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Our Sick Economy

Thursday, September 15th, 2016


Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when someone is coming down with an illness, initially the signs are slight and not too bad, later when the symptoms become worse they can be alleviated by aspirin and other medications, the worse the symptoms the stronger the medications needed to mitigate them, but when the illness hits with full force it can no longer be mitigated by medication and the body dies. Today the world economy is sick, the initial signs were ignored, so it has got to the point the strongest medication available is being used. Up to now, the symptoms have been mitigated by Keynesian principles, stupendous amounts of money printing, government debt spending, monetizing government debt, negative interest rates and central banks are even buying corporate bonds and stocks! From our own experience we can tell how bad a disease is, by the drugs used to treat it and when the morphine drip of monetizing the debt is used, pretty much all hope is lost. The chemotherapy of QE, Twist, negative interest rates etc… have lost their effectiveness and the illness has spread.

Using the right drugs to treat any disease is critical. Penicillin is wholly ineffective against malaria and quinine has no effect on strep throat. The Keynesian prescription is always spending, add to that the monetarist prescription of money printing, and you have the “universal” cure for every economic ailment. Of course not all ailments are the same. Just as strep throat is different than malaria the reasons economies falter are different. Moreover, if a single drug is used too much it looses it’s effectiveness and becomes inert, like the Keynesian prescription. Keynesian economics is the fall back position of every government since John Maynard Keynes described it. Like penicillin however, it has been used too much and for illnesses that it is unfit to cure, and so the overuse of Keynesian economics deficit spending has made our economies immune to the effects.

Some drugs only mask the symptoms of disease. Pain killers are an example of this type of drug. They mask the pain but have no effect on what is causing it. In fact, new studies have come out that show opiates actually enhance a person’s feeling of pain, if they are used too much. Monetary stimulus is this type of medication for an economy. It masks the underlying problems. Money printing makes the stock market and bond market appear to sail. That rise in stock valuation however only hides the problems. People understand the disconnect, like when an injured person looks down at his broken arm, but feels no pain because he has been given morphine. He sees the arm is broken, he knows it should hurt but the lack of pain confuses him. If another person isn’t there to render first aid, the victim will likely damage himself far more, from using it due to his lack of pain. Masking a problem only makes it worse especially if what caused the problem in the first place is not addressed.

To argue someone is doing well, even as they are on Keynesian life support and the morphine drip of money printing is being used, is to argue up is down. The media that calls itself unbiased knows if the true state of our economy were widely known, the faction they prefer would loose in a landslide, since they cannot allow that, they are pulling out all the stops to argue up is down. The media cherry pick data, and polish it before they deliver it to us, protecting their favored faction. The more they get caught manipulating data the more they do it. Like a witch doctor, his dancing and waiving a chicken leg over someone with cancer might be entertaining and have a placebo effect, in the end it will have no effect on the outcome, only possibly the duration.

Regulation is like poison, in small enough amounts it has no great harm and can even be beneficial in some cases, too much and it becomes toxic and perhaps even deadly. Our governments have been introducing regulatory poison into our economy since time immemorial. Since the effect of poison is to create illness where there otherwise would be none, the elite need to mask the symptoms of the illness they have created by regulation, crony capitalism, and corruption, even as they inject ever larger doses and more deadly poisons into our economy. The way to save a person who has been poisoned is first to stop poisoning her and then get the poison out her system, by chelation or by introducing an antivenin.

What we have is a sick economy… it has been sick for many decades and the illness has been metastasized by Obama’s policies. We have witch doctors, the media that calls itself unbiased dancing and waiving a dismembered chicken leg giving false hope, there are “doctors” who have only read one book and their only tool is a butter knife, performing open heart surgery, as we are being plied with heroine to mitigate the pain, and the patient dies a slow and lingering death. Our economy has been poisoned by government actions and so cannot recover until the right medications are used in the right amounts. Just as heroine will not heal a broken leg and can lead to the worsening of it by continuing to use it, masking our economic problems with money printing only makes them worse, because there is no incentive to stop poisoning our economy. We have progressed beyond the initial stages where lethargy, slight pain and muscle aches… through the open sores, crushing pain and high fever to being hospitalized in intensive care. Isn’t it time to stop poisoning our economy and use different medications?


John Pepin

The Evil Bourgeoisie

Thursday, August 11th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is some misconception of what the term “owners of the means of production,” actually means. This is important because more often now than in the past, we find ourselves debating a Marxist, Keynesian or half wit, and we hear the term bourgeoisie and think Marxism, but don’t realize that the owners of the means of production is the definition of bourgeoisie, nor the true depth of the meaning of the means of production. If we don’t have Marxist terms, their definition and the magnitude of the ideas fixed fast in our heads, we are at disadvantage in debate, even though we have the empirical truth on our side. Remember, words have emotional undertones, they make you feel things, and Marxist words are often both a description and an insult, so knowing the insult and the emotion it is supposed to raise in the onlookers is power, because you never debate someone to change his or her views, you debate someone to change the views of the audience.

