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When someone is above the law… there is no law.

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one result of corruption in government, is that corruption will drive an ever growing crime rate, violence, and lower economic outcomes. The two go hand in hand. The more overt and visible the corruption the greater it impels societal corruption. This happens for two reasons… culture and aping behavior. We adapt to the culture, young people especially so, and we copy the behaviors of our leaders. Young people are especially effected by both culture and politics, which acts as a capacitive effect, storing the culture and ethos of government to dampen swings away from it in the future, good or bad. Which makes corruption and it’s consequences dynamic. All of which shows how important it is to protect government especially, but all our institutions from corruption.

People like to follow the culture, culture makes us secure in our societal role, economic condition and status, it gives us structure. As a result of the good we get from culture we bend ourselves to it. If the culture has the ethos that cheating on a spouse is acceptable, then more people will cheat on their spouses than otherwise would. If the cultural sensibility is that making money is paramount, even at cost of future earnings, the economy will diminish over time, and if the culture is corrosive to the family, there will be less functional families, and all those things imply. The culture can be a force for evil or it can be a force for good. Keeping culture free from corruption then, is extremely important for people who seek societal wealth, security and stability.

We all look to the leaders of our governments, and religions, they provide us with the model to follow in our personal lives. We ape our leaders in other words. If our leaders model virtuous behavior we will follow them, and be virtuous, because that will become the norm. When our leaders break their own laws, lie constantly to us, machinate to undermine elections and otherwise rule in a corrupt manor, the leaders are holding those institutions in contempt, and thus, the people will also hold those institutions in contempt, and will lie, steal, and cheat their neighbors in every way possible. Why would a self interested human being follow laws not followed even by those that made them? That wouldn’t be self interested.

When governmental or any other institution becomes undeniably corrupt the effect on society is magnified by that obviousness. Of course overt corruption is far more destructive than subvert corruption. When it becomes undeniable that a faction is above the law, law looses all meaning and become the evil construct Thrasymachus described in The Republic. Even the most dull recognize the absurdity of following a law no one else does. In this paradigm, most pretend to follow the law to avoid punishment, but all will violate it every chance they get. Creating the need for ever more draconian punishments and surveillance to force the people to follow laws made against their best interest, that those who made the laws don’t even bother to pretend to follow.

Young people coming of age are especially susceptible to the warping effects of corruption in the culture and government. When we are young we are forming our attitude to justice, greed, honesty, envy, humility, egoism, egalitarianism, luxury and sloth. We don’t form those understandings from a vacuum we get them from our environment. People who grow up in a field of lavender will smell of it, their entire life, just as those raised in a cesspool will always have that odor around them. This gives corruption or virtue, and lasting effect on society. Those raised in corruption will carry that corrupt mindset with them their entire lives, those raised in virtue will carry that virtue with them as well. This gives society elasticity. Keeping the swings from corruption to virtue less extreme, but sadly, it also makes ridding our government, culture and society of corruption, a much harder task.

Those who tolerate corruption in government will have a corrupt government. The trick then is to forge a culture that is resistant to corruption and police the elite by draconian measures. By doing these two things we can dramatically lower the crime rate, abortion rate, divorce rate and drug use, while improving our economy and thus our very lot in life would be increased. If those in power are held to every single law, enforced to the letter… on them first, our society would follow and become more virtuous, with less need t monitor us. Corruption is as caustic to civilization as it is toxic to economies. Past time to address it, rationally, by discourse and logic, and abandon the glittering lies that the elite can police themselves.


John Pepin

The World is Run By Evil People

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we normalize the world we live in, by believing that those who are powerful are good, while those who are evil are weak. Sadly that is exactly opposite of the truth. Those people who are evil control the levers of power while those who are good are subjects of evil. It is hard to face the facts that the planet we live on is ruled by evil people, by evil means, for evil ends. The attributes of people who are evil, selfish, self centered, egoistic, heartless, conniving, charismatic and ruthless, are exactly those that lead to political power. While our prisons are filled with stupid evil men with little power, our halls of congress, presidencies, prime ministers, Judges, etc… are filled with smart evil people. Those same evil people who run the world, love democracy, because we are so easy for them to manipulate. Once in awhile though, people do wake up and vote in someone who is not of that low caliber. When that happens the rest of the evil people will set themselves to destroy that aberration. Like they have Trump.

