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Choosing Slavery Over Freedom

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is a lot of work to forge a bunch of chains, raise a band of evil men, charge into a village, kill most of the people, enslave the rest and force march them across a continent, it is much easier to get your victims to forge their own chains, kill their own people, force themselves to march across a continent… by getting them to vote themselves into slavery. Since, as it would seem, people today seek the comfort, security and structure of slavery, they look for the politician who will offer them what they want. College kids cheer whenever their rights are taken away, free speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom to own property, even freedom itself is hateful to our children. They would rather a society where the most vile, perverted and selfish people rule with absolute power. Sadly, I suspect, once our children get what they so longingly desire, they might not be as happy there as they believe.

Cultural Marxism has brought us to this crossroad. Designed specifically to separate people from Christianity, the market system and the advances of the enlightenment, and return humanity to a state of slavery characterized by arbitrary rule, as during the feudal days, cultural Marxism has succeeded far better than even Marcuse, Chomsky or Trotsky could have imagined. Cultural Marxism essentially soaks the culture in raw sewage until we all reek so much we loose the ability to smell it. Because of our lack of standing up to it, cultural Marxists have taken over all forms of the media, the education system, government and law. From their positions of power the new class have poured raw sewage over the rest of us without much push back.

The education system has been changed from a system to educate children so they can live a good life, engage in the market system and be good citizens of a free nation, into a system whereby children are alienated from their parents, inculcated in absurdities, taught to value authority over discourse, unlearn what sex they are, throw off the values of Christianity in favor of Satanism and seek the comfort of slavery. Ask your own children if communism is bad, men using the lady’s room is wrong, or if our rights come from government or God… their answer will most probably startle you. The power over our education system has been moved ever higher in government, until now there is essentially no local control, but all control comes from the highest echelons of government. If you stand up in a school board meeting, voicing an opinion not accepted by the authorities, you will be forcibly removed and possibly arrested for excising your freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and parental control. Moreover, the trampling of your rights will be cheered by your own children.

Since we abdicated our responsibility to educate our children, instead giving government the power to instill whatever nonsense the elite see fit to pollute our children’s minds with, we have got what we deserve. We allowed it to happen by setting down when we were told to, allowing abortion on demand, turning a blind eye to the LGBT movement, ceding the environmental movement to Marxists, voting for the politician who claimed he or she would give us the most free stuff, halfheartedly protesting when our values were being systematically undermined, sending our children to government schools we know are designed to fail because we are too lazy to educate them ourselves and buying into the fiction that government can solve our personal problems. We built the forge that our children are now using to forge their, and our, chains.

Khrushchev said our children will happily vote for Marxism, and as it turns out… he was right. They have been swimming in the sewage of cultural Marxism for their entire lives. So much so they can see something white, know it is white, yet call it black with the absolute certainty of a zealot. Not just our children but many older people too seek the comfort of slavery. As you read this, your chains are being forged, your rights are being crushed, you may be killed if you push back, the forced march is being lined up and our own children will be the ones holding the guns to our heads. Democracy, according to Aristotle, is one of the wrong forms of government, because it is the tyranny of the majority over the minority. When the majority vote to make us all slaves, the elite will be too happy to go along, and than tyranny will be worldwide and complete… enjoy.


John Pepin

Election Integrity

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, for the democratic element of our republic to function, as democratic, first there must be honest elections, barring that there is no democracy only the tyranny of the powerful over the powerless. If someone wants to become a despot, all that is needed is to give the appearance of free and honest elections, but in fact so undermine the election process with fraud and vote rigging that there is no honesty to the election process at all. Of course to do such a thing is villainy of the highest order. History shows however, and we all know from experience, that people can be counted on to do whatever they can to get advantage, in this the political elite are far worse than the average man or woman, because there are almost never consequences to their wrongdoing. Elections that are rigged are not elections at all but coronations.

Since the democratic element of the United States is the essential means for our governors to get the consent of the governed, us, the integrity of the election process is essential. The United States is a republic, a mixing of Aristotle’s Right forms of government, despite the pervasive propaganda that the US is a democracy, one of Aristotle’s wrong forms. Aristotle’s right forms are, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, while his wrong forms are tyranny, oligarchy and democracy. His best form is a republic, a blending of two or more of the right forms. What the right forms have in common, is that they serve the needs of all people, and what is wrong with the wrong forms, is that they each serve the people with the power. Tyranny serves the monarch, oligarchy serves the aristocracy and democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority.

