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Scientific Advance is Predicated on Philosophical Advance

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… you cant have warp drives, until you have the philosophy to invent them. A prerequisite for technological advancement is human hearted philosophical advancement. In other words, before science can advance, there needs to be the philosophical foundation for it first. Just as medicine needed the philosophical advance, that accepted human dissection for medical research is moral, before it could advance beyond leeches and toadstools. Aristotle originally wanted to be a natural philosopher, a scientist perhaps a botanist, but the state of science at the time made such an endeavor useless, so he went into the area that advanced the philosophy, so those pursuits in the sciences could be made. This is a natural mitigating factor in keeping scientific advance behind philosophical advance. It protects us from ourselves. Problems come in however when barbarians conquer more advanced peoples and gain technology which they couldn’t have created, are ill equipped to understand the ramifications of, but are more than willing to use. The higher the level of technology the more dangerous this principle becomes.

Each scientific advance was preceded by a philosophical advance. The creating of the gun and cannon was preceded by Christianity. Others had black powder for centuries before, and many had put it to some use, but hadn’t made guns. It was only after the widespread adoption of Christianity and it’s often ignored doctrines of, love thy neighbor as thyself, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, turn the other cheek, etc… These concepts had been known and indeed some are the foundations of Confucianism and Buddhism, but no one had combined them the way Jesus had, and so, as a combined group they did what they had not individually, giving rise to an emergent philosophy leading to a leap in humanity’s human heartedness. This opened the way for much more than guns, but advances in all the sciences, and even the creation of the market system. Then, people who didn’t follow that philosophy, only the tribal clique, picked up those advances in warfare, navigation and economics and subjugated the world.

Philosophy is like vision. Without it a being can survive by staying close to it’s home. Since a blind animal cannot detect danger as efficiently as a seeing one, it must be more wary. Blind animals also have a limited ability to perceive the world in context. The story of the three blind men, is helpful here, all touching an elephant then describing what an elephant is. Each correct in his own way but incorrect in a macro sense because they could not see the elephant. Exactly the same way people who’s philosophy has not opened their eyes yet cannot see the world in context, cannot understand the meaning of what is going on around them and cannot navigate anywhere near as efficiently. Philosophy is the same way but in a level of conscience sense. The higher the level of philosophy the better we can see… so to speak. Note, I said the higher the level, not the newness of the philosophy. There have been as many steps back as there have been steps forward. It’s just once they are understood the steps backward are rejected while the steps forward are incorporated.

People with a stone age philosophy will never create iron let alone a warp drive. Not because they are too stupid but because their philosophy is too limiting. Before one can create iron, one must be open to the idea of iron. If the idea is rejected out of hand, for whatever reason, the corporeality that comes of the idea cannot come into being. The thing simply cannot be made. If they are given iron, or trade for it, they see it, understand it’s utility and so their minds are expanded to include the idea of iron, but that still doesn’t mean they could have created it. The same applies to the Roman times, the Dark Ages, and even today’s post modernist philosophy, all are blind in one way or another, most if not all in many ways. As a result our science is limited by our vision. This is by no means a bad thing. A caveman with a machine gun is dangerous because he is unpredictable with it. Your brother with a machine gun is not dangerous because he is predictable. The first will use it in fits of anger having not the philosophy to control himself, the second only as a toy for target practice, unless he or his loved ones are threatened. The limiting factor of philosophy is a good thing.

The problem occurs, when people who lack the civilizing influence needed for a technology… get their hands on it. Take nuclear energy for example. Does anyone in their right mind really believe that sooner or later there will not be a horrific nuclear meltdown in North Korea, India, Pakistan or Iran? Even the fastidious Japanese, riddled with obsessive compulsive disorder, had a catastrophic meltdown. Yes, it took a nearly magnitude 10 earthquake and towering tsunami, but the consequences linger to this day and will remain for a very long time. If our philosophy as a human race had advanced sufficiently to be fooling with nuclear energy, we would be building thorium reactors rather than Uranium reactors. That we build uranium reactors, despite their inherent danger, for the plutonium that is handy for building nuclear bombs, while thorium reactors are far safer but do not produce the components for nuclear weapons, shows our present lack of human heartedness, (philosophy).

Since philosophy is both a limiting and forwarding factor in human scientific understanding, it makes sense to try to advance it, as much as possible. The more human hearted the philosophy the greater the level of scientific achievement that is possible. Those philosophy’s that have been dead ends, those that lead to the subjugation of individuals, must be abandoned… while those that have produced the greatest advances on humanity should be embraced. Pragmatically then, no matter if we as a human race embrace Christianity, we must embrace the teachings of Jesus as the philosophical advance they are. We should subscribe to the philosophy of capitalism as it was during the 1920s to reanimate the economy. We need to return to the nuclear family as the answer to the scourges of abortion, drugs, crime and hopelessness. We, as a people, must look at what philosophies has worked in the past and embrace only those, abandoning others that have failed us, only in that way can we be ready to advance to the next level of technological and scientific advancement.


