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The Phantasm of Progressivism

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if I brought a rabid fox into my home and it bit my child… it would not be the fox’s fault. Common sense is a thing not practiced today. Perhaps because it goes against the prevailing paradigm of stupidity, or maybe because our children have been “educated” in the government monopoly school system, where common sense is replaced with common core. No matter, the complete lack of common sense in society today, can only lead to disaster. Stupid actions have consequences. Our leaders today are like the actors in those movies Jackass. The only difference is that instead of doing idiotic things to themselves, they do those idiotic (and painful) things to us, then cry how awful it is that the rabid fox, they brought into the home, bit one of us!

If someone gave you a bowl of dry rice and said a few random kernels will give you blinding stomach pain and perhaps death… how many would you eat? Common sense would say not to eat any… but that would not be progressive now would it? A progressive however would take some and eat just to be friendly and prove he or she is inclusive and tolerant. Meanwhile, a conservative or libertarian would eschew all of them, because there is no way to separate the deadly kernels of rice from the edible ones. What if you were told some of the edible rice could turn toxic at any moment? Would that make you more or less likely to eat a handful? What if the person offering the poisoned rice to you called you a hater because you refuse to accept it? Would you then eat it all just to prove you are not a hater? That would be progressive.

Progressivism and common sense have been at loggerheads since the invention of progressivism. Progressives and their core philosophy, the Frankfurt School, are dedicated to overturning reality in favor of fantasy. In their fantasy world water doesn’t wet and fire does not burn. A progressive would rather a child dies slowly and horribly of poisoned rice than allow the parent’s common sense. You see, progressives seek utopia, which in Greek means nowhere, they see nowhere as a place they can create from their fantasies and desires, a place that meets all of their expectations and excludes anything they dislike. Their utopia is a place where the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, unless they prefer it to rise in the north… Progressivism teaches that a house’s roof, if properly constructed, can hold the rest of the house six inches off the ground.

Progressives believe that power comes at the end of a gun, and even as they demand we allow them theirs… they seek to take ours away. Since they believe guns are power and seek to take ours from us they must therefore be seeking to remove power from us. Even as they do everything in their power to allow those who have vociferously exclaimed they will kill us, to have a monopoly on weapons. They want us to believe that if only we allow those who have pledged to slaughter us to be able to slaughter us, those evil men will be so enamored with out fairness and open mindedness, they will abandon their religious edict to slaughter us and force us to feel subdued. Someone with common sense however, will realize that those who have pledged their lives to Lucifer, (by any other name), and seek the destruction of all that is good in the world, will never give up that goal… especially if they have the guns and therefore the power.

Once a child is bitten and rushed to the hospital, for rabies shots through the stomach and into the spine, it would be prudent to remove the foxes from the house. That type of common sense however is rejected by progressives in favor of their fantasy world. Their version, common core, is the manifestation of a delusion that flies in the face of reality, where freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength, and strength through joy. Fantasy is easy to believe when others suffer the very real consequences. Progressives are not burned when they put our hands in the fire, nor are they soaked when they toss us in the ocean. Progressives do not suffer the loss of a parent who has to bury their child for going to a concert… because theirs are protected by fences, guards and armies. They can cling to their phantasm… a world where water no longer wets and fire no longer burns, because we are the ones burned and soaked.


John Pepin

History Will Not Judge Us Well

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, every time progressivism gets power, as it has under Barack Obama, it is responsible for crimes against humanity, and for those crimes today history will judge us very poorly. Since the inception of Progressivism it has been the source of crimes against humanity that a normal mind cannot comprehend. Eugenics, abortion, master races, genocide on an industrial scale, destruction of the nuclear family, sexualizing our culture and even our children creating a hedonistic self destructive culture, famines, and the enslavement of large swaths of humanity. This is of course not a comprehensive list but it touches on some of the high points of the crimes of progressivism. The ones I would like to look into at depth here, is the genocide of Christians in Christianity’s birthplace the Middle East and the industrial slaughter of innocent babies, all of which history will condemn us as barbarians.

Obama loves to claim to foreknow the judgment of history. He goes on and on about how history will judge us poorly if we don’t give this or that Right to the State, as if history is more concerned with the petty usurpations of an autocrat than with actual human suffering. It is always human suffering that gets the headlines. No one talks about the advances of the Panzer kampf wagon Mark 5 Panther, other than WWII nuts, but we all talk of the holocaust. The one was a crime against humanity the other a technological advance. When we hear about WWI we instantly think of the human suffering the industrialization of war created, with mustard gas, bayonet charges into water cooled machine guns, accurate and more deadly artillery, and even though it is hidden in history, most everyone knows of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the young Turks, a progressive movement inside the Turkish government. History is mostly interested in crimes against humanity and under Obama’s watch there have been plenty.

Progressivism under Woodrow Wilson begot the eugenics movement, which inspired Hitler to his final solution and the master race plans, meanwhile, Planned Parenthood got it’s start at the same time by Margaret Sanger with the express purpose of exterminating Blacks. In the US people were rounded up and forcibly sterilized because the State considered then unfit to parent children, some because they were mentally retarded, others because they were French Canadian, but all of them forcibly sterilized by the coercive power of the state. Hitler loved the idea and implemented it in Germany with glee, slaughtering everyone in insane asylums, rounding up Jews, exterminating Gypsies, and Hitler didn’t stop there, he applied his progressive racial standards to the Slavs and killed millions of them too. Eugenics and the final solution are firmly and permanently intertwined, started by a progressive in the US and migrating to a progressive in Germany. A crime against humanity if ever there was one.