Why is this so? Why are most of our leaders evil? Because an election is nothing more than an empty beauty contest. It is never the one with merit who wins, it is the one who pleases the electorate the most. Place a man on a podium, give him a lisp, an ugly visage, stooping posture and high pitched voice, and though he speaks the wisdom of the ages, he will be derided a fool. Take another, make him tall, hansom, deep voice and charismatic presence, and though he speak utter nonsense he will be lauded a genius. That is because we judge more by our eyes then our minds and hearts. Instead of listening to the words we look at the speaker, instead of trying to understand the arguments for both sides, we follow the tall hansom man, and because we do we hand the reigns of power, over and over, to evil people.

Even though evil people are suited for politics, does that mean all politicians are evil? Of course not, not all politicians are evil just like not all prisoners in our jails are evil. Having said that, it must be admitted that the temptation of power to an evil person is like heroin to an addict. The desire for it is overwhelming. Power is magnetic to evil people. With power they can exist above the law, while at the same time, lower the rest of us beneath it’s protections. The few politicians who are in it to serve humanity, are very few and far between, and they are universally despised by the political establishment. Those who are not evil represent a mortal threat to those who are. The power evil usurps defines them, anyone who threatens that power must be dealt with. We are witnessing this first hand in the treatment of Trump.

How can we know if a politician is evil? The first method is how is he or she accepted by the political establishment? If they are beloved, held up as the smartest, wisest and most wonderful of people, you can rest assured that person is as evil as Satan himself. He or she will blend right in to the cesspool that is politics. If a politician is loathed, attacked for nothing, constantly ridiculed and we are told he or she is a fool that will bring down our democracy… you know for certain that politician is good. Evil people will treat a good person as a pariah while they will treat an evil person with respect and dignity. The elite who are mostly evil, respect another evil person because they know that person will cross any bridge then turn and burn it into the river, if they are offended. Treated with dignity because all evil people have easily bruised thin skinned egos. If their ego is bruised, an evil person will wax a grudge until they can destroy their tormentor, like they did Nixon for prosecuting Alger Hiss.

Good people usually are not drawn to power over other, they seek peace, equanimity, love and friendship for their own sake, while an evil person will also seek these things, but as a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. A good person will tend to his or her own life and let others be. An evil person cannot allow others to simply be, the evil person must control everyone else. One facet of being evil, is that evil people hold others as fools to be manipulated into self harm, as the elite are doing in Europe with their policy of self genocide. Where a good person will avoid war an evil person desires it. The evil will eschew deterrence claiming it triggers an aggressor, all the time knowing full well that the weakness will encourage aggression, giving them what they want, war.

It is all important to understand the world we live in in order to make it better for our children. The US founding fathers knew the nature of the world and power, and attempted to control those evil men they knew are drawn to power. Over two hundred years of whittling away at it, the elite have managed to move us totally away from our Constitution, making it a joke. Why else do you think the elite laugh in our faces, like Nancy Pelosi did, when asked if this or that policy, law or regulation is “Constitutional.” They know our Constitution now means what ever the Hell they tell us it does, and that may change tomorrow, depending on the wants of the evil people in charge. Instead of judging with your eyes, judge with your mind, if a politician’s voice makes a shiver go down your leg, you have to understand you are judging with your eyes instead of your mind. Recognize that impossible pie in the sky promises are just means of manipulating you into acting against your own interests. In short… wake up and smell the coffee, our politicians are not good people, they do not work for our interests, they love human suffering and poverty, setting themselves to creating more of it. Judge with your mind instead of your eyes.


John Pepin

The Faction that is Above the Law

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, it is becoming increasingly obvious, we live in a system where there is a faction that is above the law, and the rest of us are below it’s protections. Under any system where some are above the law, or below its protections, law does not exist but arbitrary rule is instead the character of the nation. Political favor is always the deciding factor in a country where arbitrary rule is the norm. Those with political favor, whether they be the tyrant or the oligarch, will never hold themselves to the laws they themselves make, those are for the little people. Moreover, the elite under such a system have carte blanche to punish those the elite see as a threat, regardless of the supposed limits on the elite’s authority. When it becomes undeniable that there are people who are above the law, like it has today in the US and Europe, unless we the people seek slavery, it is up to us to demand every member of the elite be held accountable. Giving a different faction that same power is self defeating.

