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Respect and Admiration are Earned, As is Disrespect…

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if you don’t want your name sullied, don’t sully it yourself. Even as we are warned not to criticize the Judiciary, they have openly abandoned the law, precedent and our Constitution to make pie in the sky political points. The media is just as bad, that they have taken sides is no longer debatable, yet they still cling to the tired mantra of unbiased journalism. Both institutions used to have great respect in the US and world wide, but they have so damaged their own reputations they have become a standing joke. In the movie, My Name is Nobody, Nobody is challenged to a gun fight, his response is the best line in that movie, and speaks volumes about common sense and the profound lack of it in our society. Nobody said, “If you want to live a long life, it’s best not to try and shorten it.” The humor comes from the fact it is so obviously true yet is so often ignored. The court system and legacy media could learn a thing or two from that line. What makes this so bad for us and our children is that those institutions need to be there and need to do their jobs, else our economy, liberty and even civilization itself is jeopardized. Unfortunately the reputations of those once highly regarded institutions is beyond repair.

The media is so openly biased today they have given up all pretense. The open weeping of some “journalists” on election night was as clear as air. The incessantly biased reporting since that night has only strengthened their bias in the minds of everyone. Even progressives know in their hearts that the media cannot be trusted. Yet the legacy media has launched a broadside against the new media, that for all it’s flaws is the only source of actual information, by calling them “fake news.” Meanwhile, the media is caught daily reporting falsehoods, and lies by omission. No person or organization could have so sullied the name of the media as badly as they have done themselves. They have only themselves to blame for their permanently tarnished reputations.

The court system has for years practiced arbitrary rule. Ask any lawyer, “If person A is in the right and person B is in the wrong, but person B has an attorney and person A is Pro Se… who will win?” Every lawyer you ask will avow in no uncertain terms, Person B who has the lawyer, of course. When you further explain they have just indicted the entire court system as arbitrary, the lawyer will hem and haw, spit and sputter, resorting to every spurious argument they were taught, to try to backpedal. The truth is stronger than any sophist claim. If the person in the right makes a single mistake in filing paperwork or meeting an arbitrary deadline, the case is closed against him or her, but if person B’s attorney misses every deadline, fails to file paperwork on time or even correctly, person B’s lawyer will be given a pass. Because the court system is run by attorneys, for attorneys. The judges are lawyers, and they know if someone can appear before a court and get a fair trial… without a lawyer, that is a huge disincentive to get a lawyer and their 100K plus a year payday is in danger. Lawyers are human beings, calculating, self interested and powerful by the fact of their position.

The ruling by the 9th circuit court clears the air once and for all. No one can claim that the court system follows the actual law anymore, the truth or the concept of justice, which has left the United States, except as a means to trick the common people into believing that there is some form of justice, to placate us. No different than the argument Thrasymachus made in Plato’s, The Republic. In their ruling they admitted the law is clear, past precedent was also clear, and even the interests of the United States was clear, but they based their unanimous ruling on their desire for corporations to be able too hire H1B visas without impediment. It is critical to them that the guy serving your table at Applebeys, who has a masters in Information Technology and tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt… stays waiting tables, so that someone who will work for pennies on the dollar can take the IT job. Even as US citizens train their replacements, how to maintain the systems the Americans invented and built, so the new class can raise the pay of the executives by lowering the pay of the workers.

The Supreme Court has become so perverted they base all their decisions on politics and everyone knows it! One need only look at the makeup of the court. 4 “justices” always vote with progressives no matter how absurd the decision, while 3 vote generally along the lines of the Constitution, with 1 vacancy and 1 who prefers to undermine our Constitution. Before any case comes before the court everyone already knows who will vote what. Ruth Bader Ginsburg even stood in Egypt and said before a crowd, that if she were drafting a constitution today she wouldn’t follow the US example, but the Marxist South African one instead!!!! Showing her open loathing of our Constitution and limited government… could there be a better reason to impeach a justice? Our judges have done an absolutely terrific job of destroying their own reputations.

No one believes anymore there is justice in our court system, only a fool would think the legacy media is unbiased, yet these two institutions that have so sullied their own names, demand we respect them! I have far more respect for a garbage man, who works for a living, taking everyone’s garbage without bias or preference. Clearly, only someone utterly disengaged from reality could think they should be respected, after they have done everything in their power to earn disrespect. Let a conservative criticize a judge for abandoning our Constitution or ruling in a nakedly biased way, and the media will claim it is tantamount to calling for the murder of judges, even as the nakedly biased media ignore progressive calls for the murder of judges, and anyone else, that follows and loves our Constitution. Our Judges and reporters could learn a thing or two from Nobody… if you want to be respected, it is best not to try to earn disrespect. That is common sense and as obvious as the sky, but today, common sense is less common than gold nuggets in your driveway.


John Pepin

Progressivism, Marxism and Socalism Explained

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a sense of superiority leads to jealousy and envy, all three of which are primary attributes of progressives. Another aspect of a superiority complex is disdain for another’s opinion and indeed other people in general. That disdain is manifested by a lack of self awareness, personal attacks rather then logical debate, an inability to see another person’s point of view, poverty of empathy, refusal to admit defeat, boorish behavior, cheating, and a need to control others. The person who believes him or herself to be better than others, will favor arbitrary rule, as they see others as subhumans to be controlled and limited. Since everyone else is untermensch to the progressive, all cultures are equal, equally loathsome, since the progressive believes themselves so much better than the rest of us. If we look at progressives in this light, it becomes obvious why they support the things they do, and why the are so righteous in their attitude.