Perverting the democratic element of our republic turns the aristocratic element of our republic, the legislature, into oligarchy, it perverts the monarchical element, the President, into a tyrant, eliminating altogether the democratic balance. All this mischief is done by degrading the base of our system, which is democracy. It should be obvious that corrupting the foundation makes the edifice unstable. Each part of the government must necessarily change from serving all the people, rich, middling and poor, to serving themselves only. The President becomes a tyrant who only serves him or herself, the legislature becomes an oligarchy that seeks only more power and wealth… and the people follow their leaders and become self serving egoists as well. Clearly, no society or government no matter how constituted, can survive such depravity for long.

Those who might agree with what the corrupting faction is doing today, should take heed that no matter how much you might agree with them today, you may not tomorrow, but then it will be too late you have given them the power to do it, and given up your power to stop them. Many know there is blatant vote fraud but spuriously argue there is none because they want their guy to have power. They might believe their guy will do good with that power, but there is no case in history or in the future, that power gained by such means has led to anything but ruination for the people and the society. This is because power is like cocaine or heroin, in small doses they help with pain, but as the doses get ever larger, they fog the mind and corrupt the soul until the drug is all consuming. The addiction of the elite to power never leads to a good result, it can only lead to all of us loosing all that we have, our grace, our wealth and our children. All great civilizations have fallen thus.

It is by small steps that we race to Hell and by small crimes that great societies crumble. Voter fraud is by far the most corrupting form of small crime. Each instance may seem small but cumulatively they add up to great evil. Dishonest politicians can be dealt with, common crime can be cleaned up and foreign attacks can be beaten back, but rot from within hollows out the very center of a civilization. Once the center is gone collapse is imminent and nothing can stop it. Accepting vote fraud and election rigging is the surest sign a civilization is rotten from within. In 25 AD Titus Livius told the Roman people that unless they changed their ways Rome would collapse. He was called an idiot by the patricians and plebeians alike. Rome had lasted a thousand years and would last a thousand more. History showed Livy correct and everyone else wrong.

What Livy did have wrong however, is that it is never the people that corrupt a society, it is always the elite that introduce it, then pass it down to those they lead. Tolerating rigged elections guarantees corruption of the most pernicious sort… no matter how much you agree with the party doing it. That is because government must serve all else it is one of Aristotle’s wrong forms and will become despotic. Since democracy is the base of our system of government, election fraud that pulverizes the foundation, weakens the whole of our society. Therefore, if we don’t stand up to our leaders and demand vote fraud be eliminated, requiring those engaging in it be punished severely, our complacence will sow the seeds of our own destruction, enslaving our children to whomever rises in our place.


John Pepin

Post Constitutional America

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the United States has entered a post Constitutional era, similar to when Rome passed from a republic to a tyranny, America has thrown off her founding principles and replaced them with the authoritarian credo of a despot. All nations founded in liberty eventually follow this path. In all cases the path to authoritarianism is led by the elite, political, cultural and social. Sadly in every case the entering of an authoritarian era always leads the known world into a dark age. The distance in time between abandoning of the societal myth and the complete fall, depends on how tenacious the people are in holding onto their societal myth, divided by how corrupt the ruling class has become. The economic might of the nation is another factor crucial to the length of time a republic has, after it ceases to be a republic in fact, but in name only. In the case of Rome, the people held tightly to their societal myth, while in the US, the people have all but cast aside our societal myth. Given that fact, the time between entering our post constitutional era and the total collapse of our republic is probably very short indeed. When the US republic falls the world will be plunged into a dark age with horrors visited on mankind which could have never even been imagined before.

America is not any different than any of the republics that have come before. I like to use the example of Rome, because it was founded in liberty and collapsed in tyranny, making it a perfect example for the American experiment. The founding fathers looked to Rome for inspiration even considering using the consular system. That system was rejected in favor of the newer system of Constitutionalism. That Rome was a precursor and template for the American experiment is shown in our edifices that follow the Greek and Roman patterns. In fact even the very idea of a nation founded in liberty has it’s roots in the Greco-Roman tradition.

When Rome followed the republican path she saw an uninterrupted string of successes. No city state or empire could defeat her in war. The Roman economy was second to none and the people had a freedom of thought and action never before seen in humanity. Sparta was unbeatable when it followed the laws of Lycurgus. Once the Spartans tossed out Lycurgus’ laws they quickly collapsed and were subjugated by the Macedonians. Athens followed the laws of Draco then Solon. Once Pericles began using the ostracism as a political tool the fall of Athens to Sparta was at hand.

Athens, perhaps the most renowned democracy, gave rise to some of the most influential thinkers in human history culminating in Aristotle, who wrote Nicomachean Ethics. In which he enumerated the right forms of government and the wrong forms. His right forms were, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, and explained the wrong forms are perversions of the right forms, tyranny a perversion of monarchy, oligarchy a perversion of aristocracy and democracy the perversion of polity. He went on to argue a republic, or blending of the right forms, was the best possible form. That history was well known to the founding fathers of the American republic.

