 1950’s, where gun safety and shooting skills were taught in the public schools, (along with the Lord’s Prayer), there wasn’t a single school shooting… and gun crime was rare, despite the wide availability of guns… even in school!

The elite however, knowing their ultimate goal is to progress the world to a one world government… with a planned economy, big brother watching our every move and arbitrary rule, know that the human population needs to be disarmed for that to happen. No one who plots usurpation wants to face armed men, they seek disarmed poltroons, armed men shoot back, disarmed poltroons cower in fear. Had the Mencheviks in the 1920’s had guns the Bolsheviks couldn’t have rounded them up, cut a slice into their abdomens and pulled out a small piece of intestine. Then nailed the intestine to a tree and whipped the victim, until he or she tied themselves to that tree by their inwards, and left to die. Instead, the Bolsheviks would have had a firefight on their hands, and no murderous evil bastard wants that! They want their victims disarmed and cowering for their lives. Che Guevera loved shooting someone grovelling and pleading for his life, it made him feel like a man. More like an evil villain if you ask me. Disarm the people and you arm evil.


John Pepin

The Foundational Ethos

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the foundational philosophy, principles or societal myth of a society, create the civilization and culture of a people. It is those foundational principles that determine if that civilization will be shaped in liberty, prosperity and fraternity, or if that culture will be tyrannical, impoverished and egotistic. Just like the foundation of a house determines the shape of the house that sets upon it. The destruction of the foundation of a civilization, as in a house, razes that artifice to the ground. Equally, if the foundational societal ethos is used as the foundation of another culture, the shape of that culture will reflect those foundational principles, no matter who the people are. This is so important it cannot be overstated or inculcated enough. The ruination of many a nation and civilization has been, and will always be, the destruction of the foundational philosophy of a society.

The Marxist, later turned anti socialist, Georges Sorel, came close to this in his theory of the Societal Myth. He stated that movements all have their societal myth, which if undermined destroy that movement, and in being created create a movement. He listed many in his various letters. The Roman societal myth, as stated by Sorel, was the marshal theory of “Glory” being the end all of a man’s life, and that glory in battle should be sought even at the risk of one’s life. When the Roman societal myth was destroyed, Romans turned from glory to selfish egoism, the fall of Rome followed. He explained the persistence of Catholicism as the “myth” that Satan is at perpetual war with Christianity and that since God was on the side of Christianity the Roman Catholic church would always be. These are societal myths as discussed by Sorel. In calling attention to those myths, he was consciously or unconsciously, trying to use the theory of a societal myth as a foundation for Marxism and the general strike. As I said, he came close, but fell short.

The foundational principles of a civilization are never myths however, they are truths, at least to the people that follow them. Moreover, if we look at the results of those foundational philosophies, through the eye of Pragmatism, we can glean those that have value from those that are destructive. American Pragmatism is based on the theory that the rightness of a philosophy can be determined by the fruits it bears. Those philosophies that create a system where people have liberty, prosperity and fraternity, by the measure of pragmatism can be called good, while those that create a situation of poverty, tyranny and egotism can be called bad. Because the lot of humanity under the first is elevated and under the second diminished. The first bears sweet fruit; the second, bitter.

Like a house must comport with the shape of it’s foundation, any civilization built upon a given philosophy, must comport with the tenets of that philosophy. So, if a society is built upon a philosophy that has resulted in liberty, prosperity and fraternity in the past, those new civilizations built upon the same foundation will result in the same outcomes. Exactly as those societies built upon a foundational ethos that has resulted in tyranny, poverty and slavery in the past, will do so in the future… no matter how much an idealist might want it not to be so. This shows that anyone constituting a new country, has a ready template of good philosophies upon which to build, or bad ones, the choice is available if not used.

