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Freedom of speech and the intolerant faction

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for free speech to function everyone must allow it, if one intolerant faction doesn’t, that intolerant faction’s free speech will be allowed, while they smother everyone else’s. Of course the answer is when the vast majority reject any faction, out of hand, that rejects free speech. Sadly that is much easier to accomplish as a thought experiment than in real life. It is free speech however that gave and continues to give, the Enlightenment it’s reach and power. Return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy and we return to the horse and buggy, the Rights of Kings and human slavery. A true educator would keep one truth, above all, in the minds of their students, “Resolution of any question should always be decided upon the merits of the argument, rather than the authority of the speaker, and the best means to do this is free speech.”

Intolerant factions are and will always be the greatest threat to freedom. An intolerant faction is any group of people, no matter how small, that will not tolerate something, in the context of this article, the free speech of those they disagree with. Usually, it is not because they consider their peers so stupid as to fall for a fallacious argument, but because they themselves are peddling a fallacious argument, one that can be easily discredited by reasoned argument, and so, reasoned argument cannot be tolerated. The intolerant faction is always made up of people who are perpetuating a lie, know they are hawking a lie, and so use violence to silence anyone who would call it a lie. Yet, it is tolerance of their violence, in the face of their intolerance of our opinion, that gives them so much power.

The best answer to an intolerant faction is not to tolerate their intolerance. When a group shuts down a speaker at a college campus, the faculty has an obligation to blare that speaker’s words throughout the campus, so everyone must then hear it, to stop shutting down free speech by creating incentives. Lead by example, allow others to speak, then demand the same right for yourself that you gave them. Every time you or I bow to the violence of an intolerant faction, we empower that faction to smother more free speech… until only their intolerant ignorant version of truth can be heard, all other voices are silenced.

The Enlightenment was a watershed moment in the philosophy of Mankind. It allowed humanity to ascend above the narrow mindedness that always accompanies authority. Whenever someone becomes an authority on any subject they have an incentive not to change the paradigm. If it does, someone else becomes the authority, and that is unacceptable to an authority. For this reason humanity’s advancement in every field is hindered by the very people in authority… always has been and always will be. The thinkers that rejected bowing to authority and embraced, truth by reason, were geniuses. They lifted the lot of Man from perpetual toil to the comforts we have today. All of it rests on their shoulders, but they couldn’t have done it under any other religious doctrine than Christianity and Judaism.

It is free speech that empowers the Enlightenment. Without the ability to make a point, there can be no reasoned argument. If any voice is silenced then all voices cannot be heard, that should be common sense, but common sense is as dead as a door nail… killed by an intolerant faction. When someone claims there can be no argument, the authorities have spoken, they are trying to return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy. They are saying the only truth is what they say is truth and no other. Which is the very definition of pre Enlightenment thinking. Such sophistry is used all the time today, to promote global warming they spout, “the vast majority of scientists say…” or in the realm of economics you often hear, “Economists agree that…” both are examples of a return to pre enlightenment thinking, and as such, are by their very definition, unscientific!

Without the advances of the Enlightenment, humanity will revert to its natural state, the same state our ancestors existed in from times before ancient Greece to the industrial revolution. All the new scientific advances, technological marvels and comforts we take for granted, are founded on the pragmatic enlightened mindset. Take away that mindset, smash the foundation if you will, and the structure comes crashing down, in this case our technological civilization. It would be like the movie Idiocracy, people would have the machines, but when those machines broke down they would not be able to fix them, or build new more advanced ones. Eventually all the machines would break down, and horses would become the normal mode of transportation again, as they were for thousands of years, slaves would be needed to pick the cotton and gin it as well, tyranny would rule the land again without recourse, and the lot of Mankind would be set back centuries.