Abortion is a sacrament to progressives. They drink the blood of innocent babies like Catholics drink the blood of Christ. The first is enthralled by their power over life and the second humbled by their power over death. Abortion has been the cause of the deaths of nearly sixty million babies in the US alone. By any measure the industrial slaughter of the most innocent human beings is a crime against humanity. Now we find out that slaughter is accompanied with the sale of their parts! Under Obama the sacrament of abortion has been magnified in it’s heinousness. Compounding the psychotic mass murder of babies by a crass marketing of their very parts. Moreover, the government subsidizes the slaughter! It takes money from those of us who rightly are revolted by the evil of abortion, at gun point, and we are forced to pay for it. History will not judge us well at all for the evil of abortion.

That same lack of empathy for others that is unmistakable in our diminished value of human life is manifested in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Where only a decade ago there were millions of Christians in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, most have vanished, killed and buried in mass graves, sent to rape centers, and the lucky ones are wandering in the desert with no hope because no one cares, but at least hey are alive and free. Even though it has been labeled genocide by the US Congress the world community refuses to take in the diaspora Christians, the world goes out to eat as Christians are left to starve in the desert, we watch Rambo while little Christian girls are sold into sex slavery and all we care about is whether we can afford that new television. Genocide is always and everywhere a crime against humanity, but history will judge us far harsher than it has the British, French and Americans for the Holocaust, because today, we know about it undeniably and did nothing.

I cannot believe humanity will continue down the road with such heartlessness. In the long term humanity must grow up to have greater empathy. That has been the long term trend of the development of the human race. Not in a linear manner but by leaps and bounds, sometimes retreating but after a bit always lunging forward, often, by looking back at our mistakes. It is by looking back at those tragedies, that have propelled our understanding and philosophy into a more human hearted path. Once we grow beyond the hedonistic, egoistic, immediately self interested children we are, those people will look back at abortion, and genocide as crimes against humanity, encoded in human history, and all of those crimes will be the result of progressivism’s atheistic, amoral, selfish, hedonistic and holier than thou philosophy.


John Pepin

Humanity’s Tendency to Hate the Truth

Monday, October 10th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, people love the man who tells them two plus two equals three, women will throw themselves at him, and men will die for him, but the man who tells people two plus two equals four… that man will be criticized and hated, spat upon and vilified, especially after he is proven correct. History is full of examples of both. This quality of human nature is as pervasive as it is destructive, since every aspect of the human condition depends on correct information, incorrect information leading to mistakes, mistakes that cost pain, economic loss, loss of freedom and lost standing, this penchant to prefer lies should have been weeded out of our psyche millennia ago, yet it persists… to our great detriment. If we really want to advance it is incumbent on us to actively counter this tendency in ourselves.

In The Republic, Glaucon asked Socrates, is it better to be so just, one is perceived unjust, or perceived just when one is unjust? Glaucon went on, the man who is perceived as unjust, even if just, will be hated, while the man who is perceived as just, even if he is unjust, will be lauded. What Glaucon meant was that the perception of the masses is more important to the individual than reality. In this example, the just man, the truth teller, is hated, scorned and put upon, while the unjust man, the liar, is glorified, raised up and helped in all his unjust endeavors. This historical anecdote shows the tendency of people to love a liar and hate a truth teller is at least as old as Socrates.

After a long diet of such cultural, social and economic poison, you would think people would long for someone, anyone, who will tell them even a hint of the truth. Sadly that isn’t the case. Edmund Burke correctly predicted the outcome of the French revolution. He also provided the reasons why it would end in bloodshed. He was vilified, hated and condemned for telling the truth, and when he was proven right, he was hated even more for being right. Glenn Beck is another example of someone who told the truth and is hated for it. Now that Beck’s predictions have come true, proving his hypothesis, Beck is loathed almost universally. The more one tells an ugly truth the more that person is hated.

This is because people want a glittering lie to be true. In this we will ignore facts and instead turn to emotion. People so wanted the Arab spring to usher in a new era of peace, prosperity and freedom to the Middle East, when Beck told the truth, those people who had invested so much emotional capital, turned on him with vitriol not even given a monster. When Beck turned out to be right, the Arab Spring so loved by people the world over turned out to usher in a new era of bloodshed, genocide and tyranny, all that emotional capital was destroyed. Instead of blaming themselves for believing the lie, people turned their hatred to Beck, for being right.

This is because of cognitive dissonance. That is the psychological theory that we think and feel in ways consistent with our past thoughts and actions. If I ridicule someone who has a different belief than I, then that person is proven to be right, my past actions will force me, subconsciously, to dislike that person. My past belief forces me to feel this way, because otherwise I would have been wrong in my ridicule, and to ridicule someone undeservedly would make me a bad person, since in my mind I can never be a bad person, therefore that other person had to have deserved it… so I hate him. Our cognition of ourselves cannot be dissonant from our self perception.

