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Good Greed and Bad Greed

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is a myth that pervades modern thinking, that myth is, the new class seeks the benefit of all while the bourgeoisie seek only profit. The myth both misstates reality and implies, the result of the first will be good, and the second bad. It misstates reality because it presumes members of the new class are selfless, which is of course absurd, if we are to accept they are human beings. They, like you and I, are self interested, and being self interested, they use the power their professions give them to maximize their individual profit. To claim otherwise, is to claim they are not human beings, angels perhaps? Moreover, the result of the professionals maximizing their personal profit, (greed), yields a much worse result for humanity, the economy and especially liberty, than a filthy industrialist’s profit driven greed. To be rational we must look at the result, pragmatically, to see which form of greed is better for humanity.

A capitalist in the traditional sense is not actually driven by greed, so much as a desire to make a thing work. All the greats have been this way. Ford built his cars to make a profit of course, else he couldn’t have made his cars, but hos primary motivating drive was to produce cars for everyone. Entrepreneurs devote their lives to their personal drives, profit is just a by product, the goal is to produce. Once the entrepreneur is dead, the sons manage the business into the ground and the grandchildren become half wits, unable even to screw in a light bulb without help. That is the reason for the saying, shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations. This explains why the grandchildren of industrialists need trust funds… they would quickly burn through any amount of money and starve in short order.

Today we hear about how mechanization will drive everyone out of work. Marx said when the forest of arms looking for work grows ever thicker and those arms become ever thinner, that’s when the revolution will take place… because the invention and widespread use of the mechanical loom would drive people out of work. What he didn’t realize though, was that the mechanical loom allowed the price of a wool coat to get so low a humble worker could afford to buy one, instead of having to stuff his shirt with straw in winter. Moreover, the workers in fabric factories didn’t have to endure the repetitive motion problems that plagued those pulling and pushing a traditional loom. As the new class prophet, Marx was denigrating the means and profit of entrepreneurs, he missed the result of their labors. A higher standard of living and lower physical demands for the average worker.

What is the result of someone building a thing continually improving upon it and making it available to ever more people? Our modern world. Everything you consider a necessity was initially a luxury. It was an entrepreneur who probably invented it in the first place, then made it available to everyone to the extent it has become a necessity. At one time sewing needles were a luxury! If not for people who have an inner drive to build, innovate and create, humanity would, and indeed history proves… stagnate. Absent a means for entrepreneurs to fulfill their inner desire to create, there is no advancement, there can be no advancement. It is only through the creation of products, implementation of ideas and new ways to structure firms that we all have a phone in our back pocket that also takes pictures and is connected to an endless encyclopedia.

When the new class is given free reign to their avarice, they pursue business plans that alienate their customers, destroy their brands, wreck the reputations of once great companies they took over from industrialists and entrepreneurs, drive down wages so they can get ever more extravagant bonuses, pillage pension plans, move jobs overseas, hold workers in contempt… and all at the shareholder’s expense. Firms are bankrupted, economies crash, wages are held down, legal fees skyrocket and liberty must be curtailed to stop people discussing what is going on. All these externalities clearly are negative and indict the unlimited ability of the new class to feed it’s greed.

Without spending acres of trees elaborating on this and belaboring the point, when the greed of the new class is allowed, the lot of mankind is lowered, when the greed of entrepreneurs is allowed, the lot of mankind is improved. Looked at pragmatically then, it makes sense that entrepreneurship should be encouraged, and the ability of CEOs, lawyers, politicians, bankers, journalists, bureaucrats, economists, doctors, and other professions requiring a bachelors degree or better should be controlled. The old class, the bourgeoisie, should be allowed their greed, so they can make the modern equivalent of wool coats available to everyone.


John Pepin

Are We At A Nexus?

Monday, June 26th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the corruption in every molecule of our governments, simply cannot be denied any longer. Even where there is not corruption there is the taint of corruption, if by nothing else than, proximity. We see the result of corrupt leaders, the upward bound crime rates, drug epidemic, falling real wages, the war on savers, and all manner of economic and societal upheaval… that is corruption oozing down and into the people. Ooze, being heavier than air, will always seek a lower level. All factions, smothering in ooze, are forced to recognize the out of control corruption and are willing to entertain the thought of addressing it, making this time a nexus, a point in time when the dominant paradigm can be shifted.

When Obama was lying about Benghazi, fast and furious, the IRS scandal, etc… the progressives in the media cheered it. Now that there is a member of the Bourgeoisie in the White house, something the new class had thought it would never see again, they are in full panic, that he will wield the power Obama did, and now are willing to address government corruption. Corruption is all well and good when they are the ones wielding it, but once it slips from their hands… they panic, because they know what they did, and would do with it again. So we have even the new class progressives willing to at least curtail government’s ability to exploit it’s extra constitutional authorities… until they get back in power.