The foundational principles of a culture, civilization and/or nation, determine the shape. Those who seek to destroy a civilization, to be replaced with another, have at their means a method of ruining a civilization, simply by destroying that foundational philosophy. Usually by a steady chipping away at it by perverting the minds of the children. As those children grow up and they believe the perversions they have been taught, further perversions, things that a generation before would have been unthinkable, become not only thinkable but taught to the next generation as fact. By these means a great civilization, or an evil one, can be wiped from the face of the Earth. All that is required is for a faction to gain control of the school system and higher education. Another way would be to import people who disagree with the foundational ethos. Once the population has been sufficiently replaced the foundation crumbles.

Today we see this happening. Western civilization, with it’s tolerance, liberty, prosperity and fraternity is being systematically destroyed by a faction, the new class, that has seized a monopoly on education. They seek, as their stated goal, to move the planet to a socialist utopia. They understand that unless the foundation is blown up, the edifice that stands on it will last, and so they have been undermining that foundation for generations. We see the crumbling of our civilization all around us. (Which is blamed on the foundation and not on the chipping away of it). They understand the means but not the results of their machinations. Some of them believe the edifice they plan on building will have more liberty, prosperity and fraternity than the one they are destroying. But in their ignorance, or willful blindness, they fail to understand that the shape of the civilization they are creating will follow the same shape of those that have been built upon that foundation before. They lack the pragmatic eye to see that if a foundation has always resulted in tyranny, poverty and slavery in the past, that is the only edifice that can possibly be built upon it.


John Pepin

The Family Unit

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the family predates capitalism, and so the family can get along fine without the market system, I don’t believe however, the market system, (and therefore our civilization), can get along at all without the family. The traditional family unit has served the human race for eons. Through famine, plague and ice ages, the basic family unit has kept human beings alive on this inhospitable planet, since Adam gave up a rib. Because the market system tempers people to make all decisions rationally, weighing the advantages versus the disadvantages of a given action, any pragmatically rational maximizer will understand the utility of the family, in civilizing our children and providing a strong thread upon which to weave the fabric of our civilization. To the Fabian/Frankfurt school, new class progressive however, the family stands in the way of progress, and so must be destroyed by whatever means necessary.

The traditional family unit is a cord that is interconnected with the cords of other families to create the fabric of society and culture in which we live. The stronger and longer those threads the stronger and more useful the fabric that can be woven from them. Break up the family and those threads become weak and short. As long as there are sufficient long and strong threads the fabric of society will hold together, but once too many short weak threads get woven in, the fabric easily rips apart.

New class progressivism is based on the philosophies of Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, both the Fabian and Frankfurt school have as their stated goal, to progress the world to a planetary Marxist government. To that end, the Fabians believe in destroying the system so they can recreate it in a way more becoming to them, while the Frankfurt school is more agreeable to a “rationally guided” evolution from within. They both hold the family in great disregard, understanding that the family stands in their way, as it is the primary source of the societal and economic strength of any society, if fundamental change is sought, then this foundational asset needs to be wiped out.

The new class love to use spurious statistics to forward their diabolical goals, like the fact the prison population in the US is 40% African American males, while they only make up 12-13% of the total population. This is offered as proof of the racist nature of the American judicial system. What they refuse to allow spoken, is the fact that the African American population has largely succumbed to the Fabian and Frankfurt school propaganda and policies, replacing the father with the state.

Today very few young black men know who their fathers are. They don’t come from traditional families they come from broken homes. Those who are born into traditional families with a father, mother, brothers and sisters, have incarceration rates that are in line with general demographics. So the fact is, the high incarceration rate among black men, is due to the policies, plan and goals of the new class, not in any inherent socialization problem of people of African descent or racism from the society as a whole.

For a market system to be efficient it needs civilized people who can be trusted. The ancient Chinese philosopher, Hsun Ching said, “The congenital nature of Man is evil, the civilization in us is a learned trait…” In that we are born barbarians and are civilized by our families. A civilized person can be trusted at his or her word while a barbarian will seek any means to get out of honoring their word. The increasing demand for attorneys is proof we are becoming less civilized and more barbaric. Driven by the continued corrosion of the family.

