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On the Death Of Fidel

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is informative to see which politician laments the death of Fidel Castro, and who doesn’t. You can tell how someone will turn out by the friends they keep. Those who praise Fidel clearly are sympathetic to his cause while those who denigrate him are not. Obviously, if one is saddened by the death of Fidel, they must have common cause in their struggle with Fidel’s. So we have to ask ourselves, what were the policies and goals of Fidel Castro? Moreover, those who express their love of Fidel must either condone or at least not condemn Castro’s actions. Once we have answered that question, we can understand the policies and goals of those politicians who praise him and lament Castro’s passing. From this we can decide if we want the same things for humanity or something different.

Fidel Castro was the atheist Marxist dictator of Cuba. He came to power by bloodshed and held power by terror, abuse and force. His policies were to enslave all humanity to the state. Castro instituted a policy of atheism in the schools supplanting God with Fidel, where school children would be asked if they believed in God, when they said yes, they were told to bow their heads and pray for candy. After a suitable period of time they were told to open their eyes to see there was no candy on their desks. Then they were told to pray to Fidel for Candy. When they opened their eyes there was a piece of candy on every desk. Likening back to Caligula, Fidel demanded not only fealty but adoration. There is no telling how many people Fidel turned away from God, sealing their fates, to burn in Hell for eternity.

Fidel Castro was instrumental in turning generations of Cuban people away from God. There is an old joke… a priest and a Jewish taxi driver stand at the gates of Heaven. Gabriel asks the taxi driver’s name to find his place in Heaven. The Taxi driver tells Gabriel, “My name is Saul Goldman.” Gabriel says, “Well then, we have a palatial mansion with a golf course, many swimming pools and game rooms for you!” Gabriel motions and Angels carry Saul to his reward. The priest is next and says, “My name is Father O’Brien.” Gabriel smiles and says, “We have a lovely condo for you father O’Brien.” The priest gets a bewildered look on his face and asks, “Why did that taxi driver get a mansion and I only get a condo, when I devoted my life to God?” Gabriel answers, “Because when you preached, people slept, but when Saul drove, people prayed…” besides the obvious, this joke tells a deep truth, those who turn people to God are rewarded heavily while those who turn people away from God are punished. Fidel devoted his entire life to turning people away from God.

Castro favored arbitrary rule as do all Marxists. Arbitrary rule as defined by the ancient Greeks is about the absolute power to the ruler over everyone else. Many in the past favored arbitrary rule their tales are told in the pages of Plutarch. Under arbitrary rule, the dictator can order anyone to do anything and that person must, else be executed. So under arbitrary rule a king can order a mother to kill her only son and she must else be executed, the autocrat can seize money or land from anyone, the tyrant can order anyone to work at whatever, for however long he or she decides without regard to the subject’s physical abilities. There is a name for people who live under arbitrary rule, slaves. A slave is subject to the whims of his or her master no different than a subject who lives under arbitrary rule. Basically, Fidel Castro believed everyone else should be his personal slave.

As do all dictators, Fidel lived the life of a king while his subjects live as paupers. Forbes magazine named Fidel Castro as one of the richest men on the planet since Fidel basically owned everything and everyone in Cuba as his personal chattel. Every house, street, store and farm was Fidel’s personal property, every citizen was subject to every whim of Castro and the Cuban children were his personal property. Fidel was very angry since dictators loathe their fancy lifestyles to be made public. Castro was the epitome of selfishness, envy, egoism and hate. Not only his policies prove this beyond a doubt, but the results of his policies are the polish to his life’s work, enslaving the people of the world to arbitrary rule, denying mankind the benefit of Heaven and fighting God’s plan that people have free will. In short, Fidel Castro, by his actions, was a very evil man.

Who is it then who is praising Fidel’s life’s work, who is it that supports subjecting humanity to arbitrary rule, atheism, elimination of free will and free enterprise? Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, the entire media that calls itself unbiased, Obama, elites the world over and most notably Pope Francis. Clearly, to praise a man’s life’s work is to agree with that life’s work. To argue otherwise is to argue water is no longer wet. Since these people and organizations support arbitrary rule, atheism and the slavery of mankind, any thinking person who wants liberty, prosperity, free enterprise as well as a possible eternity in Heaven, must not only ignore the words of these evil people, but actively fight against them in every way. Those who praise evil are themselves evil and should be hampered, reviled and spat upon at every opportunity. All it takes for evil to gain the upper hand is for good men to allow it to happen. This is your chance to not allow it to happen by recognizing who is evil.


