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Why the Elite Do Such Absurd Things

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, chaos, terrorism, crime and fear create conditions where tyranny is not only likely but inevitable, and so anyone who seeks tyranny or in other words, arbitrary rule, merely sow these things and their job is almost done. To argue that no one would want tyranny is to argue no one would want to eat. It is human nature to seek power over others, as evidenced by all of human history, just as it is human nature to eat. Moreover, those that seek political power do so usually to use that power, else why seek it? So, those in political power, not all that have or seek political power, but a large majority, actually want tyranny, (as long as they are the tyrant) and therefore will actively sow chaos, terrorism, crime and fear in society, as a means to that goal.

It was the ancient Greeks who actually admitted and debated the faction that favored arbitrary rule. Today our schools, colleges and universities avoid teaching about arbitrary rule and so most people educated by the new class have no concept of it, as a philosophy or even that there are always those who favor it. To understand the philosophy of arbitrary rule one has to read Plutarch’s Lives, Plato and Aristotle. Since few actually read them, and many are told what they said, few really know and many think they know. The philosophy of arbitrary rule is, that the people are better served when they are ruled by a person or group, that can pass laws arbitrarily. It is as simple as that. Those that favor arbitrary rule believe humanity is better off if we are controlled by our “betters.” That people are so ignorant of this philosophy is damning to our education system but even more telling of the intentions of the new class.

Rationally self interested people, rational maximizers as economists label us, and self interested rightly understood as Tocqueville put it, struggle with those who favor arbitrary rule. We believe that humanity is better off when we the people have a say in our laws, customs and economy. We believe that people in the aggregate are better equipped to understand what society needs than a group of “superior men.” We understand that it is only through the protection of individual liberties that society can flourish… and our philosophy is born out by empirical testing. The period since the invention of Constitutional rule, a form of government that intentionally limits the elite and explicitly forbids arbitrary rule, has seen the greatest advancement in the human condition since the first man and woman walked upright. Those times where arbitrary rule has reasserted itself have seen famine, slaughter and suffering, without exception.

If you listen to the rhetoric of the elite, every solution they offer, is always more power in the hands of the few. Each time a problem pops up, a new regulation, law or form of surveillance is the only answer the elite allow us to debate. It is logical to conclude that due to their default position, of more government power and their favorite economic system socialism, that the elite favor arbitrary rule. It would be absurd to claim someone who always and everywhere seek more power in the hands of fewer and fewer people, favors individual liberty and eschews arbitrary rule! So since they favor and seek arbitrary rule it follows that they will do what it takes to create the conditions favorable to establishing arbitrary rule, for the good of humanity as they see it.

Perhaps that is why the political establishment goes to such lengths to create chaos in society. The elite have been undermining those institutions that create stability for over a century. The nuclear family is the most stabilizing force and is increasingly under attack by the elite. From the welfare state to gay marriage the elite have launched an all out war against the family. Christian religious institutions also create stability and so have been cowed by the elite. No church is willing to give up it’s religious tax exemption and so is unwilling to speak out, afraid to offend those who have the power to remove it, and so they have made themselves irrelevant. The list of stabilizing institutions is far too long to go into here but I am sure if you try you can think of many that are under attack or no longer exist.

Maybe the elite’s drive to tyranny is why the elite seek more terrorism instead of less. No one in their right mind believes that mass migration of Muslims will not create more terrorism in Europe and the US. To argue that it won’t is to argue up is down and down is up. Moreover, flooding a country will people who despise the culture and the people, then giving the invaders free everything is a terrifically destabilizing force, and can only lead to resentment, violence, backlash and more violence. Smashing the stable tyrants in the Middle East intentionally sowed the seeds of the migration which will inevitably lead to violence in Europe and the US on a wide scale, that violence can only lead to fear.

