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Profit for Suffering

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, now that selling baby parts for profit is acceptable, while those who expose the practice are tried as felons, our civilization has sold it’s very soul for a few silver coins. Before selling part of a human being, that human being must be killed, moreover, in order to sell the parts of a baby that has been aborted as a means of execution, the baby must have been killed more painfully than normally, by dismemberment. His or her arms and legs cut off as they fight the abortionist’s scissors, keeping the torso intact and thus the baby alive, suffering, for as long as possible, to maximize the profits. To do such an act, or to condone such and act requires, as primary qualities, a total lack of compassion, human heartedness and empathy, in short humanity, in the classic sense of the word. Then to prosecute those who expose the practice as felons, along with rapists, murderers and drug kingpins, shows the absolute loathing it has of goodness, and is to conflate exposing an evil with actual profound evils. A civilization that would act in such a way is a civilization that has no soul, no spark of goodness and is both in and going to a very very dark place.

Planned Parenthood was just exposed unequivocally and undeniably, for torturing to death the babies it is aborting, to maximize the profit for the body parts in the marketplace. Apparently, the slower and more agonizing the death of the baby, the more lucrative the profit for Planned Parenthood. Since the government itself has crawled into bed with Planned Parenthood, the revelation has showed not only the diabolical nature of Planned Parenthood, but the fiendishness of our government as well. That those in government have no problem with torturing babies to death, to raise capital for progressive projects, is incontrovertible proof those same people have no humanity in them. Both those at Planned Parenthood, and their backers in government, have no soul because they sold it to Beelzebub for a temporal good.

The people who have now been shown what is happening and do nothing to stop it are equally as guilty showing our entire culture has lost it’s empathy, compassion and humanity. How can people see such evil, know they are helping pay for it by their tax dollars, and say nothing? That speaks volumes about the inhumanity of the people, but those who defend the practice actually take up the mantle for such evil and carry it. How empty inside does someone need to be to defend torturing babies to death for their body parts? Make no mistake, that is what the actual contention is. One side believes torturing babies to death for fun and profit is good, the other side says that it is evil and fundamentally wrong. Those who do nothing have chosen to side with those who believe slow torture for and innocent baby is perfectly acceptable.

It can be argued that all morality is a selfish act. I am against slavery because if any human being can be enslaved, and I am a human being, therefore I can be enslaved… then to be against slavery is a self interested act, I am against stealing because if anyone is stolen from, then I can be stolen from, Murder, if anyone can be murdered… The logic is clear. In the case of abortion however, everyone who is against it, and everyone who is for it, has already been born. The ven diagram of people subject doesn’t in any way intersect the ven diagram of people deciding the subject. That changes the calculation completely when it comes to the morality of abortion. To be against abortion is a selfless act, I am against abortion because someone is hurt, even though it is impossible for me to take their place, unlike slavery or murder. Selflessness is a higher quality, one not found in people or civilizations that lack empathy, compassion and human heartedness.

What we have is a society, culture, and civilization that is so dark, so empty inside, it has completely lost the higher qualities. Our leaders have led us to this place where we can read about Planned Parenthood dismembering babies for fun and profit, have a moment of outrage, then take another sip of our morning coffee, complaining the coffee is too weak today, and not give another thought to the crime against humanity that we have just been made complicit to. We as a culture have sold our soul out of pure selfishness. We give obvious evil a pass and condemn the good for any minor flaw. We serve our new master with the gusto of a zealot. To have created a civilization so empty inside, cold hearted and inhuman surely must be a great accomplishment for Lucifer. That we have allowed it is just as great a blotch on us. Like I said before, we are in a very dark place, and headed to a much darker one.


John Pepin

History Will Not Judge Us Well

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, every time progressivism gets power, as it has under Barack Obama, it is responsible for crimes against humanity, and for those crimes today history will judge us very poorly. Since the inception of Progressivism it has been the source of crimes against humanity that a normal mind cannot comprehend. Eugenics, abortion, master races, genocide on an industrial scale, destruction of the nuclear family, sexualizing our culture and even our children creating a hedonistic self destructive culture, famines, and the enslavement of large swaths of humanity. This is of course not a comprehensive list but it touches on some of the high points of the crimes of progressivism. The ones I would like to look into at depth here, is the genocide of Christians in Christianity’s birthplace the Middle East and the industrial slaughter of innocent babies, all of which history will condemn us as barbarians.

Obama loves to claim to foreknow the judgment of history. He goes on and on about how history will judge us poorly if we don’t give this or that Right to the State, as if history is more concerned with the petty usurpations of an autocrat than with actual human suffering. It is always human suffering that gets the headlines. No one talks about the advances of the Panzer kampf wagon Mark 5 Panther, other than WWII nuts, but we all talk of the holocaust. The one was a crime against humanity the other a technological advance. When we hear about WWI we instantly think of the human suffering the industrialization of war created, with mustard gas, bayonet charges into water cooled machine guns, accurate and more deadly artillery, and even though it is hidden in history, most everyone knows of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the young Turks, a progressive movement inside the Turkish government. History is mostly interested in crimes against humanity and under Obama’s watch there have been plenty.