Bourgeoisie is an emotional term it packs a punch and it hits you in the gut. We are programmed to think, evil guys, whenever we hear that term. Those of us who are more indoctrinated have an even more visceral loathing for the bourgeoisie. “They are those evil people who run everything and have all the money and all the power,” might be what goes through your mind when you hear that term. Notice how it is so often used as a pejorative? “Filthy bourgeoisie…” Everything we are taught by the media, the government monopoly schools, our culture and society programs us to feel that way. After all, the bourgeoisie are the enemy, they stand in the way of perfection, harmony and changing human nature for the better.

The bourgeoisie or, the owners of the means of production, is an economic term created by Marx to describe all the people who own any tool whatsoever. If you have a table saw in your shed, you own the means of production, if you own stocks through your IRA or 401K, you are the owner of the means of production, if you own a machine shop, guess what, you are the owner of the means of production, but you know what, if you are the CEO of a publicly traded company, you are NOT the owner of the means of production, if you work in government in any of it’s manifestations, you are not an owner of the means of production, and if you are a lobbyist, lawyer, banker, doctor or journalist, you are not the owner of the means of production, (unless you have set of side tools in your basement or a well financed 401k). If you own a store or are a middleman, you are the petite bourgeoisie, the enablers.

Think of the implications. If jack has a wood shop that he sometimes uses, he is the owner of the means of production, in that he can produce a thing by way of the tools he owns. Even a hand chisel counts because it can produce goods. The means of production are not limited to auto factories and computer chip campuses, anything that can produce a thing is the means of production. The CEO of Ford Motor company, in the scope of his job is not the owner of the company, he is the caretaker of the company for the shareholders. The shareholders are the owners of the means of production in this case. Usually the CEO will be given stock in the form of an option to buy at below market price, as a way of creating emotional bond and give him a financial stake in the outcome of the company, but he is not the owner of Ford. The CEO is an agent of the owners who are the principles.

Have you ever wondered why those taxes that were supposed to hurt the rich bourgeoisie only seemed to hurt you? That is because the people you have thought of as bourgeoisie, are not the bourgeoisie but the new class, you are the bourgeoisie. Wealth today is far less dependent on producing things people need and want and more about manipulating… sifting money, slip and fall, managing someone else property, regulating everything and who your friends are, are far more important today. Ever thought it strange the richest of the rich favor the most socialist policies, policies that make it ever harder for the evil rich bourgeoisie and ever easier for the virtuous new class, that is because you are the evil bourgeoisie. When a billionaire tells you he is for damaging the rich… he is lying to you, to really do that he would have to damage his own self interest, and it is not in human nature, now or ever, to do that. Shortly after Obama was elected, the billionaire Warren Buffett complained it unfair that he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary, so Obama fixed it, Obama raised the secretary’s taxes and gave Buffett a monopoly on oil traffic from Alberta to Texas. Now that’s redistribution! Remember, Warren Buffett runs Berkshire Hathaway, the shareholders own it…


John Pepin

Our Grand Children’s Very Bright Futures

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, human history has been a tale of want and limited potential, but with the rapidly approaching zero unit cost of labor, combined with the burgeoning space industry, that old paradigm should change to a new paradigm of plenty and unlimited potential. The internet provides the interconnectivity of human minds that is the preexisting technology enabling the whole process. As long as government usurpation and corruption don’t derail the advance. It is hard to get your head around the idea, if there were robots that could do anything a human can do, autonomously and accurately, moreover, if those robots had the ability to reproduce themselves, in a factory say, the availability of labor would be unlimited, and therefore the per unit, per hour for example, cost of labor would be driven to zero. Combine that with access to space, where resources are literally unlimited, and the possibilities are unimaginable. Humanity would only be limited by the limits of our imaginations and the machinations of powerful people.

If the unit cost of labor is zero, even the poorest person can afford it, and therefore the production of that labor, because it costs zero dollars to pay for zero cost. The only thing that humans would have of value will be our imaginations, anything one could think up one could have built, and then offered to others, for a price, as hardware or designware. You might want a large structure but are too busy to oversee the robots yourself, so you hire a professional robot manager, to build the structure for you. The zero unit cost of labor would not only open up the sky to the imagination, it would provide far more opportunity to those who just want a 9 to 5, at higher relative pay with lower physical demands. Both of which lead to economic freedom, better health and longevity.

Markets will be disrupted and changed wholesale. Initially those who own farm land will have an advantage. The use of zero cost robots to do farm work will drastically lower farm’s cost of producing food as it increases the output per acre. The real advantage to farm land is the fact everyone needs food which will create a guaranteed market. The automobile market will change drastically however, if anyone could have robots build any car he or she wanted, rather than buy a prebuilt car, for tons of money, why wouldn’t they simply browse a catalog of cars, designed by anyone who had a penchant for it, and have whatever car the buyer chose, built. This doesn’t just apply to cars, but planes, yachts, space ships, orbital manufacturing facilities and toothbrushes. There will be upheaval in every market in every corner of the world, which is the single biggest true wealth creator, man has ever known.