John Pepin

Oppression Theory

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, oppressors have managed to convince many of us that oppression today, is the answer to oppression yesterday. The logic goes something like this, since group A was oppressed in the past, group B who oppressed them are always oppressors, while group A are always the oppressed. The oppression is usually race or economically defined, but oppressors always define a group as permanent oppressors, and other groups as permanently oppressed. This perversion of logic has served to motivate millions of people to help oppressors and would be oppressors, even laying down their lives to establish oppression, the very thing they so loathe! Simple, unambiguous logic dictates that… to eliminate oppression, one must eliminate oppression.

The progressive elite have established white people, no matter what actual race that has white skin one comes from, as the perpetual oppressors. Meanwhile, they have established in the cultural zeitgeist, the idea that people of every other colored skin, are the permanently oppressed. This is why when, even a man of Mixed descent shoots a hood attacking him, is called a “White Hispanic” by the totality of the media, people don’t even blink. No one noticed that the primary attribute the press put on the man defending himself, was the color of his skin, even though his grandfather was of African descent… to put Zimmerman in the oppressor category, and to forward their political slant on the story.

We have swam in the cesspool of oppression theory so long that we don’t even notice our own smell. Of course the logic of defining any group of people into any category, let alone a permanent oppressor class, is not just absurd it is diabolical. The children cannot be held liable for the sins of their parents, let alone the great great grandchildren. To define any human being by an arbitrary attribute, like skin color is in and of itself, the act of an oppressor. That is what oppressors do, they define us into groups then pit us against each other, riding astride us, directing the carnage to their amusement.

Defining one group as a permanent oppressor is very convenient. The definition oozes into the zeitgeist over time and become like Pavlovian reaction. You react without thinking. This makes controlling people much easier. Want the masses to hate A? Make A the oppressor and people will kill and die to destroy it. Enrage people by saying, it is a matter of life and death that A be defeated, and people will pick up guns and shoot congressmen who they see as threatening their very lives. Violence becomes normalized, against the permanent oppressor class, and becomes normal.

Moreover, all human beings are both oppressors and the oppressed, depending on many definitions of who and what is oppressed. There is not one among us who cannot name a time or place they were oppressed, by someone or situation, and if brutally honest, any of us could name a dozen times we oppressed another. Even parents oppress children as children oppress their parents. To define any group that clearly is both oppressed and the oppressor, depending on a multitude of factors, as permanent oppressors is absurd… there can only be an aggregate approximation rather than an empirical determination. I am as guilty as you, if only we admit it to ourselves, like civilized people, we could move beyond oppression theory, and the violence and even oppression served by it, to a more human hearted concept.

First we must learn to recognize when we are being plied with oppression theory… then react against it. We must be utterly intolerant of oppression theory ever sniffing the air for the fetid odor of it. Not everyone has to act but all that need act are a few. Call out oppressors, by writing scathing letters and comments, showing how oppression theory was used in articles that use it, and why it is violent. Do our very best to stop being oppressive to others even as we demand others do not oppress us. Use the term oppression, and define its utility to oppressors, as it is the only word progressives understand. Society and culture is only changed by an intolerant minority, the time for our tolerance of nonsense has passed, the time has come for logic and common sense to take control, we must stop the would be oppressors… who would use oppression theory to attain our oppression!


John Pepin

Human Heartedness

Monday, February 20th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, human heartedness is truly a path to both wisdom, wealth and health. The old sayings of Confucius have been so bastardized over the years, most people only have a half comedic view of him and his philosophy, the philosophy of human heartedness. In fact, the reason he has been so revered for over two millenia, is that his voice rings truth across the ages. To me the philosophy of human heartedness sounds like a small rivulet running down a cliff side, pure and clear, promising succor from life’s heat. Human heartedness is not to be soft hearted, not at all, to be human hearted one must practice many traits, reciprocity, generosity, moral judgment, conscientious, trustworthy and be devoted to learning. Confucius was also adamant that to be human hearted one must also eliminate in oneself, obstinacy, bias, self-centeredness and arbitrary judgments. Imagine for one moment what a society would be like, if the majority of people followed this example, our economy would hum along, crime would be rare and government would be hardly noticeable, in short, it is self interested rightly understood to be human hearted.

Carneades argued that true justice is impossible because for a man to be just he must do violence to his own self interest. The very next day he argued the opposite just as eloquently, to show that pure reasoning is insufficient to decide moral questions, centuries before Kant. If pure reason is insufficient then is there a means by which we can decide the moral right? There are two that have stood the test of time, the first are the inspired morals of God, like the Ten Commandments, the teachings of Jesus, etc… the second is pragmatism. Every time the teachings of God have been ignored things go quickly awry. Even the most mundane, the seven day work week, is empirically tested, the ideal for the human body and when changed people perform worse. Pragmatically the word of God matches with empirical evidence of morality. To practice good moral judgment then is to follow the teachings of Jesus… follow the golden rule, look to your own sins before pointing at the sins of another, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, love thy neighbor as thyself, judge not lest ye shall be judged and in the same manner, etc… all educated people on our planet know the teachings of Jesus, the practice of good moral judgment.

