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The Dystopian Future is the Present.

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the surveillance state that is being built, is no more or less than a prison, where everyone is a criminal, except the elite. While the government implements systems that are able to see through the walls of our homes, monitors the speed we are traveling ticketing us if we exceed the speed limit by a single mile an hour, listen in on our phone conversations, record our text messages, use license plate readers and facial recognition to keep track of where we go and when, etc… We have lost our fourth amendment Right… “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” Government has overstepped it’s authority granted by our Constitution in a big way. But why is there so little outcry?

We have been groomed to fear our fellows. Every news story is about how some person was abused by another. The pages of our newspapers are filled with stories of random violence. This or that person was robbed, someone broke into a house and beat the owners, we are treated to videos of the “Knockout Game,” drive by shootings are described in vivid detail… and college rape is the latest bogyman the media shills. All of these stories have one thing in common, the underlying message is that our fellow human beings are vile, violent and vicious. But reality tells a different story, the incidence of random violent crime has been going down for decades! We are actually less likely to be targeted for a robbery today than in the 1970s. Not because of the constant monitoring, no, the trend has been going down long before the surveillance state came along.

We have been trained to trust government. At the same time as we are told what reprobates our neighbors are, we are shown how virtuous our government is. Government only wants us to be safe, well fed, equal, and empowered. The media constantly tells us that unless this or that law or regulation is passed we will starve, be beaten up in our own homes, we might have to work for our money, some big corporation is going to steal from us, etc… it is only through the benevolence of government that we survive! History however teaches a far different story. The greatest atrocities ever inflicted on humanity has always, and will always be, by governments. Sometimes against it’s own people, a hated minority, foreigners who have something government covets… or political dissidents.

In 1755 Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” He was basically saying that if power is given to government, to keep us safe, that power will be abused, and those who are so foolish not to see that, are too foolish to have liberty or safety. He was a student of history, but since then, we have many more examples of governments doing far worse things than had occurred before his time. The bloody history of the 20th Century is as horrifying as it is illustrative of the diabolical evil those with arbitrary power are capable of.

Governments always want more power, that is the nature of government, moreover, those that seek political office have as their stated, or unstated goal, to use that political power. If someone doesn’t want to wield political power over the people, they don’t seek political office. Human beings are incapable of having enough good while a little bad is more than enough. So, it is self evident, that those who seek power over the people always want more power. Since our Constitution limits their power, it must be circumvented. To that end the political elite have enacted the bureaucracy. An unelected, unoverseen and unanswerable government entity, that regulates our every action, requires us to get permission for any economic activity, passes laws in the form of regulation outside the system laid down by our Constitution, and enforces those regulations outside the judicial system. In short a shadow government within government.

Confucius said “People follow their leaders…” what he meant is that we follow our leaders into virtue or into vice. Since our leaders are unwilling to give up their vices they must monitor us to the nth degree to keep us from following them into decadence. Our leaders are human beings, with all the foibles of human beings. They are, lustful, covetous, prideful, quick to anger, lazy, envious and most of all, greedy. They understand however that if we followed them, the system they abuse to their own ends would collapse, and they cannot allow that to happen, so they regulate and monitor our every action. The Elite regulate us to the point where no one, even the very best trained lawyer could ever know the laws, regulations and ordinances. So we cannot possibly follow them.

Human beings are not, and cannot be, perfect. Where our every action is categorized, scrutinized and memorized, everyone is a criminal. Especially when no one knows all the laws, regulations and ordinances. Where everyone is a criminal, and government has record of it, anyone can be blackmailed by government. No one can stand up to the government, because the elite have dirt on everyone, except a saint, and there is always an available open elevator shaft for that rarest of human beings. If you or I argue against a usurpation, the government need merely scrutinize our lives to find some misstep, and ruin us for it. Even to the point of jailing us, ostensibly for a violation of law, even as the real reason is for dissension. There is only one place that road can lead… arbitrary rule, or in other words, tyranny.