When someone believes themselves superior to another, if that lesser person has more money, a bigger car, nicer house or prettier wife, that superior man is incensed at the injustice of it. How can someone who is less smart, less wise, uglier and more ignorant get that money, car, wife, etc… unless it has been got unjustly or by sheer luck. When someone lesser gets recognized for a contribution, the superior woman knows it cannot be because the lesser person is smarter, it is because the world doesn’t recognize their personal greatness. All of which inevitably leads to jealousy and envy. Envy being the primary emotion of progressives and jealousy being the primary motivating factor in their opinions.

If you believe yourself smarter than everyone else why would you listen to their foolish opinions? Such haughtiness doesn’t lend itself to self examination instead it leads to self aggrandizement. No matter if something the progressive believes is proven, over and over to be false, that empirical evidence is irrelevant, the progressive knows he or she is right no matter what. It is the world that is wrong. That is why no amount of logic or evidence will sway them. When they are inevitably proven wrong they refuse to admit it, instead attack the messenger, and continue believing blindly in whatever their superiority lead them.

Emotion is their wheelhouse. People who are consumed with self importance cannot be swayed by logic, they believe themselves to be far too insightful to accept mere logic, which is of course based on emotion. The progressive believes his wisdom to be far greater than everyone else as is their morality. That is why a progressive will argue all day long you can’t legislate morality, while at the very same time scream this or that is unconscionable, which means it offends their superior sense of morality. A morality based on their personal feelings rather than an overriding morality all of us must bow to. That superior woman cannot be asked to bow to any morality that is not of her own making since that other morality is of a lesser quality.

Cultural relativism makes perfect sense to the contemptuous progressive. Since everyone and everything is to be held in disdain they are all equally contemptible. One idiotic religion is the same as another and one stupid culture is just as imbecilic as any other. Why should someone who believes himself a god, bow to God, who clearly has made a flawed world. Flaws the progressive is far too intelligent to have made. Moreover, free will is scorned, since so many lesser people don’t do what the progressive knows in her absolute wisdom is best, that is just another of God’s mistakes. The imperious know they must right the wrongs of all us lesser beings, and even God himself, creating a utopia that after we submit to, we will thank and finally recognize them for their superiority.

Since the rest of us are so much less in every way to the progressive even our thoughts should be controlled. After all, thought is the means to action, and since our actions show we should be scorned, the best way to stop our stupidity is to control our thoughts, Moreover, since we are so stupid we don’t instantly recognize their superiority submitting ourselves to their enlightened rule, their only option is to force us to think as they see fit. Which is why vote fraud is acceptable to progressives. If we only had the intellect to think as they would have us think, the world would be a so much better place. If they have to kill a few million of us subhumans, oh well, if you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs. Perhaps if enough of us lesser people are killed the human genome could be improved. Which leads us to eugenics.

Eugenics is a way our betters can improve the rest of us, of course we will never be as smart, wise or all knowing as the haughty, we can be improved by breeding, violence and thought control. Like a farmer breeds his cows to produce more milk or more loin, the progressive who is so much smarter than us mere cows, is perfectly in the right to choose who should breed and who should be forcibly sterilized. Which makes bigotry just common sense. The bigot believe herself in every way superior to all others. Especially those who have received more than their just due, should be lowered, and elevating some above others is a great way to do just that. Bigotry is more than just a mindset to a progressive it is a means to punish those who have more than their betters.

All progressive ideals, actions and thoughts can be explained this way. That the rest of us who believe ourselves equal to others, have the humility to recognize that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and feel empathy for the less fortunate, simply proves our inferiority to the progressive. How can someone who is so superior to the rest of humanity have empathy for the less fortunate? That misfortune is merely a result of their inferiority. Our thoughts must be controlled, our lives must be dictated and our very choice of husbands and wives have to be selected for us, else we make a terrible decision leading to even more stupid people. Those of us lesser beings who have the great fortune to be wealthier, have better careers, bigger houses and faster cars need to be put in our places. All cultures need to be destroyed, so the wiser can fix God’s mistakes, and free will is to be held in disdain as another of God’s flaws. The superhuman progressives may be envious and jealous of us idiots but that is because we just don’t deserve what we have received in life, and those goods should be denied us, in the name of justice, the justice of the contemptuous.


John Pepin

On the Death Of Fidel

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is informative to see which politician laments the death of Fidel Castro, and who doesn’t. You can tell how someone will turn out by the friends they keep. Those who praise Fidel clearly are sympathetic to his cause while those who denigrate him are not. Obviously, if one is saddened by the death of Fidel, they must have common cause in their struggle with Fidel’s. So we have to ask ourselves, what were the policies and goals of Fidel Castro? Moreover, those who express their love of Fidel must either condone or at least not condemn Castro’s actions. Once we have answered that question, we can understand the policies and goals of those politicians who praise him and lament Castro’s passing. From this we can decide if we want the same things for humanity or something different.

Fidel Castro was the atheist Marxist dictator of Cuba. He came to power by bloodshed and held power by terror, abuse and force. His policies were to enslave all humanity to the state. Castro instituted a policy of atheism in the schools supplanting God with Fidel, where school children would be asked if they believed in God, when they said yes, they were told to bow their heads and pray for candy. After a suitable period of time they were told to open their eyes to see there was no candy on their desks. Then they were told to pray to Fidel for Candy. When they opened their eyes there was a piece of candy on every desk. Likening back to Caligula, Fidel demanded not only fealty but adoration. There is no telling how many people Fidel turned away from God, sealing their fates, to burn in Hell for eternity.