No human being is an angel. We all know this but many of us operate like they don’t. Progressives willingly grant people with absolute power, in the misguided idea that if only the “right” person is in charge, the world will be utopia. That is the basis of every progressive argument. They see humanity as so hopelessly defective we simply cannot be trusted to run our own lives, yet they see the very same people, when they have absolute power, as saints who will work for the betterment of mankind. How many times have you heard a professor argue, real socialism has never been tried, or that, the wrong people were in charge then, when discussing the failure of socialism to ever elevate a single person, other than a member of the politburo, from poverty to wealth. Progressives constantly seek an angel to save humanity from itself. Sadly, angels only exist in heaven, and not in the common lot of Mankind.

The Obama administration was the most scandal ridden in US history bar none. Even the maligned Nixon paled in comparison to Obama’s antics while in office. From abusing his self proclaimed “political enemies” with the unlimited power of the IRS, trafficking arms to Mexican drug gangs, through this latest scandal where Obama wiretapped the phones of the other political party for political advantage in an election, not one of his scandals has yet to be investigated. There is not a single republican administration that would have weathered the fast and furious scandal, let alone wielding the IRS as a political weapon against progressives! It is undeniable Obama has openly broken many laws, and violated our Constitution in a myriad of ways, yet doesn’t even face an investigation for any of it… that is the definition of being above the law. Hillary Clinton wiped and destroyed a hard drive under subpoena, then lied under oath about it, even revealing Classified secrets to our mortal enemies! A felony if you or I did it, yet the FBI said no one would indict her for it, then indicted dozens of servicemen for far lesser crimes! Apparently servicemen are not politically favored.

There is not a soul who is the least informed that does not know that members of the government rarely subject themselves to the laws they write for the rest of us. From legal insider trading, to Congress’ exemption from the Affordable Care Act, the elite never hold themselves to the same standard they hold us to. Even the Sarbanes-Oxley Act doesn’t apply to the elite! They can lie without consequence to the American public at will. Get caught lying to the government and rest assured the elite will wield the entire power of the federal government to destroy you. Take the example of the socialist billionaire George Soros, he has used his vast wealth to conduct his own personal foreign policy, in violation of US laws that prohibit such actions from private citizens, yet he faces no penalty for it. Heck the geriatric Soros was even accused of beating his girlfriend, but the NYC police refused even to question him about it when the girlfriend made the accusation! Imagine what would happen to you, if your girlfriend went to the police accusing you of beating her! So, we can see that it is not only government officials that are above the law, but progressive billionaires as well.

Yet you and I are under the protections of law. The IRS scandal is one glaring example where citizens were denied justice and their due rights under the law for political purposes. The film maker who made the internet film, The Innocence of Muslims, which Obama blamed on Benghazi, a lie as it turns out, was jailed to promote the lie! So much for the First amendment’s freedom of speech. Try acting Pro Se in court, the lawyer against you will be held to a drastically lower standard of conduct than you, to the point of making the entire “justice” system absurd. If you run afoul of the bureaucracy, by violating some arcane regulation, you are denied the legal system to adjudicate your case, instead those regulations are made by the bureaucracy, enforced by the bureaucracy and tried by the bureaucracy. In the Federalist Papers Madison argued that if the laws ever became so many that even a trained attorney cannot understand them, then tyranny is in effect, showing that even by Madison’s definition, we live under a tyranny today.

When a faction is above the law that faction is the defacto oligarchy. Aristotle wrote in Nicomachean Ethics that there are three right forms and three wrong forms of government, The wrong forms have in common, they all serve the rulers not the nation state, or in Aristotle’s time, the city state. That faction today that is above the law, and indeed our very Constitution itself, as Nancy Pelosi so famously illustrated by her flippant attitude when asked if Obama care is constitutional, is the progressive faction. If we allow this to continue, or God forbid, give a different faction that same power, we are acting against the interests of our own children. We have to stand and demand, the elite are held to the law, and create a system to punish them when they violate our Constitution. Unless we act, we will be passing a world of suffering to our children. Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and ask yourself, do I want him or her to be a slave of some inhuman state? If you love them, maybe it’s time to enact a NUMA amendment, and proclaim to the world and our posterity, that no man is above the law and no man is below it’s protections.