Our modern technology has allowed government to become a leviathan in the truest sense of the word. The tentacles of government monitoring reach to every corner of our lives. We are forced by the threat of violence, to divulge our economic situation, donate to political causes we find detestable, accept governments intrusions, give up our personal papers, have our communications monitored, etc… even as the actions of government become ever more opaque to us. While our leaders are above their own law, we are below the very basic protections that our Constitution reserves for us. The power of government over us, our actions and our lives, has become total and complete. In fact, what our government has become, is 1984 George Orwell in all but name. We have been blindly led into the Dystopian future so many have warned us of… and many of us have no concept of it.


John Pepin

Cognitive Dissonance

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Dear Friends,

What does it say about a government’s attitude towards it’s citizens, when that government allows illegal aliens to break the laws of the country with practical impunity (not requiring drivers licenses for instance), allows lawmakers the privilege to break any law they see fit with no negative repercussions (tax evasion for example) but holds the average citizen to the highest standard of personal conduct, even enforcing that conduct with the use of intrusive surveillance techniques such as video monitoring, including breath, urine and blood tests of the citizens (to prove their innocence), coupled with ever more attacks on free hold property rights? What would you think of someone you treated so poorly?

There is a psychological term called cognitive dissonance. Without going into a long lecture on every connotation and possible meaning of the term I will simply explain it as, Mental moment of inertia. We do what we do and we keep doing it. So for example if we stop at an Arby’s for lunch, the next day we are slightly more likely to stop at Arby’s for lunch. If we do, then the likely hood of stopping the next day grows, so on and so forth… If we are mean to a stranger… then we like that person less. It is in our nature, to justify, in our minds, that which we do, as occasioned by the other. So if we are accidentally mean to someone or intentionally unkind we dislike that person more after. Our attitude must comport with our actions. We have started Mental moment of inertia and the next time we see them we will be more likely to be unkind to them… etc.

So when a government treats it’s citizens as enemy combatants while treating illegal aliens, foreign terrorists and seditionists better than citizens; that government starts to dislike it’s citizens. To offset cognitive dissonance. The more it is done the less the Elite in government like the people they “serve.” This is a fundamental fact of human nature.

If you are a thinking person, you have already considered the slippery slope dilemma, that is the obvious outcome. The slope is, an Elite that increasingly, and at an increasing rate, come to despise the people. Once the Elite actually despise the citizens the government has every incentive to attack the people’s rights in every way. The attacks become more loathsome and less based in pseudo logical rhetoric (sophist or spurious logic), and grow into more emotionally based rhetoric. Once the cycle has completed the Elite will disarm the people, eliminate the market system and it’s feedbacks, and once and for all reduce the people to slaves. The normal state of Mankind; Not the Right state of Mankind. In a few hundred or maybe a few thousand years…

If you think about it, what is a sobriety road block or a safety road block, but a violation of the 4th amendment to the US Constitution? Not that I in any way advocate drunk driving or unsafe operation of a motor vehicle but I do believe a slippery slope that has the obviously terrible consequences as this should be taken seriously. Because it has far more dire consequences for Mankind, than the carnage that drunk drivers wrought on our highways, but less obvious. The one is not shown at all in the unbiased media while the other is sensationalized. Which kills more children every year in the US, guns or bicycles?

Consider this; In Germany in the 1930s the economy was destroyed by a foolish government that spent far too much money, was too liberal in their social policies and not liberal enough in their economic policies. This inevitably led to a backlash in society and a cultural philosophy catching on that liberty was in conflict with good economics. Liberty was seen as the threat not illiberal economic policies.

So if we accept that those in government are human beings and we accept that the theory of cognitive dissonance has merit, then we must also accept that the Elite in government are emotionally affected by their actions in the day to day running of government. The actions and rhetoric of the Elite in government for once agree, the people cannot be trusted.

Who is vilified when the economy goes bad? Business. Who is vilified when energy prices go up? Energy producers. Who is vilified when children cannot read? The parents. The list is endless and the point is clear, we cannot be trusted. But who is always blameless? The people running the show. They are faultless in everything and in every way. Unless something goes right…

Cognitive dissonance explains a lot. Look around at reality and get a good look. Take it in. It may be ugly and revolting but even the ugly and revolting can be avoided if we look at it and actually see it. Otherwise we end up scraping it off our shoe.

Is there anyone who thinks this is a good thing? And is there anyone who doesn’t see it?