John Pepin

Atheism, Belief and Morality

Monday, December 7th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if you think all there is to our universe is what you can see, smell, hear, taste and feel, you are irredeemably foolish. Sadly, many only believe in what they can sense despite all the evidence that most of creation is not sensible. Can you see, hear, taste, feel or smell an amoeba? They exist nonetheless, indeed even most of human science describes that which is insensible and only understood by association. Dark matter and dark energy are examples, yet many believe in Dark Energy but not God, because they claim there is no proof of God’s existence, while standing in the midst of the ultimate proof, the universe. While science can describes a lot of our universe it falls short in most ways. Science only describes the world, it doesn’t explain it. Science has become a religion unto itself, and like many old religions it is a religion of the temporal, not the spiritual. To worship that which is worldly, like trees, Earth, the Sun or the Moon, is to abandon the spiritual for the temporal, and is a path to a miserable, short, unfulfilled and violent life.

Atheists always claim they are moral people but refuse to recognize where the morality they claim to espouse came from. Atheism in and of itself has within it no morality. In fact, atheism is the direct opposite of morality, since it teaches that the here and now is all that counts, so why put off your personal gratification for anything, why not just take it from another? Atheists will argue they have compassion and that is why they limit their actions but where does that compassion emanate from? All human morality comes from religion and the teachings of true religious leaders. Jesus Christ taught to love thy neighbor as thyself, Confucius taught the golden rule, Buddha taught actions create Karma, etc… the morality that atheists claim to have within them is actually from the religions they claim to be above.

Morality must come from a place of epiconsciousness or spirituality. A monkey has no morality… it eats, sleeps, has sex, excretes and fights for more. A monkey has no spirituality, it cannot think on an epiconscious level, it is an animal that, while very intelligent, cannot understand a greater purpose then itself and it’s immediate needs. Morality comes from the human being’s ability to grasp there are those things which we cannot see, that we cannot taste nor really understand. We can understand that we have a purpose, veiled from us to be sure, but a purpose that transcends our individual lives and makes us more that we are otherwise. Morality is the recognition that we are not the center of the universe but a cog in it’s workings. To believe the universe is only what we can measure, is to ignore all there is that we cannot measure, morality is that measure and comes directly from religion.

Modern atheists actually follow the teachings of hedonism. Pleasure of the flesh is paramount. Some follow the philosopher Epicurus but without his spirituality. People who only seek pleasure of the flesh or of worldly things cannot be truly happy because those pleasures can be taken from them at any moment. Even a stumble down the steps to your front porch can result in paralysis and thus end all hedonistic pleasures. The atheist will fall apart and take his or her own life while the devout will grow spiritually from it. To be a hedonist is to be shallow and live a life unfulfilled. Some atheists will fight on this point and say they get their pleasure from music, reading poetry, philosophy or great works of literature, but the ability to enjoy books and music is just as fleeting as the ability to enjoy sex. It is the nature of the human condition that this is true.

An Atheist can be a very good, loving, honorable and moral person, but that isn’t because they are intrinsically good but because they have been taught morality, morality that comes from the very thing they eschew, a belief in God. They ignore the transcendent for the temporal and in doing so they have retreated back to the stone age where people worshiped the Earth, Moon and Sun. While many are happy they miss the fulfillment of knowing there is something more, they have value they cannot understand and have a purpose that transcends their humanity and existence. Knowledge of these things, and dare I say, belief, gives a person solid ground to trod rather than shifting sands of a hedonistic lifestyle, that could throw them to the ground at any moment. Belief is a rationally self interested attribute that, even if it is not true, makes the human condition better, for everyone, especially the believer, even the unbeliever.


John Pepin

God and the State

Monday, April 21st, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, government is intent on replacing God, and in doing so they demand equal supplication. This is not a new thing, the ancient empires all did it. The Egyptian Pharaohs were considered the sons of gods, as were many other kings. It was a means back then, when people were ignorant and superstitious, to legitimize arbitrary rule by kings over the people. Today the idea is essentially the same, the elite claim there is no God, and if there is no God, then all of our rights come from the State. If our rights come from the State then the State can revoke them as the politically elite see fit. This circular reasoning is elevated to an actual religion in the case of Communist States where we see mass murderers worshiped like Gods. Lenin and Mao come immediately to mind as does the North Korean demon Kim. The communist manifesto argued that religion is the opium of the people, and by that logic that pernicious religion seeks to replace God with the State. As we slide deeper into the morass of Statism, we will find ourselves in exactly the same position as the ancient peoples, subjects and slaves. If we allow it then we deserve it.


