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Netanyahu’s Election

Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when someone is intent on killing you, the only meaningful negotiation you can have with them is… the method of your death. The recent victory of Benjamin Netanyahu shows the Israeli people are not content to negotiate the method of their death, they seek life, even in the face of hatred and bigotry. The results of that election hold lessons for the world in general and the US in particular. It would seem that this election puts Israel on a collision course with those who seek to exterminate the Jews. It is truly sad, when the international community takes the position that a race of people should be exterminated, but that is effectively the position of the UN today. Many people wrongly think that the extermination of the Jews and Israel will result in peace. The truth is… that is a fool’s errand. To seek peace in such a way is to ensure war. What is most important to understand however, is that if Israel is destroyed, and the Jews are exterminated, war will sweep the globe. War that is both a religious war and a war of extermination with all the human suffering that goes along with any war.

In a speech about Libenstraum and the extermination of the Polish people Hitler is remembered as saying… “Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians!” Hitler meant that once a people are killed, there is no one to call attention to that atrocity. If no one will stand with those who are threatened with murder, then it follows, that no one will call attention to it after the fact. Simply because doing so calls attention to the complicity of everyone who let it happen. It is not human nature to seek to let the future know what a heinous bastard one is. That is why exterminations of vast swaths of humanity are quickly forgotten.

Israel is surrounded by people that openly call for their extermination. For 1500 years, war, usurpation, tyranny and oppression have been the norm. Those who are not members of the officially sanctioned group, are routinely murdered, stolen from, enslaved and raped. The history of that part of the world is written in the blood of innocents. Such exclusive people cannot abide others who are not members of the select group living among them, and so have sworn to kill every last Jew on the planet, for having the audacity to return to the empty desert that was their homeland before their return. The Israelis know this all too well and know the consequences of capitulation.

Allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons in such a climate is the height of either stupidity, hubris or villainy. Iran’s government is controlled by zealots who are anxious to die. The people of Iran used to be very cosmopolitan, enlightened and open minded. Their thousands of years history is singular in it’s contributions to humanity. It was Cyrus the great who saved the Jews from captivity in Babylon and returned them to their homeland, resulting in the first rebirth of that nation. Sadly the people of Iran have no say in their government. They are given a choice of this zealot or that terrorist. In their uprising Obama abandoned them to the zealots, to be murdered, tortured and otherwise slapped back down.

When the Ayatollah seized power in Iran there were many Iranians studying in the US. I knew one. His name was Sayyid. He was a good guy, and although he is my age, is probably dead today. He told me that the people who had usurped power were insane. I asked what he meant, he shuddered and said, they are evil men. He understood who they were, they are what is referred to as, “Twelvers.” An end of the world cult who believe it is their duty to wash the world in blood to bring back the twelfth Imam. Who will team up with Jesus and cut the heads from all Christians, Jews Buddhists, Hindus, etc… To allow, and even to pave the way for such people to get nuclear weapons, is not only an attack on the Jews, who are the main targets of those nutcases, but an abandonment of the Persian people as well, who will certainly suffer in the inevitable retaliation.

Judging by his actions Obama is totally cool with the extermination of the Jews. He, being raised as a Muslim, even though he has converted to Christianity, knows full well the end times philosophy of the theocracy in Iran. Since he is intent on giving them a path to get nuclear weapons, even to the point of unconstitutionally cutting the Senate from the process… by his actions, which speak louder than words if only you listen, he doesn’t have a problem with the extermination of the Jews, Persians and even the American people. Perhaps Europe would be spared direct attack, but would breathe radioactive air during a nuclear winter, for a few decades. Kind of makes getting rid of nuclear reactors redundant doesn’t it? How do you suppose all those solar panels will work under a permanent radioactive cloud?

The people of Iran recently sent Obama an open letter pleading for his support in overthrowing the psychopaths that run Iran, a letter that will be given a good leaving alone, by Obama and the unbiased media. Since the Lunatic fringe government in Iran calls the US the “Great Satan” and Israel the “Little Satan,” it should be obvious who the second, or maybe first, target of nuclear attack would be. Other regional powers are not so sanguine about Iran’s getting nuclear capability. They rightly understand that a nuclear armed Iran would threaten them too, and so if Iran gets close, they will arm as well. Setting off a nuclear arms race in the region that can only end in nuclear winter for the planet.

Despite illegally spending huge amounts of US taxpayer money to unseat Netanyahu, so a willing accomplice would be elected, the Israeli people voted to live instead of negotiate their execution. There is a lesson here for American libertarians and conservatives. Netanyahu didn’t track to the left, he went more right. Unlike Republicans who abandon their base the first chance they get. That is why so few Americans vote today. We understand we have a false choice. This Marxist or that Progressive. They both have the same agenda, and it is not liberty nor prosperity, it is slavery. In the last election for President, a bit over fifty percent of the eligible population voted, less than forty percent in 2010! signaling how wide the gulf has become… between the republican party, yea the entire political establishment, from the American people. Yes, politicians in the US could learn a lesson from Netanyahu’s election.

