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Open Government

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when government works in the dark, someone is going to stub his toe. The US government more and more hides even it’s most mundane workings from the public. There are obviously grievous examples such as not showing congress what was in the Affordable Care Act, (Obama care) until they voted on it, when Nancy Pellosi famously said, “You have to pass it to see what’s in it.” There are alarming examples like the new Internet regulations that were secret, and concerning ones too, the National Atmospheric Administration hiding it’s correspondence from Congress and by default the public. Unfortunately secrecy has become the norm. Budgets are passed in the dark of night, news dumps Friday afternoon, blatant ignoring Freedom of Information suits and so forth. The workings of government are now almost entirely hidden, which poses a very real risk for our liberty, prosperity and even sovereignty.

Open government is a prerequisite of democracy. Our democratic republic looses it’s democratic function when government treaties, regulations and laws, let alone how they came to be, are hidden from the public. How can people intelligently vote for a candidate if his or her communications, negotiations and even votes are not recorded and available? Imagine working for a company that isn’t allowed to monitor your actions while at work. How can a person decide if government is working for the people or the elite if regulations are not published? Like The recent Pacific trade agreement, negotiated in the dark of night, and now that a draft has been leaked to the public we find that most of it is not about trade. Without knowledge, knowledge that open government provides, people simply cannot judge government, and therefore cannot vote logically.

When government works behind a veil bureaucrats become corrupt. This not only applies to bureaucrats but especially politicians and lobbyists. Think about it for a moment, if your employer was barred from judging your work, talking to you while at work or even monitoring your comings and goings, how long before you started taking advantage? At first you might make personal phone calls, later possibly pad your pay, then you might not even show up but put in for the time…. like many people actually do in government. Stories of Hack jobs for half witted brother in laws are rampant. Hack jobs that pay huge salaries. All made possible by the veil of secrecy.

Darkness undermines accountability. How can a politician, bureaucrat or judge be held accountable for their actions if no one is allowed to see those actions? As I explained above, corruption flows from secrecy in government, the reason is that accountability is lost. All the scandals that government and it’s officials have become embroiled in are all due to their being aired. Had no one heard about the House Banking Scandal, it would still be going on, if Fast and Furious hadn’t been discovered by the murder of Brian Terry, who had been killed by one of those guns, the number of scandals we see are dwarfed by the number that still go on, only because no one can see them.

Your liberty is threatened when government covers itself in darkness. Corrupt officials, lack of accountability and democratic institutions corroded all lead to the loss of liberty. Even as the machinations of government become ever more hidden, government requires every detail of your personal life be open to their ever staring eye. Government officials will say, “If you have nothing to hide why be afraid of government monitoring?” They make the claim they need to monitor our emails in the name of security, so I have to wonder, how is it that government knowing my pork pie recipe effects national security? When one watches another, and punishes them, especially arbitrarily, the watched is the slave and the watcher is the master… Liberty is lost.

If openness applies to us, how much more to a government that is supposed to work for us, but of course government no longer works for us, we work for it. We have to self report our income, they monitor our comings and goings, they keep tabs on every aspect of our lives, while at the same time hide even the most mundane of their own actions. There is only one place such a system can lead, to corrupt, tyrannical and unaccountable government, that works for the elite at the expense of the people. The polar opposite of a democratic republic. Indeed someone does stub their toe… you and I.


John Pepin

Two Years more for Evil to Flourish…

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the tyrants, despots, evil doers and general bad guys, know they have two years to do whatever it is they want, after that the strong likely hood is that Obama will no longer be President and a pro American President will probably hold that office. Unless of course Obama gets a third term. If that were to happen those who seek to expand their empires would have another six years. I am not being facetious I am being realistic. The weakness Obama has shown to the enemies of peace and harmony coupled with the backstabbing he has done to our allies, has made the world less safe for everyone, except for evildoers.

Will Obama go for a third term? Can he go for a third term? The US Constitution bars any President from running for a third term. A Constitutional amendment was put in place after Franklin Roosevelt became President for life. While a Constitutional amendment barring a third term seems like a major impediment for any President, Obama has shown a remarkable ability to ignore Constitutional restraint, his own laws and even basic common sense. Just a few of the scandals that would have been the end for any other President have been, Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, and far too many others to fit in this column. The real question as to whether he can run again is what would the opposition do in that event?

Republicans have shown no backbone whatsoever when it comes to standing up against the unconstitutional and illegal actions of Obama. When Tea party republicans have tried to stand up they have been attacked most heinously by republicans. The unbiased media has a meme going, that the Tea party is evil because they stand for Constitutional restraint and the rule of Law, which keeps the only faction standing in the way of Obama, off balance and marginalized. Since the history of the Obama administration is one of overstepping Constitutional authority without consequence, and with the overt backing of democrats, elite republicans and the unbiased media, the outcry would be vilified and not reported, except in alternative media outlets. So the Constitution’s ban on a third term is very surmountable, making the only real question, does he want a third term?