Access to space and the utilization of the unlimited resources available there is the second half of the equation. The quantity of rare earth elements in Near Earth Asteroids is unimaginable. Rare earth minerals that make electronics operate better and more efficiently, allowing electric motors to have more power along with many other uses in the electronics and computer industries. Helium 3 is plentiful on the Moon and could support a clean fusion energy program on Earth. Helium 3 doesn’t produce the deadly neutron radiation that is the single biggest drawback to fusion after self sustainment. To gather these resources would require people go to the Moon to manage the robots that do the labor. People would have to manage the robots that mined the asteroids, and if the cost of labor is zero, robots could build a home on Mars for anyone who wanted to move there.

Robots, as we should be able to see after this article, are nothing more than an elaborate lever. Even if robots get to the point they will be able to manage a complex project themselves, there will always be a need for someone to direct what and where they build, lest humanity turn over too much to mechanization. People will need to oversee robots forever, most likely in ever larger and larger groups as the technology matures but, since each of our individual right to our property and it’s use must be maintained, there will always be a need for collaboration, in many ways, for example, by adjacent property owners of large complex projects that would adversely effect their use of their prexisting property, and it’s historic use. The need for people to oversee robots and the demand for their use by everyone will provide more than enough jobs, good paying jobs, to absorb the people who don’t want to create for a living.

With the lid blown off human creativity and drive things become possible that would otherwise be impossible. Economic growth would become a function like Moor’s Law, doubling every 2 years, only limited by the number of people and their imaginations. There will be no need of socialism when everyone can have everything they want, anytime they want, for almost no cost. With robots building sewers and clean water delivery systems, cleaning homes, and the increase in quality and quantity of output of a small home garden maintained by a robot, the human condition will be drastically improved. Imagine if government have caved to the buggy whip industry and stopped Ford from producing cars, deeming mass production to be killing jobs… A zero unit cost of labor would allow our children and their progeny for the foreseeable future to enjoy such unlimited lives, as long as we don’t destroy it for them with regulation, a lost war, cronyism and taxes, all of which would be made redundant by the zero unit cost of labor… if not stopped by them.


John Pepin

The Obama Presidency

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the United States and indeed the entire world, is far worse off eight years after the election of Barak Obama, making his Presidency one of the worst, if not the worst President in US history. By every measure the US has slid backwards, race relations, disease, economically, socially, militarily and culturally. Obama’s outstandingly poor record of performance while in office is also marred by the most damaging scandals in US history, fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS as a political weapon, wiretapping reporters, the VA scandal, etc… all these scandals without a single special prosecutor. From the destruction of the US Constitution to the rise of radical Islam Obama has created one mess after another at home and abroad. When he was elected he ran on hope and change, today hope for the future is at an all time low, and our nation has been fundamentally changed for the worse.

When Obama was elected race relations were at an all time high. Obama had huge support of every race especially white voters. Since he was elected he has sown the seeds of division, hate and anger. Today there is violence in our streets, police are being murdered across our nation and our large cities are no longer safe places to raise children or even go to the store. Rather then unifying us Obama has made it his priority to divide us along racial lines. From jumping in to attack the Cambridge police before he had any information, then having to have a “beer summit” to save face, to his absurd stance that easy access to guns is causing the riots and police murders, Obama ‘ record on race relations is as bad if not worse than Woodrow Wilson’s.

Economically, Obama has been the only President in history to enjoy zero interest rate for the entirety of his term, yet economically the US has been in depression since the great recession. The staggering number of people not it the workforce shows an underlying weakness in the economy that is as pervasive as it is destructive of our standard of living. Meanwhile, that record low worker participation rate feeds the need for record welfare rolls, record food stamp participants and declining real wages. Despite the run up in stocks, largely fueled by the unheard of low interest rate allowing corporations to buy back their own stock thus keeping the market artificially high, enriching the corporate CEOs at cost to shareholders, customers and employees, the actual value of our investments has declined with a record high price to earnings ratio (P/E). Because of Obama care the incentives to hire full time employees is negative. That is why low paying temp jobs are rapidly becoming the norm and poverty is rising.

There has never been a President who had so many terrorist attacks on US soil during his Presidency. Once 911 happened, Bush took steps, and we didn’t see another successful attack on American soil under his Presidency, in stark contrast to Obama. Under Obama there has been an Islamic terror attack resulting in American deaths every year of his Presidency. Obama has done everything in his power to hinder law enforcement from addressing the root causes of Islamic terror even refusing to acknowledge Islamic terror! His willful blindness to Islamic theology, inciting it’s followers to attack infidels and instill terror in their hearts, as Islamic scripture induces it’s followers to do, has encouraged more attacks, not placated them as Obama said it would. Today the average American is more likely to die from an Islamic terrorist attack than at any other time in US history.

