On Faction

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, we are living in the country Madison warned us of, in the Federalist papers. Notably, Federalist Paper number ten, Madison on faction. Today we have a single faction that controls the bureaucracy, Judicial branch, and legislative branch, as well as non governmental groups like the legacy media, entertainment and education. That faction is the progressive faction. Not only do they have absolute control of two branches, the very thing Madison told us would inevitably lead to tyranny, their control of the means of governing, the unconstitutional bureaucracy, means they can effectively stymie any attempt to return us to Constitutional rule. We see this happening clearly in the judicial branch’s over step today. Perhaps that is why the progressive faction is so intent on removing our last recourse to their unlimited power.

Federalist Paper number Ten is considered by many to be the most important in a long list of important letters. The founding fathers saw faction as being the permanent enemy of the good. They set up our government with the express purpose of limiting the power of factions. Madison argued that freedom is to faction like air is to fire. The answer he proposed however is not to limit freedom but to pit faction against faction. By pitting faction against faction he argued, no one faction could rise to the point of controlling two branches of government. The whole system was designed to insure this wouldn’t happen. Sadly, they never imagined a faction would rise up that is set against our constitution, because they thought the American people would never allow that to happen. Yet here we are, the progressive faction has total control of the judiciary, despite the fact “conservatives” theoretically hold the majority in the Supreme Court.

The three branches were to cling to their constitutionally enumerated powers to prevent one branch from gaining superiority over the others. Moreover, Madison said the judicial would be the weakest branch, but now it has progressed to become the ultimate authority on everything. They decide policy for the executive branch, they make laws for the legislative branch, and no one is allowed to criticize them for it. Meanwhile the legislative branch busies itself with congressional hearings which are nothing more than faux show trials to get votes. The legislative branch has given all it’s actual power to the executive, via the bureaucracy, and the judicial to legislate from the bench. The courts rule and the rest of government follows. Today the “weakest branch” orders the other two. The executive and legislative are placeholders only with no real power. Which makes our vote irrelevant. Like Mark Twain said, “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” Yet even though our vote has become so weak it’s effect is negligible, the progressive faction feels the need to water it down even more by promoting vote fraud and aliens voting.

Control of the media and education are the linchpins of progressive power. It is through education that people are indoctrinated into believing that, shall not establish a state religion means government must establish atheism as the state religion, that shall not be infringed means must be regulated, and freedom of the press means the media’s role is to forward the progressive agenda, any media that has the gall to shirk that role is attacked as “fake news.” In the government monopoly school system our children are not taught anything about basic economics, philosophy, limited government, the horrors of Marxism and socialism, nor are they educated in how to reason but what to think. Obviously many outgrow the programming once they hit the real world and learn in the school of hard knocks that what they were taught is absurdity with a cherry on top, but it is too late, they have already cast many ballots against their self interest. Do an experiment, ask your high school kid if socialism is a viable economic system. Their answer will almost certainly shock you. That is why the progressives cannot abide a voucher system, it would break the monopoly they hold on education.

Today we live under a governmental system that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the one the founding fathers created for us. One faction is supreme. Our judicial system and bureaucracy rule over us like any oligarchy. Separation of powers has become a standing joke, because every action of an executive who is not a progressive, must be adjudicated. The legislative branch is so lazy, they have given all their lawmaking powers to the bureaucracy, preferring instead to make speeches and hold hearings. Our children are dumbed down and programmed to be good little progressive slaves. All of it cheered on by the progressive controlled media. Even as the courts rule any return to Constitutionalism, is unconstitutional, insuring a peaceful return impossible. Maybe that is why the progressives demand our guns, and to that end, will tolerate killing of children to get them. If a convention of states fails, then armed rebellion, returning our nation to constitutional rule under the auspices of the states themselves, as our founders envisioned, will be our last hope, and once that is gone, so too is our liberty… possibly forever.


John Pepin

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