Progressivism under Woodrow Wilson begot the eugenics movement, which inspired Hitler to his final solution and the master race plans, meanwhile, Planned Parenthood got it’s start at the same time by Margaret Sanger with the express purpose of exterminating Blacks. In the US people were rounded up and forcibly sterilized because the State considered then unfit to parent children, some because they were mentally retarded, others because they were French Canadian, but all of them forcibly sterilized by the coercive power of the state. Hitler loved the idea and implemented it in Germany with glee, slaughtering everyone in insane asylums, rounding up Jews, exterminating Gypsies, and Hitler didn’t stop there, he applied his progressive racial standards to the Slavs and killed millions of them too. Eugenics and the final solution are firmly and permanently intertwined, started by a progressive in the US and migrating to a progressive in Germany. A crime against humanity if ever there was one.

Abortion is a sacrament to progressives. They drink the blood of innocent babies like Catholics drink the blood of Christ. The first is enthralled by their power over life and the second humbled by their power over death. Abortion has been the cause of the deaths of nearly sixty million babies in the US alone. By any measure the industrial slaughter of the most innocent human beings is a crime against humanity. Now we find out that slaughter is accompanied with the sale of their parts! Under Obama the sacrament of abortion has been magnified in it’s heinousness. Compounding the psychotic mass murder of babies by a crass marketing of their very parts. Moreover, the government subsidizes the slaughter! It takes money from those of us who rightly are revolted by the evil of abortion, at gun point, and we are forced to pay for it. History will not judge us well at all for the evil of abortion.

That same lack of empathy for others that is unmistakable in our diminished value of human life is manifested in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East. Where only a decade ago there were millions of Christians in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Egypt, most have vanished, killed and buried in mass graves, sent to rape centers, and the lucky ones are wandering in the desert with no hope because no one cares, but at least hey are alive and free. Even though it has been labeled genocide by the US Congress the world community refuses to take in the diaspora Christians, the world goes out to eat as Christians are left to starve in the desert, we watch Rambo while little Christian girls are sold into sex slavery and all we care about is whether we can afford that new television. Genocide is always and everywhere a crime against humanity, but history will judge us far harsher than it has the British, French and Americans for the Holocaust, because today, we know about it undeniably and did nothing.

I cannot believe humanity will continue down the road with such heartlessness. In the long term humanity must grow up to have greater empathy. That has been the long term trend of the development of the human race. Not in a linear manner but by leaps and bounds, sometimes retreating but after a bit always lunging forward, often, by looking back at our mistakes. It is by looking back at those tragedies, that have propelled our understanding and philosophy into a more human hearted path. Once we grow beyond the hedonistic, egoistic, immediately self interested children we are, those people will look back at abortion, and genocide as crimes against humanity, encoded in human history, and all of those crimes will be the result of progressivism’s atheistic, amoral, selfish, hedonistic and holier than thou philosophy.


John Pepin

The Immoral Deciding What is Moral…

Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we live at a time where degenerates, liars and connivers have such undeserved moral superiority, they have the hubris and audacity to tell the rest of us what to think, how to act and who to vote for. Our society has moved so far from truth and reality it has become a house of cards in a gale. Those who dismiss all that is good have seized the education system, using it to inculcate our children into their twisted hateful destructive philosophy, teaching them theirs is true morality and God’s laws are immoral. How many children graduating from high school today dismiss out of hand traditional values and moors for progressive “values.” I bet far more than you or I would be comfortable with. The results can only be terrible for future generations.

Today common sense is considered hate by those who control what we see, hear and learn. They tell us that belief in God’s laws, like thou shall not kill, is outdated because unborn babies can be killed at any time for any reason. They protest that if we disagree with them, we hate, even as they vomit the most vitriolic rhetoric, calling Christians and Jews hate mongers for believing in our faith. The commandment thou shall honor thy father and mother is undermined every day in our media with fathers being attacked as stupid, lazy and drunk. Thou shall not steal is now old fashioned, in that the State is allowed to steal whatever and however much they want, to fund anti Christian and antisemitic policies and rhetoric, like feces covered pictures of the Virgin Mary, funding anti Semitic groups and piss Christ. We are convinced that Thou shall not covet they neighbor’s wife is crazy by every critically acclaimed television show, book and movie while television shows that honor family values have been eradicated from the air. In every way, every day true morality is destroyed by degenerates who impose their perverted values on us by law, regulation and political correctness.