Those who seek the extermination of the Jews, got a slap in the face yesterday, and for that they will be angry. It is self evident, those in the UN who insist on Israel’s concession to those who seek her annihilation, must seek it as well. In their hatred, Iran is a proxy and victim, in their unsubtle attempt to wipe out Israel and the Jews. Moreover, by his actions Obama is complicit in the future crime against humanity, despite his assurances to the contrary. He is placid about the clear and present danger, not only to the Jews by nuclear armed suicidal zealots, but even to the existential threat to the US! It is clear that the Republicans could learn a thing or two from the election in Israel, but that lesson is lost on those unwilling to learn. To sum it all up, the villains in the world will be calling Netanyahu a villain… because he and the Jews refuse to be exterminated gracefully.


John Pepin

ISIS and the Real Threat

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, before any problem can be effectively dealt with, first it must be identified. Many times a problem is so horrifying, even glancing at it is too scary, so the victim avoids identifying it until it is too late. Cancer can be like that. Often we don’t identify an issue, because we simply don’t want the problem to be what it is, we prefer to live in a fantasy, even though we know in our hearts what the real issue is. Drug addiction is an example. There are as many excuses for not looking at the core of a problem as there are problems for the human race to deal with. There is not one example however, where avoiding identifying a problem ever led to a solution, except when the willfully blind died from it.

The problem of Islamic fascism is one such difficulty. Governments around the world have turned a blind eye to it. They think if only they don’t mention it, and send European and American soldiers to die at the hands of ISIS, Al Qeda, Boko Haram or any of the other incarnations of Islamic fascism, the problem will go away. Our leaders believe that if they outlaw Christianity in Europe and the Usand ignore the atrocities of Islam the Islamic fascists will like us and stop killing us. Such thinking is wishful blindness at best showing a total lack of understanding of Islamic fascism and is traitorous at worst.

History explains what Islamic fascism is. The history of Islam is one of conquest. Arabia was full of Christians, Jews and pagans when Mohamed was born. When he died there were only Muslims, everyone else had been converted or killed. Even today all other religions other than Islam are outlawed in Saudi Arabia. Those who hold Mass in their own homes are regularly raided, the worshipers jailed and executed. Some allies eh?

North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey were all Christian lands until the Islamic fascists conquered them in their crusades against Christianity. As the Muslims conquered more land they would raise the churches, melt the church bells down and make them into cannons, to use against the Christians. The bodies of the saints were dug up and fed to the dogs. Christian women were taken from their families, forced to convert to Islam, and sold.

Byzantine couldn’t be conquered until a Christian Hungarian Orban sold high power cannon technology to the Muslims. He built giant cannons to decimate the walls of Constantinople. Those cannon, that couldn’t have been built by any Muslim, opened the city to the invaders. Once the walls were down, the Muslims rushed in, taking anyone they came upon as slaves. The Convent was raided, the Nuns raped and sold into sex slavery. The city’s name was changed from Constantinople to Istanbul, the greatest Christian church at the time, Hagia Sophia, was converted to a Mosque and everyone forcibly converted to Islam.

The much feared Turkish Janissaries were Christian boys who had been given to the Muslims as part of the Jizya tax on Christian nations, so the Muslims would leave those Christian nations who gave their own children alone. Those boys who were pretty were sent to pedophilia to be molested, while the others were converted and trained to fight, against their own families and countrymen. The story of Dracula comes from this time.

He and his brother were sent as tribute to the Muslims. Vlad’s brother was pretty and so went to a pedophilia while Vlad was ugly so was to be a Janissary. Vlad refused to convert and so was tortured unmercifully. After years of torture Vlad escaped and went to his native Romania where he seized the throne. Upon getting power Vlad stopped sending boys to be molested or used against their own families. The Muslims immediately invaded. Vlad met them, defeated them and impaled the Muslim army, leaving a forest of impaled men on the boarder as a warning to future invaders. The next wave of invaders met the same fate. It didn’t take long before the invasions stopped and Europe was protected in the East.

The first war the United States ever fought on foreign soil was against Muslims to stop them taking American ships at sea and enslaving the sailors. When the war was over and the US had won, those sailors who had converted to Islam, wanted to return home but were executed, because once you convert to Islam converting out is death. This is just a small portion of the history of the crusades of Islam against Christianity but it shows the intent of the adherents to Mohamed’s religion. Every Muslim ever taught in any Medrassa knows this history well. Very very few Christians know any of it at all, and what we are taught is watered down with all the gory parts left out, so as not to offend Mulsims. ISIS is doing exactly what Mohamed called all good Muslims to do, strike at the necks of the unbelievers, terrorize us and rape our women as punishment for our unbelief. Today it is called sexual Jihad.