Reciprocity is doing to others as they have to you, it doesn’t mean exacting revenge for harm, that would be violating practicing moral judgment, but returning good works for good works. Someone who returns evil for good is not practicing reciprocity and is violating both practicing good moral judgment and reciprocity. To be generous is to help those around us, within our means, so we are a benefit to humanity and not a burden. That benefit can be in any form that helps people, donating money is obvious but picking up trash next to the road also is a help, or simply holding the door to someone with their hands full, also makes a person generous. Conscientiousness and trustworthiness are qualities every employer looks for in an employee. Once an employer recognizes them in someone that employee becomes invaluable. Even if they lack other attributes, their conscientiousness and trustworthiness will always win out. That is because those are such a rare qualities today.

To be devoted to learning is to be open minded, curious and investigative. The person who is devoted to learning never takes the word of someone what a book says, they read it themselves, then laughs at how others had tried to manipulate the knowledge in the book. Confucius loved learning and so had plenty to teach, many today hate to learn but love to teach, as a result, they have little to teach and much to learn. Learning itself is a good done for itself, as well as a good we do to get another good, ie, knowledge. The very act of learning forces the brain to rewire itself, and in rewiring itself the brain becomes ever more malleable, more able to adapt, and it is the ability to adapt, more so than strength or agility, that is often the difference between life and death. Learning gives us both knowledge and the ability to adapt.

Of course there are those things the human hearted person must avoid. The obstinate are unable to learn, as are the biased. Self-centeredness is an attribute that undermines the ability to be reciprocal, be generous, trustworthy or even practice good moral judgment. The self-centered, egoists, are closed off from evolving into a higher form, like the proverbial camel must be fully unburdened before it can enter the eye of a needle, the egoist must shed his or her self-centeredness before any form of wisdom can be attained. Arbitrary judgment is jumping to conclusions based on something other than considered conclusions. An arbitrary judgment can be due to emotion, bias as in tribalism, race etc…

Human heartedness has been translated in other ways, ritual and righteousness, music and ritual among others. Human heartedness clicks with me though, because after reading most of the existent quotes by Confucius, it is obvious he was a deeply caring man who wanted to change his kingdom for the better, not by forcing people to do what he deemed right, but by leading by example, showing people the good that comes of being human hearted, the good that would befall a kingdom if it’s rulers were human hearted and shining a light down a better way. To be human hearted is to be civilized, not to be human hearted is to be a barbarian. History is unambiguous, when people have been civilized, there has always been more liberty, leading to prosperity and good health, leading to low crime. If we want to live in a free society with low crime, that is prosperous, it becomes a self interested thing to do, rightly understood… to be human hearted.


John Pepin

The Hateful Four

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when a lie is called truth and truth is called a lie, evil is ascendant, whenever and wherever evil is ascendant, people will become heartless, and we have heartlessness in neon lights in Chicago. Imagine how callous a person needs to be to do such a thing, as torture someone at all, let alone on a live streaming broadcast… for fun. This level of psychopathy is usually reserved for political leaders, would be tin pot dictators, who claim to do it in the “national” interest. That evil however, did not bubble up from the bottom, not at all, it trickled down from the top, as evil always does. The top becomes corrupted, and that putrescence drips down on us below, because everything flows downhill. Confucius philosophy of government was founded on leaders leading by example rather than fear and violence, and that corrupt leaders lead to corrupt states, while virtuous leaders lead to virtuous states. We have had 8 years of the Obama regime’s open corruption… yet not investigated, ignored and ridicule heaped upon anyone who dares bring it up, that corruption has dripped at first but now has become a drizzle of putrefaction down upon the rest of society.

Since the congenital nature of Man is evil, the good in us a learned trait, in a civilized society human heartedness is taught to everyone, otherwise civil society could not function. Barbarians are only suitable for tyrannies. No other form of government will keep barbarians in check so some form of society can function. No society then, that wants to remain civilized with all the amenities, comforts and advantages civil society offers, would intentionally undermine the civilizing of the youth, yet clearly, those youths are not civilized. One could offer that the event was a one off, an aberration, and 10 years ago they would have been right, but due to the rot in government dripping on civil institutions and decaying them, a growing number of our youth lack the civilizing education our forefathers and mothers had. The corruption in government has corrupted our schools, religious institutions, fraternal organizations, charities, etc…

It is not at all surprising that at the end of the Obama administration such heartlessness would be on the rise. Appealing to division is the hallmark of Obama’s policies, whether they be international or domestic, Obama appeals to division. Obama ridiculed white people during his first election and the media ignored it, went to a segregationist church and anyone who mentioned it was met with scorn, Obama even ridiculed his grand mother as being a typical white person and was given another pass. Throughout Obama’s presidency he has openly divided, stirred the pot of racial animosity and used the mechanisms of government for political purposes. Is it any surprise then that Obama’s target audience has become heartless? Progressives have been demolishing entire demographic groups stake in society, and replacing that former stake in society, with a stake in the welfare state. People have simply followed where they have been led.

