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Evil will eventually defeat itself.

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, evil always eventually defeats itself, sadly, never before the cost in human suffering becomes so great… even zealots have second thoughts. This is because evil is repulsive and good is attractive. The advantage evil has is it’s absolute lack of morality, there is not a bridge evil will not cross, then burn to the ground behind itself. Initially, evil always couches itself as good. It claims to represent the downtrodden, the disenfranchised and the poor. Those people are, of course, dupes, mere cannon fodder for evil. Once evil believes it’s position is unassailable the mask comes off and we see just what it is and who they are. Until that time, evil will use every trick in the book to hide, misdirect and accuse whenever it’s true nature is shown. Today we are at the point where the mask is about to come off.

The NAZI party, the German progressive party, came to power “representing” the Volk, the forgotten German people. Initially the NAZI party stood for gay rights, a minimum standard of living for all, nationalized health care, privately owned means of production that was publicly controlled for the good of the volk, a reestablishment of German pride and a future where the German people would never have to suffer through anything like Wiemar again. The head of the Brown shirts was even a gay man. Once Hitler felt he had amassed sufficient power, he ordered the slaughter of the Brown shirts, and their leader. Once that was done he ordered that all the gays who had supported him, sent to concentration camps, forcing gay men to wear upside down pink triangles denoting their homosexuality.

The same paradigm works every time. Evil people know their message of slaughter, suffering and economic catastrophe just will not sell. So they pretend to care more and by extension, anyone who doesn’t agree one hundred percent, clearly, is against progress. Evil normalizes violence against those that stand in the way. The NAZI party normalized violence against the Jews, Gypsies and Slavs. Silencing critics is a sure way to insure their true motives will not be known until it is too late. Even a cursory knowledge of the history of the NAZI party, shows all this to be true, and anyone with that cursory knowledge cannot help but see those same forces at work in the world today.

You can see evil at work in the world if only you open your eyes to the fact it never goes away. Evil is never defeated it only goes underground. Once the conditions are ripe for it’s return, evil rises from the ground, like so many locusts, hatching from pupae to wreak havoc in the world. The machinations of evil are always the same, silence critics by force, initiate violence against their political opponents, normalize violence against politically disfavored segments of the population, and hiding it’s real intentions with censorship. One only need look at the actions of our leaders to see all this happening today.

From the murder of Seth Rich for disclosing DNC emails to the normalization of violence against conservatives, evil is at work in the world today. One of the biggest advantages evil has, is not their willingness to do harm, immorality, ability to lie convincingly or the charisma they exude in their snazzy black uniforms, pajamas, hoods or robes, no, the true power of evil is that people are happy to believe their glittering lies, and turn their heads from the ugly truth. We ourselves are evil’s best friend. It is because of our capacity to embrace a glittering lie that fills the army of evil with people willing to lay down their lives for the lowering of Mankind. How many NAZIs, Jihadists, Klu Klux Clan members, Marxists, Ancient Carthaginians, Philistines, Romans, and other willing dupes have laid down their lives so evil men can have absolute power? The number is uncountable.

The real point here is not that evil is a thing of the past, or of the modern age, but evil is a thing of all time. The future will have to deal with a resurgence of evil as well. Eventually, after millions perhaps billions of deaths, untold human suffering, the destruction of economic prosperity and carnage to make Lucifer blush, the evil rising today will eventually be crushed underfoot. Once that happens, evil will go underground again… until the conditions are ripe for it’s return. We as a human race must learn from our past mistakes. Today we struggle against great evil, in our own governments, institutions, corporations and even religions. Evil is an equal opportunity perverter. It fills anyone, institution or system with putrescence, rotting even the most honorable from the inside out. Yes, we must fight against today’s evil with all our might, to save our children from the agonizing suffering in their future, but future generations will face the same evils. Perhaps we can pass down the means to understand the machinations of evil, so that next time, future generations will be able to snuff it out… before future Seth Rich’s are murdered for showing evil for what it is.


