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Crime Unpunished

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… crime unpunished is crime encouraged. Remember when you were a child and you ran into the road? Your mother, father or both would give you the dickens. That was because they understood that if they didn’t, you would sooner or later run into the road and be killed. Because of their love of you they needed to change your behavior. Condemning the truck drivers will not stop a child from running into the road, a slap on the behind will however. Throughout our childhoods, those of us who had nurturing, loving parents, were taught to be civilized. It probably took standing in a corner, a slap on the behind and a few cross words, but the barbarian in us was molded into civilization. It does no good whatsoever to change the negative behavior with praise of the wrongdoing, blaming the victim or cry racism, when someone acts the barbarian. This is such an obvious truism you would think everyone knows it instinctively… but apparently many don’t.

Hsun Ching said the congenital nature of Man is evil and the good in us is a learned trait. By that he meant when we are born we don’t know, right from wrong, we don’t have empathy, we think we can just take what we want, etc… basically, we are little barbarians. Our empathy, virtue and humanity is taught us by our upbringing. Those who have been civilized operate well in any system while those who have not been civilized only operate well in a very structured environment, with draconian punishments and constant monitoring. Hsun Ching’s philosophy has a direct impact on adults as well.

An adult who has not had the benefit of being civilized will commit crime, that is obvious, but what seems to be not well understood is that when an adult is allowed to commit crime and is not punished for it, they are far more likely to commit more crime later. The more they get away with the more heartless and heinous the crimes they commit. In fact, blaming the victim, claiming racism or simply avoiding addressing the crime, empowers and emboldens the criminal. They feel they have a right to victimize others. The criminal becomes even more callous to the wants and needs of other human beings, and in doing so they become less human themselves.

Humanity means to have compassion, to be kind to others and even animals, it is a quality of being a fully actualized, human hearted human being. Humanity can be grown by changing the behavior of those who act inhuman and it can be corroded by allowing crime to go unpunished. To have humanity is to understand that other people exist, have feelings, want pretty much the same things you do and are as flawed as you and I are. Accepting the flaws of others is part of being humane. A psychopath or sociopath is not humane and has no compassion for others. They are broken. Most people who commit crime however are not psychopaths or sociopaths, they are people who have not been civilized, and so lack some aspect of humanity.

When a society allows some to stand above law, morality and civilization, it provides a strong incentive for others, others who are civilized, to throw off the yoke of civilization and become barbarians themselves. Those with a deeper understanding will resist for awhile but the incentive becomes stronger and stronger the longer society encourages crime. People are adaptable, we will adapt to many things, barbarism is one of those things we can adapt to and in a barbarous society, adapt we must. Those who have virtue in a barbarous society will quickly be crushed. We see that society in the last few decades in the US and Europe has become ever more barbaric.

It doesn’t matter if the criminal is an immigrant from a far away land who thinks rape is perfectly acceptable, or a politician who claims there is no overriding legal authority to punish his open and flagrant crime, the result is the same, crime unpunished is crime encouraged. We are civilized by our parents, that is one of the greatest gifts they give us, after our very lives. Civilization in us allows us to function, socially, economically and personally. Those without the benefit of civilization will commit crime. That doesn’t mean they are psychopaths or sociopaths, it means they are not civilized. A society that fails to punish crime, is a society that nurtures an inhumane, brutish and violent people. People that require intrusive oversight, draconian punishments and onerous laws. Yet even the most draconian punishments, intrusive surveillance and onerous laws will do no good to bring a society to civilization. Once civilization is lost it takes centuries to return to it. Only the most vile, self serving and evil people would want inhumanity for humanity… so why are some crimes unpunished and therefore, encouraged?


John Pepin

Illegal Immigration, Amnesty and Fairness

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one possible solution to the illegal immigration problem Obama’s policies have visited on us, would be to import one legal immigrant who is on the waiting list, for every illegal that is deported, and if the deported person returns illegally it would be a year in prison, then permanent deportation. All problems in human society exist because of negative incentives. Replace those negative incentives with positive incentives and many of the most intractable problems can be turned from a bad into a good. Change the incentive and you change the behavior. Our standard of living, our children’s welfare and even our very republic are in jeopardy if we don’t do something about illegal immigration.