America’s allies have been attacked, undermined and vilified by the Obama administration. Israel’s best interests have been set aside for the demands of Hamas. Instead of condemning the rocket attacks by Hamas against Israeli schools, a nuclear plant and the civilian population, Obama attacked the Israelis for defending themselves. Remember Obama’s off the cuff remark to Medvedev? That he would have “more flexibility after the election…” Poland still has a bad taste in their mouth over Obama’s unilaterally canceling a treaty with them, to supply Poland with anti ballistic missiles, that decision has come back to haunt them with Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and naked threat against Poland in his statement, “I could be in Poland in two days…” the list of allies with knives in their backs, put there by Obama, is as long as the enemies of freedom have carnations given them by Obama.

The empires of China and Russia have expansionist aspirations. There is not one neighbor of China that China doesn’t want land from. There was a recent article that over fifty percent of Chinese citizens believe there will be war with Japan within a decade. China has the largest standing army in the world and has a skewed demographic of three men to every woman, which is ideal for starting a war to bring the demographic distortion back into line. Russia’s Putin has aspirations of reclaiming the old Soviet empire. His invasion of Ukraine, an invasion that wouldn’t have happened if Obama hadn’t shown so much weakness, is but the first step in that plan. Every nation that was under the Soviet yoke is quaking at the thought.

The hard core Islamist have began recreating the Caliphate under Obama’s feckless leadership. They have erased the boarder between Syria and Iraq and intend, (if their literature and propaganda are to be believed) on conquering the entire world and placing every human being on it under Sharia law. Obama armed them, has tried mightily to avoid damaging their interests, even as they have religiously cleansed all the areas they have under control. Not only exterminating Christians but Shia and Yazidis. All of which Obama turned a blind eye to, until they sawed off the head of a few new class journalists, and generated outrage in the new class. Obama’s plan to eradicate them is to arm their allies and use a one hundred thousand dollar smart bomb to kill each one individually.

Obama has set the world on fire and is dousing it with gasoline to put it out. He has been the best friend of those who would expand their empires, commit genocide, ethnically and religiously cleanse large swaths of the planet, and at the same time has undermined our allies ability to withstand the onslaught. Obama’s actions have incentivised every despot to get nuclear weapons as fast as possible. Every dictator on the planet knows this and is acting accordingly. Our allies are in retreat regardless of the unbiased media’s propaganda to the contrary. Europe’s economy is collapsing, the European natives are being marginalized and are facing religious persecution, if not extermination, all while Obama cheers it on. That is why I say that the evil doers on our planet understand they have two years to grab whatever they can. Looks like the old Chinese curse will be coming true in the next two years, “May you live in interesting times.” Unless of course, he gets a third term… then it will last longer.


John Pepin

Impeach this Lawless President.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is no reason Obama cannot run for a third term, or even simply dictate he is now President for life. I am not saying he will, but there has never been such a lawless President in United States history. The scandals of the Obama administration have been so profoundly destructive of our Constitution and the rule of law, without any real outrage by the elite in the media, politics or culture, that our very Constitution has become mere window dressing. There is historical precedent for this, but not in American history, in the history of Rome there is a close example. One that led directly to Rome becoming a tyranny while calling itself a republic. We are on the same road as ancient Rome, with the difference that we have history to teach us where that road leads, and the Romans didn’t. Our republic will certainly end, in all but name, if this level of lawlessness continues. Our elected leaders are too afraid of Obama and his machine to even vociferously call attention to it. Tyranny is in our future unless we stand up and demand his impeachment.


The examples of lawlessness by Obama are legendary. Fast and Furious was a blatant attempt to undermine the Second Amendment to our Constitution and should have been a fast track to impeachment. Using the IRS against political enemies was so naked an assault on individual liberty, and good government, that everyone involved should go to jail for a very long time, you or I would, for far far less. Benghazi might have been overlooked as incompetence of the highest order, if not for the coverup, a coverup that was broader in scope and exponentially more pernicious than Watergate. Muzzling the media through intimidation is a direct attack on the First Amendment. Giving heavy weapons including surface to air missiles to Al Queda allied terrorist groups is a clear example of “Giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” Which, as defined by our Constitution, is the meaning of a traitor, which is one of the reasons Benghazi was covered up. Releasing enemy combatants to reenter the war against us, in exchange for a deserter, is another example of traitorous actions. Selective enforcement of law is the very definition of lawlessness and is itself impeachable. Now with Obama’s Dream Act he has opened the floodgates to tens of thousands of children crossing the southern boarder, to date over 60,000 children are in custody, with another 120,000 expected in the next year, giving some insight into what our government calls a “secure” boarder… one that is so open even a child can cross it. How many children who were not picked up by the Boarder Patrol, have been raped, murdered or enslaved? I could go on and on but space limits me. Suffice it to say, Obama is not held to any law our Constitution, or even common decency.


