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Post Constitutional America

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the United States has entered a post Constitutional era, similar to when Rome passed from a republic to a tyranny, America has thrown off her founding principles and replaced them with the authoritarian credo of a despot. All nations founded in liberty eventually follow this path. In all cases the path to authoritarianism is led by the elite, political, cultural and social. Sadly in every case the entering of an authoritarian era always leads the known world into a dark age. The distance in time between abandoning of the societal myth and the complete fall, depends on how tenacious the people are in holding onto their societal myth, divided by how corrupt the ruling class has become. The economic might of the nation is another factor crucial to the length of time a republic has, after it ceases to be a republic in fact, but in name only. In the case of Rome, the people held tightly to their societal myth, while in the US, the people have all but cast aside our societal myth. Given that fact, the time between entering our post constitutional era and the total collapse of our republic is probably very short indeed. When the US republic falls the world will be plunged into a dark age with horrors visited on mankind which could have never even been imagined before.

America is not any different than any of the republics that have come before. I like to use the example of Rome, because it was founded in liberty and collapsed in tyranny, making it a perfect example for the American experiment. The founding fathers looked to Rome for inspiration even considering using the consular system. That system was rejected in favor of the newer system of Constitutionalism. That Rome was a precursor and template for the American experiment is shown in our edifices that follow the Greek and Roman patterns. In fact even the very idea of a nation founded in liberty has it’s roots in the Greco-Roman tradition.

When Rome followed the republican path she saw an uninterrupted string of successes. No city state or empire could defeat her in war. The Roman economy was second to none and the people had a freedom of thought and action never before seen in humanity. Sparta was unbeatable when it followed the laws of Lycurgus. Once the Spartans tossed out Lycurgus’ laws they quickly collapsed and were subjugated by the Macedonians. Athens followed the laws of Draco then Solon. Once Pericles began using the ostracism as a political tool the fall of Athens to Sparta was at hand.

Athens, perhaps the most renowned democracy, gave rise to some of the most influential thinkers in human history culminating in Aristotle, who wrote Nicomachean Ethics. In which he enumerated the right forms of government and the wrong forms. His right forms were, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, and explained the wrong forms are perversions of the right forms, tyranny a perversion of monarchy, oligarchy a perversion of aristocracy and democracy the perversion of polity. He went on to argue a republic, or blending of the right forms, was the best possible form. That history was well known to the founding fathers of the American republic.

In all cases the elite led the people to ruin. My favorite story from the Spring and Summer Annuls, is the story of the Duke of Lu, who asked Confucius how he could get the people to be less greedy, not engage in adultery, and stop shirking their duty. Confucius answered by saying the Duke could stop doing these things himself and lead by example. Confucius and his disciples had to flee Lu state shortly after. The point of the story is that corruption flows from the top down, never from the bottom up. The people, busy with their own lives, have very little time to oversee the rulers and typically have no power over them anyway. So without consequences for villainy the rulers become ever more corrupt. The people see their leaders corruption and follow. Eventually, the society becomes a house of cards, so rotted it collapses at the first gust of wind.

Constitutionalism is supposed to strictly limit the ability of any government to become tyrannical. The concept was that a constitution is to be a contract between the governors and the governed, in which the people would give up some of their sovereignty to the government, for purposes of protecting the people’s property, lives and liberty. That concept has been evolved by the new class elite to mean something very different. Today constitutions are living breathing documents who’s meaning changes with the wants and avarice of the ruling elite. The words change meanings, the intent is ignored and the most absurd things are inferred into it. The US Constitution has become merely a pretty cloak to cover the emperor’s tyranny. Today the Constitution means whatever the elite claim it does.

The meaning of the US Constitution has been so bastardized it bears no resemblance to the original document at all. This started under Teddy Roosevelt, was accelerated by Woodrow Wilson, was cast in stone by Franklin Roosevelt and our Constitution has become utterly irrelevant under Barack Obama. Obama creates legislation by fiat, the legislative branch has become nothing more than a chatterbox that has given away all it’s real power to the bureaucracy, while the Judicial branch has overseen the transition to our post Constitutional era with delight. The amendments have been so perverted they mean nothing. Freedom of religion has given way to the state religion of atheism, the freedom to keep and bear arms has been so infringed the people have been effectively disarmed, the police have become militarized to the point of becoming a modern praetorian guard, the Tenth amendment is superfluous, since virtually all power has been elevated to the Federal government, the list goes on and on.