John Pepin

The Obama Presidency

Monday, July 11th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the United States and indeed the entire world, is far worse off eight years after the election of Barak Obama, making his Presidency one of the worst, if not the worst President in US history. By every measure the US has slid backwards, race relations, disease, economically, socially, militarily and culturally. Obama’s outstandingly poor record of performance while in office is also marred by the most damaging scandals in US history, fast and furious, Benghazi, IRS as a political weapon, wiretapping reporters, the VA scandal, etc… all these scandals without a single special prosecutor. From the destruction of the US Constitution to the rise of radical Islam Obama has created one mess after another at home and abroad. When he was elected he ran on hope and change, today hope for the future is at an all time low, and our nation has been fundamentally changed for the worse.

When Obama was elected race relations were at an all time high. Obama had huge support of every race especially white voters. Since he was elected he has sown the seeds of division, hate and anger. Today there is violence in our streets, police are being murdered across our nation and our large cities are no longer safe places to raise children or even go to the store. Rather then unifying us Obama has made it his priority to divide us along racial lines. From jumping in to attack the Cambridge police before he had any information, then having to have a “beer summit” to save face, to his absurd stance that easy access to guns is causing the riots and police murders, Obama ‘ record on race relations is as bad if not worse than Woodrow Wilson’s.

Economically, Obama has been the only President in history to enjoy zero interest rate for the entirety of his term, yet economically the US has been in depression since the great recession. The staggering number of people not it the workforce shows an underlying weakness in the economy that is as pervasive as it is destructive of our standard of living. Meanwhile, that record low worker participation rate feeds the need for record welfare rolls, record food stamp participants and declining real wages. Despite the run up in stocks, largely fueled by the unheard of low interest rate allowing corporations to buy back their own stock thus keeping the market artificially high, enriching the corporate CEOs at cost to shareholders, customers and employees, the actual value of our investments has declined with a record high price to earnings ratio (P/E). Because of Obama care the incentives to hire full time employees is negative. That is why low paying temp jobs are rapidly becoming the norm and poverty is rising.

There has never been a President who had so many terrorist attacks on US soil during his Presidency. Once 911 happened, Bush took steps, and we didn’t see another successful attack on American soil under his Presidency, in stark contrast to Obama. Under Obama there has been an Islamic terror attack resulting in American deaths every year of his Presidency. Obama has done everything in his power to hinder law enforcement from addressing the root causes of Islamic terror even refusing to acknowledge Islamic terror! His willful blindness to Islamic theology, inciting it’s followers to attack infidels and instill terror in their hearts, as Islamic scripture induces it’s followers to do, has encouraged more attacks, not placated them as Obama said it would. Today the average American is more likely to die from an Islamic terrorist attack than at any other time in US history.

The US Constitution is under attack from every angle today. Every amendment has been eroded under Obama. From his perpetual hatred of the Second Amendment, to outright attacks on free speech and freedom of religion, Obama has shown himself to be an enemy of our basic fundamental rights as enumerated in our founding documents. Our society has moved so far away from limited government and liberty, that a politician who openly avows fealty to our Constitution and it’s principles, is called an extremist! The rule of law has become arbitrary rule under Obama with some above the law and others below it’s protections.

In Iraq, Obama snatched loss from the jaws of victory. Regardless whether we should have got in that war to begin with, Bush had essentially won the war, when Obama came into office he unilaterally withdrew US forces and ceded Iraq to radical Islamic fundamentalists, who have since wiped Christianity from that place where it has been for two thousand years, enslaved young women for sex, and is a safe haven for exporting Jihad to the rest of the world. When the people of Iran rose up to quit themselves of the chains of the Ayatollah, Obama sided with the Ayatollah, and against the freedom movement! Last year Obama gave Iran the green light to build a nuclear arsenal it can use against the US and Israel, with a memo recently intercepted from Iran, showing they plan to use an EMP weapon against the US power grid!