Listen to the hypocrisy and rhetoric of progressives. They hardly ever complete a paragraph where they don’t say this or that is unconscionable. In fact Bernie Sanders cannot get through a sentence without saying it. Profit is unconscionable unless it is stolen from those who produce. They deplore cigarettes yet glorify drug use, they hate the police yet are up armoring the police and militarizing them as fast as they can. Guns are vilified, and the right to keep and bear weapons of self defense is under constant attack, yet powerful progressives always have personal armed guards. White people are called to admit innate racism and atone for slavery, that was banished with an ocean of American blood, yet call those who favor slavery and have sex slaves today as peaceful. Every time there is a mass shooting the first people blamed are liberty loving people until the real perpetrator, almost always a progressive is found to be the villain, yet their captured media call themselves unbiased. Morals like teaching your children to be self sufficient, work hard and be courteous, are under attack by those who think people should be dependent on government, lazy and rude, like progressives.

One has to wonder at how such a state of affairs came to be but the result is all too obvious. To be so certain in one’s morality that, the least moral feel an obligation to force everyone else to follow their perverted morality, whatever it is today, is diabolical. While progressives claim Christians impose morality on the rest of us… that is nothing but sophistry. While a christian might tell someone they are sinning, no true Christian would impose fines or jail to someone for homosexuality, producing blasphemous pictures or adultery, but Christians will help sinners when the consequences of their sins become manifest. In fact, Christianity teaches everyone is able to get to heaven, all that is required is a belief in Jesus Christ. Sins can be forgiven. Progressives believe that before they can go to heaven, they must force everyone to follow their morals, as Barack Obama said, Salvation is collective, as opposed to Christ who said salvation is personal. Anyone who teaches salvation depends on forcing another to submit, worships Lucifer rather than God. Perhaps that is why our world is going to hell…


John Pepin

On Judging the Humanity of a Human Being

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the the reason an unborn child must be taken as having full human rights is because, an existence cannot be judged until lived in it’s entirety, the whole cannot be judged by the part. Therefore, future life must be taken into consideration, whenever the humanity of any one of us is taken into account. The question whether or not a person has access to the rights enumerated in the various constitution is of the greatest importance. The fundamental rights of the individual are at stake, life and liberty. Questions of such weight must be answered carefully. To make a distinction between humanity or not, flippantly, is not simply immature but outright evil. All considerations must be taken into account and the future life of the individual must be taken into consideration.

There is a story of Solon and Croesus. Solon the lawgiver of ancient Athens was widely renown as the wisest man in the world at the time. Solon had just saved Athens from violent revolution, and had called upon the people of Athens to ostracize him in the name of liberty, as Solon considered his popularity to be a threat to liberty. During his ostracism Solon was traveling the world when he landed upon the shores of Lydia. Lydia was one of the richest countries on the planet at the time. Upon hearing that the renowned Solon was traveling his country, Croesus, the king of Lydia sent for Solon to meet him.

Solon met Croesus in Croesus’ magnificent throne room. After talking for a bit, Croesus became impressed with Solon’s acuity and intellect, so he asked Solon, “Am I not truly the happiest man on Earth?” To which Solon responded, “I have no idea only having just met you.” So Croesus told his people to give Solon a tour of Lydia’s farms, Croesus’ treasury and harem. After Solon had been shown all the riches, people and agricultural wealth of Lydia Solon returned to Croesus’ throne room. After being asked again if Croesus was not indeed the happiest man Solon said… no.

Solon had met a woman who’s sons died pulling her wagon full of goods to the Olympic games, She, Solon said, was happier then Croesus. Croesus fumed, surely and old woman who’s sons had died could not be as happy as the richest man on the planet. Croesus pushed further. “Than I am the second happiest man ever…” No, Solon replied again and related another sad story. Croesus became infuriated. “Begone from my presence!” Croesus demanded. Solon left but turned as he left and said, “The happiness of a life cannot be determined until that person has breathed his last.”

Years later Cyrus the great invaded Lydia. Cyrus’ camels terrified Croesus’ horse infantry routing Lydia’s cavalry. After Cyrus had captured Croesus he ordered Croesus burned at the stake. A huge pile of dry wood was stacked and Croesus was dragged to it. As Croesus was tied to a stake at the top of the pile Cyrus asked Croesus if he had any last words before being burned to death. Croesus shouted to the ghost of Solon, “You were so right Solon, it was I who was the fool!” Cyrus was curious. He asked Croesus who this Solon was, a God perhaps? Croesus related the whole story of Solon’s visit to Lydia, Croesus’ question and Solon’s answer. Cyrus was so impressed that he ordered Croesus untied and made Croesus his chief advisory.

The moral of the story is… the life of a man cannot be judged until he has breathed his last. Croesus thought that because his circumstances were great that they would always be great. He made the mistake of judging a whole based on a part. The whole can only be judged in the whole, no part is ever sufficient to judge the whole. If you were judged by your eyes only the observer might think a human is wet, fragile and spherical. The same applies to age. If another observer saw only an old man that observer might think the entirety of mankind is to be shriveled, wrinkled and bent over. Clearly, that is not the true quality of man. To judge a human in the same way as having no worth because they are merely a fetus in the womb, is judging a person by a part, while ignoring the whole.