Everyone agrees legal immigration is one of the factors that has made America great. Just think of how much Tesla brought to the US when he immigrated. Immigrants who take the time to come here legally, bring new ideas, new ways of thinking, they have persistence and have a strong work ethic. The US benefits greatly by legal immigration, illegal immigration however, brings with it many negative consequences. Some of these negative consequences are, an underclass, lowered wages, diminished economic outcomes for everyone, all forms of abuse, human suffering at every stage of the process, etc…

All policies, especially ones that directly impact human lives, must be fair. As I have said before Justice is the golden rule and the golden rule is fairness. The moment a person is treated differently by governmental edict than another – there has been an injustice done. That is self evident. So when someone files the paperwork, jumps through all the hoops and gets in line to enter the US, and another jumps the fence and is caught but allowed to remain, an injustice has been done to the person who is going the legal route. That injustice is magnified if the person who jumped the fence gets amnesty, the person waiting in line’s life is on hold, as they grow old, meanwhile guy who jumped ahead gets rewarded with amnesty.

Our market system, such as it is, requires honest people to function efficiently, therefore we should encourage honest people to come here. If no one could be trusted there could be no commerce. How could you trust a check if it was almost certainly bad? How could you work for someone if it was most likely you wouldn’t get paid? The economy requires, as a prerequisite, a basically honest people. Those who try to enter the US by the legal route, their very actions prove, they are more honest than someone who jumps the fence, who by their actions show, that law and morality are lower on their list of priorities than naked chaotic self interest.

The problem with illegal immigration is that it creates an underclass. The entire American experiment as well as the Western world view is based on all human beings being created equal, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of government. An underclass, especially a tacitly accepted underclass, is the antithesis of that moral foundation. An underclass in a society create a whole host of negative incentives to abuse those in the underclass. Why pay the going wage when you can get what amounts to a slave… to mow your lawn, tend your baby or vacuum your floors? The only ones who benefit by an underclass are those who plan on exploiting them.

Incentives always work, whenever human beings are the actors, incentives are the answers, here is how the incentives of replacing illegal immigrants with legal ones will function. When someone is caught in the US for any reason illegally, they would be immediately deported and someone who is on the waiting list would be given a green card. If someone who has been deported is found in the US again they would go to jail for a year and then be deported without being replaced. If anyone is caught a third time they would go on a permanent banishment list. They wouldn’t even be allowed to come here legally. Lastly, the teeth of Reagan’s amnesty program would be replaced, businesses that are caught hiring illegal aliens would face jail and huge fines. As the list of people waiting to come here legally gets shorter, and the list of those sent home gets longer, the incentives will become clear. People are smart and will take the path of least resistance.

The US needs immigrants, immigration policy must be fair, it needs to encourage honest people to come here, and one of the problems with illegal immigration is that it creates an underclass with all the negative effects on human beings of an underclass. Today, with Obama waiving his magic dictator’s pen, claiming he will give anyone who jumps the fence a free pass, the US has become a giant magnet to millions of iron filings. It has become foolish to try to follow the law to come here legally, all one needs do is get here by whatever means and Obama will grant you amnesty, and so, the US is being flooded by illegal immigrants. The elite that encourage illegal immigration must know the negative consequences to it, and therefore, they must also be accepting of those consequences. Imagine, destroying a nation’s economy, impoverishing working people by driving down their wages, creating an underclass to be exploited and abused, encouraging people to risk their lives and the lives of their children, to be that underclass… all so some multimillionaire new class progressive elite, can get their lawn mowed for a few dollars less.