John Pepin

Freedom of speech and the intolerant faction

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for free speech to function everyone must allow it, if one intolerant faction doesn’t, that intolerant faction’s free speech will be allowed, while they smother everyone else’s. Of course the answer is when the vast majority reject any faction, out of hand, that rejects free speech. Sadly that is much easier to accomplish as a thought experiment than in real life. It is free speech however that gave and continues to give, the Enlightenment it’s reach and power. Return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy and we return to the horse and buggy, the Rights of Kings and human slavery. A true educator would keep one truth, above all, in the minds of their students, “Resolution of any question should always be decided upon the merits of the argument, rather than the authority of the speaker, and the best means to do this is free speech.”

Intolerant factions are and will always be the greatest threat to freedom. An intolerant faction is any group of people, no matter how small, that will not tolerate something, in the context of this article, the free speech of those they disagree with. Usually, it is not because they consider their peers so stupid as to fall for a fallacious argument, but because they themselves are peddling a fallacious argument, one that can be easily discredited by reasoned argument, and so, reasoned argument cannot be tolerated. The intolerant faction is always made up of people who are perpetuating a lie, know they are hawking a lie, and so use violence to silence anyone who would call it a lie. Yet, it is tolerance of their violence, in the face of their intolerance of our opinion, that gives them so much power.

The best answer to an intolerant faction is not to tolerate their intolerance. When a group shuts down a speaker at a college campus, the faculty has an obligation to blare that speaker’s words throughout the campus, so everyone must then hear it, to stop shutting down free speech by creating incentives. Lead by example, allow others to speak, then demand the same right for yourself that you gave them. Every time you or I bow to the violence of an intolerant faction, we empower that faction to smother more free speech… until only their intolerant ignorant version of truth can be heard, all other voices are silenced.

The Enlightenment was a watershed moment in the philosophy of Mankind. It allowed humanity to ascend above the narrow mindedness that always accompanies authority. Whenever someone becomes an authority on any subject they have an incentive not to change the paradigm. If it does, someone else becomes the authority, and that is unacceptable to an authority. For this reason humanity’s advancement in every field is hindered by the very people in authority… always has been and always will be. The thinkers that rejected bowing to authority and embraced, truth by reason, were geniuses. They lifted the lot of Man from perpetual toil to the comforts we have today. All of it rests on their shoulders, but they couldn’t have done it under any other religious doctrine than Christianity and Judaism.

It is free speech that empowers the Enlightenment. Without the ability to make a point, there can be no reasoned argument. If any voice is silenced then all voices cannot be heard, that should be common sense, but common sense is as dead as a door nail… killed by an intolerant faction. When someone claims there can be no argument, the authorities have spoken, they are trying to return to a pre Enlightenment philosophy. They are saying the only truth is what they say is truth and no other. Which is the very definition of pre Enlightenment thinking. Such sophistry is used all the time today, to promote global warming they spout, “the vast majority of scientists say…” or in the realm of economics you often hear, “Economists agree that…” both are examples of a return to pre enlightenment thinking, and as such, are by their very definition, unscientific!

Without the advances of the Enlightenment, humanity will revert to its natural state, the same state our ancestors existed in from times before ancient Greece to the industrial revolution. All the new scientific advances, technological marvels and comforts we take for granted, are founded on the pragmatic enlightened mindset. Take away that mindset, smash the foundation if you will, and the structure comes crashing down, in this case our technological civilization. It would be like the movie Idiocracy, people would have the machines, but when those machines broke down they would not be able to fix them, or build new more advanced ones. Eventually all the machines would break down, and horses would become the normal mode of transportation again, as they were for thousands of years, slaves would be needed to pick the cotton and gin it as well, tyranny would rule the land again without recourse, and the lot of Mankind would be set back centuries.