In all cases the elite led the people to ruin. My favorite story from the Spring and Summer Annuls, is the story of the Duke of Lu, who asked Confucius how he could get the people to be less greedy, not engage in adultery, and stop shirking their duty. Confucius answered by saying the Duke could stop doing these things himself and lead by example. Confucius and his disciples had to flee Lu state shortly after. The point of the story is that corruption flows from the top down, never from the bottom up. The people, busy with their own lives, have very little time to oversee the rulers and typically have no power over them anyway. So without consequences for villainy the rulers become ever more corrupt. The people see their leaders corruption and follow. Eventually, the society becomes a house of cards, so rotted it collapses at the first gust of wind.

Constitutionalism is supposed to strictly limit the ability of any government to become tyrannical. The concept was that a constitution is to be a contract between the governors and the governed, in which the people would give up some of their sovereignty to the government, for purposes of protecting the people’s property, lives and liberty. That concept has been evolved by the new class elite to mean something very different. Today constitutions are living breathing documents who’s meaning changes with the wants and avarice of the ruling elite. The words change meanings, the intent is ignored and the most absurd things are inferred into it. The US Constitution has become merely a pretty cloak to cover the emperor’s tyranny. Today the Constitution means whatever the elite claim it does.

The meaning of the US Constitution has been so bastardized it bears no resemblance to the original document at all. This started under Teddy Roosevelt, was accelerated by Woodrow Wilson, was cast in stone by Franklin Roosevelt and our Constitution has become utterly irrelevant under Barack Obama. Obama creates legislation by fiat, the legislative branch has become nothing more than a chatterbox that has given away all it’s real power to the bureaucracy, while the Judicial branch has overseen the transition to our post Constitutional era with delight. The amendments have been so perverted they mean nothing. Freedom of religion has given way to the state religion of atheism, the freedom to keep and bear arms has been so infringed the people have been effectively disarmed, the police have become militarized to the point of becoming a modern praetorian guard, the Tenth amendment is superfluous, since virtually all power has been elevated to the Federal government, the list goes on and on.

Yes the United States has abandoned our Constitution and most of the people could care less. The few who stand for our founding principles are attacked as extremists while those who openly avow to overthrow our system are mainstream. Our economy has been hollowed out so badly it takes over two hundred billion dollars printed a month, to keep our economic balloon inflated, our government has us in a perpetual state of war, our standard of living is diminishing at an ever faster rate, the President now has arbitrary rule, our universities have become mere indoctrination centers for Marxists and our entertainment elite parade a plethora of absurdities in front of us to keep us distracted. Elitist theory is adamant about one thing, great civilizations are never overthrown from without, they are always hollowed out by corruption from within… and once the fall comes, it is because the civilization is ripe for it.


John Pepin

Kindness, Courtesy and Civilization

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, civilization, being a manifestation of humanity, is based on human hearted actions… like kindness and courtesy. These two mutually harmonious ways of being are the cement and aggregate that make up the foundation of civilization. Those that practice them advance civilization and those who don’t destroy it. We all want to live in a civilized society, and all of us seek the advantages that civilization brings, but to live in a civilized society requires us to be civilized ourselves. We are obligated to be kind and courteous, if we are to be civilized, not to be so, is to be uncivilized. We loose sight of this at risk not only to our fortunes and pleasures but to our very souls.

Aristotle said that people are social animals. Civilization is not necessarially a fact of us being social however. Ants are social, in fact, it could be argued that they are more social than us, but an ant colony, no matter the order it displays, is not civilized. By this example we see that social organization is not a primary attribute of civilization. Nor is communal living necessarially an attribute of civilization… as every historical example of socialist and communist nations have descended into barbarity, bloodshed and depravity… they are the antithesis of civilization. Civilization requires human heartedness as a prerequisite, order and communal living are created by civilization, but civilization is not based on them, it creates them.

Kindness is simply an attitude of holding others charitably, overlooking their faults, doing acts that advance the well being of our fellows and making the lives of strangers more comfortable. This is an easy concept to understand, every one of us wants to be treated kindly, but it is far harder to practice in our daily lives. We all have days when we are grumpy, out of sorts and simply mad at the world. It is at these times that it is the most important that we act kindly to those we come across. We grow as a result both intellectually and spiritually. Moreover, the very act of being kind not only creates civilization in us, but it grows civilization in others.