This is what we are fighting, what we have been fighting for fifteen hundred years, and will fight until the last days. It is not that individual Muslims are bad or that they should be denigrated, it is that we must open our eyes to the grim reality of what Islam truly is. When a political leader makes the absurd claim that ISIS is not Islamic, it is because they are too afraid to look at the real problem, they are stupidly ignorant or they are complicit, there is no other possibility, all of which in a sane world would disqualify them to do anything other than swing a mop at McDonalds. A cancer must be cut out. Those that seek to expand Islam at the point of a sword must be exterminated, with extreme prejudice as an example, to limit future wars. Anything less is to invite more bloodshed, more rapes, more children’s lives ruined and more terror. To remain ignorant to a potential mortal threat is to invite disaster… so why do you suppose our leaders are intentionally keeping us blind to it?


John Pepin

The New Class and Our Civilization’s Suicide

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014



Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the West is committing civilization suicide. Not any different than a man who throws himself off the top of a high building, shoots himself or immolate herself. Not everyone agrees we should do this, but those in the new class, the political elite, believe we will be able to fly once we are airborne, so are determined to jump… while the rest of us are doing our best to hold them back. The same debate goes through the mind of someone who is on the ledge. The signs of our impending suicide are all around us. Pick up and read any newspaper and the intention of the ruling class becomes obvious. From the US’ open borders to our lawless government, the writing is there for us all to see, if we would only look. Some, mostly members of the new class and the peasantry, (traditional allies in any communist take over), are fully on board with our destruction, while others, the middle class, working class and some in the new class, are trying as hard as we can to save us all. The trouble is, those who seek the destruction of our culture, society and economic system, are the ones who wield political power, run the media and direct our culture, while those of us who want to preserve those things may be the majority, but our political power is so diffuse it is rendered irrelevant.


Why would the new class and modern peasantry want to destroy the greatest wealth creation machine the world has ever known? To answer that we need to plumb the subconscious of the new class. The new class is trained and indoctrinated in our universities and colleges. The higher a professor gets in academia the more they are full blown Marxists and anarchists. That is not my contention, it is the premise of Alvin Gouldner’s book, The Future of Intellectuals and the Rise of the New Class. As a result of their political bent, they detest the west and everything the west stands for, the market system, limited government, wealth, Christianity and people of European descent, (even though most of them are wealthy, claim to be liberal and are of European descent). In short… hate and jealousy are their primary motivating emotions. So when students show up to get an education, they are instead indoctrinated by a curriculum of anti American propaganda, Marxist indoctrination and a ludicrous world view, where everything white people have done is evil and everything anyone else has done is good. If there is any one characteristic of the progressive new class’ mindset, it is their blind hatred of the west.


Since the new class primary motivation is righteous hatred of the west and therefore themselves, they feel justified in their intentions to rid the world of such bad things as limited government, the free market and the wealth capitalism bestows on humanity. They justify their actions like any other criminal would, by holding that other people are less than human, while they themselves stand above the hoi polloi and are “enlightened.” They reason that if only they could get rid of the evils in the world, as they see them, there would be universal peace, prosperity would sweep the world, the lion would lay with the lamb and justice would finally be born. Of course, to usher in this new era of utopia requires as a prerequisite, the total destruction of the west and all it stands for.


The only way to stop this madness is to take back our schools, colleges and universities, from Marxists, anarchists and all those who detest the west. Begin teaching our children and young adults the truth, that yes, the west has done bad things but there is not a people, civilization or society that has not. That what makes western culture, society and economy so noteworthy, is the good it has bestowed on the human race… prosperity to anyone willing to work and take chances, class mobility, liberty of the individual brought about by limited government, an increase in the standard of living of the average person the world has never seen before, the near eradication of ancient plagues like small pox, polio and measles, and that the United States is the only nation in the history of humanity, that has been attacked by another country, successfully defended itself conquering the attacker, and instead of annexing it, gave the people of the attacking country their liberty.


Like a person who so detests themselves they seek to take their own life, the new class clearly seeks civilization suicide. To that end they pervert our culture, ignore the rule of law (unless it furthers their agenda), undermine the US Constitution in every way, destroy the market system with crony capitalism, taxes and regulation, punish work and reward indigence, use the power of the government purse to break up the traditional family unit (rendering fathers irrelevant), promote anything that lowers human beings to mere beasts, wage a global war on Christianity, side with those who openly call for the genocide of the Jews, thin out the populations of whole European countries with people who also loathe the west… and change our history and traditions to suit their wants. The Georgia Guide stones show their plan more clearly than I ever could in such a short article. In their hate filled minds, they have no concept that if they succeed, humanity will enter another thousand year dark age with all that implies, but when a mind is blinded with loathing and hatred, it becomes immune to logic and reason. Like the fool who so detests himself, they douse themselves with gasoline and set themselves ablaze, immediately regretting what seemed like a good idea at the time, but once that match is lit… it is too late.





