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Impeach this Lawless President.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is no reason Obama cannot run for a third term, or even simply dictate he is now President for life. I am not saying he will, but there has never been such a lawless President in United States history. The scandals of the Obama administration have been so profoundly destructive of our Constitution and the rule of law, without any real outrage by the elite in the media, politics or culture, that our very Constitution has become mere window dressing. There is historical precedent for this, but not in American history, in the history of Rome there is a close example. One that led directly to Rome becoming a tyranny while calling itself a republic. We are on the same road as ancient Rome, with the difference that we have history to teach us where that road leads, and the Romans didn’t. Our republic will certainly end, in all but name, if this level of lawlessness continues. Our elected leaders are too afraid of Obama and his machine to even vociferously call attention to it. Tyranny is in our future unless we stand up and demand his impeachment.


The examples of lawlessness by Obama are legendary. Fast and Furious was a blatant attempt to undermine the Second Amendment to our Constitution and should have been a fast track to impeachment. Using the IRS against political enemies was so naked an assault on individual liberty, and good government, that everyone involved should go to jail for a very long time, you or I would, for far far less. Benghazi might have been overlooked as incompetence of the highest order, if not for the coverup, a coverup that was broader in scope and exponentially more pernicious than Watergate. Muzzling the media through intimidation is a direct attack on the First Amendment. Giving heavy weapons including surface to air missiles to Al Queda allied terrorist groups is a clear example of “Giving aid and comfort to the enemy.” Which, as defined by our Constitution, is the meaning of a traitor, which is one of the reasons Benghazi was covered up. Releasing enemy combatants to reenter the war against us, in exchange for a deserter, is another example of traitorous actions. Selective enforcement of law is the very definition of lawlessness and is itself impeachable. Now with Obama’s Dream Act he has opened the floodgates to tens of thousands of children crossing the southern boarder, to date over 60,000 children are in custody, with another 120,000 expected in the next year, giving some insight into what our government calls a “secure” boarder… one that is so open even a child can cross it. How many children who were not picked up by the Boarder Patrol, have been raped, murdered or enslaved? I could go on and on but space limits me. Suffice it to say, Obama is not held to any law our Constitution, or even common decency.


Rome faced the same problem. There had been intercine fighting for a few generations between the advocates for patricians and plebeians. The advocates for both sides were all members of the patrician class however. When Julius Caesar came into the picture, he handed out money to the plebeians to buy their support, and it worked perfectly. He had the plebeian’s unwavering backing when he declared himself dictator for life. Some of the patricians understood the danger to the republic from Caesar’s lawlessness and assassinated him to protect the republic. That is where the famous saying, “Et Tu Brute,” came from. As we all know from our history books Rome never recovered and it became a tyranny of the worst kind… arbitrary rule. The ascension of Octavius and his institution of the praetorian guard was the death knell of any hope for freedom in Rome. After that, Rome simply declined year after year, until the hordes from the north and the Islamic invasion from the south, destroyed both Western and Eastern Roman empires, the Holy Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire.


History is a great teacher. It can warn those who have learned it’s lessons where a given policy will lead. We have such a wonderful chronicle to understand the nature of human government that it is absurd not to glance at it now and then. That we don’t, is why we repeat the worst parts over and over, and almost never relive the good parts. Those who have political power know and understand the lessons, and clearly by their actions, they don’t want liberty, they want to be dictators for life. To ascribe any human being with altruistic attitudes is foolish, but once a person has shown his complete disregard for our Constitution and laws, it is suicidal to allow his incursions to go on. Our political elite are too terrified of him, the cultural elite are in love with him, and the media elite are effectively cowed by him, as our republic relives the history of Rome. Caesar was only the first, he opened the door to Mark Antony then Octavius… Obama is only the first American President to openly flaunt the law, our Constitution and common decency, he will not be the last, since he opened the door, more will enter through it. God help us if we don’t stand, because even if he doesn’t declare himself President for life, the door is now open, when the next usurper walks through it, we will be forced to sit… for the the next few centuries.





John Pepin


Arbitrary Power

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me that since the dawn of time, city states, nations and empires have warned of the dangers of arbitrary power. Throughout history rulers that attained arbitrary power have brought their people to ruination. The lessons of history are stark and unanimous in their critique of the dangers of giving anyone arbitrary power. From Solon to Stalin the worst atrocities of man upon man have been committed by those with arbitrary power. Yet despite all the warnings, philosophy, and empirical data, we choose to ignore them and bestow Obama with arbitrary power. There can be no good end of this newest experiment in the annuls of Man.


