Our Unscrupulous Elite

Dear Friends,

It seems to me, the elite in the West have shown themselves to be utterly bereft of ethics, so much so that it has become undeniable. From the pedophilia scandals ravaging across Europe and the US, to vote rigging, pay to play, the murder of Seth Rich, scandals that are made up out of whole cloth, real scandals the media ignores and wars to insure the profits of the elite, they have shown they are absolutely unqualified to lead a game of kick ball, let alone the free world, and our world is showing the results of their villainy. All of our societal, economic and cultural problems can, and indeed must, be laid at their doorstep. The out of control drug problem sweeping across the US, the collapse of middle class wages relative to inflation, daily terror attacks, spiraling crime, the horrendous murder rate in cities like Baltimore, and even the breakup of the nuclear family… all are the fault of the elite, because our leaders are utterly corrupt.

In the US the Republican and Democrat parties are both Progressive/Marxist in everything but name. They both are exclusionary of libertarians, constitutionalists and constructionists. Only socialists are allowed in the elite today, not just in the US but especially in Europe. No one loathes democracy like the democrats, which was highlighted by the recent revelations that Hillary and the DNC, rigged the election against Sanders. It cannot have escaped your notice that any bill to give back even a modicum of liberty to the people is met with vitriol from the elite. Trump’s milk toast tax cut that excludes the elite is called a handout to the rich? So, I am wondering, who do the elite consider rich? Someone struggling to make ends meet on a waiter’s salary? I find it odd, or would it be ironic, that the elite begrudge us any privacy at all while demanding their own actions be hidden. The elite, not just in the democrat party but both parties, are socialist to the core because socialism guarantees they, and their half witted children, will stay in power forever.

In every way the elite work against the interests of the people. The elite care nothing if a few plebeians are mowed down by a truck, they are safe behind walls, sipping champagne. Why should they care if a dozen teens are shot in Detroit every weekend, their children go to private schools, protected by armed guards. Perpetually lowering wages only means they can get their maids and gardeners cheaper. So what if almost two hundred kids overdose and die from opiates every day, it simply lowers the population. What is the big deal that Hillary sold twenty percent of US uranium to Russia, she received a handsome payday for it, seven hundred million dollars. Human trafficking is a boon to the elite, they can get children to molest and young women to rape, and all the while pretend to be upset by it. The proof is that Rotherham was allowed to go on for over a decade!

We are supposed to take their word for lies when the evidence they are liars becomes more clear every day. The Vegas shooting is the perfect example. Obviously the government is hiding something, who knows what, but if you were being questioned by the police and your story changed a tenth as much as the government’s has, you would be indicted and convicted of giving false information at the very least. The murder of Seth Rich clearly wasn’t a robbery gone wrong and was another cover up. When a self interested person kills someone for their money… it doesn’t make sense to leave the money! That story is absurd on the face of it. Moreover, the recent release of the JFK files shows, in the elite’s own words, they are evil. Only an truly evil person would consider detonating a bomb, killing innocent Americans to gin up anger to go to war! Yet the CIA considered exactly that! How many times have they done such diabolical acts and got away with it? We will never know because the secrecy of our government, is not to protect us from other governments, it is to protect the elites antics.

It couldn’t be more obvious the elite hold the rest of us in utter contempt. We, the great unwashed, don’t have the elite’s education, their sagacity or their intellect. From their jets, that we pay for, they look down on us like a hawk looks down on a rabbit. Their corruption is out in the open, the cat is out of the bag and they are scrambling to change the subject. Yet in their arrogance they are too stupid to understand they work against their own interests as well. They seem to believe they can defecate where they eat and nothing bad will happen. If we follow them into decadence… everything they depend on will collapse. Their access to little girls will be stopped, their cushy positions will evaporate and they will have to engage in actual work just to survive, in a world they caused to collapse into chaos. Far from being above it all, as they are now, they will be forced to struggle like the rest of us, but without the talents, abilities and cleverness of someone who has to work for his daily bread. Someone needs to tell the elite, when you excrete where you eat, sooner or later, you will eat what you excrete.


John Pepin

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