Future life cannot be predicted with any accuracy but it need not to give a human being value. A human life cannot be judged worthless or worthy by her hair, his stamina, her wit, his intellect, her wisdom or his age. Such are parts and do not make up the whole. Only the whole can be judged accurately. Therefore to judge a person not a person based on a part is to commit a logical fallacy. A fallacy that can end the life of a human being in the name of political correctness, expediency and selfishness. To deny a human being is a human being based on a part and not the whole, is a form of malevolent ignorance forwarded by egoists to lower humanity, since the loss of any human being diminishes us all, especially one with such promise as a baby, unborn or not.


John Pepin

Planned Parenthood Controversy

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, if a fetus is not a human being, then you and I are not human beings. The concept that a fetus is not a human being, as purported by the anti lifers, is based on an age argument. That is, those who are not yet born are not human beings, because they are too young to be called such. Many would disagree and say the anti life argument is, they cannot live on their own outside the womb, but that argument is proven false by the approval of anti lifers for late term abortion, where the child is eminently capable of living outside the womb. Moreover, even if we accept the spurious argument a baby not yet born is not a human being, because they cannot live outside the womb, that is still at it’s core an age argument. The age argument if further bolstered by the fact that now there are anti life groups that claim a baby could be post birth aborted up to a year old. Therefore, they are arguing that age is the deciding factor of whether a human being, can be considered a human being, depending on age. The realization of this as their core argument should send a chill down the spine of every human being on the planet.

The logical extension of the age argument is, the definition of a person as human is age dependent, and a fetus is not human due to his or her age, and can be killed because they are not humans, ie, not old enough to be considered human. Moreover it follows that the older one gets the more human they must become. This is no different in kind then the outmoded claim that blacks are not fully human, due to the color of their skin being darker than others, so anyone who has lighter skin than another can by definition enslave that darker person. Therefore logically, any older person can kill any younger person, because the younger person is not as human. Both spurious arguments are based on a fictitious definition of what it means to be a human being.

So we have to ask ourselves, “what is humanness?” If we look at what are the defining characteristics of humanness, we can observe the extrinsic characteristics of humans, we are bipedal, we are largely hairless except for our heads and vestigial body hair, we have large brains, two arms ending in hands, two legs ending in feet, we have two sexes both of which are human beings, we sickle our young, we are mammals, we are sentient, we are omnivores, etc… But basically we know a human being when we see a human being. Nowhere in that list, or any other that you could come up with, is age a factor. That is like saying a white horse is not a horse.

Another factor that torpedoes the anti life definition of humanness is that they also seek to kill old people. They have dozens of nice sounding names, for the killing of old people like, death with dignity. So the anti lifers do not believe that age begets humanness, since people at both ends of the age range are subject to being killed. The anti lifers also have in the past, and advocate even today in some circles, for the killing of people who are mentally retarded, profoundly handicapped and insane. Therefore, we are left with one conclusion, that the anti lifers hold other human beings as less than deserving of their lives. Those that the anti lifers are offended by, for whatever reason, are subject to being killed, not because they are not human beings, but because human beings in their minds are not credited with any right to life.

The controversy surrounding the killing of a lion is indicative of the anti human mindset that pervades our culture today. For all the hullabaloo around the killing of Cecil the lion, ginned up by the media that calls itself unbiased, the fact remains, Cecil was an animal not a human being. Those that anthropomorphous a lion, claiming it has the same right to life as a fellow human being, are perverting the definition of human beings to suit their desires, in both directions. This is magnified by the fact, the media that calls itself unbiased, ignore the extermination of Christians from the Holy Land.

Now with the revelations, revelations that become more horrifying every new video that comes out, that Planned Parenthood is essentially torturing babies to death, so their body parts can be more profitable, the fact cannot be denied… they are anti human life. Not their own of course, they hold on to their own life with a white knuckled grip. They might call for the large scale systematic extermination of others, but they cherish their own lives like a miser cherishes gold. To be good is to follow the golden rule, do unto others as you would have others do unto you, to be a bad person, is to do unto others as you would not have done unto you. What can be said about someone who cherishes their own life, while at the same time are perfectly comfortable killing another? They are simply bad people.

In reality, a human being is a human being, no matter how old they are or deficient in any way, and so spurious arguments as whether someone is a human being, are mere hyperbole to defend the indefensible. Outrage over the killing of an animal, while at the same time ignoring a very real genocide of human beings of all ages, is to replace compassion for your fellow man with compassion for an animal. Replacing the empathy you should have for human beings for empathy for a mere animal is the means to justify a total lack of human heartedness. Those who force taxpayers to fund the systematic killing of human beings, are themselves anti life, lack compassion, empathy and human heartedness… and yet cherish their own lives, are by definition bad people… and neither deserve our votes nor their positions as leaders.