Since we so want to believe in pixy dust, when someone tells us pixy dust is nothing but dust, we become angry. When they are proven right, we become enraged, because we have been proven to be stupid or bad. Since in my own mind I cannot be stupid or bad, that other person must be stupid or bad, justifying my original belief. Sadly, this tendency has not served us well in the past and certainly will not in the future. Since it is impossible to force change on others, we can only change ourselves, we must self examine, look at how we tend to believe glittering lies while condemning ugly truths, so that we and our children, will not have to suffer so that we can feel better about ourselves. If enough of us do, liars will be vilified and truth tellers will be glorified, reversing a negative trend that has visited so much evil on the human race.


John Pepin

Human Rights and Progressivism

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… progressives have never seen a human Right they don’t despise and want to get rid of. Their rhetoric and actions prove this. From their zealous attacks on the right of self defense, to their undermining of the freedom of religion, progressives show their absolute antipathy to human rights of every stripe. In their zealous crusade to rid government of the burden of having to labor under the odium of the people’s individual rights, progressives have rolled back the advancement of philosophy, humanity and government, to a time well before the Enlightenment. Progressives are only too happy to use human rights to destroy human rights however. They pick and choose who gets rights and who doesn’t, in an effort to undermine and corrode basic natural law, which is the font of all human rights. Progressives are never happier than when they are overseeing a genocide which makes them the antithesis of human hearted, making Progressivism and all progressives, diabolical.

All human rights come from natural law. Before governments were invented all human beings were created equal, had innate rights like, the right to self defense, the right to privacy, the right to own the fruits of their labor, the right to own property both personal and real as well as, the right to think and believe as each chooses. Government and powerful men stole those human rights by the sword. People were enslaved by those powerful men, who needed an excuse for their evil, so they came up with the theory of arbitrary rule. Once that had been thoroughly debunked, the powerful changed it to the rights of kings, today that philosophy has been renamed social justice. All in an attempt to destroy human rights to justify people being exploited as slaves. Which of course is the direct opposite of natural rights, or as Socrates called it, justice.

The right of self defense is their most important bugaboo. Progressives and indeed everyone who has a penchant for tyranny loathes the right to self defense. How can you enslave a person who is capable and willing to defend themselves and their children from your evil? The basic human right to self defense is the first right from which all others flow, for if one has no right to defend him or herself from the usurpations of a monster, than all other rights become null and void. Everywhere and every time human beings have been denied their basic human right of self defense, it has resulted in slavery, suffering and death, there are no historical examples where this is not true. From ancient China to the modern Syria masters had arms and slaves were disarmed. Before a person can be enslaved they must be disarmed whether by force or trickery. Now they are using trickery but soon progressives will become anxious and will resort to violence… as they always have.

Today progressive make a compelling case to get rid of basic human rights. They seek to control thought, whether by hate crimes or political correctness, progressives seek to control not only what we do, but what we think as well. The right to freedom of religion has been perverted to separation of church and state, which actually means the elevation of atheism, as the state religion. The right to privacy doesn’t exist in a surveillance state, where your every move is recorded and stored in a government data bank, for use against you when the elite see fit. Moreover, how can anyone argue, with a straight face, that we are protected in our personal papers and effects when government can hack into our phones, computers and phone conversations without warrant? Instead of “interpreting” our Constitution, as it was written and intended, progressives claim it is a “living breathing document,” which means they get to change it’s meaning arbitrarily, eviscerating the protections our Constitution is supposed to provide. What is most distressing is that a huge number of people fall for such chicanery.

Justice is not arbitrary rule no matter what they call it, freedom is never submission and humanity cannot be imposed by the state’s monopoly on violence. Our basic human rights come from God or nature but not and never government. Government is the opposite of freedom. While in a state of nature you can go out and kill a deer to feed your family, grow whatever crop you want to fill your children’s bellies, worship whatever deity you please, protect your family and self from thieves and murderers with violence if necessary, build a home, and think whatever you want, progressives always seeks to take these rights away. If you need permission from government… they have taken away your right to do it.

That progressives loathe and despise human rights is an open secret. Their every action serves to undermine human rights and humanity itself in the process… all in the name of “equality.” Progressive’s, socialist’s and Marxist’s version of equality, however, is where some people are more equal than others, to borrow a phrase. While they zealously defend their own “right” to control our thoughts, actions and religious beliefs, arbitrarily as in the rights of kings, they actively destroy those of everyone else. The quiet of Woodrow Wilson when the Armenians were being exterminated, FDR’s silence as Jews were being slaughtered on an industrial scale, and now Obama’s defense of those massacring Christians in their original lands, shows progressives, socialists and Marxists passion for genocide. The master has every right while the slave has not even the right to life. They hold us to every word of their law, constitutional or not, while openly arguing law doesn’t apply to them. Listen to what they say, consider what the outcome of their argument will be… exercise your basic human right to think, before it is taken away.


John Pepin

Peace in the Middle East… a Fools Errand

Monday, June 6th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, barring the genocide of the Jews or the Muslims, peace in the Middle East is a fools errand. Moreover, that the world focuses so much on that part of the world while turning a blind eye to real human suffering elsewhere, is an enigma. What of the plight of the indigenous people of southern Mexico, the innocent girls forced into the sex slave trade, the country of Tibet occupied by communist China, the extermination of Christianity from it’s birthplace, the tyrannizing of the Kurds by Turkeyor any of dozens of other crimes against humanity? Every President, as a matter of policy, claims to be a champion of peace in the Middle East and spends an inordinate amount of capital seeking to reconcile the Jews and Muslims. Clinton even managed to get the Jewish state to concede to almost every demand, save one of the Palestinians, yet Yasser Arafat turned them down cold. Isn’t it only logical to abandon a fools errand, for a more profitable pursuit, like stamping out the slave trade?