It is possible that the people who want to establish themselves as arbitrary rulers create the conditions for crime to flourish. More law doesn’t prevent crime, it only makes more people criminals, moreover, more regulations makes it harder to start a business or make a profit in an established business. This leads to less employment opportunities, lower wages and more crime because of it. History shows that periods of rapid economic expansion see very low crime rates and periods of low economic expansion and recession see rising crime, social strife and hate groups. All of which makes the people afraid, of their economic outlook, their property and their very lives.

Fear is the uniting element that makes the others so effective. Terrorism, chaos and crime all create fear, and a human being who is blinded by fear will run into the arms of anyone claiming they can put that fear at rest. Since we have been carefully conditioned to believe that more government power is always the answer to every question and all exigencies, most people will turn to a strongman who will “get them” and “fix it.” Like Germans did after Wiemar. Fear limits the mind and terror shrivels the soul, making people little more than animals, willing to burn another at the stake for causing the plague, behead a Virgin to restore the crops, and wipe out a race of human kind. Fear that will answer all the dreams of those that seek arbitrary rule, because the end justifies the means, and in the end, they believe arbitrary rule is in all of our best interests, especially theirs.


John Pepin

Inequality is to a Socialist as Soil is to a Tree.

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to say Bernie Sanders is going to, (or even wants to) fix income inequality is to say, trees want to eliminate soil. Income inequality is the very source of political power for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and every other progressive, or in Sander’s case, Marxist. Those who espouse socialism have no difficulty what so ever at the irony they always seek to become wealthy without providing anything of value, but in fact, creating the conditions where an economy will collapse, knowing full well what they are doing! Don’t fool yourself for a minute, that New class socialists care a whit for you or your family, they see you, not as an individual but as an African American, Hispanic, a white racist, capitalist, hater, neo conservative, etc… They only see you and I as the group they pigeon hole us into, as a means of separating us from each other and to weaken our resolve to fight them. To want equality is noble, to use the term as a means of getting more inequality however is as vile as it is manipulative.

If you listen to the words people use it tells you a great deal of what is going on in their heads. Examine my words, and you can get an idea of what I want for humanity, examine theirs and you get a different idea of what they want. We are never I but they. You are a member of some oppressed group no matter your ethnicity, political persuasion, religion or perhaps you are a member of the oppressor group, the reality of your existence is irrelevant to government controlled by progressives, socialists and Marxists, but a cell in the organism or group you are a member of. You are, say, a toe, and if you loose a toe so the face doesn’t have to be scarred…

The New Class, especially the progressive new class, are very well educated. Education is one of the defining factors of the new class. Lawyers, economists, Doctors, CEOs and professors are the leaders of the new class, would you argue they are ignorant? Since they are not ignorant we must conclude they have at least a modicum of knowledge of history. Given, the weight of human history shows, arbitrary rule always results in poverty and despotism, moreover, that socialism has only resulted in starvation and arbitrary rule, then the new class cannot claim ignorance.

Have you noticed every solution to every problem is more government and more power? Income inequality? Create more regulations and taxes insuring the actual rich don’t have to face competition. A welfare state program going bankrupt? Simply increase taxes on those trying to get wealthy while leaving old money alone. Immigration policy creating violent internal friction, (terrorism). Increase surveillance on everyone. Guns sent to a neighboring nations by government causing the growth of violent gangs there? Blame gun dealers and try to shut them down. Big government health care chimera razing the economy, ala Godzilla? Make it bigger and more tyrannical. The solution to every problem government creates, to the progressive, requires more government.

In the Nineteenth century however, (before the invention of the bureaucracy and the implementation of the Federal Reserve and the welfare state), the US economy had huge swings of growth and recession, but on average the economy grew at a rapid pace. There was a long period where the economy grew rapidly in the face of deflation. The dollar’s buying power increased, while the economy grew, which any Keynesian new class economist would tell you is impossible. In the early 1800’s the US experienced a labor shortage! Conditions were such that people could make good money without working for someone else, business conditions were that good. People migrated to the US to the point of a tenth of the European population. They voted with their feet to go from a heavily regulated economy to a free one.