The US Constitution is under attack from every angle today. Every amendment has been eroded under Obama. From his perpetual hatred of the Second Amendment, to outright attacks on free speech and freedom of religion, Obama has shown himself to be an enemy of our basic fundamental rights as enumerated in our founding documents. Our society has moved so far away from limited government and liberty, that a politician who openly avows fealty to our Constitution and it’s principles, is called an extremist! The rule of law has become arbitrary rule under Obama with some above the law and others below it’s protections.

In Iraq, Obama snatched loss from the jaws of victory. Regardless whether we should have got in that war to begin with, Bush had essentially won the war, when Obama came into office he unilaterally withdrew US forces and ceded Iraq to radical Islamic fundamentalists, who have since wiped Christianity from that place where it has been for two thousand years, enslaved young women for sex, and is a safe haven for exporting Jihad to the rest of the world. When the people of Iran rose up to quit themselves of the chains of the Ayatollah, Obama sided with the Ayatollah, and against the freedom movement! Last year Obama gave Iran the green light to build a nuclear arsenal it can use against the US and Israel, with a memo recently intercepted from Iran, showing they plan to use an EMP weapon against the US power grid!

By every measure the Obama Presidency has been a disaster. Our economy is teetering on the edge of catastrophe, our streets run red with blood, our Constitutional Rights are under assault like never before, the world has devolved into turmoil and war, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction goes on unimpeded and hope for the future is at another all time low. The hacking of the Black Lives Matter movement, a home grown terrorist organization, leaked to the public shows they plan on a “Summer of Chaos,” that they hope will allow Obama to usher in marshal law. Now, that would be his crowning achievement, calling for marshal law in the US for the first time in our history. One has to wonder how anyone so inept could become a janitor, let alone President, unless he is not incompetent, but a villain. History will have to answer that question, what is unquestionable however, is that Obama has been one of if not the worst President in US history if not the worst… as measured by results.


John Pepin

Justice, Honor and Arbitrary Rule.

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the mask has come off, we in the US now officially live under arbitrary rule and our leaders have no honor whatsoever. The fact Hillary Clinton has not, and will not be indicted for destroying evidence, keeping top secret information on an unsecured server, using a personal email for government business and/or lying under oath to congress, is proof positive we live under arbitrary rule. If anyone with less political power did one of those things they would be in jail and everyone knows it. That is an undeniable fact. The US has become, no longer a constitutional republic, but a banana republic. That a member of the elite can get away with multiple infringements of federal laws, without consequences, consequences that you or I would face, shows there is a double standard at work that is as pernicious as it is destructive. Moreover, recent news articles have shown that the rest of us no longer have the protections of law, or our Constitutional rights. Just as Rome was no longer a republic after Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the US is no longer a republic since the elite have the audacity to rub our noses in the fact they are above the law, and we are below it’s protections.

There is no true rule of law whatsoever the world over. This is not just happening in the US but is a world wide phenomenon. Human history is nothing but a story of the elite holding the people to laws they will not hold themselves to. The US was different, for a speck of time, because the US had the rule of law. True, the elite held themselves to it by their honor… but at least they did. Since FDR broke the unwritten rule that a President only run for two terms, our elite have increasingly lost all honor, and have disgraced themselves in every way possible. It is a quality of a civilized person to hold others to a lower standard then one does him or herself. To hold others to a higher standard then oneself, shows a lack of character, moral indifference and conniving which is on full display in the Hillary Clinton case.

Throughout history the wise have opined about the need for honor among the rulers of a society. When the rulers have no honor they will resort to every evil known to Man. History shows this to be true but goes further. In a society where the elite have no honor the people quickly loose their honor. Confucius said it first, (at least as far as I know), the people follow their leaders into corruption or virtue. In a nation where the leaders have no honor, the people will have no honor, where the people have no honor crime, chaos and beggary are rife. Economies grow in serenity and collapse in chaos, wealth flourishes in the absence of crime but erodes like sand when crime is rampant and where the economy is collapsing and wealth is being destroyed, poverty becomes the norm. All because the leaders have no honor.

The question of whether justice or arbitrary rule is best was considered in Plato’s book, The Republic. In it, Socrates argued for justice, while Thrasymachus the sophist argued for arbitrary rule. Thrasymachus claimed the great men, (those with political power, intelligence, wealth and ambition), should not follow the law, only appear to do so… law is only to make the hoi polloi believe there is justice to facilitate the control of the people and trick them into being obedient. Socrates made the argument justice in and of itself is a good. Justice is both a good that we do because it is good and a useful good as well. By allowing arbitrary rule to come back into fashion we become the dupes of the “great men.” Do you want the elite to exploit law to enrich themselves, amass political power over us and eventually tyrannize us? Or do you agree with Socrates that justice is a good in and of itself, one that is useful in creating a peaceful, wealthy and safe society?