Israel is a tiny postage stamp of land. Islam has conquered North Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia, and now Europe, yet the one place they demand most is the tiny state of Israel. To that end the entire planet must bow to the demands of those who don’t want peace, but the extermination of a whole people… another final solution. Everyone knows in his or her heart that peace there is impossible without the extermination of either the Muslims or the Jews, yet the knee jerk reaction is to seek peace, where peace is impossible. Now such thoroughly proven false anti Semitic filth like the Protocols of Zion are back in vogue. The world’s leaders have nothing to say when the Iranian government openly calls for the murder of the Jewish people, then vilify Israel, for defending itself against daily rocket attacks against schools.

The question of the Palestinian people could be answered immediately if the Muslim world wanted to. They control mammoth swaths of uninhabited land. The Palestinians could be given territory a hundred times the size of Israel that no one lives on… but that solution is unacceptable. Mo Ti said why fight over a city when there is so much land that is uncultivated? Today, the Palestinians are idle in their forced refugee camps, imagine if all that available labor were put to productive use? Imagine the magnificent cities they could build, the farms they could create, the society they could build, all for fraction of the cost of the unending war, but instead of building they are encouraged, by the Muslim world and the West, to fight for that postage stamp of land.

Why spend the money, blood and suffering to steal land from someone when uncultivated land can be cultivated far less expensively? Hate and lust for power is the reason. The naked hatred of the Jews is rising again as it did before WWII. I ask you, does it damage you or your interests that Israel exists? Such obvious racism as calling the Jewish people Zionists, dehumanizes them, creating the conditions for hate and preparing people to murder others who have done them no harm. People will run into a hail of bullets, to forward the ambitions of evil men all day, while very very few will brave gunfire to advance the cause of liberty. How much easier then to brave the sun plowing a field, operate a crane to build a city than to send your children with a bomb strapped to them to kill some Jews on a bus?

If the world were sane they would abandon the fools errand of peace in the Middle East and instead focus on more profitable pursuits, like eliminating human trafficking once and for all, helping the Tibetans achieve sovereignty, stopping the slaughter of Christians in Iraq and Syria… or time travel, all of which are more likely to happen. Hate is a terrible motivation from which to seek peace. Isn’t it past time to see the forest beyond the trees of propaganda and move beyond blind hatred of the Jewish people? When you see someone referencing the Protocols of Zion, calling Jews bankers in reference to the Rothschilds, ignoring the Palestinian terror tunnels while vilifying Israel for cutting off the cement to the Palestinians to build them, speak up. Be a spark of light in a dimming world. God knows, if we don’t shine a light on the darkness that is growing around us, the darkness wins.


John Pepin

The “Refugee” Crisis is a Crime Against Humanity.

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is hard to reason away culpability of the finger that pulls the trigger, but the progressive elite in Europe will try. They might argue the bullet bears all the responsibility, or perhaps that the victim shouldn’t have been in the way of the bullet, but the gun, finger that pulled the trigger and the man holding it are innocent… and if guilty of anything, the are guilty of having too much compassion. If you aim a loaded gun at someone and pull the trigger, you have started a chain reaction that is all too predictable, to argue it is not is to argue absurdity. The Muslim invasion of Europe is just such a gun, aimed at the head of Christianity and native Europeans, held by the hand of their own governments. When the gun goes off and the inevitable results occur, results that are all too predictable, the politicians will scrape and whine, “How could we have known what would happen, we were acting out of compassion, and it’s not my fault it is the bullet’s”

The “refugees” flooding into Europe are nothing of the sort. They are not refugees for a whole host of reasons. First, a refugee returns to his or her homeland when the war is over, does anyone think these people will? Most are not even from war zones but are instead seeking welfare and handouts, why else would they pass through Turkey, to go to Britain and Sweden? Most, if not all… are young men of fighting age, well fed and clothed… not your typical starving family in tatters fleeing war. They don’t meet any logical definition of refugee. They are looking for economic opportunity not asylum nor are fleeing war.

There are stories of working Germans being forced from their apartments and onto the streets to make room for “refugees,” who then complain the apartment is too small, the free television doesn’t get porn and the food isn’t good enough. Far from being thankful, these “refugees” are demanding and feel entitled. If they feel so entitled today, having just got there, how much more so after they have established themselves? With disturbing reports that “refugees” are being beaten severely if they convert to Christianity, by other “refugees,” the likelihood of any integration is extremely remote. History of past acceptance of Muslims into Europe show the newcomers don’t get jobs but live off the dole. Any argument they will add to GDP is therefore farcical.

Stories of the “refugees” raping women and children, like in Rotherham, are legion. Examples of integration are few, and where they congregate, their neighborhoods become no go zones for Christians. Gangs of Muslims roam the streets of many European cities, robbing, beating raping and terrorizing the native Europeans. Anyone who points this out in Europe are immediately arrested. So, to accept these “refugees,” the native Europeans will have to give up their homes, their Right to free speech, their religious liberty, their security, their children’s safety, their ability to go anywhere they want, their hard earned money and their culture. The chain of events is as predictable as when a finger pulls the trigger of a gun.