Rome faced the same problem. There had been intercine fighting for a few generations between the advocates for patricians and plebeians. The advocates for both sides were all members of the patrician class however. When Julius Caesar came into the picture, he handed out money to the plebeians to buy their support, and it worked perfectly. He had the plebeian’s unwavering backing when he declared himself dictator for life. Some of the patricians understood the danger to the republic from Caesar’s lawlessness and assassinated him to protect the republic. That is where the famous saying, “Et Tu Brute,” came from. As we all know from our history books Rome never recovered and it became a tyranny of the worst kind… arbitrary rule. The ascension of Octavius and his institution of the praetorian guard was the death knell of any hope for freedom in Rome. After that, Rome simply declined year after year, until the hordes from the north and the Islamic invasion from the south, destroyed both Western and Eastern Roman empires, the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.


History is a great teacher. It can warn those who have learned it’s lessons where a given policy will lead. We have such a wonderful chronicle to understand the nature of human government that it is absurd not to glance at it now and then. That we don’t, is why we repeat the worst parts over and over, and almost never relive the good parts. Those who have political power know and understand the lessons, and clearly by their actions, they don’t want liberty, they want to be dictators for life. To ascribe any human being with altruistic attitudes is foolish, but once a person has shown his complete disregard for our Constitution and laws, it is suicidal to allow his incursions to go on. Our political elite are too terrified of him, the cultural elite are in love with him, and the media elite are effectively cowed by him, as our republic relives the history of Rome. Caesar was only the first, he opened the door to Mark Antony then Octavius… Obama is only the first American President to openly flaunt the law, our Constitution and common decency, he will not be the last, since he opened the door, more will enter through it. God help us if we don’t stand, because even if he doesn’t declare himself President for life, the door is now open, when the next usurper walks through it, we will be forced to sit… for the the next few centuries.





John Pepin


Corruption and Poverty

Thursday, May 29th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is nothing more destructive of a nation’s economy and standard of living, than corruption in government. This is obvious but also can be proven simply through observation. Corrupt public officials corrode the foundation of an economy in a myriad of ways just like acid corrodes metal. That so many countries have such profound corruption, is a statement to the corruptibility of those with power, who are essentially unsupervised. We allow this to go on out of a sense of powerlessness, but if we want a better life for our children and their children, we must act against corruption.


Simple observation shows the truth that corruption is destructive of a nation’s economy. One example should suffice to make the example, but examples exist the world over and throughout time, in this Mexico is not the most corrupt nor the only corrupt nation today, it is merely the example I am using. Despite many advantages most other nations don’t have, Mexico is the poster child for poverty… and corruption. Pharmacists are often in cahoots with the police. When an old couple from the US go to Mexico to buy cheap prescription drugs, many Mexican pharmacists call the police, who then arrest the old couple and hold them for ransom. The pharmacists gets his kickback and the drugs back to continue the scam on another unsuspecting old American couple.


If someone is pulled over in Mexico it is insulting to the officer not to be offered a bribe. If the bribe is too low the victim can be jailed. The court system is known for its corruption, where a person with power gets a get out of jail free card, while everyone else gets severe punishment. Permits and licenses must be purchased with bribes. Even the jails are crooked. There are stories of drug cartel members allowed to go out at night to commit murders, even with the guard’s own guns! Today there are Americans who accidentally got to the Mexican boarder, who wanted to simply turn around, but were arrested and sent to jail! The list of the debasement of the Mexican authorities is endless.


All the corruption in Mexico results in poverty and want. In a system where justice is arbitrary and dependent on political favor the market cannot function efficiently. In a place where anyone who gets ahead is subject to kidnapping, any where and anytime, with the police turning a blind eye, producers are driven away to places safe for their families. In Mexico and anywhere government can be counted on to do the wrong thing the incentives are all pernicious.


Those who operate virtuously are punished while those who are despicable are rewarded. All the incentives drive more corruption. Judges who punish purchasable police are murdered and politicians who speak up are killed. Anyone who tries to stop the corruption is slaughtered and their heads rolled into a dance as an example to anyone else who would speak up. The results speak for themselves… Mexico and all other profoundly corrupt nations nurture poverty.


The constant threat of murder, kidnappings and worse subjugate the people to a sense of powerlessness. This is magnified when the people are disarmed so the corrupt have superiority of firepower. The tainted have no fear their next victim will shoot back, the police have seen to it they can’t, while providing weapons to the despicable. Just like Obama did in Fast and Furious. The people must simply try to hunker down and stay off the radar. This includes not getting ahead because that would put you in the sights of the criminals.