John Pepin

Immigration Reform

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the immigration bill that is winding it’s way through the legislature, should be called “The wage suppression act of 2013.” Let’s face it, the United States does not have a shortage of workers, we have a shortage of jobs. The labor participation rate in the US is falling at an epic rate. The US is in fact the only industrialized country that has a falling labor participation rate. Couple that tidbit with the fact that unemployment is still high by historic standards, and one can only conclude, that for some reason jobs are not being created in America today. Now, to a person with normal thinking, when a country is hemorrhaging jobs, that would be a bad time to introduce millions of new workers… wouldn’t it? Unless the elite think that the reason jobs are becoming more and more scarce is because wages are too high. If that is the case then those in power would do what they can to lower the wages of workers, for example, bring in millions of new workers to compete for fewer and fewer jobs, IE the wage suppression act.


Are wages too high in the US today? If we look at wages for skilled and unskilled work in the US, adjusted for inflation, we find that wages are at a historic low. All wage categories, except upper management, bureaucrats, and politicians, have been on a slide down. Wages in the low skilled sector have taken the biggest hit but the high skilled sector has been stagnant for years as well. Engineers in the US, back in the nineteen eighties were at about one hundred thousand a year, and are still at that rate today. Many argue this is because companies like Microsoft, Google, Hewlett Packard, IBM, etc… have been hiring immigrants instead of American engineers. These firms claim there are no Americans capable of doing these high skilled jobs, and that is why these high tech companies are pushing so hard for immigration reform, but facts fly in their faces.


Today colleges and universities in the US are turning out record numbers of high skilled people. These new college grads are entering the workforce at a time when there are few jobs and less opportunities. As a case in point, ask the waiter next time you go out to eat, if he or she has a college degree. More likely than not they do. When a college graduate must wait tables, he or she dislocates lower skilled workers, and so lacking a job they fall out of the workforce. So, we must ask ourselves, why are so many skilled people working so far below their potential? Moreover, with wages so low and opportunities so rare, no wonder recent college graduates are depressed and angry, therefore they have the time and are willing to participate in the Wall Street protests.


This would seem to indicate that it is not wages that is negatively effecting job creation but some other factor. When Ronald Reagan was elected there was a similar dearth of jobs. Unemployment was high and wages had stagnated. The course Reagan put the US on was not one of raising taxes, regulation, government stimulus and creating new entitlements, what Reagan did was lower taxes, deregulate and ratchet down the entitlement mindset. Calvin Coolidge did the same thing. What was the results of these policies? High GDP growth, rising wages, lower crime, low unemployment and the creation of the term “yuppies.” If you don’t remember what a Yuppy was, it meant a young upwardly mobile person… an all but extinct species today.


Since Obama has taken office he has raised a whole slew of taxes, from income to fees and introducing a whole new tax regime, Obama care. His party has regulated everything they can find. Our banking system reels under the weight of Dodd Frank, and the trillion dollar stimulus went entirely to rich political hacks, who went bankrupt as soon as the government check cleared, with not a job to show for it. The Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars, to counter the negative effects of Obama’s policies, to no avail. The only people making out well are the uber rich, (you know, the people Obama claims to hate, but spends all his time on Martha’s Vineyard with), government workers and politicians. Washington DC is a boom town awash in money and power while Main Street USA crumbles.


So why import millions of new workers who will work for far less than Americans can? The only logical answer to that question is to lower the wages of Americans. Why would the government do that? To diminish the political power of the people and create disquiet in society. Remember, the worse conditions are for the people, the more power politicians get. Since power is their goal, not creating the conditions for a stable wealthy society, the unrest that… diminishing wages, resentment of immigrants, and the crime these beget, drives demand for more regulation, more government oversight, more police, more surveillance, in short, more power to government and the elite. Our compassion for the children of illegal immigrants, is being exploited to lower our standard of living, therefore enhancing the political power of the elite. This should come as no surprise, the new class’ goal has always been to reestablish the power they lost to the bourgeoisie a few centuries ago. Back to the good old days, when there were only two classes, the aristocracy and peasants.