John Pepin

Donald Trump and the Lunatic fringe

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the meteoric rise of Donald Trump is indicative of a greater discontentment in the political leadership of the nation from the American electorate, than any individual virtue within Trump himself. The percentage of people casting a ballot has been dropping for decades. In the last few elections around forty percent of those able to cast ballots did so. That means less and less people are deciding who will lead the nation. As fewer people cast ballots, those people that do, tend to be zealots and are blinded by partisanship. As a result the political leaders pander to a smaller and smaller, and more and more radical segment of the US population, further fueling discontentment with the election process and our leadership. As our leaders become more radicalized the electorate becomes more angry at the direction and feel less powerful. Trump has tapped into that anger and dissatisfaction to fuel his rise in the polls. This shows how far off the rails the US government has got.

There are twenty percent of the population of any country that makes up the lunatic fringe. They have ideas and goals that are drastically different than the average person. Moreover that lunatic fringe can be counted on to go to the polls. They are more than happy to engage in vote fraud and even brag about it. They are so radicalized they become blind to reality. Since only around forty percent vote, and twenty percent are radical leftists that always vote, any politician who panders to that fringe has a guaranteed near fifty percent of the vote! As both parties cater to that lunatic fringe the more they alienate the people. The more the average man and woman feel the political leadership has abandoned them, on both sides, the less and less empowered and more and more disenfranchised they feel, and become even less likely to vote. That is why the republican party has not fielded a conservative since Ronald Reagan, who we were told at the time, was “unelectable.”

Issues that anger the American people are the very issues that the lunatic fringe feed off. The lunatic fringe wants a more pluralistic society, which means, less white people and more diversity. The means is unlimited immigration. To that end they want more of anyone who isn’t white, Christian and is a Marxist. Illegal immigration is just the ticket. The lunatic fringe hates Israel and the Jews, that translates into more support for fringe Muslim groups who advocate the destruction of Israel and the final solution. That same faction blindly love socialism, which means they vote for whatever candidate will regulate more, tax more and spend more. Abortion is a sacrament to the lunatic fringe. They see no problem at all with crushing a baby for spare parts. They have a deep antipathy for the US Constitution and it’s limited government and so they will torture logic to bypass and castrate it’s protections. All of which infuriate and frustrate the average American.

Poll after poll shows the American people increasingly believe the nation is going the wrong way. Favorability polls of Congress, the President and the Judiciary are in the toilet and swirling. As fewer and fewer people vote, while those that do are increasingly the lunatic fringe, and those who get elected pander to that fringe, the trend must get much worse. The political class has abandoned common sense for extremist views. The paradigm is further enhanced by the new class media claiming the twenty percent of the lunatic fringe is the mainstream, while those who make up sixty percent, are called extremists.

Trump has tapped into the anger by saying what should be said, but the political class is too afraid of loosing the lunatic fringe votes to say it. They quiver in fear of angering that twenty percent because they know the sixty percent cannot be counted on to cast a ballot. In fact, that sixty percent can be counted on NOT to cast a ballot, so the political class scoffs at their views. Trump has changed the paradigm from pandering to the lunatic fringe to catering to the masses. Trump is a fighter who speaks loud and punches back when attacked. Unlike the political class cower whenever they are attacked by the lunatic fringe, with the exception of Ted Cruz who is possibly the most hated man in Washington today, for holding and standing up for actual American values.

Trump however is not a populist, he is not at all conservative and is in fact a member of the lunatic fringe. He has stated in the past he is pro amnesty, anti gun rights, pro abortion, anti property rights and likes cronyism. (Perhaps because he has made so much money from cronyism). His core values are far more in line with that of the lunatic fringe than the sixty percent. But, he is talking like a conservative libertarian. The media keep Trump in the spotlight and repeat everything Trump says like an echo chamber. They know and understand Trump is a progressive. Like John Anderson in 1980 election, Trump is there to ensure a real conservative doesn’t get elected. If he gets the republican nomination, the American people will have the “choice” of a progressive or a progressive. If he doesn’t he will become a spoiler and sap votes away from the republican candidate, especially if, God forbid, he or she is a conservative. The result will be, the lunatic fringe wins again, and the country continues down the slippery slope to oppression. The American people however have no one to blame but themselves… for not casting a vote.


John Pepin

All Lives Don’t Matter to a Progressive

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Dear friends,

It seems to me, when the progressive media attacks someone for saying all lives matter, the question I would like to ask them is… then who’s life doesn’t matter? Logically, if someone attacks another for saying something, then there is some disagreement with the statement, at least in the eyes of the attacker. It follows then, that when someone attacks another who says, “all lives matter,” they disagree with that statement. Therefore, if all lives don’t matter, then we must ask, “who’s life doesn’t matter?” The progressives don’t want to hear that question, let alone answer it, because the answer would illustrate the diabolical nature of progressivism. Lest you be deceived, it behooves you to understand this, to say only some lives matter, which is what the progressives who attack anyone who says all lives matter, are really saying… is a sure path to Tartarus.

