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Afghan Elections

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that it is absolutely imperative that the elections that are slated to be held in Afghanistan in August go through. The Taliban will be fighting tooth and nail to put the kibosh to any hope for an election. They understand that the elections are critical in the war for the people of Afghanistan.

By stopping or postponing the election the Taliban can propagandize the fact. Regardless that the Taliban would be largely responsible, the putting off of elections, would de-legitimize the standing government. Eventually the Taliban propaganda will be that the government is a puppet of the US. Not having elections plays directly into the hands of that propaganda. Empowering those that want to tyrannize the people of Afghanistan.

The elections have already been postponed. Once is a terrible precedent. But to do it twice would be evidence of total incompetence or malfeasance on the standing government’s part. The government doesn’t have the excuse that it doesn’t have time or had sufficient warning. There is no lack of international help, (except in troops). The only lack it seems to me would be lack of will…

The track record of the standing government in Afghanistan is pretty poor with regards to corruption. Officials require bribes as a means of doing business. Anyone who has read our blogs, forums, and Manifesto are aware of the International Capitalist Party’s stance on Bribes and their corrosive effects on the economy and society as a whole.

Without backing Bashardost, the International Capitalist Party does agree with his stated stance, that corruption must be banished from Afghanistan. If this tantamount feat can be achieved Afghanistan will once again join the community of nations as an equal. The Meads will be the international power they once were…