If the elite in Europe wanted to stop the invasion they could in a heartbeat. The moment a “refugee” shows up in any European country, feed them, give them medical care, and immediately return them to their native land. The moment that happened the flood would stop. Giving them free housing, welfare, free medical care, free laundry services, free television, free clothing, and even free cars is a strong incentive to come. Returning them would create a strong incentive not to come. The fact the elite are creating an incentive to come shows they want them. Europe is not accepting the Christian asylum seekers, people are being systematically exterminated, forcibly converted and raped, so why accept and indeed incentivize the people doing the exterminating, raping and forcible conversions, to come? Unless the elite in Europe want that in Europe too?

The results are so obvious, we must ask ourselves, why are the elite in Europe not just allowing it, but encouraging it and punishing anyone who disagrees? Since they have the best educations, ignorance cannot legitimately be claimed, therefore, they know exactly what they are doing. They must want a Christian genocide in Europe, they must want little girls and boys to be raped, they must want the European people subjugated and forced like slaves to work for the “refugees…” They are as culpable as the villain who puts a gun against someone’s head and pulls the trigger. Therefore, every rape, every child molestation, every beating, every murder and every crime committed against Europeans, will be on the hands of the elite in Europe. The blood on their hands will grow exponentially by the day. With full foreknowledge and intent the elite of Europe have committed, and continue to commit, a crime against humanity. The villainy of their actions will go down in history as sinister and they will be regarded as fiends. There will be attempts to argue away their criminality but only a fool will accept them. They are the finger on the trigger and they know full well what they are doing.


John Pepin

Christian Genocide in the Middle East

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me, as I peruse the media that calls itself unbiased, there is a dearth of news about the Christian genocide in the Middle East. Where there are reports the reaction of those who write comments is horrifying. Those who would act are vilified and those who speak out are condemned, which has a chilling effect on those who are righteously offended, act or speak out. The policy of the US, European countries and most of the world is to let the Christians in the Middle East be slaughtered. Few care, less act speak out and even less act… and everyone who doesn’t at least speak out is guilty as a result. History will not hold us innocent, the atrocities are on the internet for all to see, no one reading this article doesn’t know that little girls as young as 9 years old are repeatedly raped every day, no one can claim ignorance, in fact, even at the mention of saving some of the persecuted Christians brings howls of hatred and vitriol. Meanwhile, the US government as well as European governments are importing the very people committing the genocide. Your lack of compassion will be very expensive indeed.

The genocide of Christians in the Middle East is the most widely known and least reported events going on today. When the Muslim Brotherhood gained power in Egypt the Copts were in the crosshairs. The world couldn’t be bothered with mere Christian churches being burned to the ground and the treasures looted. In fact Obama was a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood even as they began a crusade to exterminate Christianity from Egypt. When El Sisi seized power and ousted the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama was furious, history has shown El Sisi has protected the Christians, and now Egypt is one of the few Muslim countries that Christians are safe, and Obama still waxes a grudge towards El Sisi.

The US invasion of Afghanistan was a death knell to the Christian population there. The Christians were a sizable percent of the population there, now there are none. The military was told not to intercede in the extermination of Christianity there because it would send the wrong message. The rise of ISIS began a whole new chapter in the persecution of Christians for simply being Christian. ISIS got weapons from Benghazi in Libya and ride in brand new Toyota trucks. They travel in huge columns yet are seemingly safe from air interdiction, even as they mass to conquer Christian cities, to enslave the women and girls, while they slaughter the men and boys with glee. Showing off American made weaponry, humvees and ammunition, they boast they will soon be killing Christians in Europe and the US.

Meanwhile, the media that calls itself unbiased is silent. They bend over backwards to aviod telling the truth that it is our government’s policy to exclude Christians from asylum. They paint the plight of the Muslim refugees as pitiful, even though mot of them are fleeing economic hardship. They utterly ignore the Christian genocide, as if not speaking of that evil indemnifies them for it. The unbiased media tells us constantly how evil Christians are and how wonderful the Muslims are, even as the rich Muslim countries refuse to take in a single Muslim or Christian refugee. No one has fled to a Muslim country without being herded into a refugee camp for generations. The Palestinians come immediately to mind.

When an article does slip out t is always an attack on someone who is acting. The unbiased media always leaves out that it is US and European policy to exclude Christians, then goes on to rip apart the human hearted man, the empathetic woman and the compassionate person. The comments are even more frightful. Comment after comment bashes compassion, human heartedness and empathy, tacitly supporting genocide. The hate in the hearts of so many is saddening. Some of the comments are utterly absurd, yet they are written with the ardor of a zealot. All of which speaks loudly of where we are as a human race… Do those who lack compassion deserve it, and will those who lack empathy, get any?

The atrocities ISIS and others are committing are some of the most heinous ever committed, not only are the wicked they are televised. The Animals in ISIS gleefully video tape their atrocities in a professional manner and post them on the internet. Drowning Christians, cutting their heads off, blowing their heads off, raping little girls after praying, the list would make Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot blush. ISIS wants people to know what they are doing. Perhaps for the first time in human history, evil is openly slaughtering people, openly committing atrocities and openly bragging about them, and the world ho hums. Never before would atrocities such as these have been ignored, those who came before us, even those who owned slaves, would have spoken, would have been outraged and would have acted, but today, nothing, there is a total lack of empathy, human heartedness is dead. Look around you, those who you see walking past are dead inside, they have no soul, they lack even the most basic human compassion, that which they do show is mere window dressing.