The level of corruption we see in Mexico often leads to a socialist government taking control. Typically resulting in more corruption but at a higher level and less susceptible to scrutiny. This is the case in Venezuela. The lot of the people goes down even more because the corruption becomes sanctified by the State. In such a system revolution is out, because the State will use whatever force it needs to stay in power, and the elite around the world will turn a blind eye to it… as they have done in Venezuela.


I have outlined a means to stymie government corruption, a Fourth Branch, or in other words, a Constitutional police of government. If one were set up in such a corrupt country as Mexico, there would be a civil war between the entrenched criminals and the new branch, but with the backing of the people a Fourth Branch could get the corruption under control. The only other option is total collapse of the government and system resulting in societal upheaval and eventually revolution. The people are caught in a trap of the criminal governor’s making. They can die by drive by shooting or die by firing squad. Not good options, a Fourth Branch is at least a possible way out… if they were to take it.





John Pepin


Our Lack of Outrage

Monday, May 19th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the US, or any other government, is placing subliminal messages to conform and obey in the media. I am not saying they are, or that they have any plans to manipulate us in that manner, I sincerely hope not! I am saying that if I found out they were, I would not be shocked or surprised, and neither would anyone else. That is the problem, no one would be surprised or even outraged if such a thing were going on, considering the out of control actions the US and other governments have been caught in. What a sad statement on the level of corruption in our governments isn’t it? After all we were only slightly outraged at the NSA spying program that gets worse every day as the diabolical reality of it comes out in dribs and drabs. We have become so accustomed to our governments lying to us, conniving to take our stuff and stepping on our human rights, we have become calloused. That is a big problem, because it shows how far our governments have moved away from acting in the interests of us all, and to acting only in the interests of politically favored groups.


In Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle defined right forms of government and wrong forms of government. The attribute the right forms had in common was that they all sought to benefit the interests of the whole nation state or in his time the city state. What the wrong forms had in common was that they only sought to benefit the ruler’s interests. History shows us all too clearly that the latter is more common than the former. Most nations have been ruled by connivers who only have their own best interests at heart. The rest of us are merely tools to be exploited to get what the political elite want.


This paradigm has only been overturned a few times in history and has never lasted long. Those few times are illustrative of what a nation can achieve, when the leaders seek the benefit of the whole of society, instead of one or two politically favored segments. Rome in her Republican years was given wealth, freedom and military prowess. Before she became corrupted by the intercine fighting manifested by Marius and Sulla, she never invaded a neighbor, but only met force with force. There have been times in most countries around the world where this was the case. In every instance, where those nations who were blessed with rulers who ruled for the benefit of all of the people, those nations were also blessed with prosperity and freedom. History in unambiguous on this point.


History is also adamant that those nations who were cursed with selfish rulers who ruled for their own egoistic self interest have been damned with poverty, famine, war and tyranny. As the rulers get more selfish the fortunes of those states diminishes. They keep falling until the government is overturned from within or from without. There is not one instance in history where a nation state or city state was virtuous and was demolished. In every case, invasion or revolution, the state itself had become so corroded by corruption, cronyism and political favor, that a fall became inevitable.


In the very best cases of virtuous government, where the state ruled for everyone’s interests, the leaders lead by example. If they wanted the people to be less greedy they eschewed avarice themselves, where they wanted the people to be more industrious the rulers worked harder themselves, and where the governors wanted the people to have fidelity to the state, the leaders were more dutiful to the people. This is an example of self interest rightly understood. When people are given good role models in the form of virtuous leaders the people become virtuous themselves. The same is true when our leaders are corrupt, we follow them into corruption. It is human nature.


Today we live in societies so corrupted by our leaders that we don’t bat an eye when we hear a politician was caught in anything. We have become so jaded by the trampling of our rights and our constitutions that we wouldn’t be shocked to find out our politicians are using mind control on us. Our governors have so exploited, manipulated and lied to us, we merely rolled our eyes when we found out our government was sending weapons to drug lords and blaming it on honest gun dealers, we are not outraged when we discover our President lied to our faces about our very healthcare, we are sanguine when we learn an ambassador was left to die by our government to cover up arms dealing with our existential enemy, and not even slightly worried when we are told our government targeted people for audits and additional IRS scrutiny based on their political affiliations! Our leaders have so corrupted our governments by narrow self interested egoism, they have become in fact and in definition, the wrong forms that Aristotle talked about. The proof is in our lack of outrage at an ever increasing tsunami of corruption, cronyism and incursions on our basic rights. This can only lead to violent upheaval. Isn’t it time to be outraged, and demand our leaders follow their own laws, our constitutions and simple morality?