John Pepin

I Pencil and Complexity Theory

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the most commonly known analogy in economics is, I Pencil. This narrative shows that the capitalist system produces things of such complexity it would be impossible for a central authority to do it. Moreover this story illustrates what can be produced at extremely low cost opening up their availability to the masses of people. What is not well known about I Pencil. is that it also illustrates the complexity theory of economics. This is a very important point that the writer of I Pencil couldn’t have known because complexity theory had not been invented. What makes this important for the average person to understand is that it shows the futility of government control over an economy. If we as a people understood this very important concept, we would stop undermining our own economic prosperity by electing progressives, who only seek power and authority over everything.


I Pencil. is a story of how a pencil comes into being. If you or I set out to make a 10 cent pencil the cost to us would be extraordinary. The cedar in a pencil is from the Appalachian mountains, the graphite and glue from where ever they are cheapest made, the paint from China, the eraser from rubber made in south America and the brass ferrule from who knows where. For you or I to gather all these components and assemble them into a pencil would be prohibitively expensive, yet they are produced by the market system so cheaply they can be thrown away, if the eraser is worn. All the inputs are from diverse parts of the world, made by diverse people for diverse reasons. The point is they are all available to the capitalist to produce something that is fundamentally different in kind from the original inputs.


All of the advancement of Western society has been through the innovation of the market system. Innovation that is made possible by the diverse products the market provides. As new products are made available by the market more innovations are available to the entrepreneur. If graphite were not available the pencil would not be possible. People, not governments, make innovations. Governments stifle innovation through regulations that, while well meaning, serve to undermine the availability of new products. This is usually done to protect some job or politically favored industry. The result is always lower wages, lower productivity and high unemployment. All add up to a lower standard of living.


The various inputs to a pencil are manufactured probably for other reasons than to make pencils. Glue is made for furniture and a myriad of other reasons by the glue industry. These divers industries can also be considered components in the complex system that is the market or an economy. These diverse actors in the economy are interdependent, are able to learn, they communicate, and they respond to their environments, IE, the demand for their products versus the cost to manufacture them. Firms within industries are another example of complex actors that lower the granularity of the approach. Each has an interest in creating new products that can be used in new ways.


As new products come onto the market more products can be made or perhaps made cheaper. Like the mechanical loom made it possible for the laborer to have a wool coat, because coats became cheaper, new products allow entrepreneurs to come up with new products and services that further improve the lot of Man. The new products are different in kind from the inputs. Like a pencil is different in kind from rubber sap, graphite or cedar, new products that could have never been predicted emerge from old and newly made available products. No one ever born, let alone a bureaucrat, could have predicted that an innovation devised by Bell Labs, the transistor, coupled with another Bell Lab invention, PCM, would enable the innovations we live with today.


Just as the digital computer is different in kind from the transistor the transistor must have been invented before the computer would be possible. The original innovation as well as the emergent innovation could only come about under a system of bottom up emergence into a viable product. Once government eliminates the complex system of the economy, breaking it to the whims of the political elite, innovation will necessarily stop. The standard of living of the people of the world will stagnate and then decline. We see this in every nation that has risen up under capitalism and fallen under socialism. England used to be the world’s super power until it destroyed itself with socialist regulation. Japan rose under laissez fair capitalism and now is grinding to a halt under socialistic friction, Hong Kong has maintained laissez fair market regulations and continues to see a steady increase in the standard of living of it’s inhabitants as well as huge immigration.


The best way to understand this fact is by watching human emigration. The mass of people move from places where the markets are limited by regulation for whatever reason, socialist, religious, protectionist or any other, to places where the market system is more free to work. That they often undermine the market in their new homes by calling for protectionist measures, socialist “fairness” or demand religious exceptions, is a tragic consequence of freely moving people. That governments go along with these anti market regulations is a sure sign of the decline of that nation. Soon the people will vote with their feet to leave that weakened magnet and are drawn to the new country that has embraced laissez fair. Let it work, should be the motto of every nation on the planet, because it works.