A market interaction is favorable in some way to both parties engaging in it, unless one doesn’t follow through, or is untruthful about the product or the payment. The more people that have been civilized the more efficiently a market can work, but as the family is corroded and people become less and less civilized, the markets become ever more labored until they freeze up and cease to work. The failure will be blamed on the market itself instead of the loss of the family and Marxism will be the “only logical solution…”

Strongly civilized people create a sinewy thread that can be woven into a robust society, able to withstand anything God or mankind throws at us and our economy requires civilized people, our families provide those civilized people. So if we want a stable prosperous society, able to deftly manage catastrophes and war, we must do everything in our power to protect the family unit. Socialists however, believe so strongly in their goal they are willing to risk any danger, even cutting the very thread of our civilization, to get their one world Marxist government. If only they could evolve us there, by destroying the family unit if need be, then we would live in utopia, which in Greek means… nowhere.


John Pepin

The Enlightened Elite and World Government

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the problems the Europeans are having integrating their economies, is just one tiny facet of why, a One World Government is an unworkable nightmare of a pipe dream for the Elite. This fantasy has been mused about so often, in such general terms, that it has become accepted as future reality, by those that consider themselves enlightened. The enlightened elite believe that since One World Government is an eventuality anyway they should imprint their mark on it. The coexistent philosophy is socialism. The two ideas cling like lint to wool. One World Government is an idea that is not only hopelessly flawed but being tied with the economic system, that has not so much failed every time it has been tried, but led to some of the most spectacular assaults on humanity in human history, leads one to conclude that World Government would be a catastrophe for generations to come… until it violently fragments.

Many enlightened Elite openly call for World Government today. As their previous attempts to form humanity to their will’s desire, like a scientist does a lab rat, fail, they seek ever more grandiose ways to manipulate the rest of us guinea pigs. If only, they presume, we could convince those idiots who are not enlightened, the World would be a much better place. Many people honestly believe that World Government would be better than the conglomeration we have today. Others recon a World Government would be hell on Earth, but not for those at the top…. so, they figure, it’s best to be on the top. What is the best way to get there? Ride the wave man, just ride the wave, waiting for your chance.

Fiction has echoed the musings of the proponents of One World Government for generations. It is a core principle of Marxism and Islam. Therefore, it has been at least a concept, for fifteen hundred years. In Science fiction almost every alien world humanity encounters has a World Government. It is usually surmised in movies about the future that even Earth has a World Government. We are surrounded with the meme, that a World Government is inevitable, so we should embrace it. Yet, the Sun will eventually go nova, by the logic that something inevitable should be sought, should we seek ways to speed up that event too? There has never been a World government, now, while that doesn’t prove it is impossible, it does prove that it is not inevitable. Something that has never existed cannot necessarially exist in the future. Opposed to, something that has existed in the past, must necessarially be possible in the future…

The economic philosophy that intertwines with the notion of a World Government is socialism. Those that seek a World Government always espouse socialism as their ideal economic system. When confronted with the historical reality that it has never worked in the past, the devotee will retort, the wrong people were in charge. So, if a different finger was used to pull the trigger… the gun wouldn’t go off? The dismal economic results of every socialist system that has ever been instituted, is sufficient history to prove to anyone who’s eyes are open, that socialism, as an economic system, is a fanciful notion that cannot work in the real world, no matter how many people you kill trying.

Which brings us full circle to the horror show that a One World Government would necessarially be. It would certainly be socialist in nature, leading to the typical outcome of socialism… famine, want, and an endemic corruption in every strata of society and government. This would be under a system of government that must quickly become oppressive to stifle unrest. The World is full of past gripes. World government and socialism would fuel them with oxygen and nitromethane. Constant uprisings would be the norm. Rising in both severity and violence until the World government, like an atom with too many protons, explodes, due to the repulsion of it’s constituents. Repulsion from, past grievances, economic stagnation, tyrannical government, oppressive regulations, hunger, and the anger, that feeds off the frustration of all these evils. As a result, the fiction that is World Government, is just that, a fiction, and should remain that way.


John Pepin