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Progressive Brilliance!

Friday, August 25th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives have elevated the art of spurious logic to stratospheric highs, surpassing even the Greek Sophists and Rhetoricians. You have to admit their ability to twist the truth in to a lie and a lie into the truth is remarkable. It takes a special kind of mind, to be able to convince people their eyes are lying, and the used car salesman is telling the truth. Progressives have done it. They have managed to make up down, right left and inside out. One wonders if they have had help of a diabolical nature, nevertheless, I take my hat off to them, their achievement is second to none! Progressives truly are the best schemers on the planet and throughout time.

Progressives have convinced the people of Europe to commit suicide in the name of tolerance. It is amazing that people, in Rotherham for example, are willing to let their daughters be raped and sold into the sex slave business for decades and anyone who said anything, was arrested… and they accepted it! In fact even with Sweden becoming the rape capital of Europe, daily terrorist attacks and open calls for the annihilation of Western civilization, the people of Europe are embracing their own extermination and offering their children up as well. I cannot imagine how anyone could accomplish such a feat of chicanery.

They have managed to make many people believe that killing a baby is a choice. Not just the slaughter of over 60 million babies since 1973, but to have people so spellbound they accept with glee the torturing babies to death so their pieces parts can be sold at a greater profit, is just awe inspiring. How does one go about making killing a baby not just allowed but the best option? You would think anyone with brains enough to keep their heart beating, would know better but against the power of progressive spurious logic, most minds just wither away.

It must have been a genius that made so many believe that “shall not be infringed,” means “Must be regulated!” Not just that but to make people believe that an amendment to our Constitution in the bill of Rights… is to allow government to keep and bare arms, is pure brilliance! Imagine it, now the Bill of Rights is to protect government’s rights, instead of individual rights! Up is down and left is right in the new world order. They have connived to get weapons in the hands of criminals, and out of the hands of law abiding citizens… supposedly to protect the law abiding citizens!!

Imagine how hard it must have been to fool us into thinking socialism has never been tried after tens of millions of people have died under socialist regimes. With the weight of history against them it is a real achievement. I always loved the line, “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” Or in the case of socialism and history, “who are you going to believe, the progressives… or Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Maduro, Kim Un, Idi Amin, Lenin, or any of the dozens of other Marxists that slaughtered their way through whole populations? To manage to fool so many into embracing an ideology that has resulted in so many deaths, suffering and tragedy, is the act of a true master of deception!

Spurious logic means, to make an argument that sounds logical but is in fact illogical and meant to trick. The ancient Greeks called it sophistry. The use of which is an art. I would think it difficult to make a person act directly against their own interests, but progressives have managed to do it. I should imagine it impossible to get people to allow their very own daughters to be abused in the name of tolerance but Europe has embraced it. You would think it hopeless to deceive people into disarming themselves so the criminals who prey on them will be safer, but like the woman said, No mother wants to worry her son might get killed robbing a liqueur store! I cannot imagine how progressives have hidden the history of socialism so well that many educated people want to visit that suffering on themselves and their children. You have to hand it to progressives, their ability to get people to harm themselves is almost mephistophelian. Makes one wonder if they have supernatural help…


John Pepin

Donald Trump and the Lunatic fringe

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the meteoric rise of Donald Trump is indicative of a greater discontentment in the political leadership of the nation from the American electorate, than any individual virtue within Trump himself. The percentage of people casting a ballot has been dropping for decades. In the last few elections around forty percent of those able to cast ballots did so. That means less and less people are deciding who will lead the nation. As fewer people cast ballots, those people that do, tend to be zealots and are blinded by partisanship. As a result the political leaders pander to a smaller and smaller, and more and more radical segment of the US population, further fueling discontentment with the election process and our leadership. As our leaders become more radicalized the electorate becomes more angry at the direction and feel less powerful. Trump has tapped into that anger and dissatisfaction to fuel his rise in the polls. This shows how far off the rails the US government has got.