John Pepin




The Arab Israeli Conflict

Sunday, July 13th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, no matter where you stand on the Arab Israeli conflict you have to agree on one thing, If the Arabs put down their weapons, there would be peace, and if the Israelis put down their weapons… there would be genocide. That one fact is plain as day but is never spoken aloud, except in Arabic, it is only given a nudge nudge wink wink by the UN. That most of the world’s governments are on the Arab’s side, shows that most of the people in governments around the world, support and foster genocide. There can be no other conclusion. This is the unspoken truth behind the Arab Israeli conflict.


The argument that Israel was the land of the Palestinians and the Israelis pushed them out is begging the question. How were the Jews expelled from Israel in the first place? How did the Middle East go from an entirely Christian region to an entirely Muslim region? How did the world’s borders get drawn and how is it that America is no longer American Indian lands? The evil history of the human race is one of conquest and usurpation. The argument that the Israelis are occupiers is every bit as relevant as to argue Europe should give back all it’s lands to the original hunter gatherers who the farmers pushed out.


Even the Koran acknowledges that Israel is the historic homeland of the Jews. The Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah and Talmud, as well as the Koran all agree, God gave Israel to the Jewish people.

There are Egyptian steels that record Israel was the land of the Jews. Roman historical documents from the era tell of the Jews being dispersed from Israel by Roman legions. Archeological evidence is piling up proving that the Jewish people did indeed live and rule the land of Israel, and so, as a matter of primary ownership, the postage stamp of land we are talking about, and make no mistake, it is nothing more than a tiny dot of formerly arid land, is the historic home of the Jewish people.


Imagine a small Jewish city on the outskirts of Yemen randomly firing rockets at the Yemenite population while chanting “Death to Yemen!”. How do you suppose the government of Yemen would respond? How would any Islamic state respond to a Jewish, Hindi, Buddhist or Christian enclave, shooting rockets at them while calling for their extermination? How would the UN respond? Would the UN criticize the Islamic state for defending it’s citizens? No, of course not. What if the Palestinians win and wipe the Jews from the face of the Earth? How would the world respond? When Hitler was asked, what will history record about us if we exterminate the Jews? Hitler responded, “Who remembers the Armenians?!” Well, I ask you, does anyone remember the Armenians? Do you?


Moreover, does anyone in their right mind believe for a moment that if Israel were wiped from the map, and every Jew on the planet murdered, there would be peace? Only a fool of the highest order would fall for that scam. No, the fact is, if Israel were wiped away, those that did it would be emboldened to continue their crusade across the world. World war would inevitably result with all the horror, violence and terror that would entail, but every single one of us would experience it. To hate someone who is different, is an unfortunate part of the human condition, but to hate so much that one would commit genocide, must be inculcated from an early age.


Since everyone knows, but dare not speak the truth, that the goal of Hamas, Hezbollah and every other terrorist organization, and sadly, many governments Islamic and secular, is to kill every Jew on the planet, it is clear that anyone who supports that genocidal movement, must also support the genocide it calls for. But unlike a tree that falls in the forest when no one is around, there will be millions of voices proclaiming the crime, millions of villains who’s souls will be blackened by their villainy and millions of bystanders who will have abetted the slaughter. Imagine having your soul tainted by genocide when you stand before God almighty? How would you answer that damning charge? Pascal’s wager would be a truly stupid bet at that point… wouldn’t it?





John Pepin


The Persistence of Prejudice

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, people today have no real concept of racism, bigotry and prejudice, in fact our definition of these terrible social ills has been corrupted by bigots who peddle prejudice, by calling others racists. Prejudice has been with us since the dawn of time. It is rooted in the human ability to group things. We recognize similarities and group things, and people, according to what we see as their basic properties. That is how we come up with the grouping of various plants and animals. What is a mammal, a reptile or a sedge? They are artificial human descriptions based on our innate human ability to group things. In many ways this has served us well, but in others it holds us back and more perniciously, stifles debate and is a means to illegitimate political power.


The fundamental definition of prejudice is to group people. We all do it to a greater or lesser extent. Those Red Sox fans are all… or, those darn lawyers are all… . As I explained above grouping people and things is an innate human trait. It becomes prejudice when we interact with people we have pigeon holed based on our narrow definition of the group we have tossed them in. If we hate Red Sox fans, because they are Red Sox fans, we are being prejudiced. Moreover, when we hate someone due to the group we define them as being in, we are engaging in bigotry.


Bigotry is prejudice based in hate, envy or in a false sense of superiority. When we hate someone solely due to an artificial categorization then we are being bigoted. No matter if that bigotry is rooted in envy, or superiority, we are being bigoted. This social and most human of evils is part of why people can justify slavery. Those that are enslaved are inferior, because of some group they belong to, IE… Romans enslaved Aqueans and Aqueans enslaved Romans, despite their both being Italians. At least “they” don’t belong to “our” group. This allows all sorts of evils into the world, justified by bigotry. When this bigotry is based on a person’s race it is racism.