Every example of a socialist government, from revolutionary France, through Nazi Germany, to Venezuela… has resulted the same, eventual economic devastation, tyranny and war. Some examples have been singular in their brutality they will be remembered as long as there are people. The Khamir Rouge in Cambodia was on such example, Mao’s sending the Red Guard house to house taking by force all the food from the countryside, after a few million had starved Mao declared the famine over and distributed the food, he had taken back to the people he had taken it from, the final solution, and finally, Stalin’s Ukrainian famine.

The very source of political power for a socialist is the anger inequality he or she creates in a society. Their policies are designed to create inequality even as their claimed intention is to eliminate it. The test is that in the 1800, until the government started encouraging monopolies, there was little inequality, but since the progressive era, inequality has grown out of control. Eliminate inequality and why do you need a firebrand socialist to restore it? Inequality is to a socialist as soil is to a tree, it provides a place for it’s roots, support and sustenance.

New class progressives cannot claim ignorance of history, yet their every action is to move the world to tyranny, albeit they would argue benevolent tyranny, regardless of the lessons of history. Those like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton, Francois Holland, Hugo Chavez, Barak Obama, Ban Ki Moon, Bill Deblasio, Alexis Tsipras, and many more know exactly where they are taking this planet, and their power is derived directly from inequality and the anger they gin up for it. They will ride it to wealth, fame and power, but their names eventually will go down in infamy, when in a hundred years they, and we, will be remembered as the fools who left paradise for slavery, had every opportunity to change direction but didn’t, and should have known better.


John Pepin

Ideal Government

Monday, December 29th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, ideal government would be invisible to those “governed.” Imagine bringing up your children in a place where politics doesn’t matter because the government is limited the way the founders intended? Under such a system you and I would go about our lives not having to interact with government at all. No bribes, no political favor, no licenses, no taxes, very limited legal code, well, you get the picture. If we lived in that way, with only the most limited amount of government possible to provide for common defense, and standards to facilitate commerce, our interactions with government would be few and far between. Moreover the ability of a faction to seize control of government and drive their agenda down our throats would be eliminated. Prosperity would be the norm and the wealth gap would naturally contract under such a system, but then again, that is exactly why it would never be allowed, and anything like it is so hated and vilified by the elite.

Under such a system, where government is strictly limited to national defense, protecting the property rights of the people and providing standards, (not regulations), to facilitate commerce, people would have little need to engage government. Most people wouldn’t even know where the town clerk’s office was because there would be no need. But that is exactly the rub, isn’t it? If that were the case, government officials would not be able to make such large amounts of money, their ability to enrich themselves through crony capitalism, graft, bribes, and outright theft would be eliminated, if we didn’t need government permission for everything.

Every time you have to go to the town clerk’s office to get the government’s authorization to engage in some activity, the role of government is enlarged and power of government is enhanced, with a commensurate increase in the status and wealth of those in government. The cronies of government officials would have to work for their wealth instead of having it bestowed to them. Regulations create the conditions where some people, those with the right connections, can become immensely rich while those without the connections must stay in the station they were born into, regardless of their abilities and virtues.

The ability of potential despots to seize power would be eliminated. If government is limited so it is not allowed to monitor it’s citizens, pass reams of laws and regulations that empower the state over the individual, control the people with military power, seize the property of individuals, or practice arbitrary power, a would be oppressor could not oppress. There is not one case in human history where a power given to government has not been abused, no matter how much the people agreed when that power was given, that power has always been abused. That is because giving power to government is stepping out onto a slippery slope.

Without the friction that regulations, licenses, fees, taxes, and political favor create, the economy of a nation would operate at maximum efficiency. Without the elite controlling who can get ahead by rewarding their friends with favors, the ability of people to become uber rich would be lessened, and the wages of the bottom rung of the economic ladder would be increased… such that the gap would naturally become narrowed. The resulting rise in demand for labor would drive up the wages for that labor. The supply demand curve would swing to the advantage of workers, instead of management, because rapid economic expansion that such a system would encourage would keep the demand for labor high.