John Pepin

Giant Omnibus Laws and Comprehensive Immigration

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the only reason to pass massive omnibus bills, is to hide pernicious things in it. Every time you open the paper lately there is this or that omnibus bill being debated. Everything must be passed in a “comprehensive” bill. We and our representatives are told the World will end if it is not passed. We are subjected to pressure tactics by disingenuous elites who seek nothing like what they pretend to propose. There is a better way… To pass small, easily readable bills that can be understood by the vast majority of the people.

The “Affordable Care Act” is one such example. As the leviathan law is enacted by the bureaucracy the pages of regulation grow alarmingly. Even organizations and groups that initially promoted the bill, because in most cases they got waivers from it, are calling for it’s repeal now they understand their waivers are temporary. You know a bill is not good when the Elite that pass it exempt themselves from it. The labyrinthine rules and regulations have done incalculable damage to our economy and I maintain the Affordable Care Act is the primary reason this economic recovery has been so pathetic.

The Dodd Frank banking regulations create more problems than solutions. The results of Dodd Frank are in direct opposition to the stated goals. This titanic of legislation was supposed to prevent banks from getting “Too big to fail” and stop the systemic risk that such large financial institutions represent to the economy as a whole. Under Dodd Frank the giant banks have grown ever larger at an increased pace. The law’s provisions further lowers economic output by putting huge regulatory strains on small and medium sized banks. The very banks that loan to small businesses! Talk about pernicious, banks are discouraged from loaning to small businesses, under Dodd Frank. This is another reason our economy has performed so poorly.

Now our elected representatives are debating a massive comprehensive immigration bill. This bill is supposed to stop illegal immigration, put an end to defacto amnesty, bring hard working immigrants in from the shadows, stop welfare fraud, stop rampant identity theft, make our system more “fair,” and put a puppy in every child’s arms. Even a cursory look at history shows these are the least likely outcomes of such a bill. When Ronald Reagan passed a similar bill, with the same lofty goals, the results went wide of the target. The enforcement mechanism in that historic bill was draconian enforcement of the illegal immigrant labor laws on firms that hired them. Those businesses would be severely punished. They were at first, but as soon as the monied and elite felt the sting, the enforcement mechanism was tossed out. Does anyone believe, for even a second, the same thing won’t be done now?

Another pernicious result of the last comprehensive immigration bill was to encourage a tsunami of illegal immigration. Millions poured across the porous Mexican US border. Apparently rewarding illegal behavior seems to encourage illegal behavior. Although that may seem obvious to you and I it is a revelation to our lawmakers. The Heritage Foundation wrote a paper claiming that if this bill passed, the cost to the US would run to 6.4 TRILLION dollars, and were pilloried for it. The reason… almost all the illegal immigrants in the US today are low skilled and low wage laborers. Does the US have a dearth of low wage low skilled laborers? Of course not! That is absurd. The US has need of high skilled workers. Those that have come here and have no jobs will certainly remain on the welfare roles. To think otherwise is insane.

If the government passed small bills, the results could be anticipated, if they fall short. it would be an easy task to remove them and pass different ones that actually solve the problem. Take immigration for example. It would be easy to take away the incentive for people to immigrate illegally, by passing a law that anyone found to be in the US illegally, cannot ever become a citizen. Once that law is passed, examine the results, if it needs to be changed, change it. If it doesn’t work at all, repeal it and if it works, leave it alone and go on to the next step. Drastically raising the number of people who can come to the US of the type the economy needs. Keep it simple and it will simply work.

The elite are in love with comprehensive, omnibus laws however. They cannot see any reason to pass small, easily understood bills that work, when giant omnibus bills are so effective at hiding pork. The elite can claim to have done something when they have in fact made matters worse. This plays to their benefit however. Because the worse they make things, the more need we have of large comprehensive bills, to rectify the problems created by past giant comprehensive laws. Laws that continue the slide to a totalitarian state. You see, passing omnibus bills is a self promoting phenomenon, like fire… and no one wants out of control fire, except arsonists.