Racism is perhaps the oldest form of prejudice. We categorize individuals as members of a race and give all members the same attributes, wants, motivations and morality. This is simply another form of prejudice, and when it results in hate for members of that artificial group, then it is bigotry. As I said earlier, this has been used many times and in many places to justify all sorts of deprivations, slavery, forced migrations, and genocide along with many other evils. All these evils are based on bigotry rooted on a racially defined group.


Prejudice doesn’t always have to be negative. We group ourselves into virtuous classes and sometimes castes. We polish our own egos by saying to ourselves “we are superior because we don’t do this or that,” or “we are better because we do this or that.” We might say this race is better at math, that race is more athletic, or those people are more philosophical. These are all false categorizations because no human defined group is a monolith. We are all individuals and to be truly virtuous we must interact with all people as individuals. The moment we group people we are engaging in prejudice, whether for the good or the bad.


This is why prejudice, bigotry and racism are evils that we should strive to eliminate. It may not be possible, like it is not possible to actually be as godly as Jesus, but it is the duty of all Christians to try. We are called to act kindly to one another and ignore our artificial groupings. Grouping people, and then interacting with them based on our narrow definition of the group we have tossed them into, is despicable, and lowers us.


Today, prejudice, bigotry and racism are at the same time less obvious and more pernicious than they were in the past. Bigotry is still acceptable… if it is against politically disfavored groups, as it has always been. “The rich” are despised in many sectors of human society. “The Jews” have been the subjects of racism and bigotry for millenia and still are. In many places on this planet today it is still acceptable to call for the extermination of the Jewish people. “Tea Baggers” are vilified as racists and bigots proving the claimant a bigot him or her self.


Around the World and throughout time, the political elite have regularly grouped people, vilifying all members of that group, simply to amass political power. Communists have done this extremely effectively. Bigotry can also be a tool to silence discourse… by the artificial charge of bigotry and racism to a group, when a reasonable observer could only come to the conclusion, that the person who groups others… is the real bigot. Hate has always been a powerful tool to gain political leverage against one’s political adversaries, especially when it is rooted in emotionally based prejudice, because emotions cannot be reasoned with.


To categorize people as, those greedy rich, conservative hate mongers, tea baggers or homophobes, and then limit debate on important social and political issues, based on that artificial grouping and derogatory definition, is no less bigoted than to openly hate Jews, Blacks or Hispanics. In fact, it is worse, because it is pernicious. Burning a cross on someone’s lawn is an unmistakable evil, and almost everyone sees it, but calling someone a tea bagger is politically acceptable. (Even President Obama has made this defamatory claim about American Citizens without public outrage). Yes, racism, bigotry and prejudice are evils, because grouping human beings is sinister… and should not be exploited by bigots to stifle the free speech of individuals or amass political power.





John Pepin

Modern Genocide

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is a systematic genocide going on in the World, without the notice of most of the World’s population. This is truly concerning because a prerequisite for genocide is the ignorance, whether willful or unwitting, of the majority of the human population. The elite of most persuasions have piled on board with this genocide banking on the media to keep their complicity hidden. Then again, isn’t it a precondition for evil to grow that it remain in the darkness? This genocide is not limited to one nation persecuting a minority, it spans the globe with several different groups joining in on the oppression. The genocide I am talking about is the slaughter and oppression of Christians in every corner of the planet.


The story of Christianity is filled with bloodshed. The Romans gleefully slaughtered Christians in the arena, the forum and the streets. Christians were crucified by the thousands. Once Constantine made Christianity a “sanctioned” religion the immediate persecution ceased and Christianity peacefully spread throughout the known world.


The rise of Islam brought in a new wave of persecution. The Islamic armies spread Islam at the point of a sword, throughout the Middle East, (which was entirely Christian at the time and where the Nicene creed was written), East into Persia and the Caucasus, West into North Africa, (The home of Saint Augustine), and into Europe. The Islamic armies melted down church bells and cast them into cannons to be used against the Christians. The Islamic crusaders dug up the bones of saints and fed them to dogs. That is why we know of saint Nicholas today. He was the patron saint of Constantinople, (modern Istanbul), and when that great Christian city was about to fall, to protect his venerated bones, they were dug up and moved to Europe, along with his story.


The reformation was another time of slaughter of Christians, that time at the hands of Christians. The protestant armies clashed with the Catholic armies over minute disagreements on doctrine. Nevertheless the slaughter was horrific and state sponsored. The Christians were merely the pawns of the political elite, Christian blood the lubricant for the tyrannical machinery that rose from those wars. Christians were revolted by the bloodshed however, the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment, rose from these lessons.