John Pepin


Arbitrary Power

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me that since the dawn of time, city states, nations and empires have warned of the dangers of arbitrary power. Throughout history rulers that attained arbitrary power have brought their people to ruination. The lessons of history are stark and unanimous in their critique of the dangers of giving anyone arbitrary power. From Solon to Stalin the worst atrocities of man upon man have been committed by those with arbitrary power. Yet despite all the warnings, philosophy, and empirical data, we choose to ignore them and bestow Obama with arbitrary power. There can be no good end of this newest experiment in the annuls of Man.


Solon, the lawgiver of Athens, warned of the profound dangers of arbitrary power. He was elected to solve the debt crisis in ancient Athens. He did so in a fair way, and went on to make a proscription against arbitrary power, the ostracism. Never a hypocrite, Solon gave himself up to his very own system and submitted himself to the ostracism, for becoming himself a danger to liberty. He was banished from Athens for several years. In those years he saved Croesus of Lydia from being burned at the stake by giving that tyrant sage advice.


After the horrors of Tarquinious Superbus, the last Etruscan king of Rome, the people began the Consular system, whereby the rule of Rome would be separated into two men, similar to the Spartan system of two kings. This way no one man could attain arbitrary rule. The system held out for hundreds of years, but was overthrown when Julius Caesar gained popular support, installing himself as emperor… with arbitrary power. Once his nephew was crowned and instituted the Praetorian guard the heart of the Roman nation rotted from within. Within two hundred years, a nation state that had lasted almost a thousand years and had conquered the known world, was destroyed completely. Only the Eastern part, the Byzantines, survived for a few more years, only to be utterly wiped out and the people enslaved, by the Muslim invasion.


The many republics of Europe that started as a result of the Renaissance, rose in democratic representation, but fell into tyranny by the executive who wrested arbitrary power for himself. The history of Europe is rife with examples of those who gained this most pernicious form of power and visited slavery, oppression and destruction on their people. Yes, history is unambiguous about the danger of arbitrary power, especially in the hands of an egoist.


Democratically elected leaders are no exception. Remember, Hitler was elected in a free and fair election. Tyranny doesn’t necessarily come at the point of a gun it can come from the ballot box as well. That a person is elected by a popular majority, like Caesar, can become a despot, is proven conclusively by history. No matter how a person gets arbitrary power, be it by revolution, machination or the suffrage, arbitrary power always brings with it oppression. It is a factor of human nature.


Despite all the warnings from history, philosophy and recent events, a large part of the American people are comfortable giving our elected President… arbitrary power. He has usurped the power of the Legislative branch by arbitrarily enforcing the law, he has silenced the free press through intimidation, he has armed drug lords in a neighboring country, he has taken over a third of the economy by simply deeming a law passed, he ignores court orders with impunity, he abandoned an ambassador and several Americans to torture and death at the hands of our avowed enemies, while at the same time arming those very enemies, then lied about it, he uses the power of the government against his political opponents, he uses the paranoia of national security to record our personal phone conversations, (us and our allies), the list goes on and on, moreover, anyone who stands in his way, like Ted Cruz, is vilified by the political establishment as well as the media that calls itself unbiased. Yes, Obama wields arbitrary power in all but name. History shows us where this will end… unless we stand and demand Our Constitution be followed. If we do not, we deserve what we get… too bad our innocent children don’t.





John Pepin

Innovation Portends Change

Sunday, July 14th, 2013


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Obama administration has instituted a whole host of government innovations, some of which have the ability to change the very nature of the relationship, between the US government and it’s citizens. Political innovation can result in the bettering of the lot of Man; or it can be the downfall of great empires and societies. The edge of innovation in the realm of government is often razor sharp, slicing deep wounds into the body of government, society and possibly even civilization itself. For this reason, political innovation should always be enacted carefully, and with great deliberation. If innovation is done without a care, then the results are universally negative for Mankind. When they are done thoughtfully, and with an eye to backing away if the predicted results don’t happen, or especially if the results go counter to the interests of civil society. Our lives, fortunes and very freedom can be upended by political innovation faster than any other type of political event.


  • Selective enforcement of the law. The US Constitution makes it clear, the Executive must enforce the laws, equally and without bias. Obama has innovated in not enforcing laws he personally is opposed to. Gay Marriage is one example, immigration laws are another. In the sequester, the administration released thousands of violent illegal immigrants onto the streets of the US, which has certainly resulted in rapes, murders and violent attacks on innocent American citizens. This was done in direct contravention of both the US Constitution, common sense and US Law. With this new innovation, Obama has set the precedent that he has imperial power to rule as he sees fit, regardless of the Constitution, US Law and common sense. In fact, Obama is so bold he has openly declared he will not enforce key provisions of his very own health care law, for obvious political purposes.


  • Going “around” Congress. Obama is the first sitting US President who has been able to do this. That in and of itself is quite an innovation in the rule of law. Obama has unilaterally passed regulations that would ordinarily take an act of Congress. This innovation has made the US government far more efficient… at stepping on people’s rights.


