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The Double Standard is Slavery

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, today while the lowest of us are held to the highest standard, the highest of us are held to the lowest standard. The mechanism of it is appeal to authority. Of course that was what the Enlightenment was all about, rejecting appeals to authority and settling arguments by logically reasoned, rational discourse. Rational discourse however, is and has been, a means for the people to wrest power form the elite and so is discouraged. In doing so, those who run our governments, banks, corporations, journals, and adjudicate law, are devolving us back to a time and philosophy that predate the Enlightenment, to a form of slavery. Think about it, is a slave allowed to do that which a master can, of course not. The master has free reign to do whatever he or she wants and the slave must toe the line. What if a slave acts up and does something the master disapproves of? The slave is punished. The more obvious the double standard becomes, the more secure the elite feel in their dominance over us, now that the double standard cannot be denied our slavery is all but complete.

The Enlightenment was a watershed event in human understanding. It rejected appeals to authority, which prior to the Enlightenment, was the basis for all discussions. If the authority said something, it became the truth regardless of the absurdity. The Enlightenment made the case that disagreements in the sciences, politics and economics should be decided by rational discourse. The person with the most logical best reasoned argument would win. This doctrine gave rise to the market system, the industrial revolution, constitutionalism, science and a constantly rising standard of living. Such an important advance in human understanding should be protected, nurtured, enshrined and taught so it can keep benefiting the whole of humanity. Sadly, it gets in the way of the elite’s interests and so has been hidden, perverted and mischaracterized.

Constitutionalism was probably the most important advance that came directly from the Enlightenment. Science, it can be argued, was more important, but science in and of itself cannot raise the standard of living, or the humanity of a people, limited government does and limited government gives rise to the conditions that allow science to flourish. Constitutionalism, and along with it, limited government, was a rational reaction to the history of human governments. Many had been birthed in liberty but had always aged into tyranny. A constitution is a contract between the governed and the governors describing what powers the government has and what powers are reserved for the people. Since mankind’s first attempts at writing constitutions the idea of a constitution limiting government has been perverted by the elite to empowering government. Like Obama said, the US Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, in that it limits what government can do to you but in Obama’s view, a constitution should limit the people rather than the government, empowering government to do for us. That is the modern philosophy that returns us to a doctrine of appeal to authority and thereby… slavery.

Why wouldn’t everyone want to be a slave? You get three hots and a cot, your day is planned for you, your freedom to act is strictly enumerated, you have free healthcare and you are protected. Liberty is why people hate being slaves. We all crave liberty. Liberty comes from equality. When some people are allowed more liberty than others, the argument cannot be made there is equality, and if there is not equality, there is no real liberty. Those who are limited in their actions are the slaves and those who have freedom are the masters. If a slave speaks back to his master he is punished and made an example of. A slave’s actions require permission from her master while a master’s actions require no permission from their slave.

Today we are awash in double standards. Al Gore was caught red handed violating campaign finance laws, and had the audacity to stand before the nation declaring there is no overriding legal authority to hold him to the law, and that was accepted by the slaves. Hillary Clinton was caught red handed using an unsecured server to store top secret information putting the entire nation at risk and to date there is no negative consequences for it. If you or I, on the other hand, were to violate campaign finance laws as Dinesh D’souza did, we would go to jail, as he did. If we were to endanger national security, even accidentally, we would be imprisoned. The elite, like Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel, regularly get caught lying on their taxes with no punishment, if you are caught doing it to a much lesser extent, there are life altering consequences. As Obama was threatening gun owners and sellers along the Mexico boarder with sanctions, for supplying Mexican drug cartels with weapons, Obama himself, as it turned out, was the one supplying the weapons! He faced no such sanctions however. The list of examples where the elite, our masters, have liberty where we don’t could fill a tome the size of the national register.

Global Climate change is the best example of how the elite are moving us away from the advances of the Enlightenment back to appeal to authority. You are not allowed to question the voracity of man made climate change because the authorities have made their determination. Arguments are even met with threats of imprisonment. The concept of limited government has been so veiled in propaganda, misdirection and taught ignorance, most people believe the liberty of others is a bad thing, and so destroy their own liberty by their lack of understanding. We have become so ignorant, needy and selfish we allow our noses to be rubbed in a double standard. That double standard is proof positive there is no true equality, and therefore, no true liberty. When some people are above the rules, they are the masters, and when others are below it’s protections, they are slaves. You are a slave, even if not in name, but in fact.