There are twenty percent of the population of any country that makes up the lunatic fringe. They have ideas and goals that are drastically different than the average person. Moreover that lunatic fringe can be counted on to go to the polls. They are more than happy to engage in vote fraud and even brag about it. They are so radicalized they become blind to reality. Since only around forty percent vote, and twenty percent are radical leftists that always vote, any politician who panders to that fringe has a guaranteed near fifty percent of the vote! As both parties cater to that lunatic fringe the more they alienate the people. The more the average man and woman feel the political leadership has abandoned them, on both sides, the less and less empowered and more and more disenfranchised they feel, and become even less likely to vote. That is why the republican party has not fielded a conservative since Ronald Reagan, who we were told at the time, was “unelectable.”

Issues that anger the American people are the very issues that the lunatic fringe feed off. The lunatic fringe wants a more pluralistic society, which means, less white people and more diversity. The means is unlimited immigration. To that end they want more of anyone who isn’t white, Christian and is a Marxist. Illegal immigration is just the ticket. The lunatic fringe hates Israel and the Jews, that translates into more support for fringe Muslim groups who advocate the destruction of Israel and the final solution. That same faction blindly love socialism, which means they vote for whatever candidate will regulate more, tax more and spend more. Abortion is a sacrament to the lunatic fringe. They see no problem at all with crushing a baby for spare parts. They have a deep antipathy for the US Constitution and it’s limited government and so they will torture logic to bypass and castrate it’s protections. All of which infuriate and frustrate the average American.

Poll after poll shows the American people increasingly believe the nation is going the wrong way. Favorability polls of Congress, the President and the Judiciary are in the toilet and swirling. As fewer and fewer people vote, while those that do are increasingly the lunatic fringe, and those who get elected pander to that fringe, the trend must get much worse. The political class has abandoned common sense for extremist views. The paradigm is further enhanced by the new class media claiming the twenty percent of the lunatic fringe is the mainstream, while those who make up sixty percent, are called extremists.

Trump has tapped into the anger by saying what should be said, but the political class is too afraid of loosing the lunatic fringe votes to say it. They quiver in fear of angering that twenty percent because they know the sixty percent cannot be counted on to cast a ballot. In fact, that sixty percent can be counted on NOT to cast a ballot, so the political class scoffs at their views. Trump has changed the paradigm from pandering to the lunatic fringe to catering to the masses. Trump is a fighter who speaks loud and punches back when attacked. Unlike the political class cower whenever they are attacked by the lunatic fringe, with the exception of Ted Cruz who is possibly the most hated man in Washington today, for holding and standing up for actual American values.

Trump however is not a populist, he is not at all conservative and is in fact a member of the lunatic fringe. He has stated in the past he is pro amnesty, anti gun rights, pro abortion, anti property rights and likes cronyism. (Perhaps because he has made so much money from cronyism). His core values are far more in line with that of the lunatic fringe than the sixty percent. But, he is talking like a conservative libertarian. The media keep Trump in the spotlight and repeat everything Trump says like an echo chamber. They know and understand Trump is a progressive. Like John Anderson in 1980 election, Trump is there to ensure a real conservative doesn’t get elected. If he gets the republican nomination, the American people will have the “choice” of a progressive or a progressive. If he doesn’t he will become a spoiler and sap votes away from the republican candidate, especially if, God forbid, he or she is a conservative. The result will be, the lunatic fringe wins again, and the country continues down the slippery slope to oppression. The American people however have no one to blame but themselves… for not casting a vote.


John Pepin

On The Reaction to the Church Attack…

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if we apply the logic of those who seek to disarm the people, to the actions of government, then to be consistent they would have to agree governments must be limited. Unfortunately the progressives, socialists and Marxists are not consistent. They stand on the graves of victims of random violence, deploring that violence, and call for a situation where the probability of extreme, organized violence, despotism and crimes against humanity… are all but certain. Anyone who has even the most elementary grasp of human history knows, the violence perpetrated by the state against people, it’s own and others, is orders of magnitude greater and more horrendous than all the murders done by random lunatics. Moreover, that violence has been organized and systematic, making it all the worse. In other words, to follow the advice of those who decry gun violence and follow their prescriptions to stop it, would visit exponentially more atrocities on humanity. They seek to solve a bloody nose by putting a tourniquet around the neck of humanity.