  • Lying under oath has always been done by human beings if they thought they could get away with it. Bill Clinton was famously caught lying under oath to a grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky affair. His defense was what the definition of “is” is. While this has always been a problem, perjury has been raised to an art under the Obama administration. The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been caught over and over, in absolute lies while under oath. His Fast and Furious testimony was as egregious as it comes, but his lack of alacrity has only grown with all the scandals that he has lied about, without consequence. At this point, the only thing we can believe with any certainty that this administration says, is that what ever they say… is not the truth.


These are only a few of the political innovations the Obama administration has brought into the American government, to name them all would require a tome, while I am limited to a page. Each of the innovations I have outlined, have the potential to drastically change the nature, role, and scope of the government in the United States, but, added together they will certainly fundamentally change America. Only an emperor or king, can selectively enforce laws, even the British Kings were barred from this, by the Magna Carta. The inevitable result will be greater distrust of our politicians and their motives. Going around the legislative body is another power that conventionally was reserved for despots and usurpers. That the President has gotten away with passing laws by executive fiat, cheered on by the unbiased media, proves the President now has arbitrary power. Added to these innovations, elevating perjury to an art, disconnects the government from any truth. Taken together, they show the US has turned it’s back on limited government, for the glitter of arbitrary power. That this has happened, without any real push back from Congress or the Judiciary, strongly suggests they agree with it, (regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary). One of the near results of all this innovation, is that in the past, people have come to the US for asylum against political oppression, but now, whistle blowers flee the US for refuge. That they need to go places where the rule of law has traditionally been arbitrary, is empirical evidence that the US has decoupled from the Constitution, and become a banana republic, in fact… if not in name.





John Pepin



This Scandal Ridden Administration

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, President Obama has presided over the most scandal ridden administration since the founding of the United States. His scandals are not only regular but they are profoundly perverse. No other president in my lifetime has had such critical lapses of judgment, if they are lapses of judgment. Nixon had Watergate, Reagan had Iran Contra, Clinton had Lewinsky, Bush had Valery Plame, none of them rising to the least of Obama’s scandals. Our republic is put in greater and greater danger every time a new one comes to light and there are no consequences. If we want to continue to live in a free country, it is up to us to force our government to follow the law, else our grandchildren will consider us villains.

Fast and Furious has been forgotten by the complicit media. In my blog, Fast and Furious a Despicable act of War, I point out that while the administration was shipping hundreds of high powered guns into Mexico, so they would show up at crime scenes, Obama was vilifying the Second Amendment… because US guns were showing up at Mexican crime scenes! This immoral tactic to undermine a Right enumerated in the Bill of Rights directly led to the deaths of at least 300 Mexicans! The only media to do even a cursory examination was Univision. When the Congress asked for records, Obama claimed Executive privilege, which is only applicable for direct communications between the President himself and his staff. This either proves he had knowledge of the program or he is fraudulently using Executive Privilege.

Billions of dollars of graft were handed out to Obama’s political backers in the stimulus bill. Remember Solyndra? Or any of the other boondoggles of the stimulus bill? Literally billions of dollars of taxpayer money was shoveled out to political backers of this President. Had there been a truly unbiased media, this would have been bigger than Watergate, but it was ignored and covered up by the complicit press.

Benghazi is being swept under the rug as you read this. The newest scandals have put Benghazi on the back burner and the press won’t even mention it now. The media have forgotten it in favor of the latest scandals. One point to make here is that Obama claims there wasn’t enough time to send troops. This presupposes he had foreknowledge of the attack and it’s intended duration. The only way he could have had that knowledge is if he were in on planning the attack. Otherwise, he couldn’t have known if there was time or not. Ordering the military to stand down, and not immediately sending relief troops in, is, at the very least, dereliction of duty. So what was it, was Obama in on the planning of the attack, or simply derelict in his duty?

Now we have the IRS using the power of the taxing authority to attack Obama’s political foes. Could there be a more pernicious use of a Federal agency than to use the power of bureaucracy to hobble your political enemies? We are being told that it was a low level staffer. If that is true then why has there never been an example of a progressive organization targeted? If low level staffers are so poorly supervised they can use their power to target a political faction they personally disagree with, surely some low level staffer is conservative, and would have targeted a liberal organization. The very fact none have ever been targeted, shows the orders to target conservatives and then leak the information to Obama’s political allies, came from the top.

As I wrote in my blog, The Frog and the Scorpion, the unbiased media that has been carrying Obama across the pond of public opinion, is feeling the first sting of the scorpion’s tail, now that it has been reviled that the Obama administration has been looking into the phone records of the Associated Press. Holder is claiming the Associated Press is under scrutiny because of a dangerous leak of classified information, but has recused himself of any involvement, (for plausible deniability no doubt). The unbiased media have been claiming lately, who cares if you or I are surveilled as long as you are doing nothing wrong, so I ask, what has the AP to worry about?

