The Scandal Of the Century… And What It Means.

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It seems to me, corruption loves the dark, and will do anything to protect itself from light. Control of the media by monopoly is the preferred means. Once the media is under control the narrative is as well, meaning the corrupt faction can then spike any story exposing their corruption, and promote salacious slander against anyone that would stand up to them. Such means has worked ever since Gutenberg’s printing press and before. Technology has turned that old paradigm on it’s head however, and has democratized the flow of information. Where in the past, everyone read from the same script, the CBS news a few decades ago and Harper’s Weekly at an earlier time. Now however, anyone can post his or her thoughts, without regard to their political preferences, philosophical ideology, intellect, wisdom, point or quality. It is left to the consumers of the world to decide what is of value and what is mere dross. In that way the Internet is hated by the corrupt faction, the Deep State.

With the daily revelations of what will be known as the, Scandal of the Century, the capture of the means of government by a single faction, the very thing the Founders warned us about in Federalist Papers number 10, and that faction abusing the trust given to it, in the most pernicious of ways. No matter if you call it the Deep State or whatever, that corrupt faction has captured the bureaucracy, the media, and especially, the very agencies empowered to enforce the law, and indeed even that which is tasked with interpreting the law, the Judicial Branch. They are all captured by a faction dedicated to the destruction of the founding principles… upon which those agencies derive their very authority! Such abuse is destructive down to a nation’s footings. Once the law becomes a means of power, rather than the means to justice, it becomes the tool of oppression and nothing more.

The Scandal of the Century is the corruption of the Obama Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). That the leadership of the FBI, took extraordinary measures to violate the privacy of the enemy faction’s politically motivated communications, getting a FISA warrant under false pretenses and committing perjury, is strong evidence of their capture by the corrupt faction. The DOJ using evidence they knew at the time to be a fictitious document, generated as salacious slander, to undermine the electability of the enemy faction’s champion, both cannot be denied and is damning to the corrupt faction, and the agencies captured. The Nunes memo is merely corroborating evidence, evidence that has already largely been exposed by Judicial Watch, who is doing yeoman’s work, exposing government corruption to purifying light. Light that is absent when there is a monopoly on the media, and when the media is monopolistic, it will inevitably become captured by a corrupt faction.

The Scandal of the century could not have happened, unless that faction also had control of the media. Had that corrupt faction won in the last election, they would have ensconcing their tool of oppression… the law, for many decades in the US. That is what is most worrying about this Obama scandal. That had Hillary Clinton won election, not only would we not know that it had happened, but the capture would go deeper and become even more pernicious. The media, as has been proven by revelations of their open bias in the last few years, and highlighted by their unhinged reactions on election night and thereafter, would have dutifully reported whatever their political masters ordered them to. Moreover, the capture of the media itself would have become much more powerful, by controlling the narrative, the capturing faction could use slander to censor anything or person they wanted.

The Scandal of the Century is just one example of how corruption thrives in the dark. It shows us that corruption grows best where it also captures the media. Had the Deep State won the last election, the corruption in the FBI and DOJ would have become much worse and far more pernicious, it may even today be beyond the ability of light to purify, we’ll have to wait and see. No nation can withstand a scenario, where a corrupt faction has captured the very agencies that are tasked with both interpreting the law and enforcing it. Once that happens, it matters not who makes the laws, the corrupt faction decides who and what is charged. Our saving grace is the democratization of information the Internet gives us, if not for that, the corruption that is searing in the light of public scrutiny today, would be safe in the dark. That is why we should expect, and not be at all surprised, when the elite come after the Internet, and demand to license people to be able to speak. Because why should we decide who is worthy of listening to… when there is a corrupt faction, unaccountable and hidden in the dark, that will decide for us?


John Pepin

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