Fidel Castro was instrumental in turning generations of Cuban people away from God. There is an old joke… a priest and a Jewish taxi driver stand at the gates of Heaven. Gabriel asks the taxi driver’s name to find his place in Heaven. The Taxi driver tells Gabriel, “My name is Saul Goldman.” Gabriel says, “Well then, we have a palatial mansion with a golf course, many swimming pools and game rooms for you!” Gabriel motions and Angels carry Saul to his reward. The priest is next and says, “My name is Father O’Brien.” Gabriel smiles and says, “We have a lovely condo for you father O’Brien.” The priest gets a bewildered look on his face and asks, “Why did that taxi driver get a mansion and I only get a condo, when I devoted my life to God?” Gabriel answers, “Because when you preached, people slept, but when Saul drove, people prayed…” besides the obvious, this joke tells a deep truth, those who turn people to God are rewarded heavily while those who turn people away from God are punished. Fidel devoted his entire life to turning people away from God.

Castro favored arbitrary rule as do all Marxists. Arbitrary rule as defined by the ancient Greeks is about the absolute power to the ruler over everyone else. Many in the past favored arbitrary rule their tales are told in the pages of Plutarch. Under arbitrary rule, the dictator can order anyone to do anything and that person must, else be executed. So under arbitrary rule a king can order a mother to kill her only son and she must else be executed, the autocrat can seize money or land from anyone, the tyrant can order anyone to work at whatever, for however long he or she decides without regard to the subject’s physical abilities. There is a name for people who live under arbitrary rule, slaves. A slave is subject to the whims of his or her master no different than a subject who lives under arbitrary rule. Basically, Fidel Castro believed everyone else should be his personal slave.

As do all dictators, Fidel lived the life of a king while his subjects live as paupers. Forbes magazine named Fidel Castro as one of the richest men on the planet since Fidel basically owned everything and everyone in Cuba as his personal chattel. Every house, street, store and farm was Fidel’s personal property, every citizen was subject to every whim of Castro and the Cuban children were his personal property. Fidel was very angry since dictators loathe their fancy lifestyles to be made public. Castro was the epitome of selfishness, envy, egoism and hate. Not only his policies prove this beyond a doubt, but the results of his policies are the polish to his life’s work, enslaving the people of the world to arbitrary rule, denying mankind the benefit of Heaven and fighting God’s plan that people have free will. In short, Fidel Castro, by his actions, was a very evil man.

Who is it then who is praising Fidel’s life’s work, who is it that supports subjecting humanity to arbitrary rule, atheism, elimination of free will and free enterprise? Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, the entire media that calls itself unbiased, Obama, elites the world over and most notably Pope Francis. Clearly, to praise a man’s life’s work is to agree with that life’s work. To argue otherwise is to argue water is no longer wet. Since these people and organizations support arbitrary rule, atheism and the slavery of mankind, any thinking person who wants liberty, prosperity, free enterprise as well as a possible eternity in Heaven, must not only ignore the words of these evil people, but actively fight against them in every way. Those who praise evil are themselves evil and should be hampered, reviled and spat upon at every opportunity. All it takes for evil to gain the upper hand is for good men to allow it to happen. This is your chance to not allow it to happen by recognizing who is evil.


John Pepin

The Struggle Between Liberty and Tyranny…

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, all of human history can be described, not as class warfare… but between those that seek tyranny and those that prefer liberty. There have been times when the proletariat have sought liberty, and others where the masses have preferred tyranny, the same holds true of the Bourgeoisie and the elite. Both sides are self serving, those that seek liberty however, serve the needs and wants of all of society, while those who favor tyranny only serve their own narrow self interests. Once we understand that history is actually a struggle between the forces of autocracy and freedom much of human history comes into focus. Allegiances, wars, economic policies, socialism, free enterprise, and every other policy governments have come up with, are merely battles in the greater war between liberty and tyranny. Each seeking to hold mankind in it’s sway forever.

Class conflict is always based on the struggle between liberty and tyranny, the factions may change seats, but the conflict is always the same. The hoi polloi have great power in their numbers but are like a herd of cats, dangerous, sweeping but uncontrolled. The elite are fewer in numbers and have political as well as economic might, but to keep those attributes, the elite must constantly be wary of the people. Most often the people seek liberty but usually live in tyranny, while the elite almost always enjoy liberty but usually seek tyranny. Occasionally, the people have sought tyranny while the elite have hoped for liberty, as in the case of the founding of the US. The people wanted a king but the elite wanted limited government.

If we examine history through the lens of a struggle between tyranny and liberty much of human history is made less opaque. The various wars are obviously a struggle between tyranny and liberty, but other historical events can be described as the struggle as well. Economic policies for example, socialism is all about promoting tyranny while free enterprise is all about forwarding liberty. The French Revolution was ostensibly about restoring liberty to France but resulted in tyranny. How did that happen? Because the people who overthrew the aristocracy and king never had liberty as their goal, the revolutionaries never sought freedom, instead they wanted to be the tyrant themselves. The struggle between liberty and tyranny can be applied to every time and place, while Marx’s dialectic only describes the European feudal state, and then not very well.

