The General Strike

Dear Friends,

It seems to me that the concept of the general strike, is as pernicious as it is manipulative, of the people and our welfare, it’s like a person’s liver stopping functioning because it wants more time off, and the spleen, stomach, and anus join in.

Anyone can see that if this were to happen the body would soon pass. The economic body of the nation is like the human body… susceptible to shock. To shock a nation’s economy so profoundly over some argument, about a hypothetical metric, devised by the State and the Elite, is self defeating. The more that nation’s markets are disturbed the less ability the market and the State have to meet the demands of the strikers.

Does it make sense to destroy the ability of the market to provide us with employment to get an extra dollar? Or is the principle of worker power so important that workers should be impoverished to prove it? That is the price the Socialist and Communist are willing to pay… for someone else to go hungry for the revolution. Someone else can bleed for the revolution so the leader can have more power. Power he will use to further impoverish his people. Hungry masses are easier to manipulate.

The Communist and Socialist makes it a party for the striker, a day off and permission to despoil, in the name of fairness. Smash a business someone has risked his largess on, disrupting the shopkeeper who barley ekes out a living, overturning the delivery van the small business owner uses to make his deliveries, the general strike is a purely anti capitalist tool.

Why would anyone do it then? Thrasymachus has the answer; Most people have no interest in being unjust but wish to be protected from being subject to injustice and so adhere to some foolish notion of justice hoping the powerful will also adhere to it. (Clearly he agrees with Hsun Ching on the congenital nature of Man). Those that seek power and care nothing for the cost to humanity are free to use injustice as a means to power. Thrasymachus has them nailed they want to appear just while being unjust.

That is why they always make emotional arguments about fairness. Like how “unfair” the US is, applying a measure of 45 or so to us while Europe gets a more favorable 20 or so.. But if you actually look into the metric they use, it is clearly skewed. In Europe they include the redistribution of wealth through the State welfare system in the US they do not. But a much simpler, (and thus less prone to biases but less nuanced) approach is to compare absolute income to absolute income. Average GDP per person in Europe is around $26,000.00 in US dollars, the GDP per person in the US is around $45,000.00 per person. Given that both locals have billionaires the average GDP per person compared to the billionaire makes the US come out much more favorably.

So what is the Fairness the Socialist and Communist seek that they are wiling to visit such calamity on a nation? They claim fairness, in that society has established a floor, below which government will not let a person fall. The definition of that floor, is the metric, that is the font of the general strike. The Communist and Socialist claim to be compassionate, giving to the poor and taking from the rich. Never mind they are always the superrich who never seem to be taxed as they tax others.

Halfwit children of capitalists the Communist and Socialist seeks to control the foolish, money grubbing, dirty little people. Those who smoke and drive around without seatbelts must be reigned in. What the State does best is decide what decisions to make for the people. The premise being, the people, us, we are too stupid to make our own decisions.

The Communist, Socialist and Progressive would shout back, “You prove it every day by smoking, driving around in an SUV, and acting out in general.” All the while smoking a cigarette, jetting to the Riviera for lunch and snorting cocaine the whole way. The main difference being they are the Elite and are not subject to the law while we are not the elite and are.

Not saying George Soros snort’s cocaine…

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