By every measure the Obama Presidency has been a disaster. Our economy is teetering on the edge of catastrophe, our streets run red with blood, our Constitutional Rights are under assault like never before, the world has devolved into turmoil and war, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction goes on unimpeded and hope for the future is at another all time low. The hacking of the Black Lives Matter movement, a home grown terrorist organization, leaked to the public shows they plan on a “Summer of Chaos,” that they hope will allow Obama to usher in marshal law. Now, that would be his crowning achievement, calling for marshal law in the US for the first time in our history. One has to wonder how anyone so inept could become a janitor, let alone President, unless he is not incompetent, but a villain. History will have to answer that question, what is unquestionable however, is that Obama has been one of if not the worst President in US history if not the worst… as measured by results.


John Pepin

The Double Standard is Slavery

Monday, April 4th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, today while the lowest of us are held to the highest standard, the highest of us are held to the lowest standard. The mechanism of it is appeal to authority. Of course that was what the Enlightenment was all about, rejecting appeals to authority and settling arguments by logically reasoned, rational discourse. Rational discourse however, is and has been, a means for the people to wrest power form the elite and so is discouraged. In doing so, those who run our governments, banks, corporations, journals, and adjudicate law, are devolving us back to a time and philosophy that predate the Enlightenment, to a form of slavery. Think about it, is a slave allowed to do that which a master can, of course not. The master has free reign to do whatever he or she wants and the slave must toe the line. What if a slave acts up and does something the master disapproves of? The slave is punished. The more obvious the double standard becomes, the more secure the elite feel in their dominance over us, now that the double standard cannot be denied our slavery is all but complete.

The Enlightenment was a watershed event in human understanding. It rejected appeals to authority, which prior to the Enlightenment, was the basis for all discussions. If the authority said something, it became the truth regardless of the absurdity. The Enlightenment made the case that disagreements in the sciences, politics and economics should be decided by rational discourse. The person with the most logical best reasoned argument would win. This doctrine gave rise to the market system, the industrial revolution, constitutionalism, science and a constantly rising standard of living. Such an important advance in human understanding should be protected, nurtured, enshrined and taught so it can keep benefiting the whole of humanity. Sadly, it gets in the way of the elite’s interests and so has been hidden, perverted and mischaracterized.

Constitutionalism was probably the most important advance that came directly from the Enlightenment. Science, it can be argued, was more important, but science in and of itself cannot raise the standard of living, or the humanity of a people, limited government does and limited government gives rise to the conditions that allow science to flourish. Constitutionalism, and along with it, limited government, was a rational reaction to the history of human governments. Many had been birthed in liberty but had always aged into tyranny. A constitution is a contract between the governed and the governors describing what powers the government has and what powers are reserved for the people. Since mankind’s first attempts at writing constitutions the idea of a constitution limiting government has been perverted by the elite to empowering government. Like Obama said, the US Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, in that it limits what government can do to you but in Obama’s view, a constitution should limit the people rather than the government, empowering government to do for us. That is the modern philosophy that returns us to a doctrine of appeal to authority and thereby… slavery.

Why wouldn’t everyone want to be a slave? You get three hots and a cot, your day is planned for you, your freedom to act is strictly enumerated, you have free healthcare and you are protected. Liberty is why people hate being slaves. We all crave liberty. Liberty comes from equality. When some people are allowed more liberty than others, the argument cannot be made there is equality, and if there is not equality, there is no real liberty. Those who are limited in their actions are the slaves and those who have freedom are the masters. If a slave speaks back to his master he is punished and made an example of. A slave’s actions require permission from her master while a master’s actions require no permission from their slave.

Today we are awash in double standards. Al Gore was caught red handed violating campaign finance laws, and had the audacity to stand before the nation declaring there is no overriding legal authority to hold him to the law, and that was accepted by the slaves. Hillary Clinton was caught red handed using an unsecured server to store top secret information putting the entire nation at risk and to date there is no negative consequences for it. If you or I, on the other hand, were to violate campaign finance laws as Dinesh D’souza did, we would go to jail, as he did. If we were to endanger national security, even accidentally, we would be imprisoned. The elite, like Tim Geithner and Charlie Rangel, regularly get caught lying on their taxes with no punishment, if you are caught doing it to a much lesser extent, there are life altering consequences. As Obama was threatening gun owners and sellers along the Mexico boarder with sanctions, for supplying Mexican drug cartels with weapons, Obama himself, as it turned out, was the one supplying the weapons! He faced no such sanctions however. The list of examples where the elite, our masters, have liberty where we don’t could fill a tome the size of the national register.