There is an old axiom that courtesy is the lubricant of society. Courtesy is a twin to kindness in that it is treating others in a way that makes it emotionally safe to interact with friends and strangers. Courtesy is an indication that we recognize the humanity and worth of those we interact with. Since all of us must interact with our fellow man to get our needs met, courtesy facilitates the process. From such mundane acts, like shopping, to extreme times of sorrow, we need others to help us in our day to day lives. Civilization allows this to happen in a way that is efficient and comfortable. The efficiency of meeting our needs and the needs of others, that civilization fosters, is enhanced by courtesy.

It is not possible to pass our obligation for kindness to the State. The State is a product of the lack of civilization of those within it. If mankind lived in a spirit of absolute civilization the State would be superfluous. As such, the State is an entity that acts as a backstop for those that act uncivilized, IE, unkind and iniquitous. As we pass our duties to be kind to the State, we become less civilized, and the power of the State must grow to balance our selfishness and inequity. The result is less civilization, not more. The same can be said of courtesy, the less we display, the more the State must coerce social harmony.

If we want to live in a society that is civilized we must act both kindly to others and courteously. If we try to pass our obligation to be civilized to the State, the quality of civilization is diminished… necessarially. The State cannot hold people charitably, it cannot overlook the faults of people and it cannot treat others as it would be treated… because it is not a human being. The State is an entity that is based on power to punish and force action to create social concord where there is none. The State imposes order on society… civilization creates it. Strict order is not civilization nor is communal living, they are side effects of civilization, but are not a prerequisite of it. We are obligated to act in a way that forwards the goal of civilization not stunt it. Those that understand and learn this lesson will be more human hearted and those that scoff will be less so. The state of our civilization will be enhanced or harmed by your actions. In the end, the real question is, do you want to live in a civilized society… or an ordered one?


John Pepin

Should We Spread Democracy or Capitalism Around the World?

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, that the sophist call for the US to spread “democracy” around the World, shows how foolish and stupefied we have all become. Democracy is no more synonymous with freedom and prosperity than aristocracy, monarchy or even republicanism. They are forms of government, that usually, have a lack of freedom for the individual as their chief attribute. Democracy has an equally horrible track record in this regard as any dictator or oligarch. Aristotle said, “democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority” and his sentiments were echoed by the US founding fathers. That is why Ben Franklin, when asked what kind of government the founders had given us, replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” A more correct thing, for America and other freedom loving people around the World to spread, would be capitalism.

Democracy was one of Aristotle’s wrong forms of government. He listed the correct forms of government as, polity, aristocracy and monarchy… and the wrong forms as, democracy, oligarchy and tyranny. The thing the right forms have in common is that they rule for the betterment of all. The wrong forms in that they rule for the benefit of the rulers. Democracy is no different. The size of the oppressor group is superfluous.

If we seek a more peaceful and prosperous World, what we should be spreading, is free market capitalism! It is free market capitalism that has led to the fastest and most widespread prosperity the World has ever seen. The history of Man is one of poverty for the masses and prosperity for the few. Capitalism turns that on it’s head and distributes prosperity, and freedom, to everyone.

Free markets and capitalism requires, as a prerequisite, freedom of the individual. To attempt to have free markets without freedom for the individual is like trying to breathe water. It cannot be done. This is because, for a free market to work, we must be free to live our lives and engage in business. We must be free to win and free to fail. Often it is in failure that we learn to succeed. We must be allowed to take risks and to make our own decisions about our lives, habits and time. We must have room from regulation, to create new paradigms of business, meet new and expanding human needs and wants…and our lives must be our own. Else the free market simply collapses and becomes distributive justice by political favor, the historical norm.

Capitalist systems, and all other economic systems, are by their nature complex systems. Complex systems are systems of individual actors who are independent, diverse, interconnected, able to adapt, interdependent and respond to their local environments. Democracy, being the tyranny of the majority over the minority, undermines some of the basic attributes of a complex system. Tyranny, in all it’s forms, limits the ability of actors to, adapt, eliminates diversity and independence, while increasing interdependency to ridiculous heights. If the complex system of economics is allowed to function, with all it’s warts as well as it’s halos, the lot of Man is improved. If it is undermined, by a man or group seeking it’s own good, above the good of all, the lot of Mankind is lowered.

No system is perfect, but the horrors visited on Mankind, by economic and political systems, that use distributive justice by political favor as their model, have been universally evil. History is littered with the detritus of failed States, mutilated bodies and destroyed families, that used this model. Many had democracy as their cornerstone. But, they sought to distribute the goods of society by political favor, from those with no political power to those with political power… believing it to be more fair. The killing fields of Cambodia, Stalin’s purges, Mao’s famines, mass slaughter of dissidents in communist countries, mass graves, Nazism and other ideologies systematic extermination of people, like Jews, Gypsies, Armenians and others, are outcomes of this pernicious notion, that majority rule is the be all and end all of human existence.