Those who constantly lament the availability of guns to the people, are the same ones who seek to arm every branch of government to the hilt, they approve of seeding the civil police with weapons of war, their theme is that more and better armed government along with less and less transparency is desirable at every turn, in this they are consistent. The gun grabbers stand on the graves of innocent women and children, to propose a system where systematic, organized violence to the extreme becomes inevitable. To say they are merely ignorant or stupid, is to be kind, because they are the most schooled among us, and openly claim that mantle.

History shows that government is always the biggest threat to humanity there is. There is not one example of a despotism that has not visited organized violence on some faction of society. Be it a politically disfavored faction or a despised race the pattern is unchanging. Government, by it’s very nature becomes ever more powerful, pulling in more and more resources until it becomes a leviathan, by that time it becomes psychopathic, and begins slaughtering huge portions of it’s own population, else it starts wars that dislocate huge numbers of innocent people, wound, maim and kill giant swaths of humanity and eventually burn up in revolution, taking even more people to their deaths. That has been the pattern of human government forever.

Those that seek to disarm the people, logically, seek to arm government against the people. They claim to be against violence but a look at their policies and goals show a very different story. They argue that the Right to keep and bear arms is too dangerous for the people and so it must be limited. They will get red faced when their real goal is thrown in their faces… to make all gun ownership illegal, thereby ensuring the superiority of armament of the government over and against the people. No matter how many gun laws are on the books they will call for more until guns are totally illegal. Which shows how truly despicable they are. The inconsistencies of their logic is astounding to anyone who actually thinks about it.

If the Right to keep and bear arms is too dangerous, and therefore must be limited, then what is the precedent they are setting? That a Right that is dangerous should be taken away! What a slippery slope that is! To bring that argument to it’s logical conclusion, the Right of free speech is far more dangerous than the Right to keep and bear arms! A progressive lunatic setting in a German beer hall wrote a book that directly led to the slaughter of over 60 million human beings. No amount of deranged gunmen could ever get near that number. Karl Marx wrote the Manifesto, a book that to date has resulted in mass slaughter, forced famine, sterilization, torture, systematic murder and outright extermination of well over 100 million human beings. It should not be lost on the reader that the progressive philosophy of those who call for limiting gun Rights is identical to that of Hitler and Marx.

Today, politicians trod the graves of innocent victims in the most despicable fashion, calling for limits to the Rights of law abiding citizens to defend themselves from a despotic government. By doing so, they show their utter contempt for the victims, to exploit their untimely deaths for political gain. To say they are merely ignorant or stupid is to be ignorant and stupid. The callousness of politicians who seek total superiority of armament of government over the people, coupled with their stated philosophy, a philosophy that has visited such carnage on the human race, shows their true nature. That nature is evil incarnate, to want a system where organized violence cannot be suppressed by the people is nothing but sinister. That their predecessors did the same thing, made the same arguments, and once implemented have always resulted in untold agony for millions of people, people like you and I, shows the diabolical nature of them and their arguments. Of course, it may not turn out that way this time, but then again, you could jump off a twenty story building and land on the street unscathed… but I wouldn’t bet my life on it. It is true however, that a tourniquet is a sure way to stop a bloody nose.


John Pepin

Shall Not Be Infringed

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, guns are the most regulated tools in the United States, despite the clear prohibition against gun regulation in the United States Constitution. The Second Amendment of the US Constitution states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Those who oppose limits on government, limits that are the very reason for our Constitution in the first place, spuriously argue the Second Amendment is to give government the right to keep and bear arms, which of course is absurd on the face of it and is based on perverting the meaning of the word “militia,” and ignoring the phrase, “being necessary to the security of a free State.” They bolster their argument by claiming guns are dangerous, and as dangerous tools they must be regulated, for the safety of us all. But, is that really why guns are so regulated, or are these just distractions to the real purpose of gun control? I would posit that the real reason the political, cultural and social elite seek gun control is for a far more insidious agenda.

Of course regulation is the very definition of an infringement. Regulation and laws are there to keep people from doing something, or having something, the elite have decided are bad. In infringing on an action, product or thought, the argument is always that it is for the greater good. In the case of laws against murder, the reason for them is that if a person’s life is taken, that person has been denied his or her fundamental individual Right to exist. In the case of laws against theft, the rational is that people have the Right to their possessions, and taking something from someone denies them the enjoyment of that possession. Right law protects individuals – not society. In all cases law that is in keeping with Our Constitution are there to protect our person, property or liberty. Gun control however is different, gun laws are there to deny us the ability to defend our lives, to protect our property and to make it possible to remove our liberty, the exact opposite of right law.

