Arbitrary Rule and Constitutional Rights

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the greatest threat to our Constitution, are the very people assigned to protect it. The judiciary has abandoned any pretense of following our Constitution, and instead has installed itself as the premier branch of government. They have usurped the role of the executive, undermined the rule of law by passing laws from the bench and utterly abandoned Constitutional norms, in favor of the administrative state. The executive and legislative are no better, as they have taken on the role of undermining our Constitution at every turn. All three branches exploit the Constitution when it suits them but run from it the moment it is expedient. What makes this even more diabolical is that their very authority is derived from the document they so loathe. The elite today use our Constitution as a bludgeon, to beat the people into submission, which is exactly the opposite role it was intended.

As they chip away at our Constitution, and thus their legitimate authority to rule at all, they move us, or as a progressive might put it, “progress” our government from limited powers to unlimited arbitrary rule. If you or I bring up the fact that governments throughout history, once their citizens have been disarmed, have slaughtered their way through whole swaths of humanity, we are called fear mongers because, “the Constitution protects us from that…” Which is begging the question, because how can a document that is not followed, is undermined at every turn and vilified by our leaders, in all three branches of government, protect us from anything? It cannot. Those that rule against our Constitution, except as a means to destroy it and our liberties, like “justice” Ginsburg, have in reality abdicated their authority, because again, that authority comes from the very document they are undermining!

Our Constitution was not put in place to limit the people… it was put in place to limit government. The freedom of religion is not to keep a valedictorian from saying a prayer at his or her graduation, it is meant to protect his or her Right to say it at their graduation! To claim otherwise is a perversion. Only a truly conniving person would argue that the statement, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof…” as requiring government to establish atheism as the state religion, and limiting the free exercise of the religious. This is just one example of how our Constitution has been perverted to limiting the people rather than the state. Another is, the Second amendment states, “…the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” But today our judges, elite in the media, and congress, have decided that, shall not be infringed, means government should decide who, should own guns and what kid of guns we should be allowed to own.

We have the same political faction that has been responsible for the greatest atrocities against humanity, telling us we need common sense gun regulation. The same faction that was responsible for the genocide in Cambodia, Hitler’s final solution, Stalin’s gulags and purges as well as Mao’s state induced famines… socialists, Marxists and progressives, make up the deep state. That pernicious faction has infiltrated our judiciary, executive and legislative branches, and is actively undermining our Constitution in every way. Whenever another faction is elected, that threatens to return us at least partially to Constitutional rule, the new class progressive faction drags out the document they so despise, and get the Judiciary to rule… it is unconstitutional to return us to Constitutional rule.

Beware the power you give to the government, because no matter how much you might like what they are doing with that power today, you might not like what they do with it tomorrow, but then it will be too late, you gave them the power to do it in the first place. Now that our Constitution is merely a show piece that pretends to give legitimate authority to our leaders, why should they follow any of it they don’t want to? There are no consequences for undermining our Constitutional Rights, not even at the ballot box, where our very suffrage is under attack, by leaders intent on getting aliens to vote and engaging in widespread vote fraud? By their own actions they have destroyed the legitimacy of their authority, and in doing so have established arbitrary rule as the norm. Once they feel sufficiently empowered the mask will truly come off, and we will live the nightmare so many others have, at the hands of merciless administrators, that make 1984 George Orwell seem like a picnic.


John Pepin

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