The Modern Death Squads

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, anyone who is pro abortion, cannot logically claim to believe in human rights and especially human life itself, since they believe in the taking of human life without reason, remorse or right. It would be like someone who owns slaves claiming to be an abolitionist. It is a violation of logic itself. Yet today, those who demand the death of millions of babies have the gall to pretend they are the ones with big hearts! In a sane society such absurdity would be laughed at, but our society has abandoned sanity and even humanity itself. Our collective insanity has got so bad that our governments often force, at the point of a gun, people who believe in the sovereignty of human life to pay for the dismemberment of babies, so their parts can be sold at a greater profit. Only in the land of the insane would such a thing be considered, let alone done, and shows the dangerous path we as a human race is on.

Planned Parenthood was caught on camera telling “buyers” of baby parts, they try to cut of the arms and legs of the baby, so that the torso will be intact and fetch more money. If the most heinous criminal was executed that way there would be a hew and cry over how inhuman it is, yet the most innocent are routinely dismembered and tortured to death. Only a truly evil person would do such a thing. How little soul must a person have to intentionally cut the arms and legs from a baby while it fights for it’s life. Imagine for a moment, the terror and pain that child feels, as his or her arms and legs are cut away with a surgeon’s scissors! Yet while many people were outraged at the open inhumanity, our government not only didn’t stop paying Planned Parenthood… they upped it’s budget!

During the invasion of the Soviet Union by the Nazis in 1941, the Schutzstaffel (SS) rounded up Jews and Gypsies, to be machine gunned down in cold blood, after they had been forced to dig their own mass grave. The SS was recruited from insane asylums for just the right kind of people, psychopaths and sociopaths to do the actual killing. Nevertheless, even people with such pernicious personality disorders were having nervous breakdowns at the evil. Yet today, abortion doctors slaughter many times more people, in a far less humane way, without remorse! It makes one aghast at the blackness of their souls. If even an SS man, groomed and taught to hate, with a personality disorder where they have no sense of humanity or fellowship with their fellow man, had problems, abortion doctors sleep well at night.

Our politicians who protect the abortionists from the natural consequences of taking a human life are just as evil. They approve of dismembering a screaming baby if it forwards their diabolical agenda. The same party that booed God himself, three times at their convention, is the party that claims to be big hearted! Lucifer himself must be proud! It is not a stretch of logic to understand that those who murder babies, fund the slaughter of babies, promote the killing of the unborn and so loathe God they boo him, are dead and black inside. It is a sign of the insanity of our times that such politicians get a single vote at all. It is clear who and what they serve… and it is not goodness or love, but darkness and indeed evil itself. The media that protects and supports politicians who facilitate the massacre of babies are just as evil as the politicians and the abortionists themselves. For who could say the holocaust was only the fault of those who pulled the trigger?

So, what we have today is a group of people who have gone dark inside, demanding the rest of us follow their twisted morality. That morality which is reliably the opposite of the human morality that evolved with us for thousands of years. Where they throw out freedom of religion for establishment of atheism, as the state religion, and abortion is the sacrament of that state religion. Christians are not only intentionally offended by art such as Piss Christ and Feces covered Mary, but are forced to pay for it, along with abortion on demand, even as those who serve evil are protected from being offended by any Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist morality. Until politicians who denigrate God, support abortion and call evil good and good evil, are defeated at the ballot box, this world will continue it’s slide into Hell itself. But like the old song says, “You gotta serve somebody…” We know who they serve… who do you serve?


John Pepin

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