The answer is education, our children must be inculcated with the knowledge that there is truth, and the way to truth is by reasoned argument based on empirical evidence, not and never, by some snake oil salesman peddling some magical remedy that heals everything. They must understand that authority has something to say, but cannot ever be taken as the final say, reasoned argument must always and everywhere take place, else we become stilted and cease growing, because while authority has valuable knowledge, they are bound to the current paradigm… and growth always leads to paradigm shift. We may never get to the perfect truth of human existence, but as long as we sharpen our understanding of it through the honing reasoned argument imparts, based on empirical evidence, with all voices getting a chance to be heard… we can get pretty close.


John Pepin

The Rising Tide of Censorship

Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the desire to censor is inherent in all who would be tyrants, while those who seek to limit government care little what fools may say. To want to be a tyrant is as human as wanting a significant other, human history proves nothing if not that there are those people who seek to tyrannize others, moreover, those who seek to tyrannize others don’t go for janitor jobs, they seek power, government appeals to them and they never seek to leave it’s comfy bosom. The few who seek to limit the power of government usually come from outside government, planning on returning to private life after government, and so they have a goal and an end in sight. When someone plans to spend their life at the teat of government, they are very afraid someone might force them off it and into the harsh reality of life, while those who plan on leaving the government’s warm embrace have nothing to fear. Clearly those who fear will go to extremes where someone without that fear is heedless. So it follows, those who desire political power over the lives of others will resort to the extreme measure of censorship while those who seek to limit the power of evil men over us will not.

A glance at world leaders is pretty enlightening in this context. The European Union is a wealth of examples proving the theory that tyrants prefer to censor while libertarians prefer open communication. Take Angela Merkel, she has glomed onto politics, like tar to road, there is no getting her out of it. Since she is running for a fourth term, or is it her fifth term? Hard to keep it straight since she has been in power in Germany for a whole generation. Clearly Angela Merkel has no plans on ever voluntarily leaving the safety of the government’s nourishing breast. She cannot possibly be so stupid she doesn’t know what she is doing to the German people, which only leaves us to conclude she is intentionally committing genocide against the German people. With the world she, Obama, Putin, Holland and other world leaders have created, ablaze all around us. Christian and Yazidi genocide under their watch, along with violence spreading across the Middle East and North Africa, like a wild fire. Now her top priority is to shut up what she defines as “fake news?!” Could there be a better possible definition of the person I am talking about here than her? Perhaps Obama, Hillary, Holland, etc…

Today I read the Hillary people are claiming she should challenge the vote count because they have found statistical possibility of vote fraud! Really, you couldn’t make this up no one would ever, ever believe you. With all the effort Obama and the democrat party did to ensure a strong dead turnout, busing voters precinct to precinct as well as an overwhelming amount of illegal alien ballots, to put Hillary over the edge. So far Hillary has declined to file any lawsuits… because they would find her side had done the vote fraud! Meanwhile, her surrogates in the bought and paid for unbiased media, are calling for outright censorship of everyone but themselves. No matter that wikileaks released dozens of emails showing collusion between individual reporters as well as editorial staffs of major media outlets, that call themselves unbiased. In truth, the major media that is calling for the banning of “fake” news sites are the very ones who have been caught red handed, passing yellow journalism as unbiased!

Let’s face it, censorship is a beautiful thing, if you are the censor. You can shut up even the most common sense argument by force of law, convention or shaming, leaving your message the only one anyone can hear. At it’s most diabolical it is a means to change people’s very thoughts. Thought control being a long sought goal of tyrants throughout the ages. Because that is exactly what censorship is all about, thought control. If the censor can control what you “know” then they control the parameters of what you can think. If you have never heard of a wheel… how many of us would think about them? Action follows thought. If a tyrant wants to control our actions then control of our very private thought is the best way, censorship is that means, as are hate crimes and any other law that is based on a thought rather than an action.