Lies are called the truths and truths are called lies. Universal truths are commonly attacked today and called fables. Overriding morality is considered old fashioned by the moral equivalence crowd, good and evil are attacked as arbitrary and Christianity is under constant assault even as progressives promote ideologies that are an anathema to civilization. When a civilization has become so corrupted, so heartless that the slaughter of unborn babies is ignored, that civilization is become evil. True, that evil started at the top, those who sought to make abortion legal, but now that corruption has flowed to the very bottom of society, every strata of society has people who support the mass slaughter of babies. The elite keep us swimming in a cesspool of lies, knowing that no one can swim in a cesspool and not at least smell like it, then the elite can point at truth tellers and yell to the world how they reek.

Progressives have been cultivating anger, hopelessness and heartlessness for decades, and that pent up emotion is damning of progressives and progressivism. Is it any real shock that the event happened in Chicago… a bastion of progressivism? Now we have those same progressives who have been attacking basic truths, telling us we should make them the arbiters of what is truth and what is a lie, even as they promulgate another obvious lie. Our leaders have been leading us into corruption for decades, we have become so used to putrefaction that we don’t even notice it, unless that smell is pointed out to us. Yet we stand amazed that four youths, raised in a cesspool of hate, anger, hopelessness and led by evil people… would do such an evil act as torture a man on live streaming video. There is always a reason things happen, it is up to us to understand why, then set ourselves to eliminating that why.


John Pepin

Humanity’s Hubris

Monday, October 3rd, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we behold our science and technology, then stand in awe of our creations. In our awe we have become vain and egoistic, turning away from God and worshiping ourselves as gods in our own right. In that we have become as Adam and Eve. We have turned our backs on God thinking we are his equal. In our hubris we believe everything there is to know… is possible to be known, we foolishly think we can control the universe as our plaything, and we have polluted our very existence with such short sighted, egoistic and inane beliefs. In our idiocy we have destroyed the family, corrupted our governments and taxed our economies to death. The more we flail about in our self absorbed aggrandizement, the more our lot, the lot of mankind itself is diminished, reduced to the point of our self annihilation, fueled by our empty wisdom and inflated egos.

We look at the heavens and in our hubris we believe we can know all there is to know. The advancements of the hard sciences, physics, mathematics and chemistry have made us proud, and that pride tricks us into thinking we are gods. Unlike the hard sciences however, the soft sciences are often nothing but assumptions based on wishful thinking. We have egg heads who make huge gobs of money, pretending to understand complex systems that don’t lend themselves to total understanding. Systems like economics, psychology and governance are not quantifiable, as is the weight of a proton, they are not unchanging like the speed of light and they are inherently mercurial, due to millions of factors that cannot ever truly be known. In our self absorbent hubris we elevate such hucksters to the status of scientist, when in fact they are snake oil salesmen, not just taking our money and health but our very humanity.

Our egos have made us the slaves of our selfishness. When someone stands above the rest of humanity, as in the case of a king, billionaire or legislator, that person looks down on the rest of humanity. Like the child who burns ants with a magnifying glass feels no remorse, the elite believe themselves to be so high and mighty they can use the rest of humanity as mere lab rats, to be run through mazes, used for invasive tests and tossed away like a used diaper… after all, are they not a king, rich or wield temporal power? The rest of us look “up” at the elite and bow our heads to them, after all, he is a king, she is rich, they do wield such sway. It is just that inhuman regard for our fellow man, and indeed ourselves, that allows the elite to feed their egos at cost to humanity itself.

Progressivism, and it’s ultimate goal socialism, is the natural outgrowth of this. Progressives believe they can assemble the complex systems of humanity like a watch maker makes a watch. If only they can get the mechanism right, everyone would be happy in their diminished station, a cog in a mechanism. The world would run like a Rolex keeping time to the tune the elite play. The egoistic belief that they are smart enough to gauge the mass of public opinion as the mass of a neutron, they are able to divine the trajectory of future history as easy as measuring the speed of light, and the hubris to force their ideas on the rest of humanity, is the reason arbitrary rule is so attractive to the elite. In their arrogance, progressives honestly believe they are not God’s equal, but his better. They think they are able to make a world better than the one created by God, a world without poverty, violence and racism, then stand in awe of their fantasies. All that is required is that the rest of us give up our free will and bow to our overlords with the respect and reverence rightfully given to God.

The answer is to recognize we are not gods, we are flawed human beings, each of us a spark in our own right, but only a spark, a tiny portion of truth. To force one’s free will on the rest of humanity, while denying theirs, is to prove unworthy of power and respect. Such thinking has always and always will lead to catastrophe. Our leaders deserve no adulation, to do so is to adulate self-centeredness and arrogance. Science is a powerful tool to understand God’s creation, but a poor substitute for the wisdom to know that we cannot know everything, that there is more to our world than we can see, smell, taste, hear and touch, even with the vastly improved senses that our scientific instruments give us. We are not gods, no matter how powerful our machines make us or how accurately our science measures God’s universe… we are flawed human beings, to know that and yet to love humanity, despite all our flaws… is the first step to real enlightenment.


