The Astounding Times We Live In…

Dear Friends,

It seems to me… we are in amazing times. Today, we have a President that faced calls for his impeachment and a special prosecutor, before he even took the oath of office! His legitimate executive orders are routinely countermanded by activist judges and he is lambasted in the media constantly. Many even claim he will be assassinated before his term is up! Yet the Secret Service does nothing to prevent it. The entire elite stand as a unit against him and his presidency. We have a President who, before he took office won medals for his anti racial stands, but now is vilified as a racist. He was known for his philanthropy before running but now is called a hater. He is so loathed by the elite that the media routinely make up stories about him to lower his standing. Yes, what astounding times we live in!

Trump is a member of the bourgeoisie. The new class intelligentsia and intellectuals despise the bourgeoisie and they have made no effort to pretend they are open minded. His election was seen as a slap in the face of the new class elite by the people. Us filthy unwashed had the audacity to stand up to their usurpations. For that they have little room in their black hearts for forgiveness. Trump must be destroyed, as do we… for our audacity, to think we could run our own lives without the constant oversight and surveillance of the elite. The elite who cannot boil water, without an illegal alien doing it for them, believe the rest of us must bow before them and accept their edicts, as to how to run our lives. You know… because they are so much smarter than you and I. Trump is a direct affront to the elite. They had planned on getting total power, and now they have to settle for almost total power… all because we elected a member of the despised bourgeoisie.

In normal times, calling for the impeachment of a President before he even takes office would be considered unhinged, today it is considered enlightened, as long as the President is not a progressive! While Obama skated on such astounding scandals, like Fast and Furious where he shipped weapons directly into the hands of violent drug cartels while vilifying honest gun dealers for it, Benghazi where the entire Obama administration lied about the cause and that they refused to help our people, or the IRS targeting groups for their political beliefs,.. Trump is attacked for made up allegations like a prostitute urinating on a bed. The double standard couldn’t be more obvious. If not for the over the top negative reporting on Trump, the people would reject the new class progressive elite, for their unhinged reaction to the election.

We, the people, are the true target of the elite’s vitriol. You and I are the ones who voted Trump in and the elite are set on making us pay for our intransigence. While the new class elite despise Trump, we are the real target of their hatred. They despise us, the elite consider us too stupid to run our own lives, we lack their education and indoctrination to think correctly, our common sense enrages the elite and our detestable love of freedom incurs their wrath as well. To the elite you and I are the real enemy. We see that in the way our government works in the dark. They claim secrets are for “national security” but in reality it is for their protection we are kept in the dark. The example of Benghazi works well to illustrate the situation. We were lied to for political expediency and the rest of the new class elite went right along with it. Other governments knew the truth but the American people were lied to. Obviously since other governments knew, but the people were lied to, the lies were not to protect us from other governments… but to protect the new class elite from our enlightenment.

Now that Trump is in office he is further infuriating the new class elite. Releasing the JFK files shows the elite to be connivers who are utterly bereft of morals. The old saw that it was a lone gunman narrative is being crushed by the reality the files are illustrating. Trump’s cutting regulations is unacceptable to the elite, who put those regulations in place, to keep us from competing with their politically favored companies. His attempt to ban immigrants who come here to do us harm drives the elite crazy. The chaos that Islamic terrorism brings is the means they plan on using to lever even more power. Everything the elite do is for their benefit and comes at cost to the rest of us. To the new class elite, our out dated Constitution is not a document to live by, but a tool to be used to destroy anyone, (like Trump) who would live by it. Yes, the times we live in are unprecedented, but rest assured, if a progressive got the treatment Trump has, the media would be calling for beheadings… which is just another sign of the times.


John Pepin

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