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NATO, Turkey, War Crimes and Acts of War

Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, a bar fight is usually started by the smallest person in the bar, Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian plane is no exception. I have heard it called little man disease, when a short person starts a fight, then slips away as his friends trade blows. Smart people stop hanging around with someone like that, because they are troublemakers, and smart nations would boot Turkey from NATO, for being a troublemaker. Turkey is a liability to NATO. It is fast descending into an Islamist intolerant tyranny. Erdogan has corrupted the Constitution to allow himself to become president for life, and install the Islamist agenda and so, Turkey no longer shares any values at all with Western nations. Moreover, should we allow a pint sized bully like Turkey to get the world into a nuclear war to protect IS and their genocide against Christians, raping of little girls, tossing gays from buildings, burning to death Captives, crucifying children and slaughter of any Muslims not Muslim enough? Is that a valid reason to end the world?

The killing of a pilot as he or she is parachuting down is a war crime. If you own a business and one of your employees runs over a child, your business is held liable, not the driver. That is because he is working under your auspices. In the same way, those rebel groups that are the vassals of the US and Turkey, operate with the support and auspices of those nations. So, war crimes committed by the sanction of another country, are the responsibility of that country. Therefore Turkey and the US are responsible for the war crimes of those that they sponsor. In other words, war crime are being done in your name, do you support that?

Turkey claims the plane was in their airspace but the events around the downing belie that claim. If it was indeed in their airspace, then how could the pilot have been murdered by rebels in Syria? The claim that the plane continued on back into Syria is just as damning as the claim the pilot was shot by rebels. Think about it, If the plane was in Turkey’s airspace and headed back to Syria, then why shoot it down? If the plane was in fact in Syria, then the downing of it was an act of war, if the plane was in Turkey’s airspace and wasn’t headed back to Syria, then the plane couldn’t have fallen on Syria, and the moment the plane was hit, the pilots ejected, they don’t continue like the plane would, and so drop pretty much below where they eject, since everyone agrees they landed, or would have landed in Syria, then the plane must have been shot down over Syria! What we have is an act of war compounded by a war crime, done by our “ally.”

Turkey is responsible for genocide against the Armenians, in the 1950’s it tried to detonate a bomb in it’s own embassy in Greece to stoke nationalistic outcries, which resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of Christians, and Turkey backs IS. Turkey has no business being in NATO in the first place. Turkey has waged war against the Kurds, the only Muslim people to protect Christians, Yazidis and others, the Kurds who have been the only true allies the US had in Iraq, and the only people in that part of the world with any real virtue. Turkey is a criminally run nation, that has worked against the interests of humanity since it’s inception, that is now becoming an Islamist stronghold.

NATO has a responsibility to defend it’s members who are attacked, but in this case Turkey wasn’t attacked, it was the aggressor. The original reason NATO was started in the first place was to stem the USSR, a country that no longer exists, and the advance of Marxism, which our governments have embraced, so there is no reason for NATO to exist anymore. Especially since it obligates Western nations to protect a petulant country that is becoming a despotic Islamist tyranny. Like a smart group of friends stops hanging around with a troublemaker, NATO should be smart and evict Turkey from NATO, before Turkey commits another war crime or act of war obligating us to burn our cities to the ground in nuclear fire to defend the slaughter and rape of innocents. In fact NATO itself has become a liability instead of a asset.


John Pepin

Fast and Furious; a Despicable Act of War.

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the US Constitutional Right to keep and bear Arms is under insidious assault along with the entire suite of Constitutional controls on the government. Take Fast and Furious, the US Justice department program to put guns in the hands of Mexican drug gangs. While the US government was arming the Mexican drug gangs, an existential threat to Mexico, an ally, Obama was accusing innocent Americans of it, and calling question to the Second Amendment because of the flow of guns into Mexico. Anytime a Constitutional Right is under assault, let alone the whole Constitution, we as Americans and as interested observers, should pay close attention to the reasons, the tactics and the logical outcome… If we are indeed self interested rightly understood.

Eric Holder, under oath in Congressional testimony, claimed no knowledge of Fast and Furious; but there were records of his getting memos regarding it prior to his acknowledging… his knowledge. In last Friday’s document dump. In his defense he has claimed the Bush administration did it too. However, records indicate the Bush administration’s program tracked the guns from the place of purchase, locating way points and eventually picking almost all the guns back up… before they reached the hands of the drug lords. Fast and Furious intentionally sent the guns, into the dark, and only tracked them when they showed up at crime scenes.

Eric Holder also claimed; that the Congressmen who is pushing the issue was briefed. Which the Congressmen admits. But records indicate that the person sent to brief the oversight committee didn’t know about the guns being let “walk.” So in fact the Congressman was not fully briefed. The problem with the “He does (did) it too” defense, is that it channels valuable time and resources into investigating something other than the crime at hand. Giving the alleged criminal time to hide, destroy and change evidence. This is a form of sophist attempt to focus attention elsewhere, like a magician, so the criminal can escape justice. As such it should be unacceptable. Unfortunately it is one that the democrat party uses all too much.

I would remind the reader that Skooter Libby was sentenced to jail for lying under oath where no crime was actually committed (The person who actually did the alleged crime had already admitted it to the prosecutor but was not prosecuted). Roger Clemons is being bankrupted by legal fees for allegedly lying to Congress. I am very curious if Eric Holder, who came into office wanting to prosecute every Bush administration official, will be prosecuted himself, for lying to Congress under Oath. The likelihood seems remote.

The Obama administration is in favor of the UN treaty on small arms. This treaty would bypass the normal Constitutional process, because in the US Constitution, treaties supersede Amendments. (Treaties were never meant to pertain to the US government’s internal law only to foreign relations, thus the term, treaty). But the UN small arms “treaty” would, at the stroke of a pen, outlaw gun ownership in the US. Bypassing Constitutional restrains. Does anyone think that the assault on Constitutional rights would stop there? Of course not! Banning guns would be only the small edge of the wedge. In short order the US Constitution would cease to exist as a viable document. Treaties superseding every restriction on governmental power. With programs like Fast and Furious providing the rhetorical fodder.

The death of US citizens and the death of a US Boarder Patrol agent, by criminals armed by the US government, is a crime of the highest order. The Government is tasked with ensuring the security and safety of it’s citizens… Not fomenting discord, providing weaponry to criminals destabilizing our neighboring country and using the results to undermine Constitutional rights! Mexico is a friendly country. Why would the Obama administration provide weaponry to Mexico’s drug cartels? Seems to me this is an act of war. I am amazed that the peaceful Obama administration would commit an act of war, against an ally, who is fighting an existential conflict with the drug cartels, by arming those drug cartels? This is not the way the US has historically acted to an ally.

But what if there was a working NUMA in place? There would already be a power in place that would look into it. A properly functioning NUMA would investigate not only Eric holder but the entire Obama administration as well. The Obama administration has apparently been caught, arming the Mexican drug cartels, essentially committing an act of war against Mexico, then using the violence the guns enabled, to justify and all out assault on the US Citizen’s right to keep and bear arms, while senior officials were denying it under oath. If senior Obama administration officials did indeed send thousands of powerful weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels then at least those officials should face jail time. But if Obama knew, covered it up and condoned it, while he was vilifying gun ownership… covering up potentially criminal acts was what Nixon was impeached for. A NUMA would see it done.