The rabid gun control advocate demands all people, especially law abiding citizens give up guns so the fearful man or woman can feel safer. In that the crux of their argument is “guns are dangerous and therefore they must be regulated, the Constitution can go to Hell.” But in making such arguments they forget that all the Rights enumerated in the Constitution are dangerous. The Right to free speech is very dangerous, far more dangerous than the Right to keep and bear arms. The most an armed lunatic can kill is a hundred, maybe a few more, but the damage an armed terrorist can visit on humanity is limited by the response of law abiding armed citizens as well as law enforcement. The damage a pamphleteer can do to the well ordering of society is exponentially worse. Hitler wrote Mein Kampf which in large part abetted the slaughter of sixty million human beings and the rewriting of the world’s map. Marx and Engels penned The Communist Manifesto which to date has justified the extermination of well over one hundred million innocent people! Clearly, if safety is what the gun control advocate wants, freedom of speech is far more dangerous then the Right to keep and bear arms, and so must be outlawed.

If we examine the results of gun control laws, both in the united States and elsewhere, a clear pattern emerges. In the cities with the greatest infringement on the Right to keep and bear arms, violence of all kinds is out of control, especially gun violence. In those places where guns are the least regulated, there is the least violence, especially gun violence. Furthermore, where guns are outlawed most of the violence is stranger on stranger violence, and where guns are legally protected, almost all the violence is between people who know each other, in other words, crimes of passion. In countries where guns have been outlawed, like Australia, gun violence has skyrocketed. So the argument that gun laws keep people safe is obviously untrue.

The new class elite who seek to take guns from the hands of law abiding citizens, argue that since the Right was prefaced by the term Well regulated Militia, it was meant to apply to the government and not to individuals. Even a perfunctory examination of this argument shows it to be absurd. That the founders would place a Right in the Bill of Rights that gives government a Right, that has already been granted elsewhere is clearly spurious, that they would place a government Right among Rights specifically designated for individuals to protect us from tyranny, shows it to be sophistry of the most diabolical kind. The Bill of Rights was specifically designed, under great debate, to protect the people from a despotic government. Certainly not to empower government to become despotic! Madison himself said, Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. At the time the Bill of Rights was written militia meant all able bodied men. Like I said, even a cursory glance at the spurious claim that the Second Amendment is to give government the sole power to keep and bear arms is absurd.

The Bill of Rights was added to our Constitution as a secondary bulwark against government becoming despotic. Madison initially objected, arguing what need a of a Bill of Rights, since the Constitution forbade government from doing anything it is not specifically allowed to do under the Constitution. Going further he reasoned, if the Bill of Rights forbade the regulation of jumping jacks, could it then therefore regulate tiddlywinks? He eventually came on board with the Federalists who called for a Bill of Rights and wrote them himself. But as we now see, our government has become so extra constitutional, even the “parchment barriers” of our Bill of Rights can be ignored by a government intent on ignoring them. Now that our Constitution, and even our Bill of Rights means nothing, tyranny cannot be far away. That my friends is why we need to add a Fourth Branch… but that is another article for another time.


John Pepin

The “Greater Good…”

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, whenever someone claims something is for the “”greater good”.” it is always for their personal good and against the best interest of the rest of us. Connivers always use such deceptions to get us to act against the interests of humanity, by appealing to our humanity. When humanity is used to lower the lot of Man it is patently evil. This type of falsehood is evident in much of the propaganda we see and hear every day. Politicians calling for banning guns, separation of church and state, censorship, more redistribution, etc… The meme is always that it is for the “”greater good”,” while nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who are human hearted must always be on the lookout for connivers, who appeal to our humanity, to lower the lot of Man, else we become unwitting pawns of evil.


Most people want to do the right thing. We often get caught up in bad things from our impetuosity however. Those who scheme for power know this and exploit those qualities to manipulate us. When they do, and we go along, we become unwitting accomplices in the lowering of our own standard of living, while ceding arbitrary power to evil people. Our desire to help others, coupled with our innate impetuosity and laziness, combine to make us very susceptible to this type of manipulation.