John Pepin

Human Heartedness, Civilization and Justice

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the essence of human heartedness is wanting good things to happen to good people. The Confucian term Jen, becomes, goodness, empathy, “human heartedness,” etc… as translated by E. R Hughes. I favor the term human heartedness for the associations it brings up. What then is good, empathetic, and indeed human hearted? Since these words are all adjectives, the noun they modify has to be considered in any logical examination of the topic, that noun is human being. Now to narrow the field of inquiry, what would a human being who is good, empathetic or in other words, human hearted, want? Certainly not that evil happen to anyone… except as comeuppance. Clearly someone who is good would want good to happen to everyone. Civilization, in every sense, flourishes when people are human hearted, and rot when they are not. It follows then, to be human hearted is a self interested choice, as that choice transcends immediate self interest for societal self interest, freely self imposed, it can be said to be… self interest rightly understood.

Civilization, even in it’s most infinitesimal, is a boon to humanity. Think of the difference in standard of living of a single man alone in the wilderness, against that of a group of ten people, who have formed a community. The single man alone would stand a better chance however, if the group turned against itself, insuring no one survive. The more human hearted the members of the group the better the chances of survival, and in fact, some level of comfort achieved. While the woman alone, eating grass tops and a meadow vole, sheltering in a hollowed out ice cave might survive the night, the human hearted group, sleeping in a yurt warmed by a fire, after supping on roast venison would get a far better rest. Civilization is a boon to humanity while barbarism is a curse.

It is that sense of justice and human heartedness that has allowed humanity to form civilizations. In my definition of civilization, I do not mean empires that spread through conquest, no those are always barbarisms, I mean civilizations that create peace, prosperity and with liberty for the people. Those only rise when the people are human hearted and justice prevails. Eliminate one of those legs and civilization collapses back into the ocean of chaos that surrounds and constantly batters it. Since civilization provides the indispensable framework for people to improve their lot, and civilization itself relies on both justice and a human hearted people, to be both just and human hearted is in each and every one of our personal best interest.

If we seek, in our own self interest, to be human hearted… whom then would be the best candidates for good things to happen to? If we believe in the underlying philosophy of the old adage, “what goes around comes around,” then we understand that what a person visits in the world he or she should get back. In other words, at the core of sane human beings, a sense of justice speaks to us, and says, “what he sows shall he reap…” Those of us who sow good in the world, as a matter of justice, deserve to reap good, those who sow evil deserve to reap evil. Since that sense of justice is innate in humanity, people who are human hearted, share in that characteristic. Therefore a person who is good, empathetic and in fact human hearted would favor good people to have good things happen to them, out of a sense of justice. That is why we get angry when a good guy gets killed in a movie, it is our innate sense of justice, revolting at the injustice.

Some people have a false notion, they can be unjust and the opposite of human hearted, without effect to the civilization that allows them their comfort, prosperity and health. The false logic continues, since many others are human hearted and just, civilization will go along fine, and being unjust and uncaring they can get the advantage. To believe so however is as childish as it is ignorant. The seeking of immediate gratification over long term gratification leads to poverty, suffering and want. It is common sense that spending all of one’s pay on booze will lead to health issues and an impoverished retirement. Ignorant, in that injustice and psychopathy are the same as, defecating in one’s water supply.

If we want an ever increasing level of comfort, then we should seek to be human hearted, and to be human hearted means to want good things to happen to good people. The best way to make good things happen to good people is by creating civilization. Prosperity, comfort and health are goods that are always most plentiful when true civilization is present. The false notion that we can be selfish and unjust destroys the very civilization itself we rely on for so much. So, be human hearted…promote good things happening to good people, be good yourself so you deserve good things, be just… and you will be doing your part to promote civilization, prosperity, comfort and health, for yourself, your children and all your loved ones.


John Pepin

Human Rights and Progressivism

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… progressives have never seen a human Right they don’t despise and want to get rid of. Their rhetoric and actions prove this. From their zealous attacks on the right of self defense, to their undermining of the freedom of religion, progressives show their absolute antipathy to human rights of every stripe. In their zealous crusade to rid government of the burden of having to labor under the odium of the people’s individual rights, progressives have rolled back the advancement of philosophy, humanity and government, to a time well before the Enlightenment. Progressives are only too happy to use human rights to destroy human rights however. They pick and choose who gets rights and who doesn’t, in an effort to undermine and corrode basic natural law, which is the font of all human rights. Progressives are never happier than when they are overseeing a genocide which makes them the antithesis of human hearted, making Progressivism and all progressives, diabolical.

All human rights come from natural law. Before governments were invented all human beings were created equal, had innate rights like, the right to self defense, the right to privacy, the right to own the fruits of their labor, the right to own property both personal and real as well as, the right to think and believe as each chooses. Government and powerful men stole those human rights by the sword. People were enslaved by those powerful men, who needed an excuse for their evil, so they came up with the theory of arbitrary rule. Once that had been thoroughly debunked, the powerful changed it to the rights of kings, today that philosophy has been renamed social justice. All in an attempt to destroy human rights to justify people being exploited as slaves. Which of course is the direct opposite of natural rights, or as Socrates called it, justice.