The state of Illinois and territory of Puerto Rico are effectively bankrupt. They will not be the last either. Many other states are in dire financial dilemmas due to a myriad of factors. Pensions are the one most mentioned but other more intractable economic issues lurk in the dark. The actual level of unfunded liabilities of the states is unknowable, which amounts to a potential sinkhole, directly under your economic bed. The soon to explode cost of medicare and social security, never mind the perpetually expanding welfare state can only bankrupt even the most well taxed state. The higher the demand of progressives for the hard earned money of producers, to burn at the alter of the Keynesian economic welfare state, the lower the availability of money to everyone, making the ooze that fuels that money burn… offensive.

Small businesses have been on the get the corruption out of government for a long time. Small businesses are the targets of regulations designed to benefit politically favored factions. Usually large corporations but often smaller factions due to their vote getting ability, or some other reason that makes them favored of the political class. Small businesses pay the majority of business taxes, employ the majority of workers and create the majority of innovations, all of which are much more difficult when regulations get in the way, taxes drain capital, and bureaucrats demand the entrepreneur’s valuable time. Any lessening of corruption can only benefit small businesses.

Even large corporations might consider some backing off the rampant corruption. Of course it is large corporations that largely drive much government corruption, by rent seeking and government granted monopolies through regulations, taxation and tariffs, but if they see even their own fortunes slipping, due to the threat of the corruption benefiting another, they will get on board with anti corruption measures. Today all is pretty hunky dory for corporate elites, they break the law, the shareholders are drained of some money, no one goes to jail and the elite can continue to enrich themselves and the government at the same time, at cost to everyone else. If that paradigm were upended, by a loud outcry from the people and swept up in an anti corruption drive, the corporate elite could face punishment. That in and of itself might lead them to go all in to protect themselves.

The only faction who’s interests don’t align with the anti corruption theme is the legal oligarchy. Nothing enriches lawyers more than litigation and nothing creates more need of litigation than corruption. Ooze not only oils the wheels of the legal system it fuels the fire that drives it as well. Every form of corruption benefits attorneys, especially corruption in their own ranks. Corrupt judges create more need for lawyers just as corrupt lawyers drive need for more judges. Every time a judge finds a legal contract is null and void… due to an absurd unwritten clause implied by Santa Clause, every time a judge awards someone who spilled coffee in her lap a million dollars, every time a judge sentences someone to jail for following their conscience they create the need for more lawyers. So… we don’t have the legal system on our side.

When you have so many factions that wield real power in most countries, having aligned interests to limit government corruption, you have a nexus. What is needed is a plan. The Convention of states have a point. Their innovations would, if applied, drive down much of the corruption by limiting the incentive to it. Sadly, like all innovations in government, even constitutions themselves, is that the elite have to hold themselves to it. No group of human beings is capable of such a feat. To expect the elite to is the height of absurdity. I would argue, the convention of states should include a NUMA. Police the elite, force them to follow the Constitution, and the elite will follow the Constitution. Only an outside force, Constitutionally empowered, can limit the power of the all powerful.


John Pepin

The Anger of the Would be Tyrant

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if you really want to understand why progressives are so apoplectic over Trump’s being in the White House, all you need to do is read Alvin Gouldner’s Rise of intellectuals and the new class, pages 11 through 15, understanding that this was the election the new class progressives have so longed for, where they would finally seize total political power. That a member of the loathed bourgeoisie won the day is the ultimate blow. The new class, and since the new class is trained to be progressives, progressives have seized the means of production well and truly. It matters not that the state or the people own the means of production, the new class run it, to whatever end they see fit. They have been slowly exerting more and more control for well over a century, until today they are a hegemony on banking, business and bureaucracy.

No matter if the owner of the means of production is the State or shareholders, it is the new class that run the show. Don’t think for a second the new class are a bunch of saints. They are mere human beings who lust after money, power, fame, sex and longevity. Studies show that the percentage of psychopaths in the upper echelons of business is much higher than society as a whole. Being mere human beings, the new class makes decisions based on their own wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of the people or entity that own the property, the new class controls. Not that the new class is any different than you or I, we are all human beings subject to sin, but the new class is controlled by progressives… who have a very sinister plan for the human race… One world government.

Since the new class has accomplished so much, wresting the means of production from the bourgeoisie, progressives have got a big ego, thinking themselves better than the regular lot of Man. After all, aren’t they the smartest, as proven by their advanced college degrees, aren’t they the most merciful, being trained to be good little Marxists, and aren’t they the most qualified to run everyone’s life, because of these things? That we spat in their faces, denying them what they believed was rightly theirs, has enraged progressives. The voter has stolen their birthright. That huge ego has been bruised, as big ones are very fragile, and so progressives, being the children they are, will hold their breath until our economy collapses. Especially if they can use that collapse to accelerate their plans for world domination.

This was to be the next step in the rise of the new class, and thus progressivism. Progressives know the window is closing for their new world order… a one world government. The democratizing of information that the internet has allowed has started movement that is gaining momentum, away from collectivism, concentration of political power and towards decentralization of political power and free enterprise, by allowing access to information outside the censorship of the elite. As that sea change continues to take place, and polls show that the younger demographic is becoming more conservative, (probably as a backlash to their older siblings and parents coarsening of our culture, as the Victorians did to the Romantic era), that window in which progressives can achieve their vision of a one world government is closing fast, and any setback might spell disaster.