Since the desire to censor is inherent in the desire to control others, while that need is absent in those who seek less government power, we can say that those who seek censorship are the ones who want to be tyrants, while those who don’t care what others say don’t. From this we can say that political leaders, like Angela Merkel, who seek to censor others also seek tyranny. Tyrants never seek tyranny to improve the lot of Man but to lower it, as the example of Angela Merkel shows. Those who covet political power will cross any bridge, and if denied that power will burn it, as Hillary Clinton has and is. The most magnetic quality of censorship to the tyrant is it’s ability to control thought. Such control is the Eldorado of all tyrants everywhere and at all times. If we then want less government power over us, we have to recognize those who seek to be tyrants and do everything in our power to deny them that power, it is in our self interest rightly understood.


John Pepin

Censorship by Another Name…

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the election of Donald Trump has triggered a backlash by the new class, further limiting free speech for political ends. In a move that has no hint of coordination, Google, Twitter and Facebook, on the same day, announced they are going to cut off ad feeds to fake news sites and make it easier to report “hate” speech. While these sound good on the surface they have the potential to be abused. Especially since the definition of satire and fake news is subject to interpretation as is hate speech. The new York Times has been caught many times fabricating stories from whole cloth, since it has reported fake news, does that make the NYT a fake news site? Progressives have a long and colored history of calling any speech they disagree with, hate speech, so does that mean all content now has to go through a progressive filter, else the person posting it will be banned from expressing his or her views? The policy is a slippery slope who’s bottom is total censorship of individual speech by a cabal of political zealots. Is that really a place where we want to go?

I have written about the rise of fake and satire “news” sites on the Internet. They have the pernicious effect of both discrediting those who fall victim and of muddying the waters of political debate with falsehoods. They are usually created by progressives, intended to fool conservatives into posting true sounding but fake news articles, with the intent to discredit conservatism as hysterical. While that was the intention the election of Trump has rattled the progressive new class into thinking these fake news sites might have backfired on them. One thing progressives loathe is their dirty tricks biting them in the derriere. While I would love to drive fake news sites from the Internet, a better way would be through disseminating information of who are fake news sites, so the people themselves can avoid them. That would accomplish the stated goal without encroaching on free speech.

The term hate speech is as liquid as water. The problem of online harassment is real and pernicious. It diminishes people’s willingness to share their political views for fear of harassment and attacks. Sadly, what the new class calls hate speech however, is any speech that disagrees with their world view. I have been banned from Facebook on several occasions because a progressive disliked my opinion. Although I never personally attacked anyone nor engaged in harassment, I was subjected to constant harassment, not knowing what I would say that would get me banned fro several days from Facebook. Once I was even banned three days for saying, “God bless you,” to a progressive! Until I figured out who was using Facebook to alienate me from my freedom of speech the harassment was unending. Once I discovered where the attacks were coming from, I unfriended everyone who was a friend to him, and the harassment immediately stopped.

My experience is not unique. Progressives have since Teddy Roosevelt engaged in censorship. Gramski, Marcuse, Alinsky and the lot of progressive philosophers argued that the only thing put before the people must be progressive propaganda. All other information has to be hidden from the people, and those with a different opinion destroyed personally, lest we discover the truth. That is one of the tenets of cultural Marxism. These new rules will make it far easier for them to shut up conservatives and libertarians under the flag of stopping hate speech. How many conservative news outlets will be considered by the new class to be fake news sites and what will be the criteria? Certainly publishing fake news stories cannot be the sole criteria, else the NYT will come under that moniker, and that cannot be allowed by the new class, so will sites be banned from receiving ad revenue because they are alternative media, like The Blaze, Drudge Report, Breitbart, etc… even though they don’t post fake news? I bet they will and the censorship will only grow over time, sliding down that slippery slope further, and the further we slide down that slope the faster the slide will become.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and the car that travels that road is fueled by good sounding rhetoric. While I agree that fake news sites should be eliminated the means must not grind away our freedoms. No one should have the power to stop another from expressing their opinion, especially using such terms as hate speech, vilification of the speaker or personal destruction for their opinion. I disagree with everything progressives stand for, but I would fight to the death to defend their right to say it, sadly progressive’s first goal is to separate me from my freedom of speech. These new rules will be used to quiet conservatives and libertarians, they will not, nor are they intended to stop personal harassment but to give progressives another tool to harass anyone they want to shut up. Stepping on that slippery slope can only lead to a loss of more freedom.


