Media, Biased or unbiased, You Decide!

Dear Friends,

Today on the George Step. Show the unbiased media had two democrats discussing the presidential candidates. The next segment had four left leaning reporters discussing strategy for the democrat running for the White House.

Sometimes I listen to the NPR show “On The Media.” This show almost categorically states that the most important thing for the media to do is hide their personal biases. They go on and on, on how it is important for the media to appear unbiased to the public, else the public will be disenchanted with them and become dull and ignorant. NPR does talk about potential media bias, but the reporters, who host the show always come to the conclusion that they are indeed not biased.

I listen to the underlying assumptions of a news story, as well as the data. The context that the data is presented is indicative of the personal bias of the reporter and the editorial board. When every news story has the theme that the president is making the wrong policy decisions, it seems to me, to be a bit biased.

Choice of language is also telling. Calling abortion “The right to choose” or “Murder of an unborn baby” in a news story, seems to me, to be a bit biased, or at least to have a biasing effect on the people watching or listening to it.

Under one presidency every week on NPR there are editorials about how the media shouldn’t even report factual news stories because they serve to undermine the power of the executive. The next president gets weekly editorials from the same talking heads reporting innuendo and rumors. To me that seems a bit biased.

If you or I were to live in a house with the color of the lights skewed to the red spectrum, we would have or vision skewed also. When we went outside it would seem extremely blue. Everything we saw would appear bluish. Would that make the objects that we saw actually blue or would it be an effect of our living in a house with the lights skewed to the red?

Another example would be if you or I lived in a house with absolutely no odors. Spending most of our time with no smells whatsoever. When we went out of the house out olfactory sense would be assaulted by the smells. They would seem too strong. Would the smells actually be too strong or would our sense of smell be skewed?

Perhaps the question really is, should the people of the World have access to the truth, or are we too stupid to be trusted with the truth? I think we can handle the truth, don’t you?

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