Yes the United States has abandoned our Constitution and most of the people could care less. The few who stand for our founding principles are attacked as extremists while those who openly avow to overthrow our system are mainstream. Our economy has been hollowed out so badly it takes over two hundred billion dollars printed a month, to keep our economic balloon inflated, our government has us in a perpetual state of war, our standard of living is diminishing at an ever faster rate, the President now has arbitrary rule, our universities have become mere indoctrination centers for Marxists and our entertainment elite parade a plethora of absurdities in front of us to keep us distracted. Elitist theory is adamant about one thing, great civilizations are never overthrown from without, they are always hollowed out by corruption from within… and once the fall comes, it is because the civilization is ripe for it.


John Pepin

Innovation Portends Change

Sunday, July 14th, 2013


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the Obama administration has instituted a whole host of government innovations, some of which have the ability to change the very nature of the relationship, between the US government and it’s citizens. Political innovation can result in the bettering of the lot of Man; or it can be the downfall of great empires and societies. The edge of innovation in the realm of government is often razor sharp, slicing deep wounds into the body of government, society and possibly even civilization itself. For this reason, political innovation should always be enacted carefully, and with great deliberation. If innovation is done without a care, then the results are universally negative for Mankind. When they are done thoughtfully, and with an eye to backing away if the predicted results don’t happen, or especially if the results go counter to the interests of civil society. Our lives, fortunes and very freedom can be upended by political innovation faster than any other type of political event.


  • Selective enforcement of the law. The US Constitution makes it clear, the Executive must enforce the laws, equally and without bias. Obama has innovated in not enforcing laws he personally is opposed to. Gay Marriage is one example, immigration laws are another. In the sequester, the administration released thousands of violent illegal immigrants onto the streets of the US, which has certainly resulted in rapes, murders and violent attacks on innocent American citizens. This was done in direct contravention of both the US Constitution, common sense and US Law. With this new innovation, Obama has set the precedent that he has imperial power to rule as he sees fit, regardless of the Constitution, US Law and common sense. In fact, Obama is so bold he has openly declared he will not enforce key provisions of his very own health care law, for obvious political purposes.


  • Going “around” Congress. Obama is the first sitting US President who has been able to do this. That in and of itself is quite an innovation in the rule of law. Obama has unilaterally passed regulations that would ordinarily take an act of Congress. This innovation has made the US government far more efficient… at stepping on people’s rights.


  • Lying under oath has always been done by human beings if they thought they could get away with it. Bill Clinton was famously caught lying under oath to a grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky affair. His defense was what the definition of “is” is. While this has always been a problem, perjury has been raised to an art under the Obama administration. The US Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been caught over and over, in absolute lies while under oath. His Fast and Furious testimony was as egregious as it comes, but his lack of alacrity has only grown with all the scandals that he has lied about, without consequence. At this point, the only thing we can believe with any certainty that this administration says, is that what ever they say… is not the truth.


These are only a few of the political innovations the Obama administration has brought into the American government, to name them all would require a tome, while I am limited to a page. Each of the innovations I have outlined, have the potential to drastically change the nature, role, and scope of the government in the United States, but, added together they will certainly fundamentally change America. Only an emperor or king, can selectively enforce laws, even the British Kings were barred from this, by the Magna Carta. The inevitable result will be greater distrust of our politicians and their motives. Going around the legislative body is another power that conventionally was reserved for despots and usurpers. That the President has gotten away with passing laws by executive fiat, cheered on by the unbiased media, proves the President now has arbitrary power. Added to these innovations, elevating perjury to an art, disconnects the government from any truth. Taken together, they show the US has turned it’s back on limited government, for the glitter of arbitrary power. That this has happened, without any real push back from Congress or the Judiciary, strongly suggests they agree with it, (regardless of any rhetoric to the contrary). One of the near results of all this innovation, is that in the past, people have come to the US for asylum against political oppression, but now, whistle blowers flee the US for refuge. That they need to go places where the rule of law has traditionally been arbitrary, is empirical evidence that the US has decoupled from the Constitution, and become a banana republic, in fact… if not in name.





John Pepin