Solon, the lawgiver of Athens, warned of the profound dangers of arbitrary power. He was elected to solve the debt crisis in ancient Athens. He did so in a fair way, and went on to make a proscription against arbitrary power, the ostracism. Never a hypocrite, Solon gave himself up to his very own system and submitted himself to the ostracism, for becoming himself a danger to liberty. He was banished from Athens for several years. In those years he saved Croesus of Lydia from being burned at the stake by giving that tyrant sage advice.


After the horrors of Tarquinious Superbus, the last Etruscan king of Rome, the people began the Consular system, whereby the rule of Rome would be separated into two men, similar to the Spartan system of two kings. This way no one man could attain arbitrary rule. The system held out for hundreds of years, but was overthrown when Julius Caesar gained popular support, installing himself as emperor… with arbitrary power. Once his nephew was crowned and instituted the Praetorian guard the heart of the Roman nation rotted from within. Within two hundred years, a nation state that had lasted almost a thousand years and had conquered the known world, was destroyed completely. Only the Eastern part, the Byzantines, survived for a few more years, only to be utterly wiped out and the people enslaved, by the Muslim invasion.


The many republics of Europe that started as a result of the Renaissance, rose in democratic representation, but fell into tyranny by the executive who wrested arbitrary power for himself. The history of Europe is rife with examples of those who gained this most pernicious form of power and visited slavery, oppression and destruction on their people. Yes, history is unambiguous about the danger of arbitrary power, especially in the hands of an egoist.


Democratically elected leaders are no exception. Remember, Hitler was elected in a free and fair election. Tyranny doesn’t necessarily come at the point of a gun it can come from the ballot box as well. That a person is elected by a popular majority, like Caesar, can become a despot, is proven conclusively by history. No matter how a person gets arbitrary power, be it by revolution, machination or the suffrage, arbitrary power always brings with it oppression. It is a factor of human nature.


Despite all the warnings from history, philosophy and recent events, a large part of the American people are comfortable giving our elected President… arbitrary power. He has usurped the power of the Legislative branch by arbitrarily enforcing the law, he has silenced the free press through intimidation, he has armed drug lords in a neighboring country, he has taken over a third of the economy by simply deeming a law passed, he ignores court orders with impunity, he abandoned an ambassador and several Americans to torture and death at the hands of our avowed enemies, while at the same time arming those very enemies, then lied about it, he uses the power of the government against his political opponents, he uses the paranoia of national security to record our personal phone conversations, (us and our allies), the list goes on and on, moreover, anyone who stands in his way, like Ted Cruz, is vilified by the political establishment as well as the media that calls itself unbiased. Yes, Obama wields arbitrary power in all but name. History shows us where this will end… unless we stand and demand Our Constitution be followed. If we do not, we deserve what we get… too bad our innocent children don’t.





John Pepin

Neo Nero

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the best analogy to Roman leaders, as related by Plutarch, to Barack Obama is Nero, so much so that we could call Barack Neo Nero. He composes a play while the World burns. We shall have to wait to see how the play ends, unfortunately, our fates are caught up in the outcome, be it good or bad. Like the original Nero, Obama chooses to play, instead of organizing a bucket brigade.

As I recall, from my reading of Plutarch’s biography of the life of Nero, when Nero came to power he was heralded as a wise man to replace a corrupt Caesar. Initially he was a reformer but soon sank into madness, (possibly brought on by the lead put in the wine by elements of the Praetorian Guard to sweeten it and make the drinker insane). There were even rumors that Nero himself had started the blaze that engulfed Rome so he could rebuild it the way he wanted it to be.

This time around Neo Nero has indeed set the blaze. By his unwise rhetoric. When Obama called the original protester in Tunisia, you remember, the guy who set himself on fire, Rosa Parks. When he called for Hosni to step down but not Ahmadinejad and called for a youthful rebellion in the Middle East, Obama set the blaze, no less than if Nero himself had run naked through Rome, torch in hand, lighting every livery he came to.

The economic breakdown started before Obama came into office. What was Obama’s reaction to the fire he inherited? He tried to smother it with hay. Ratcheting up government spending to unprecedented levels, piled regulation upon regulation, creating a web of red tape only the most skilled, determined and politically connected lawyer could navigate. These piles of hay initially smothered the fire back to a smolder, but now, the fire is catching up to the added fuel.

So, what is Neo Nero doing, now the World is ablaze? He composes a sonnet. He plays the class warfare instrument instead of organizing a bucket brigade. Not a bucket brigade to heap more hay on the pyre but actual water. In this case, water would be to get deficit spending under control, to tamp down the fires in the Middle East and to clear the mounds of regulation from the books.

The Republicans in the House have passed a bill that meets all the needs of the US in regards to disaster relief and PAYGO. It was sent to the Senate and immediately rejected, no compromise, no negotiation. Then the Democrats in the Senate claimed the Republicans are being the party of NO. While never actually passing anything themselves…Yet. Every speech that proposes anything is simply more tax increases to keep us down, more regulation to make sure no one can effectively compete in the marketplace against the new oligarchs like GE, and increased deficit spending that will, sooner rather than later, bankrupt the US and lead to a total collapse.