Traditionally, in law as in judgment, ignorance has been an excuse. If someone throws a rock over a hedge, and it hits someone killing them, their claim of ignorance was sufficient to save them. Today there can be no claim to ignorance. The atrocities are in your face, you have full knowledge, you know exactly what is happening, any claim of ignorance will be met with the scorn it rightly deserves. Those committing the atrocities have more of a claim to ignorance then you do. History will hold our generation as the most vile of any that have come before us… and we will deserve it. Bonhoeffer said, “Not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act…” Your lack of speaking, and acting, shows who’s side you are really on, and his is the path to Tartarus.


John Pepin

Nuclear World War

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the instability on the planet today is… the new world order. The new world order is disorder, violence, wars of aggression and human suffering on a scale heretofore unimaginable. You think the suffering WWII visited upon the world was bad, we are about to enter a warring states period that make WWII look like the War for the Chaco. It is not going to merely bankrupt you, nor simply destroy your standard of living, this coming world war will have you watch as your children are butchered, starve or die slowly of radiation poisoning. Everything you have, want or imagine will be taken from you, because of this instability.

Nuclear weapons are proliferating around the world. When the US and Europe took down Muammar Gaddafi, the only autocrat to give up WMD… they essentially told the world’s tyrants, get nuclear weapons! Now we see the despots of the world got the memo. Since then more and more countries are developing nuclear weapons as fast as possible. North Korea abandoned it’s treaty with the US limiting it’s ability to get, amass and deliver nuclear weapons, Iran has signed a treaty with the US that allows Iran to inspect itself, and the cold war between Pakistan and India is heating up, and soon may go nuclear. Proliferation of nuclear weapons in the hands of despots and psychopaths cannot be a good idea.

Every continent on the planet except Antarctica and Australia is at war or in economic collapse. Wars rage around the globe, and the fire is growing. Asia has several wars in progress, ISIS is religiously cleansing the Middle Eats of Christians and Yazidis. Europe sees Ukraine and Russia in open conflict, Africa is awash in bloodshed, South America’s economy is melting down and still has active Marxist insurgencies going on, and in North America, the US has open fighting on the streets between Black lives matter and the police. Instead of cooling down, these conflicts are getting worse, while the world’s economy is in full recession.

There is a full blown currency war raging today, economies are collapsing and a global recession is on it’s way, nothing is more conducive to war than economic collapse. Europe’s economy is in full rout with Greece needing a new loan every time a loan payment comes due, Spain and Italy are ready to go bankrupt even as Europe is being deluged with Islamic immigrants who are intent on subjugating the native Europeans. Brazil’s economy is ablaze, Venezuela is in hyper inflation and just announced martial law. China’s planned economy is not going as planned, it’s manufacturing numbers just came in at the crucial 3500 level, the Renminbi is being devalued and the Chinese stock market is in free fall again, despite the government making it illegal to sell stocks! Every world war has been presaged by economic upheaval.

China is gearing up to expand it’s empire. The definition of empire is a large area controlled by a hegemonic group, usually based on ethnicity, reigning over many other ethnic groups. China is run by communists and the hegemonic ethnicity are Han Chinese. They reign over Tibetans, Mongols and Uyghurs. Today China is building islands in the South China sea to expand it’s military might, threatening the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan, on land China claims the northern states of India and Vietnam. They plan on expanding, which is what empires do, especially Marxist empires.

The Middle East is on fire since Obama threw in with the Arab Spring. Christians and Yazidis have been all but exterminated from that part of the world, people are fleeing the wars into Europe where they bring with them chaos, terrorism and bigotry. Iran’s nuclear program is being funded by Obama and European leaders and given the green light as well, despite the constant chant of “Death to America! Death to Israel!” We hear from the leaders there. Antisemitism is on the rise again around the world another event that has presaged every major world conflict.

Humanity has a very real possibility of facing extinction because of this coming convulsion. With nuclear weapons being distributed to every insane despot on the planet, instead of being inconceivable, nuclear exchange is rapidly becoming inevitable. Even a limited exchange between Pakistan and India would create a nuclear winter. A Nuclear winter that would destroy crops needed for billions of people to survive. At least global warming would be over… because we would be entering into another ice age. An electro magnetic pulse attack (EMP) on the US, China, Japan, Russia and Europe would return humanity to the dark ages, famine, disease and chaos.

Meanwhile, our leaders claim a fiction is our greatest threat, ignoring the train bearing down on us for the ant crawling over our shoe, maybe so we will be hit by the train? They seem determined to keep us distracted as the world melts down. Our leaders are the ones who’s policies are directly responsible for our dire situation. They overthrew Gaddafi and instituted the new incentive for despots to nuclear up, they have taxed, regulated and spent our economies into oblivion, they are the ones wholly responsible for the next war, yet they point to an imaginary threat as that which we should focus on. This entire coming catastrophe is the direct result of our leaders failing us.

