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God and the State

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, government is intent on replacing God, and in doing so they demand equal supplication. This is not a new thing, the ancient empires all did it. The Egyptian Pharaohs were considered the sons of gods, as were many other kings. It was a means back then, when people were ignorant and superstitious, to legitimize arbitrary rule by kings over the people. Today the idea is essentially the same, the elite claim there is no God, and if there is no God, then all of our rights come from the State. If our rights come from the State then the State can revoke them as the politically elite see fit. This circular reasoning is elevated to an actual religion in the case of Communist States where we see mass murderers worshiped like Gods. Lenin and Mao come immediately to mind as does the North Korean demon Kim. The communist manifesto argued that religion is the opium of the people, and by that logic that pernicious religion seeks to replace God with the State. As we slide deeper into the morass of Statism, we will find ourselves in exactly the same position as the ancient peoples, subjects and slaves. If we allow it then we deserve it.


The US Constitution is based on a Judeo Christian definition of God. This cannot be denied unless one is ignorant of the words of the founding fathers or intentionally misleading the public. Moreover the Declaration of Independence clearly states that our Rights come from God. Which means that the founders of the American republic recognized God and that the State is a necessary evil to protect us and our property from those who would take them. They sought the most limited State possible that would have the power to protect us, our children and our things. The US founding documents are unambiguous about this.


That paradigm doesn’t suit the progressive and socialist faction. They seek to unshackle the US government, and indeed all governments, from any limitations whatsoever. They imagine all the good they could do if only they had unlimited power to redistribute the goods of society as they see fit. The State could eliminate all the ills of society and culture by deciding who wins and who looses in various human and economic interactions. They even have the hubris to seek to change our very nature, as in Marx’s Manifesto, he claims that once we live under communism we will loose touch with our individual selves and evolve into our species selves. All of this implies a strong worship of the State and the power of the State.


Of course all the “good” that could be done by government is dependent on eliminating the limitations that Constitutions and a belief in God place on them. Under a system where eternal punishment is taken as a given we are more placid knowing everything is in God’s very capable hands. But the socialist needs people to forget the eternal and dwell in the moment. This makes us jealous of our things, scared of each other, it forces us to be politically active all the time and lowers us to the level of mere animals. All of which works in the favor of those that seek to replace God with the State.


There are very few who have not witnessed a miracle. Perhaps it is the birth of a baby, the spontaneous remission of cancer or an astonishingly unlikely happenstance that benefited us in some way, but most of us have witnessed an act of God. Not to mention the miracles recorded in the Bible… like the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This makes the task of those that seek to replace God with the State much harder, and so they deny any of these things are miracles. Like a shyster they tell us to ignore our lying eyes and believe their honest pleas. Only a fool however will ignore his own eyes, experience and history to believe in a scam being perpetrated on them by a huckster. Unfortunately many do.


It is not reasonable to deny God exists in the face of the miraculous and worship the State given the history of human government. The State is administered by human beings, who are greedy, conniving and fearful, making the State these same things. Only a State administered by saints would be different. Those who consider themselves saints however, are in fact demons, and those who are saints, eschew power, making it impossible for a State to be anything but greedy, conniving and fearful. A self interested people rightly understood, understand these basic facts, but those who remain willfully ignorant do not. A rational maximizer will weigh the cost of turning from God to the State and find the wager absurd, while a fool will not only go along, but will attack the rational maximizer as mean and old fashioned. The results of turning away from God and to the State are there for all of us to see, they are arbitrary rule, if only we open our eyes and look.





John Pepin

Missing the Forest For the Trees

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, it is human nature to ignore the big things we agree on, and vilify each other for the little things we disagree on. Christianity is one example. There are protestants who believe the Roman Catholic church is the Whore of Babylon. Many Christians who follow the European branch have, or had, utter disdain for the Coptics who have a different view of the divinity of Christ. It doesn’t stop there. Conservatives fight amongst themselves over everything while ignoring the big picture. What is interesting however is that those who seek fundamental change are united. Perhaps once our civilization collapses, they will turn on each other and wash the World with blood, over their disagreements. No matter if they will, because first they seek our civilization’s destruction.


There are so many Christian sects it is impossible to count them all. We have argued over Justification to the death. The Coptics were let to the wolves because they believe Jesus was fully God, while Europeans believe Jesus was fully God and fully man. I imagine there is even a sect out there, that will fight to the death if someone claims Jesus took three steps on the top of Calvary, instead of four. These are really petty disagreements and have the effect of delegitimizing Christianity not empowering it. The basic fact is that Christians believe Jesus was the messiah. All other disagreements are superfluous to that over arching truth. To kill or denigrate someone who believes in Jesus is absurd and endangers one’s immortal soul.


In the United States, those who seek to preserve the founding principles argue and fight all the time. To the detriment of the Republic. The Founding Fathers didn’t agree on much, but they did agree on the founding principles, that the power resides in the people, God is the source of our Rights and that government must be limited. To disagree on the finer points is ok but to undermine our own sovereignty because of a small disagreement is stupid.


Those who seek to destroy the founding principles of our republic are united in their loathing of them. They will most certainly go to war once they have successfully destroyed the republic, and thereby civilization itself, because they will all want to be the dictator. To that end they will fight to the death, but over larger issues, like, should the World be atheistic communist, should all the people of the World be subjected to Sharia, which form of Islam, Sunni or Shia, they will fight to the death about any number of issues, but the issues they will fight over will be the larger ones.


Clearly, it is idiotic to fight over small things, and in doing so, loose the most important thing. Mature adults, (a very rare thing today), understand that honest people will disagree honestly. That I believe Justification is by faith and works, does not mean I drink the blood of the saints, and I don’t think those who believe justification is by faith alone are evil. We simply disagree on a small point but agree on the larger one. Moreover, it is impossible for any of us to know the truth of it, because God has not revealed it to us. Those who think they absolutely know the will of God are presumptuous in the most pernicious way.


What we need to do is shake hands on what we agree on. We can come together on the big choices, like the founding principles of the US. To fight a new reformation about politics is to allow the founding principles to be destroyed. We might win a small argument but what good is that if we become slaves? What good is it to be right about how many steps Jesus took on Calvary if our immortal souls are lost? Perhaps I have mispelled a word, does that negate everything I have said? If you believe it does then you are blinded to the large because you focus on the small. There is an old saying, “To miss the forest for the trees.” It seems appropriate when referring to our petty disagreements while we allow fundamental principles to be lost. The future will be bright, if we come together on the underlying principles, but dark if we do not.





John Pepin