Global Climate change is the best example of how the elite are moving us away from the advances of the Enlightenment back to appeal to authority. You are not allowed to question the voracity of man made climate change because the authorities have made their determination. Arguments are even met with threats of imprisonment. The concept of limited government has been so veiled in propaganda, misdirection and taught ignorance, most people believe the liberty of others is a bad thing, and so destroy their own liberty by their lack of understanding. We have become so ignorant, needy and selfish we allow our noses to be rubbed in a double standard. That double standard is proof positive there is no true equality, and therefore, no true liberty. When some people are above the rules, they are the masters, and when others are below it’s protections, they are slaves. You are a slave, even if not in name, but in fact.


John Pepin

Crime Unpunished

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… crime unpunished is crime encouraged. Remember when you were a child and you ran into the road? Your mother, father or both would give you the dickens. That was because they understood that if they didn’t, you would sooner or later run into the road and be killed. Because of their love of you they needed to change your behavior. Condemning the truck drivers will not stop a child from running into the road, a slap on the behind will however. Throughout our childhoods, those of us who had nurturing, loving parents, were taught to be civilized. It probably took standing in a corner, a slap on the behind and a few cross words, but the barbarian in us was molded into civilization. It does no good whatsoever to change the negative behavior with praise of the wrongdoing, blaming the victim or cry racism, when someone acts the barbarian. This is such an obvious truism you would think everyone knows it instinctively… but apparently many don’t.

Hsun Ching said the congenital nature of Man is evil and the good in us is a learned trait. By that he meant when we are born we don’t know, right from wrong, we don’t have empathy, we think we can just take what we want, etc… basically, we are little barbarians. Our empathy, virtue and humanity is taught us by our upbringing. Those who have been civilized operate well in any system while those who have not been civilized only operate well in a very structured environment, with draconian punishments and constant monitoring. Hsun Ching’s philosophy has a direct impact on adults as well.

An adult who has not had the benefit of being civilized will commit crime, that is obvious, but what seems to be not well understood is that when an adult is allowed to commit crime and is not punished for it, they are far more likely to commit more crime later. The more they get away with the more heartless and heinous the crimes they commit. In fact, blaming the victim, claiming racism or simply avoiding addressing the crime, empowers and emboldens the criminal. They feel they have a right to victimize others. The criminal becomes even more callous to the wants and needs of other human beings, and in doing so they become less human themselves.

Humanity means to have compassion, to be kind to others and even animals, it is a quality of being a fully actualized, human hearted human being. Humanity can be grown by changing the behavior of those who act inhuman and it can be corroded by allowing crime to go unpunished. To have humanity is to understand that other people exist, have feelings, want pretty much the same things you do and are as flawed as you and I are. Accepting the flaws of others is part of being humane. A psychopath or sociopath is not humane and has no compassion for others. They are broken. Most people who commit crime however are not psychopaths or sociopaths, they are people who have not been civilized, and so lack some aspect of humanity.

When a society allows some to stand above law, morality and civilization, it provides a strong incentive for others, others who are civilized, to throw off the yoke of civilization and become barbarians themselves. Those with a deeper understanding will resist for awhile but the incentive becomes stronger and stronger the longer society encourages crime. People are adaptable, we will adapt to many things, barbarism is one of those things we can adapt to and in a barbarous society, adapt we must. Those who have virtue in a barbarous society will quickly be crushed. We see that society in the last few decades in the US and Europe has become ever more barbaric.

It doesn’t matter if the criminal is an immigrant from a far away land who thinks rape is perfectly acceptable, or a politician who claims there is no overriding legal authority to punish his open and flagrant crime, the result is the same, crime unpunished is crime encouraged. We are civilized by our parents, that is one of the greatest gifts they give us, after our very lives. Civilization in us allows us to function, socially, economically and personally. Those without the benefit of civilization will commit crime. That doesn’t mean they are psychopaths or sociopaths, it means they are not civilized. A society that fails to punish crime, is a society that nurtures an inhumane, brutish and violent people. People that require intrusive oversight, draconian punishments and onerous laws. Yet even the most draconian punishments, intrusive surveillance and onerous laws will do no good to bring a society to civilization. Once civilization is lost it takes centuries to return to it. Only the most vile, self serving and evil people would want inhumanity for humanity… so why are some crimes unpunished and therefore, encouraged?