The power and prerogative of the elite would be limited as well. Which of course would be unacceptable to them. Those who wield power are always loathe to relinquish that power. They take, they never give, that is why the natural progression of every government, political system and republic that has ever been constituted, has been eventual tyranny. The elite convince us that if only they had a little bit more power… oh, the good they would do for us. Conversely they claim that any small taking of their power would result in calamity. Anyone trying to limit the power and role of government therefore becomes a de facto enemy of the state.

The goal of limited government is not a pipe dream, it has been achieved in the past, it is the limiting of government absent violence and revolution, that eludes humanity. People vote with their feet whenever they are allowed to. No one flees to Cuba, people flee from Cuba to the US, Canada and Europe. No one is migrating to North Korea, people risk their lives escaping that tyranny. Venezuela doesn’t have a problem with people from other South American nations rushing their border, people are trying to get out. Yet the elite in the media, government and academia fill the airwaves with propaganda that if only we could become like North Korea, Venezuela, or Cuba, life would be a utopia.

Every human being yearns to be free, prosperous and moral. That is why people vote with their feet, fleeing despotism to places that are only marginally more free. Despite that reality, anyone who seeks to limit the power of the elite are enemies of the state, and are treated harshly while those who seek to unshackle the power of government are hailed as heroes… like Che Guevara. We could achieve near universal prosperity, if only the friction to the economy was removed, by limiting the ability of government officials to decide who gets what. Limited government creates the conditions where a despot cannot amass the governmental might he or she would need to usurp power, by eradicating arbitrary power itself. Yes, limited government would be a boon to humanity, that boon would come at cost to the elite however, and as such, will be fought at every turn, but the gain by winning the battle, even engaging in it… ideal government, is well worth the effort.


John Pepin

The Danger of Following a Lunatic

Sunday, May 11th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems amazing to me how the progressives can convince us of things we know to be false. The list is endless of absurdities they have tricked us into believing. The list isn’t as important as is the fact that we, or at least enough of us, fall for the used car salesman’s pitch to damage our mutual interests. Perhaps the answer lay in the fact, they convince themselves of absurdities they know to be false, because they seem so good if they were true. If we want to call ourselves civilized then we must stop believing in those things we know in our hearts to be false, else we are nothing more than maniacs, in a technological age. As we all know, give a lunatic power and it will be used for evil, no matter his or her intentions.


From abortion and man made climate change to socialism and peace through weakness our logic is under constant assault from those who consider themselves enlightened. The elite in academia are the epitome of ignoramuses. Who is more ignorant, one who understands he or she doesn’t know everything, or one who has the hubris to believe they know everything? They exploit their monopoly of the media, education and the dissemination of information to wash us with their propaganda, without a thought to the consequences of their beliefs. It is patently true that if they actually got their way and the planet became one world communist government, and make no mistake, that is exactly what their end game is, they would be the first rounded up and executed as potential troublemakers.


George Orwell said people will believe what the media tells them they believe. This is as true a statement as has been uttered. We are social animals and we follow the flock. We reason that I myself cannot know more then the multitude, and so it must be in my best interests to follow, even when we see the cliff looming ahead. Only the few have the self control to stand up and shout, “that way is death.” Those who do are attacked in the most vitriolic and despicable way possible. Those that are leading, care nothing about where they are leading us, only that they lead.


It is the elite, in politics, academia and culture who are falling victim to their own propaganda. They so want promiscuity to be a good thing they convince themselves abortion is good, they so lack self esteem they must have total control of everyone else so they blindly chant the dangers of climate change, they need us to rely on them for everything and in every way so they connive for communism, and they desire so much that world peace can be reached without war they disarm the good and arm the evil… to show them how peace loving we are, the list goes on and on, The elite have convinced themselves of the most idiotic things imaginable, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.