Progressives know, most people will not bother to think of the logical consequences of their words, only the emotional content. Most people only react to a statement and don’t burn a single calorie thinking about it, or the logical result, if that statement were put into action. We are so busy in our own lives we simply want to react, it is far easier and makes us feel good. Doing so creates the conditions where we can be easily manipulated by our emotions. Logically, those who seek to manipulate people by their emotions, are not people who seek the best interests of those they manipulate. When people react emotionally, instead of thinking about a statement, they are open to outright manipulation against their own best interests.

That all lives don’t matter to progressives is obvious in their stances on a host of issues. Progressives since Teddy Roosevelt have shown that human life means nothing to them. They have perpetrated the most blood curdling crimes against humanity. The Eugenics movement, a movement that was thought up, implemented and exported by progressives, is only one example. That idea, that human beings should be bred like cattle and sterilized against their will led directly to the Nazi gas chambers. Hitler gave a big shout out to American progressives by the way, for that. We only need observe the policies and actions of progressives to understand that to them, some lives don’t matter.

Clearly the lives of Christians don’t matter to them. Today there is a Christian genocide going on in the Middle East. That cannot be denied. Muslims are systematically exterminating Christians, forcing girls into slavery and marriage as well as other ethnic and religious groups. Unlike the Nazis, the Islamofascists televise their atrocities. What is the reaction of progressives? Send the Islamofascists more weapons! Today Christianity is lost in most of the birthplace of Christianity and Progressives could care less. In fact, Christians are barred from emigrating to the US and Britain, so their persecutors can flock to those western nations by the millions. What do you suppose is the reason for that? Because to the progressives, Christian lives don’t matter.

Obviously the lives of unborn children and the aged don’t matter either. Abortion on demand for whatever reason at any trimester is a sacrament of progressivism. They export that crime against humanity to every corner of the globe. Abortion teaches a would be mother, not love, but violence. The outcome can only be people who value human life less. The recent news articles that have come out showing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts for profit should make everyone’s blood run cold. Planned Parenthood, started by the famous progressive Margret Sanger, for the express purpose of exterminating African Americans, even changed the way they murder those children. Now, instead of cutting them apart, dismembering them, as the baby fights the abortionist’s scissors, the abortionist crushes the arms and legs of the baby. If someone were to execute the most evil villain, child molester, serial killer, in that fashion, the world would recoil at it. That progressives are cool with torturing a baby to death, so the parts can be better preserved, shows their heartlessness.

When a philosophy stands on the opinion that some human lives do not matter that philosophy is evil. That should be obvious to everyone, yet amazingly, it is not. The definition of whose life doesn’t matter to progressives has changed through the years, but one strand runs through all eras of progressivism, that some lives don’t matter. In Margret Sanger’s day it was the lives of African Americans that didn’t matter, in Nazi Germany the lives of Jews and Gypsies didn’t matter, today the lives of Christians and babies doesn’t matter… tomorrow it may be your life that doesn’t matter. But if they come for you, you will have nothing to say, because you already agreed that some lives don’t matter.


John Pepin

Lawless Government

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the US government has become utterly lawless. We the people are supposed to follow all rightly constituted laws, passed by the legislative branch and unless overridden by the congress, signed by our President. Our government is supposed to follow, to the letter, our Constitution, the contract between the governed and the governors, strictly enumerating the power we give up to government, to ensure our property is secure, establish standards, and control criminal behavior as well as protecting us from foreign powers. The US government increasingly seeks to control every aspect of human behavior, while at the same time totally ignoring, not only the intent of our Constitution and it’s limits on government, but are now actively urinating on the text. Examples abound, from their abdication of both tenets of the First Amendment, the total destruction of the second amendment, government living by rapine, we are no longer safe in our personal papers, government can seize any of our property at any time, to the crushing of State’s Rights in every way possible. To make the system work, increasing amounts of violence must be used against us, even as we behold our government ignoring the basic rules they are supposed to follow. We stand naked before government while they hide behind a wall of guns, woven together with red tape, aimed at us.

Fail to follow any arcane regulation, law or ordinance and the full weight of the US government will fall on you. Disagree? Try withholding taxes because they go to something you are morally against, like funding abortions, and see if armed men don’t come to your door and arrest you. We are held to the highest standard possible, to the point of being monitored by camera while driving down the street, our emails are scanned and saved on some government computer in Utah, our homes are peered into by the government with infrared and other sensors, our computers can be seized at any time, banks record our cash transactions and send them to the government, our credit card transactions are available to government for any purpose, etc… Every aspect of our lives is open to our government, but our government hides even the most mundane things from us.

The recent internet regulation was hidden, and even now that we are supposed to follow it, most of it’s intricacies are covered in arcane wording and red tape. Despite being called Net Neutrality, it does the exact opposite it was billed as. It creates a market web which players pay to play and the old internet which is free, so I ask you, which will get the funding? The one where companies can make a profit, (and is regulated as to their content and political correctness)… or the one where financial loss is guaranteed but is open to anyone to say anything? I submit to you, Net neutrality was and is designed to wither the open internet on the vine, creating a system where government can increasingly control the flow of information.