I am not saying the world war will start Thursday at 3:00 pm… but I am saying it is coming, if it’s not already here. Future historians, (if there are any) will have to make that call. The vacuum Obama made when he pulled the US out of the world, has empowered despots around the planet to step in and grab what they can. Economic collapse always ushers in war, the ink of human history is blood, and the world’s economy is at the precipice of an epic fall. Our leaders have made it possible for the world’s autocrats to get nuclear weapons making the next conflict likely a nuclear one. In every way our leaders have failed us, leading us, predictably, to this place. If there is future history, they, Obama, Putin, Merkel, Khomeini, Assad, Chavez, etc… will go down along with Tamerlane, Kaiser Wilhelm, Stalin, Hitler and Mao as fiends who broke the world. Prepare yourself and your families for it. The well prepared have a much better chance of surviving over the ill prepared.


John Pepin

Planned Parenthood Controversy

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if a fetus is not a human being, then you and I are not human beings. The concept that a fetus is not a human being, as purported by the anti lifers, is based on an age argument. That is, those who are not yet born are not human beings, because they are too young to be called such. Many would disagree and say the anti life argument is, they cannot live on their own outside the womb, but that argument is proven false by the approval of anti lifers for late term abortion, where the child is eminently capable of living outside the womb. Moreover, even if we accept the spurious argument a baby not yet born is not a human being, because they cannot live outside the womb, that is still at it’s core an age argument. The age argument if further bolstered by the fact that now there are anti life groups that claim a baby could be post birth aborted up to a year old. Therefore, they are arguing that age is the deciding factor of whether a human being, can be considered a human being, depending on age. The realization of this as their core argument should send a chill down the spine of every human being on the planet.

The logical extension of the age argument is, the definition of a person as human is age dependent, and a fetus is not human due to his or her age, and can be killed because they are not humans, ie, not old enough to be considered human. Moreover it follows that the older one gets the more human they must become. This is no different in kind then the outmoded claim that blacks are not fully human, due to the color of their skin being darker than others, so anyone who has lighter skin than another can by definition enslave that darker person. Therefore logically, any older person can kill any younger person, because the younger person is not as human. Both spurious arguments are based on a fictitious definition of what it means to be a human being.

So we have to ask ourselves, “what is humanness?” If we look at what are the defining characteristics of humanness, we can observe the extrinsic characteristics of humans, we are bipedal, we are largely hairless except for our heads and vestigial body hair, we have large brains, two arms ending in hands, two legs ending in feet, we have two sexes both of which are human beings, we sickle our young, we are mammals, we are sentient, we are omnivores, etc… But basically we know a human being when we see a human being. Nowhere in that list, or any other that you could come up with, is age a factor. That is like saying a white horse is not a horse.

Another factor that torpedoes the anti life definition of humanness is that they also seek to kill old people. They have dozens of nice sounding names, for the killing of old people like, death with dignity. So the anti lifers do not believe that age begets humanness, since people at both ends of the age range are subject to being killed. The anti lifers also have in the past, and advocate even today in some circles, for the killing of people who are mentally retarded, profoundly handicapped and insane. Therefore, we are left with one conclusion, that the anti lifers hold other human beings as less than deserving of their lives. Those that the anti lifers are offended by, for whatever reason, are subject to being killed, not because they are not human beings, but because human beings in their minds are not credited with any right to life.

The controversy surrounding the killing of a lion is indicative of the anti human mindset that pervades our culture today. For all the hullabaloo around the killing of Cecil the lion, ginned up by the media that calls itself unbiased, the fact remains, Cecil was an animal not a human being. Those that anthropomorphous a lion, claiming it has the same right to life as a fellow human being, are perverting the definition of human beings to suit their desires, in both directions. This is magnified by the fact, the media that calls itself unbiased, ignore the extermination of Christians from the Holy Land.

Now with the revelations, revelations that become more horrifying every new video that comes out, that Planned Parenthood is essentially torturing babies to death, so their body parts can be more profitable, the fact cannot be denied… they are anti human life. Not their own of course, they hold on to their own life with a white knuckled grip. They might call for the large scale systematic extermination of others, but they cherish their own lives like a miser cherishes gold. To be good is to follow the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, to be a bad person, is to do unto others as you would not have done unto you. What can be said about someone who cherishes their own life, while at the same time are perfectly comfortable killing another? They are simply bad people.

In reality, a human being is a human being, no matter how old they are or deficient in any way, and so spurious arguments as whether someone is a human being, are mere hyperbole to defend the indefensible. Outrage over the killing of an animal, while at the same time ignoring a very real genocide of human beings of all ages, is to replace compassion for your fellow man with compassion for an animal. Replacing the empathy you should have for human beings for empathy for a mere animal is the means to justify a total lack of human heartedness. Those who force taxpayers to fund the systematic killing of human beings, are themselves anti life, lack compassion, empathy and human heartedness… and yet cherish their own lives, are by definition bad people… and neither deserve our votes nor their positions as leaders.


John Pepin

Netanyahu’s Election

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when someone is intent on killing you, the only meaningful negotiation you can have with them is… the method of your death. The recent victory of Benjamin Netanyahu shows the Israeli people are not content to negotiate the method of their death, they seek life, even in the face of hatred and bigotry. The results of that election hold lessons for the world in general and the US in particular. It would seem that this election puts Israel on a collision course with those who seek to exterminate the Jews. It is truly sad, when the international community takes the position that a race of people should be exterminated, but that is effectively the position of the UN today. Many people wrongly think that the extermination of the Jews and Israel will result in peace. The truth is… that is a fool’s errand. To seek peace in such a way is to ensure war. What is most important to understand however, is that if Israel is destroyed, and the Jews are exterminated, war will sweep the globe. War that is both a religious war and a war of extermination with all the human suffering that goes along with any war.

