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Change is the Nature of the Universe

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, everything is transitory, even those things we see as bedrock. Even bedrock eventually wears away into sand, silt, and clay. We hang our hats on this or that seemingly solid manifestation but when it turns to sand, as everything does, we are thrown into chaos. The ground shifts beneath our feet and we are put off balance by it. No one has such balance that they are immune. Change is the nature if this universe and that change will always keep us off balance. Our very lives are transitory. We struggle through, trying to be good people, avoiding pain and seeking pleasure as best we can, but in the froth and turbulence of life we only hold on as best we can. The answer is not to be so strong we break, or so weak we fold, but to bend when it is required, have the wherewithal to get back on our feet when we are knocked down, and we must stand hard against the vicissitudes of life we can defeat.

Change is the nature of this universe. Even the stars themselves have limited life spans and so how much less our realities? Once there were dinosaurs roaming the Earth, now they are gone, through no fault of humanity, but because all things have a beginning, a middle and an end. There is nothing other than God that doesn’t follow this pattern. Change is everywhere you look. A billion years from now the Earth will be swallowed by the Sun and life on this planet will become impossible. Nothing is permanent… but change.

Change is the quality of our existence. Perhaps that is why life arose in the first place, because life is nothing but change. Every aspect of life is change. We eat, digest the food and excrete it out, every step is change. We are born, we live and then die, changing the whole time. The very molecules within us change to make our existence possible. Even our thoughts, emotions and spirits exist by changing, thought by the changing of electrons and proteins, emotions by the changing of our fortunes and our spirits grow and thereby change as we age. Life, being so intricately involved with change, is the epitome of the nature of our universe.

Maybe that is why the market system is so effective, it is noting but change. In the free market, innovations changes the way business is done, it changes how things are made and it changes peoples fortunes, some from good to bad and others from bad to good. Those how have it good seek to stop change, through regulations taxes and monopoly, but they struggle against the very nature of our universe. The market system is constantly changing, which puts it in alignment with the nature of the universe, while socialism seeks to stop change, putting it at odds with creation. To contend with the nature of the universe is to fight an unwinnable battle.

To seek to stop change is to seek to stop the universe. You might as well stop the planets from orbiting the Sun. People dislike change however, the weather changes and we go from hot to cold, the seasons change and we go from sowing to reaping, our fortunes change and we go from poverty to wealth or visa versa. Change is difficult for us because it causes disruption, and by definition we must adapt to that disruption, we cannot force it to adapt to us. Innovation is a form of change and therefore is resented by those who are comfortable in the present paradigm. That is why so many of us struggle against change, even to the point of accusing humanity of being the author of change, that is a ludicrous charge since nature is the author, we are merely spectators.

Since change is the nature of the universe, it is the height of foolishness to expect to stop anything from changing. To stop the globe from heating or cooling is to spit in the face of nature, to stop economic innovation is to expect the universe to bend to us, and to demand that morality not change is to be Pollianish. Change sometimes is good and other times it is bad. Changing morality will lead to lower standards of living, persecution and eventually a collapse of our civilization, but that is also change. The best we can do is try to mitigate the negative results of change, or guide it to a better result as best we can, but change is inevitable.

The pendulum of fate swings from good to bad, it cannot be held to good forever, that would violate the nature of our universe. Even the Bible’s description of the Millennial reign says it will change, after a thousand years Lucifer will be loosed on us again, and since the author of the Bible is the same as the author of the universe, change is written into it too. Today the pendulum swings to bad, as it must do, but rest assured, while it will get much much worse, that same pendulum will eventually swing back to good. Only God knows when, but it will. How do I know this? Because change is the nature of the Universe.


John Pepin


The Irrelevancy of Congress

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… workers in various industries have a tendency to give up their work. This happens many times in union shops as well. Often, difficult jobs are rejected by workers, and the work is then performed by contractors. Eventually, the workers that have given up all the difficult tasks, find their jobs become easier and easier, taking up less and less time during their day. All the difficult tasks are given away to contractors. Without exception, those workers become redundant and a burden to the firm that employs them, and as a result, they are laid off or replaced with contractors. This paradigm has appeared many times in many industries around the World. Congress should beware of this trend, because they are at the that road, and are nearing the end of it.

Congress has given up most of it’s responsibility to the Bureaucracy, the Executive and the Judiciary. Today, any major public concern is far more likely to be addressed by the court system, than by the political system. As Congress becomes more and more superfluous, and redundant, they will continue to loose all the power to legislate, control government’s purse and write the laws they pass… and they will loose their jobs.

The Court system is the source of most of our social legislation today. No social ill is exempt from legislation from the bench. From abortion to gay marriage the court system has become the legislator of last resort. This not only renders Congress irrelevant but sets a dangerous precedent. The court system has become an oligarchy by this paradigm. They pass laws that enrich lawyers at cost to the economy, liberty and common sense. The state of our republic is inevitably defiled by this action of the oligarchical Judicial branch. We suffer as a result… but our children will suffer far more as this trend continues to it’s logical conclusion.

The Executive now ignores the irrelevant Congress regularly. Obama is asked if he can go “around” congress almost daily by the unbiased press. They expound on the efficiency of an executive who wields arbitrary power. The fact that this is antithetical to Our Constitution gives them a shiver up their collective legs. This has progressed to the point where Obama has arbitrarily decided what laws to enforce and which laws to ignore. The check on the power of the Executive is eliminated by this very fact.