John Pepin

Immigration Policy Sane and Insane

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the US needs to get a sane immigration policy in place, before our society breaks down completely. Immigration, or more to the point, illegal immigration, has been a wedge issue the progressives have used to pry naturally inclined republican Latino voters, from the republican party and to the democrat party. This wedge issue has worked so well, according to unbiased news accounts, that the republican party have become political lepers in the immigrant community. The beauty of immigration as a wedge issue is, that the more incompetently the government is at, securing the boarder, controlling the associated crime that must come with illegal immigration, and even to their duty to deport those found to be here illegally, the more the progressives can undermine any real effort, while painting republicans as haters of immigrants. The Elite’s intractability in this, has made this issue as important as any we face today, with repercussions for tomorrow.

Latinos are generally Christian people who value family and community. We all know the stance of the Roman Catholic Church on Abortion. Latinos for the most part, according to polls, follow the Church’s teachings on these matters, and yet vote, against their conscience for the party of abortion on demand, under any circumstance and at any stage of gestation, now even arguing for afterbirth abortion up to a year old! How can a Catholic man or woman vote for the party that not only condones the murder of millions of babies in this manner, a crime against humanity, but forces the rest of us through the tax system, to pay for it! Yet, the Latino community votes for them anyway, when the republican party is a far better fit with it’s focus on family values.

We are told by the unbiased media that the republican party is hated by the immigrant community because of their stance on immigration. In the push to effect the minds of the electorate, the unbiased media conflate illegal immigration and legal immigration, as if they were the same. By blurring the line between right and wrong behavior they have successfully grasped the initiative. Initiative is a tough thing to hold onto however. By unblurring the line, the truth can be explained to the legal immigrant community and more to the point, it would allow logical discussion on the subject instead of emotional rhetoric thrown around like footballs.

Sane immigration policy would take into account the vast number of people that want to come here. It would throw aside racial and ethnically based policies, in favor of testing applicants to see if they seek to come to America, to be Americans. That, in a sane World, would be the way it is done. Instead the system the Elite have set up is full of pernicious incentives. Worthy people who would make great additions to the melting pot are stuck in limbo for decades, while those that broke US law to come here, are offered a path to citizenship! What message does that send? People who are here legally are denied continuances very often for stupid bureaucratic reasons. If they stay then they become illegal and are forced by the system to, steal identities, drive without a license, work under the table, along with a host of other socially disruptive things.

Immigration policy should give great allowances for people who are here legally, and ask to stay longer, especially if they want to become citizens. Smart policy would allow almost as many people who ask to come to be allowed to come. The only caveat being that they seek to be Americans. If they want to go to America and be Americans, they are exactly the people Americans want to come here. If they want to go to America to overthrow the Constitution, then no, they should not be allowed entry under any circumstances.

The sticking point is the eleven or so million illegals that live in the US. The citizenry of the United States is smart enough to be uncomfortable with that many people living here… illegally. The people understand that illegal aliens must break our laws making them second class citizens, or be given special treatment, and be above our laws. If that is the case, then the illegals have been made the masters, by the political Elite. Because a master is someone who is above the rule of law. The American people understand that any society that has masters, must have slaves, and Americans hate slavery, especially their own. So if illegal immigration is not addressed, either illegals become the masters, or they become second class citizens, little better than slaves.

The deeply Christian Latino community votes for the anti family, anti Christian party, despite their deep Christian faith, due to the successful propaganda of the progressives, in blurring the line between legal immigration and illegal immigration, while the unbiased media fuel the fires of anger at the republicans. Immigration policy that had a whit of sanity would allow far more people in, almost everyone who applies, the only test should be whether or not the would be immigrant wants to be an American, and anyone wanting to overthrow the Constitution, no matter if they eschew violence or not, should be kept out.