The Islamic invasions of Europe were only curtailed by the escape of Vlad the Impaler. He was sent to the Turkish empire as tribute. The Muslims required hundreds of children a year as tribute else the Islamic army would mobilize against the Christian nations. Vlad’s brother was hansom and so was sent to a pedophilia to be raped. Vlad was intransigent and ugly and so was sent to a torture chamber. He eventually escaped back to Romania and ascended to his seat at the throne. Vlad immediately stopped sending children and the Islamic army mobilized to invade Romania. Vlad led his army against the Muslim invaders and defeated them. Using the lessons Vlad learned in the torture chamber, he ordered the Muslim survivors impaled along the boarder, as a warning not to invade again. The Muslims did, they were defeated and impaled, alongside their brothers. This led to an end of the eastern expansion into Europe.


Today history is repeating itself and Christians are under siege the world over. In Egypt Christian churches are burned, girls are abducted, raped and sold. Morsi ordered Christians run over by armored vehicles while peacefully protesting, and Christians huddle in fear for their lives. The Syrian rebels the US is supporting are burning churches, forcing Christians to convert else be beheaded, and the rebels are warning Christians will be exterminated once they win power. Christianity has ceased to exist in Afghanistan. In Nigeria Boko Haram is burning churches with Christians inside! There is no place in the Muslim world were Christians are safe and protected. Even in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to wear a cross or pray in public.


China and the atheist communists countries are no different. In China Christians are sent to forced labor camps, The Nazis called them concentration camps and sent Jews, Gypsies and Slavs to die in there. Christians are persecuted in North Korea, for merely practicing their faith, and even in the United States Christians are under attack! During the government shutdown Christian priests were ordered not to give communion or hold mass. Army chaplains are now ordered not to reference Christian themes or Jesus Christ! In the US, the government has embraced atheistic hostility to the Christian faith, and is now establishing atheism as the State religion.


The blood of Christians runs down the streets of the world and no one seems to notice or care. We are told of the atrocities Christians did, hundreds and thousands of years ago, (in direct violation of the teachings of Christ), without a murmur about the crimes perpetrated against Christians, then and now. Anti Christian propaganda fills the airwaves promulgated by the self proclaimed “enlightened.” This can only happen with the tacit complicity of the World’s elite. Occasionally there is a blurb about a church bombing here or there but the totality of the intentional, systematic and diabolical genocide against the Christian faith is ignored, apologized for and even justified! As human hearted people we must stand up and point at evil. Evil can only grow in darkness, if we shine a light on it, it will wither like a vampire in the sun. It is up to us as considerate human beings to do whatever we can to stop genocide, be it against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Shinto or Muslims… If we truly deserve the moniker, human being that is.





John Pepin

Al-Queda’s Newfound Chemical Weapons

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Iraq war was fought to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of Al-Queda, not to protect civilians from Saddam. The US government has shown conclusively, by past actions, that it doesn’t care a whit if people are slaughtered by their own government. Not once has the US gone to war in a country to save civilians that doesn’t pose a threat to US interests. The sophist arguments being made by Senators and political hacks belies that fact. The US under Clinton did nothing to stop the Rwandan genocide, Saddam Hussein’s chemical attack on civilians that killed over 10,000 people was ignored by the unbiased media as well as our government, the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks wasn’t even reported until years later and the extermination of the Jews at the hands of the Nazis, and Islamists in WWII, had nothing to do with America’s involvement in that war. As I recall, Obama was against the Iraq war, why has he pivoted 180 degrees? This latest atrocity is being promoted as a reason to send American boys and girls into the meat grinder of war, so that President Obama can save face and support his allies, the Muslim Brotherhood. That people have to die so that Obama can save face is criminal but that our government is allied with the Brotherhood and Al-Queda is truly alarming.


The most dangerous part of this whole theater, is that if you look at a map of Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles and overlay a map of rebel held areas, Al-Queda controlled areas, a large portion of the chemical weapons stockpiles are already in rebel hands. That the most effective troops among the rebels are Al-Queda, who have honed their fighting skills against the US army in Iraq and Afghanistan, gives us assurance that Al-Queda has weapons of mass destruction in their hands. As we know, the untermenschen of Al-Queda have no qualms about using any weapon against their enemies, this should give us pause. Now that it seems certain our mortal enemy has chemical weapons it is only a matter of time before they use them in Europe and/or America, in their war to impose sharia on the World.


This president never accepts responsibility for the outcome of his policies. His past actions prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. The real reason Obama wants Congress to pass a resolution, or not, is so Obama can escape any blame. If they vote for military action, Obama will happily attack Syria, and if it goes wrong he will point the finger of blame at Congress for authorizing it. If Al-Queda uses chemical weapons against American civilians, Obama will blame Congress for their vote, no matter what it is. Regardless of what happens, Obama will have a scapegoat for his blundering… again.


What is also concerning about this civil war in Syria is that the Christian minority has been protected by Assad. He is not a good guy by any measure, but that the Christians are protected by him is widely known, but not reported by the unbiased press. The rebels have threatened the Christians with extermination once the rebellion is victorious. So it appears that the US President has no room in his heart for the Christians his allies are slaughtering in Syria and Egypt. The claim the US must go to war to stop this humanitarian disaster is spurious, because when Christian children are burned to death in churches in Nigeria, Obama is silent, when 50,000 Christian children are starved to death by Islamist rebels in Somalia, Obama cannot be disturbed and when Christian schools are firebombed while is session by military planes of the Sudanese air force, our government can’t be bothered even to mention it.


