Is Democracy Viable?

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, one thing I haven’t heard anyone talk about in the Russia collusion investigation is the foundational presumption of it… that the elite believe the American people are utter and complete fools. That is the only way it makes sense. If the American people are not idiots of the highest order, then propaganda would have little effect, except at the margins, and if the American people only have brains enough to keep our hearts beating, then clearly that is an indictment of democracy as a whole. So, I wonder which it is, are we stupid beyond comprehension and therefore democracy is a sham, or are we rational and therefore democracy is viable. You cannot have it both ways. Since the bureaucracy, and the new class as well as the media have invested so much effort into the Russia collusion investigation, they must think we are stupid as rocks, so what does that say about the elite and their motives?

Hillary Clinton spent 1.4 billion dollars to get elected while Trump spent less than a billion. So at the outset Clinton spent half again what Trump spent. If we are as gullible as the elite and the media seem to think we are, wouldn’t that alone have been sufficient to get Clinton elected? According to the democrats and Mueller, 90 Russian trolls, who largely worked against Trump, after the election… were responsible for Clinton’s loss? I find it hard to understand how trolling after the election could have effected the election? Perhaps they are thinking in quantum terms ala the double slit experiment? Nevertheless, if we are the mouth breathers the elite and media think we are, then shouldn’t Clinton’s outspending Trump have been sufficient to guarantee her the victory? Or maybe we are not as brain dead as they think?

So far, despite the breathless media attention to the few indictments Mueller has produced, there has not been even one indictment that hints Trump colluded with Russia. The indictments are for tax evasion, process crimes like perjury, (which when Bill Clinton did it we were told everybody does it so it’s okay), and lobbying for Ukraine in accordance with Obama’s foreign policy at the time. I expect he will pass down a few in the near future that involve DWI, possession of regulated drugs and retail theft. Moreover, one has to wonder, if the FBI and DOJ narrative is correct, why would Russia seek Trump’s election, when Clinton as Secretary of State, sold them control of one fifth of the US strategic uranium supply? Wouldn’t that be stupid in and of itself? Why would any nation not seek the election of a President, who has shown she can be bought, over someone who is too rich to be purchased? That doesn’t make sense.

So we have to consider who is peddling a false narrative. Is it possible that people who consider the rest of us imbeciles, the media that calls itself unbiased, the unelected unaccountable bureaucrats at the FBI and DOJ, might believe we can be persuaded that up is down and left is right? Since if they are telling the truth and honestly believe that we were tricked into voting for Trump, by some Russian trolls, after the election, then they must consider us no smarter than bacteria. Otherwise they are connivers of the highest order. Either way, the elite in the media, DNC and the bureaucracy don’t look very upstanding. If they really think us dumb as rocks, then how can they support democracy, or if they are schemers, then they shouldn’t be anywhere near the levers of power. Both scenarios condemn the elite.

So in the end, does the democratic element of our Republic make sense? If, as the elite clearly believe, (if they are not villains), we are drooling idiots, then democracy is a fools errand. Yet, if they honestly believe we can be easily manipulated, to vote any way someone trolling us wants, and yet still preach democracy, then doesn’t that make them diabolical? Like I said before, you cannot have it both ways. Maybe they think we are too stupid to realize this basic truth? If so then doesn’t that make them stupid and therefore unable to effectively govern? Because after all, who wants an imbecile ruling over any nation? Logically then, the only conclusion that we can reasonably come to, is that the elite in the media, DNC and the bureaucracy are Machiavellian. Which speaks loudly that we need to address their malfeasance and rethink the administrative form of government. Maybe real progress is a return to Constitutional rule?


John Pepin

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