Why would the people follow laws even those who write them don’t? Every one of us is a hypocrisy detector and hypocrisy is the surest way to make people despise the law. As a lack of honor flows from the top down a society will increasingly only follow laws by force and threat. Whenever they believe they can get away with breaking a law they will. Once dishonor reaches the lowest rung of a society no amount of punishment will suffice. People will not be not safe in their own homes, business cannot be conducted, children are at risk, people’s oaths are meaningless and every chance meeting becomes a danger. Clearly, to allow the leaders of a country to become utterly corrupt, dishonorable, conniving and lustful for power, can only lead to human suffering on a national scale.

One way to tell how dishonorable your leaders are is to look around with open eyes. Do people need bars on their windows, are all children safe on the streets, can you look at a passerby in the eye, is poverty rampant? Corrupt leaders will claim all this is due to worthless, lazy and ignorant people, but will never look in a mirror. The Duke of Lu asked Confucius one day, how he could get the people to stop lusting after other men’s wives, stealing and murder. Confucius said, the duke could lead by example and stop doing those things himself. Shortly after that Confucius and his disciples had to flee Lu state in fear of their lives. Let the scales drop from your eyes and really see.

So you see, this is not a matter of hate of an individual or gotcha politics, it is a matter of justice and human suffering. If we allow our noses to be rubbed in the elite’s corruption, we have given our consent to the elite to be even less honorable, in doing so we sentence our children and grand children to a life of poverty, fear and tyranny. Just because you like a politician, is no reason to allow them to get away with blatantly breaking laws, laws you or I would be severely punished for. Such actions are those of children, sycophants and imbeciles. Say nothing, do nothing, and the US will join the ranks of other failed experiments in human governance like Rome, Athens, Sparta, etc… with the same catastrophic results, human suffering on a grand scale. To do nothing is to abet a crime against humanity, to do something, even if it is small and of little consequence, is to make a stand against corruption. The choice is yours, lay down and let the elite walk over you… or stand and push back. It may be too late to have an effect, since we have allowed our leaders to be villains for so long, but maybe not. Regardless, do you want to be hated by your own grandchildren for your lack of back bone, or be a champion for liberty, prosperity and equality?


John Pepin

In Government, Size Does Matter…

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, as a matter of fact, that the farther government is removed from the people, the less it cares about the people and instead, it’s own power. At the city level you have some power, if you can muster several people to show up at a town council, but at national level you have to muster millions of people willing to act to effect your senators, how much more if government is taken to a supranational level? At a supranational level could government be coaxed to reflect the needs of all the people instead of the faction that keeps them in power, moreover, independence would be an impossible dream. Today everyone is talking about the possible dissolution of the European Union. In as far as, that supranational government and it’s pernicious bureaucracy is undermined, the better for humanity. As a free trade area it is a great idea… and that was where it should have ended.

A government that is so far from the people, those in it need bodyguards, is too far from the people. Think about it, does your state representative need a daily body guard? In most cases no. In those cases where they do, they are far removed from the people they “represent,” that only a select few get to meet and talk to him or her. Moreover, if they need a body guard, they probably done something to warrant a body guard. Those who have no or very little power over others never need a bodyguard. If government didn’t have such an outsized power to make, destroy or crush someone, or some business, government wouldn’t warrant the time to threaten… they wouldn’t need bodyguards. It can be reasoned then that the more a government official needs a bodyguard, the farther they are removed from those they represent along with they have too much power to effect the lives of others, negatively or positively.

Distance itself give a person a feeling of superiority, a feeling of superiority gives a human being a god complex. This is especially true, when the levers of power are shared, but by few. The responsibility for wrong decisions is shared, while the credit for right decisions or any decision that can be spun as right, can be taken direct credit for, even as all the cronies do too. How liberating, to be able to use humanity as a lab rat in which to try, this economic regulation or that experiment in immigration, without responsibility. No way that could go wrong, eh? Meanwhile, even as responsibility is shirked, negative consequences are averted. So, even if a government far removed from the people, constantly poked the people in the eye and called it ice cream… the people would have no way to do anything about it.

This is not because this party is good and that party is evil, nor that all representatives are bad people, there certainly are a high percentage that are bad people, but… they are all human beings. People are self interested. You are, I am, she is, and he is too, we are all self interested, that is a fact of human nature. Economists call us rational maximizers. We rationally maximize our outcomes in any given situation. So if a situation has very very strong incentives to act a certain way, even if that way is immoral, add to the incentives a strong disincentive to act in other ways… and a rational maximizer can be induced to sell their very soul. A government distant from the people will always have those pernicious incentives and disincentives.

