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Romantically Involved with Revolution

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that we all romanticize that which we know nothing of. Those that know nothing of war romanticize it and think they would emerge strong and heroic from one if they were involved. But whenever the real chance to become involved appears we recoil at the stark horror of what war really is. We romanticize marriage… until we are married… We romanticize many things but the reality of them always fails to meet our expectations.

Like the anti capitalists romanticize the worker. To a man, from Marx and Moser through Toonies and Marcuse, they worshipped work and eschewed it at the same time. Not that Moser was lazy like Marx or that Marcuse was the hypocrite Toonies was, but none of them had any real hands on knowledge, of manual labor. Yet they, and today’s anti capitalist like Obama, have never labored and would never labor yet they claim to worship the laborer.

But is it really a form of worship to subject a person to servitude? How many times have the romantic anti capitalists gathered sufficient masses to lever the reigns of government to their own ends. Whenever this has happened it has always resulted in economic stagnation, widespread poverty and outright starvation, but most importantly, political repression. History shows us one thing, that the Market System can exist under both tyrannies and republics but socialism and communism can only exist under tyranny.

Romantic anti capitalists have always used, as their willing pawns, the youth. Led by upper middle class youth, (the most dangerous people on Earth). The romantic anti capitalist revs up the youth to rise up and revolt. A few misled but bright young kids killed in smashing capitalism is a small price the anti capitalist is willing to let them pay.

Look at Mao’s cultural revolutions in the 1960s. What was the point of that? To instill in the people the political ethos of the right to revolution? Or to so demoralize the people they expended their will to fight on each other instead of examining their own lot. It was effective at culling the population and terrorizing the people. Mao used the youth, the most dangerous people in any society, to do his handy work.

Because they have no experience. Knowledge without experience to temper it is very dangerous, it has led to the attempted extermination of more then just the Gypsies and the Jews at he hands of the Nazis, communists and socialists have murdered tens of millions of people. Che and Castro praised the willingness of the youth to kill in the name of the revolution. I have read, Che was fond of killing people tied up and begging for their lives, what a big hearted man.

Today the youth of the World have been urged to rise up… demand you be heard, and take back power from the tyrant! They are being wound up to run into the meat grinder of tyrannical politics. For their own good? Or for the mischievous purposes of a few Elite who would be kings. Do you think the kids running the revolutions around the World might be a tad wide eyed?

We all want liberty for the people of the World. Everyone deserves the right of self determination and is sovereign. The only system that has ever been devised that raises the lot of Man is the Market System. The youth who are rising today should instead seek market reform, lifting regulation, stomping down corruption in the civil service corps and strong protection of the property of every person with no exemptions. This would serve to raise the standard of living and more importantly teach the people of the middle East how to live in a republic, (what the unbiased media calls “democracy”).

The recent election in Egypt calling for immediate parliamentary elections and a rewrite of the Egyptian Constitution will certainly bring the Moslem Brotherhood into power to write the new Constitution and rule for the meantime. Does anyone think that regulation reform is on the agenda for the Moslem Brotherhood? Or that the wide eyed youth have the experience to force them to?