Constitutional Crisis

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the US has entered a Constitutional crisis. The moment the lawyer for a defendant was raided by the prosecutors, as the prosecutor was trying to scrape up some crime he can charge the President with, was a violation of the most fundamental tenet of a free society… the right of the accused to council. Along with the blast directly against the foundation of our free society any pretense of blind justice is blown out the door by the explosion. With so many openly criminal acts of the Obama Administration both old and on going, the DOJ and FBI set the standard of a President very very low, so why choose to raid Trump’s Lawyer over a one night stand with a hooker that happened years ago? The hooker was paid extremely well for her services, and the transaction was met to everyone’s satisfaction, so what about it was sufficient to warrant such a flagrant violation of the legitimate relationship between the government and the people, especially given the low standard the media, culture and Law enforcement has set? Unless there is a faction that we were warned of by Madison in Federalist Paper number 10?

The media, DOJ and FBI set the standard when they ignored the Clinton Lewinski affair, let alone the allegations of rape against Bill Clinton, and it’s too late now to change that standard. The media set the standard that it is okay for a president to have affairs in the oval office. Standards are not faction dependent in a legitimate government. That was the standard the media, law enforcement and the people set. It was only when the President lied under oath, and was caught red handed in that lie, that triggered the impeachment. Even then, the media tried to lower the standard even more, to allow for lying under oath in cases of sex. In many ways they succeeded. The standard now is that oral sex may or may not be sex, and all that implies. The DOJ didn’t find it sufficient to trigger an investigation into the affair, nor did the FBI at the time, and even today, the affair between Strozk and Page doesn’t rise to the level of interest…further cementing the standard. Once a standard is lowered, it cannot be arbitrarily raised, unless hypocrisy has come into fashion.

When the government prosecutes people based on political views… no reasonable person can deny there is oppression, because one faction has become supreme. While profound abuses of power were happening during the Obama administration the DOJ and FBI did nothing, yet now, over an irrelevant sex scandal, not meeting a standard that they themselves set, they choose to act… which is clearly political. The obvious double standard as well as the fundamental violation of the right to an attorney, shows that there is a faction that is capable of violating the Constitution itself, without consequence. For the DOJ and FBI to amend the standard they set years ago, to go after Trump is nakedly political, and to abuse the special prosecutor’s office in such a partisan way as well as violating Attorney Client privilege, to fish for crimes, will go down in history as proof there is arbitrary rule in the US at this time in history.

Constitutions are not only to set the mechanism of government, including it’s limitations, it also provides an ethos, that ethos is demonstrated in the original intent. The original intent of the US Constitution was to provide for very limited federal powers and narrowly limited state governments. The fundamental relationship between the governed and the governors was to be limited, to only that which was clearly stated in the Constitution. It has since mutated into a chimera of a document that is based on innuendo and wishful thinking rather than original intent. Yet, even with the tortured logic that our Constitution is warped to, none have been as violent as the assault on the right to a lawyer. That, done openly in the public sphere, to a political figure for political ends, and without shame, was such a violation that if it stands, we can say there is no Constitution anymore, and without a Constitution, there can be no constitutional authority.

The very authority of our leaders is based on that Constitution. You cannot burn the contract for a new car after you have taken possession of it and claim you owe no monthly payments. That would be absurd and no court would uphold such nonsense. Yet that is exactly what our leaders are doing to us and we accept it without question. If they do not hold themselves to our Constitution, then they have violated the contract and the contract becomes null and void, and poof, so does the legitimate authority of our leaders. Having an affair with a hooker years before he was elected, doesn’t come close to the low standard the media, and government has set for themselves, so any investigation let alone prosecution, can only be political. When a faction can so flagrantly violate the basic assumption of our legal system, triggering a constitutional crisis, by going on a fishing trip through a target’s lawyers office, and care not who knows it, that faction is as above the law as the other is below it’s protections.


John Pepin

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