With the insight that the struggle between liberty and tyranny gives us we can examine the roles of the various players in human history. We can place them in which faction they go and in doing so we can understand the arc of human history. Like the French Revolution the players usually don’t let their actual positions known, because those positions would undermine their effort to succeed, in establishing tyranny. Robespierre wrote about liberty as a means to fool the people into following his form of tyranny. While those who sought tyranny backed the French revolution, others who understood the struggle wasn’t between classes, castes or other social station, but between those who sought tyranny and those who prefer liberty, like Burke, correctly predicted the outcome. Not based on a supernatural understanding of human nature, but of the fundamental nature of the struggle, and that most of the participants wanted to replace the tyranny of the king, with tyranny of the proletariat.

Those few occasions where and when liberty won, ushered in the heights of human philosophy, science and human heartedness, plus, they have raised the lot of mankind, socially, economically, politically and culturally. The results of the few victories liberty has tasted, show it to be exponentially better for the human race and indeed individuals themselves, than tyranny. Yet the pull of tyranny is uncontrollable for some people. Some might trick themselves into believing they will be benevolent tyrants, others know just what it is they seek, but to them tyranny is a siren call, unavoidable, inevitable and too powerful to resist. The people who prefer tyranny usually understand that liberty is better for humanity but the pull of unlimited power over others cannot be resisted.

If we as a race start to understand that we live in a constant struggle between the forces of tyranny and liberty, we can start to get more liberty, and less tyranny. To do so however requires an understanding that most who claim to stand for liberty actually seek tyranny. The way to tell the difference is to look at the policies they propose. The cause of liberty is never helped by more regulations, more laws or more control, just as tyranny is never promoted by more freedom, more autonomy from the state or limited government. Those that claim their form of “liberty” demands more control of our actions, thoughts and even how we worship, are those who seek tyranny, while people who promote less government, less control, freedom of thought, and religion, are those who fight on the side of liberty. Human history is one long fight between the forces of tyranny and those of liberty, if we want a better life for our children then it is time to take sides, side with liberty.


John Pepin

Human Rights and Progressivism

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… progressives have never seen a human Right they don’t despise and want to get rid of. Their rhetoric and actions prove this. From their zealous attacks on the right of self defense, to their undermining of the freedom of religion, progressives show their absolute antipathy to human rights of every stripe. In their zealous crusade to rid government of the burden of having to labor under the odium of the people’s individual rights, progressives have rolled back the advancement of philosophy, humanity and government, to a time well before the Enlightenment. Progressives are only too happy to use human rights to destroy human rights however. They pick and choose who gets rights and who doesn’t, in an effort to undermine and corrode basic natural law, which is the font of all human rights. Progressives are never happier than when they are overseeing a genocide which makes them the antithesis of human hearted, making Progressivism and all progressives, diabolical.

All human rights come from natural law. Before governments were invented all human beings were created equal, had innate rights like, the right to self defense, the right to privacy, the right to own the fruits of their labor, the right to own property both personal and real as well as, the right to think and believe as each chooses. Government and powerful men stole those human rights by the sword. People were enslaved by those powerful men, who needed an excuse for their evil, so they came up with the theory of arbitrary rule. Once that had been thoroughly debunked, the powerful changed it to the rights of kings, today that philosophy has been renamed social justice. All in an attempt to destroy human rights to justify people being exploited as slaves. Which of course is the direct opposite of natural rights, or as Socrates called it, justice.

The right of self defense is their most important bugaboo. Progressives and indeed everyone who has a penchant for tyranny loathes the right to self defense. How can you enslave a person who is capable and willing to defend themselves and their children from your evil? The basic human right to self defense is the first right from which all others flow, for if one has no right to defend him or herself from the usurpations of a monster, than all other rights become null and void. Everywhere and every time human beings have been denied their basic human right of self defense, it has resulted in slavery, suffering and death, there are no historical examples where this is not true. From ancient China to the modern Syria masters had arms and slaves were disarmed. Before a person can be enslaved they must be disarmed whether by force or trickery. Now they are using trickery but soon progressives will become anxious and will resort to violence… as they always have.

Today progressive make a compelling case to get rid of basic human rights. They seek to control thought, whether by hate crimes or political correctness, progressives seek to control not only what we do, but what we think as well. The right to freedom of religion has been perverted to separation of church and state, which actually means the elevation of atheism, as the state religion. The right to privacy doesn’t exist in a surveillance state, where your every move is recorded and stored in a government data bank, for use against you when the elite see fit. Moreover, how can anyone argue, with a straight face, that we are protected in our personal papers and effects when government can hack into our phones, computers and phone conversations without warrant? Instead of “interpreting” our Constitution, as it was written and intended, progressives claim it is a “living breathing document,” which means they get to change it’s meaning arbitrarily, eviscerating the protections our Constitution is supposed to provide. What is most distressing is that a huge number of people fall for such chicanery.

Justice is not arbitrary rule no matter what they call it, freedom is never submission and humanity cannot be imposed by the state’s monopoly on violence. Our basic human rights come from God or nature but not and never government. Government is the opposite of freedom. While in a state of nature you can go out and kill a deer to feed your family, grow whatever crop you want to fill your children’s bellies, worship whatever deity you please, protect your family and self from thieves and murderers with violence if necessary, build a home, and think whatever you want, progressives always seeks to take these rights away. If you need permission from government… they have taken away your right to do it.