Illegal immigration must be stopped. The only way to stop it would be to build a West Bank style fence between the US and Mexico. Government must stop all illegal immigration, and then open the door widely, to legal immigration. If the political Elite wanted to, they could quickly achieve this, so apparently they don’t. Illegal immigration is too handy a wedge issue, a source of cheap labor for gardeners and nannies for the Elite and disrupts the steady functioning of society, driving more need of regulation and legislation, thus the legislator. Yea, we really do need a good and smart immigration policy, but I’m afraid with Obama and the rest of this bunch… we won’t get it. Too bad for us, the more intentionally incompetent the Elite are, the more indispensable they become.


John Pepin

Illegal Immigration and the Presidential Election

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when an immigrant to the United States comes here illegally, it is stealing what others have worked for. Those that come to the US legally, have had to make sacrifices… and in some cases have waited for years. It seems unlikely that those who have struggled for years and went without, so they could give their children a better life, would appreciate someone else stealing, what they have worked years for. This is among the most spurious arguments we are hearing in this election year. If the American voter falls into this trap, the progressives have laid, it will ensure that illegal immigration and all the ills that go along with it, are entrenched into American society and culture forever.

Most people don’t appreciate someone stealing what they have worked for. Lets say, for example, that a person steals a car from a showroom lot. That person needs the car. The car will make his or her life better, in that it will provide for them transportation, which is in itself a form of freedom. Now, the argument that the progressive make, is that the car dealership has many cars and the loss of one is not an undue burden for them. So, since the person who stole the car needs it, and the person who owns the the car doesn’t, the car should just be given to the thief. Anyone with half a brain can see the sophistry there. But illegal immigration is steeped in such emotional rhetoric that logical thought is almost impossible. Those that engage in logic are vilified as hateful people when the really hateful are those that seek an underclass.

Illegal immigrants are not a valid voting bloc. Those that are illegal immigrants have no legal ability to vote. That the Presidential election is said to hinge on the candidates stand on illegal immigration, IE. The one that promotes it the most will win the Hispanic vote, is insanity. It is premised that those who have struggled, waited years, worked keeping their paperwork up to date and then taken the freeman’s oath and become US citizens, will will vote for the candidate that most encourages further theft of what they have worked for, even as those who have been virtuous, wait to bring their family here legally. This seems absurd to me. Do you want the person who steals a car, to keep it, even though you had to work for yours? What are the incentives there?

People who come to America illegally, put themselves at risk, and endanger the civil society of America. Most people who come to America simply want to be Americans and participate in the American way of life. They want the liberty that the American Constitution provides, they seek economic opportunity that capitalism creates, and for their children to be Americans. There are those, however, that don’t come here wanting these things. Those people seek to destroy what America stands for. Be it for philosophical reasons, communists who despise the market system, and understand that for the oppression of Marxism to ever last, there must be no examples of capitalism to exist… no shining city on a hill. Some seek America’s destruction for religious purposes, and others are simply criminals, looking for a more wealthy victim. Illegal immigration allows these evil people to come here, and work their diabolical plans… in the dark.

Promoting illegal immigration is tantamount to endorsing second class citizenship. Those people who actually want a better life for their children are poorly served when they come here illegally. They have no real rights and by definition live on the boundaries of society. They must work for less, and therefore, lower the prevailing wage, for people who are here legally. People who are illegal, are subject to deprivations, the victimizer would immediately meet with a long jail sentence… if they were visited on legals or citizens. But more perniciously, when illegal immigration is encouraged by our government, it opens the door to more of it. Making more and more people subject to these types of oppression, tantamount to modern slavery.

The answer is to allow unlimited legal immigration, to those who honestly seek to come here, and participate in the American experiment. No matter if they are from Guatemala, Nigeria, Slovakia or Thailand. Especially to the oppressed around the World. People who want to be Americans must be legal. Those that seek to undermine our civilization must be barred. Opening legal immigration, and closing illegal immigration, would achieve these results. That our elected politicians argue and act otherwise, is clear evidence, they seek the civil strife and underclass, that illegal immigration results in. The US is a place, where there should never be an underclass, ever! Equality under the law is impossible if some people are illegal… BY DEFINITION!