If you want to understand what progressives see in their minds when they envision the results of their labor, watch Star Trek The Next Generation, which is nothing but a wet dream of progressives. If you want to know the actual results, if progressives were to achieve a one world government, watch 1984 George Orwell, or read the book, (the movie is actually better). So you see, progressives have been striving for generations to achieve their vision of utopia, where they are so insulated by bureaucracy, a tower so high it is unassailable, a world government where everyone is a subject… and the election of Trump, indeed BREXIT and the whole bullpen of upstarts running in this year’s elections, could upend their so carefully laid plans. Like the villains used to say in Scooby Doo, “Those lousy leakers! If it wasn’t for their meddling, we would have gotten away with it!” Or something like that…


John Pepin

The New Class War Against The Rest of Us…

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, what we are witnessing today, is all out war between the new class and the rest of society. Trump is the face of the average citizen today, but make no mistake, he is not the target as much as you and I. That we have woken up to the onslaught and elected someone to stop it has enraged the new class. From stymieing Trump in the political court system, to the ever present threat of violence against anyone who progressives discover is a republican, the progressive new class has gone rogue. In the past the war was more of a cold war, the new class corroding our wages, poking us in the eye as customers because the new class has a monopoly, destroying our Constitutionally limited republic, crushing small businesses with crony regulation, and undermining our children’s educations with bizarre policies like Common Core. Trump is experiencing pearl harbor as the US, while the new class bombs him mercilessly, trying to wipe him out before the war get earnestly under weigh. The new class is showing it’s true colors, intolerant, hateful, anti American, unpatriotic, conniving, backstabbers who would rather see the US collapse and suffer widespread famine, rather than let go of a single usurped prerogative.

When Obama won the White house, conservatives and pro Americans had to hold our noses and tolerate Obama’s continuous assaults on our Constitution, the rule of law and the very safety of our children. The new class was united in that anyone who even so much as criticized any policy of Obama was excoriated as a racist, hater and bigot, regardless of the subject matter of that policy. Nancy Pelosi famously called American citizens who disagree, that one third of our economy should be nationalized, un American.” Even as she did and continues to do everything in her power to destroy our Constitution. Rush Limbaugh, who said he hoped Obama would fail in fundamentally transforming the US into a Marxist colony of a one world government, was on the front page of every new class publication as enemy number one. We were told to tolerate Obama’s executive actions that violated our Constitution, his policies that undermined our safety, embrace his senseless wars in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc… and when Fast and Furious came out as a obvious attack on the Second Amendment, we were ordered to shut up and sit down. The TEA party was called a racist hate group that tended towards violence, as they sat in lawn chairs with American flags aped to them, even cleaning up after themselves without a single example of violence, even as the progressive counter part, occupy wall street, was raping, rioting and vandalizing their way across America.

While not one of Obama’s clearly unconstitutional executive orders were challenged in court, and the one time he was and the court found against him, in the Gulf drilling ban, Obama simply ignored the court and there were no consequences for it. Today Trump issues an executive order that parallels past laws and the politicized courts block him! The media claims if it gets to the Supreme Court it could result in a 4-4 split and if the progressive Kennedy flips, 5-3! Imagine, so many judges who have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution, have so little virtue, honesty and humanity in them, they rule against our Constitution at every turn! The court system is under the total control of the new class and is chosen the progressive side as their own. Our constitution, laws, past practices and logic fall to the naked partisanship of our court system today.

The legacy media that calls itself unbiased has become incapable of telling truth. Pointing a finger at honest sources of factual information that undermines their propaganda, the legacy media has coined the term fake news… which clearly is a perfect description of the legacy media itself. The more they get caught in lies, the more they attack Trump, and in doing so attack us. The business community has successfully wrested the means of production from the Bourgeoisie and have it in their greasy hands. Of course the new class uses it’s monopoly on the means of production to push their one world agenda on the rest of us. By crony capitalism the new class has managed to lower US productivity for the first time ever, driven down real wages, destroyed the old one job for life paradigm where people could get a pension, blown up our healthcare system, corroded our savings through ZIRP and stock market scams, etc… the progressive new class is the enemy of the people and our Constitution, in every way.

Bankers who profited nicely during Obama’s administration, at cost to the rest of us in jobs, wages, savings, and economic security are the epitome of the new class. It doesn’t matter if a bank gives any value whatsoever for the ungodly profits they get, they have a government granted monopoly on the issuance of money! Yet even with the ability to print money at will, they are so greedy, corrupt and conniving, they constantly get caught in illegal activities! Then the government fines the shareholders letting the banksters get away free and clear. If the government allowed me to print money at will, I suspect I could control myself from stealing the hard earned savings from my customer’s accounts… but then again, I am not a new class bankster. Trump has only been in office a month and has seen more interest rate increases than Obama did in 8 years! Rest assured, the Federal Reserve and the banks, along with the publicly traded firms controlled by the new class will do everything in their power to destroy the economy under Trump’s watch, so he will get the blame for it, instead of their bubble blowing policies that has left the world economy looking like a Lawrence Welk danceathon.

