On The State Of The Union Address Last Night…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, when your power is based on suffering, anger, hopelessness and despair… good news is bad news. We saw this reasoning illustrated last night at the State of the Union Address by Donald Trump. Many times when he announced good news the democrats attending scowled and grumbled. Not surprising to anyone who understands the power structure in the US and around the world. All socialist parties need the people to be hungry and angry, so the socialists can direct that anger at their political enemies. Progressives need a huge and growing underclass, that cannot participate in any economic growth, and Marxists need peasants to populate their armies. Since their power is totally based on suffering, any alleviation of suffering is horrible news to them, even as it is great news for humanity. This sets all socialist parties against the interests of humanity at large.

When Trump announced that Black unemployment is at an all time low, the reaction of the Congressional Black Caucus was telling. They scowled and crossed their arms. Not because they were mad that Trump achieved such a laudable goal but because hope might return to the African American community. Hope and prosperity is to race-baiters and rabble-rousers, like holy water is to a demon. They could see their power, and indeed the wealth that such power bestows on them, evaporate. No wonder they loathe Trump with such passion. For the same reason they loved Obama, he had the decency to increase poverty, crime, drug use and therefore hopelessness in the Black community. If Trump manages to create hope for the future, help rebuild the family structure in the African American community and create the conditions where Blacks can participate in any economic resurgence, the power of the race-baiters and rabble-rousers will be seriously diminished.

Trump’s characterization of MS-13 really irked the democrats. Since their political power is essentially based on a large and growing underclass, because illegal aliens incapable of getting jobs and who only know crime, are a handy way to drastically increase that underclass. Any diminishment of the tsunami of illegal aliens seriously corrodes their power base on several fronts. A lowered crime rate allows the economy to run more smoothly… therefore increasing prosperity, the number of people locked in poverty and thus constituting an underclass… shrinks, and crime scares people into ceding power to the establishment, ostensibly to lower the crime rate. The last is of course laughable since no socialist wants a lower crime rate, that would be counter productive to his or her usurpation of power. They work diligently to increase the crime rate wherever and whenever they are in charge. One only needs to look at places where progressives have been in control for a time to see this in action.

On the national security front, Trump caused many progressives watching to loose heart, at keeping Guantanamo Bay open. Fear is a powerful motivator of people to damage their self interests and terrorism fuels just such fear. That Trump gave the military carte blanche to destroy ISIS, after Obama had held the military at bay while arming and funding them, undermined one of the progressive’s chief tactics. The destruction of ISIS as a military force dramatically lowers their ability to operate terror operations in the US and Europe. It also diminishes their name. This will lead to a lessening the number of people in the US and Europe willing to trade freedom for security. Which is the primary economic activity of progressives, selling “security” for liberty. Calling out North Korea for their human rights violations also irked the democrats. They have worked hard to insure evil regimes would get nuclear weapons capable of threatening the US. From showing the world what would happen if any autocrat gave up WMD in Libya, to funding Iran’s nuclear program in the name of stopping it, they have worked tirelessly to make the world a much more dangerous place. Trump now threatens all their hard work.

Yes, when a political movement faces a loss of their power you can expect them to be livid. Angry at the loss, but they will have open loathing the person or people that are responsible, and we see that clearly in the response to Trumps State of the Union. From the legacy media that is fully on board with the progressive agenda, increasing poverty, creating a permanent underclass, fomenting fear and bringing the world to the brink of nuclear Armageddon, to the democrat party that booed God himself three times at their national convention, progressives despise Trump. Their reaction to his speech is more telling than any reasoned argument could point out. The vitriol they vomit cannot be denied and their mindless hatred of the man was on full display last night. It is sad to see grown men and women so in love with power and wealth, they are willing to lower the lot of mankind to get it, but true to Lucifarian doctrine, power and wealth is all that counts to them… especially when this world is the only one in which they will ever have it.


John Pepin

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