John Pepin

Tyranny by Regulation

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”
? James Madison

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, no human being ever born could begin to know and understand all the laws, regulations and codes that make up modern American jurisprudence. It would take a speed reader a lifetime to simply scan the Federal Register let alone understand them. Moreover, there are thousands of bureaucrats, people who we have little or no choice in selecting, working diligently eight hours every day, writing more. The amount of laws and regulations in the federal register alone written on paper is a mass of books that boggles the mind. Many of those regulations and laws are mutually exclusive making them incoherent. Add to that the fact that some groups are above the law and others are below the law and what our government has built is arbitrary rule, instead of law.

Examples of people who are above the law are legion, from Tim Geithner chiseling on his taxes, nanny gate, the House banking scandal, Fast and Furious, and the Benghazi cover up to Obama’s many extra Constitutional actions, the elite are increasingly above the limits law sets for the rest of us. any of which if you or I did them, we would be arrested, tried and jailed. Those who fall below the law’s protections are just as numerous, you or I could be arrested and held for twenty four hours without charge or access to a lawyer, there is no way a member of the elite would be subject to such unconstitutional actions. Land owners who have had their land taken for “Eminent domain,” where the property is not used for a road, public works or bridge, but to allow some member of the elite to build a hotel, casino or shopping mall, a business owner who must violate his or her faith else face punishment and you intellectual property can be stolen by the elite anytime they see fit, Eli Whitney being the most famous example. If you are charged by the bureaucracy you might not have the “privilege” of a lawyer, trial or facing your accuser, you are merely charged, tried and punished by the bureaucracy. Examples abound where the people are denied the protections of our Constitution and therefore are below the law’s protections.

The damage to our economy is horrendous. The application of all the regulations we live under cannot but limit economic growth. The damage to our economy from regulation is structural, not cyclical and so cannot be grown out of, lived past or is temporary, they are permanent hindrances to our economic growth. Due to the crushing weight of regulations we now have structural limits to the amount of people who can be employed, our wages are diminished daily by them and our standard of living is dropping. For the first time in US history the growth of small businesses is negative! Virtually every problem in our economy is the result of arcane regulations.

Lawyers must increasingly specialize. Law has become so convoluted, no lawyer could possibly be able to generalize anymore, and actually serve his or her client’s interests. I listened to a radio broadcast the other day where an expert was talking about the rules regarding inheriting a parent’s assets upon their death. In a half hour talk, the only thing that came out that was really understandable, was that you need an attorney to die today, else the government will penalize your children. The rules regarding simply inheriting a parent’s IRA are as counter intuitive as they are absurd. There is no corner of law today where that isn’t the case. Law and regulations have become counter intuitive and absurd.

I have heard that the average person today commits three felonies every day and has no idea they have done it. That statement speaks volumes on how arcane our regulations have become. You might fill in a wet spot on your lawn and have violated the wetlands protection act, you could get all the local permits to build a house and run afoul of some arcane regulation limiting the number of windows you are allowed to put in your house, you might make furniture in your garage and violate some foreign law, you could be having a bad day and yell at some stranger who stepped on your toe, the list of laws you violate every day is as endless at the federal register.

Imagine it, you are going about your daily activities, and without intention or malice, you violate some arcane regulation that would result in a felony if the government wanted to push it. Think about it for a moment, if that is the case, and it is considered truth by many pundits, lawyers and economists, you could be arrested and jailed at any time by a government that wants to shut you up, take your property, or just punish you for the way you vote or think. The slippery slope has become glare ice and has steepened to the point it is nearly vertical.

Madison wrote his opinion of a society where the laws are so complex, no one, even a trained attorney could understand them, in his letters and in the Federalist papers. His argument was that under such a system, anyone could be charged with a crime at any time, and so since it has become impossible to avoid violating such laws, everyone is a criminal. Where everyone is a criminal everyone lives and breathes at the suffering of government. When that is the case, government has become all powerful, and must be arbitrary in it’s appliance of those arcane laws and regulations. By James Madison’s definition, one of our premier founding fathers, thinkers and a patriot, we have become a tyranny.


John Pepin