So, if a politician, or unbiased media person, claims that the Hispanic vote will turn on the candidates stand on promoting illegal immigration, they are engaging in sophistry in it’s purest form. They seek to lower the lot of Mankind, and undermine the very essence of America… Equality for all under the law. But then again, not everyone who hates capitalism and freedom are illegal immigrants… some hold high elected office, along with all those who hold the title of tzar…


John Pepin

Arizona Law and Illegal Immigration Law

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the stance of the Federal government as stated by Eric Holder is idiotic. To say that state authorities have no ability to arrest people found to be in violation of federal law opens a whole can of worms.

Is this a blanket statement? If it is then what about machine gun laws? They are federal. If a local law enforcement officer comes across a person brandishing a machine gun, that officer wouldn’t be allowed to even notify federal law enforcement about it… according to Holder. Let alone arrest him or her for it. Does this make sense to you?

If it is not a blanket statement then why the constitutional carve out for illegal immigrants? What legal basis could there be for it? So, if Mr. Holder claims that there is a carve out of federal law for illegal aliens, then is it because, there is a clear need for them in the US. One that is so important that it outweighs the mass of legal precedent. Legal precedent that is… all people are equal, under the law. Or has it changed to… all groups, are equal. There are some that are more equal then others. Illegal Aliens for example…

But if the administration is right, that local and State law enforcement cannot enforce Federal law, then I expect people will be getting out their printing presses and printing up $100 dollar bills. Only the FBI can enforce Federal law under the Holder leadership. A person could knowingly pass a printed counterfeit $20.00 bill and the Federal government would frown on a local police officer taking notice.

Slavery is another example. Does it make sense for local and State officials to turn a blind eye to a slavery ring operating in the US? Say…Trafficking in young girls? Under Holders assertion local and State police would be barred from reporting Human traffickers to federal authorities. To do so would make it less likely that people would report crime to the police. Using Holder’s logic.

What if Local police came across a treason plot that was about to be hatched? Holder would argue that it isn’t local police authority to intervene. If the government was overthrown and a communist regime set up, that then murdered twenty five million Americans, according to Eric Holder, that would be the price for liberty…. Or something. All to overturn a law Mr. Holder has not read.

No… Holder and the administrations want to use illegal immigration as a lever. A lever to use to move the American people to accept “comprehensive” reform. The law, as it is written, is “unsustainable.”

The definition of “comprehensive” is making all the illegal immigrants citizens… again. It had such a negative effect on illegal immigration the last few times it was tried it should definitely be tried again, and again, and again… Government loves to re-try things that have failed in the past. The bigger the failure the more it must try again.

The definition of “unsustainable” is anything the government wants to take over and control. If the government wants to take over and control health care they call it unsustainable. A word that, I am sure, has been thoroughly polled and tested… for it’s public palatability.

The real issue is that a faction of the American political Elite see an opportunity. They believe, if they make millions of poorly educated people who can’t speak English citizens, then the new citizens will reward that faction with their political support. It is not totally unfounded. Most of the poor and uneducated in South America vote reliably for communist governments. The faction of the American Elite that want to make them citizens agree with communist philosophy… they just call it progressivism. Their (illegal immigrants and the Elite’s) interests seem to be aligned.

Of course this would make a true underclass in the USA. Something the progressives have wanted for years. Real inequality… Not the ginned up, pretend variety they have been claiming is in the US. Real poverty, enforced by a language barrier and an education ceiling. Trapped in poverty and ignorance the Elite believe the Latinos will keep them in office forever…

Forever trapping the “undocumented workers” in poverty. Because to ever let them get up would undermine the power of the Elite… And if the power of the Elite is ever threatened… The Elite become dangerous even to their old allies.