The new class is at war with us, they have been for a long time, but since we have woken up to the fact, the connivers have become scared. War is much easier waged on an unsuspecting enemy than one who girds themselves for it. Since we outnumber them hundreds to one, they rightfully have something to fear. Machiavelli said a wise prince seeks the backing of the people rather than the elite, because the people are many, and the elite few. That is why the elite, the new class, has taken of the gloves and the mask. Their hatred toward us and limited government is now out in the open showing their ugly faces for all to see. No one who is above the law ever wants to be brought back under it’s limitations, those limitations are for the little people to bear, as are taxes. The elite will not give up, they will fight on, and their tactics will become ever more loathsome, their voices increasingly shrill and their snowflake egos more bruised by the day. Until either they have won and Trump is assassinated or impeached, or the swamp has been drained. They will stop at nothing to diminish us to slaves, eliminating all free will, we on the other hand have morals and compunctions holding us back from waging all out war back at them, (as well as the law that is written to control us and that the elite are above), fortunately, we are on the side of God, who gave us free will, because clearly He believes it of the utmost import, and His will be done.


John Pepin

Follow the Foolish into Foolishness

Monday, December 19th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to bow to the most foolish, is a guarantee of foolishness. College kids, the most dangerous people on Earth, are so dangerous because they are the most foolish people on the planet. Today the media points at college kids as the wisest among us inferring the rest of us should follow their lead. Of course college kids “lead” where they are told to lead and think what they are told to think, not by their parents, who’s authority is undermined in the government monopoly school system, but by their teachers and professors. So what we are really told, is to follow the intellectuals blindly, as our children are trained to do. Both professors and upper middle class kids are utterly foolish in their thinking, acting and maturity. As I said before, to allow the most foolish to lead, is to guarantee foolishness in our lives.

There are uncountable videos of college students asked to sign this or that absurd petitions. All that is required is for the presenter to tell the student, one of the progressive idols wants it, and they sign with abandon of a drunken opium user. They happily sign petitions to attack North Korea with nuclear weapons, imprison all gun owners, to support ISIS, repeal the First Amendment, etc… all of which are so absurd it is laughable, until you realize they are really that mindless. Once a person reaches the age of reason, they are expected to think their way through an argument, but schools and colleges discourage independent thinking, instead teaching them to obey what they are told. Such videos as these are sufficient to show the pathetic level of reason these children display, that inability to think their way through an argument shows a profound foolishness, by those who have reached the age of reason.

You cannot really blame the kids… they are merely vomiting what they have been force fed. Children have no life experience upon which to draw for context. Everything they have been taught supports the progressive mindset. Their teachers, who have been brainwashed in the same manner by their college professors and the culture, are simply spewing what they are told to. Those teachers who are able to reason are attacked and forced to follow the absurd progressive common core curriculum. Common core, which insures children will not be able to do simple math, understand what they read, or reason, also teaches Marxism as the highest form of government and a perverted version of history. Further guaranteeing generations of foolish people tied to foolish ideas.

Progressivism is not an ideology that lends itself to critical thinking. The progressive has to be able to deny history, because history is so damning of progressivism. When talking to a progressive their ignorance is amazing. When you bring up the eugenics programs by progressives they will first deny it ever happened, and once presented with incontrovertible evidence, either continue denying or claim the progressive movement has changed. The good progressive has to have the ability to deny what they see with their own eyes. They instead refer to their used car salesmen professors, who tell them not to believe their lying eyes, and believe honest John the professor instead. The progressive has to have the ability to make out of context ad homonym attacks to make their point rather than use logic and reason, since most people are revolted at personal attacks, and will give the progressive the filed once attacked. All of which are as childish as they are foolish.

The answer is to wrest our schools, colleges and universities from progressives. Unlike those that allowed progressives into our education system, progressives are not willing to allow other philosophies in. Now that progressives have complete control of all education they will not willingly give up that monopoly. Think of it this way, someone who worships Lucifer, is willing to give mass murder a pass, believes murdering an unborn child is a sacrament, has no compunction about lying, believes stealing is a good thing if government does it, and seeks to destroy the greatest wealth generating machine humanity has ever known, is not someone who is subject to reason nor will give up a monopoly. Our children are subjected to such crazy people and told to listen to what they say, and it is no wonder our children believe such nonsense.

Follow the foolish and you will walk into foolishness. The new class media, culture, law, government and business becomes ever more absurd as each day passes, and they inculcate that absurdity into our children. They tell our children we adults are out of touch, and that children know far more than their parents about global warming, Marxism, abortion etc… then report how smart children are… since they fell for the lies. There is a reason kids are sent to war, the young mind is easy to sway, the older mind is hardened, and much more difficult to change. You can convince a kid to gleefully kill someone they otherwise would be good friends with, while and adult is far more likely to question the reason, Che Guevara championed this quality of youth. Life experience, regarded with reason and logic, allows us to understand the difference between the absurd and the possible. Zero life experience coupled with progressive indoctrination closes the mind shutting out logic and reason. Without reason and logic the foolish becomes ever more loved… and foolishness becomes ever more entrenched.