The supranational governmental structure of the European Union itself not only creates distance from those it is supposed to represent, but in and of itself, creates a regulatory structure that hinders small businesses in a host of ways. This is a natural outcome of the pernicious incentives that our leaders are awash in. Those who can effect the outcome of an election can then effect the outcome of legislation to be on the winning side of that legislation. It follows that only those with money today can do that while those who have potential money, from an innovation they have have had tomorrow, cannot. As Milton Friedman said in Free To Choose… why improve your own quality and lower your price when you can go to government and get your competition shut down?

If the European Union is struck a mortal blow then so be it. Of course the elite who have suckled at the teat of the state for so long will not let it go without a fight. They have become so used to having no responsibility and acting without consequences, they will shriek and wail, at the very though of having to sidle up to the unwashed peasants, they represent. The fact they appear to be in such a panic shows either they are so gullible they believed their own hype, else a conniving that would make a conspiracy lover wince, because this referendum was known about for years… so why didn’t the elite prepare plans for this contingency? Adding weight to my assertion, Government close to the people is best, the farther government is from the people, necessarily, the less power it must have, in relation to the distance of the governors.


John Pepin

Normative Philosophy and Morality

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, once you have accepted there is a God, and thus morality, the next step is to determine what is the right God, and thus right morality. It is obvious that worshiping an evil god will not result in a better life, for the worshiper nor their offspring, and to bow to a false deity, is as bad or worse than the hubris of atheism. So avoiding false morality, for true morality, is of utmost importance. To do that, we need a framework in which to place the commands of the various Gods, qualify them and weigh them for their inner morality. The philosophy of Pragmatism is ideally suited for just such a task. While Pragmatism is a normative philosophy, that can be applied to a plethora of complex human systems, in rectifying morality it shines. Moreover, as humanity’s recognition of true morality grows, so does the economic, scientific, cultural, civil and social conditions in which we live under.

Even atheists claim a knowledge of morality. They will always say, “I am moral, I donate…” What they don’t understand is that they are calling on God and his supernatural principles also known as… morality. They argue such because they know, a society, culture and the crime rate are based on the aggregate morality of the people. Most people know this to be true, but what goes deeper than many people understand is that morality is the basis for all sorts of things we would never associate with it. The level of scientific achievement is based on the morality of a people, the level of economic prosperity is morality dependent, the character of a nation ie. It’s propensity to war depends on it’s moral compass, etc… Morality is a much more important question for our self interest than it is ever given.

Pragmatism is a normative philosophy since it answers the question which is good and which is bad. The means pragmatism uses to find the good or the bad is to look at outcomes. It cares nothing for intentions, means, theory or abstract, it only looks at outcomes and therefore is experimental in nature. How to use pragmatism, we look at what has happened in the past when certain moral systems were in place. Next we qualify them by their economic, human, social, cultural and scientific outcomes. If some of those outcomes were good… then that system of morality had at least some good in it, if there was starvation, human suffering, tyranny, scientific backsliding, etc… we can reliably say that system of morality was bad.

Pragmatism can be applied to all sorts of complex human systems to gauge their good or bad. Economics lends itself. If we examine the moral outcomes of the various economic systems that have been tried, we can conclude… the feudal system leads to stagnation, slavery leads to an inflexible economy and socialism leads to famine war and want, while capitalism leads to scientific advance, economic prosperity and cultural equanimity. If we exclude the outcome based philosophy, instead adopting a system that takes intentions into account, socialism becomes the better option. If we assume a system that is based on tribal ties then slavery becomes ideal. Further, if we are beholding to authority, the feudal system becomes our favorite. The moral and economic system people choose as “good,” is often based on the system used to decide, what is good and what is bad.

Once we accept that morality is fundamental to our well being as a culture, society, scientific community, economy and way of life, answering the question of what is the right morality we as a society want to live under becomes paramount. The system of morality in vogue at any given time may, or may not be true morality, nevertheless the outcome of that system can point us toward true morality by it’s outcome. Intentions, group affinity, theory, calls to authority, etc… all lead in the wrong direction. The only way to reliably gauge the good or bad of a system is outcome, (experimentally) based. We can dream of ideals all day long but in the end it is the outcome that determines if a system is good or bad. So do we want to live under a throwback system of morality that leads to stagnation, famine, war, group affinity, or is destroyed by the cancer of idealism? If you don’t make the decision for yourself, what morality you want your children to be immersed in… then let your decision be head, others will be happy to make it for you… and your children and grandchildren will have to suffer the consequences.


John Pepin

A New Era of Progressivism…

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, their patience has paid dividends, progressives are at the cusp of everything they have ever wanted. It took over a century of conniving and placing their zealots in critical positions. Progressives stealthily took over education, government, the culture, universities and the legal profession. Our children are so indoctrinated in socialism they are essentially little Marxist robots. The plans are dropping into place, like the Cloward and Piven plan about to come to fruition, the economy is staggering under the weight of the welfare state and with the bond bubble, the stock bubble and the destruction of fiat money at hand, total economic collapse is imminent. They have the right people in the right places now, the UN is staffed with globalists who see rights as whatever the government, soon to be world government, allow us to have. All they need is the right crisis to trigger the revolution and we will have world Marxist government.