The US Constitution is based on a Judeo Christian definition of God. This cannot be denied unless one is ignorant of the words of the founding fathers or intentionally misleading the public. Moreover the Declaration of Independence clearly states that our Rights come from God. Which means that the founders of the American republic recognized God and that the State is a necessary evil to protect us and our property from those who would take them. They sought the most limited State possible that would have the power to protect us, our children and our things. The US founding documents are unambiguous about this.


That paradigm doesn’t suit the progressive and socialist faction. They seek to unshackle the US government, and indeed all governments, from any limitations whatsoever. They imagine all the good they could do if only they had unlimited power to redistribute the goods of society as they see fit. The State could eliminate all the ills of society and culture by deciding who wins and who looses in various human and economic interactions. They even have the hubris to seek to change our very nature, as in Marx’s Manifesto, he claims that once we live under communism we will loose touch with our individual selves and evolve into our species selves. All of this implies a strong worship of the State and the power of the State.


Of course all the “good” that could be done by government is dependent on eliminating the limitations that Constitutions and a belief in God place on them. Under a system where eternal punishment is taken as a given we are more placid knowing everything is in God’s very capable hands. But the socialist needs people to forget the eternal and dwell in the moment. This makes us jealous of our things, scared of each other, it forces us to be politically active all the time and lowers us to the level of mere animals. All of which works in the favor of those that seek to replace God with the State.


There are very few who have not witnessed a miracle. Perhaps it is the birth of a baby, the spontaneous remission of cancer or an astonishingly unlikely happenstance that benefited us in some way, but most of us have witnessed an act of God. Not to mention the miracles recorded in the Bible… like the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This makes the task of those that seek to replace God with the State much harder, and so they deny any of these things are miracles. Like a shyster they tell us to ignore our lying eyes and believe their honest pleas. Only a fool however will ignore his own eyes, experience and history to believe in a scam being perpetrated on them by a huckster. Unfortunately many do.


It is not reasonable to deny God exists in the face of the miraculous and worship the State given the history of human government. The State is administered by human beings, who are greedy, conniving and fearful, making the State these same things. Only a State administered by saints would be different. Those who consider themselves saints however, are in fact demons, and those who are saints, eschew power, making it impossible for a State to be anything but greedy, conniving and fearful. A self interested people rightly understood, understand these basic facts, but those who remain willfully ignorant do not. A rational maximizer will weigh the cost of turning from God to the State and find the wager absurd, while a fool will not only go along, but will attack the rational maximizer as mean and old fashioned. The results of turning away from God and to the State are there for all of us to see, they are arbitrary rule, if only we open our eyes and look.





John Pepin

Modern Genocide

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, there is a systematic genocide going on in the World, without the notice of most of the World’s population. This is truly concerning because a prerequisite for genocide is the ignorance, whether willful or unwitting, of the majority of the human population. The elite of most persuasions have piled on board with this genocide banking on the media to keep their complicity hidden. Then again, isn’t it a precondition for evil to grow that it remain in the darkness? This genocide is not limited to one nation persecuting a minority, it spans the globe with several different groups joining in on the oppression. The genocide I am talking about is the slaughter and oppression of Christians in every corner of the planet.


The story of Christianity is filled with bloodshed. The Romans gleefully slaughtered Christians in the arena, the forum and the streets. Christians were crucified by the thousands. Once Constantine made Christianity a “sanctioned” religion the immediate persecution ceased and Christianity peacefully spread throughout the known world.


The rise of Islam brought in a new wave of persecution. The Islamic armies spread Islam at the point of a sword, throughout the Middle East, (which was entirely Christian at the time and where the Nicene creed was written), East into Persia and the Caucasus, West into North Africa, (The home of Saint Augustine), and into Europe. The Islamic armies melted down church bells and cast them into cannons to be used against the Christians. The Islamic crusaders dug up the bones of saints and fed them to dogs. That is why we know of saint Nicholas today. He was the patron saint of Constantinople, (modern Istanbul), and when that great Christian city was about to fall, to protect his venerated bones, they were dug up and moved to Europe, along with his story.