John Pepin

Hillary Clinton’s Wiped Email Server

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me, if Hillary Clinton and the others who have wiped their hard drives and gone to extraordinary lengths to hide their emails from law enforcement, get away with it, that will be proof positive we live in a place and time where some are above the law. When some are above the law, you don’t really have law, what you have is arbitrary rule masquerading as law. The only reason arbitrary rule masquerades as law, is to trick the subjects into thinking they are citizens. It is a way of making the average person feel he or she is valued, our property is safe and our persons are protected, and therefor arbitrary rule masquerading as law keeps us quite and compliant – and can go on unabated. This is far more pernicious than it appears on the surface. A market economy cannot function, the standard of living must necessarily fall and violence will sooner or later appear, under arbitrary rule, especially where arbitrary rule masquerades as law. Your life, property and liberty is directly effected by the outcome of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Let’s face it, you or I would go to jail of the government subpoenaed our email, and we had the hard drive professionally cleaned to prevent them. It would be a no brainer. Simply the fact we did it would in and of itself be a sufficient crime to get us arrested and in court. Regardless if all we had on that hard drive was pictures of puppies holding flowers. The moment you or I wiped a hard drive subpoenaed by the government we would have committed a crime. Don’t think for a second any prosecuting attorney would let it go. The full weight and power of the government would be leveled against us. Yet, Hillary Clinton and a few of her cronies have done it, and so far they have escaped any punishment for it. One can only logically conclude it is because they are above the law.

Now if there is a huge public outcry, and that is the impetus for the government to actually charge them with a crime, that is also very indicative of arbitrary rule masquerading as law. This is because if it takes political pressure from the people before the Justice Department, (DOJ) will do it’s job, the DOJ was not planning on prosecuting them in the first place! The only reason the DOJ wouldn’t charge someone immediately when evidence becomes clear a law was broken… is because the law breaker is above the law! If some people can break the law, and the only way the government will charge them, while it would immediately charge another for that same crime, they are by definition, above the law and therefore we have arbitrary rule.

Arbitrary rule is a situation where “law” is arbitrarily passed or enforced. The ancient Greeks held arbitrary rule to be one of the primary definitions of tyranny. There was great debate among the ancients about the advantages and disadvantages of arbitrary rule. Some, like the sophist Thrasymachus, favored arbitrary rule while others, like Socrates, held it was uniformly and universally evil. History has come down on the side of Socrates and not Thrasymachus. Moreover, arbitrary rule always results in poverty, tyranny and violence. All people know in their hearts and in their minds arbitrary rule is wrong. Justice requires that all human beings be treated equally by their governments, to do anything less is unjust. So, arbitrary rule is by nature, unjust, and creates conditions of injustice.

Whenever injustice masquerades as justice, it pretends to be what it isn’t, and anytime someone pretends something to be what it is not, it is so the injustice can continue. Injustice masquerading as justice is a con game the elite don’t want to stop. Of the two, arbitrary rule masquerading as law is worse than open and obvious arbitrary rule. In the first case, when an evil is hidden it can grow, in the second case evil exposed to sunlight withers. Since Hillary Clinton has escaped justice so far is proof we live under arbitrary rule. The question now is, is that arbitrary rule masquerading as law or is it open and obvious arbitrary rule?

We need to watch this scandal unfold with open eyes. If she and her sidekicks are charged and punished, it is evidence we don’t yet live under arbitrary rule. If we sit, and she skates on a crime you and I would face severe punishment for, it is proof positive we live under open arbitrary rule. If we rise up and demand they be charged, as we would be, then we have admitted Hillary Clinton and her boot licks are above the law, by having to rise up, and it will be proof injustice is masquerading as justice. If however, she is charged and gets a mere show trial to placate the masses, we live under arbitrary rule masquerading as law, injustice pretending to be justice, and because the injustice is hidden it can grow and metastasis into a cancer that will take our prosperity, liberty and reduce us and our children to slaves. We can do something, enact a Fourth Branch, but in our complacency most will merely go back to watching dancing with the stars, ensuring the cancer of injustice pretending to be justice endures.