The Amendments are ignored and given less and less lip service every day that passes. If you are stopped by a police officer, make the mistake of talking to him or her, and you are carrying cash, they can simply take that cash, your life savings perhaps, and you are out of luck. How is that different from a highwayman? Moreover, it is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment, but isn’t the only violation of the Fourth Amendment by far. Your church may be forced to provide abortions, pay for blasphemous art, limit what they teach or marry gay couples. You are limited in your speech in a myriad of ways, all the government has to do is label whatever you say as “hate speech,” or you as an “extremist” and you are now a criminal subject to prosecution… which are blatant violations of the First Amendment.

The Second Amendment has been eviscerated. Today States pass whatever law restricting our Right to keep and bare arms they want without a peep from the Judicial branch. The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed… seems simple enough to understand, but the learned members of the new class have a hard time understanding what infringed means. It is no coincidence that those places where guns are outlawed, have the highest violent crime rates, the highest murder rates, and the most government tyranny as well. Look at Chicago’s murder rate, violent crime rate, and secret prison for example.

The interstate commerce clause has been so perverted government can regulate every and any aspect of your life. That perversion is based on Wickard v Filburn. In that case, (which still stands), the government can force you to plow under crops you are growing for your own consumption! Because you won’t buy that food on the open market and therefore effects the prices of food across state lines. In other words, the government has the power, as yet unused, to regulate you and your family to starve to death! Now, I can hear some innocent Pollyannas saying, “They would never do that!” But only a few decades ago, it was unthinkable that a human being could be executed by dismemberment, simply because he or she has been recategorized as a fetus.

The US Constitution makes no provision whatsoever to allow for the bureaucracy. Yet the bureaucracy has become the largest part of government today, and is totally unconstitutional. It too is based on Wickard v Filburn. The bureaucracy bypasses the Constitutional legislative process, creating unconstitutional regulations that stymie economic growth, erode what Constitutional liberties remain and most perniciously, move us from a limited representative republic to an administered despotism.

Our government has been disconnected from the limits the framers built into our Constitution. The new class elite claim the Constitution is a “living breathing document,” and thereby unshackle themselves from the limits put on them by it’s original intent. The Tenth Amendment says – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” In other words, if the Constitution doesn’t say government can do a thing, government is forbidden from doing, and those things the Constitution says government cannot do, it cannot do. Sadly, government does whatever it wants today, there are no limits, they have broken the contract over and over.

Today, those powers that are not bestowed on government, are regularly done, and those powers the Bill of Rights strictly forbids, are commonplace. We stand naked before an all powerful government while they hide behind a wall of guns aimed out at us. We not only have to worry about a robber taking our hard earned money, the government itself has become the thief, government undermines economic standards whenever a politically favored group wants, it encourages an invasion of people who seek to change our way of life, and the list goes on. Government hides everything they do, as they tell us, if we have nothing to hide then we should stand naked before it. Can there be disagreement we don’t live under a poorly concealed despotism? Isn’t it time to reign them back in?


John Pepin

The Danger of Following a Lunatic

Sunday, May 11th, 2014


Dear Friends,


It seems amazing to me how the progressives can convince us of things we know to be false. The list is endless of absurdities they have tricked us into believing. The list isn’t as important as is the fact that we, or at least enough of us, fall for the used car salesman’s pitch to damage our mutual interests. Perhaps the answer lay in the fact, they convince themselves of absurdities they know to be false, because they seem so good if they were true. If we want to call ourselves civilized then we must stop believing in those things we know in our hearts to be false, else we are nothing more than maniacs, in a technological age. As we all know, give a lunatic power and it will be used for evil, no matter his or her intentions.


From abortion and man made climate change to socialism and peace through weakness our logic is under constant assault from those who consider themselves enlightened. The elite in academia are the epitome of ignoramuses. Who is more ignorant, one who understands he or she doesn’t know everything, or one who has the hubris to believe they know everything? They exploit their monopoly of the media, education and the dissemination of information to wash us with their propaganda, without a thought to the consequences of their beliefs. It is patently true that if they actually got their way and the planet became one world communist government, and make no mistake, that is exactly what their end game is, they would be the first rounded up and executed as potential troublemakers.


George Orwell said people will believe what the media tells them they believe. This is as true a statement as has been uttered. We are social animals and we follow the flock. We reason that I myself cannot know more then the multitude, and so it must be in my best interests to follow, even when we see the cliff looming ahead. Only the few have the self control to stand up and shout, “that way is death.” Those who do are attacked in the most vitriolic and despicable way possible. Those that are leading, care nothing about where they are leading us, only that they lead.