That progressives loathe and despise human rights is an open secret. Their every action serves to undermine human rights and humanity itself in the process… all in the name of “equality.” Progressive’s, socialist’s and Marxist’s version of equality, however, is where some people are more equal than others, to borrow a phrase. While they zealously defend their own “right” to control our thoughts, actions and religious beliefs, arbitrarily as in the rights of kings, they actively destroy those of everyone else. The quiet of Woodrow Wilson when the Armenians were being exterminated, FDR’s silence as Jews were being slaughtered on an industrial scale, and now Obama’s defense of those massacring Christians in their original lands, shows progressives, socialists and Marxists passion for genocide. The master has every right while the slave has not even the right to life. They hold us to every word of their law, constitutional or not, while openly arguing law doesn’t apply to them. Listen to what they say, consider what the outcome of their argument will be… exercise your basic human right to think, before it is taken away.


John Pepin

Justice, Honor and Arbitrary Rule.

Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the mask has come off, we in the US now officially live under arbitrary rule and our leaders have no honor whatsoever. The fact Hillary Clinton has not, and will not be indicted for destroying evidence, keeping top secret information on an unsecured server, using a personal email for government business and/or lying under oath to congress, is proof positive we live under arbitrary rule. If anyone with less political power did one of those things they would be in jail and everyone knows it. That is an undeniable fact. The US has become, no longer a constitutional republic, but a banana republic. That a member of the elite can get away with multiple infringements of federal laws, without consequences, consequences that you or I would face, shows there is a double standard at work that is as pernicious as it is destructive. Moreover, recent news articles have shown that the rest of us no longer have the protections of law, or our Constitutional rights. Just as Rome was no longer a republic after Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the US is no longer a republic since the elite have the audacity to rub our noses in the fact they are above the law, and we are below it’s protections.

There is no true rule of law whatsoever the world over. This is not just happening in the US but is a world wide phenomenon. Human history is nothing but a story of the elite holding the people to laws they will not hold themselves to. The US was different, for a speck of time, because the US had the rule of law. True, the elite held themselves to it by their honor… but at least they did. Since FDR broke the unwritten rule that a President only run for two terms, our elite have increasingly lost all honor, and have disgraced themselves in every way possible. It is a quality of a civilized person to hold others to a lower standard then one does him or herself. To hold others to a higher standard then oneself, shows a lack of character, moral indifference and conniving which is on full display in the Hillary Clinton case.

Throughout history the wise have opined about the need for honor among the rulers of a society. When the rulers have no honor they will resort to every evil known to Man. History shows this to be true but goes further. In a society where the elite have no honor the people quickly loose their honor. Confucius said it first, (at least as far as I know), the people follow their leaders into corruption or virtue. In a nation where the leaders have no honor, the people will have no honor, where the people have no honor crime, chaos and beggary are rife. Economies grow in serenity and collapse in chaos, wealth flourishes in the absence of crime but erodes like sand when crime is rampant and where the economy is collapsing and wealth is being destroyed, poverty becomes the norm. All because the leaders have no honor.

The question of whether justice or arbitrary rule is best was considered in Plato’s book, The Republic. In it, Socrates argued for justice, while Thrasymachus the sophist argued for arbitrary rule. Thrasymachus claimed the great men, (those with political power, intelligence, wealth and ambition), should not follow the law, only appear to do so… law is only to make the hoi polloi believe there is justice to facilitate the control of the people and trick them into being obedient. Socrates made the argument justice in and of itself is a good. Justice is both a good that we do because it is good and a useful good as well. By allowing arbitrary rule to come back into fashion we become the dupes of the “great men.” Do you want the elite to exploit law to enrich themselves, amass political power over us and eventually tyrannize us? Or do you agree with Socrates that justice is a good in and of itself, one that is useful in creating a peaceful, wealthy and safe society?

Why would the people follow laws even those who write them don’t? Every one of us is a hypocrisy detector and hypocrisy is the surest way to make people despise the law. As a lack of honor flows from the top down a society will increasingly only follow laws by force and threat. Whenever they believe they can get away with breaking a law they will. Once dishonor reaches the lowest rung of a society no amount of punishment will suffice. People will not be not safe in their own homes, business cannot be conducted, children are at risk, people’s oaths are meaningless and every chance meeting becomes a danger. Clearly, to allow the leaders of a country to become utterly corrupt, dishonorable, conniving and lustful for power, can only lead to human suffering on a national scale.

One way to tell how dishonorable your leaders are is to look around with open eyes. Do people need bars on their windows, are all children safe on the streets, can you look at a passerby in the eye, is poverty rampant? Corrupt leaders will claim all this is due to worthless, lazy and ignorant people, but will never look in a mirror. The Duke of Lu asked Confucius one day, how he could get the people to stop lusting after other men’s wives, stealing and murder. Confucius said, the duke could lead by example and stop doing those things himself. Shortly after that Confucius and his disciples had to flee Lu state in fear of their lives. Let the scales drop from your eyes and really see.

So you see, this is not a matter of hate of an individual or gotcha politics, it is a matter of justice and human suffering. If we allow our noses to be rubbed in the elite’s corruption, we have given our consent to the elite to be even less honorable, in doing so we sentence our children and grand children to a life of poverty, fear and tyranny. Just because you like a politician, is no reason to allow them to get away with blatantly breaking laws, laws you or I would be severely punished for. Such actions are those of children, sycophants and imbeciles. Say nothing, do nothing, and the US will join the ranks of other failed experiments in human governance like Rome, Athens, Sparta, etc… with the same catastrophic results, human suffering on a grand scale. To do nothing is to abet a crime against humanity, to do something, even if it is small and of little consequence, is to make a stand against corruption. The choice is yours, lay down and let the elite walk over you… or stand and push back. It may be too late to have an effect, since we have allowed our leaders to be villains for so long, but maybe not. Regardless, do you want to be hated by your own grandchildren for your lack of back bone, or be a champion for liberty, prosperity and equality?


