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Illegal Immigration, Amnesty and Fairness

Monday, November 24th, 2014

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one possible solution to the illegal immigration problem Obama’s policies have visited on us, would be to import one legal immigrant who is on the waiting list, for every illegal that is deported, and if the deported person returns illegally it would be a year in prison, then permanent deportation. All problems in human society exist because of negative incentives. Replace those negative incentives with positive incentives and many of the most intractable problems can be turned from a bad into a good. Change the incentive and you change the behavior. Our standard of living, our children’s welfare and even our very republic are in jeopardy if we don’t do something about illegal immigration.

Everyone agrees legal immigration is one of the factors that has made America great. Just think of how much Tesla brought to the US when he immigrated. Immigrants who take the time to come here legally, bring new ideas, new ways of thinking, they have persistence and have a strong work ethic. The US benefits greatly by legal immigration, illegal immigration however, brings with it many negative consequences. Some of these negative consequences are, an underclass, lowered wages, diminished economic outcomes for everyone, all forms of abuse, human suffering at every stage of the process, etc…

All policies, especially ones that directly impact human lives, must be fair. As I have said before Justice is the golden rule and the golden rule is fairness. The moment a person is treated differently by governmental edict than another – there has been an injustice done. That is self evident. So when someone files the paperwork, jumps through all the hoops and gets in line to enter the US, and another jumps the fence and is caught but allowed to remain, an injustice has been done to the person who is going the legal route. That injustice is magnified if the person who jumped the fence gets amnesty, the person waiting in line’s life is on hold, as they grow old, meanwhile guy who jumped ahead gets rewarded with amnesty.

Our market system, such as it is, requires honest people to function efficiently, therefore we should encourage honest people to come here. If no one could be trusted there could be no commerce. How could you trust a check if it was almost certainly bad? How could you work for someone if it was most likely you wouldn’t get paid? The economy requires, as a prerequisite, a basically honest people. Those who try to enter the US by the legal route, their very actions prove, they are more honest than someone who jumps the fence, who by their actions show, that law and morality are lower on their list of priorities than naked chaotic self interest.

The problem with illegal immigration is that it creates an underclass. The entire American experiment as well as the Western world view is based on all human beings being created equal, in the eyes of God and in the eyes of government. An underclass, especially a tacitly accepted underclass, is the antithesis of that moral foundation. An underclass in a society create a whole host of negative incentives to abuse those in the underclass. Why pay the going wage when you can get what amounts to a slave… to mow your lawn, tend your baby or vacuum your floors? The only ones who benefit by an underclass are those who plan on exploiting them.

Incentives always work, whenever human beings are the actors, incentives are the answers, here is how the incentives of replacing illegal immigrants with legal ones will function. When someone is caught in the US for any reason illegally, they would be immediately deported and someone who is on the waiting list would be given a green card. If someone who has been deported is found in the US again they would go to jail for a year and then be deported without being replaced. If anyone is caught a third time they would go on a permanent banishment list. They wouldn’t even be allowed to come here legally. Lastly, the teeth of Reagan’s amnesty program would be replaced, businesses that are caught hiring illegal aliens would face jail and huge fines. As the list of people waiting to come here legally gets shorter, and the list of those sent home gets longer, the incentives will become clear. People are smart and will take the path of least resistance.

The US needs immigrants, immigration policy must be fair, it needs to encourage honest people to come here, and one of the problems with illegal immigration is that it creates an underclass with all the negative effects on human beings of an underclass. Today, with Obama waiving his magic dictator’s pen, claiming he will give anyone who jumps the fence a free pass, the US has become a giant magnet to millions of iron filings. It has become foolish to try to follow the law to come here legally, all one needs do is get here by whatever means and Obama will grant you amnesty, and so, the US is being flooded by illegal immigrants. The elite that encourage illegal immigration must know the negative consequences to it, and therefore, they must also be accepting of those consequences. Imagine, destroying a nation’s economy, impoverishing working people by driving down their wages, creating an underclass to be exploited and abused, encouraging people to risk their lives and the lives of their children, to be that underclass… all so some multimillionaire new class progressive elite, can get their lawn mowed for a few dollars less.


John Pepin

Amnesty, Reward and the Elite

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, if you want a stable, productive and wealthy society, government should punish law breaking and reward those who follow the law. The exact opposite of what is done today. When law breaking is rewarded it inevitably leads to more law breaking. Couple this with punishing law following and you have the perfect system to destroy any civilization. I would think this is fairly obvious but apparently it is not. The elite must believe the opposite else they seek to destroy our society. Those who seek to destroy societies and civilizations are, by their actions, evil. Therefore, if the elite actually are not drooling mentally retarded people, then they are evil.


Society works best when all the people follow the rules. Every society today has a faction of the citizenry that is above the law and some faction that is below the law. The larger those factions are, the more destructive of societal equilibrium. If a State becomes lawless it ceases being a State. Look at the failed States around the World. Those few examples in history where most of the people followed the law and societal moors, are singular in that they provided the people with the most real security, and consistently supply high standards of living.


The elite are universally above the law in every country to a greater or lesser extent. The politically despised are below the law in every country. Even where this practice is specifically outlawed by a constitution we see that this universal paradigm holds true. In the US Congressmen are allowed to break the law with impunity. Unless their actions are so obnoxious, the people get riled up, there are no consequences for the elite who break the law.


That punishing following the law will lead to less people following the law, should be pretty obvious to everyone… except the elite. If we go all the way back to childhood we remember that when our parents punished us, we were less inclined to repeat the behavior later, due to fear of the punishment should we be caught. This translates into adulthood as well. When an adult is punished for an action, say following the law, he or she is induced not to repeat that action again, due to fear of future punishment.


Just as punishing following the laws, will lead to less people following the law, rewarding breaking the law will lead to more people breaking the law. Using the childhood analogy again, if a child gets a reward for some behavior the parent likes they will be more inclined to do that behavior again, if it was rewarded. The same again holds true of adults. When we are rewarded we seek more reward and past experience has shown us that a reward can be had if we do such and such. If it is breaking the law, oh well, the reward itself is rationalization enough.


Some few examples of how the political elite reward law breaking and punish law following are; amnesty for illegal aliens while legal immigrants wait on the list for years, constant perjury without consequence by the political elite, while the average guy is prosecuted for any untruth told to the government, I could go on but the paper runs out…


Since nothing I have said in this blog yet is the tiniest bit controversial, then either the political and cultural elite are dumber than dirt, or they understand this too. If the elite really want to be “fair” then why not round up all the people who have jumped the boarder and send them home, and give a path to citizenship, to all those waiting on the list to come in legally. If there were true justice of any kind in the World, the political elite would be punished just as you or I would be, if we perjured ourselves in front of Congress.


Clearly, to reward law breaking while punishing following the law, will result in breakdown of society and all the ills that follow. Like crime, poverty, and despair. If we judge people by their actions and we believe the elite are not idiots then the only conclusion that can be reached, judging by their actions, the elite want a breakdown in society, and they want the crime, poverty and despair that follows. The only reason the elite could want these things, is if they want to use the chaos to declare marshal law, and make their seats at the head of society’s table, permanent. At the cost to everyone else.





John Pepin