The answer is education, our children must be inculcated with the knowledge that there is truth, and the way to truth is by reasoned argument based on empirical evidence, not and never, by some snake oil salesman peddling some magical remedy that heals everything. They must understand that authority has something to say, but cannot ever be taken as the final say, reasoned argument must always and everywhere take place, else we become stilted and cease growing, because while authority has valuable knowledge, they are bound to the current paradigm… and growth always leads to paradigm shift. We may never get to the perfect truth of human existence, but as long as we sharpen our understanding of it through the honing reasoned argument imparts, based on empirical evidence, with all voices getting a chance to be heard… we can get pretty close.


John Pepin

Cultural Suicide

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the more civilized a society believes it is, the more susceptible that society is to violent factions. To maintain the veneer of civilization, government in that society will bend over backwards to prevent violence, in doing so they will empower that violence, and the faction that engages in it. Moreover, those who believe in moral and cultural relativity will also believe that those who are not violent but engage in liberty are the problem, since they cannot blame the violent person out of cultural sensitivity and multiculturalism, so they blame those who offend the violently disposed. This turns into a sort of cultural suicide, replacing civilization with barbarism. Those who would prefer to live in a civilized society should take this to heart, because to ignore this truth is a certain path to violence, poverty and oppression. I wonder however, are the elite so dumb they don’t already know this, or is there something more diabolical going on?

Sweden considers itself a bastion of civilization. They believe their inclusiveness, embracing of multiculturalism, progressive politics and social welfare is the height of civilization. They have been on a path to diversity for a generation and they have got it. Sweden has imported millions of people who do not share their love of Swedish civilization, laws, ethics or people. The inevitable result is that Sweden is the rape capital of Europe, where once Sweden was one of the safest places on Earth, for anyone, now there are places that are very dangerous even for Swedes. No go zones where Swedes, if they are caught, they are beaten up or worse. The government will not punish the violent faction that engages in violence, but is all too willing to punish those who offend, by their mere presence. In their race to be inclusive, Sweden is committing cultural suicide. The wages of those policies will be poverty, violence and oppression.

Indeed all of Europe is in the throws of cultural suicide. They are rapidly replacing their native population with people who despise them, their culture, heritage, ethics and liberal policies. They allow violence in the name of multiculturalism. They encourage intolerance in the name of tolerance. The welfare states of Europe are beginning to teeter, from the weight of the huge masses of people who go there to get on the dole, and undermine European civilization. In fact, the European people are funding their own demise. Those who work, support those who hate them and have nothing but antipathy for their culture, society and liberality. That the average European is working to support their oppressors, in ancient parlance, that was called the slave/master relationship, today it is called inclusiveness.

The US is no better. The overt policy of the US government is to change the demographics of the nation since the 1960’s. In the parlance of Marxists, the intelligentsia, (new class) are the brains and the proletariat are the heart, but f the proletariat will not step up and accept their “historic role,” then a change in the proletariat is in order. This is what the US is engaged in, changing the proletariat to one that is more convenient to their plans for the country. In doing so they accept violence from certain factions, blaming the actions of that faction on the victims, and claiming that violence doesn’t paint the whole of that faction, while any violence done by others is claimed to be indicative of everyone in that group. The inevitable result will be poverty, violence and oppression.

Now, those in the new class are pretty smart people, just ask them, they will tell you they are much smarter than you and I. Since they are so much smarter than us, does it seem possible they are ignorant of what they are doing? Is it possible that the elite in Sweden don’t know their policies of coddling a violent faction, and indeed importing millions more, is a form of cultural suicide? Could it be that the new class leaders in Europe are unaware that replacing the native European population with those who despise that culture, people, ethics and liberality, can only result in poverty, violence and oppression? Maybe the new class politicians in the US are not aware that changing the demographics to people who will step up and accept their historic role in the revolution, will result in revolution? Or maybe, just maybe, those in the new class know exactly what they are doing? There are only two possibilities, the new class is filled with imbeciles, or villains.