Scientists can infer there is an ocean under forty kilometers of ice on the moon Enceladus, simply by the speed in which the Cassini spacecraft flies by, but they cannot understand that communism has resulted in millions of deaths and untold human suffering every time it is tried. You would have to conclude they are idiot savants. They convince themselves that absurdity is true and reality is false, and that is their right as human beings. We however must not fall victim to their insanity. We must stand against the tide of insanity lest it wash over us and our children with all it implies. When we know a thing to be false we must not go along to keep the peace we must speak up and point out the absurdity, those in academia may know how to parse a sentence and quote Marx but that doesn’t make them Gods, it makes them germs living in a microscopic world of specialization. Just because someone knows everything there is to know about the guanine step in DNA, doesn’t mean they know anything about human existence, and we are smart to understand that. Remember, he who follows a madman is mad himself, no matter if he knows his leader is insane…





John Pepin


Constitutional Usurpation

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if I am not held to the Law, I will not follow the law. Moreover, if our elected leaders are not held to the Constitution, they will not follow it either. This not only applies to the US, where the Constitution has been bastardized by the New Class to their own purpose, but around the World. Human nature is unyielding. We do what we can get away with due to our egoistic self interest. No one among us is immune we are all subject to the demands of our egos. It is said that our emotions are like an elephant and our reason is merely a rider. Since politicians are human beings, they are as subject to this weakness in human nature as anyone, perhaps more, since they seek egoistic power over others. If we are to leave our children and their children, a World where people are free and prosperous, we must realize a means to counter this predilection in our leaders.


Think about it this way, if the laws against speeding are not enforced, people will speed more and more. As a result accidents will become more and more frequent and deadly. If the laws against drunk driving are not enforced as well the trend of more deadly accidents will accelerate. This is incontestable, we all know that we will do what we can get away with, and we all understand the repercussions. What we fail to realize however, is the same holds true for our elected leaders, but with far greater negative consequences.


The elite, like everyone, seek to exceed limits on their actions. In the case of the elected leaders, they want more freedom, to limit the freedom of others. Like the guy late for work, if he believes he will get away with exceeding the limit, he will do it. The repercussion to the society and culture from the elite exceeding their authority, as limited by the Constitution, are far more dangerous than merely allowing drunks to careen down the road fast as bullets. If we allow our leaders to surpass constitutional limits, the results include but are not limited to, famine, oppression, poverty, social strife, and hopelessness.


The predilection of the elite is only exacerbated, when those that are empowered with limiting the power and scope of government by their Constitutions, cheer and applaud when a would be usurper publicly announces he fully intends to practice arbitrary power. In this case the Constitution is nothing more than a cloak that gives the new tyrant’s usurpations a veil of legitimacy. When this happens the people have two options. Rise up and demand the Constitution be followed to the letter as intended or fall into line like lambs to the slaughter house. In such a society, where the people rise up immediately, the change back to Constitutional rule can be done with little or no blood shed, but where the people fall into line, whether it is for free stuff or fear of being called a name, eventually they will be led to slaughter and terror. Once that happens, if the people become enraged at the usurpations and rise up, we will be put down by deadly force and much blood will be shed, like in Tienanmen Square or Iran.


The right thing to do is never the easy thing to do. Most of the time we know the right thing to do but withhold action because it is seen as too difficult. Mo Ti wrote volumes about this facet of human nature, that we will do the hard thing to avoid the easy thing… In the case of a blatant usurper the right thing to do is to immediately write letters and articles, demonstrate, demand the Constitution be followed as written and intended, and otherwise act out. This is not easy, especially when the elite in the media, government and culture, back the usurper. But if it is not done and we fall into line like lambs the slaughter house cannot be far away.


In the US today we have a President who is so blatant about his usurpations he announces them to standing ovations like Adolph Hitler did. He is so confident that the American people will fall into line like lambs he openly avows he will practice arbitrary rule, like following laws as he sees fit, changing laws to suit his moods, bypasses other Constitutionally empowered branches of government and otherwise acts the dictator.