The right of self defense is their most important bugaboo. Progressives and indeed everyone who has a penchant for tyranny loathes the right to self defense. How can you enslave a person who is capable and willing to defend themselves and their children from your evil? The basic human right to self defense is the first right from which all others flow, for if one has no right to defend him or herself from the usurpations of a monster, than all other rights become null and void. Everywhere and every time human beings have been denied their basic human right of self defense, it has resulted in slavery, suffering and death, there are no historical examples where this is not true. From ancient China to the modern Syria masters had arms and slaves were disarmed. Before a person can be enslaved they must be disarmed whether by force or trickery. Now they are using trickery but soon progressives will become anxious and will resort to violence… as they always have.

Today progressive make a compelling case to get rid of basic human rights. They seek to control thought, whether by hate crimes or political correctness, progressives seek to control not only what we do, but what we think as well. The right to freedom of religion has been perverted to separation of church and state, which actually means the elevation of atheism, as the state religion. The right to privacy doesn’t exist in a surveillance state, where your every move is recorded and stored in a government data bank, for use against you when the elite see fit. Moreover, how can anyone argue, with a straight face, that we are protected in our personal papers and effects when government can hack into our phones, computers and phone conversations without warrant? Instead of “interpreting” our Constitution, as it was written and intended, progressives claim it is a “living breathing document,” which means they get to change it’s meaning arbitrarily, eviscerating the protections our Constitution is supposed to provide. What is most distressing is that a huge number of people fall for such chicanery.

Justice is not arbitrary rule no matter what they call it, freedom is never submission and humanity cannot be imposed by the state’s monopoly on violence. Our basic human rights come from God or nature but not and never government. Government is the opposite of freedom. While in a state of nature you can go out and kill a deer to feed your family, grow whatever crop you want to fill your children’s bellies, worship whatever deity you please, protect your family and self from thieves and murderers with violence if necessary, build a home, and think whatever you want, progressives always seeks to take these rights away. If you need permission from government… they have taken away your right to do it.

That progressives loathe and despise human rights is an open secret. Their every action serves to undermine human rights and humanity itself in the process… all in the name of “equality.” Progressive’s, socialist’s and Marxist’s version of equality, however, is where some people are more equal than others, to borrow a phrase. While they zealously defend their own “right” to control our thoughts, actions and religious beliefs, arbitrarily as in the rights of kings, they actively destroy those of everyone else. The quiet of Woodrow Wilson when the Armenians were being exterminated, FDR’s silence as Jews were being slaughtered on an industrial scale, and now Obama’s defense of those massacring Christians in their original lands, shows progressives, socialists and Marxists passion for genocide. The master has every right while the slave has not even the right to life. They hold us to every word of their law, constitutional or not, while openly arguing law doesn’t apply to them. Listen to what they say, consider what the outcome of their argument will be… exercise your basic human right to think, before it is taken away.


John Pepin

Violence as a Means to Control Followers

Sunday, April 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if your ideas mush be enforced with violence, those who leave your sect must be killed and you spread your ideology through conquest, you must have self esteem issues. Confident people, institutions and groups know in their hearts that their ideas are true and virtuous, therefore they allow people to come and go, spread their ideas through discussion and hold onto followers by the power of love and logic, not violence and threats. Groups, institutions and people who have self esteem issues however, are very different. Factions with self esteem issues know in their hearts their ideology is wrong and understand in their heads that no rational person would follow them without being coerced. Moreover, those factions, institutions, groups and sects that have self esteem issues can be reliably singled out by their treatment of dissidents, unbelievers and those who wish to leave the fold. The reason this simple concept is so important for humanity to learn, and never forget, is that violence is the means in which an evil, backwards, pernicious and stunting ideas pervade mankind.

This concept need not be manifested in outright violence, other forms of coercion work as well. Political correctness is another form of violence that demands unanimity of thought, knuckling under of unbelievers and advances the ideology of progressivism through fear and intimidation. Progressives know, because history is unambiguous about this, that their ideology is wrong. They know if their ideas were fully implemented, world wide government, world communism and world tyranny, the lot of mankind would suffer greatly. The results of their ideas is irrelevant to them, the goal is all that is important, and so the means can be anything that works.

Violence in all it’s forms… soft, personal, impersonal, vague, bloody or against one’s reputation, are ways to force someone else to do something they would otherwise not do. Since someone must be forced to do something believe something or think something, they would otherwise not do, that is further proof that the action, belief or thought is not in the self interest of the individual, but of the egoist forcing the point. We do things, believe things and think things that are in some way in our self interest. Human beings are universal about this. Even the most psychotically challenged among us act in their own perceived self interest.

Self interest however come in several flavors. Self interest can be rightly understood, it can be egoistic and it can selfless. Self interest rightly understood is to follow one’s self interest in an enlightened manner, sadly, self interest rightly understood is becoming more and more rare today. Selfless self interest is what saints practice. Jesus practiced self interest selflessly. An egoist follows his or her self interest selfishly. Egoists are the ones who will use violence against others to force those others to act, believe and think, that which is against their own self interest, regardless of it’s flavor. The egoist will demand from others that which the egoist would never subject himself to. Therefore all ideologies, movements, institutions and religions that use violence to force submission, come from egoism, are perpetuated with egoistic drives and eventually are quashed in bloody upheaval.