John Pepin

The “Greater Good…”

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, whenever someone claims something is for the “”greater good”.” it is always for their personal good and against the best interest of the rest of us. Connivers always use such deceptions to get us to act against the interests of humanity, by appealing to our humanity. When humanity is used to lower the lot of Man it is patently evil. This type of falsehood is evident in much of the propaganda we see and hear every day. Politicians calling for banning guns, separation of church and state, censorship, more redistribution, etc… The meme is always that it is for the “”greater good”,” while nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who are human hearted must always be on the lookout for connivers, who appeal to our humanity, to lower the lot of Man, else we become unwitting pawns of evil.


Most people want to do the right thing. We often get caught up in bad things from our impetuosity however. Those who scheme for power know this and exploit those qualities to manipulate us. When they do, and we go along, we become unwitting accomplices in the lowering of our own standard of living, while ceding arbitrary power to evil people. Our desire to help others, coupled with our innate impetuosity and laziness, combine to make us very susceptible to this type of manipulation.


Calls for banning guns is one such example. Those who seek to disarm the general populace always arm themselves and their cronies to the teeth. This leaves the rest of us at the mercy of those without mercy. The more we are maneuvered into giving up our guns for self protection the easier it is for a usurper to seize power by the violent use of force. The US Constitution guarantees the Right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against potential tyranny. The framers of the Constitution understood all too well the propensity of the elite to abuse any power that is given them, and the people’s Right to self defense was to apply equally to an out of control government, as to a murderer. The violent despots however argue it is for the “greater good”… peace.


Separation of church and state is another spurious argument that calls for the “greater good”, while actually separating us and our children from the font of goodness, and brings us closer to the pit of despair. Why would someone who is an atheist do good works if there is no God, punishment or afterlife? There is no reason to, why not just live for today? Moreover, why do good at all since the very concept of goodness is based in religious philosophy? Abolish Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism and the source for any incentive to do good works is gone. Now that the pernicious intolerant meme of separation of church and state has become ingrained in the zeitgeist, the diabolical elite are moving it a step further, of freedom from religion. The elite are systematically banning Christianity, the philosophical foundation of the US Constitution, our Rights and the reason we are essentially good people. In their intolerance of religion and goodness, they pervert right into wrong, and wrong into right, all by appealing to the “greater good”… tolerance.


The Internet has been a boon for free speech. The monopoly of information that the new class progressives once had has been demolished. We are awash in information, information that would never have seen the light of day when the exclusive control of all information, was from the new class progressives at ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. The new class is fighting back with subtle, (and some not so subtle) demands for censorship. The British government has openly called for the silencing of “nonviolent extremist speech.” But notice who is called extremist today. Tea party conservatives are called extreme by the new class elite not violent Islamic terrorists. We are supposed to believe, those who follow the law and want government follow our Constitution are extreme, and those who wish to overthrow it by force, if necessary, are mainstream. The elite’s desire to exclude anyone who is not on board with the Fabian socialist/progressive agenda from the marketplace of ideas, is just another call to the “greater good”… inclusiveness.


This is why when someone appeals to the “greater good” our radar should go off. Those who actually seek the “greater good” never demand from others, they do it themselves, connivers demand from others that which they refuse to give up. Hypocrisy is the bailiwick of such people. They call for the rest of us to give up our sovereignty while they demand arbitrary power, they look teary eyed into a camera and argue it is for our own good to give up guns while they surround themselves with well armed bodyguards, they claim we are too demanding if we ask them to follow their own laws because their laws are too hard to follow… for them. They argue Christianity should be removed from the public square, while imposing a diabolical agenda that calls evil good and good evil. All the while, they seek exclusive control of information, to render us incapable of mounting effective arguments against their perverted agenda. Done by calls for us to destroy ourselves, our children and our society… all for the “greater good”.