Calls for banning guns is one such example. Those who seek to disarm the general populace always arm themselves and their cronies to the teeth. This leaves the rest of us at the mercy of those without mercy. The more we are maneuvered into giving up our guns for self protection the easier it is for a usurper to seize power by the violent use of force. The US Constitution guarantees the Right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against potential tyranny. The framers of the Constitution understood all too well the propensity of the elite to abuse any power that is given them, and the people’s Right to self defense was to apply equally to an out of control government, as to a murderer. The violent despots however argue it is for the “greater good”… peace.


Separation of church and state is another spurious argument that calls for the “greater good”, while actually separating us and our children from the font of goodness, and brings us closer to the pit of despair. Why would someone who is an atheist do good works if there is no God, punishment or afterlife? There is no reason to, why not just live for today? Moreover, why do good at all since the very concept of goodness is based in religious philosophy? Abolish Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism and the source for any incentive to do good works is gone. Now that the pernicious intolerant meme of separation of church and state has become ingrained in the zeitgeist, the diabolical elite are moving it a step further, of freedom from religion. The elite are systematically banning Christianity, the philosophical foundation of the US Constitution, our Rights and the reason we are essentially good people. In their intolerance of religion and goodness, they pervert right into wrong, and wrong into right, all by appealing to the “greater good”… tolerance.


The Internet has been a boon for free speech. The monopoly of information that the new class progressives once had has been demolished. We are awash in information, information that would never have seen the light of day when the exclusive control of all information, was from the new class progressives at ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. The new class is fighting back with subtle, (and some not so subtle) demands for censorship. The British government has openly called for the silencing of “nonviolent extremist speech.” But notice who is called extremist today. Tea party conservatives are called extreme by the new class elite not violent Islamic terrorists. We are supposed to believe, those who follow the law and want government follow our Constitution are extreme, and those who wish to overthrow it by force, if necessary, are mainstream. The elite’s desire to exclude anyone who is not on board with the Fabian socialist/progressive agenda from the marketplace of ideas, is just another call to the “greater good”… inclusiveness.


This is why when someone appeals to the “greater good” our radar should go off. Those who actually seek the “greater good” never demand from others, they do it themselves, connivers demand from others that which they refuse to give up. Hypocrisy is the bailiwick of such people. They call for the rest of us to give up our sovereignty while they demand arbitrary power, they look teary eyed into a camera and argue it is for our own good to give up guns while they surround themselves with well armed bodyguards, they claim we are too demanding if we ask them to follow their own laws because their laws are too hard to follow… for them. They argue Christianity should be removed from the public square, while imposing a diabolical agenda that calls evil good and good evil. All the while, they seek exclusive control of information, to render us incapable of mounting effective arguments against their perverted agenda. Done by calls for us to destroy ourselves, our children and our society… all for the “greater good”.





John Pepin

Guns Trust and the Elite

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a government that trusts the people with firearms, is a government that can be trusted. The opposite holds to be true as well, that a government that doesn’t trust citizens with guns, is a government that cannot be trusted. We can further say that, to the extent the government is wary of armed citizens, that government itself is dubious. This is important for people to understand, our standard of living, liberty and posterity are all endangered by government that seeks to disarm it’s citizens.

The Elite’s answer to every question that arises, is with more laws, more regulation and less liberty. They are a one stringed banjo. The answer is never less regulation, or more liberty. Our freedoms are always eroded while their reach into our lives becomes ever more intrusive. The Elite want to control more and more of our lives, for our own benefit “to be sure,” but no big brother is ever going to govern well, regardless if it is from a revolution or evolution. Human beings all seek liberty while the State always progressively seeks tyranny.

The progressives believe that society and government can be evolved to the perfect socialist State. They think that we can be trained into ants in their ant colony. The progressive ideal is a communist government without the revolution. They only differ from communists in the implementation of their ideology. In order to evolve society into an ant farm they first must disarm us. Our ability to defend ourselves gives us some protection from a tyrannical State, and a sense of individuality, which is antithetical to a “liberal.”