John Pepin

The Progressive New Class Itself Gives Us Reason To Hope…

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, what the media intends by the term that has been bandied about so much lately, “college educated whites,” aside from the obvious racism, is code for the new class. That is to say, it is a measure of how the new class is sticking to the progressive ideology they have been inculcated with. Of course, if the percentage of college educated whites were to get below fifty percent, the progressive new class wold become panicked as it would herald the end of the progressive hegemony of the new class. This brings us to the main point, the new class need not be progressive in it’s ideology, they have been programmed to be that way by university professors who have been programmed that way themselves. That is why the media was so concerned about the percentage of “college educated whites” who voted for Clinton… it is a measure of the reach into the new class of progressivism.

The new class is the group of people college educated. It is as simple as that and as profound as life and death, the new class is a complex system with independent, interdependent actors, expressing emergent actions and generating long tailed events. The new class runs our society, government, decide what the culture will be, report the news to us, teach our children and run our corporations. They are ubiquitous. Since the new class is universally trained in college and universities, doctrine that is taught there, that doctrine has the ability to effect people trained there their whole lives. That doctrine then is carried into the real world where it is put into practice. That is why our lawyers, doctors, journalists, bureaucrats, executives and artists are called the intelligentsia, while the professors, deans and trustees are the intellectuals. In the complex system that is the new class the intellectuals set doctrine and the intelligentsia put them into practice.

The new class then need not be progressive. The progressive faction seized autocratic control of the intellectuals over the course of the twentieth century. That so many college educated whites voted for Trump shows the progressive grip on the new class is slipping. Progressives may still have a monopoly on our colleges and universities, but that control could be made tenuous, if a sufficient and devoted part of the new class set themselves to changing the doctrine taught at colleges and universities. Institutions of higher learning are supposed to be places where free thought is encouraged, lively discourse is heralded and diversity of thought is cherished, that today’s colleges and universities discourage free thought, discourse is lowered to personal attacks and diversity of opinion is loathed shows how off track progressive have taken our institutions of higher learning.

By progressivism I mean, the philosophy of the Frankfurt school, advanced by Gramsci’s cultural hegemony, Marcuse’s repressive tolerance and Saul Alinsky’s Rule For Radicals. The ends of which are global socialist world government, if you are to believe their own literature and philosophy. World government is always sold as the end to war, suffering, poverty, hunger, need, broken toenails, etc… when it is the exact opposite. Socialism has only delivered famine, suffering and war, world socialism would deliver these things on a global scale rather than a national one. Global would be and end to experiments in governance, the nature of distant government would crush innovation, wherever it is found and create a people ripe for extinction.

All night on election night, November eight, two thousand and sixteen, the media that calls itself unbiased touted the “college educated white” number as a propaganda weapon. The connotation being that college educated means smarter than you, whites means thoughtless majority, the reality being the new class. Journalists who are charter members of the new class have a dog in that race, to be validated they need to know the majority of the new class, their equals, believe as they do. Moreover, journalists and the rest of the new class, have a nagging suspicion they have been given the wrong dogma to implement. Blind devotion being only as good as long as reality doesn’t present results in a way undeniable.

Since the faith in progressivism is built upon clay, when it faces reality, which it inevitably must any defection from the ranks of progressive ideology… could trigger a stampede, and is a threat to progressivism. Soon those who defect will come under withering personal attacks in the media that calls itself unbiased. The attacks wont be addressed as much to the defectors, as those behind the defectors, people in the new class who know the doctrine they have been implementing all these years has been discredited, and so are waiting for the right time to jump ship. If a sufficient number of the new class abandons progressivism, progressivism will languish another century before it rears it’s ugly head again.

The new class is a complex system. It need not have progressivism as it’s primary philosophy, being a complex system it can change that philosophy, sometimes very fast. Today that complex system is introspective, it seeks to decide if it should throw off it’s programming and pragmatically rewrite that programming in a way that makes more sense in the real world, or hold onto its doctrine in the face of obvious absurdity. We saw this in the election night reporting where the term college educated white voter was the buzz word. The new class reporters wanted to know if the majority of the new class still clutched the dogma, along with them, even in the face of the obvious absurdities they were expected to believe and advance. Which gives us hope, hope that the advance of globalism might be destroyed by the very forces that have been marshaled to drive it down our throats, hope that the cause of liberty might gain traction in the new class, hope for a future where our children are not just little slaves of the state… but free human beings with natural rights and everything that entails.