John Pepin

Hate Filled Progressives

Thursday, September 4th, 2014



Dear Friends,


It seems to me, progressives are the very people they purport to hate, which points to the reason for their self loathing. Any time a conservative brings up the lack of school shootings, the lower crime rate, the better work ethic of the past, progressives claim the conservative really wants to return to slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, robber barons and rolling back woman’s suffrage. Of course that is the old tried and true method of spurious argumentation, by putting words in someone’s mouth they didn’t utter or believe, and argue against those words. It also points out that what the progressives claim to hate, bigotry, intolerance, the wealthy, the US and racism, is just part of a meme. Let’s call it the progressive hate meme. This meme plays out in the minds of progressives constantly and spreads like influenza. Hate however, is the most counter productive means to solve any problem, it is corrosive to the humanity of the hater and the person hated.


Bigotry is one of the things progressives rail about the most. They really hate bigots. A progressive will scream red faced all day about how bigoted everyone in the Tea Party is. Progressives love to go on and on how terrible it is that law enforcement would profile people, anyone who puts people in a box, they argue, is a bigot and therefore a bad person. Yet progressives put everyone in a box! They separate us into groups and factions then pit us against each other. Claiming everyone in an arbitrary grouping has the exact same qualities is the very definition of a bigot.


Progressives cannot tolerate intolerance. They are quick to point out that someone who they disagree with is an intolerant hater, and so the “hater” should have their free speech curtailed, so they don’t lead others astray. Progressives love to use epithets like intolerance to shut down debate they cannot win. They will go to the utmost extreme to get a Koresh removed from a park or a cross taken down from a hill, because it is so intolerable to them, they simply cannot tolerate Christian symbols in the open. A progressive will move heaven and Earth to get a CEO who made a donation to a charity or political campaign they disagree with fired, because any other perspective than the progressive’s, cannot be tolerated.


Oh boy do progressive hate the rich! Well, not the already rich, but people trying to get rich. The propaganda against the “rich” is as hostile as it is sophist. Those uber rich who support progressive causes are considered the “good” rich and those very few who support our Constitution are the “bad” rich. What is always lost on the progressive, is that they are mostly members of the New Class and as such, make up 90% the top 10% on the wealth scale. George Soros gives billions to the Tides foundation and the Center for American Progress, among many others, he has bankrupted whole nations resulting in famine, economic collapse and want, and never gets attacked for his donations in the unbiased media… but the Koch brothers are demonized, even in the halls of power, for favoring our Constitution.


Progressives constantly rail about inequality. They demand everyone be equal, well, not equal so much as have the same stuff, except for them. Like, Obama eats the best food but begrudges it for our children and us, they spend millions of our tax dollars on vacations but tell us to cut back, the hypocrisy they show is astounding. A progressive sees nothing wrong with going to a $10,000.00 a plate dinner, to raise funds for another progressive who will stomp down inequality with regulation, while never donating a single cent to charity.


Racism is one of the progressive’s biggest bug bears. They hate Tea party members, ostensibly because all Tea party members are racists, which is of course a bigoted way of thinking. Even a cursory examination of progressive rhetoric shows who the real racists are. Progressives claim all white people are racists. You know, those bitter clingers, clinging to “their” guns and religion, in other words, typical white people.


If we look back at history and the progressive heroes the loop closes. Margaret Sanger so hated African Americans she started Planned Parenthood to exterminate them. The first ever showing of “The Rise of a Nation” was played in Woodrow Wilson’s white house! Speaking of the progressive Wilson, he also penned many letters and articles explaining why women are inferior to men, the attributes of the “lesser races” among other topics modern progressives claim to hate. But they love him. Eugenics, as practiced by Hitler, was based on the progressive eugenics movement in the US. The progressive movement metastasizes every few decades and destroys our economy, standard of living, gins up hatred and civil unrest, the results of their policies are always so bad they destroy the progressive name, so the movement goes underground, rebranding themselves as “liberals,” until people who remember what the progressives stand for are all dead. Then they come back, hating everything they stand, (stood) for, and tricking another generation into thinking they are human hearted, when nothing could be further from the truth. Progressives truly are the very people they claim to hate and have always been. The really scary thing is… both political parties in the US are run by self loathing progressives.





