The Rights of the Individual Versus the Needs of the Many

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… the rights of the individual outweigh the needs of the many. The needs of the many are insatiable, and so if we sacrifice the rights of the individual, that sacrifice must be unlimited as well. Therefore, if the rights of the individual are forfeit, for the needs of the many, sooner or later there will be no individuals left, to kill, steal from and abuse… but of course there will not be the many either. Which is not a good long term strategy for survival as a species. Sadly, those who espouse opposite mottos like, “From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs,” and “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” are so blind in their selfishness, hatred and envy, they cannot see that the consequence of their own ideas can only result in their own destruction. For without individual liberty, responsibility and human heartedness, which comes from the certain knowledge that the individual is the basis for the many, no society can exist for long.

People are not bricks, we are far more like rocks, each of us unique in our own way. Those building walls however, prefer bricks, since they are easier to control and pile. That is why people who claim that the individual should be subservient to the group, always seek to make people more alike, and are utterly intolerant of real differences. One of the founding principles of Marxism is that the individual must be forcibly “evolved” to a more socialistic attitude. We are to be changed fundamentally by our government to become bricks. To do that our sharp edges must be knocked off, with the tools of violence and pain, we must have large ungainly chunks of our psyche sheared off, by political correctness, and we must be made to conform to the demands of our leaders. Leaders who would never accept their own sharp edges to be chipped away or parts to be cleaved off.

Those who claim the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, believe in that glittering lie wholeheartedly… until their personal needs are sacrificed. There is not a single example of a socialist who would accept any diminishment of their fortunes for the benefit of society. It is not in the nature of human beings. Imagine Stalin, Mao, Rousseau, Castro, Deridot, Chavez, or Obama sacrificing anything, for someone else! It would never happen. People like that are so self centered and narcissistic they have no ability to recognize their own failings, nor do they care how much suffering they inflict on others, to meet their egoistic selfish wants. Imagine for a moment what Stalin would do to someone, who demanded Stalin himself lay down his life for the greater good! That prescription is for the people… never our leaders who claim the needs of the many outweigh the rights of the individual.

All societies are made up of individuals, and it is just the true diversity that individuals bring to the table, that allows the complex system of society to function. Society, being a complex system, is made all the more resilient when there are a plethora of voices, attitudes and ideas. Yet complexity is undermined when diversity is eliminated. Bricks are not diverse nor are zombies. True diversity is in ideas, attitudes and wants… not skin color nor race, those are merely superficial attributes. A rainbow nation of mindless sycophants is as diverse as a box of ammo… and just as utile. Therefore, since society is built upon the individual, and individuals are diverse… in openness, agreeableness, orderliness, conscientiousness and narcissism, while that diversity leads to a stronger more resilient society… the rights of the individual and indeed our very diversity of thought must be cherished and protected.

A society that sacrifices the rights of the individual for the good of the whole is a self destructive one. As diversity is eliminated and people are chiseled into bricks, for the convenience of egoistic leaders, not only is diversity lost but society as a whole is diminished. Those that claim the right to demand from others, that which they themselves would never tolerate, in the name of “the good of the many,” are by definition hypocrites. They are only too happy to slaughter their way through the human race, always a few executions from perfection, to create their diabolical version of utopia, as has happened so many times in the past. It is time for the human race to wake up and look at the truth, that the rights of the individual must supersede the needs of the many. Because once the needs of the many outweigh the rights of the individual, the insatiable needs of the many… cannot ever be met at all.


John Pepin

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