There are far more scandals but my space is limited, while the Obama administration’s penchant for abusing power for crass political gain is unlimited. Obama’s main defense is the incompetence defense. He could not have known about these things because the government is too big and Obama is too inept. Yet this faction wants to manage every aspect of every American’s life? Really! Who really believes this President is so bungling he is unaware of anything going on in his administration? Only a fool would believe that. Obama makes sure he has plausible deniability whenever he is undermining a basic Right, enumerated in Our Bill of Rights, he is totally oblivious when his stimulus grants billions of dollars to his backers, he was too tired to stay abreast when one of our Ambassadors was under siege, he only learned about the IRS scandal when he read the papers that morning, despite earlier briefings on the issue, moreover he claims he is outraged by it! Our republic is disintegrating around our head and ears under this President. To not see it is to be blind, deaf and stupid. Boy… do we need a Fourth Branch!


John Pepin

Exploiting the Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, to exploit a tragedy to raise money is heartless, but to exploit it to overturn Constitutional rights, is criminal. In this we have the example of Barack Obama. He has crassly used the tragedy at Sandy Hook to raise campaign money, and since he is Constitutionally barred from running again, it raises some prickly questions. The pressing and more pernicious use he has made of the tragedy is to undermine American’s Second Amendment rights. This has been an ongoing problem with this president. When a politician exploits the emotional reaction to a tragedy in these ways, a bright light should illuminate it, because our Constitutional liberties are at stake… and darkness serves only darkness.

The Constitution was put in place by the American Founding Fathers, to protect the American people from the natural urges of politicians, to usurp power to their own ends. This has been the paradigm since the dawn of human existence. Over the ages many things have been tried to stem this predilection of people with power over others. The Romans used a system where power was broken up between two Consuls, like the Spartans, and Solon created the ostracism. All methods tried up until the Enlightenment have failed. Constitutionalism was the Enlightenment’s attempt.

The Second Amendment was to be the final resort for the people against a government that had become extra Constitutional. The ability of the people, under the auspices of the States, to overthrow the Federal government was reasoned out in the Federalist papers… the right to revolution. The last resort when politicians had become drunk with power. This is the real reason Americans have the Second Amendment, not to protect hunting, or for fun at the range, it was to be the final check on the power of usurpers to the Constitution.

This is one of the primary reasons modern politicians have held the Second Amendment in such antipathy. They know in their hearts that since Wickard v. Filburn the Federal government has been overtly extra Constitutional. The legal oligarchy in the US understands this, but have allowed it because of the power it has given them, to amass wealth at the expense of the citizenry. This case was only the first step in undermining the US Constitution however. Assaults on the Constitution, to limit the power of men over the citizenry, have continued at an ever increasing pace.

The irony of Obama… who sent Mexican drug lords thousands of assault weapons, as well as communist gorillas in South America, and Al Qaeda heavy arms in Syria, have resulted in thousands of deaths, (and the rape and murder of an ambassador)… calling to outlaw guns in the US, is totally lost on the unbiased media. They dutifully fall in line with this usurper calling for the banning of guns of an arbitrary description. Did Obama wring his hands, when Univision reported that a massacre of teenagers at a birthday party was carried out, with weapons he provided the drug lords? No. Yet, until the details of Fast and Furious were discovered with the death of a US border patrol agent were made public, Obama was vilifying gun dealers for distributing guns to drug lords, as it turned out… it was Obama himself. Where is the Special prosecutor to look into this? Nowhere to be found.

The real reason we have so much gun violence in our society is because of the debasing of our culture. Unlimited abortion on demand, government policies that undermine the nuclear family, establishing atheism as the State religion, sexualizing our children, schools not teaching reading writing and arithmetic… and instead indoctrinating them into a political ideology, are only a very few examples of how our culture has been debased. Possibly the most pernicious is the lowering of human beings to animals by abortion and euthanasia. The CDC even has a paper out calling for “after birth abortions of children up to a year old!” This is the path Nazi Germany took and anyone who knows history, our children certainly haven’t been taught it, understands where that leads.

Politicians claim that gun rights are dangerous and so they must be limited. By this logic the first amendment should be banned as well. The right to free speech is far more dangerous and has led to far more human deaths and suffering than any lone gunman. A few examples are, Mein Kampf, the Communist Manifesto, Jim Jones and Mao’s Little Red Book. Clearly, the right to free speech is far more dangerous than the freedom to keep and bear arms, to be consistent, it should be outlawed too, and we are hearing the radical left calling for this very thing. Some powerful voices in the entertainment industry have called for jailing of anyone who criticizes Obama. I find this Chilling…

So, what we have, is a political establishment that arms evil murderous subhumans, calling for the seizing of law abiding citizens guns. The original reason for the right is clouded by the rhetoric of the usurpers. The irony is ignored and outright law breaking by politicians is laughed at. Anyone who calls attention to this, is now subversively threatened with imprisonment, even as the Federal government of the United States continues to exceed it’s Constitutional limits. Obama even said he doesn’t like the US Constitution, which he has made an oath to uphold, as a charter of negative liberties. The last question that this episode brings up is, why is Obama raising campaign funds when he is Constitutionally barred from running again? Could it be that the charter of negative liberties isn’t an impediment to another term? The unsinkable Titanic is moving ever faster to the iceberg of despotism, the unbiased media sing along, and the American people’s emotions are expertly played like a fiddle… as Saint Augustine warned, “People get the government they deserve…” May we deserve better.