The reformation was another time of slaughter of Christians, that time at the hands of Christians. The protestant armies clashed with the Catholic armies over minute disagreements on doctrine. Nevertheless the slaughter was horrific and state sponsored. The Christians were merely the pawns of the political elite, Christian blood the lubricant for the tyrannical machinery that rose from those wars. Christians were revolted by the bloodshed however, the Renaissance and later the Enlightenment, rose from these lessons.


The Islamic invasions of Europe were only curtailed by the escape of Vlad the Impaler. He was sent to the Turkish empire as tribute. The Muslims required hundreds of children a year as tribute else the Islamic army would mobilize against the Christian nations. Vlad’s brother was hansom and so was sent to a pedophilia to be raped. Vlad was intransigent and ugly and so was sent to a torture chamber. He eventually escaped back to Romania and ascended to his seat at the throne. Vlad immediately stopped sending children and the Islamic army mobilized to invade Romania. Vlad led his army against the Muslim invaders and defeated them. Using the lessons Vlad learned in the torture chamber, he ordered the Muslim survivors impaled along the boarder, as a warning not to invade again. The Muslims did, they were defeated and impaled, alongside their brothers. This led to an end of the eastern expansion into Europe.


Today history is repeating itself and Christians are under siege the world over. In Egypt Christian churches are burned, girls are abducted, raped and sold. Morsi ordered Christians run over by armored vehicles while peacefully protesting, and Christians huddle in fear for their lives. The Syrian rebels the US is supporting are burning churches, forcing Christians to convert else be beheaded, and the rebels are warning Christians will be exterminated once they win power. Christianity has ceased to exist in Afghanistan. In Nigeria Boko Haram is burning churches with Christians inside! There is no place in the Muslim world were Christians are safe and protected. Even in Saudi Arabia it is illegal to wear a cross or pray in public.


China and the atheist communists countries are no different. In China Christians are sent to forced labor camps, The Nazis called them concentration camps and sent Jews, Gypsies and Slavs to die in there. Christians are persecuted in North Korea, for merely practicing their faith, and even in the United States Christians are under attack! During the government shutdown Christian priests were ordered not to give communion or hold mass. Army chaplains are now ordered not to reference Christian themes or Jesus Christ! In the US, the government has embraced atheistic hostility to the Christian faith, and is now establishing atheism as the State religion.


The blood of Christians runs down the streets of the world and no one seems to notice or care. We are told of the atrocities Christians did, hundreds and thousands of years ago, (in direct violation of the teachings of Christ), without a murmur about the crimes perpetrated against Christians, then and now. Anti Christian propaganda fills the airwaves promulgated by the self proclaimed “enlightened.” This can only happen with the tacit complicity of the World’s elite. Occasionally there is a blurb about a church bombing here or there but the totality of the intentional, systematic and diabolical genocide against the Christian faith is ignored, apologized for and even justified! As human hearted people we must stand up and point at evil. Evil can only grow in darkness, if we shine a light on it, it will wither like a vampire in the sun. It is up to us as considerate human beings to do whatever we can to stop genocide, be it against Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Shinto or Muslims… If we truly deserve the moniker, human being that is.





John Pepin

Why We Have School Shootings

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, the raft of school massacres, drive by shootings, gang rapes and other heinous crimes perpetrated by our children should make us question… what in our society has gone so terribly wrong? The callousness of the crimes our teenagers are committing is astounding. This is a recent trend however. Prior to the 1980’s there were no school shootings despite the ready access to guns. I grew up with a gun in my bedroom closet. The thought never occurred to me to shoot anyone… especially my fellow teens! I was picked on, I was bullied, but the last thing that I would contemplate would have been to kill someone. In this article I hope to explore some of the reasons our society has started breeding killers instead of producers.


In order to even think about acting in such a violent way a person must lack empathy. If we dehumanize others it then becomes possible to kill without remorse. We see this in the dehumanizing propaganda of the Nazis… calling Slavs, Jews and Gypsies untermensch, the communists with bourgeoisie and modern progressives with “Tea Baggers.” This is a necessary prerequisite to carrying out a Columbine type massacre. Those who identify with others as fellow human beings, have empathy for their fellow man, and cannot murder without remorse. This is common sense. Therefore, those children who act violently lack empathy, for whatever reason.