Egyptian newspapers have portrayed Obama as Satan because of his unquestioned backing of the Muslim Brotherhood. This US president has ignored his responsibility to defend our embassy in Benghazi, and has yet to do a thing about the terrorist attack a year ago. Even to the point of initially trying to divert blame from Islamist terrorists by blaming and imprisoning a filmmaker, who is still in jail for exorcising his Right to free speech, while the CIA and NSA knew very well that it was clearly a terrorist attack. I remind you that if you or I lie to the government it is a felony, but if the government lies to us, it is politics… no matter the damage to American interests or the deaths of American citizens. If you chisel on your taxes, no one dies, but you go to jail, when the government lies to us, people often die horribly. In the case of Syrian Chemical weapons that are now in the hands of Al-Queda, the next horrific news videos will be of American or European children spasming as they die from a Sarin gas attack… maybe yours.


The reason Obama wants to go to war in Syria cannot be for humanitarian reasons. History shows us that. It is not for the chemical attack, the government never cared before, and it is not to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of Islamic terrorists, since they now almost certainly have them. The US government has shown a total disregard for atrocities committed against Christians, and if the US comes in on the side of Al-Queda, the lot of the Christians there will be genocide and a humanitarian disaster. Therefore Obama’s beating the war drums must be for something else. Given the inflated ego of a man who has had the road paved for him his entire life, the reason is far more likely to be personal aggrandizement, than any human hearted effort to prevent future chemical attacks. The only reason to go to war is to protect the US and US interests. If a war is begun that will negatively effect US interests, encourage a chemical attack in America and must result in American deaths for dubious reasons, that war is unconscionable and must be stopped… before it has begun.





John Pepin

Should We Spread Democracy or Capitalism Around the World?

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that the sophist call for the US to spread “democracy” around the World, shows how foolish and stupefied we have all become. Democracy is no more synonymous with freedom and prosperity than aristocracy, monarchy or even republicanism. They are forms of government, that usually, have a lack of freedom for the individual as their chief attribute. Democracy has an equally horrible track record in this regard as any dictator or oligarch. Aristotle said, “democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority” and his sentiments were echoed by the US founding fathers. That is why Ben Franklin, when asked what kind of government the founders had given us, replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” A more correct thing, for America and other freedom loving people around the World to spread, would be capitalism.

Democracy was one of Aristotle’s wrong forms of government. He listed the correct forms of government as, polity, aristocracy and monarchy… and the wrong forms as, democracy, oligarchy and tyranny. The thing the right forms have in common is that they rule for the betterment of all. The wrong forms in that they rule for the benefit of the rulers. Democracy is no different. The size of the oppressor group is superfluous.

If we seek a more peaceful and prosperous World, what we should be spreading, is free market capitalism! It is free market capitalism that has led to the fastest and most widespread prosperity the World has ever seen. The history of Man is one of poverty for the masses and prosperity for the few. Capitalism turns that on it’s head and distributes prosperity, and freedom, to everyone.

Free markets and capitalism requires, as a prerequisite, freedom of the individual. To attempt to have free markets without freedom for the individual is like trying to breathe water. It cannot be done. This is because, for a free market to work, we must be free to live our lives and engage in business. We must be free to win and free to fail. Often it is in failure that we learn to succeed. We must be allowed to take risks and to make our own decisions about our lives, habits and time. We must have room from regulation, to create new paradigms of business, meet new and expanding human needs and wants…and our lives must be our own. Else the free market simply collapses and becomes distributive justice by political favor, the historical norm.

Capitalist systems, and all other economic systems, are by their nature complex systems. Complex systems are systems of individual actors who are independent, diverse, interconnected, able to adapt, interdependent and respond to their local environments. Democracy, being the tyranny of the majority over the minority, undermines some of the basic attributes of a complex system. Tyranny, in all it’s forms, limits the ability of actors to, adapt, eliminates diversity and independence, while increasing interdependency to ridiculous heights. If the complex system of economics is allowed to function, with all it’s warts as well as it’s halos, the lot of Man is improved. If it is undermined, by a man or group seeking it’s own good, above the good of all, the lot of Mankind is lowered.

No system is perfect, but the horrors visited on Mankind, by economic and political systems, that use distributive justice by political favor as their model, have been universally evil. History is littered with the detritus of failed States, mutilated bodies and destroyed families, that used this model. Many had democracy as their cornerstone. But, they sought to distribute the goods of society by political favor, from those with no political power to those with political power… believing it to be more fair. The killing fields of Cambodia, Stalin’s purges, Mao’s famines, mass slaughter of dissidents in communist countries, mass graves, Nazism and other ideologies systematic extermination of people, like Jews, Gypsies, Armenians and others, are outcomes of this pernicious notion, that majority rule is the be all and end all of human existence.