In a speech about Libenstraum and the extermination of the Polish people Hitler is remembered as saying… “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians!” Hitler meant that once a people are killed, there is no one to call attention to that atrocity. If no one will stand with those who are threatened with murder, then it follows, that no one will call attention to it after the fact. Simply because doing so calls attention to the complicity of everyone who let it happen. It is not human nature to seek to let the future know what a heinous bastard one is. That is why exterminations of vast swaths of humanity are quickly forgotten.

Israel is surrounded by people that openly call for their extermination. For 1500 years, war, usurpation, tyranny and oppression have been the norm. Those who are not members of the officially sanctioned group, are routinely murdered, stolen from, enslaved and raped. The history of that part of the world is written in the blood of innocents. Such exclusive people cannot abide others who are not members of the select group living among them, and so have sworn to kill every last Jew on the planet, for having the audacity to return to the empty desert that was their homeland before their return. The Israelis know this all too well and know the consequences of capitulation.

Allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons in such a climate is the height of either stupidity, hubris or villainy. Iran’s government is controlled by zealots who are anxious to die. The people of Iran used to be very cosmopolitan, enlightened and open minded. Their thousands of years history is singular in it’s contributions to humanity. It was Cyrus the great who saved the Jews from captivity in Babylon and returned them to their homeland, resulting in the first rebirth of that nation. Sadly the people of Iran have no say in their government. They are given a choice of this zealot or that terrorist. In their uprising Obama abandoned them to the zealots, to be murdered, tortured and otherwise slapped back down.

When the Ayatollah seized power in Iran there were many Iranians studying in the US. I knew one. His name was Sayyid. He was a good guy, and although he is my age, is probably dead today. He told me that the people who had usurped power were insane. I asked what he meant, he shuddered and said, they are evil men. He understood who they were, they are what is referred to as, “Twelvers.” An end of the world cult who believe it is their duty to wash the world in blood to bring back the twelfth Imam. Who will team up with Jesus and cut the heads from all Christians, Jews Buddhists, Hindus, etc… To allow, and even to pave the way for such people to get nuclear weapons, is not only an attack on the Jews, who are the main targets of those nutcases, but an abandonment of the Persian people as well, who will certainly suffer in the inevitable retaliation.

Judging by his actions Obama is totally cool with the extermination of the Jews. He, being raised as a Muslim, even though he has converted to Christianity, knows full well the end times philosophy of the theocracy in Iran. Since he is intent on giving them a path to get nuclear weapons, even to the point of unconstitutionally cutting the Senate from the process… by his actions, which speak louder than words if only you listen, he doesn’t have a problem with the extermination of the Jews, Persians and even the American people. Perhaps Europe would be spared direct attack, but would breathe radioactive air during a nuclear winter, for a few decades. Kind of makes getting rid of nuclear reactors redundant doesn’t it? How do you suppose all those solar panels will work under a permanent radioactive cloud?

The people of Iran recently sent Obama an open letter pleading for his support in overthrowing the psychopaths that run Iran, a letter that will be given a good leaving alone, by Obama and the unbiased media. Since the Lunatic fringe government in Iran calls the US the “Great Satan” and Israel the “Little Satan,” it should be obvious who the second, or maybe first, target of nuclear attack would be. Other regional powers are not so sanguine about Iran’s getting nuclear capability. They rightly understand that a nuclear armed Iran would threaten them too, and so if Iran gets close, they will arm as well. Setting off a nuclear arms race in the region that can only end in nuclear winter for the planet.

Despite illegally spending huge amounts of US taxpayer money to unseat Netanyahu, so a willing accomplice would be elected, the Israeli people voted to live instead of negotiate their execution. There is a lesson here for American libertarians and conservatives. Netanyahu didn’t track to the left, he went more right. Unlike Republicans who abandon their base the first chance they get. That is why so few Americans vote today. We understand we have a false choice. This Marxist or that Progressive. They both have the same agenda, and it is not liberty nor prosperity, it is slavery. In the last election for President, a bit over fifty percent of the eligible population voted, less than forty percent in 2010! signaling how wide the gulf has become… between the republican party, yea the entire political establishment, from the American people. Yes, politicians in the US could learn a lesson from Netanyahu’s election.

Those who seek the extermination of the Jews, got a slap in the face yesterday, and for that they will be angry. It is self evident, those in the UN who insist on Israel’s concession to those who seek her annihilation, must seek it as well. In their hatred, Iran is a proxy and victim, in their unsubtle attempt to wipe out Israel and the Jews. Moreover, by his actions Obama is complicit in the future crime against humanity, despite his assurances to the contrary. He is placid about the clear and present danger, not only to the Jews by nuclear armed suicidal zealots, but even to the existential threat to the US! It is clear that the Republicans could learn a thing or two from the election in Israel, but that lesson is lost on those unwilling to learn. To sum it all up, the villains in the world will be calling Netanyahu a villain… because he and the Jews refuse to be exterminated gracefully.


John Pepin