School Shootings and the Second Amendment

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, those who call for the dismantling of our Constitution, especially the second amendment, cite the first when confronted with putting God back in schools. They seem to believe the Constitution is a self destructive document, parts are to be exploited only in the continuing chipping away at it, and it’s protections. This stems from a fundamental misunderstanding of what a constitution is and what they are meant to do. A constitution, not just the American Constitution, but all constitutions are a means to limit the power of the elite, to evolve government to tyranny. They are not and have never been put in place, to limit the options of the people, only the government. Yet progressives, who despise any limits to the power of the elite over the rest of society, promote the absurd notion that Constitutions exist to limit the people, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Some arguments against our Right to keep and bear arms is that guns have changed. Obviously guns have changed, yet the desire of the elite to oppress the rest of us for personal gain has not. The elite today are every bit as conniving, duplicitous, malevolent and egoistic as Caligula, Dionysus and the Marquis De Sade. The argument that guns have changed is a red herring. The Right to keep and bear arms is not to protect hunting rights, we ceded them to government the moment we accepted that government has the ability to license us to hunt, the second amendment is the final means to restore Constitutional rule if the government were to break from it. According to the Federalist Papers, under the auspices of the states themselves, the people, the self armed militia, are to rise up and overthrow any extra constitutional government and restore the rule of law based on our founding documents.

Other arguments against our Right to self defense is that the right to keep and bear arms is too dangerous, and since it is dangerous, it should be regulated. Yet this argument is based on a false dichotomy. If a Right can and indeed should be suspended if it is deemed too dangerous, than all of our Rights must be suspended in the name of safety! There is no Right that is more dangerous than the Right of freedom of expression. A man with a gun might be able to kill a thousand people under ideal circumstances, but a person with a pen can slaughter entire classes of people, or commit genocide, and have. The tragedy of the second world war and the genocide of the Gypsy’s and Jews was enabled by Hitlers Mein Kampf. The greatest loss of human life in world history was and still is based on Marx’ writings. Clearly then, freedom of speech must be curtailed in the name of safety!

I find it most ironic, or would a better term be diabolical, that those who so worry about guns in the hands of law abiding citizens, excuse the slaughter by dismemberment of babies? In 2014, a year that the statistics are available, over six hundred thousand babies were dismembered, and all with the blessing of those who would disarm us. Are we to believe that people so dead inside have our best interest at heart? Are we that stupid? The same people who so revel in the blood of the unborn, excuse the mass murder of socialist regimes the world over. North Korea today is adored by the media that calls itself unbiased. They gloss over the death camps, state imposed famines and outright inhuman oppression. The same people sent back “news,” during the state imposed Ukrainian famine that starved to death, between five and fifteen million Ukrainians, that the USSR was a place of joy, prosperity and freedom. Upon further examination… I have to side with diabolical.

Progressives claim that the words “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or the freedom of speech…” means the government must establish atheism as the state religion and stop people from practicing Christianity in the public square, even as progressives seek to regulate speech on universities and in society as a whole, by the use of violence. They argue “Shall not be infringed…” means it can be regulated. So don’t think for a second that connivers calling for taking guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens have our best interest at heart. They seek to demolish our Constitution, establish an autocratic state, where the government makes every decision for us, like in North Korea, Hitler’s Germany and the former USSR.

Any unbiased examination of the subject of school shootings, shows that when the schools said the Lord’s prayer and taught Biblical wisdom, even as guns were ubiquitous in schools, those schools were a safe place for our children. Every pickup had a gun in their back window, and shooting sports were part of the curriculum, yet no one had heard of a school shooting. The only thing that has changed is the progressives have hijacked the culture and promoted evil as good. Today progressives have established atheism as the state religion, silence dissension, demand we get the government’s permission to speak, and seek to remove our final protection against their tyranny. Rest assured however, the elite will always have armed guards protecting them, it is you and I they seek to disarm.


John Pepin

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