John Pepin

Censorship by Another Name…

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the election of Donald Trump has triggered a backlash by the new class, further limiting free speech for political ends. In a move that has no hint of coordination, Google, Twitter and Facebook, on the same day, announced they are going to cut off ad feeds to fake news sites and make it easier to report “hate” speech. While these sound good on the surface they have the potential to be abused. Especially since the definition of satire and fake news is subject to interpretation as is hate speech. The new York Times has been caught many times fabricating stories from whole cloth, since it has reported fake news, does that make the NYT a fake news site? Progressives have a long and colored history of calling any speech they disagree with, hate speech, so does that mean all content now has to go through a progressive filter, else the person posting it will be banned from expressing his or her views? The policy is a slippery slope who’s bottom is total censorship of individual speech by a cabal of political zealots. Is that really a place where we want to go?

I have written about the rise of fake and satire “news” sites on the Internet. They have the pernicious effect of both discrediting those who fall victim and of muddying the waters of political debate with falsehoods. They are usually created by progressives, intended to fool conservatives into posting true sounding but fake news articles, with the intent to discredit conservatism as hysterical. While that was the intention the election of Trump has rattled the progressive new class into thinking these fake news sites might have backfired on them. One thing progressives loathe is their dirty tricks biting them in the derriere. While I would love to drive fake news sites from the Internet, a better way would be through disseminating information of who are fake news sites, so the people themselves can avoid them. That would accomplish the stated goal without encroaching on free speech.

The term hate speech is as liquid as water. The problem of online harassment is real and pernicious. It diminishes people’s willingness to share their political views for fear of harassment and attacks. Sadly, what the new class calls hate speech however, is any speech that disagrees with their world view. I have been banned from Facebook on several occasions because a progressive disliked my opinion. Although I never personally attacked anyone nor engaged in harassment, I was subjected to constant harassment, not knowing what I would say that would get me banned fro several days from Facebook. Once I was even banned three days for saying, “God bless you,” to a progressive! Until I figured out who was using Facebook to alienate me from my freedom of speech the harassment was unending. Once I discovered where the attacks were coming from, I unfriended everyone who was a friend to him, and the harassment immediately stopped.

My experience is not unique. Progressives have since Teddy Roosevelt engaged in censorship. Gramski, Marcuse, Alinsky and the lot of progressive philosophers argued that the only thing put before the people must be progressive propaganda. All other information has to be hidden from the people, and those with a different opinion destroyed personally, lest we discover the truth. That is one of the tenets of cultural Marxism. These new rules will make it far easier for them to shut up conservatives and libertarians under the flag of stopping hate speech. How many conservative news outlets will be considered by the new class to be fake news sites and what will be the criteria? Certainly publishing fake news stories cannot be the sole criteria, else the NYT will come under that moniker, and that cannot be allowed by the new class, so will sites be banned from receiving ad revenue because they are alternative media, like The Blaze, Drudge Report, Breitbart, etc… even though they don’t post fake news? I bet they will and the censorship will only grow over time, sliding down that slippery slope further, and the further we slide down that slope the faster the slide will become.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and the car that travels that road is fueled by good sounding rhetoric. While I agree that fake news sites should be eliminated the means must not grind away our freedoms. No one should have the power to stop another from expressing their opinion, especially using such terms as hate speech, vilification of the speaker or personal destruction for their opinion. I disagree with everything progressives stand for, but I would fight to the death to defend their right to say it, sadly progressive’s first goal is to separate me from my freedom of speech. These new rules will be used to quiet conservatives and libertarians, they will not, nor are they intended to stop personal harassment but to give progressives another tool to harass anyone they want to shut up. Stepping on that slippery slope can only lead to a loss of more freedom.


John Pepin

Liars, Propaganda, and Free Speech

Monday, October 17th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, those who peddle lies, cannot abide free speech. The first thing a liar will tell you is how truthful he or she is. Exclaiming from the rooftops how honest and how trustworthy they are. The consummate liar will never admit she lied even when caught in it. Since there is such coercive power in government… liars naturally gravitate to it. Government’s ability to tell a lie and claim it is truth, by fiat and legislation, is very attractive to a liar and is both a means for government, and the liars within it, to amass more power and defend it’s ill gotten rule. One thing that allows a liar to get away with his lies is a willing and complicit media. When there is the convergence of a complicit media and bold faced liars in government, all within the same faction, free speech becomes detestable to them, and is under great threat of extermination.

The single faction that controls all three branches of government, the media, businesses and set our civilizational norms, is the new class. The new class is our modern version of aristocracy. Instead of birthright, yet, the modern aristocracy, new class, is based on education. University professors are the intellectuals of the new class, and lawyers, journalists, doctors, business executives and most politicians are the intelligentsia. The professors, intellectuals, set the agenda and the rest, intelligentsia, bring it about. The new class has wrested the means of production from the bourgeoisie, overwhelmed the culture with their version of reality, undermined our limited government by conniving and warped our culture with perversion. They are mostly progressives who cling to the Frankfurt schools ideology, and apply Herbert Marcuse’s theories how to implement Marxism without the revolution, ie, by hook and by crook. The new class, as a faction, has as it’s main philosophy critical theory, where truth is to be subverted, families are to be destroyed, religion is to be ridiculed and hedonism is to be embraced, as a means to destroy everything western free enterprise has created… all based on lies.