The bureaucracy has taken over almost all the tedious responsibilities of the legislative. Recently there was a Supreme Court ruling that imparted the bureaucracy with this power. The Supreme Court basically accepted that Congress had ceded their power to pass laws to the bureaucracy, the fact of their acquiescence being sufficient to set the precedent for the bureaucracy to take over most of the law writing and regulating functions, that are given to the Legislative branch under the Constitution.

Beware power granted because once granted it is very difficult to take back. Now that Congress has ceded so much of their power to legislate, control the purse of government and write the laws they pass, they have become redundant in all but name. This may seem a good thing to those who agree with what the government is doing today, but the real problem is, you may not agree with what they do with that power tomorrow. The limit on the Executive, Judiciary and Bureaucracy’s ability to ignore the national government, Congress, has become entrenched.

This trend has been going on for a long time now. The weal of politics turns slowly but inexorably. The legislative branch has willingly given all the tough jobs to contractors and scabs. Those that have inherited the tough jobs, don’t have to face the people’s wrath for their decisions, they are immune from prosecution for undermining Our Constitution, and they are only too happy to do it. The laziness of the Legislative branch have rendered them supercilious. But, they are happy to attend black tie parties, make a speech or two, and pretend to be power brokers. But, they are getting closer and closer to the day when the Executive will simply order them disbanded, and lay them all off. Will this make our liberty safer or more at risk?


John Pepin

Evil’s Intolerance of Good and Good’s Tolerance of Evil

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that evil is intolerant of good, and good tolerates evil, at it’s own peril. The intolerance of those that seek socialism is an example of evil’s intolerance, and the tolerance of good people to the lowering of the culture, is an example of tolerance that endangers good. Our culture is art war with itself in this regard. Forces vie to destroy the foundational attributes of our society and government while the good, who are constantly called intolerant by evil, keep quiet this in the name of diversity. Yet those that claim the mantle of diversity are the least tolerant of real diversity. Our society, culture and liberties are in peril due to this dichotomy in thinking.

The culture of the US and Europe is getting lowered daily. We are bombarded with negative messages. Some are obvious, like when television shows idolize indolence, promiscuity, drug use and criminal behavior, while others are less obvious, such as when movies make the villain the hero. These cultural messages all have the same thing in common… they lower the virtues of the people who consume them.

Abortion is a sacrament of evil. We are told that if we have a problem with the evil that is abortion we are intolerant. Spurious arguments are used constantly to shut us up. Some of the sophist arguments include, I would rather a baby be aborted than be abused. If this is true, then the person making this argument should commit suicide immediately, else they may someday be abused. In cases of rape and incest, as if these things are so rampant in our society, they justify millions of on demand abortions a year. It is the woman’s right to choose, yet these same people don’t believe we have the right to choose, how much soda we drink, what to do with our trash, how dirty out cars are allowed to be, how many windows should be in our homes, what kind of car we should drive, what we should eat or what we must and must not teach our children. The hypocrisy of this argument is blatant if you merely look for it. Abortion is really about the lowering of our consideration for human life.

Gay marriage has nothing to do with equal rights but has everything to do with further lowering the value people have for marriage. The ancient Greeks engaged in homosexual behavior as a matter of daily occurrence. Sparta encoded it in their very laws. Alcibiades met Socrates through homosexual intercourse… yet they didn’t have gay marriage. Are we to assume the ancient Greeks were homophobes? Marriage is, and has always been, about the procreation of children. Society has a vested interest in the continuation of the species. Marriage is the way society and government recognize this reality. Gay marriage is a way to convince us that marriage, and all that is good… come from government.

The work ethic has been so diminished, that many people especially younger people, are incapable of engaging in the market system. Rampant drug use and persistently high youth unemployment creates people who cannot hold a job. People who are addicted to opioid drugs cannot function without them, and when they are inebriated, they cannot operate anything safely. Those who go years and years without getting up in the morning and going to work, become unable to subjugate their emotions, they have no self control, to take orders from an employer. Our culture and regulation have created an entire generation that are increasingly unable to hold down a job. That is not to say that there are not youths who are hard workers and will do well, it is to say that the evil incentives in our society, are ruining the ability of more and more people to be productive and live successful lives.

As our culture is diminished the power of government must grow. Machiavelli said, a corrupt people cannot be free. He meant that in a corrupt society, business cannot go on. Your shop will be broken into constantly, your person is not safe, your children are not safe, your home is not safe and you cannot trust anyone you do business with. In such a society, tyranny is the order of the day, because everyone will turn to the oppressor who claims he will keep you safe. But, as Ben Franklin said, he who gives up liberty for safety will get neither.

We continue to tolerate evil in our midst at our and ours children’s peril. The negative consequences of our tolerance are there for anyone to see. We merely have to open our eyes to it. Evil finds good absolutely intolerable however. Look at the vitriolic ways they characterize good. Anyone who finds abortion objectionable is called a murderer of abortion doctors, those of us who are against gay marriage are called homophobes, those of us who seek a free market, are said to be uncaring for the plight of the poor, those of us who look to God for guidance, have the most vitriol heaped on us… and anyone who calls attention to this, is labeled a hatemonger. It is obvious, that evil is intolerant of good, but good tolerates evil not only at our own peril, but to continue to do so and not call evil what it is, threatens the very society we live in. Those that are the proponents of evil are fearless, we must be equally as fearless in our response, else we cede the World to malevolence, intolerance and poverty.


John Pepin