John Pepin





Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me tolerance is a one way street to the political left. They have no tolerance whatsoever but demand absolute tolerance from the rest of us. This may be the definition of hypocrisy, but the left bathes in hypocrisy, it is the left’s bread and butter, to them it is a sacrament. What is not so obvious is the pernicious nature of it. Our society, government and culture are damaged greatly when a faction with so much political power are so intolerant of other points of view, other religions and other philosophies. What drives them to such heights of intolerance and hate is their innate self doubt. They know in their minds and hearts they are wrong on most issues, and their leadership will inevitably lead to poverty and violence, but they are committed to their ideology, so to have any hope of winning in a political contest they must stomp down any debate about issues, with spurious demands for tolerance, which in the parlance of the left, is approval and approbation. The longer we allow this level of intolerance of our Constitutional republic, morality, rights and liberty the lower we will fall.


Societies rise in virtue and fall in vice. This is the primary lesson of all of human history. There is not one example in the annuls of humanity where a society rose in vice and fell in virtue. Virtues such as Christian morality, prayer, liberty, traditional marriage, limited government, hard work, along with so much else of what has made America great, are despised by the left. Yet the left is constantly talking of this or that iniquity as being a moral imperative, they see liberty as unconscionable. We are to hang our head in shame if we pray in public, but the reprobate who uses his EBT card on strippers and prostitutes, is defended.


They demand not only tolerance of the intolerable but acceptance as normal and even demand our funding morally reprehensible actions. I personally find abortion to be the evil of our day. In the future people will look back at us, as we do the slave owners of yore, and they will wonder at how we could have been so blind at the wickedness of it. The left however, sees abortion as a sacrament and so I must not only tolerate abortion, but pay for it. I was not only supposed to tolerate a picture of the Virgin Mary decorated in feces, the sign of Baal, but I was even forced to pay for it! While I am cowed by the ever present threat of State violence if I should disagree, they cannot tolerate even hearing a prayer said in public, they cannot tolerate a manger, smoking, SUVs or capitalism.


I am expected to send my children to be “taught” in their schools, where they undermine my religion, the morals I try to teach, they indoctrinate our children into their political mindset with money they take from me at gun point, and they seek to teach ever child the exact same thing through Common Core curriculum. While more and more teens graduate high school without knowing how to read, write, history or geography. If I were to go to a school and speak about God, or the miracle of the free market, I would be forcibly removed, but they can teach how to have gay sex, teach there is no God, teach their twisted version of history and inculcate communism to our children. They cannot tolerate my drinking too large a soda, my eating meat, my right to keep and bear arms or my free speech.


The left has raised hypocrisy and hate to an art form. Their intolerance is more then mere hypocrisy, it is damaging to our society, culture and indeed government. While we are ordered to obey their absurd rules and regulations to the letter, they feel no compunction at all to follow any standards… even their own. The Constitution is an anathema to them because it limits their ability to control the rest of us and so is a stumbling stone to them. Those of us who want the freedom our Constitution guarantees must tolerate the redefining of it, to comport with the left’s need to dominate the rest of us, while they demand our approval else we are “haters.” Leftists see no irony at all when they wear a Che Guevara tee shirt, as they give speeches on the immorality of war, the free market and the rich… while vacationing on Nantucket island. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so destructive.





John Pepin

Evil’s Intolerance of Good and Good’s Tolerance of Evil

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that evil is intolerant of good, and good tolerates evil, at it’s own peril. The intolerance of those that seek socialism is an example of evil’s intolerance, and the tolerance of good people to the lowering of the culture, is an example of tolerance that endangers good. Our culture is art war with itself in this regard. Forces vie to destroy the foundational attributes of our society and government while the good, who are constantly called intolerant by evil, keep quiet this in the name of diversity. Yet those that claim the mantle of diversity are the least tolerant of real diversity. Our society, culture and liberties are in peril due to this dichotomy in thinking.