You have to credit the progressives. They were patient. Slowly gathering their forces, oozing into every place of power. Progressives have all but brought about their plan to evolve the world to a global communist government. While the rest of us went to work, vacationed in Disney and raised children, the progressives silently took control of our kid’s minds. Our children are inculcated with socialist propaganda, cultural Marxism and an ethos of government dependence. They have been so weakened by their education they need safe spaces to protect them from reality and truth. It took decades of careful preparation and cunning, and finally they have achieved what Khrushchev told us they would, while we fought communism our children will be voting for it.

Our media, government, legal system, culture and industries are under the absolute control of progressives. Progressives man the highest echelons of academia to the cub reporter and everyone in between. Progressives have perverted our education system into a indoctrination system and jobs program for progressives. Their monopoly on education guarantees everyone emerges from the system, weak in morality, unable to think out of the box and with a passion for communism. The new class are both the victims of their indoctrination and their own villains. The new class however are in the position to guide humanity away from liberty, independence and the market system and towards slavery, dependence and communism.

The Cloward and Piven plan is about to click as well. The Cloward and Piven plan was written by two progressive university professors, about how to force the transition from a market system, to communism in the US. It essentially calls for adding so many people to the welfare rolls it becomes unsustainable and collapses, collapsing the entire economy and government with it. Today Obama, who taught the Cloward and Piven plan, has so filled up the welfare rolls no amount of revenue can keep the lead balloon flying anymore. The collapse of the social welfare system is supposed to precipitate the controlled demolition of the world economy they hope it will or perhaps not.

Money printing, Keynesianism and monetizing the debt has been a means to further weaken the structure so as to hasten the collapse. With every central bank on Earth printing money, enforcing a zero interest rate policy, taxing savings, helicopter money and talking about forced buy ins for savers progressive controlled central banks the world over are working to a script. Even a child knows you cant create something from nothing, but central bankers seem to have forgot that basic life lesson, or they know full well what they are doing. So often that is what it boils down to, isn’t it, either our leaders are stupid beyond measure else they are villains of the highest order.

Yes the patience of the progressive movement is impressive. Progressives have connived for decades, to destroy our system, constitution and way of life, they have justified their actions by the false argument of the end justifying the means, used the levers of power for the gain of their political faction, and plan on creating a system where there is no escape from tyranny anywhere on the planet. All three people running for President of the US are progressives so they have won that seat before the election. In my book, that is what makes a person, a villain.


John Pepin

European Villains

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, in Europe the Islamists have succeeded magnificently, abetted by the traitorous European leaders. Not simply because of the Brussels attacks but because of the perpetual state of marshal law that is oozing over Europe. The blood of the innocents killed, maimed and wounded in those attacks, isn’t on the hands of the Islamists, that blood stains the hands and faces of the European leaders. Partly because the traitors allowed unlimited numbers of Muslims, some of whom are perfectly decent people, but the wheat cannot be separated from the chaff, those with malevolent intent cannot be separated from the people seeking a better life. The leaders of Europe know this as does anyone with an operational cerebrum. Moreover those traitors are using the terrorist attack, attacks they helped happen, to turn Europe into an autocracy. Never ending marshal law, chaos in the streets, daily terrorist attacks and a collapsing economy all combine to make the natives of Europe into panicked sheep, ripe for tyranny

These attacks are the responsibility of the leaders of Europe. They destabilized the Middle East, seeking regime change there. Even after the catastrophic invasion and ouster of Saddam Hussein, or maybe because of it, European leaders insisted on overthrowing Libya’s leader Muammar Qaddafi and Syria’s Bashar Al Assad. They knew that such actions would lead to a humanitarian crisis. If they didn’t they are too stupid to operate a mop. In full knowledge of what they were doing they created chaos, bloodshed and pernicious incentives for despots the world over, creating waves of refugees. Moreover, instead of sending those refugees directly back to their native countries, or countries that have Sharia law, European leaders gave them free food, spending money, housing, healthcare, smokes and women to rape. Thereby creating an impossibly strong incentive to flood into Europe.

The terrorist attacks were as obvious as wet ground during a rain storm. Hundreds of thousands of Islamic people, people who have no concept of liberty, tolerance, freedom of religion, democracy, equal treatment under the law or the market system can only lead to civil unrest. The leaders of Europe have embarked on a scheme to replace the Christian Europeans with Muslims. With clear malice in thought the leaders of Europe are committing genocide on their own people. Encouraging so many people to flood into Europe, who have some percentage of Islamofascists in their ranks is madness of the highest order… unless there is a plan for the violence they will foment.