As I have shown, to say that democracy is the highest good, is sophistry. This is self evident once a person takes a long hard look at the underlying logic. It is not to say that every form of government should not have a democratic component, because for a government to be legitimate, it must have the consent of the governed. But it is to say, that democracy in and of itself, is not the final answer, it is more often than not, a means to trick people into empowering an oppressor group, the size of that group being irrelevant to the fact they are despots. If we truly want to improve the lot of Man, and put an end to the inhumanities that have plagued mankind throughout the ages, we must seek to spread capitalism around the World. Capitalism, a system that has led to the unheard of standard of living we enjoy today. A lifestyle that is put at risk, when we fall prey to foolish and sophistic claims, that democracy is the font of all that is good. That is why I say, “We must spread free markets and freedom around the World… if we want peace and prosperity.” If you want poverty and atrocity, however, then democracy is as good a way to go as any.


John Pepin


Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that if a person, (the originator), points a gun at another, aims at the victim’s heart, pulls the trigger, the mechanism of the gun operates, the hammer drives the pin into the primer, the primer’s explosive goes off, fire is ejected through the touch hole into the cartridge, the powder in the cartridge is ignited, the deflagrating powder and the resulting pressure pushes the bullet from the cartridge at great velocity, the bullet interacts with the barrel and the rifling in the barrel, imparting a spin, thus a gyroscopic effect to the speeding bullet, the bullet flies unerringly to the target, penetrating the victim’s chest, passing through the heart, exiting the back, flying erratically until it impacts some object and comes to a rest…  that person is responsible for the effects of his or her original cause, ie, shooting the gun at someone, and the precognition of the events, that would probably take place from his or her original cause, has relevance to their guilt.

What about if a person had personal knowledge that the ice on a lake was thin. Checked the ice and verified that it was thin. Then gathered a group of people and urged them onto the ice. Some people would complain that the ice was too thin and no one should go onto it. Then the original person called for the complainers and conspiracy theorists to be shut up. The group then taped the complainers mouths shut. Then the group, (except the originator) go out onto the ice, the limit of the ice’s ability to support weight is exceeded and the ice catastrophically fails. The whole group falls into frigid water, many necessarily die. The only person who is safe, is the person who has stayed on the shore, the originator. Is that person not equally as responsible as the person who shoots the gun at another? In every way?

Consider the example of the man who knows the end result of initially “democratic” uprisings, has researched the outcomes of historical events and their ramifications to World history and the effects on Mankind, then urge a group of people to gather and stage a “democratic” uprising, they fire the group up with rhetoric and stories of “democracy.” Some people complain, however, that uprisings are dangerous. Most have not resulted in more liberty they have resulted in less liberty. The originator calls to have the complainers shut up! They are beaten into submission some are gang raped. The originator stays in a “safe” country and keeps his or her assets safe with hard assets like gold and a basket of international currencies. Then when the uprising inevitably kill thousands and results in less liberty, is this originator any less guilty… or more?

How about the originator who has personal knowledge that anti capitalist philosophies such as Communism result in famine, tyranny, despotism and an ever diminishing standard of living, researched the subject to find there were no examples in history where communism resulted in prosperity, then convinced a powerful Elite it was a good idea to force communism, not on the people of one country or nation only, but upon the entire World. Some people would complain that this path led to universal poverty. The originator calls for the complainer to be shut up! Calls the complainer selfish, greedy and counter-revolutionary. His or her followers call the complainer a kook, insane, and dangerous. The complainers are effectively suppressed and ignored. When the World goes out on the thin ice, that is communism, in a one great World government… is the person or group of people, as guilty, for the resulting deaths through famine, torture, political suppression, maintenance of oligarchy, and protection of the Elite… or more guilty?

In every one of these examples we have an originator and the victims. In each case the victims died and in each case the originator had foreknowledge and therefore was guilty for all the deaths…Is the perpetrator evil or good? In the first and second examples the perpetrator would be hunted down, arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to jail and possibly executed. In the third example the perpetrator would be reviled in some circles but have no meaningful negative consequences in his or her life. In the fourth example the perpetrator would be set up as the king of the World. But under a different name… President (for life), Great Leader, Prime Minister, or by whatever name he or she would go by, but they will be, in fact, Caesar.

Now that we have a template lets do a thought experiment… Take a person who urges a group of people to change the borders of their nation, such that it guarantees the extermination of that people, by neighbors who daily say genocide is their goal. Then, predictably, the people are exterminated. Is the originator guilty of genocide? What if he has a Nobel Prize? And what does that say about what the Nobel Prize will have become?

In any case, it is not relevant how long the chain of event, the predictable outcome is what determines guilt. As in the case of the drunken driver not being prosecuted for intentions but for actions and probable outcomes…