All ideologies that spread through fear, maintain their adherents with intimidation and subject others to threats, are wrong ideologies. What the egoists that run such ideologies fail to understand is that the tighter they hold their adherents the more the adherents seek to escape. Violence only goes so far. In the greater scheme of things, it is human heartedness, (logic and love), that always eventually wins out. Yes the egoist can lower humanity for a while, sometimes centuries and even possibly millennia, but eventually, human heartedness will win out. Because people are attracted to beauty and repulsed by evil. Violence can hold a person in evil for awhile but the evil that underlies the violence, the reason that violence must be applied, the revulsion people will eventually feel at the evil they are forced to embrace will become so strong even the threat of death itself will hold no power. That is when false, evil and pernicious ideologies that use violence to hold their adherents, pull in new followers and force unanimity of thought, collapse in bloody upheaval.


John Pepin

Bigotry is Never Progress…

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, bigotry is alive and well today, and the very same people are responsible. They claim we need institutionalized prejudice to fight former institutionalized prejudice. Those people are the heirs of progressives of old, like Margaret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson and their ilk, who created the institutions of prejudice that are active today. The victims of their bigotry are different but their bigotry is obvious to anyone with their eyes open. Moreover, they use the term racist to quell debate and have bandied the terms, bigot, prejudice and racist so much, the despicable nature of the words and their negative connotation has lost most of their value. The reason progressives use bigotry is several fold, they get power from it, they get wealth from it, it allows them to own the debate, and most of all, they get a feeling of superiority from it. Humanity needs to move beyond such childish tactics before our philosophy can rise to the heights it needs to, to support our scientific and technological advancements, because unless our philosophy keeps up with our technology and science, those two legs will become unstable and fall, bringing our whole society down with them.

Science and technology require as a prerequisite, a philosophical underpinning to support them, else they falls over due to ignorance and bias. Civilization has three legs, philosophy, (which includes religion), Science and technology. Unless they grow together the civilization becomes unstable. If one shrinks as the others grow a fall becomes inevitable and most human civilizations throughout history have become unstable this way. They grow in science and technology as their philosophy becomes more human hearted, but once they have reached a new pinnacle of prosperity, the people are led away from their human hearted philosophy, by the elite who have become arrogant and egoistic. The leg of the philosophy supporting the civilization and society shrinks and the collapse becomes inevitable. In hind sight all civilizational collapses are obvious but the people within that civilization are blind to it, even attacking those who point out the obvious as crazy, like the Romans did Titus Livius.

Bigotry is any time people are lumped into groups by a characteristic. It is most foul when that characteristic is considered negative. Whenever someone says, “All of these people are…” they are demonstrating bigotry. It doesn’t matter who the group consists of nor the characteristic described, whenever someone groups people by a characteristic, it is bigotry. We can also deduce that group politics is based on bigotry. To factionalize the people and pit each group against the others is to use prejudice as a political weapon. Such scheming has been the progressive playbook from the beginning. There is no difference between Jim Crow and vilifying gun owners. Both pile dispirit people into a group, assign that group certain negative characteristics, and then pits society against that group for the negative qualities they have been assigned.

Progressivism cut it’s teeth on bigotry and racism, today progressives use it their fall back position, prejudice as a bulwark against debate. There is not a debate today where progressive don’t use their ace in the hole. They play the race card at every opportunity, sometimes to claim preferential treatment for this or that group, sometimes to vilify a group or to simply stop a debate that is skirting the truth about a subject. Progressivism is all about group politics. Without lumping people into some artificial group and either claiming that group is put upon or evil, progressivism would have no place. It is all about groups, like all socialism, the very term, socialism, means politics for the benefit of a certain group. Just listen to them deny the sovereignty of the individual for the group, “People need to start thinking about what is best for the greater good instead of themselves…” Such utterances put the group ahead of the individual and thereby are bigoted in the most general sense of the term.

The most pernicious form prejudice takes is when the bigot gets a feeling of superiority from his or her prejudice. This is perhaps the greatest sin of progressivism. Progressives get a feeling of moral superiority from their prejudice and bigotry. While denying moral authority that comes from the divine they find moral superiority in the banal. That is possibly the main reason progressives and all socialists, are so attached to prejudice, is that feeling of superiority it gives them.

At their very core, bigotry, racism and prejudice are comparative. “I am better than them because…” It is foolish to compare yourself to others, because there will always be those who are greater and lesser, and that leads to arrogance and anger. Bigotry, racism and prejudice have no place in modern society, especially as a political weapon. When you see it point it out, not as a means to stop debate, but to protect open debate and nullify the power bigotry has over us. In order to continue expanding in science and technology our civilization must advance philosophically. True philosophy is not bigoted, no matter the group protected or harassed, true philosophy is human hearted, inclusive and includes the divine, never the banal.