It is the elite, in politics, academia and culture who are falling victim to their own propaganda. They so want promiscuity to be a good thing they convince themselves abortion is good, they so lack self esteem they must have total control of everyone else so they blindly chant the dangers of climate change, they need us to rely on them for everything and in every way so they connive for communism, and they desire so much that world peace can be reached without war they disarm the good and arm the evil… to show them how peace loving we are, the list goes on and on, The elite have convinced themselves of the most idiotic things imaginable, in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.


Scientists can infer there is an ocean under forty kilometers of ice on the moon Enceladus, simply by the speed in which the Cassini spacecraft flies by, but they cannot understand that communism has resulted in millions of deaths and untold human suffering every time it is tried. You would have to conclude they are idiot savants. They convince themselves that absurdity is true and reality is false, and that is their right as human beings. We however must not fall victim to their insanity. We must stand against the tide of insanity lest it wash over us and our children with all it implies. When we know a thing to be false we must not go along to keep the peace we must speak up and point out the absurdity, those in academia may know how to parse a sentence and quote Marx but that doesn’t make them Gods, it makes them germs living in a microscopic world of specialization. Just because someone knows everything there is to know about the guanine step in DNA, doesn’t mean they know anything about human existence, and we are smart to understand that. Remember, he who follows a madman is mad himself, no matter if he knows his leader is insane…





John Pepin


The Irony Of Progressivism

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Dear Friends,


It seems to me, “liberals” not only demand we approve of everything they do and think, but we must even support and pay for it, while they are entitled to decree to the rest of us what to do, and even what to think. Reminiscent of 1984 George Orwell, the thought police are here under the guise of “social justice,” “inclusiveness” and “fairness.” Progressives themselves seem blind to the chilling effect their beliefs have on open and honest debate. (Or are they)? The people who follow leftist reasoning constantly sing the praises of democracy, but true democracy requires as a precondition open debate, lacking that free debate, democracy is nothing more than a tyranny of the loudmouths. Moreover, lacking freedom of thought, conscience and action, a society quickly devolves into poverty, stagnation and oppression. Lest we follow many other great civilizations into deprivation, we have to open our eyes to this most pernicious form of thought control, highlighting it for the rest of society to see.


Like the inquisitor of old, modern “liberals” demand conformity with their way of thinking, else they are happy to use the power of the State to compel agreement. Today we are forced, through thought laws and political correctness, to support the political line no matter how absurd it is, or becomes. Christians are forced to pay for “art” that depicts Mary decorated in feces, (the sign of Baal), we are forced to pay for abortions, we must cater gay weddings else loose our businesses, etc… There is no level of oppressive action that is out of limits for the political and cultural elite to foist on Christians. In our “modern” society Christianity has negative political favor.


Christians and Jews are not the only victims of the thought police. Gun owners are regularly called vitriolic names by the political elite, and the Right to keep and bear arms is increasingly being infringed. Progressives don’t like cigarettes, so they outlaw smoking in public, and even in one’s own home, in some places. The nanny state is fueled by the leftist mindset where everything they think we should do is enshrined in regulation. From economically destructive regulations against hydro fracturing, to how many days a store can have a sign out, are common in states that have a high proportion of progressives. They regulate every aspect of what it is to be human, but cannot stand anyone else finding what they do, immoral. Anyone who disagrees with the progressive political establishment is under attack today.


Hate crime is the definition of a thought crime. If someone kills or harms another, based on a thought, IE hate, they are punished especially fervently. This kind of law is based on what a person thinks and not what a person does. Therefore, when a hate crime is charged, thought police are active. There are already laws against murder, assault and theft, and so if someone commits those crimes, they can be punished for what they do, and not what they think. This wrong is magnified by the fact that certain politically favored groups cannot be charged with hate crimes, only a disfavored race can, which is racist in and of itself. Illustrating the pernicious nature of thought laws.


Freedom doesn’t only apply to those who we agree with though. I find many things detestable, but I don’t try to outlaw the idea, I argue against them in open debate. If something is wrong society will eventually recognize it and grow beyond it. Only if there is free debate however. Lacking debate, absurdity can become entrenched, growing to undermine economic prosperity, and liberty itself. We all want to be thought open minded, no one wants people to be discriminated against, but thought laws make us closed minded and force us to discriminate, in the name of social justice and fairness, when nothing could be further from the truth.


Most people are not really engaged in the workings of politics, especially when society is moderately wealthy, they only want to work, have a family and go on vacation now and then. They don’t want to be called racists, haters or other vitriolic names and so they keep quiet and go along. Since these negative monickers are poured on certain segments of society, those people who remain silent fall into a trap set for them, believing that those segments are evil, and that disagreement with the cultural and political elite is actually hateful. So they vote, act and agree with what they know in their hearts is wrong. This is the way societies crumble, economies collapse, tyrannies rise and a new normal of economic depression is formed. Open, honest and free debate is the solution, thought laws are the problem, if we continue to embrace the problem and eschew the solution, we can kiss our liberty, and prosperity goodbye, forever.





John Pepin