Hsun Ching said, the congenital nature of Man is evil, the good in us is learned. If we take this to be true then it is clear that empathy is a learned trait. Children are not born with it. It is parenting that teaches us the good from the bad, aided by religion and to a lesser extent society. From this it becomes obvious that the civilizing of children is being undermined by something new, since this is a new phenomenon.


The incidence of violent crime committed by teens before 1990 was very low and concentrated in the inner cities. This is a point at which to start our inquiry. Children raised in the hinterlands had almost universal access to guns, but the incidence of violent crime was almost non existent. Clearly something that was effecting children in the inner cities prior to 1990, that was absent in the country, had the effect of lowering the empathy of children. If we examine the factors that were common in the inner cities back then, but were absent in the rural areas, we might get a handle on why we are facing such violence from our youth.


The culture of the inner city is society’s culture today. Rap music is all the rage with it’s violent lyrics and sexist themes, video games become more violent daily, and hard drug use is rampant. To blame all the violence we see on a single genre of music or violent games would be lazy. Other human factors we see in the inner city are a lack of fathers in the home. The welfare state provides powerful financial incentives for women to have children out of wedlock. Other things we see in the inner city are a lack of religion among parents. Children are raised without the moral teachings of any religion at all. They are universally inculcated to atheism, which is taught in the state run school system. These are potent factors in the moral teaching of children that were lacking in the inner cities prior to 1990 that have migrated to the suburbs and now the rural areas of our country.


Those who are taught atheism by the public schools have no spiritual underpinnings. There is no fear of hell, or love of God, only the empty ideology of hedonism. The hedonist who has no fear of certain immortal punishment, only the possibility of temporal punishment and then only if they are caught, have limited incentives to be good. I recall setting in Church on Sundays and attending Catechism after school. This had a long lasting influence on me. Without the moral imperative that a belief in God bestows to children, who are human beings and have an innate desire to believe in something, become easy victims of pernicious teachings. From this we can conclude that the atheistic state monopoly schools have some culpability in the violence.


Fathers are integral in the raising of children. This cannot be denied, but often is, by the secular atheists who run our government. The State has usurped the role of father in the modern family. Gay marriage is only a symptom of this. The role of mothers has traditionally been to provide a safe loving home setting for children, while the role of father is to provide the discipline that civilizes us. I remember, the mere threat of my father coming home and hearing of something I did wrong, was enough to snap me back in line. How sad that so many children have no such figure in their lives. The State is a very poor replacement. From this we can see that the incentives the welfare system gives to people, to be unwed mothers and absent fathers, has culpability as well.


The lack of fathers providing a civilizing and stabilizing effect on children, along with the lack of religious teaching providing moral grounding, have the negative effect of disconnecting children from civilization. A person who is disconnected from their civilization believes he or she has no stake in society. Those with no stake in society see others as mere tools, there to meet their hedonistic wants and needs, and so have no empathy. Empathy is built up over time in children, by families, religion, discipline and social interaction. Human beings who lack some, or all these things, are far more susceptible to the negative influences of violent video games, pernicious music, gang culture and the dehumanizing effects of hard drugs.


These evils have migrated from our inner cities to the suburbs and farms to dehumanize our children. Clearly, not all children are committing such acts of violence, but if you look into it you will find that all the children who do act in such anti social ways, have one or more of these negative influences in their lives. The answer to this violence is not to limit guns, outlaw video games or censor rap music, it is to restore the good influences and empathy our institutions used to instill in children, institutions that are under siege today. It is the lack of these good influences that are the real culprits… promoted by the atheistic welfare State.





John Pepin

On Freedom of Religion vs. Separation of Church and State.

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the fully sophist term, “separation of church and State,” is diametrically opposed to the concept of freedom of religion. The first, separation, demands the State focus on eradicating religion from the public square, and the second, freedom of religion, requires government to ignore religion. When the State must have no religion it is the definition of an atheist State. If the state must be atheist, then it has established a state religion, anti religion. Such a State, devoid of higher morality, cannot long stand. A lack of higher morality allows the State to implement anything that catches it’s fancy. This is the definition of arbitrary government.