As I have shown, to say that democracy is the highest good, is sophistry. This is self evident once a person takes a long hard look at the underlying logic. It is not to say that every form of government should not have a democratic component, because for a government to be legitimate, it must have the consent of the governed. But it is to say, that democracy in and of itself, is not the final answer, it is more often than not, a means to trick people into empowering an oppressor group, the size of that group being irrelevant to the fact they are despots. If we truly want to improve the lot of Man, and put an end to the inhumanities that have plagued mankind throughout the ages, we must seek to spread capitalism around the World. Capitalism, a system that has led to the unheard of standard of living we enjoy today. A lifestyle that is put at risk, when we fall prey to foolish and sophistic claims, that democracy is the font of all that is good. That is why I say, “We must spread free markets and freedom around the World… if we want peace and prosperity.” If you want poverty and atrocity, however, then democracy is as good a way to go as any.


John Pepin

If I Were Dictator of Greece..

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if I were made dictator of Greece for one year , I would implement a much better plan to fix the economy than anything I have seen yet. The stakes are huge but the Elite are playing the lute while Athens burns. The instrument is socialistic demand side fixes, that have been proven to fail, every time they are tried. Meanwhile… circumstances change for the worse, daily. Greek GDP is falling off the table. The situation requires drastic action to stem the economic blood loss, and to, change the trajectory of the debt to growth ratio. Your 401k and retirement are directly threatened by this state of affairs even if you haven‘t invested in Greek or European debt. When it explodes, the Elite will not take any loss, you will, look at MF Global, the Elite will simply raid our accounts to pay themselves off… Then weep how bad the feel that they had to do it! Like Jon Corzine

Bankruptcy is coming anyways so get it over with. The next thing I would do is eliminate all taxes… At this point, the societal myth of Greece is such that, the Greek people will not pay taxes. As a result of this pernicious situation, everyone is a criminal, since no one pays all of his or her taxes. This creates a corrosive attitude to government and morality that enables dependency and undermines productivity. Since taxes are not paid anyways, eliminating them would serve as a means, to raise some of the underground economy aboveground and produce economic growth.

Taxes would be replaced with import duties on all goods. An equal duty of ten percent put on all imports would be the maximum I would institute. This would only last until the new Constitution was ready and the reset is complete. Then the import duties would be eliminated and replaced with a consumption tax. Income based taxation would be Constitutionally prohibited. All taxation would be maxed out at ten percent Constitutionally. This would hold the new government to an actuarially predictable limit.

All second pensions and pensions to persons under fifty years of age would be immediately eliminated. The entire dependency ethos would be questioned in a advertising campaign across all media. The contrast between someone working daily, while someone else, the same age, plays bocce ball on the beach collecting their parent pension, would be highlighted. I would use every means to inculcate to the people the necessity of being productive. School children, in Greece especially, should read Plato’s reflections on Socrates. The ethos that Socrates propounded was as productive and morally responsible as any. The fact that Saint Thomas Aquinas, one of the doctors of the Church, included the teachings of Aristotle in the cannon of the Church, shows the moral truth of the philosophy. The uplifting stories of Horatio Alger should be included in every school children’s reading around the World.

The next would be to eliminate all bureaucratic regulation while keeping all legislatively founded laws. Regulation, permitting and licensing would be gone. Historic protections would be the only bureaucratic regulation kept. Bureaucratic regulation creates an atmosphere of molasses for the economy. Regular law would be kept and enforced. Criminal law especially would remain because it would be the acme of insanity to eliminate it.

The elimination of bureaucratic regulation would be a huge supply side stimulus to the Greek economy. This supply side stimulus would necessarily generate jobs and economic growth. As people start businesses they have been thinking about for years, there would be creative destruction, with the resulting economic efficiency and productivity increase that follows. These two things alone, eliminating bureaucratic regulation and all taxes, would create the conditions for GDP growth over seven percent, even staying within the Euro zone.

Next, I would set up a new Constitutional panel of ten people, (none of them communists or socialists), using the US Constitution as a model… I would, of course, add a NUMA or Fourth Branch, to it. This new Greek Constitution would limit the power of the Elite as much as realistically possible. Openly avowing, in writing, it’s antipathy to the welfare state and regulation produced by bureaucracy. The last thing would be to, have elections, reset the government, and step down. Go on a trip around the Mediterranean for a few years. Maybe visit Lydia and Sparta.

The path the Elite in Europe and Greece are taking is not working. Clearly it will not lead to a good outcome for anyone. Moreover it puts the World’s economy at risk. Bankruptcy is coming sooner or later, the only question is, how big will it be? Every tranche of money the IMF piles on makes the eventual fall bigger. The Elite, however, are of the opinion that they should do whatever is the easiest thing to do… Keep bailing Greece out. Like a lemming that runs in the middle of the stampede. It has no concept of another thing to do. It just runs. No way that could ever go wrong… Right?