John Pepin

Tyranny by Regulation

Sunday, May 24th, 2015

It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.”
? James Madison

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, no human being ever born could begin to know and understand all the laws, regulations and codes that make up modern American jurisprudence. It would take a speed reader a lifetime to simply scan the Federal Register let alone understand them. Moreover, there are thousands of bureaucrats, people who we have little or no choice in selecting, working diligently eight hours every day, writing more. The amount of laws and regulations in the federal register alone written on paper is a mass of books that boggles the mind. Many of those regulations and laws are mutually exclusive making them incoherent. Add to that the fact that some groups are above the law and others are below the law and what our government has built is arbitrary rule, instead of law.

Examples of people who are above the law are legion, from Tim Geithner chiseling on his taxes, nanny gate, the House banking scandal, Fast and Furious, and the Benghazi cover up to Obama’s many extra Constitutional actions, the elite are increasingly above the limits law sets for the rest of us. any of which if you or I did them, we would be arrested, tried and jailed. Those who fall below the law’s protections are just as numerous, you or I could be arrested and held for twenty four hours without charge or access to a lawyer, there is no way a member of the elite would be subject to such unconstitutional actions. Land owners who have had their land taken for “Eminent domain,” where the property is not used for a road, public works or bridge, but to allow some member of the elite to build a hotel, casino or shopping mall, a business owner who must violate his or her faith else face punishment and you intellectual property can be stolen by the elite anytime they see fit, Eli Whitney being the most famous example. If you are charged by the bureaucracy you might not have the “privilege” of a lawyer, trial or facing your accuser, you are merely charged, tried and punished by the bureaucracy. Examples abound where the people are denied the protections of our Constitution and therefore are below the law’s protections.

The damage to our economy is horrendous. The application of all the regulations we live under cannot but limit economic growth. The damage to our economy from regulation is structural, not cyclical and so cannot be grown out of, lived past or is temporary, they are permanent hindrances to our economic growth. Due to the crushing weight of regulations we now have structural limits to the amount of people who can be employed, our wages are diminished daily by them and our standard of living is dropping. For the first time in US history the growth of small businesses is negative! Virtually every problem in our economy is the result of arcane regulations.

Lawyers must increasingly specialize. Law has become so convoluted, no lawyer could possibly be able to generalize anymore, and actually serve his or her client’s interests. I listened to a radio broadcast the other day where an expert was talking about the rules regarding inheriting a parent’s assets upon their death. In a half hour talk, the only thing that came out that was really understandable, was that you need an attorney to die today, else the government will penalize your children. The rules regarding simply inheriting a parent’s IRA are as counter intuitive as they are absurd. There is no corner of law today where that isn’t the case. Law and regulations have become counter intuitive and absurd.

I have heard that the average person today commits three felonies every day and has no idea they have done it. That statement speaks volumes on how arcane our regulations have become. You might fill in a wet spot on your lawn and have violated the wetlands protection act, you could get all the local permits to build a house and run afoul of some arcane regulation limiting the number of windows you are allowed to put in your house, you might make furniture in your garage and violate some foreign law, you could be having a bad day and yell at some stranger who stepped on your toe, the list of laws you violate every day is as endless at the federal register.

Imagine it, you are going about your daily activities, and without intention or malice, you violate some arcane regulation that would result in a felony if the government wanted to push it. Think about it for a moment, if that is the case, and it is considered truth by many pundits, lawyers and economists, you could be arrested and jailed at any time by a government that wants to shut you up, take your property, or just punish you for the way you vote or think. The slippery slope has become glare ice and has steepened to the point it is nearly vertical.

Madison wrote his opinion of a society where the laws are so complex, no one, even a trained attorney could understand them, in his letters and in the Federalist papers. His argument was that under such a system, anyone could be charged with a crime at any time, and so since it has become impossible to avoid violating such laws, everyone is a criminal. Where everyone is a criminal everyone lives and breathes at the suffering of government. When that is the case, government has become all powerful, and must be arbitrary in it’s appliance of those arcane laws and regulations. By James Madison’s definition, one of our premier founding fathers, thinkers and a patriot, we have become a tyranny.


John Pepin