The atheists claim they just don’t want religion driven down their throats. This is pure hypocrisy because they have no problem driving their atheism down our throats. No one demands they attend church services, but they require us bow down to the atheist state. They require atheism be taught to our children in the government monopoly school system! When the atheist demands the ten commandments be removed from all government edifices, they seek to offend religious people. They get away with it because it violates the established government religion… atheism. The atheist is the hypocrite that demands religion be kept indoors, under wraps and hidden, so their philosophy of anti religion can be forwarded by government, and thus become ascendent.

All philosophies about the nature, origin and worship of God, are religions. No matter if a philosophy is pro God or anti God it is still an expression of a belief, or disbelief, in God. That an ethos is against God and his worship, is as much a statement of the atheist’s beliefs about God, as the most ardent Baptist sermon is a testament to a belief in God. Therefore, clearly, atheism is a form of religion.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” This is the actual text of the First amendment of the US Constitution. It says the State must not establish any religion or impede the free exercise thereof. We have proven that atheism is as much a religion as Judaism or Zoroastrianism. Separation therefore, since it establishes Atheism as the State religion, is unconstitutional.

Freedom has, as a perquisite, that men be allowed free action. This, it would seem, should be simple common sense. If a state outlaws an action it can be said that there is no freedom of that action. Separation of church and state outlaws the free exercise of religion. The moment an anti religious person is offended, and they are a cold sore longing to be touched, they will go to the courts, stinging us, with the government driving atheism down our throats. This is the antithesis of freedom of religion; it is the State establishing religion and outlawing the free exercise thereof.

If someone is denied the ability, to say even the Lord’s prayer at a school function, or a group of citizens to have services in a park, by law, it is the manifestation of a State’s oppression against religion, a restriction against peaceable assembly, and a limit on free speech? The atheist is given free reign to express his or her hate of religion openly, in the public square, paid for by government, taught in the government school, and enforced by government fiat and law. That, my friends, is the definition of a State sponsored religion. We follow the road trod by Hitler and Lenin… to the same end.

The Nazis and Bolsheviks had separation of church and state. Nazism was absolutely atheist as are the communists. The Nazis’ first targets were Catholic priests, then the gypsy’s, and finally the Jews. The Communists are antithetical to all religions. Their founding philosophy, that religion is the opium of the people, had in it’s very seed a separation of church and state. They needed religion to be unknown by the people because a religious people are unwilling to cover themselves in the blood of innocents. Slaughtering millions of Gypsy’s, Jews and disabled people is not something a Christian, who follows his religion, would do. Hitler got many of his ideas from American progressives, ideas that are becoming possible in America under separation, once we are divested of our belief in God.

William James philosophy of pragmatism, that an idea that bears good fruit must be good and a philosophy that bears bad fruit must therefore be bad, comes into play in this discussion. We know where those evil empires led humanity. They visited the worst possible atrocities on Mankind, with the mechanized efficiency of an atheist State, despite their short and violent lives. The evil they were, and are, is testament of the evil of the sophist siren call for a separation of church and State.

The progressives have been redefining our Constitution for years. They ignore the wording and meaning changing it to suit their own ideas of what government should be. Their rhetoric that the Constitution is a “living breathing document,” which of course is saying, it means whatever the hell they tell us it does, no matter the wording, common sense, or the description of it in the Federalist papers. It is intolerable for the progressive that we live as we see fit. In their hubris, they see the rest of us as ignorant fools, in need the state to oversee our every action. In the progressive State, the only choice we can have, is the choice to kill our own unborn baby, and soon up to a year old. They seek to control even our religious beliefs. Separation of church and state is the means to that end.

It is the nature of usurpers to pervert that which holds them from arbitrary power. History shows the evil, a State that has no higher authority than it’s own hubris, is capable of. Pragmatism shows us that if something bears malevolent fruit when it is implemented, it is evil itself, proving the badness of separation of church and State. Unless we demand, the US government stops establishing atheism as the State religion, our children will be subject to all the historic evils of communism and Nazism. Such as, abortion on demand, killing people unfit to serve the State, State imposed famine, Wars of acquisition like Drang nach Osten, and State controlled media… among others. Nazism and communism are two nuts from the same burr and both are poison. I reject both along with their philosophy of Separation of Church and State! I demand freedom of religion and freedom of speech!


John Pepin