John Pepin

The Scandalous Obama Administration

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the Obama administration is the most overtly scandal ridden Presidency in my generation, but at the same time, the least overseen. Maybe the two go hand in hand. Perhaps having no oversight is a means to corruption. Another possibility is that, Obama gets no oversight because the people charged with oversight, fear him, or what they would see if they looked. It often happens that people are made immobile by terror. If the people who are tasked with guarding the public weal, are afraid of Obama or what they would see if they looked, then how much more important does that make it, to keep this President honest, or at least prove to the public he is not corrupt. Either way, President Obama is the first President since Jimmy Carter who hasn’t had to face a Special Prosecutor. With the astounding scandals Obama and his administration have been embroiled in during his Presidency, it defies logic, that none would ever be asked for, let alone appointed. This is dangerous to our republic. The very foundation of our system of government is based on checks and balances, to have an executive who is above oversight, and allowed to rule by caveat, (in the case of Obama, they call it Executive Order), is deadly to our liberty.

The scandals have been as many as they are varied under Obama. His administration showed it’s racist mindset by dismissing the Black Panthers case. You remember, the Black Panthers dressed up in military fatigues, with guns, on video, intimidating people at the voting booth. Yes… that minor overt voter intimidation case. The prosecutors on the case were almost ready to go to trial but Holder dismissed the case. Many believe it was because they were African Americans… including the prosecutors who resigned from the “Justice” Department over it.

Maybe the most egregiously criminal case, (Benghazi-gate isn’t fully matured yet), is Fast and Furious. This started under George Bush as a means to find where illegally purchased guns were going. Under Bush no guns actually got to Mexico… Bush’s administration scooped them up, before they disappeared. Obama’s administration changed the tactic however, letting thousands of small arms, walk into the darkness of Mexican drug cartels, where those guns were used to murder thousands of Mexican police, citizens and children, at least one American, and probably more. Meanwhile, Obama went on a gun vilification tour, blaming the gun violence in Mexico on the Right to keep and bear arms. As it turns out… it was Obama. Using Executive Privilege, to protect information about Fast and Furious from Congress, proves that Obama was in on it, else the use of Executive Privilege is corrupt… The American media finds it tedious to do their job, so it was Univision that informed us, Mexican drug cartels weren’t the only beneficiaries of the US government’s small arms trafficking program. The US government, under Obama, sent guns to militarized terrorist groups all over South America. None of which seek free markets and liberty for their people.

During this campaign season President Obama is fluttering hither thither and yon. At every stop it seems, he leaves a huge, unpaid bill, for the local municipalities. No other President has heaped such large costs for their visits on the local people. But wherever Obama goes there is a municipality the asks for recompense for the costs associated with having a President make a campaign stop. All over the country, if you look, there are stories like this. A few million here and a few million there, add up to a great deal of money around the nation, as a subsidy to Obama’s reelection campaign. If we had a truly unbiased media they would compile a few of these stories as a headliner…

Benghazi-gate is the most callus and potentially, the most outright corrupt, of them all. This scandal gets worse by the day. New data about the Obama administration having real time information, the overt lies, they ordered people to stand down and not go assist, they had military assets flying above the battle and still did nothing, the coverup itself, and the total apathy about the story by the unbiased press. Benghazi-gate may be a far bigger scandal than the rest. Yet, the investigator, is an Islamofascist, that Obama has assigned to the job! No calls, as of yet, for a Special prosecutor… And there won’t be.

This administration has gotten away with some of the most egregious acts against the public’s interest that I have seen in my lifetime. Fast and Furious dwarfs Iran-Contra by orders of magnitude. Benghazi-gate makes Watergate look like a kid picking his nose against a serial killer. This President lives in an opaque bubble. He does what he wants, writes Executive Orders like Marx wrote books, and uses the most corrupt means to his ends. This guy, who not only studied Saul Alinsky but taught Alinsky’s philosophy, is offended if anyone questions his motivation or actions, while he impugns everyone else’s. Clearly, Obama is the most overtly corrupt President in my lifetime… and the least investigated. It really says something about our political establishment… doesn’t it?


John Pepin