Using the spurious logic of “living breathing document” wasn’t undermining the Constitution fast enough, and we have become such sheep, he can do all these things without complaint from the very people he is avowing he will oppress. He knows the media will not hold him to any standard, the cultural elite back his incursions, and all other political factions behold his usurpations with admiration, drooling at the possibility they will get the same power if and when they come into office. The last hope to such a society, are the people who are awake and aware, we must demand our Constitution be followed. A NUMA is only a means to maintain Constitutional limits once they are reestablished. Like I said, if we do not hold the elite to the Constitution, they will not follow it, with all the consequences that will ensue. Lambs don’t write letters and don’t fight, they cry as their throat is slit, but to no avail… they have entered the slaughterhouse of their own free will.





John Pepin

The Values Voter

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Dear Friends,

I always thought the memory of the people was short, but I stand in awe at the total lack of retention of the Elite, regarding the 2004 elections and the debate afterward. That debate was all about, how the democrats could show the American people, they had values too. Because the previous election in November had hinged on values. In 2008 the democrats didn’t as much convince the electorate that they had values, as much as the salacious emails to a page convinced us, the republicans were just as reprobate. Today, the democrats have not only shown they have no values, but, the power of the State to compel. The short memory of the Elite is astounding and may yet offer us hope of turning back the progressives.

Historically the progressives have always failed once their true plans and nature came out. The American people have always recoiled at the evil and the progressives have had to go into hiding, melting into the Elite of the republican and the democrat parties, until the generation that remembers them has passed. The the progressives emerge again shiny and new. This has almost been a dynamic rhythm set up by the complex system that is American politics.

In December 2004, the question on everyone’s lips was, how can the democrats get their power back? The unbiased media was awash in debate how could the American people not know that the democrats had values too? They bent logic into balloon elephants and kangaroos and offered them to the public. Then the Elite changed the subject by running down the economy until they caused it to crash with both their rhetoric and their regulation.

Today, with the Economy in shambles, the progressive Elite must change the subject again. The progressive Elite are of the opinion, the American people have been rendered so ignorant of the underlying issues and so lowered in our moral ethos, that we will turn away from the Constitution in favor of free stuff. The pro Sodom and Gomorrah sect think they are winning. They have the unbiased media filling the airwaves with push polling and editorials attacking Rush Limbaugh instead of looking into the actual Constitutional issues.

Nancy Pelosi has argued that, access to contraceptives is a “right” and therefore religious should be compelled to pay for it. If that is true then PETA could be compelled to pay for a baby seal hunting trip for every one of it’s employees. Absolute secrecy about who takes these trips would have to be maintained so the zealots wouldn’t take retribution against the takers. Perhaps Planned Parenthood would be coerced into paying for a Roman Catholic church on one side, a Protestant cathedral on the other with a Mormon Temple across the street, as a gesture to diversity. The list of compulsions the State can come up with is endless.

The point is not, to get free contraceptives into the hands of willing women, it is to pry the Rights from our slippery hands. The progressive Elite have chosen a group to present as the villains, in their idol of the theater, the “conservative” wealthy, the progressive Elite believe they have successfully nullified the Constitution and they may be correct. They may be able to usurp the Constitution. But only if the people let them.

In 2004 it was about the values of the President, in 2008 it was about salacious emails to a page, but today, it is about the values the Elite want to coerce from us. Once they can do it to someone they can do it to anyone! It is the next logical step, to changing the role of the State to that of God, as it was in the days of Pharaoh. History shows what ensues when that happens, oppression and suffering. It has always been and it always will be the values voter who swings the tide from tyranny to liberty. It was the values voter that never gave up on emancipation, and only once the values voter has been thoroughly disheartened and marginalized, can the tyrant win.

The Values voter, will strike once more, the Elite disheartened, their plans still born…


John Pepin