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The Foolishness of the Fabian Model

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, progressives want to demolish the existing structure, so they are attacking the foundation, our Constitution, but in doing so they risk the structure falling in on them. When we are focused on a goal, the destruction of capitalism and the nation state as a model and establishing a socialist one world government, for example, we can be blind. In other words, when looking at the micro, it is easy to miss the macro. I think progressive globalists are doing just that, so focused on their big picture they are missing the bigger picture.

I had an old friend, God rest his soul, who was salt of the Earth but sometimes missed the forest for the trees… Tim was quite a unit. Decades ago some people were tearing down a house across the street from where I lived. Tim stopped over and sat down at the kitchen table. He leaned heavily on it. Ma asked him if he liked a cup of tea. He said yes. As Ma made him that cup of tea Tim looked at me, rolled his eyes and said, “Those idiots across the street. I could have that house down in ten minutes.”

Ma handed him the cup of tea, and asked, “How would you do that Tim?” He blew over the hot tea and said, “I would simply take a chainsaw, go under the house and cut the support columns. They are just spruce ten by tens!” I burst out laughing, convulsed and slapped my knee. Tim looked at me like I was crazy. I said, “It would take weeks to get your crushed and mutilated body out Tim!” Tim nonchalantly replied, “Nah, I would get out before it collapsed.” So strong was his conviction he would get out, the thought of getting caught in the collapse never occurred to him, as it doesn’t new class Fabian progressives.

If the western structure does break down and billions of people are killed in some catastrophe, rebuilding will not be a few years or decades, it could take generations and depending on what philosophy took hold during the collapse, perhaps never. Rest assured, part of the plan would be to blame capitalism, which would condemn generations to poverty, famine and oppression. That is what the new class globalist progressives don’t comprehend, just like Tim missed it, they will be caught in the collapse and be crushed along with everything else. It would be a huge joke… if so many human lives didn’t hang in the balance.


John Pepin

The Family Unit

Monday, January 5th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the family predates capitalism, and so the family can get along fine without the market system, I don’t believe however, the market system, (and therefore our civilization), can get along at all without the family. The traditional family unit has served the human race for eons. Through famine, plague and ice ages, the basic family unit has kept human beings alive on this inhospitable planet, since Adam gave up a rib. Because the market system tempers people to make all decisions rationally, weighing the advantages versus the disadvantages of a given action, any pragmatically rational maximizer will understand the utility of the family, in civilizing our children and providing a strong thread upon which to weave the fabric of our civilization. To the Fabian/Frankfurt school, new class progressive however, the family stands in the way of progress, and so must be destroyed by whatever means necessary.

The traditional family unit is a cord that is interconnected with the cords of other families to create the fabric of society and culture in which we live. The stronger and longer those threads the stronger and more useful the fabric that can be woven from them. Break up the family and those threads become weak and short. As long as there are sufficient long and strong threads the fabric of society will hold together, but once too many short weak threads get woven in, the fabric easily rips apart.

New class progressivism is based on the philosophies of Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, both the Fabian and Frankfurt school have as their stated goal, to progress the world to a planetary Marxist government. To that end, the Fabians believe in destroying the system so they can recreate it in a way more becoming to them, while the Frankfurt school is more agreeable to a “rationally guided” evolution from within. They both hold the family in great disregard, understanding that the family stands in their way, as it is the primary source of the societal and economic strength of any society, if fundamental change is sought, then this foundational asset needs to be wiped out.

The new class love to use spurious statistics to forward their diabolical goals, like the fact the prison population in the US is 40% African American males, while they only make up 12-13% of the total population. This is offered as proof of the racist nature of the American judicial system. What they refuse to allow spoken, is the fact that the African American population has largely succumbed to the Fabian and Frankfurt school propaganda and policies, replacing the father with the state.

Today very few young black men know who their fathers are. They don’t come from traditional families they come from broken homes. Those who are born into traditional families with a father, mother, brothers and sisters, have incarceration rates that are in line with general demographics. So the fact is, the high incarceration rate among black men, is due to the policies, plan and goals of the new class, not in any inherent socialization problem of people of African descent or racism from the society as a whole.

For a market system to be efficient it needs civilized people who can be trusted. The ancient Chinese philosopher, Hsun Ching said, “The congenital nature of Man is evil, the civilization in us is a learned trait…” In that we are born barbarians and are civilized by our families. A civilized person can be trusted at his or her word while a barbarian will seek any means to get out of honoring their word. The increasing demand for attorneys is proof we are becoming less civilized and more barbaric. Driven by the continued corrosion of the family.

A market interaction is favorable in some way to both parties engaging in it, unless one doesn’t follow through, or is untruthful about the product or the payment. The more people that have been civilized the more efficiently a market can work, but as the family is corroded and people become less and less civilized, the markets become ever more labored until they freeze up and cease to work. The failure will be blamed on the market itself instead of the loss of the family and Marxism will be the “only logical solution…”

Strongly civilized people create a sinewy thread that can be woven into a robust society, able to withstand anything God or mankind throws at us and our economy requires civilized people, our families provide those civilized people. So if we want a stable prosperous society, able to deftly manage catastrophes and war, we must do everything in our power to protect the family unit. Socialists however, believe so strongly in their goal they are willing to risk any danger, even cutting the very thread of our civilization, to get their one world Marxist government. If only they could evolve us there, by destroying the family unit if need be, then we would live in utopia, which in Greek means… nowhere.


John Pepin