Not so much the attacks themselves but the government’s reaction to them is what is truly telling here. France is under a perpetual state of marshal law. Belgium is soon to follow, Sweden is looking into radical measures, Germany is nearing chaos and Britain faces more beheadings on their streets. All it will take is a few more major attacks to take place and most of Europe will be under unending marshal law. Islamic State claim they have over four hundred terror cells waiting to be activated all around Europe, if that is the case, many more attacks will come. The native European people are facing terrorism in their neighborhoods, no go zones where Christians simply cannot enter, their government arrests them if they speak out about the invasion and now they have to endure under marshal law.

Every drop of blood shed by the Islamofascists is on the hands of Europe’s leaders. They created the situation and now have exploited it in their play for total authority. Europe is most certainly lost. Soon, all the beautiful places people loved to see will be no go zones, the magnificent cathedrals will be torn down so as not to offend the Muslims, the native European people will be slaves and the seat of the Enlightenment will become a throwback to feudalism and arbitrary rule. History will not be kind to the leaders of Europe, they will be held in the same, or even greater contempt than Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or the Marquis De Sade. Clearly, the bloodshed, rapes, chaos, collapsing economies and being judged villains by history is a price the elite in Europe are willing to pay… to become tyrants.


John Pepin

Political Correctness, the Tyranny of Imagination

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, many of us would rather imagine what a thing is, than examine it’s reality. There are all sorts of things that captivate our imaginations, movies, books and music, but when we use our imaginations to “believe” some aspect of a thing, be it religion, philosophy, a politician or a political system, we are doing ourselves and the world a great disservice. That is because our imaginations never actually capture the reality, the essence of a thing, our imaginations project an idea that may be in direct contravention of that thing, imbuing it with virtue or villainy that is simply not there. Not only do people do this about a myriad of things but once we have done it, many will fight to the mat that their imagined qualities are true, further harming our societies, economies and cultures. Political correctness is the legitimization of this very tendency.

To argue about the qualities of a thing is human nature. Three blind men approach an elephant, one grasps it’s trunk, another the tusk and the third the tail. Afterwards, they argue over what an elephant is… but at least they had some first hand knowledge about an elephant, each had only a portion of the truth but each had a portion. How much worse when one or more of the participants in a discussion have no real knowledge but only their imaginations to go on? How do you argue logic and truth with someone who holds his or her imagination above empirical reality? You cannot. Those who have imagined the qualities of a thing are the hardest to persuade, they refuse to look at evidence, they obstinately talk over you and hold you and your empirical evidence in contempt.

When Obama ran for office he ran on Hope and Change. He didn’t outline a plan for that hope and change, he didn’t qualify what it was nor did he allow any personal information, about him and his past to leak out. When some did the media that calls itself unbiased went to great lengths to obfuscate it. As a result people projected whatever they wanted on him. To a capitalist he would restore laissez faire, to a communist he would be the second coming of Mao, to the poor he would make them rich and to the rich he would protect them from the huddled masses. He was everything to everyone. People imagined what and who Obama was and voted based on their imaginations.

Many people imagine socialism as being more fair, more just and more humane than capitalism. They dream about how everyone will get along and work hard for the collective. To those who imagine a better world through despotism, any argument about history, reality or economics falls on deaf ears, they have made up their minds based on their imaginations. The further people get from real Marxism and , the easier it is to imagine what it is, rather than look at the reality of what it is. Reagan’s policies dealt a blow to communism, but without that example of a very real and undeniable socialist nation, where people fled at the risk to their very lives and their children to escape, has allowed people to imagine what socialism is.

Many who have never studied Islam claim to understand what it is far far better than Islamic scholars. In the face of the reality of Islam, after a mass beheading for example, they rush to the news programs and claim such acts are a violation of Islam, even as Islamic scholars claim otherwise. We are to believe the atheist, who imagines Islam as a light in a dark world, over those who have spent their entire lives studying the words of Mohamed. To do so is absurd. Do you believe that a witch doctor or faith healer can set a broken bone better than someone who has spent their entire life learning and working in medicine? To believe he who imagines what a thing is in that case would lead to a badly set leg, a limp for life and perhaps even death, how much worse to believe a politician is everything to everyone, socialism isn’t despotism or the realities of Sharia and Jihad?

Political correctness is the imagining what a thing is and forcing others to follow what is imagined not what is real. The market system teaches those raised in it to be pragmatic, look at the reality of a thing and measure profit against loss, not just in business but in our daily lives. Political correctness seeks to change that paradigm of the lesson of the market system. Political correctness will not broach the reality of a thing to enter the conversation, it demands blind faith in the imaginations of another. Arguments about reality can be derailed by mere ad homonym attacks to protect the imagined reality of the politically correct person. The market system , is a force for pragmatism, examining reality and weighing the profit versus the loss of an action or philosophy. Political correctness is the polar opposite of the lessons of the market system and as such will always be in contention with it. So what do you believe? Your imagination, or reality, you cannot believe both.


John Pepin