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Future History

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that when the history of our time is written, years from now, they will record the Elite of our day as the most reckless idiotic people who ever lived, nearly causing the entire market system to be overturned by Marxists and Islamo-fascists… Or they will be written as heroes of the revolution.

Lets start with the life and death of Leon Trotsky. He was a comrade of Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin), and helped in every way possible during the years of bloodshed. He was riding high until he ran afoul of Stalin (the Georgian bank robber). Then he fled to exile in England where he wrote anti Stalin pamphlets. The good little Marxist who had stained his soul with the blood of countless counterrevolutionaries was murdered by one of Stalin’s agents in London. He did his part and was discarded when he became inconvenient. He is still a hero of the revolution, but was done away with, as the helpful idiots camping out on Wall Street will be when their part is played.

The Elite make sure the government careens to the precipice of default. Ratcheting up spending no matter what. No problem can be solved without raising revenue… is what they pull from their rear ends and expect us to swallow. No amount of taxation would suffice. There is absolutely no association, program, slush fund, rent seeker or half witted brother in law they can see their way clear to cut. The Elite either want to drive the car over the cliff of a general default or they are incompetent to drive the car in the first place. Yet drive they do…

The problem with deficit spending is the deficit spending part. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to understand but to the Elite it is. They apparently believe that the problem with deficit spending is that others are greedy and not willing to give their fair share. While all the time those that chastise the rest of us for being so greedy, buy their yachts in Australia to avoid the high union labor costs, dock their yachts in neighboring States to avoid the Massachusetts tax, forget to claim income and are occasionally caught with a cool one hundred thousand in their freezer… untaxed. Yet we are greedy…

The hypocrisy is bad enough but the reckless nature of the way the Elite are running the country is amazing. Take the Wall Street protests. They are obviously backed by some heavy hitters. The people protesting are being fed and being given free healthcare while they are protesting. Paid for by whom? Poor people I presume. They claim to be nonviolent but that is mere sophistry because they have every intent to be violent. There have already been arrests. As soon as they have reached critical mass, the protests will immediately turn violent and the useful idiots will rampage through the streets, demanding free this and free that, simply for being barbarians, smashing all they come across and beating a few bystanders for good measure. But the Tea Party is violent with their flags, lawn chairs and old people‘s glasses…

Encouraging barbarians is the worst thing that the Elite could do; but again that is exactly what we see them doing. If a barbarian is offended he or she gets a few hundred other barbarians together, they riot and burn down a city pillaging in the process. The Elite quickly give and change law, societal moor, or cultural norm to suit the barbarian. If a civilized person is offended or has his or he rights stomped on, they try to go through the legal system, which has been set up as a capacitor. It soaks up the complainers and bankrupts them. So, either the Elite want a barbarous society, where violence is the only way to interact with your government, or they are incompetent and should not be in control. Why would encourage barbarism?

Now I ask you, are these things happening? If they are then why are they? Either the Elite want a general collapse or they are stumbling towards one, but if we don’t do something different, one is coming. Encouraging barbarians, deficit spending as far as the eye can see and the outright hypocrisy of the Elite are combining to put us all in a real bind. But not them. The Elite think they will sail over the chaos they have wrought on the rest of us. Maybe they will. But if we recover and the market system is saved they will claim it was not their fault. No, once again they will claim, it was outside human ability to correct. Until it is corrected. They will claim that if they hadn’t acted, as they did, things would have been much worse. But most of all they will claim that the only truly innocent… were the people in charge when it went bad.

On the other hand… If the market system is lost, they will be hailed as heroes of the revolution, even as the newest tyrant orders bags put over the heads of the old elite, because bullets are so expensive. Machiavelli said that tyranny mostly oppresses the aristocracy. He never experienced Communism / socialism… they oppress everyone. Not just those that bring it on… too bad.