John Pepin

Arab Spring

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that his Arab Spring has taken some alarming turns. Changes in the apparent nature of the collective movements that signal a situation that will become more unstable not less unstable. This is very concerning to each and every one of us because it has implications, not only for World prosperity but more importantly, World peace.

The Arab people are perfectly well suited to living in a liberal democratically represented republic. The philosophy that they have lived under is not compatible with a liberal democratically represented republic however. The cultural ethos is that of a tribal/feudal system. So while there is no deficiency in the people whatsoever their philosophy is at odds with liberal democracy, which is the siren call of the unbiased media.

In Egypt events have traveled in a decidedly illiberal direction. Calls to quit the peace treaty with Israel are growing in frequency and amplitude. Calls for war with Israel are becoming more mainstream in Egyptian society than ever before. I remember what Machiavelli said about democracy, “A stable tyranny is better for the middle class than an unstable democracy.” Because in an unstable democracy there is no safety or security in one’s person or property but in a stable tyranny it is only the aristocracy that are actually tyrannized. In this context the average people of Egypt have gone from a stable tyranny to an unstable democracy. One that is becoming more unstable instead of less unstable.

Couple this with the fact that the largest and most violent demonstrations come directly after Friday Mosque says a lot about the root of the vine. With the rebellions in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and elsewhere driven by radical clerics calling on the people to Jihad against their rulers, to what end do you suppose those radical clerics are working… a liberal democratically represented republic?

It should make us all wonder what is the goal is in Libya. We are told it is to unseat Moammar. But then what? To give Libya to the radical Islamic clerics who are ginning up the rebellions around the rest of the Islamic World? That is suicidal foolishness. But it looks like that is the actual policy of NATO. Without effective control of the ground air power can only smash and destroy. It cannot enact political change. It’s like using a sledge hammer to filigree a tin ceiling…

Combine all these things together and we have a building disaster on our collective hands. Growing in magnitude due to the demolishing of infrastructure in the effected countries and the growing anger at the deteriorating living conditions that the rebellions are creating in their societies. Anger and hunger are easily channeled into mindless violence by the evil among us.

Just as 18th century France rage at the Aristocracy and hunger fed into the French revolution, or the massacre of the peaceful demonstrations in Saint Petersburg by Tsar Nicolas led to the rebellion that eventually brought Lenin and the Bolsheviks to power with all the intendent bloodshed. These examples give us some warning signs to look for. Like, the execution of old leaders, total triumph of secularism over religion or the reverse, and lastly the wholesale changing of the modes of people’s lives (treating people like lab rats).

We see the beginnings of all these things happening in the Arab Spring. In Egypt, where perhaps, the rebellion has evolved the farthest, Hosni is under indictment along with most of the old ruling guard. The outcome keeps sliding down the slippery slope…

What is lacking in these countries that would allow for an actual liberal democratically represented republics, is a capitalistic ethos, it is unfortunately not trite to say. As the great thinkers of the Enlightenment concluded, market thinking pervades every aspect of our lives, making us measure and weigh the good and bad in every decision. This has the effect of making people pragmatic and tolerant.

It is not virtue to be tolerant in a feudal or tribal society. These types of societies must be tempered by the introduction of a functional market system, before it can be imagined that democracy can be thrust upon a people who have been conditioned, not to be pragmatic… Doing so insures the splintering of a society into hard core factions and all the violence that entails until a new strongman brings all the factions under control.

Remember what Aristotle said about democracy, “There are three right forms of government and three wrong forms of government, the three right forms are, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, the three wrong forms are, despotism, oligarchy and democracy… for democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority.”

Where there is no pragmatism there can be no polity. Even the most pragmatic people must alloy democracy within a republic…

The Revolution Standard

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the major difference, between the American revolution of 1776 and recent revolutions, is that there was a working government in place, that had practiced Republican principles from the start, moreover, the people were, as De Tocqueville put it, self interested rightly understood.

The actual form of government in the Western countries are Republican forms of government, not Democracies. Republican forms of government have, as an attribute usually, some form of democratic representation but republican forms of government also include monarchy, and aristocracy.

Aristotle put it like this, There are only three right forms of government, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, there are three perversions of these right forms of government, tyranny, oligarchy and democracy. Because tyranny is rule for one person, oligarchy is rule for one faction and democracy is the tyranny of the many over the few. A Republic is a blending of two or more of these right forms.

