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Anti Capitalist Elite and Rhetoric

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Dear Friends

It seems to me, the most detested self evident right, of all Elite, is freedom of speech. No other right is as loathed as the public’s ability, in some nations, to freely speak negatively of their rulers. The Elite want to work in darkness… like mold. The light of public discourse is withering to them, so they seek at every turn, to undermine the right to free speech.

The Elite love Human Rights that require the Elite to extract property, at the point of a gun, from others in society. These, non self evident rights, empower the Elite to do what they want to do anyway… Tax and spend. Think of it this way. If your neighbor had the legal right, to spend an unlimited amount of money in your name, only subject to his or her whim, and can spend the money freely on themselves, how deeply in debt would they put you, how deeply in debt would you put them? How much more egregious, would you or they be, if the spending was done in the dark?

To get at free speech however, the Elite will cross any bridge, and then turn and burn it. Take the tragic shooting of the Congress woman in Arizona. The Anti capitalist faction of the Elite are trying to use this episode for political gain. Crass and despicable as it may be, they seek to use this tragedy, to narrow political discourse into channels they find more appealing. Decrying the vitriol of those that seek liberty while ignoring the vitriol of those that seek tyranny.

No way that could be a bad thing. Quieting the discourse of those that seek to limit the power of government, and allowing the most hateful vitriol to go unchallenged, must be a good thing? Have people forgotten the names the anti capitalists, including Obama himself, called George W. Bush? The books written and published how to kill Bush, the constant drum beat of hateful rhetoric against the man? I ask you, is this acceptable political discourse… It is if it comes from anti capitalists.

Yet they use the lone gunmen to paint whole swaths of society. Anyone who disagrees with the future tyrant, is disturbing the order of society, by inciting violence. But when the Communist calls for violent revolution in front of a crowd of believers he is given a place in the Executive Branch. Van Jones rhetoric must not be dangerous, but if it is pointed out that the new health care law will necessarily give rise to panels of people who will have the power of life and death, people will rise up and bomb abortion clinics. The anti capitalist, intentionally twists cause and effect, to undermine the ability of us to speak freely among ourselves.

Yet the anti capitalist faction of the American Elite claimed that when Major Malik Nadal Hasan opened up and started shooting yelling “Abu Akbar” it was the act of a lone gunman. Seriously, if the nut job who shot Arizona Congresswoman Giffords, had announced he was doing it for some right wing organization, would it still get as soft pedaled as the clearly anti American Fart Hood shooting was by the anti capitalist Elite? Yet the President has no problem with the rhetoric coming from violent Jihad originations? Why is that?

The other self evident right, the anti capitalist Elite hate, is the absolute right of self defense. The Right of self defense gives rise to the American Constitutional Right to keeps and Bear Arms. The Elite see this as a threat to the State’s absolute monopoly on violence. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is another right that will be attacked by the anti capitalist Elite in the coming days. The anti capitalist Elite want people to be dependant. The Right to self defense makes people independent. Independent people have little need of “help” from government, ergo they generate little need for the Elite to tax and spend, their favorite activity.

So we can clearly see, that the right to free speech and the right to keep and bear arms interferes with the anti capitalist Elite’s favorite activities… pillaging the money and property and raping the rights of their serfs. To answer a question I posed earlier, there is no level of debt that another will not put you or I in, if he or she can with no consequence. I am no better than your neighbor, or you, so why do people think, those who have proven themselves to be selfish, greedy and despicable, in every way… to be more virtuous than you or I?

Because people who lie constantly say they are?

Arizona Law and Illegal Immigration Law

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the stance of the Federal government as stated by Eric Holder is idiotic. To say that state authorities have no ability to arrest people found to be in violation of federal law opens a whole can of worms.

Is this a blanket statement? If it is then what about machine gun laws? They are federal. If a local law enforcement officer comes across a person brandishing a machine gun, that officer wouldn’t be allowed to even notify federal law enforcement about it… according to Holder. Let alone arrest him or her for it. Does this make sense to you?

If it is not a blanket statement then why the constitutional carve out for illegal immigrants? What legal basis could there be for it? So, if Mr. Holder claims that there is a carve out of federal law for illegal aliens, then is it because, there is a clear need for them in the US. One that is so important that it outweighs the mass of legal precedent. Legal precedent that is… all people are equal, under the law. Or has it changed to… all groups, are equal. There are some that are more equal then others. Illegal Aliens for example…

But if the administration is right, that local and State law enforcement cannot enforce Federal law, then I expect people will be getting out their printing presses and printing up $100 dollar bills. Only the FBI can enforce Federal law under the Holder leadership. A person could knowingly pass a printed counterfeit $20.00 bill and the Federal government would frown on a local police officer taking notice.

Slavery is another example. Does it make sense for local and State officials to turn a blind eye to a slavery ring operating in the US? Say…Trafficking in young girls? Under Holders assertion local and State police would be barred from reporting Human traffickers to federal authorities. To do so would make it less likely that people would report crime to the police. Using Holder’s logic.

What if Local police came across a treason plot that was about to be hatched? Holder would argue that it isn’t local police authority to intervene. If the government was overthrown and a communist regime set up, that then murdered twenty five million Americans, according to Eric Holder, that would be the price for liberty…. Or something. All to overturn a law Mr. Holder has not read.

No… Holder and the administrations want to use illegal immigration as a lever. A lever to use to move the American people to accept “comprehensive” reform. The law, as it is written, is “unsustainable.”

The definition of “comprehensive” is making all the illegal immigrants citizens… again. It had such a negative effect on illegal immigration the last few times it was tried it should definitely be tried again, and again, and again… Government loves to re-try things that have failed in the past. The bigger the failure the more it must try again.

The definition of “unsustainable” is anything the government wants to take over and control. If the government wants to take over and control health care they call it unsustainable. A word that, I am sure, has been thoroughly polled and tested… for it’s public palatability.

The real issue is that a faction of the American political Elite see an opportunity. They believe, if they make millions of poorly educated people who can’t speak English citizens, then the new citizens will reward that faction with their political support. It is not totally unfounded. Most of the poor and uneducated in South America vote reliably for communist governments. The faction of the American Elite that want to make them citizens agree with communist philosophy… they just call it progressivism. Their (illegal immigrants and the Elite’s) interests seem to be aligned.

Of course this would make a true underclass in the USA. Something the progressives have wanted for years. Real inequality… Not the ginned up, pretend variety they have been claiming is in the US. Real poverty, enforced by a language barrier and an education ceiling. Trapped in poverty and ignorance the Elite believe the Latinos will keep them in office forever…

Forever trapping the “undocumented workers” in poverty. Because to ever let them get up would undermine the power of the Elite… And if the power of the Elite is ever threatened… The Elite become dangerous even to their old allies.