Individuality is both loved and hated by the progressives. They want unanimity of political thought, to do this, they splinter all other thought into warring factions, within society. Progressives love the artist who immerses a crucifix in urine, they adore Che Guevara the mass murderer, and they worship the emotion driven politician who doesn’t bother read the laws he or she passes. The progressives hate people who are self reliant, those people don’t need government handouts, socialists despise businessmen, businessmen allow people to be self reliant by providing work, and most of all, the progressives detest politicians who stand in their way.

Look at some of the things the Elite have been saying about our Rights and Our Constitution. Obama made it clear he this our Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, the Supreme Court judge, while on foreign soil, said, she would not us the American Constitution as a model for a new State forming today, the new amendment in the House to repeal the Constitutional limit on how many terms a President can serve, the list is as scary as it is sobering. Does this sound like people interested in limited government? Obama’s Homeland Security Department has called anyone who has more the a month’s worth of food a potential terrorist! Does that mean he could legally go house to house, seizing surplus food from people’s cupboards? The citizenry would have to be unarmed for this to happen. It has been done many times in the past by the progressive’s ideological peers.

A government that has no desire to overstep it’s Constitutional bounds will be neutral to guns. If the Elite have no intentions to intrude into the lives of the citizens then that Elite will no be threatened by guns in the hands of free men and women. Government that guarantees the liberty of it’s citizens would welcome an armed people because that nation would be impossible to invade. This would, does, naturally lower the cost of a standing army. The IJA didn’t even consider the thought of invading the US mainland due to the widespread proliferation of guns in the hands of Americans.

The progressives on the other hand, who seek to evolve government into their socialists ideal must, as a matter of expediency, disarm the citizenry, else those self reliant among us can stand up to their intrusions. The more relentless the progressives in power are, for their evolution of society, the more ardent they will be in gun confiscation. If there isn’t enough gun violence in the news they can exploit, to grab the Second Amendment away from the people, they can always create some in Mexico. Therefore, the level of their ardor can be reliably measured, by their distaste to having guns in the hands of free citizens. That’s why I say, the more the Elite want a disarmed people, the less we can trust them.


John Pepin

Gun Control

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, those who call for gun control, have very different intentions than they claim. They understand that the very word, gun, has emotional meaning to most people. Guns have been glamorized in movies, demonized in the unbiased media and they have been used by the most violent regimes in human history, to visit the worst atrocities on mankind yet. Guns emotional impact is the theme that rhetoricians use, to get us to fall for their sophistry. The fact that guns are legalized in the US Constitution, is a matter of great concern to those who wish to overturn that Constitution, for a new paradigm of government… arbitrary rule. That guns must be eliminated from our society, as a precondition of their utopian world view, and that they use spurious arguments based on emotion… should be a matter of great concern to all of us.

Guns are simply tools. They are used for hunting wildlife, for target shooting, as a means of self defense, in military combat, and they are used to commit crimes. This tool, we call a gun, is a very useful tool in the hands of righteous people, and a tool of villainy in the hands of sociopaths. This last use is the one the banners of guns use, as an emotional wedge, to pry guns from the hands of the just.

The people who wish to disarm the general public, use the rhetorical tool of taking an isolated incident, and acting as if it were a regular occurrence. The Columbine shooting for instance. Whenever we have a terrible act of violence, by a sociopath against innocent people, the call goes out to ban this or that gun, or gun accessory. The fear mongers claim that if only guns were harder to get this wouldn’t happen. Yet when Australia banned guns… gun violence went up drastically.

The real question is not, why did this happen, but, why doesn’t this happen more often? If, as they claim, the accessibility of guns makes people go shoot up random strangers, and given the ubiquitous availability of guns in the US, then why don’t shootings like Aurora Colorado happen every day? If their logic were true… we should be reading about a random act of violence several times a day. The fact that this isn’t so should give us pause as to the veracity of their claim.

In fact, there is empirical evidence that where guns are the most controlled there is the most gun violence. This seemingly counter intuitive situation points to a fact of human nature. Those who commit violent acts, are more often than not, cowards. They only use violence when they have a monopoly on it. They will not use violence when there is a very real possibility of being harmed in the process. But, where guns are banned… the criminal’s monopoly on violence is assured. That is why shooters like James Holmes wore a bullet proof vest. Because he is a sociopathic coward; a poltroon of the highest order.