The culture of the US and Europe is getting lowered daily. We are bombarded with negative messages. Some are obvious, like when television shows idolize indolence, promiscuity, drug use and criminal behavior, while others are less obvious, such as when movies make the villain the hero. These cultural messages all have the same thing in common… they lower the virtues of the people who consume them.

Abortion is a sacrament of evil. We are told that if we have a problem with the evil that is abortion we are intolerant. Spurious arguments are used constantly to shut us up. Some of the sophist arguments include, I would rather a baby be aborted than be abused. If this is true, then the person making this argument should commit suicide immediately, else they may someday be abused. In cases of rape and incest, as if these things are so rampant in our society, they justify millions of on demand abortions a year. It is the woman’s right to choose, yet these same people don’t believe we have the right to choose, how much soda we drink, what to do with our trash, how dirty out cars are allowed to be, how many windows should be in our homes, what kind of car we should drive, what we should eat or what we must and must not teach our children. The hypocrisy of this argument is blatant if you merely look for it. Abortion is really about the lowering of our consideration for human life.

Gay marriage has nothing to do with equal rights but has everything to do with further lowering the value people have for marriage. The ancient Greeks engaged in homosexual behavior as a matter of daily occurrence. Sparta encoded it in their very laws. Alcibiades met Socrates through homosexual intercourse… yet they didn’t have gay marriage. Are we to assume the ancient Greeks were homophobes? Marriage is, and has always been, about the procreation of children. Society has a vested interest in the continuation of the species. Marriage is the way society and government recognize this reality. Gay marriage is a way to convince us that marriage, and all that is good… come from government.

The work ethic has been so diminished, that many people especially younger people, are incapable of engaging in the market system. Rampant drug use and persistently high youth unemployment creates people who cannot hold a job. People who are addicted to opioid drugs cannot function without them, and when they are inebriated, they cannot operate anything safely. Those who go years and years without getting up in the morning and going to work, become unable to subjugate their emotions, they have no self control, to take orders from an employer. Our culture and regulation have created an entire generation that are increasingly unable to hold down a job. That is not to say that there are not youths who are hard workers and will do well, it is to say that the evil incentives in our society, are ruining the ability of more and more people to be productive and live successful lives.

As our culture is diminished the power of government must grow. Machiavelli said, a corrupt people cannot be free. He meant that in a corrupt society, business cannot go on. Your shop will be broken into constantly, your person is not safe, your children are not safe, your home is not safe and you cannot trust anyone you do business with. In such a society, tyranny is the order of the day, because everyone will turn to the oppressor who claims he will keep you safe. But, as Ben Franklin said, he who gives up liberty for safety will get neither.

We continue to tolerate evil in our midst at our and ours children’s peril. The negative consequences of our tolerance are there for anyone to see. We merely have to open our eyes to it. Evil finds good absolutely intolerable however. Look at the vitriolic ways they characterize good. Anyone who finds abortion objectionable is called a murderer of abortion doctors, those of us who are against gay marriage are called homophobes, those of us who seek a free market, are said to be uncaring for the plight of the poor, those of us who look to God for guidance, have the most vitriol heaped on us… and anyone who calls attention to this, is labeled a hatemonger. It is obvious, that evil is intolerant of good, but good tolerates evil not only at our own peril, but to continue to do so and not call evil what it is, threatens the very society we live in. Those that are the proponents of evil are fearless, we must be equally as fearless in our response, else we cede the World to malevolence, intolerance and poverty.