John Pepin

The “Greater Good…”

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, whenever someone claims something is for the “”greater good”.” it is always for their personal good and against the best interest of the rest of us. Connivers always use such deceptions to get us to act against the interests of humanity, by appealing to our humanity. When humanity is used to lower the lot of Man it is patently evil. This type of falsehood is evident in much of the propaganda we see and hear every day. Politicians calling for banning guns, separation of church and state, censorship, more redistribution, etc… The meme is always that it is for the “”greater good”,” while nothing could be further from the truth. Those of us who are human hearted must always be on the lookout for connivers, who appeal to our humanity, to lower the lot of Man, else we become unwitting pawns of evil.


Most people want to do the right thing. We often get caught up in bad things from our impetuosity however. Those who scheme for power know this and exploit those qualities to manipulate us. When they do, and we go along, we become unwitting accomplices in the lowering of our own standard of living, while ceding arbitrary power to evil people. Our desire to help others, coupled with our innate impetuosity and laziness, combine to make us very susceptible to this type of manipulation.


Calls for banning guns is one such example. Those who seek to disarm the general populace always arm themselves and their cronies to the teeth. This leaves the rest of us at the mercy of those without mercy. The more we are maneuvered into giving up our guns for self protection the easier it is for a usurper to seize power by the violent use of force. The US Constitution guarantees the Right to keep and bear arms as a bulwark against potential tyranny. The framers of the Constitution understood all too well the propensity of the elite to abuse any power that is given them, and the people’s Right to self defense was to apply equally to an out of control government, as to a murderer. The violent despots however argue it is for the “greater good”… peace.


Separation of church and state is another spurious argument that calls for the “greater good”, while actually separating us and our children from the font of goodness, and brings us closer to the pit of despair. Why would someone who is an atheist do good works if there is no God, punishment or afterlife? There is no reason to, why not just live for today? Moreover, why do good at all since the very concept of goodness is based in religious philosophy? Abolish Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism and the source for any incentive to do good works is gone. Now that the pernicious intolerant meme of separation of church and state has become ingrained in the zeitgeist, the diabolical elite are moving it a step further, of freedom from religion. The elite are systematically banning Christianity, the philosophical foundation of the US Constitution, our Rights and the reason we are essentially good people. In their intolerance of religion and goodness, they pervert right into wrong, and wrong into right, all by appealing to the “greater good”… tolerance.


The Internet has been a boon for free speech. The monopoly of information that the new class progressives once had has been demolished. We are awash in information, information that would never have seen the light of day when the exclusive control of all information, was from the new class progressives at ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. The new class is fighting back with subtle, (and some not so subtle) demands for censorship. The British government has openly called for the silencing of “nonviolent extremist speech.” But notice who is called extremist today. Tea party conservatives are called extreme by the new class elite not violent Islamic terrorists. We are supposed to believe, those who follow the law and want government follow our Constitution are extreme, and those who wish to overthrow it by force, if necessary, are mainstream. The elite’s desire to exclude anyone who is not on board with the Fabian socialist/progressive agenda from the marketplace of ideas, is just another call to the “greater good”… inclusiveness.


This is why when someone appeals to the “greater good” our radar should go off. Those who actually seek the “greater good” never demand from others, they do it themselves, connivers demand from others that which they refuse to give up. Hypocrisy is the bailiwick of such people. They call for the rest of us to give up our sovereignty while they demand arbitrary power, they look teary eyed into a camera and argue it is for our own good to give up guns while they surround themselves with well armed bodyguards, they claim we are too demanding if we ask them to follow their own laws because their laws are too hard to follow… for them. They argue Christianity should be removed from the public square, while imposing a diabolical agenda that calls evil good and good evil. All the while, they seek exclusive control of information, to render us incapable of mounting effective arguments against their perverted agenda. Done by calls for us to destroy ourselves, our children and our society… all for the “greater good”.





John Pepin