Meanwhile, back at Radio Ranch, Dale is trying to balance her books. Her mother hasn’t had a social security cost of living increase since Neo Nero came into office. Her husband, Buck, is laid off. Neo Nero has befriended Ming and invited him to give a speech at the UN. Dale is working two jobs while Buck looks for anything that will pay the bills. Neo Nero tells them “Don’t worry, I’ll just extend Buck’s unemployment check a few more months.” Keeping the eventual cliff in the haze for our plucky couple to step off, into the abyss…

As the lot of the people goes down and down Neo Nero thinks Class Warfare is the way to go. He has burned down our economy, created millions of vehement enemies and equipped them with both nuclear weapons, (in the case of Iran) and is helping them aggregate a large geological presence for their Caliphate. The only possible result is a total collapse of the system as we know it along with a good bloody protracted war.

It seems to me that it is impossible that people educated in Harvard have no idea what they are doing. It seems equally implausible that they would want to collapse the system and have such a war. Yet here we have their actions speaking louder than their rhetoric. Actions that seen to imply, at the very least, that our leaders want the World to burn to the ground… So they can rebuild it anew.

In the form they find most pleasing to themselves.

But not the rest of us…

We Judge Others By Ourselves

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that people judge others by themselves. The best template we have to place others in is the one we ourselves have forged… And it is the one we know best.

That is why a thief is the most afraid of being stolen from. A liar always believes everyone is lying to them and an adulterer always is the most afraid of having someone cheat on them. It is in our nature. We all have faults and we project them on others.

That is one of the reasons that the uber rich are progressive if not actually communists. They believe that everyone is as heartless as they are. To them it is impossible to believe that another person would do a virtuous thing. Then turn around and do another. There has to be a catch. They themselves always have a hook. Basically they are the avatar of the man Thrasymachus and Nietzsche believed in.

Like Nietzsche’s book The Will to Power. (A dark book that chills the soul to read). Nietzsche is smart enough to know the tribulations en route and the end of the road that he proposes. Yet he goes ahead and proposes it. The path and the end is chaos. A state of perpetual war… man against man. Victory to the cleverest, strongest or most political. Mankind would very quickly shed the accoutrements that are given to us by our social nature. Like housing, ready access to food, transportation, heated homes, etc…

People of this ilk often become extremely rich. But not all extremely rich people are of this ilk, i.e. sociopaths. The ones that are however have the ability to sow much mischief in the world. Placing all mankind in the same box as themselves they can only see total government to curb mankind’s total greed. They have no concept that others have no desire for riches beyond what makes them comfortable. Beyond that to make one comfortable further riches only serve to gain more security. But at an acceleratingly diminishing rate of return. At some point the wealthy Neitzchian would get a better return, (in improvement in his or her lot in life), by investing it in science research. The security and improvement in the standard of living would accrue to him as well as society. And could possibly lengthen his or her life span.

What about Power? The ultimate goal of the self centered. Power rover others. Power to coerce action at another’s expense simply for the satisfaction of some whim. Like old king Di Xin, he, reportedly, had a pool filled with wine and ruled by his whim… Once Caesar and some friends were riding past a small filthy French town. His friends said to Caesar, “How would you like to live in such a wretched place?” To which Caesar replied, “I would rather rule there that serve in Rome.” Later Caesar overturned the Republican system that had served Rome well for most of a millennium.

If this is the template that you judge others by… Isn’t your view going to be skewed? If I am a self centered despot in waiting… I will think everyone else is too. When I get power I will gear my input on law to reflect my view of humanity. (Based on myself).

These are the Elite. The ten percent of any group that will take control. (The dross floats to the top). Rarely is someone put into power who did not seek it. Numa Pompey is the only one who comes to mind. (And that tale is probably more myth than reality). So When almost everyone who writes law is an utterly self centered, despot in waiting, is it hard to explain why we have law that is always written with an eye to serve some faction?

Lately every law, that is written and passed in the USA, is expressly for a faction against the overall good. Take the “Health Care overhaul”. It has as it’s purpose to redistribute wealth. From those that have health care to those that don’t. The actual reason the people don’t have it is never addressed. Except a background hum that they are poor. (The poor already had healthcare under Medicaid). Reality was never allowed into the debate.

The result will be much higher cost of healthcare for every American. Lower standard of care for normal Americans. A higher rate of structural unemployment… Among other negative effects. The Elite however will have no diminishments in their health care. They have a separate system. The rest of us are forced into the government “choices” by law. The Elite are not.

With Elitist theory, as I have explained, we can clearly see why…

But, I am told, there is no need of a NUMA.