What is Progressivism?

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It seems to me, the core philosophy of progressivism, is that every and all decisions a society must make should be done by government. In their arrogance progressives eschew debate for authority, and in that way, progressives seek to return us to a time before the Enlightenment. Most of human history is characterized by deference to authority, it was only the Enlightenment that changed the dominant paradigm from decisions made by authorities, to decisions made by debate and discourse. Obviously, backsliding in our philosophy is not progress but is in fact regression. Perhaps progressives and progressivism are simply the complex system’s way to revert to the mean. No matter, progressives, at their core, believe in the power of the state to decide, how we should live, what we should spend our money on, who we should worship, even what we should think, and are more than willing to use the State’s monopoly on violence to force us.

This is why I don’t call progressives liberals. Liberalism is the philosophy of the Enlightenment. It has nothing whatsoever to do with authority. Progressives however have hijacked the name to hide their true intentions. After the catastrophic Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, with his full on attacks on both our Constitution and the economic wasteland his policies created, as well as the rivers of American blood that flowed from the First World War, the progressive name was so tarnished they had to find a way to hide who they really were, so progressives abandoned the name progressive and instead usurped the name liberal. This was a political ploy to remain in power while at the same time remove actual liberals from the political discourse. It worked very well. Only today, a century later have progressives embraced the name progressive again, since everyone who knew what progressives really are, were, have long since died, and our education system, dominated by progressives, do not teach history in context, but as a means to indoctrinate our children into their backward mindset.

The closest political theory to liberalism today is libertarian. Libertarians are the new liberals. In direct opposition to progressivism, libertarians have a live and let live attitude. Seeking only the minimum laws and standards needed to create the conditions where people can live and work in relative safety. Yet, while libertarians seek a return to Constitutionally limited government, progressives seek an autocratic state, controlled by bureaucrats… as the best means to order society. Where libertarians believe people should be allowed to speak, no matter their ideology, race, gender, religion, intellect or wisdom, progressives cannot tolerate speech by untermensch whom they disagree with. Progressives even believe thought itself should be regulated. Since they hold everyone else in such low esteem, progressives believe that their ideas are too important to be debated with fools, and so will gladly use the state’s monopoly on violence, as the kings of old did, to control their subjects thoughts, and thus actions and speech.

Progressivism believes people are too stupid to make their own decisions, and debate with someone who is, in the progressive’s mind, stupid, is a waste of time. That is why progressives have always been and will always be bigots. Their core ideals are indeed bigoted. During the Woodrow Wilson era, they openly despised Negros and created Planned parenthood to get Blacks to commit racial suicide by abortion. To this day abortion slaughters many more African American babies than any other race. Margaret Sanger, the lion of progressivism openly loathed Blacks. Woodrow Wilson showed the movie The Birth of a Nation in the White house and re segregated the US army. Today, while progressive still are racist and bigoted, against not just people of color, but everyone who is not a progressive, they are willing to exploit anyone they can manipulate to forward their diabolical agenda.

The primary difference between a progressive and a Marxist is the belief in the revolution. Progressives have abandoned the revolution in favor of progressing the world to a socialist government. Socialism, top down autocratic control of not just the means of production, but of our very thoughts as well, is both the Marxist and progressive’s end game. This is to be accomplished by creating the administrative state and getting away from traditional modes of government, like the correct forms, monarchy, aristocracy and polity, and replacing those with their opposites, tyranny, oligarchy and democracy… but controlled by bureaucrats, the new real seat of power, the progressive ideal. Bigotry is one of the foundational ethos’ of progressivism, and bigotry is always rooted in arrogance, but at their core, progressives seek to control everyone and everything by state violence. Not just what we do and what we can say but what we think as well. Progressivism is one of the two most oppressive political ideologies to ever arise in humanity… both serve Lucifer. One by demanding atheism become the established state religion and the other by renaming him.


John Pepin

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