So where we have a call for democracy we actually have a call for the tyranny of the many over the few. This was a very hotly debated item in the founding of the new American Republic after the revolution. They were very aware of Aristotle’s thoughts on this subject, and others, especially Montesquieu’s adding a third branch of government… the Judicial.

Modern revolutionaries have no such advantage. The opposition parties always seek to, replace the tyrant; not overthrow tyranny. They all make the same claims, they call for social justice, they decry violence even as they apply it themselves, they all seek for the benefit of a single faction of society only and seek the submission of all other factions of society. Universally when they come into power they install a more despotic government than the one they replaced.

Especially with the help of the protyranist elements in Western culture. The Michael Moores and the George Soroses epitomize the protyranist faction in Western society. They seek tyranny and believe it the best form of government. They have, at their philosophical core, a firm belief that the masses are only fit to serve. The masses are patently unfit to rule. “Democracy” is only a way to prove it to them.

Once the democratic experiment has failed the people will turn to another tyrant to restore order. That will be the communist or some other savior in name only. They will then reestablish a form of feudal system where they and their children will be the aristocracy and the benefits of society will be distributed by political merit instead of by market means.

There were protyranist elements in colonial days but they were separated by kilometers of ocean and were easily turned against one another. Just as today’s protyranist turns capitalist elements against each other. To reestablish the new fiefdom will take the same tactics as it did to destroy the old feudal system.

But really, who doesn’t want to live under a feudal system… like communism? It is great. You have no decisions to make your lords make them for you. If you are lucky you will be the equivalent of a serf in the new system. Then you will be looked after by your lord, or owner, depends on how you look at it. But really what could go wrong?

Everything. The loss a functional market system under a Caliphate or some Socialist fiefdom would throw humanity back into another dark age. One that I am sure we will pull out of, eventually, and reestablish a functional market but the loss to humanity would be incalculable.

There is a basic Republican system, that provides a standard, for new revolutions to follow in forming their new “Democracies,” it could possibly benefit a few. But, if any are helped, the better for us all. The standard, rarely followed, is the US Constitution, (arguments for and against) and the Manifesto of the International Capitalist Party

Foundational Wisdom and the Right Constitution of Government

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that true wisdom, foundational wisdom, stands the test of time. By time, I don’t mean the ideas are still talked about, like the Spartan civilization, but are still relevant.

Take Confucius. His philosophy is as relevant today as it was then. His theory of the Jen Man, (Gentleman), is meta-societal. The mean that the Jen Man lives is very similar to the Aristotle’s mean. No matter the society one finds himself in the Jen Man finds the moral mean. He is never off balance because he lives the mean.

Why would a person ever be off balance if they always lived the moral average of the society in which they live? To live the average makes a person average. Mediocrity in morality is not repellant. But the extremely moral person makes the average sinner feel inferior just as the reprobate makes the average sinner feel superior. No matter that comparing is a sin we all do it comparing is human nature. That is why the person who lives the golden mean is never off balance… Timeless advice from 550BC.

I look at the modern incarnations of sages and find them wanting. They are full of advice about selling your home or getting a date. There is nothing wrong or foolish about these things. But they are tied to this time and this place. Similarly Marx’s and Justus Moser’s philosophies were mired in time and place.

In the time and place it was written this type of philosophy can be quite useful and sagely advice. But it does not become foundational wisdom. Such foundational wisdom can be found throughout the ages and in many places. The Bhagavaad Gita is another ancient example from India.

When the founders of governments have these foundational insights in mind, the governments created by such men, are like niobium magnets to the iron filings of able people. People are drawn to those nations even against their own will.

An ancient example is Rome. As Livy described it, after Romulus founded Rome, he opened it up to immigration, anyone, no matter the reason they wanted in, could come. The result was Rome was filled with extremely ambitious and able men. It could be argued that the most ambitious people from all across the Italian peninsula and beyond settled Rome. Certainly Greeks from some of the Greek colonies on the peninsula at the time came and became Romans. When Numa Pompi wrote the Laws of Rome, Laws that would stand for 900 years, he had foundational wisdom in mind. With the combination of an ambitious people and well crafted laws, (for the time), Rome became one of the most advanced civilizations the planet has seen.

A modern example being the United States of America. The founders had, firmly in mind, foundational truths. They read and were familiar with, not only Christian doctrine and philosophy, but the philosophy of many others as well. In the Federalist Papers Madison refers to Aristotle, Smith, and Montesquieu. He discussed some of the spurious arguments socialists would bring up later and deftly explains the sophistry of them. The founders were well read and keen minded, individualists, in the sense that De Toquville had in mind. They understood human nature and the Constitution they wrote is a shining example of their insight.