Those that seek to disarm the honest, claim that the Right to keep and bear arms is a dangerous right, and as such, it should be limited. But that is a very slippery slope to leap onto. If we accept the premise that if a Right is dangerous, it should be limited, then what about the right to free speech? Historically the Right to free speech is far more dangerous than the Right to own firearms.

Two examples should suffice to make the point. The first is the Communist Manifesto by Carl Marx and Fredrick Engels. This one small pamphlet has led to the deaths of hundreds of millions of people since it was written. The second example is Hitler’s Mein Kampf. This autobiography led to the Second World War and sixty million people dead. It is plain to anyone with open eyes, that the Right to free speech is far more dangerous, then the Right to keep and bear arms. To ban the one leads naturally to banning the other.

The banning of firearms in Germany under Adolph Hitler was instrumental in the murdering of six million Jews by Zyklon B in the death camps. The Nazis could not have murdered people on an industrial scale if those people were armed. Cowards only pick on people unable to defend themselves. Stalin also disarmed his people before he imposed political famine. Stalin’s famines starved to death millions of people in the former USSR. The Ukraine was the hardest hit, but famine was a favorite tool of Stalin, and his brothers in communism, to turn people away from God… and to arbitrary rule.

As we have shown, the arguments against the ownership of guns… are universally spurious. To knowingly make a specious argument, that will inevitably lead to the exact opposite result that you claim to want, is a purely malicious attempt to subvert the Rights of Man. That some people do this shows their motives are anything but sincere. We must ask ourselves, If they knowingly lie to us in this big thing… can we trust them in anything? The answer is absolutely no!


John Pepin

Politicians Playing Games With Our Economy

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that our economy is far too important to play games with. Economics is a powerful tool for the politician, to store up power and then to hold that power, making it a bauble too enchanting not to sport with. Not only our wealth is put at risk, when politicians toy with our economy, the future prosperity of our children is also threatened.

Most of the countries in the World today, who call themselves democracies, are actually representative republics. Those who are elected are put in place to represent the interests of the electorate. Unfortunately the politician who gains office, represents his or her own narrow interests, instead of the interests of the people who elected them. In economics this is called the “Principal Agent Dilemma.” The Principal Agent Dilemma is the result of human nature. Politicians, who are human beings and are subject to all the greed, hubris and fear, that all people are subject to, seek first of all, to amass power and then to hold onto that power.

When a politician sees an opportunity to gain power he or she takes it. That is why almost all politicians believe in gun control. It lowers the level of sovereignty of the individual and puts him or her more under the power of the State. No one believes gun control will solve the problems of violence in our society, because criminals will not give up their guns… only lawful citizens will. Lowering the power of the individual doesn’t solve what incentives cause. Politicians love distributive justice by political favor. Especially since it is the politicians who have the most political favor. Although they know that this form of distributive justice is the lease effective at growing an economy, it is their favorite form, because it amasses power for the politicians and lowers the power of the individual.

Amassing power is only one aspect of where the congenital nature of Man factors into politics. Power accumulated is useless if someone else wields it. The astute politician, not only seeks to raise all decision making to the government where they are the arbiters of who gets what, they must then hold power to have that say. Brinksmanship is the currency of perpetual power in the hands of the Elite. That this brinksmanship risks the people’s prosperity does not even enter the thought process of the politician… unless it threatens his or her power.

Distributive justice by political favor is a tool the Elite can use to close off those people who threaten the politician’s power. The example of Chick Fill a is instructive. The founder and owner made a statement of his deep and profound faith in Jesus Christ and his happiness in his marriage to only one woman… is obnoxious to certain politicians. As a result they are using the power of the State to keep Chick Fill a from opening new stores in Chicago… and I suspect, the friction to the expansion of Chick Fill a will be nation wide. There will be none opened in Vermont for example without millions of dollars spent on lawyers and a Supreme Court decision.

The so called fiscal cliff is another example of politicians playing games with our livelihood. They are not effected because they will continue getting rich, without having to meet anyone’s needs… but their own. The people who must meet the needs of their customers to make a living, Ala, “Adam Smith’s invisible hand,” will have their outlooks diminished profoundly. The democrats want to extend the “Bush tax cuts” only for people making less than an arbitrary number the politicians have conjured up to generate class warfare… and only be extended for one year for the rest of us. This is brinksmanship of the highest order. The extension will do nothing to address the uncertainty, it will punish small business by raising their taxes, and it is only a means to change appearances, not rectify problems.