John Pepin

Hate, Envy and Intolerance

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the progressive’s passion for power has reduced them to embracing hate, intolerance and envy, as the entirety of their being. This is the preferred bait the progressives, in both the democrat and republican parties, use to ensnare us. Most people don’t think these are very attractive attributes, but the American left is so full of anger and loathing, they cannot see themselves with any perspective whatsoever. The application of hate to politics, while eschewing love and tolerance, and calling the tolerant, hatemongers, is the highest form of hypocrisy. This bodes poorly for the US and the World if the hate filled, intolerant and envious progressives hold power much longer.

Intolerance was on display in Chick Fil A. The progressives can not tolerate a different perspective. When the owner of the franchise said he is in favor of traditional marriage the progressives went into an intolerant hate filled rage. To accept traditional marriage is a reasonable stance to take but is unacceptable to the progressive politicians and media. They called for boycotts of the stores and their rhetoric became as vitriolic as it was irrational. Their intolerance of other points of view oozed to the surface like algal slime from the bottom of an anaerobic pond.

The American left show their hatred for the American Constitution daily. From Obama claiming the Constitution is flawed because it is a charter of negative liberties, to Diane Feinstein’s assertion that Our Constitution gives government unlimited power, they show their loathing for Our Constitution in their words, actions and rhetoric. But their hate doesn’t stop there.

The American left despises Christianity, limited government, freedom to become wealthy, unborn children, traditional marriage, capitalism, SUVs, freedom of thought, freedom of moral expression, the list goes on and on. They are happy to describe their hatred for you… just ask. What is it about a cross on a hill, the progressives find so obnoxious that they spend so much time, money and political capital eliminating? If you are that intolerant of a silent reminder, far from the beaten path, to those that died in the First World War, protecting your right to say and believe what you want, maybe you should do a little introspection and find out why you are so filled with hate and intolerance.

Envy is a powerful emotion and it is used daily by the progressives. Their constant drumbeat of class warfare shows, not only their attachment to envy, but also highlights their intolerance and hate. The Elite progressives are universally richer than rich, but they vilify wealth, as though every wealthy person got his or her money from genetics, political corruption or gambling/prostitution… like they did. They call people who have met some need of their customers and society evil and call for confiscatory tax rates be applied to others. But… when a rich guy stands in front of me, and claims he wants to hurt the rich, I know I am being lied to. To do that he or she must injure themselves and they are far too selfish to ever do that.

They achieve the highest reaches of insanity when they make baseless attacks on Romney’s taxes. Harry Reid made the libelous statement on the floor of the Senate that Romney hadn’t paid any taxes for ten years! This kind of personal baseless attack, is the epitome of hatred… and envy. Reid sought, by his libelous attack, to make the American people envious and hate Romney… like Reid does. But the truth is, Romney did something productive to get his wealth, Reid made his fortune from political corruption, gambling and prostitution… like the mafia. If anyone should be wary of casting dispersions it should be Harry Reid. They claim it is openness that the progressives seek, if that is so, then what about Obama’s college records? Who paid for those expensive universities? What were the grades of the smartest man in history? But, it is plain that openness is not what the left seeks, they seek hatred of their foes, envy of the wealth of producers, and entrenched intolerance of any view they do not hold.

These are just a very few examples of how the American left show their profound hate, intolerance and envy. They attack that which has made the US the most productive and wealthy nation in World history. The human race is far better off that free market capitalism has been allowed to flourish here. They would allow their hatred to get in the way of future human progress, in fact, the progressives actually seek to return us to the days of serfdom. They seek the destruction of the freedoms the US Constitution provide, not only to American citizens, but by providing an example to the World, humanity as a whole. The progressives intolerance displays the true weakness of their arguments. Hatred, intolerance and envy are powerful emotions and have the ability to motivate mankind to do profound damage to our self interests. The real question is, will we take the bait and be fried for supper, or, being rational maximizers, will we spit out the hook, and keep swimming in the waters of freedom for a little longer? I guess it depends if we have love and tolerance in our hearts, or seethe with hate, envy and intolerance like them.


John Pepin