For all the hate America rhetoric around the World, there is no other nation of Earth, that has so many people, from across the world, clamoring to get into it. If the American experience is so bad why do so many people seek it and vote with their feet for it? Remember actions speak louder than words. No matter how loudly a person says they hate everything the US stands for, if they seek to immigrate to the US, their actions bely their words. Because who seeks to immigrate to North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, ETC…? No matter the extreme level of equality. Equally paid, fed, housed, clothed, health services and tyrannized.

That is because the foundation of those governments, are mired in a time and a place, and as a jealous reaction, to the surplus of supply, generated by the advent of the market system. Therefore they are doomed. No amount of tinkering can fix a car that never worked from the time it was brand new. No matter how well built an internal combustion engine cannot run on water. If the design is flawed there is no use… it must be destroyed and rebuilt.

So why would anyone in their right mind ever want to change the USA into North Korea? It defies logic. But that is exactly where the road leads that the Obama administration has put us on. Dragging the recalcitrant American people every step. The outright rage seen in the American electorate is clear evidence they have no interest in that destination.

Everyone agrees it is not a place anyone wants to go to… So why go there?


Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that most people are pragmatists. We have to be. To lack pragmatism is to ensure future insanity. Because when you live in an insane world you must either be pragmatic about it or go crazy.

Since most people are pragmatic we seek to get along in the world with as little interference as possible. As Thrasymachus said. Most people do not want to impose on others. But they are afraid of being imposed upon. That is why most people like the idea of justice… So by his measure most people are good. There are others who are bad. (I.e. They want to impose their will on others).

We are pragmatic in many ways. We add up the costs and benefits to most things we engage in. This is a form of pragmatism. We sometimes don’t fight the good fight because we have determined that it would result in diminishing returns.

To be the avatar of pragmatism one would have to be immune to all the pitfalls that await all of us. Like the sunk cost effect, group think, etc… We all vary in our pragmatism. (Or maybe we vary in our assessment of the cost benefit to a certain action).

Pragmatism breeds happiness. People who are pragmatic give up their anger quickly. They are less prone to hopelessness. These are the antithesis to pragmatism. Because to be angry has a very high cost both in health and relationships. The payoff is not as distinct. So pragmatism says, stop that which give us diminishing returns. To be angry for too long has such diminishing returns that the pragmatist eschews it. Hopelessness is the same. To be hopeless has great cost with no benefit. So why do it?

But pragmatism has costs as well. For example, take a good person living among those who are bad. Machiavelli says that a good man must necessarily come to ruin among so many that are bad. To be pragmatic in such a situation is to become bad enough to fit in. Mencius talked about this very thing.

Mencius said that the “Jen” man (gentleman, lord, Brahman, enlightened man, etc…) strikes the golden mean. When the jen man lives among many that are bad he doesn’t go to the extreme of bad. He seeks the middle ground in that bad land. When the jen man finds himself living among saints, again he looks to the mean of the society that he lives in. Mencius said that Mo Ti would run himself into the ground to help anyone. While Sang Yang wouldn’t pull a loose thread from his cloak although it save humanity. They went too far, claimed Mencius. Aristotle was curiously similar in his philosophy of the mean.

Pragmatic people do the same. Seek the mean in the society they live in. Pragmatic people look at their leaders today (and historically), and see people who make law to benefit their friends, making tax law and don’t pay taxes, regulating banks to make bad loans to people they know cannot pay back the loans then blaming the banks for the failures, have illegal aliens for maids, nannies, gardeners to save money but claim to be hard on illegal immigration, To name a very few examples. A pragmatists may not like what he or she sees. We may not want to emulate the behavior. But pragmatism, Machiavelli, Mencius, and Aristotle all say in unison, “follow the mean.” when the rulers are this corrupt society must be corrupt. Like virtue, corruption flows down from the leaders to the led.

Unfortunately the culture that we find ourselves in is a wretched as it can be. Corruption is endemic in the Elite in government, industry, entertainment and in society. They have been so corrupt for so long it has moved deeply into our society. Political corruption oozes out of government and onto everything government touches. Like a child, the grubbier the hands, the more they want to touch. They even have the gall to call evil good and good evil. Simply by changing the language, abortion becomes choice, freedom of religion becomes separation of church and state, freedom of speech is now too much information, the list goes on and on. I am sure you can think of quite a few I have left out… if you try.

This all adds up to an insane society.

How does this apply to the International Capitalist Party? Pragmatism is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Pragmatic in our view of humanity, pragmatic in our opinions about how to best effect positive change in the human condition, but, not pragmatic in our goal. To be pragmatic about a political goal is, not to fall into the status quo, it is to set a new status quo. Progressives, communists and socialists are pragmatic in their goal, total government, but not in their assessments of people… Unless most people do want to live under a tyranny, in poverty, with no voice or ability to change the situation…