There was a show on NBR, (National Public Radio), called On the Media. On that show the new class overlords of the media, discuss their power to effect culture, society and policy. I used to listen to it. When I listened, the theme of every show invariably was, the media should claim to be unbiased, that even if they are biased they must hide it, to “protect journalism.” In other words, lying to protect their reputations and lies. Have you noticed how the media always claims it is unbiased? How they tell the unvarnished truth and exclaim from the rooftops how honest and righteous they are? All of which, claiming to be unbiased, shouting down their detractors with ad homonym attacks, loudly claiming to be truthful and never admitting when they are caught in a lie, are how liars operate.

Free speech is corrosive to lies. Wherever there is freedom of speech, liars have to compete with truth tellers, for the eyes, ears and minds of the people they are trying to round up and capture. Freedom of speech allows people to dispel the lies. Remember when Dan Rather conjured up a story out of whole cloth describing how George Bush was AWOL constantly during his time in the National Guard? It was a blogger who pointed out the document, Rather and CBS was peddling couldn’t have been typed in a 1967 typewriter, since the font hadn’t been invented until the 1980s. Dan Rather to this day claims he wasn’t lying! The New York Times has been caught so many times creating outright fiction and publishing it as true that it should be considered in the same vein as Arthur C Clark, Henry James and Ernest Hemingway… interesting reading but pure fiction.

Propaganda is government lying to forward a political agenda. Today propaganda has been made legal by the US Congress and signed into law by Obama. In other words, the US government has openly avowed they will lie to us to get us to act against our best interests. The idealized new class President, Barak Obama, shows open loathing for free speech, instead preferring propaganda. Remember Fast and Furious? Obama used naked propaganda to undermine the second amendment… by claiming gun dealers along the US Mexico boarder were supplying weapons to Mexican drug cartels. When he was caught in supplying those weapons himself, the propaganda putsch to outlaw guns along the US Mexico boarder was hushed up, and the lie he peddled was insistently forgotten… proving Machiavelli right. Hillary Clinton has learned well from her husband Bill that lies, no matter how absurd, will be believed if told with a straight face and a tear running down one cheek. Propaganda is a tool of liars and cannot tolerate free speech.

Those who peddle lies shrivel and wither in the light of truth… like a worm on hot pavement. To them, lies are a means to fool the masses into acting against our best interests, and forwarding their diabolical agenda. Happily using the tool of Goebbels, propaganda, to the same ends. One can reliably tell a liar by how loudly and adamantly they claim to be honest. Today the new class, the heirs of national socialism, Marxist ideology, atheistic hedonism and Nietzsche, have as their only real enemy the truth, and they will use deceit at every turn to undermine that enemy. They will do anything to progress the human race to their vision of utopia… a place without the love and nurturing of families, the stark hopelessness of atheism, the emptiness of hedonism and the self absorption of Nietzsche’s super man. All based on lies.


John Pepin

Humanity’s Hubris

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we behold our science and technology, then stand in awe of our creations. In our awe we have become vain and egoistic, turning away from God and worshiping ourselves as gods in our own right. In that we have become as Adam and Eve. We have turned our backs on God thinking we are his equal. In our hubris we believe everything there is to know… is possible to be known, we foolishly think we can control the universe as our plaything, and we have polluted our very existence with such short sighted, egoistic and inane beliefs. In our idiocy we have destroyed the family, corrupted our governments and taxed our economies to death. The more we flail about in our self absorbed aggrandizement, the more our lot, the lot of mankind itself is diminished, reduced to the point of our self annihilation, fueled by our empty wisdom and inflated egos.

We look at the heavens and in our hubris we believe we can know all there is to know. The advancements of the hard sciences, physics, mathematics and chemistry have made us proud, and that pride tricks us into thinking we are gods. Unlike the hard sciences however, the soft sciences are often nothing but assumptions based on wishful thinking. We have egg heads who make huge gobs of money, pretending to understand complex systems that don’t lend themselves to total understanding. Systems like economics, psychology and governance are not quantifiable, as is the weight of a proton, they are not unchanging like the speed of light and they are inherently mercurial, due to millions of factors that cannot ever truly be known. In our self absorbent hubris we elevate such hucksters to the status of scientist, when in fact they are snake oil salesmen, not just taking our money and health but our very humanity.

Our egos have made us the slaves of our selfishness. When someone stands above the rest of humanity, as in the case of a king, billionaire or legislator, that person looks down on the rest of humanity. Like the child who burns ants with a magnifying glass feels no remorse, the elite believe themselves to be so high and mighty they can use the rest of humanity as mere lab rats, to be run through mazes, used for invasive tests and tossed away like a used diaper… after all, are they not a king, rich or wield temporal power? The rest of us look “up” at the elite and bow our heads to them, after all, he is a king, she is rich, they do wield such sway. It is just that inhuman regard for our fellow man, and indeed ourselves, that allows the elite to feed their egos at cost to humanity itself.