John Pepin

The Close Minded Left

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, nothing says I have an open mind, like a refusal to hear contradictory opinions… or so that is the green movement’s stand, when they outlaw debate about man made global warming. The joke about open minds notwithstanding, the closed mindedness of those in the progressive, Fabian, Frankfurt school, socialists, communists and Marxists, are not just laughing stock but is a very real and existential danger. The global warming scam is but one of the many examples, where those of the autocratic anti property faction (AAPF) blindly follow doctrine, when in all logic they should know better. They claim to be the heirs of the enlightenment movement but in fact they are the philosophical descendants of those the enlightenment movement defeated. Brass tacks is this, the real debate going on in the man made global warming scam, progressing us to ever and ever larger government, and all the other scams the new class AAPF are doing, is based on two basic arguments, do you favor arbitrary rule or limited government, and do we bow blindly to the power of authority or settle argument by debate and reason?

For some reason, the AAPF eschews reason when it comes to testable economic policies, instead adhering to their old doctrinal stance. Socialism has failed every time it has been tried, spectacularly in some instances, leading to the deaths directly related to the efforts to socialize the economy and usurp the power to implement those changes, of over a hundred million people in the twentieth century alone, and yet the AAPF in their hearts honestly believe it can work… this time. Every prediction of the man made global warming alarmists has shockingly, not come true, yet they still hold to the idea that unless government gets arbitrary rule and the supreme power of authority in all matters, the planet will burst into flame at any minute. If that is not religious fervor I don’t know what is! Their doctrine has been proven in the real world, over and over to be false, yet they cling to it like a drowning man a rope.

The debate about arbitrary rule or justice is not new to our time. The ancients debated these topics all the time, the difference is, the debate was withing the elite, since there were no means of mass dissemination information by books, mail, newspapers, email, etc… Also the debate was on topic, where today the debate is blurred by class warfare, false patriotism, fear, unending war, party loyalty, ignorance used as a weapon, etc… Moreover, the debate was settled in favor of justice. The weight of literature ancient and modern all take the side, both logical and philosophical, that justice is superior to arbitrary rule.

Plutarch’s Lives can be said to be a commentary on the debate between arbitrary rule and limited government as well as moral biographies. Plutarch’s epilogues to his biographies often balanced on the subject’s stance on arbitrary rule or justice. The life of Dion is illustrative of the open debate and gives ammo to both sides. Socrates actually debated Thrasymachus whether arbitrary rule or justice was best in The Republic. There has always been and always will be, a faction that believes arbitrary rule is best, that faction is always on the side of autocrats, dictators and tyrants, well, until they vie for the same power, then they become mortal enemies… Trump and Hillary for example.

The debate about relying on authority or argument as the final arbiter was supposed to have been settled by the Enlightenment. The advance was that the Church’s iron grip on what was acceptable to think, believe and say, was broken by academics, drinking in the new logic of the marketplace that instead argued, open debate and the free mingling of opinions, was the best way to answer questions, and voila, the age of enlightenment was born. Suddenly anything was possible. Scientific advances theretofore unimaginable were appearing in newspapers every day, the enlightenment freed humanity from the shackles of dogma, to endless possibilities.

You cannot convince someone who is closed minded to change their mind, that cannot be done, you debate a zealot to point out his closed mindedness, and thus show his arguments to be circular. The debate between arbitrary rule and justice has been settled and so it must be called something else, so those who support arbitrary rule can justify it by some other means, social justice (arbitrary rule by another name) trumping justice. Calls to authority, like banning debate on global warming, safe spaces in college where children never have to hear an opinion not sanctioned by new class intellectuals, double standards in criminal matters as well as every aspect of life, etc… will only get stronger the more the AAPF win the present debate and we get more arbitrary rule with less justice. Closed mindedness is a hallmark of those who defend arbitrary rule and authority, seeing who they are is as easy as looking at what they stand on. Anyone who demands we bow to authority and seeks arbitrary rule will have a closed mind and be zealous in their determination. Those are the people we must keep out of power.


John Pepin

The Measure of Despotism

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, there is no more certain proof government has become utterly corrupt, than when investigative journalists are indicted, for investigating crime. Government that is corrupt is a form of despotism. Authoritarianism is characterized by arbitrary rule. That has been the case since the first human governments formed. Arbitrary rule is where laws are randomly applied and indiscriminately created. Those with political favor are above the law while those who lack political favor are below it’s protections. This is the case around the world where authoritarian governments rule. In fact, arbitrary rule is one way of measuring a government for the level of it’s despotism. Nations with law that is applied equally, without prejudice and created for the benefit of all, protect liberty, while those countries that have different standards depending on the person the law is applied to, protect some while abusing others and create law for the benefit of some protected class, are despotic. By this measure, more than some empty claim of democracy, a nation can be truly judged to be despotic or free.

In the past Turkey has been the most free of all Muslim nations. Under the Constitution of Ataturk Turkey’s citizens were allowed freedom of speech, religion and assembly. In the course of the centuries the people of Turkey have turned away from limited government and embraced despotic rule. They have elected an authoritarian. This is proven beyond any doubt by the treatment of journalists in Turkey. Some of which are being tried as you read this for exposing Erdogan’s corruption and face life in prison. Turkey, by this measure has become a tyranny, despite ostensibly being a “democracy.”