John Pepin

Human Heartedness

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the Confucian ideal of Human Heartedness, is one we all should emulate. It has been translated into many English words and phrases, but I prefer human heartedness, because it sums up most all of what Confucius wanted to say, as evidenced by his teachings. Those who should emulate human heartedness the most are our leaders since Confucius had the most to say to them. Unfortunately, most people in the West, when they hear “Confucius…” they turn off. The name has been so diminished from it’s rightful stature, from Charlie Chan movies, where the name Confucius became a punch line. Others cannot fathom how anything someone said in 550 BC, could have any relevance to today. They turn their backs on ageless wisdom to their own and our detriment. The human condition and indeed humans themselves have changed very little since then. We still strive for pleasure and avoid pain, we still fall into traps and snares and it is egoistic self interest that baits those pitfalls. Yes, Confucius and his human heartedness have a great deal to say to us today, to ignore such wisdom is to see the pit and yet step into it anyway.

A large component of human heartedness is the Golden Rule… Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Every one of us could benefit from following the golden rule. Better even to double down and hold others to a lower standard then we hold ourselves. It is in our animal nature to hold others to a much higher standard than we hold ourselves and in our civilized nature to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We would benefit by living in a civilization where there can be less laws, less draconian punishments and less government, because we control ourselves from within instead of needing to be controlled from without. Prosperity would increase, since regulations, laws and ordinances are friction to the economy, but become more and more needed the more barbaric the people become. We should all incorporate human heartedness, the golden rule, into our lives.

Human heartedness is all about compassion and empathy. The golden rule is also explicitly about empathy. As I wrote in my last article, compassion and empathy are paramount human attributes, that lead to civilization and away from barbarism. The barbarian has no compassion and no empathy. When an Italian city state was being attacked by the Gauls, Roman dignitaries were called to mediate. One of the Romans asked the Gaul general, “By what right do you lay siege to this city?” The Gaul answered back, “Natural law, that the strong must take from the weak, so the strong can survive and the weak die out…” But what the Gaul didn’t understand is that there are many forms of strength and a multitude of forms of weakness. His was marshal strength, a strength that always has it’s better, he lacked wisdom. We must have compassion and empathy else we become like the Gaul general, strong in might but weak in wisdom.

One of Confucius’ disciples asked, “Does the human hearted man love all?” I suppose referring to Mo Ti’s all embracing love. Confucius said, “No! The human hearted man loves the good and despises the bad.” Clearly Confucius didn’t want good men to turn their faces from evil and so allow it to grow. To be human hearted is to lift up that which is good, in other words… pragmatically benefits individuals, society and culture, while attacking the bad, that which lowers people, harms society and rots the culture. It is obvious that embracing evil as well as good gives evil a leg up, since the good will be fair and honest while evil will use good’s virtues against it. To have a prosperous society where crime is low we need to be human hearted and embrace good while fighting evil.

When talking about leaders Confucius liked to refer to the Sage Kings of “old.” The sage kings led, as Confucius would argue, “by force of personality,” or to put it in modern terms, they led by example. If they wanted the people to be more honest in their business dealings, they would be more honest themselves, and if they wanted the people to stop lusting after each others wives, he would forswear it himself. In that way the leaders of the great society would convince the people to be virtuous. The Duke of Lu asked Confucius one time, how he could get the people to stop lusting after ill gotten profits, women and luxury. Confucius told him to stop doing those things himself and the people would follow. Confucius had to flee Lu state shortly after. The leaders of society want the people to be virtuous, but can hold to the virtue the demand in another, for a single day. If we want our children to live in a safe, prosperous and civil country we must only elect human hearted leaders, who will lead by example.

When Confucius was asked what he would do if he were made emperor, Confucius replied, “I would rectify terms…” or put another way, he would set standards. Standards apply to everyone equally, they create systems where commerce can flourish and they level the playing field for everyone. Today standards are eschewed for regulations, ordinances and laws. Instead of everyone on the same level, regulations are specifically designed so some politically favored group, can get a leg up on an otherwise free exchange. Where a standard is what it is, no matter how politically favored a person is, application of a law is dependent on who the person is. Look at Hillary Clinton’s wiping a subpoenaed email server before turning it in. If you or I did that, what was on it would instantly become irrelevant and we would be charged with a felony, tampering with states evidence. She however was not. A standard is the antithesis of arbitrary rule. For any country to flourish the leaders have to be human hearted, setting and holding everyone, including themselves, to a standard.

There is no question, we are no different than the people who lived before us, oh we might drive cars, talk to people on the other side of the planet, and have put a man on the Moon, but essentially we are the same. We have the same desires, wants and needs. Therefore, wisdom that applied to human beings in 550BC still apply to us today, perhaps more so since we have grown arrogant, egoistic and self aggrandizing, not for our achievements, but for the achievements of those who have come before us. How many among us could create a gasoline engine, having never seen nor heard of one before, yet most of us take them for granted, and look down our noses at those who didn’t have them. Yes, our society, civilization and personal lives would benefit greatly from following the wisdom of Confucius, and becoming more human hearted.


John Pepin