Progressivism, and it’s ultimate goal socialism, is the natural outgrowth of this. Progressives believe they can assemble the complex systems of humanity like a watch maker makes a watch. If only they can get the mechanism right, everyone would be happy in their diminished station, a cog in a mechanism. The world would run like a Rolex keeping time to the tune the elite play. The egoistic belief that they are smart enough to gauge the mass of public opinion as the mass of a neutron, they are able to divine the trajectory of future history as easy as measuring the speed of light, and the hubris to force their ideas on the rest of humanity, is the reason arbitrary rule is so attractive to the elite. In their arrogance, progressives honestly believe they are not God’s equal, but his better. They think they are able to make a world better than the one created by God, a world without poverty, violence and racism, then stand in awe of their fantasies. All that is required is that the rest of us give up our free will and bow to our overlords with the respect and reverence rightfully given to God.

The answer is to recognize we are not gods, we are flawed human beings, each of us a spark in our own right, but only a spark, a tiny portion of truth. To force one’s free will on the rest of humanity, while denying theirs, is to prove unworthy of power and respect. Such thinking has always and always will lead to catastrophe. Our leaders deserve no adulation, to do so is to adulate self-centeredness and arrogance. Science is a powerful tool to understand God’s creation, but a poor substitute for the wisdom to know that we cannot know everything, that there is more to our world than we can see, smell, taste, hear and touch, even with the vastly improved senses that our scientific instruments give us. We are not gods, no matter how powerful our machines make us or how accurately our science measures God’s universe… we are flawed human beings, to know that and yet to love humanity, despite all our flaws… is the first step to real enlightenment.


John Pepin

The Voting Dead…

Thursday, September 29th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the one thing that gives any governmental unit true authority… is the consent of the people, absent that consent, government has no real authority and the power it wields is mere usurpation. The way government gets the consent of the people is by the electoral process. If that electoral process is undermined, whether the people know it or not, consent is not given. Therefore, any government, or faction that seeks to undermine the democratic process, is unjustly assuming power. Moreover, anyone who seeks to govern without the consent of the governed, especially where that consent is artificially created, is engaging in the most heinous kind of crime. Crime that is far worse than stealing, abuse and even murder, because the very lives, liberty and property of everyone is at risk. In other words… The single crime from which tyranny flows in the modern world, is vote fraud.

Vote fraud usually comes from hubris and presumption. Those who engage in vote fraud have the hubris to fool themselves into believing their cause is the most just and presumption in they presume to know what is best for everyone else. They see their own arguments close at hand while they see the arguments of others at a distance, crediting themselves, as we all do, with the most enlightened wisdom, they willingly pervert the electoral process to benefit their preferred faction… themselves. Hubris and presumption are the natural result of misplaced pride.

Some people believe themselves to be smarter, wiser and more caring than everyone else, this is especially true of people with college degrees. They consider themselves smarter than everyone else because they went to college. If they find they are incapable of holding a job, it cannot be because of any deficiency in themselves, the system must be wrong, after all, they are smarter than the rest of us who do have jobs. So they gravitate to socialism, with themselves as the rightful leaders, in this violence is acceptable but if that isn’t viable, vote fraud becomes thinkable. Since they see themselves as more deserving and caring than everyone else, they appoint themselves as the master who forces all those other uncaring louts to provide for the less fortunate. If they personally benefit, what is the harm, aren’t they the most deserving anyway?

People have an amazing ability to justify their actions in their own minds. Psychologists call this cognitive dissonance. If a person treats you badly, even if by accident, their opinion of you goes down… they like you less. That is because since they treated you badly, in their mind’s eye, either they are bad for treating a good person badly, else you are bad and deserve it. Since no one believes themselves bad the fall back is always that you are bad. This concept can be applied to vote fraud, in that someone who believes their cause just and themselves wise, engages in vote fraud, they must believe others who seek free and fair elections are bad people, otherwise the fraudster is bad, plus those others don’t see what they see or care like they care. Even the voters themselves are seen as less than human to people who manipulate the vote through fraud. Otherwise, those who pervert the electoral process would be bad, and cognitive dissonance forbids that.

This is why efforts to stem vote fraud are met with such vehemence, vitriol and violence. Anything that limits their ability to pervert democracy to their own ends cannot be allowed to stand. Anyone who wants free and fair elections must be personally destroyed else society might not go the way the self appointed masters think it should. Moreover, people who seek the honest consent of the governed must be ignorant, since fraudsters are so much smarter, wiser and more caring than the hoi polloi. You can reliably tell who is in favor of vote fraud by how they react to efforts to stem it. Their silence at obvious vote fraud screams they consider the people fools to be manipulated and trod underfoot. When a district votes 100% for one candidate, and turnout is 120% of the registered voters, or dead people have come back to life simply to cast a ballot, clearly either the laws of physics has been upended, or vote fraud on a large scale has taken place. Those who find identification to vote obnoxious are those who seek to pervert democracy to their own ends. Of all the crimes, vote fraud has the potential to result in human suffering far greater than even murder, and should be treated as such.


John Pepin