The US has taken an alarming jog into arbitrary rule in the last few decades. Many examples abound of this change in the nature of the US government, but few are as obvious or as compelling in making the case as the IRS targeting conservative groups and the recent indictment of the Center for Medical Progress, for exposing Planned Parenthood’s crimes. Both examples show, beyond a doubt, that law in the US is arbitrarily applied, is prejudicial, depending on the political standing of the individual or organization to which it is applied, and is created for the benefit of politically favored groups. Those people who advance the cause of arbitrary rule, and therefore despotism in the US, love to claim the US is a democracy, as if that justifies the descent into authoritarianism.

In a democracy, if the majority want your property they vote it away from you and take it by force, in a constitutional republic, the majority cannot take your property. Obviously the first is a form of authoritarianism. Regardless of the size of the authoritarian group, be it one man or a majority of the people, there is tyrannical power at work. Moreover, that the majority can simply vote to take the property of random people, arbitrarily, is the definition of arbitrary rule. In a democracy the majority rules arbitrarily. In a republic however, the actions of government is limited by the Constitution. This should be clear as glass to anyone with an open mind and enough brain power to operate their innards. The US was set up as a constitutional republic with limited power so tat arbitrary rule could not be applied yet here we have it, arbitrary rule, promoted by those who claim the US is a democracy.

Rome after Caesar was a despotic government but was called in name a republic. It had in theory, limited government that was supposed to protect the rights, property and lives of it’s citizens, but in fact the Caesar, backed by the praetorian guard, had the arbitrary ability to take what he wanted, apply laws randomly depending on the person’s political favor, and create law benefiting his political allies. You can call a snake an owl, but that doesn’t give the snake feathers, nor does it confer on the snake the ability to fly, it is still a snake. Calling a nation that practices arbitrary rule a democracy, republic or free, doesn’t make it so. The practice of arbitrary rule is the measure of authoritarianism regardless of what the elite want the people to think. The US has come very far indeed, very far away from it’s founding as a Constitutionally limited republic, to a chimera, one that calls itself free but is in fact has arbitrary rule. Unless we recognize it, and demand a return to Constitutionally limited government, we are complicit in the enslaving of our own children to a despotic government. I ask you, are we really that stupid and vile?


John Pepin

Why the Elite Do Such Absurd Things

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, chaos, terrorism, crime and fear create conditions where tyranny is not only likely but inevitable, and so anyone who seeks tyranny or in other words, arbitrary rule, merely sow these things and their job is almost done. To argue that no one would want tyranny is to argue no one would want to eat. It is human nature to seek power over others, as evidenced by all of human history, just as it is human nature to eat. Moreover, those that seek political power do so usually to use that power, else why seek it? So, those in political power, not all that have or seek political power, but a large majority, actually want tyranny, (as long as they are the tyrant) and therefore will actively sow chaos, terrorism, crime and fear in society, as a means to that goal.

It was the ancient Greeks who actually admitted and debated the faction that favored arbitrary rule. Today our schools, colleges and universities avoid teaching about arbitrary rule and so most people educated by the new class have no concept of it, as a philosophy or even that there are always those who favor it. To understand the philosophy of arbitrary rule one has to read Plutarch’s Lives, Plato and Aristotle. Since few actually read them, and many are told what they said, few really know and many think they know. The philosophy of arbitrary rule is, that the people are better served when they are ruled by a person or group, that can pass laws arbitrarily. It is as simple as that. Those that favor arbitrary rule believe humanity is better off if we are controlled by our “betters.” That people are so ignorant of this philosophy is damning to our education system but even more telling of the intentions of the new class.

Rationally self interested people, rational maximizers as economists label us, and self interested rightly understood as Tocqueville put it, struggle with those who favor arbitrary rule. We believe that humanity is better off when we the people have a say in our laws, customs and economy. We believe that people in the aggregate are better equipped to understand what society needs than a group of “superior men.” We understand that it is only through the protection of individual liberties that society can flourish… and our philosophy is born out by empirical testing. The period since the invention of Constitutional rule, a form of government that intentionally limits the elite and explicitly forbids arbitrary rule, has seen the greatest advancement in the human condition since the first man and woman walked upright. Those times where arbitrary rule has reasserted itself have seen famine, slaughter and suffering, without exception.

If you listen to the rhetoric of the elite, every solution they offer, is always more power in the hands of the few. Each time a problem pops up, a new regulation, law or form of surveillance is the only answer the elite allow us to debate. It is logical to conclude that due to their default position, of more government power and their favorite economic system socialism, that the elite favor arbitrary rule. It would be absurd to claim someone who always and everywhere seek more power in the hands of fewer and fewer people, favors individual liberty and eschews arbitrary rule! So since they favor and seek arbitrary rule it follows that they will do what it takes to create the conditions favorable to establishing arbitrary rule, for the good of humanity as they see it.

Perhaps that is why the political establishment goes to such lengths to create chaos in society. The elite have been undermining those institutions that create stability for over a century. The nuclear family is the most stabilizing force and is increasingly under attack by the elite. From the welfare state to gay marriage the elite have launched an all out war against the family. Christian religious institutions also create stability and so have been cowed by the elite. No church is willing to give up it’s religious tax exemption and so is unwilling to speak out, afraid to offend those who have the power to remove it, and so they have made themselves irrelevant. The list of stabilizing institutions is far too long to go into here but I am sure if you try you can think of many that are under attack or no longer exist.