The other aspect of the Fiscal cliff are the across the board government spending cuts that are included in the debt compromise. Lowering government spending, no matter the form, is terrifying to the Keynesian. Keynesian economics being a self serving theory for those that seek distributive justice by political favor. The demand side politician selfishly claims government is the engine of the economy, and it follows that, they will sound alarms at any and all cuts in government spending… (their power). Supply siders, or followers of the Austrian school started by Ludwig Von Mises, have a different view of the economy. We believe that private citizens are the source of economic growth, and government is, more often than not, in the way.

We are poorly served when our elected officials act in this way. As they continue in their quest to be the gate keepers… points of GDP growth are shaved off forever. The outlook for us and our children is lowered to pay for the politicians power. Even one point of growth carved from GDP every year, multiplies into a huge diminishment of our standard of living, getting redoubled over and over every year. Is this what we want from our leaders or should we demand something better? Maybe we are too asleep to even notice…


John Pepin

Philosphies of Hate

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that the elephant in the room no one is talking about, regarding the latest Colorado shooting, is the extreme level of violence coming out of the Wall Street protest movement. What is it about this movement that generates such hatred of our fellow man, that could push the unstable to kill so many people? How is it that people who engage in this protest have become so violent and blood thirsty? When has a philosophy led to such a disregard for the rights and humanity of others? These questions have great and profound impact on the future of the human race.

The Wall street protest movement has sparked phenomenal violence in our society. There have been horrendous attacks on the people of the United States by those engaged in it. Thank God most have been foiled. The examples are notable in both their callus disregard for human life and human suffering. The bridge bombers, the campaign headquarters bombers are two that immediately spring to mind. The Colorado shooting is just the latest. There have been hundreds of lesser attacks made on the people and the infrastructure of the US by people who subscribe to this philosophy.

History always has lessons that we, and especially the Elite, are loath to remember. The Wall Street protesters have much in common with other violent movements in the past. Some have led to the worst atrocities ever committed by a government on it’s people. The Nazi movement was just such an event. The National Socialists blamed all the problems of German society on Jewish bankers. The Marxist revolution in Russia is another example, of people vilifying the “rich,” despite the total lack of rich in Russia at the time. The French revolution was another example that was based on a totally callus disregard for the human species and Christianity. The list of atrocities would fill pages and pages, taking all the paper made in the World… for a decade.

These evil and violent movements have several things in common with the Wall Street movement. They all vilify a segment of society, they are all antisemitic, they all call for violent revolution, they all use violent rhetoric, they all dehumanize others and the human race, they all call for a super state, but most importantly they are all based on hatred. To have so much in common, with some of the most violent and hate filled people in history, should be a warning sign of the potential, now manifested, in the Wall Street protests. To utterly disregard the facts and history of these types of philosophies is malpractice of the Elite and the unbiased media.

The normal villain has already been chosen by the unbiased media… American’s access to guns. This is such a knee jerk reaction it has become trite. The Elite and the unbiased media all claim that the rights of the American people, must be diminished a bit, to prevent this type of atrocity from happening again. Of course nothing could be further from the truth. Empirically, we see that where guns are the least accessible, we have the most violence. Our inner cities are teeming with random violence. In Nigeria where guns are banned, thousands of Christians are killed every year, usually by barring the doors to a church and burning to death those inside. Switzerland requires every man to own a gun and they have unusually low levels of violence. Violence precedes guns and if guns go away it will continue unabated.

So we can see, if we open our eyes, that it is not guns that generate violence, in fact, the argument against guns is merely misdirection, it is the violent and dehumanizing ethos of the stateist that is the real culprit. The rhetoric and philosophy that claims that punishing another will make my life better is as pernicious as it is evil. As William James, (my favorite philosopher) said, Philosophies must be judged by their results… not their intentions. The results of the Wall Street protests are universally hate filled as are the intentions. Those that foist this malevolent philosophy on mankind have no love in their heart… only malevolence. Maybe, instead of banning firearms, we should address the real problem and ban socialism, communism and progressivism. All are based on hate.


John Pepin