Maybe the elite’s drive to tyranny is why the elite seek more terrorism instead of less. No one in their right mind believes that mass migration of Muslims will not create more terrorism in Europe and the US. To argue that it won’t is to argue up is down and down is up. Moreover, flooding a country will people who despise the culture and the people, then giving the invaders free everything is a terrifically destabilizing force, and can only lead to resentment, violence, backlash and more violence. Smashing the stable tyrants in the Middle East intentionally sowed the seeds of the migration which will inevitably lead to violence in Europe and the US on a wide scale, that violence can only lead to fear.

It is possible that the people who want to establish themselves as arbitrary rulers create the conditions for crime to flourish. More law doesn’t prevent crime, it only makes more people criminals, moreover, more regulations makes it harder to start a business or make a profit in an established business. This leads to less employment opportunities, lower wages and more crime because of it. History shows that periods of rapid economic expansion see very low crime rates and periods of low economic expansion and recession see rising crime, social strife and hate groups. All of which makes the people afraid, of their economic outlook, their property and their very lives.

Fear is the uniting element that makes the others so effective. Terrorism, chaos and crime all create fear, and a human being who is blinded by fear will run into the arms of anyone claiming they can put that fear at rest. Since we have been carefully conditioned to believe that more government power is always the answer to every question and all exigencies, most people will turn to a strongman who will “get them” and “fix it.” Like Germans did after Wiemar. Fear limits the mind and terror shrivels the soul, making people little more than animals, willing to burn another at the stake for causing the plague, behead a Virgin to restore the crops, and wipe out a race of human kind. Fear that will answer all the dreams of those that seek arbitrary rule, because the end justifies the means, and in the end, they believe arbitrary rule is in all of our best interests, especially theirs.


John Pepin

The UN’s Agenda 2030

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, I have thrown a rock into the air on many occasion, and not once has that rock failed to drop back to the ground, of course, just because something has always happened, doesn’t mean it must always happen, however, to expect something that has never happened, despite many attempts, shows a contempt for empirically derived reality and thus contempt for the experimental method. Human history is just such an experiment. Arbitrary rule has been the norm, yet has never achieved satisfactory results, no matter how may time it has been tried. Perhaps it might achieve the desired results this time, but if empirical reality has anything to say on the subject, it will fail once again, to the detriment of humanity, once again. It would seem that arbitrary rule is like throwing a rock into the sky, the rock never fails to fall back to the ground, and arbitrary rule never fails to result in poverty, despotism and human suffering, but maybe this time it will result in prosperity, liberty and plenty, but I think not…

The United Nations has a new initiative, Agenda 2030, it seeks to institute arbitrary rule world wide, with the intent to offer the planet and the people who dwell on it, prosperity, liberty and plenty, and all the elite at the United Nations ask, is that we accept arbitrary rule. Maybe, just maybe, this one more time the rock will float, once it has been hurled into the sky, failing to fall to the ground. All they expect from us is that we cede our national sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats, all our liberty and sovereignty, and they will bestow upon us the benefits of their superior wisdom and munificence. Once the United Nations has received our liberty, prosperity and property, they will use it to enhance the lot of Mankind to a level that has never been seen before in the annuls of human history.

Agenda 2030 seeks to eliminate local everything… elevating all police powers, environmental rules and regulation to unelected, unaccountable and without recourse, people who know far better what is good for you and I than we do for ourselves. If you doubt it, just ask them, they will explain how much more intelligent they are than you or I. The UN will set aside the egoistic human qualities, such as self interest, instead only considering the betterment of humanity as a whole. They say it will be pure democracy, democracy that doesn’t bog itself down in tedious voting and referendums, the franchise that only serves to block progress, but democracy by arbitrary rule of the learned elite.

Yes, socialism has failed every time it has been tried, ushering in the worst human suffering in the history of mankind, but this time it will be different, it will be worldwide! Once everyone must labor under socialism, prosperity will sweep the planet, and want will be replaced with plenty. The greedy incentive of self interest will be replace with the lash. Low performers can be induced to perform to their utmost by whipping. Imagine a world where everyone strives to do their very best, else they are whipped unmercifully. The advancement of humanity and prosperity would be unmatched. Simply take from the rich until there are no rich anymore… then take from the upper class until there are no upper class, then take from the middle class until there is no middle class, then take from the poor, because who would begrudge the elite in the United Nations, fillet mignon, thousand dollar linens and a soft pillow to lay their head, after they have worked so hard for the rest of us?

Yes, Agenda 2030 might be a boon to humanity, this time when we throw the rock into the sky it might go into orbit circling the planet for eternity. The elite might use the arbitrary rule Agenda 2030 gives them, to benefit humanity… and pigs might learn to fly, Hell could freeze over and Lucifer might turn out to be a decent guy. It is possible that the African prince did leave you millions of dollars, and all you have to do is send someone you have never met your life savings to get it, then you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams. Maybe that guy who sent you a text that he has the investment opportunity of a lifetime is telling you the truth, and you should give him your bank account numbers, perchance the guy selling you the Tappan Zee bridge does own it, and you will clean up by putting a toll booth on it… and perhaps this time, arbitrary rule by unelected, unaccountable, absolute rulers will result in universal prosperity. I will say however, I have thrown many, many rocks into the sky, and not one has failed to fall to the ground.


John Pepin